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Ὀγδόη Φθίνοντος/ Ὀγδόη μετ’εἰκάδας, XXIII day
From today’s sunset: twenty-third day of Anthesterion.

Διάσια: ἑορτὴ Ἀθήνησι Μειλιχίου Διός
Calendar of Erchia and Thorikos: sacrifice (holocaust) of a sheep to Zeus Meilichios, plus a libation without wine- to be celebrated in Agrai. (SEG 21 541, col. A, lines 38-44; SEG 33 147, face A, lines 34-36)

“A festival of Zeus Meilichios at Athens; it is called ‘Diasia’ because they escaped [διαφυγεῖν ] troubles [ἄσαι ] with their prayers.” Suda s.v. Διάσια

“The Diasia, an Athenian festival, which they celebrate with some cold melancholy, offering sacrifices to Zeus Meilichios” Luc. Icaro-Menip. 24 schol. ad loc.

“ There had been one Cylon, an Athenian, a man that had been victor in the Olympian Games, of much nobility and power amongst those of old time, and that had married the daughter of Theagenes, a Megarean, in those days tyrant of Megara. To this Cylon asking counsel at Delphi, the God answered that on the greatest festival day he should seize the citadel of Athens. He therefore, having gotten forces of Theagenes and persuaded his friends to the enterprise, seized on the citadel at the time of the Olympic holidays in Peloponnesus with intention to take upon him the tyranny, esteeming the feast of Zeus to be the greatest and to touch withal on his particular in that he had been victor in the Olympian Games. But whether the feast spoken of were meant to be the greatest in Attica or in some other place, neither did he himself consider nor the oracle make manifest. For there is also amongst the Athenians the Diasia, which is called the greatest feast of Zeus Meilichios and is celebrated without the city, wherein in the confluence of the whole people many men offered sacrifices not of living creatures but such as was the fashion of the natives of the place (thymata epichoria). But he, supposing he had rightly understood the oracle, laid hand to the enterprise.” Thuc. 1.126

“[The fleece] of which the victim has been sacrificed to Zeus. They [sc. the Athenians] sacrifice both to [Zeus] Meilichios and to Zeus Ktesios. They preserve the fleeces of these [victims], calling on the name of Zeus. Those who use them are the participants marching in the solemn procession of the Skirophoria and the torch-bearer in Eleusis, and certain others when strewing them under the feet of the supplicants asking to be purified.” Suda s.v. Διὸς κῴδιον

Suda s.v. Ἁμαξίς
A type of flat-cake, which now we call a kopte. But Symmachos [sc. says that it is] also the miniature wagon. Aristophanes in Clouds [writes]: “when I bought you a hamaxis at the Diasia.”

(Votive relief to Zeus Meilichios, from the harbor of Zea, IV BC; now at the Altes Museum, Berlin…)


A compilation of my hair aesthetics; colors, textures and styles dating back from 2012, my first dye being the blonde patch in the 8th photo. I’ve had Burgundy, Aquamarine-ish, Mostly Greenish, Dark vibrant blue, added a loc, a purple-turned-pink undercolor and many different arrangements of blonde patches  ^.^