ad jamming

I made a mix tape straight out of 94’  

Side A

1. Basket Case - Green Day 2. About A Girl (Unplugged)- Nirvana 3. Amazing- Aerosmith 4. Burn Out - Greenday 5. Self Esteem - The Offspring 6. Carousel - Blink-182 7. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Down by Law  8. Live Forever - Oasis 9. Better Man - Pearl Jam 10.  Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers 11. Infected - Bad Religion 12.  Closer - Nine Inch Nails 13. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? - REM

And now, a list of all the animals that Need™ to be added to Animal Jam

1. Ostriches

2. Grizzly/Black Bears

3. Pangolins

4. Komodo Dragons

5. Whales

6. Swordfish

Y’all can add more, i wanna see what animals you want to be added :3


So I wanted to do a Stormpilot drawing, but then I realized I’d like Finn to have a new outfit! I was already playing with the idea of it so I put it together with some flat colors between work.

How much do I love the idea Finn picks his uniform based on the color of Poe’s jacket? a lot.


Assorted commissions

Ryan and Karen marriage mural, a picture for the thumbnail on a single by Scott Xylo, and an ad for Jam 88.3′s All  Good Radio


Just in time for the COP21 Climate Conference, an organization called Brandalism has hijacked over 600 outdoor ad spaces in the city, replacing them with climate change-related art … and what, at first glance, look like ordinary ads for brands like Total, Air France, Dow Chemicals, GDF Suez and Volkswagen.
The difference is, these ads reveal unpleasant truths.