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My faith is my armour, my cause is my shield! I will fight, and pray for forgiveness later.

This took a good couple of hours to finish, maybe six or seven hours if you don’t count the hours i spent just looking at it.

I’m addicted to a certain kind of sadness, and that is making up scenarios where i pit my favorite characters against each other until they tear each other apart. This is also the second time I draw Sebastian snapping and ironically becoming the man he swore to hunt down.


Headcanon Reunion - Part 1

I thought about what might happen at the reunion of Theron and Ewanh on Copero…

(I managed so far to avoid any spoilers, so please let’s stay clean of any data-mined content!)

To be continued…

first of all, i want to say that i’m no master in space lol. i’m not studying it in college or uni, i’m not planning to have job in this field in the future, nothing like that. but i really REALLY love space and different paradoxes/theories which are connected to our universe and spacetime and i love studying and searching about this by myself so i want to share resources (books and tv-series) which helped me to understand our universe better

as many people, i started with popular tv-series. these are extremely helpful. little note: you can watch them in no particular order:

if you want to expend your knowledge or just prefer reading books, these some of the my suggestions. i haven’t read them all but some of them were read by my friend who i trust with this theme. little note: this order is an order in which i read books/plan to read them, but you can change it however you want:

i’m not gonna lie, you have to have at least basics knowledge of physics to fully understand what these authors are writing about. it was difficult for me so i decided to refresh my memory in physics (at least school level) before continue reading. but some of the books are written in really simple language so it’s easy to understand the basic concepts. if you have any other suggestions on this theme, send them to me! i hope this was useful, now enjoy! :)

ps: if your first language is not english and you’re not sure you can understand physics concepts in english, you better read these books in your first language if you have this opportunity.

What kinds of films the DA2 Characters would like
  • Anders: Conspiracy films and fantasy
  • Aveline: Mystery and cheap romance flicks
  • Bethany: Cute animal films and romances
  • Carver: Animal films, heroic war films, or sci-fi
  • Fenris: Sad war films and other stuff that brings you down
  • Isabela: Cheesy comedies, adult films, or romances
  • Merril: History documentaries and fantasy
  • Sebastian: Religious films and Scottish films
  • Varric: Noir and probably a bit of Hitchcock
  • Diplomatic!Hawke: A classic hero's journey type film
  • Sarcastic!Hawke: Cheesy comedies and parody films
  • Aggressive!Hawke: Blood gushing war films or slashers

hello i haven’t posted anything in awhile but because of recent events in my life I present: the foxes, at an anime convention (i’m sorry):

  • nicky strikes me as the kind of person who likes anime?? idk lets go with that
  • and lets say the foxes traveled to this city for a game that happens to have a convention going on 
  • naturally, nicky talks them into getting tickets because he wants to go but you know, gotta stay with his teammates
  • besides, they all have too much time to kill before the game, so they all figure what the heck
  • so they’re waiting to get in and someone… in a bright fur suit…. walks by
    • most of the foxes: “oh my god
    • neil: “?? what is that”
    • nicky: “that’s a furry”
    • neil: “a what???”
    • nicky: *explains in full detail*
    • kevin: “if only you spent your time learning about exy instead of furries”
    • nicky why
  • anyways
  • they finally get in and w o w  that’s a lot of people
  • and all of the foxes are wearing bright orange (except for andrew, of course) and you know which fandom has a lot of orange?? haikyuu 
  • I haven’t seen haikyuu but… I  k n o w
  • so a few people think they’re cosplaying for haikyuu, until they get a closer look
  • and then some notice that their outfits are for the palmetto foxes
  • at first no one realizes it’s actually them, and thinks they’re just doing a group cosplay
  • naturally, comments are made:
    • “you’re too short to be andrew”
    • “that kevin tattoo looks so real!!”
    • “how’d you do the makeup for neil’s scars????”
  • help them
  • finally, someone realizes oh this is the real deal and suddenly they’re being bombarded with fans who want autographs
  • they manage to sneak away once the crowd dies down a bit but yeah, help them
    • later, they spot some exy cosplayers trying to play a terrible exy game outside and kevin shrieks
    • literally it took almost all the foxes to move him barely an inch before neil convinces andrew to help him
    • they leave the cosplayers behind crying
  • despite what’s transpired and some of the foxes not understanding a single thing around them (neil), everyone’s actually having a great time
  • they have?? giant animal plushies??? and there’s a red fox one and you bet neil got it
    • matt: “neil that’s $100″
    • neil: “so? I don’t need the money anymore”
  • nicky, cackling, buys a body pillow
    • no one knows who’s on it because nicky’s trying to hide it
    • (he bought a rainbow pride flag so that’s how he’s hiding it)
    • it’s actually kevin. he somehow?? found it??? and he thinks it’s hilarious so that’s really why he got it
  • they attend a few events like gaming and maybe an anime event or two
  • towards the end, they’re carrying all of their merchandise and debating between leaving or staying for one more event
  • they still need rest for the game, but some really good events are happening later in the evening
  • and, suddenly, andrew’s missing
  • im aware that there’s a lot of short cosplayers but?? have you seen how big the crowds can get??? and he’s the only one not wearing that bright, obnoxious orange, so (the orange prob wouldn’t have helped anyways)
  • so they end up spending twenty minutes looking for him and finally, when they do find him??
  • he’s literally about to fight a giant pikachu
  • andrew why
  • neil manages to pull him away before andrew pulls out his knives and gets all of the foxes kicked out
  • not that it would matter, since they were leaving anyways
  • but they’re thinking they might want to go to another convention because wow this was really fun
  • nicky hugs a furry on his way out, cue everyone facepalming 
  • but mostly they’re happy
  • and they win the game later, just barely
  • and now kevin, of course, is the only one throwing a fit

I didn’t think it would be this long but I did say sorry in advance. im so sorry

thank you @silver-black-hawk for adding in ideas