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Robin is here to help her best friend and his wife with their problems, no matter what they may be (or is she?)

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Dr. Frederick Chilton / Secret Admirer.

Per post HERE by @xemopeachx
re: Frederick being in love with you from afar.

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I also tag @mrschiltoncat in damn near anything Chilton I post because I <3 her and I think she’ll like the fluffs haha.

Was this creepy?

Frederick thought it might be, but then again, all things considered: it wasn’t really the creepiest thing that could happen in the Hospital…

Yet still, he wouldn’t put his name on it. Not on the ribbon that he had tied around the stem, not on the little post-it note he had noticed on your desk, not in an email to explain the slight oddity.

Oh no; Frederick wouldn’t reveal how he noticed the bracelet you wore every day when you handed him the abundance of files you had been diligently working on, nor would he explain how much he loved the floral scent of your perfume when it wafted his way. That would have been creepy- to relay how he thought of you every time he ever saw the common little flower that matched the charms dangling from that gold chain dangling from your wrist. No, it would be unprofessional for him to describe how he had passed the same little flower shop he walked by every day and noticed a bundle of the familiar ivory petals surrounding the bright, sunshine center. 

He also wouldn’t tell you how it lit up his morning, much like you had a way of lighting up his dark little hospital.

Dear Lord No- he would never imagine letting you know how he had purposefully rushed the rest of the way to work, skipped getting the coffee he enjoyed every morning, just to beat you to the office.

And no way in Hell would Frederick ever tell you that he was the one who put the daisy on your desk.

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……dang this has been sitting on my drafts for almost… 7 months??? it was during our preliminaries period when i came to like maroon 5′s beautiful goodbye. i dunno but every time the song pops out it’s akiramon that first comes to my mind


A/N : a little on shot JISA based around the idea of a winter ranch vacation that Lisa desperately wanted to book a while back. Thanks again to @the-real-tc for always giving me positive encouragement and being my sounding board. I hope you all enjoy


Jacks fingers fumbled as he tried to reply to a text message…he was greatful that Lisa had brought him a new phone {even though she was adamant he wasn’t}, but he was used to his old phone and this new 'lifestyle’ was going to take a bit of getting used too.
Lisa had nagged and nagged him to replace his trusty old flip phone,but just not in time enough for her to get hold of him to book a winter ranch in Arizona….
She was so disappointed that they had missed such a great deal…Lisa was heading to Arizona in 2 weeks for work, but she had hopped that Jack would join her for a further month after that and they could enjoy some time together and escape a part of the harsh Alberta winter….but it wasn’t to be, she sighed as she read through the email her travel agent had sent earlier that morning.

Good morning Lisa,
I am really sorry to inform you, however we have nothing suitable that will fit in with your available dates at this stage….unfortunately the last Ranch similar to what you are looking for was booked late yesterday afternoon.
I will however keep you posted should anything suitable come up at the last minute.

Have a great day,

Lisa closed her computer…
“Jack and that damn flip phone” she muttered to herself
At times Jacks stubborn behaviour could be excused, but this time Lisa couldn’t help but feel slightly despondent…she travelled for work far less these days, the time away from Jack was something she in fact dreaded partly for the mere fact that she missed him like crazy and the other due to that constant worry that niggled at her whenever they were apart. Jack’s past history ( heart attack) and his at time crippling arthritis were something that Lisa couldn’t push far from her mind, in particular during their time apart.
Lisa got up from her desk at 'Fairfield’ where she had been working all morning, she started collecting together all the paperwork and files she would need for this latest trip…she had 3 new potential clients to meet with and 2 auctions to attend….But somehow the thought of spending two weeks with Dan and WITHOUT Jack had dampened Lisa’s mood and very quickly this trip was becoming more and more of a chore.

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Twin Greenies

*Requested: Two little Greenies come up in the Box and Newt remembers them as his siblings.*

Newt ran towards the Box. He couldn’t help but get excited every month. New faces, new ideas, new possibilities of getting out of the Maze. He slowly opened the top of the Box and looked in.

At first he didn’t see anything but a few boxes and bags. He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion before carefully jumping down into the Box. He turned a few times but really saw nothing. Then he heard a whimper.

He jumped slightly before turned towards two small dark lumps.

“Hey.” he said softly and approached the two little children.

“It’s okay, hey.” he said and moved slowly towards them. He could tell that one of them, the boy, was crying and the other, a girl, was silent with wide eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” he said and slowly put a hand out. The girl reached for it and grabbed tightly, her small hand making a familiar warmth spread through Newt’s body.

The girl patted the boy’s head and soon all three of them were out of the Box and in the wide open Glade.

The guys all stared at the two kids, who were no older than 4 years old. Nobody knew why they were sent up.

The two looked around, holding hands. The tears on the boy’s face were now just dried up streaks and the girl was still tense but remaining put together.

Newt watched the two and stood close.

“Twins.” he heard and saw Alby watching the two kids slowly walk around the area.

“You think so?” Newt asked and Alby nodded confidently.

“And they look like you.” he added before walking away to try to get the Gladers to get back to work.

“Like me?” Newt mumbled and heard footsteps behind him.

“Hey.” it was Thomas and Minho.

“D you think they look like me?” Newt asked and Thomas and Minho looked at the kids, then at Newt, and back again.

“Yeah.” they said simultaneously before observing the faces again.


It was after dinner and somehow Newt had been put in charge of the kids. He was walking out of the Homestead with them when he felt a wave of nausea come over him and a throbbing pain start to form in his head.

He saw flashes. An old, broken down house with shattered windows and a busted up door, garbage and wreckage, scorching heat on his face and arms, and two little blonde kids running towards him.

“They’re mine.” he said and his eyes opened. He was laying in a bed in the Medjack hut.

“You okay?” Alby asked and Newt nodded.

“Where are the twins?” he asked frantically and Alby pointed outside.

“Sleeping.” he said and Newt sat up slowly.

“They’re mine. They’re my brother and sister. I remembered.” he explained the flashback and Alby listened intently.

“You saw the past without getting stung?” he asked in surprise and Newt nodded slowly.

“It’s the kids.” Newt said confidently and stared at Alby, who was lost in thought.

“Life in the Glade is about to change.” Alby said after a long silence.


This one’s going to be two parts, so I can do the rest of the request with Jax and Chibs walking in on them :)

“Hey sweetheart, what’re you doing here?”

It was 2pm on a Wednesday and usually you’d be in class at this time of day, but class had been cancelled that day, and you’d decided you would try and surprise Juice at the clubhouse. He’d told you that morning that he was stuck watching over TM while almost everyone, including Bobby, your father, was supposed to be out on club business that day, so you hadn’t expected to walk into the clubhouse and see the entire club standing around the bar.

“Hey dad,” you said, “class was cancelled, I thought I’d stop by,”

Bobby smiled, you had spent most of your childhood with your mother, but the last few years you’d really started to get along with your father, spending time with him without letting your mother’s opinions on him affect your relationship. And getting to know you father had meant getting to know his club. Throughout your life you’d been told stories about the Sons of Anarchy, and generally the stories hadn’t been very complimentary, so you’d been surprised to discover they were actually all very friendly, and it had only been a few months before you’d started to see them as an extended family rather than an intimidating biker gang. And of all the sons, the one you’d clicked with most was Juice.

“We just got back from a run,” Jax said.

“Yeah, we’re just grabbing a drink before we get back to work,” your dad added, “you want a beer/”

“No thanks, dad, it’s 2pm,” you replied, and he shrugged, you looked around, your eyes landing on Juice, making sure he noticed your eye contact, “I think I left my purse in one of dorms,” you said, “I’m just going to go see if I can find it,” you kissed your dad’s cheek before walking towards the dorm.

“I’m gonna go take a piss,” you heard Juice say a moment later. You walked into the farthest dorm, leaving the door open behind you.

You sat on the bed, looking at the door, “I thought you were supposed to be here alone today,” you said as Juice walked into the dorm, closing the door behind him.

Juice smiled, walking towards you, “they got back early,” he said, as you laid back on the bed, Juice climbing on top of you, “guess we’ll just have to be quiet.”

“Juice, we’re not having sex with my dad just down the hall,” you said, as he leaned down, his lips brushing against yours.

“That didn’t stop us last week,” he said, kissing the side of your mouth, you jawline, you neck.

You moaned lightly, “we don’t have time, they’ll wonder where we are,” but you were having a hard time convincing yourself he needed to stop as one of his legs settled between yours, his hand on your thigh, as he carried on kissing your neck, your eyes flicking closed.

But just as you were ready to give up on trying to make Juice stop, the door flew open.

“Oh, my god,” you said, pushing Juice off of you and sitting up. You weren’t sure who you were expecting to see in the doorway, but it definitely wasn’t Abel.

“Abel! What are you doing here?” you said, standing up.

“My truck’s here,” he said, pointing at the bright yellow plastic truck on the floor in the corner of the room, “why were you on her?” he asked, looking up at Juice.

You opened your mouth then closed it again, trying to work out how explain this without Abel ending up telling his father.

“I was just helping y/n out with something,” Juice said, kneeling down to talk to Abel, “hey, buddy, can you do us a favour and not tell daddy about this?”

Abel frowned, “why not?”

“He just wouldn’t understand,” you said, “hey why don’t you go grab your truck, we can go play outside,” you added, doing your best not to sound worried as you talked to the boy.

Abel nodded, running to grab his toy. You looked at Juice one last time, then Abel grabbed your hand, dragging you out of the dorm.

“Did you find your purse?” Bobby asked when you walked back towards the bar.

“Um, no, I guess I must have left it at home somewhere,” you said, “Abel and I are going to go play outside,” you said, hoping you didn’t sound too guilty.

Abel tugged your hand, pulling you towards the door, and you gladly followed him as you saw Juice wander back in, trying to look casual.


“Daddy?” Abel said, later that night as Jax was tucking his son into bed, “what’s wrong with y/n?”

Jax frowned, “what do you mean?”

“Juice was helping her, why does she need help?”

“What do you mean helping her?” Jax replied, “what did you see?”

“They were on the bed and he was on top of her helping her,” Abel said, “what was he helping her with?”

Jax laughed, “don’t worry about it, Abel, go to sleep, y/n is fine” he said, he’d already had his suspicions about you and Juice, but now he knew for certain, Jax was going to have a little fun with this.

Selfie - Kai

Title: Selfie (drabble)

Word Count: 519

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Requested by  aysiha

“ Whenever you can, please write jongin being teased for looking at your selfies everyday when you’re away in america but he doesnt care cause he misses your beautiful face :)  “ 

A/N: It’s my beautiful baby’s birthday! Happy birthday Jonginie <3  I wasn’t sure what gif to use but this one is pretty darn cute. 

Originally posted by parkchny

Jongin checked his phone for the hundredth time that day. Anytime they were still long enough for him to take a moment to unlock his phone and pull up what pictures he had, he would, without fail. Barely an hour of dance practice went by and he was over to the side with his phone in his hands again. Your image was on the screen as he flicked through every picture he had of you.

“Jongin, come on. We need to nail this.” Junmyeon complained a few feet away.

“He’s looking at his phone again.” Sehun commented. Jongin looked up from smiling at his phone, a confused look flashing up on his face.

“Huh?” He said.

“Let’s get back to work.” Junmyeon added, turning back to the rest of the members.

“Or are you too busy staring at all the selfies Y/n left you with?” Sehun grinned. Jongin locked his phone and left it on the couch, rejoining the others.

“No, I’m not.” He rejected Sehun’s statement, purposefully making his expression serious as he started the routine again on his own. But the others started to catch on and couldn’t help themselves.

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Flat World - Dear Esther

While writing Flat Dreams, there were a lot of scenes and snippes I had in mind that never made it into the fic. A few did as interludes, but most were scrapped. I figured it might be fun to post some as I write them anyway, so here you go. Click here to read all those written so far.
I’ll use Flat World as a title for bits set before Bill got his powers and took over his dimension; Flat Minds for anything set after that.

(Also, I am open to prompts and stuff because why the hell not. So, if you’ve got any, just drop me an ask!)

“I was the grass. Pleasant, complaisant, sweet-smelling, swaying with every breeze. Who fears to walk upon the grass? But it is the grass that hides the viper from his enemies and shelters him until he strikes.”
– Doran Martell, A Feast for Crows.


Nora had no memory of her mother. She had passed away too early; whether the Line she vaguely remembered tucking her in bed was her or one of the attendants who had come after her, there was not telling.

Lines like them looked all the same, anyway.

“They say there was some hidden Irregularity about her…”

“Do they?”

“Well, no one is sure, but she took ill so easily and died so quickly after Miss Elenorah was born, one has to wonder…”

“The master must be so upset! What is she passed it on to their daughters? And one wouldn’t be able to tell until it’s too late…”

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anonymous asked:

you're not really a feminist being an escort..

holy fucking shit you picked the wrong damn day
Are you Kat fucking Banyard? Like literally, list all of your direct experience with sex work before you even deign to think your opinion is relevant to any discussion about escorting

Now answer the following questions without phoning a friend to back you up:

Who decides who a feminist is?
Seriously, tell me. Because I am a regular contributor for one of the top 3 feminist websites in the UK and someone needs to call my editor and inform her that I’m an imposter. And while you’re at it, please show me your Official Feminist License™ so I can make sure I treat you with the privilege you clearly think you’re entitled to

If you think you can justifiably criticise me, why are you anonymous?
Seriously, if you are in a position that makes it acceptable for you to criticise me, why are you having to hide your identity? I hide my face because I’m in a stigmatised profession and have a much-higher-than-average public profile that could be very easily damaged by whorephobia such as your own. Luckily for you, society tends to give a free pass to sanctimonious, ignorant, catty bitches who like to spread damaging ideas about oppressed groups so there’s really no excuse for you to not reveal even the tiniest bit of your identity.

What are you doing to improve conditions for people like me so that we’re never pushed towards sex work?
On a personal level, how many of the following have you done in the past year:
> Made a significant contribution to the free education movement and campaigned for maintenance grants so poor students like myself don’t need to make difficult decisions 
> Publicly and loudly protested the horrific changes to disability benefits and NHS provision for disabled people so disabled people like myself don’t have to pick between “Option A: Work retail to support yourself through this degree, have to drop out because your body can’t stand the added strain and you relapse, if you ever recover enough to get back into work be forced into blue collar work with conditions that are detrimental to your health once again because the cushy desk jobs go to people with the degree you were too ill to complete” or “Option B: Do a few hours of sex work a week that you neither love or hate, finish your degree, go into the career you want having managed your health conditions appropriately and always have a solid basis as a sex worker to fall back on in an emergency”
> Supported renters’ unions and pressured the government to build more affordable housing in the London area in particular so I don’t have to cut off my right arm to make rent

Or, less personal to me but still things that push people into sex work:
> Have you volunteered and donated at your local domestic violence centre to make sure women leaving dangerous environments that saw them financially dependent on their abusers have the correct economic support to be able to support themselves?
> Have you started a business that increased the amount of jobs available in the UK? 
> Have you taken an active role in movements that fight the oppression of women, non-binary people, LGBTIQA+ people, people of colour, immigrants, disabled people, those from poorer areas, travellers, and trans people - all of whom are disproportionately likely to be economically disadvantaged and therefore pushed into sex work?
Notice how whining in the inboxes of sex workers who have had really long fucking days is not on that list?

If I willingly have safe and consensual sex with someone who I have screened, who chooses to give me money, and we both go home healthy and satisfied, who is the victim?

What’s feminist about denying me the autonomy to make decisions about what I do with my body? What’s feminist about slut shaming and expecting me to damage my health rather than do something you’d just prefer not to hear about?

Oh, and finally - who the fuck do you think you are?

The Long Lost Friend [Draco  Reader] Part 9

Summary: Potions with all your favourites goes wrong

Word Count: 1.6k

Part 1 Part 8 Part 10

If you want to be tagged, then let me know!

Originally posted by theerudykes

“Ah, yes! Pair up everyone! Pair up!” Slughorn’s voice was heard from the front of the class.

“Pansy will you…” you shut up when you saw Blaise and her together. Zabini had been keeping his distance since the incident. Not that you minded. Whenever you thought back at the day when everything started going downhill your blood almost started boiling.

“Miss Y/N and Mister Malfoy, you will work together I presume?” Slug asked while placing some ingredients on your table. You looked around and saw that everyone else had already paired up.

“Seems like it,” you muttered and exhaled dramatically. Drama queen, that’s what you are Y/N!

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Kurotsuki Week Prompt: Work

“Hey,” Tetsurou greeted softly as he entered the treatment room.

“Hey,” Kei whispered out, voice hushed and muffled from the mask, as he set down his phone. Despite the obstruction, he could see Kei’s cheeks pull back in a small smile. “You’re not supposed to be here right now. You have a shift.”

“I’m on break and thought I’d surprise you,” Tetsurou smiles, stepping forward, kneeling down by Kei’s chair. Only both of their eyes were visible to each other, his own face mask tied securely on. He takes Kei’s free hand.

“How’re you feeling?” he asked softly, knowing loud noises had been bothering his boyfriend recently.

“Oh, you know, the usual,” he could see the edge of Kei’s smile, his eyes crinkling some, but lacking the same sparkle they had before he started treatment. “My stomach hasn’t been putting up as much of a fuss as usual though,” he got out, slightly squeezing Tetsurou’s hand. Tetsurou lightly brushes his thumb across the blond’s knuckles.

It hurt to see Kei this way. Drawn, constantly tired, bruises covering him from the slightest bumps. But he was still fighting it and Tetsurou had all faith that he would win it too. (He had to.)

He sat by Kei the rest of his short break, telling him about his morning. When he had to go, he found himself wishing he could kiss him. Instead he held Kei’s hand to his cheek, looking him in the eye. Kei already knew what he was going to say, Tetsurou had taken to saying it as much as possible, and he would keep saying it for eternity if he could.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Kei whispered, lightly squeezing his hand, eyes soft. “Now get back to work,” he added. “I’ll see you at the end of your shift, right?”

“Absolutely,” he smiled again, brushing Kei’s knuckles one more time before he turned to leave.

anonymous asked:

Can I request for a good girl falling inlove with bad boy (but actually is a sweet loving boy ^^) Chen scenario please? :)

I Got A Bad Boy, I Must Admit It ~Chen~ ✘

Chen as a bad boy…….unf, I can’t.

You sat in the front row, taking notes gingerly. The class was quiet, and your teacher was sitting at his desk, checking over his emails happily. All seemed well, and everybody seemed to be doing what they were supposed to be doing.

Until of course, he walked in.

The door slammed open and in walked in the very well known “bad boy” of the school, Chen.

Mr. Parker jumped when he heard the door collide with the wall. He looked up and frowned at Chen. “Do you have some sort of note for being late?” he asked and stood up to approach the boy.

Chen shook his head and took a seat in the front row, right beside you. “I was just late,” he replied.

Mr. Parker knew very well of the mind games Chen tended to play with his teachers, so he just gave up on trying to talk to the young boy. He muttered “Just take the notes on the board” and then went back to his desk.

Chen took out a piece of paper from his bag and then began to look around the room for something. You tried your best to keep your eyes off of him, which was pretty hard, considering he was incredibly cute.


Your eyes widened when you realized he was talking to you. “What?” you asked.

He pointed at your pencil case. “Can I borrow a pencil?”

You thought it would be mean to just say no, so you took out a pencil from your case and handed it over to him without a word.

“Thanks,” he said and flashed you his stunning smile. You practically melted.

You felt somebody kick your seat from behind and turned around to see that it was your friend, Sasha. “______!” she snapped. “Do not converse with the bad boy.”

You furrowed your eyebrows. “But-“

“He is bad news, just trust me. Don’t talk to him.” She shot him a disgusted look while he was trying to take notes. “Oh, and I don’t think you’re getting that pencil back,” she added afterwards before going back to work.


An hour later, you packed your bag and walked out of class. It was now lunchtime, so you went to your locker to put your stuff in there and get your lunch bag.

While you were at your locker, you heard somebody slam themselves against the lockers beside you.

It was Chen.

He held out your pencil towards you and said, “Here’s your pencil. Thanks again for letting me borrow it.”

“No problem.” You took it back and mentally laughed at Sasha for thinking that he wouldn’t give it back.

“So what’s your name?” he asked and leaned against the lockers comfortably. It didn’t seem like he was planning on leaving so soon.

“I’m ______.” You threw the pencil in your locker and grabbed your lunch bag.

“_______, ________, ________,” he said the name over and over again. “That’s a nice name you got there. I’m Chen.”

“I know what your name is,” you admitted with a sheepish smile. “You’re pretty popular around here.”

“Popular? Nah, I prefer to call it well known. Everybody just judges a book by its cover around here, and everybody thinks I’m the bad boy of the school.”

“So are you saying you aren’t?” You eyed him curiously.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” He stepped forwards and shut your locker, staring into your eyes deeply. “Do I look like a bad boy to you?”

He was so close, you could barely breathe. Despite him being known as the bad boy, you always thought that he really was cute. But the leather clothing, styled up hair, and reputation he had around here always made you stay away from him.

“______!” Sasha shouted when she saw the two of you.

Chen blinked and was pushed back by Sasha before he could do anything else. He brushed off his jacket and stood against the wall, annoyed by the fact that the two of you were interrupted.

“_______, what have I told you about staying away from him?” Sasha whisper yelled and gripped your wrist. “Come on, let’s go to the cafeteria already, I’m hungry.” She pulled you down the hall.

For just a moment, you turned around and glance at Chen again. He smiled at you and winked before walking off the other direction.


For the next couple of days, you found yourself meeting up with Chen more and more. On several occasions, he had surprised you by showing his more loving and sweet side.

Like one day, he offered to buy you ice cream with his own money. And another day, he wanted to walk you home, claiming he wanted you to get home safely.

And for some reason, you just felt that the bad boy image he had around here didn’t fit him at all. He was just… He was so sweet.

One day after school, Chen ran up to you before you could reach the front doors. “______,” he said frantically. “______, will you go out on a date with me?”

Typically, one would assume that a bad boy would have total confidence when asking out a girl, maybe even being a little cocky about it.

But here, you could tell Chen was incredibly nervous.

“I’d love to,” you answered with a smile.

“Sweet. I’ll pick you up at eight tonight, then?”

You nodded.

Chen let out a sigh of relief and opened the door for you. “Do you want me to walk you home today?” you asked.

“Sasha’s driving me home today, but thank you for the offer.”

“Ooh, Sasha,” he said and stepped towards you. “The one who hates my guts. How has she been?”

“She doesn’t hate you,” you assured him. “She just lets your image come in the way of actually getting to know you. She doesn’t know the real you.”

“Well, just don’t tell her about our date tonight, alright? I kind of want to be alive and in one piece when I pick you up.” He held his pointer finger over his lips and said, “Shhh.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say a word.” You saw Sasha’s car already driving towards the front of the school, so you quickly said goodbye to Chen, kissed his cheek, and then ran to the car before Sasha could realize you were with him.


And in a short while, you found yourself falling in love with Chen. He was such a sweet, loving, and affectionate boy, and you learned that as your relationship grew.

He surprised you here and there with small gifts and dates, made you smile all the time, and treated you like you were the most precious thing in the world.

Though some people continued to doubt your relationship with him, you didn’t care. You loved him, he loved you, and that was all that mattered.

By now you can truthfully say the words, I’ve fallen in love with a bad boy.

A night at the office

TITLE: A night at the office


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic

GENRE: romance / fluff

FIC SUMMARY: It’s valentine’s day and you’re alone at the office.  However, you didn’t expect to see him there.


Author’s notes: I’m like 13 days late but this idea popped inside my head and I was not going to wait another year to write it. Hope you enjoy and comment if you like. It’s pretty fluffy.

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Dammit Tumblr [9/24]

So apparently tumblr’s new way of ruining everything is to keep enter from working on reblogged posts. This obviously poses a problem for RPers who want to add gifs or paragraph breaks, but shift+enter does work - it drops it down a half-line, so doing it twice should get you back to where enter alone normally does. Adding gifs still works; the spacing between the text and gif is a little off, but it does automatically allow you to enter text beneath the gif.

A few changes for the summer.

As you know, I’ve been really busy for the past couple of months, so I could not reply to all your asks, nor could add new features/extensions to XKit. Once again, I apologize deeply for that. In a couple of weeks, my workload will lighten, and hopefully I will be able to finish the surprise I’ve been working on, and get back to adding new features.

That being said, I would like to inform you about a few changes to XKit in the meanwhile:

1. XKit Changelog

Whenever I make a change on any extension, I post it on this blog. I know some people want to know which bugs were fixed, but most are simply not interested at all with small bugs fixes. For that reason, from now on, bug fixes will be posted to XKit Changelog blog, while new extensions/features and announcements will be posted here.

2. Safari Support

A couple of months ago, I’ve written about how hard it is to develop XKit for Safari. It lacks most HTML5 features, and it’s (incomplete) documentation is still not updated for Safari 7, a browser released nearly a year ago. Not to mention that the Windows users are still stuck at Safari 5, released almost 4 years ago.

Sorry to say this, but it looks like even Apple doesn’t care about Safari anymore, and due to fact that nearly 50-60% of the bug reports I receive are from Safari users, who make up less than 5% of the whole XKit user base, I am forced to discontinue XKit for Safari completely. 

I am terribly sorry about this. I know it’s absurd to ask people to switch browsers to use an extension, but I’m left with no other choice. I hope you can understand. If you decide to switch to another browser, you can use XCloud to sync your settings and pick up where you left off.

3. Third Party Extensions

There are a few third party (not written by me) extensions on XKit Gallery, but unfortunately, most of them weren’t updated past their initial release, causing some problems. I will wait for their developers to update them, or I will re-write them myself in order to provide a more stable XKit for you.

Once again, I’m really sorry about the lack of updates for the last couple of months. I will be back with new features as soon as possible. Thank you for using, and supporting XKit.

Little Moments

Pairing: Calum x Y/n
Word Count: 1989
Requested: Nah
Based On: Little Moments - Brad Paisley (it’s country don’t hate me)

A/n: something cute and fluffy to make up for lack of imagines and stuff lately so yep! i hope you liked it :) 

i’ll never forget the first time that i heard the pretty mouth say that dirty word

“I’m going to get the car, okay?” Calum said, stopping you both outside the restaurant. He smiled down at you, completely infatuated with you. It was only your third date, but Calum couldn’t believe how lucky he’d gotten with you.

“Let me get it.” You reached for the keys dangling from his hand. He smirked down at you and shook his head. Calum wasn’t used to the girl not wanting him to do things for her, but you were different: independent and helpful. He liked the change. 

“You sure?” Calum cocked an eyebrow as he slid the key ring from his finger so they’d fall into your hand. You felt a sense of pride when you realized he trusted you enough to drive his car.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “Just wait here.” You took off in the direction you’d come from only two hours earlier, on the hunt for Calum’s tiny car. 

You clicked the unlock button on the key fob and saw the lights flashing, more pride rushing through you as you climbed into the driver’s seat, starting it and hearing the engine roar to life. 

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Luke Imagine: Your Mother Passes Away

Author: Julie


She meant everything to you. She gave you life, taught you your first words, helped you through your heartaches, and still managed to have dinner on the table after a long day at work. She was everything you wanted to be when you grew up.

Your mother was your role model, like most are. Every question you had got an answer, whether it be the one you wanted to hear or not. She was honest when you asked her if the outfit you were trying on looked good, and if it didn’t in her eyes she would help you find a much better one.

 When you were little, you would mess around in her garden and sometimes trample on her petunias, but she never got mad. Rather, she had you plant a new one with her, and while all you got out of it was knees covered in dirt, you couldn’t deny how proud you had felt when that one petunia bloomed.

You were her princess, and she was your queen. You found it odd how much you thought about her when she was gone.

It was your sibling who called you at 2 am where you were cuddled up next to Luke, finally able to sleep next to him now that the tour was over, to tell you the horrible news.

You remember sitting up, wide awake when you heard crying and the words you never wanted to hear in your lifetime.

She’s gone.

Luke was with you when you hastily got up to change, tears falling down your cheeks as you packed and searched for the next flight home. He tried his best to calm him down, but when you asked him how he’d react if it were his mom, he retracted his efforts and instead helped the both of you pack.


You didn’t know if you were ready to see your mom’s lifeless body. Scratch that, you definitely knew you weren’t.

That’s why you broke down again when you walked into the hospital room and saw her on the bed surrounded by family members you hadn’t seen in years. In fact, you hadn’t seen your mom in a year or so, either. You cursed yourself for not going to see her sooner.

The doctors told you she went peacefully in her sleep. She was at that age where it was normal for that sort of thing.

Her lifeless body, devoid of color and too stiff to really be called your mother, was too different from what you remembered her as. Rosy cheeks, lively body even when most her age would complain about back aches, and a smile that light up the entire room. She did not resemble the body in front of you at all.


The days leading up to her funeral were a blur to you. Most mornings you woke up and started to cry into Luke’s chest, and he’d do his best to rub your back and calm your sobs. Having him around helped alleviate the pain, though you could always feel it lingering, waiting to attack you at any moment when you weren’t prepared.

You’d been to funerals before as a kid. They were mostly for uncles or aunts you didn’t even know existed, but went to for your mother’s sake. You remembered how serious and somber she looked during them, the black clothing draped around her a contrast from what she’d normally wear. You also remember having to wear the itchy black attire you were forced to put on because that’s how all funerals go. Everybody wore black and instead of celebrating one’s life, it was a grim service where everybody cried and nobody smiled.

Your mother’s funeral was no different, except you were asked to say some words about her. The ceremony was outside, a setting your mother would have wanted. It was cloudy, and you would have preferred the sun to have made an appearance because your mother loved the warmth it gave.

Getting through your speech was one of the hardest things you ever had to do. Several times, you nearly broke down crying, but with a quick look to Luke, you got strength to carry on. By the time you had finished saying everything you could about her, they were ready to finish up the ceremony.

After you had thrown a handful of dirt on her casket, you couldn’t bear to watch the grave fill up with dirt. You didn’t want to see the casket disappear under mounds of dirt, signifying that you’d never see your mother’s face ever again.

You buried your head into Luke’s shoulder for all of it, and he wrapped his arm around your waist as a simple reminder that he was there for you.


Eventually, the hole left in your heart closed, but not without a scar. You went back to your home with Luke, and for a couple of weeks you were out of it and rarely left the house. Only on the occasion that Luke coaxed you out was when you let the sunlight touch your skin.

Luke helped greatly. He would wake up next to you every morning and tell you how much he loved you. He would make breakfast for you, and even though most mornings you didn’t feel like eating, you ate because he had done it just for you. He always asked how you were whenever he had the chance, even when he was always answered with “I’m fine.” Sometimes you added, “Now, get back to work, you doof,” whenever he called you from the studio – which, was all the time.

Years passed, and while your heart sent a pang of sadness through you every Mother’s Day, you still made sure to tell your sibling to put an extra flower on your mother’s grave. Despite them constantly complaining about how much extra work it was, you made sure they always got a petunia.


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