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Haikyuu!! Chapter 251: Rhythm

Oh damn. It looks like too soon to hope for the momentum to swing to Karasuno. Inarizaki really doesn’t let Karasuno set the pace. They disrupt Karasuno’s rhythm by pushing the boundaries.

From their serving time gap.

To their eight player, or as better put by Shimada, back up support squad.

Inarizaki use sounds and timing on and off the court.

Daishou’s reaction is pretty much me. Oh, hi there Mika, Back with Daishou again?

Ukai has pointed it out once before isn’t it? Karasuno is weak against teams that set their own pace and not easily swayed by their quick, aggressive style. It looks like it hasn’t changed. Added with the disruption from Inarizaki, none of Karasuno players are able to serve their best. Inarizaki successfully robs offensive-style Karasuno of their initiative. The longer this goes on, it’ll be very bad for Karasuno. They won’t get the momentum on their side.

And right when I am worried. Here comes our savior.

Saeko-nee… Damn, you’re lookin’ fine. (I am that guy in the bottom left, btw)

I’m looking forward for Saeko and her taiko group will do against Inarizaki’s squad.

On unrelated note,

Atsumu is quite a dork, as his twin points out, and he’s considered the best setter for good reason. (Akaashi, green is not a good color on you)

Kanoka is an attentive and knowledgeable girlfriend. Lucky you, Tanaka. (honestly Tanaka, with Saeko and now, Kanoka, why are you so bad with girls?)

Lastly, precious baby crows!! OMG!!!!!!! (●♡∀♡)

Thank you Furudate-sensei! m(_ _)m

Random DCMK Things: If Gosho Boys Were a Boy Band-Saguru’s Profile


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  • As I’ve said in my previous “If Gosho Boys were a Boy Band” blogs, Hakuba would be the leader of the Gosho Boys because out of all the boys, he is the most mature, most calm and most composed. I mean, do you see how prim and proper he is? 
  • As a detective, if you remember the DC episode where Hakuba and Heiji did a detective showdown with other detectives, you would notice that Hakuba’s very organized with coming up with his deductions. Other than that, he is very calm unlike Heiji who’s way more aggressive than he is. Well, this gave me the impression that Hakuba’s personality just screams leader. IDK how I should further explain it.
  • As a leader, Hakuba would bring order to the chaos Kaito, Shinichi and Heiji, all together are. Out of all the Gosho Boy’s Hakuba seems to be the most behaved. XD
  • Hakuba is very particular with the managers and the staffs orders, especially during performances. He is very strict about the steps and the blocking during live performances because he doesn’t want to cause trouble to the people behind the set. Hakuba’s a big hater of ad-libs because he disrupts the pre-organized original plans. He often gets into trouble with the other members because they can be really spontaneous with their stage performances, especially Heiji and Kaito. Though the boys could make it work, Hakuba still isn’t a fan of their spur-of-the-moment ad-libs and feels that they could be a bit too much (ESPECIALLY KAITO), to the point of upstaging the other members.
  • With this being said, Hakuba may come across as a bossy leader, but really, he’s just doing his best and following Manager Haibara’s orders. XD Other than that, Hakuba feels the need to be more authoritative of the boys, given the fact that things could be chaotic with all of them around, together in one room. He’s just doing his duties and he’s so good at it.
  • As a leader, Hakuba would be like Super Junior’s Leeteuk. They kinda have the same hairstyle too, but that is not the only reason why they could be similar. For those of you who may not know, Super Junior consists of 15 members (Well, used to. Some members already left. T.T). They debuted with 13 members and if you add the two members from their subgroup, Super Junior-M they make up of fifteen. Anyway, Leeteuk, as their leader takes care of all these boys (now, men). And can you imagine just how he could do that? *slow clapping* And with Hakuba and the Gosho Boys, the situation would be just the same. I mean, yeah, they are only four boys but they are four chaotic boys (Hakuba, not so much but Kaito + Heiji +Shinichi? That’s a riot.). Just think about how Hakuba would try to take care of all these guys. I think it would be really interesting. XD

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Look at Leeteuk right here? Isn’t he cute? He’s just like staring at the toddler with ease and thinking, “Hey, kid. I take care of 14 boys. So, I could handle you just fine.”

I could imagine Hakuba being like:

“Btch pls. As if Kuroba isn’t enough to drive me insane. You had to add Kudo and Hattori too. But, okay. Yeah. I can do this.” *stretches his limbs*

  • Hakuba, together with Shinichi would be the one promoting the group internationally. Since Hakuba flies from Japan and England all the time. This is possible. Shinichi on the other hand, would be promoting in America ‘coz he has a lot of connections there. Anyway, Hakuba has a good grasp on the English language and as the leader, he’s mostly assigned to be the one talking a lot during interviews. So, promoting outside the country is also part of his job.
  • Hakuba would also be the one composing most of the Gosho Boy’s songs together with Shinichi. I’m not quite sure if Hakuba does play some instruments in the canon verse, but yeah I honestly think he does and is good at it. Plus, he is also a Sherlock Holmes fan and he might’ve took lessons in playing the violin because of that. It’s not impossible. Hakuba’s pretty financially stable too. :)
  • As the leader, Hakuba’s would be a little underrated. Even if he honestly is just as talented as the other boys. In most kpop groups, I feel that a lot of leaders are actually brought out of the spotlight, mostly out shined by the main visual, main vocal, main dancer etc. Usually on photo shoots, the leaders are always on the far end of the side. IDK why. But yeah, even if it is like that, Hakuba would really shine in his own way, without even trying so much because he is great at what he does.
  • Hakuba would be as much of a great singer as Kaito is. Like if he isn’t the leader, he could be the boy band’s main vocal. (Sorry Kaito. hahahaha). With this being said, Hakuba and Kaito have a subgroup ballad duo because their voice blend together so well.
  • Hakuba has the least problems with Shinichi and works well with him, especially with playing instruments and composing songs together. They think alike.
  • Hakuba would often clash with Heiji a lot coz both of them could be really authoritative, but when he’s tired, Heiji usually takes over especially when Kaito and Shinichi are causing a ruckus and Hakuba has basically given up on even giving a fuck with the shit KaiShin is doing. In these cases, Hakuba is really grateful towards Heiji. 
  • Hakuba would most likely be the member to get a lot of endorsement deals from foreign countries. IDK, Hakuba has that model feels. I mean, can we all just admire how fabulous he is?
  • Hakuba’s very much the most polite among the Gosho Boys. After concerts or stage performances he would never forget to give the audience  good bow and a lot of  thank yous.
  • With this being said, when Gosho Boy’s wins an award, Hakuba would have a speech and a long list of people to thank because he is so polite and he gives credit where credit is due.
  • Hakuba would be a great leader. Even if he is strict he would still have a soft side. He would be deny it a lot but he loves having the boys around and he is as much as a dork as they are.
  • Hakuba wouldn’t let the Gosho Boys disband ever. As a leader, he strongly holds on to his boys.
  • Hakuba would be really supportive of the boys in their solo careers and the boys would be the same toward him as well.
  • Hakuba would also be doing hosting jobs in music shows and variety shows from time to time, because why not? 
  • Hakuba would be featured in a lot of music videos of other artists, because he’s great in acting too.
  • Fangirls love Hakuba a lot even if he would seem underrated at times. 
  • There would be dating rumors about Aoko and Hakuba because in an interview, Hakuba would openly say that Aoko of the Gosho Girls is his ideal type and that he had a crush on her. But as soon as rumors about them surface, Hakuba would be denying them and confess that he has got over her and is dating Gosho Girl’s Akako. (LOL huhuhu I kinda ship them huhuhu)

Omg! Sorry this took so long! I planned to do this on Hakuba Saguru’s birthday  ‘coz he’s an August baby like me, but I got pre-occupied with family gatherings (because my grandfather’s birthday is also in august) and I was also looking for a job that month and other than that, I was also participating in Detective Conan Week 2017, I was also busy writing my KazuHei fics. Plus, the hype over the ShinRan Bomb. In short, I was a busy busy bee and not to mention, insanely distracted.  Anyway, I hope you guys liked this series and I hope I gave a lot of love to Hakuba, since @ladygoldstein mentioned that he is pretty underrated. T.T.

If you guys haven’t read my other “If Gosho Boys were a Boy Band” stuff I’ll put in the links below. :)





The Alien Brain Hemorrhage

A nutso-lookin’ layered shot.  Fill the glass from bottom to top pouring carefully to maintain the layers.  The Baily’s will do weird things if you pour it in too fast.  When the Grenadine is added it disrupts the whole thing and you get something like in the picture… it tastes a bit like whipped cream from a spray can.  The whole thing is only about 30 proof so you aren’t gonna get messed up on these… it’s just fun.