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Haikyuu!! Chapter 251: Rhythm

Oh damn. It looks like too soon to hope for the momentum to swing to Karasuno. Inarizaki really doesn’t let Karasuno set the pace. They disrupt Karasuno’s rhythm by pushing the boundaries.

From their serving time gap.

To their eight player, or as better put by Shimada, back up support squad.

Inarizaki use sounds and timing on and off the court.

Daishou’s reaction is pretty much me. Oh, hi there Mika, Back with Daishou again?

Ukai has pointed it out once before isn’t it? Karasuno is weak against teams that set their own pace and not easily swayed by their quick, aggressive style. It looks like it hasn’t changed. Added with the disruption from Inarizaki, none of Karasuno players are able to serve their best. Inarizaki successfully robs offensive-style Karasuno of their initiative. The longer this goes on, it’ll be very bad for Karasuno. They won’t get the momentum on their side.

And right when I am worried. Here comes our savior.

Saeko-nee… Damn, you’re lookin’ fine. (I am that guy in the bottom left, btw)

I’m looking forward for Saeko and her taiko group will do against Inarizaki’s squad.

On unrelated note,

Atsumu is quite a dork, as his twin points out, and he’s considered the best setter for good reason. (Akaashi, green is not a good color on you)

Kanoka is an attentive and knowledgeable girlfriend. Lucky you, Tanaka. (honestly Tanaka, with Saeko and now, Kanoka, why are you so bad with girls?)

Lastly, precious baby crows!! OMG!!!!!!! (●♡∀♡)

Thank you Furudate-sensei! m(_ _)m

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage

A nutso-lookin’ layered shot.  Fill the glass from bottom to top pouring carefully to maintain the layers.  The Baily’s will do weird things if you pour it in too fast.  When the Grenadine is added it disrupts the whole thing and you get something like in the picture… it tastes a bit like whipped cream from a spray can.  The whole thing is only about 30 proof so you aren’t gonna get messed up on these… it’s just fun.