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peytocus  asked:

Prompt- They win the war and Bellamy finds out about Clarke and Lexa when he sees them kissing or something like that

It took a few days, but Bellamy was finally rested enough to resume life on the ground. He was made a guard and given a gun that he didn’t initially want. He finally agreed to carry it, but it was never in his hands. He walked around with the rifle across his back.

He was surprised by the transformation that his sister had gone through. She went from a flighty free spirit to a wild warrior. It felt like it all happened while he was gone.

He picked up some breakfast from the line in Camp Jaha and wandered toward what was left of the Woods clan camp across the hill. He wanted to check on Octavia. She didn’t need him watching over her anymore, but it was a habit for him that he couldn’t break.

Bellamy wandered through the camp, feeling safe among the grounders who had rescued him and his friends when it looked like they weren’t going to make it out.

“Clarke,” he called when he saw the blonde walking down a path in the camp.

She turned around with a smile, “Hey. How are you?”

“Good,” he took a bite of the jerky that the grounders had taught the Sky people to make. He had had jerky from both camps and the Sky people had a long way to go in flavoring. “Have you seen Octavia?”

“She and Indra are in Lexa’s tent,” Clarke gestured the direction she had been walking, “We’re going to talk about potential settlements with the grounds and what we can do to help each other now. Wanna come?”

Bellamy looked up at the overcast sky and then back down at Clarke, “Yeah. I guess I don’t have anything better to do now.”

Clarke smiled, “That’s a good thing.”

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olafurneal  asked:

How about Andy meets Sharon as a lawyer and not as a captain in FID or as his boss in Major Crimes. I just really want lawyer Sharon flirting with cop Andy and just general adorableness. Yeah.

Okay, so this was pure genius. Best idea ever. You know I love lawyer!Sharon and so you did this, right? Well kudos on the awesome prompt. Turned out pretty long, though, since I was having so much fun. Also: this is young!Sharon and Andy, so we have Andy the King of Snark rather than the puppy dog. And because I’m me, there’s a little Mama!Sharon in there as well.

An AU in which Sharon and Jack get married, but in which she didn’t put him through law school on a police salary, but through some other undisclosed line of work. After he leaves, she goes to law school at night and eventually graduates in the early-mid ’90s. Enjoy! 

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