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- how come there aren’t more fics set in the bay area?? because i just read dommi’s mortician au fic that was set in the bay area. it’s fueling my life. i just want domestic victuuri ordering in postmates for dinner. i want cute roadtrip victuuri being stuck in a car except instead of it being a cute roadtrip they’re really just stuck in traffic on the 101
- is any of that too much to ask
- kiaronna said this earlier and i have not stopped thinking about it: “A sugar baby fic where the sugar relationship is already developed and it’s just them escaping the IRS”
- (because i had asked “If a hypothetical broke girl had a hypothetical sum of money from a hypothetically very generous male acquaintance, would the IRS come after said hypothetical broke girl”)
- (because did you know that if you were receiving suspicious amounts of monies into your account, that that could be grounds for an audit? or so some user from some forum says. the internet never lies, you know)
- i’m in need of a fic rec list, yeah? it is highly specific, and titled “fics with fist clench-worthy yuuri & mari interactions”

A History of Kisses - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by cutie---kisses

summary: you and stiles have kissed more times than you’d think at first mention…
warnings: swearing
word count: 2837

The first time it happened, you were only six years old, and didn’t think any differently.

You were playing house in Scott’s basement with both him and Stiles.  As always, You were the mommy.  One time you got the chance of being the daughter, but you preferred being the mommy because it meant you got to play with the fake kitchen play set.

Today Scott had begged to be the son instead of the daddy (his father had yelled at him and his mother that morning, so he hadn’t been in the mood to play as the dad) and Stiles had eagerly said he’d be the daddy.

“Scotty! Dinner’s ready!” You called, setting a plastic plate of plastic food on the mini table.  Scott came running in, excitedly sitting at the seat and pretending to smell the meal you’d cooked.

“Honey I’m home!” Stiles bounced through the doorway that separated the playroom from the rest of the basement.  You giggled at his way of playing the dad.

“Welcome home dear” You said, pretending to stir a soup in a bowl.  He walked more into the room and he planted a kiss on your cheek before sitting at the table.  You’d tensed up instantly, looking from Stiles to Scott, who shared the same look as you.

Stiles however, just sat at the table like nothing had happened.  “What?” He asked out of confusion.

“You kissed her! You’re in love with y/n!” Scott shrieked, and you blushed instantly.

“What? N-no I’m not!” Stiles argued.  “That’s what daddies do Scott” Stiles said in his ‘duh’ voice.  Scott looked at you with a confused look, silently asking you if your parents did that.

Not that you would know, your father didn’t live with you.  Every time you asked your mom when he would visit, she’d tell you he was busy working, or on a trip.  You’d never seen them together once.

“Well my dad does it to my mom all the time” Stiles said, suddenly feeling embarrassed that he’d kissed you at all

“It’s okay Stiles” You chirped up, and set down his own plate of fake food in front of him.  “It’s fun” You shrugged.

And that was that.

The second time it happened, it wasn’t quite so accidental as the first.

When you were twelve years old, Stiles’ mother passed away.  When your own mother had explained the situation to you, she told you how Claudia had been sick for a long time, and that she was in a much better place now.  But you still couldn’t fathom what Stiles had to have been going through.

You went to his house for the wake, but wasn’t able to find him anywhere.  You checked all over the first floor through the groups of people, but couldn’t seem to find him.  You did however, run into Noah Stilinski.

“H-hello Sheriff” You spoke softly, unsure of what to say.  The man looked down at you and gave you a kind smile.

“Good afternoon y/n” He replied.  “I’m glad to see you could make it”

“U-um thank you” You stuttered.  “Is Stiles still here?” You asked, and Noah nodded.

“He’s up in his room, I haven’t let anyone up yet” He told you.  “But go ahead, but just be careful alright? He’s fragile right now” You nodded, and turned to go up the steps, but spun back around and hugged the Sheriff.

Noah Stilinski was your father when your real father couldn’t step up to the plate.

“I’m so sorry Mr Stilinski” You said, and he smiled down at you, patting the back of your head before releasing you.

“I am too kid” He said, before nodding you off to go find Stiles.

You bounded up the steps to his room, and stood outside the closed door for a moment.  When you took a deep breath and knocked, you were surprised that it opened only a few seconds later.

“y/n” Stiles’ voice cracked as he sniffled.  You could see the tears on his cheeks and still leaking from his eyes.  You smiled at him sadly, and didn’t even say anything, just stepped forward and hugged him.  Stiles shut the door behind you before hugging you back.

“It’s okay to cry” You whispered to him without letting go.  He nodded shakily, clinging onto you and burying his face in your hair.

After standing there for a few more minutes, you pulled away from each other.

“It’s all going to be better” You told him, and kissed his cheek.  “Even though you don’t want to hear it”

Stiles was so in shock of your small kiss that he easily nodded and agreed with your words, even though the next year of his life would be miserable.

But he had you by his side, and you somehow made it all seem better, just like you said it would be.

And that was that.

The third time you and the Stilinski boy kissed, it was a purposeful action, and you were old enough to know what it meant.

“Sophomore year of high school, and I still don’t have a boyfriend!” You yelled angrily in the cafeteria, making Scott roll his eyes from across from you.

“Why is that even important to you?” The asthmatic asked.  “Who cares?”

“I do!” You said, and Stiles laughed at your outburst.

“Dating is a waste of time, it’s hard enough managing grades and work” Scott said.  You shrugged, looking sadly down at your plate.

“Maybe for you” You mumbled.  “But I want it.  I want to be taken out and held hands with, I want to be walked to class and I want my first kiss to be perfect” You sighed.  Stiles ears perked at the last part.

“And it will be.  When you have the time to balance it-”

“I get her point” Stiles cut off Scott, earning a small smile from you.  “Who doesn’t want to be loved, right?” The boy with the buzz cut added, and you nodded, pointing at him with your fork.

“See? Stiles gets it” You said.  Scott rolled his eyes at the irony, but luckily for Stiles, kept his mouth shut.

You didn’t think much about the conversation at lunch until later that night when Stiles brought it up.

“You really haven’t had your first kiss?” He asked you in the middle of Star Wars.  You made a scoffing sound, stealing some of his popcorn.

“Don’t patronize me, you haven’t either” You replied.

You had been watching the Star Wars movies all night, already in position with snacks and blankets.  Stiles was on the end of the couch, with you practically on his lap and your back against the armrest.  The popcorn bowl sat on your lap and you had a blanket wrapped over your shoulders.

“Well no that’s why I was wondering like-like… okay don’t think I’m weird” He started, and you turned your head from the screen to wink at him.

“Too late for that” You said.  “But continue” You tossed another piece of popcorn into your mouth.

“Well-well what if we were each other’s first?” He asked, and you blinked in surprise.  “Kiss! Not the other thing!” He recovered quickly, which made you giggle.


“I mean we don’t have to I just thought it’d be easier to get it out of the way and it won’t affect anything and I really don’t mind but if you don’t want to-”

“Stiles” You spoke up, making him stop his babbling.  “I said okay”

“O-oh” To say he was shocked was a bit of an understatement.  “Okay, cl-close your eyes” You listened, your eyes fluttering shut, and your heartbeat picked up nervously.  Stiles took a deep breath, sliding a hand over your cheek and pulling you closer, until closing his own eyes and pressing his lips timidly against yours.  You were slow at first, but when you got used to the feeling you kissed him back, and splayed your hands over his cheeks as you kissed him again.

When you parted, you still had your hands on each other’s faces, and there was something warm and familiar about the touch.  Both of your eyes opened slowly, and both of your minds were spinning with the same question.

Is it always that good?

You smiled at Stiles sweetly, before leaning your head on his shoulder, going back to watching the film.

“W-was it okay? Was that okay?” He asked you nervously, and you smiled up at him.

“Much better than okay Stiles” You told him sincerely.

And that, was that.

The tale of the fourth time it happened, was one that would be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.

Junior year, Lydia’s huge birthday party.  Everyone was going, and Lydia was your friend, so you were obligated to you.  As badly as you didn’t want to.

“It’s gonna be fine” Stiles told you on the ride to her beach house.  You looked over at him and winced.

“Last time you told me that you got possessed” You said bitterly, and Stiles rolled his eyes.  “In fact, I can’t think of a time ever that you’ve told me that and things actually turned out fine”

“You know what I’m trying to be nice” He said in feigned hurt.  You looked over at him as he drove, cracking a smile before giggling quietly.

“Alright, I’ll believe you this time” You said, putting your hands up in surrender.

And you did believe him, for the first thirty minutes he was by your side.  As soon as he left to go get you both drinks, your anxiety decided to kick it up a few notches.

You were suddenly very aware of the crowd of bodies moving around you, and that the hem of your skirt didn’t reach your fingertips, and how badly your throat begged for some kind of liquor to numb this ansty feeling.

“You okay sweetheart?” You spun around to see a blonde gel haired boy with a narrow face and striking eyes.

“Sorry did I run into you?” You asked.  “There’s so many people I promise it was an accident” You told the stranger, who just smirked.

“You didn’t, you just seemed dazed is all” He told you.  “I’m Garrett” He introduced.

“Uh, y/n” You replied uneasily.  He had a dangerous glint in his eye that all your years with Stiles told you not to trust.

“I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to dance-”

“Oh, I have a boyfriend” You said before he could finish his proposition.  He nodded, lips parting slightly as he stared at you skeptically.

You blessed whoever was up there when you saw Stiles coming out of the kitchen.

“Actually here he is now” You said, smiling and widely as you could when Stiles came over to you, handing you a red plastic cup.  You took it and gave him a secret look.  “Hey babe” You said.

Stiles almost instantly picked up on what you were doing, and responded with a wink as he took a sip of whatever alcohol was in his cup.

“Who’s this?” He asked, nodding to the boy that stood in front of you.  His once over of the young looking teen turned into a glare when he realized that the stranger had been drinking you up.

“Garrett” The boy said.  “And you are?”

“Both too old for you” Stiles said before he could think through what he was doing.  y/n’s head sharply turned as if warning him on what he was doing.  “So thanks, but no thanks, find another freshman to prey on” Stiles said, wrapping his arm around y/n’s waist protectively.  It was almost on instinct.

“Please, I don’t even believe whatever it is you’re trying to pull off here” Garrett said, gesturing to you and Stiles.  “She’s way too out of your league”

“Well fucking believe it” You spat, suddenly just as angry as Stiles as soon as he’d criticized your best friend.

“I don’t” Garrett shrugged, pursing his lips.  “Take an acting class, or prove it” Stiles’ eyes narrowed, and he opened his mouth to say something, but your fingers hooked under his jaw, turning his head so you could press your lips against his quickly, but lengthening the kiss as you passionately wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your body completely up against his.  Stiles deepened the kiss, figuring that if you were gonna put on a show, might as well do it well.

Neither of you even noticed when Garrett walked away.

But when your ‘proving’ was deemed over, Stiles kept his arm around you the rest of the night, and made sure not to let you out of his sight again.

And that was that.

The fifth time, well… it didn’t start very smoothly.

You yanked on Stiles’ arm and sprinted into the library, your brain in total survival mode.

While you and Stiles were trying to fix up the Jeep, Donovan had thought it was a prime time for revenge.  When he’d gripped onto Stiles’ shoulder, who swung around and hit him in the side of the head with a wrench, you didn’t even register what had happened until he pulled on your arm and told you to run.  So now you were hiding in the library.

“I know you came in here!” The wendigo taunted as he entered.  Stiles’ breathing became uneven, and you shoved on his shoulders down until he sat behind a bookshelf hidden there.

“y/n get down” Stiles scolded in a hiss, his hand reaching for yours and pulling you down next to him.  You scooted up close to him as he released your hand.

Donovan continued to taunt Stiles, but it wasn’t until he mentioned his father that you realized how pissed it was making your friend.

“Stiles” You whispered, putting a hand over one of his trembling ones.  “Breathe”

“I want him dead” He muttered, and you maneuvered yourself to be sitting in front of him.

“I do too, but we can’t survive this if you lash out” You murmured, wrapping both of his shaking hands in your small ones.  You stared intently into his angry eyes.  “Anchor yourself, it’s not just a werewolf thing you know” You told him.

“Where is the little bitch!?” Donovan screamed, and Stiles almost moved to stand up, as though he was going to run after him, but you pushed him back down.

“Find one” You told him as sternly as you could in your soft voice.  “Right now-”

Before you could finish your threat, he’d leaned forward and captured your lips in a searing kiss.  You eyes widened as his thumb and forefinger held your chin in place, and they stayed open until he pulled away.  You continued to stare at him, your lips still pursed like he was still kissing you.  When Stiles opened his eyes he sighed deeply.

“I’m sorry”

And that was that.

You didn’t talk about what all happened night of your fifth kiss until the night was over.  Until you had safely returned to his house, and put on warm pajamas.  It was a silent agreement that you were staying overnight with him.  And it was what brought you to your sixth kiss.

You stepped into his room, wearing his his tee shirt and long sweatpants that even when rolled up were three sizes too big on you.  But you didn’t care, they made you feel safe.  Stiles was sitting on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands.  You almost cried at the sight, but held it back as best you could.

You crossed the room to him, kneeling in front of him and gently taking his hands in yours, revealing his grief stricken face.  You didn’t break the silence as you lifted his head in your hands gently, and stared into his eyes.  Through everything you’d been through together, you’d never seen him this broken.  You closed your eyes, and pressed your forehead against his, leaving a small kiss on the skin you could reach.  His upper cheek, just under his eye.

Stiles’ hands wrapped around your waist and tugged you closer to him until you stood up to crawl into bed.  He adjusted the blankets around you before leaving to turn off the lights and shut the door, then coming back to lay with you.  It was silent, and no one moved for a few moments.

But soon enough, Stiles’ arm wrapped around your front, and pulled your back against his chest.  You turned in his arms, facing him in the dark.

And in the dark, you managed to find his lips with yours, giving him a small, gentle kiss.  One that neither of you sure what all it meant other than ‘we’ll get through this together, i’m here for you’.

When you pulled away, you laid your hands on his chest, and pillowed your head.  You fell asleep to Stiles drawing on your back with his fingers.

And that… was that

this is something a lil different i thought i’d try out…

xoxo ~ jordie

Let’s Get Lost

Let’s Get Lost by evansrogerskitten

Sam x Reader x Dean

After a night of research Sam and Reader have some fun in the bunker library, and Reader is pleasantly surprised when Dean walks in.

Warnings: NSFW, EXPLICIT SMUT, threesome (NO Wincest), voyeurism, anal sex, language, dirty talk, fingering, multiple orgasms, alcohol. All characters have consented! On AO3 | WC: 4056

This is for @jaredpadasexyy Easter challenge. “Reader finds piece of research that Sam’s been trying to find in a matter of minutes.” Also for @scarygoodfanfics Happy Birthday Sam Challenge, prompt is in bold. Also inspired by this meme valentine card.

A/N: I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my J2 Sandwich opp at Seacon. So I’ve written a Winchester Sandwich fic inspired by that moment. And, this is my love letter to the bunker. 

The bunker was quiet. A heater slightly rattled in one of the spare bunks, and a light bulb fizzled down the gray tiled hallway leading to the garage. Otherwise, our house was quiet. A legacy to house legacies. A safe haven from the hunter life. A home.

Keep reading

Off Limits ~ Peter Parker

Word count: 3,171

Relationship: Peter x female!reader

Warnings: fluff, swearing, small panic attack.

For some reason, Peter managed to do everything Tony Stark told him not to do. That included staying away from daughter, but Peter was intrigued by the girl he couldn’t stay away. There was a beautiful light to her that made Peter feel a way that he had never felt with anyone else. The way her skin glowed in the sun, how her smile would light up the room, made Peter forget that Tony clearly stated his daughter was off limits, but Tony was asking for it when he practically assigned his daughter to babysit Peter in Germany, and then at his high school after that.

“Peter, there is some girl here who says she needs to speak to you” Aunt May called out, startling Peter who had no plans with anyone, especially not a girl. He sprung up from his bed to find a familiar face in the room. Not someone he knew personally, the daughter of a man he had admired since age six.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Stark” she stammered shyly. She stood with her arms behind her back, she was rocking back and forth on her heels and she was looked down. Peter would have thought she would have been much more confident, but she reeked of anxiety.

“P-peter Parker” He replied probably sounding just as nervous as her. His palms were sweating, heart, pounding, legs practically shaking.

“Could we talk in your room?” she asked quietly looking up, giving Peter a kind warm smile that made his heart melt.

“Uh- yeah sure” he stumbled, then led the way to his room. He opened the door for her, a quiet ‘thanks’ left her lifts as she walked towards the bed, slowly sitting down. “So, is there a reason you came,” he asked, “Not that I care or anything, you’re amazing”, he rambled, his cheeks going bright red along with hers. She smiled at him and then quickly looked down. They stood there in silence. “Wait, how do you even know who I am” he pressed breaking the awkward silence between.

“Um, well, my dad, he, um needs help with something, and he asked me to come recruit you because he’s recruiting someone else”, she stammered, still gazing down at her feet.

“Recruit me for what” he puzzled, an excitement coursing through his veins at the thought of Tony Stark wanting his help.

“I know you’re Spider-man” she blurted, standing up and hitting the part of the ceiling where Peter hid his suit quickly covering her mouth. He leaped to cover the suit trying to deny the accusation she just blurted out.

“What, I-I’m not Spider-”

“Cut the crap Peter, I had one of my dad’s robots follow you home last night, well I mean follow Spider-man, but anyways my dad needs your help in Germany, and he told me to come get you on board” she interrupted walking towards him.

“Germany”! He squeaked, burying his face in his hands. “I can’t just leave out of the blue, I have school and homework”

“Please Peter” she begged grabbing his hands. “I can do your homework, and we can tell your Aunt that you have something called a Stark internship that you applied for, my dad really needs your help.

“Okay, okay” Peter agreed, compelling her to smile. A smile that captivated Peter, which made him stare probably way longer than he should. She released his hands and walked towards his door.

“I know this is super short notice, but we have to leave in the next 15 minutes” she started walking out the door. After the girl had exited his room. He quickly grabbed his clothing and shoved it into a duffel bag, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. The thought of adventure making his head spin, thinking of the miles of possibilities working with Tony Stark could give him. The brightest light at the end of the tunnel was becoming an avenger. Something he had dreamed of since they saved New York. He had never been so overjoyed in his life, This had been the first time since his Uncle Ben died, that he had actually felt the warmth of true happiness. He cut out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door causing him to jump up, from the sudden noise.

“Peter how long does it take you to pack” She teased.

“Sorry I got distracted” he laughed, lifting his duffle bag, running to the door. He bursted out the door, but everything went in slow motion when he saw Y/N laughing at something May had said to her. She obviously had warmed up, and stopped being as anxious as she was when she first walked in. The sight of her laughing made Peter’s heart skip a beat. He couldn’t comprehend why, because he had just met her. She turned her head, and gave him a wide smile gesturing her hands to follow her out the door. She left the apartment to allow Peter to say goodbye to his Aunt. After giving his Aunt a heartfelt hug he left the room following Y/N to the elevator. Both Peter and Y/N went for the elevator button touching hands. Peter felt the places of skin she touched light on fire. Y/N quickly pulled her hand out of the way, the blood rising to her cheeks making them the color of the rose. Peters doing the exact same. The elevator door ringed, and the quickly made their way into the elevator.

“Sooo, why do you do what you do,” she asked breaking the silence. He tilted his head, and have her a confused look.

“I mean you’re 15 years old, why do you choose to be a hero, I mean it’s incredible what you’re doing at such a young age” she clarified, looking into his eyes with a curious look, clearly amazed at the fact this boy managed school, a social life, and saving the city as freshman in high school.

“When you can do the things that I can do, and you don’t, and the bad things happen they happen because of you” explained fiddling with his hands. His thoughts trailing to his Uncle Ben who had been killed by a robber. He had had a fight with his Uncle, and left the house in rage. His Uncle had went out searching for him, and had been ambushed, and even with the things Peter could do, he couldn’t save his Uncle. The man who was practically his father. He felt tears sting his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away.

“You lost someone” she whispered, he looked up at her, eyes glossy. She didn’t need him to answer because she knew. “I’ve lost someone too”. She breathed, reaching out to grab his hand. They sat there gazing into each others eyes until the elevator reached the ground floor. Happy was at the bottom level, and she quickly released Peter’s hand and dusted off her leggings.

“Alright, hope you don’t get air sick” she smiled clapping her hands together. They walked out of the apartment building to the car parked at the side of the road. Happy opened the door for both of them. This was the most expensive car Peter has ever stepped into, to be honest he was freaking out. He took a deep breath as he applied his seat belt.

“You good Parker,” she asked giving him a concerning look.

“Yeah this is just a lot to take in, and I don’t even know what I’m doing for this, and I’m just ner-”

“Hey, don’t be nervous, you’re going to be fine, you are the bravest 15-year-old I’ve ever know, and I’ve only known you for hour” she interrupted giving me a warm smile, then turned her head to look out the window. Peter looked forward at the opening that revealed a not so happy, Happy Hogan.

“So why do they call you Happy”? Peter asked curiously, but Happy just rolled up the window making Y/N giggle.

“His name may be Happy, but he’s rarely happy” she chuckled looking back out the window. For the rest of the car ride the two of them kept their eyes out the window until they arrived at the airport. The car pulled up on the runway revealing the private jet. Peter had never been on a plane, nor had he ever left New York. Peter and Y/N followed Happy to the jet, he gestured his hands, signalling the two to get on first. Peter stepped onto the jet, his heart racing, he looked to the cockpit to see no pilot.

“Woah no pilot” he asked, looking to Happy who rolled his eyes at the boy. Y/N sat down at a seat on the back of the jet, Happy took the front. Peter rushed to the back taking a seat next to Y/N who was laughing at how thrilled the boy was. His goofy smile made her feel butterflies.

“Have you ever been on a jet”, she giggled, applying her seat belt.

“No, I’ve never even been out of New York” he exclaimed, probably too loud, because Happy glared back causing Y/N to burst out laughing. “What”? He asked confused at what was so funny to her.

“You are just so excited, it’s kinda adorable” she laughed leaning back in her chair, as the jet began to take off. Peter gripped the armrests of the chair, his face going from goofy to nervous as anxiety washed over. Y/N must have noticed because she grabbed his hand.

“Don’t worry everything is going to be fine” she cooed, giving a small smile, and then closed her eyes, but she didn’t release his hand. “You should try to get some sleep, It’s going to be a long plane ride” she added. Peters brain was buzzing from the high he was getting from the adrenaline pumping through his veins with the all the new things he was doing and was going to do, but he closed his eyes knowing he needed to get some sleep. He was beginning to feel sleep overcome his body until he felt a weight on his shoulder. His eyes fluttered open to see the girl next to him cuddling into his shoulder. His breath hitched, as he looked down at the beautiful sleeping girl who was using him as a pillow. He smiled and closed his eyes sleep finally washing over his body.


Y/Ns eyes slowly fluttered open attempting to adjust to the lighting on the jet. She rubbed her eyes, and then stretched out her arms. She felt a kink in neck that she had most likely gotten from sleeping funny. She tilted her head to the side rubbing on the irritated area.

“Landing in 5 minutes” Happy yelled, waking up Peter who practically jumped out of his seat.

“Morning sunshine” she giggled, as Peter groaned slouching into his seat.

Once the plane had landed Y/N quickly got up running to the exit, and off the plane. She ran to her father who was waiting for her outside of the plane and engulfed him into a huge hug which Tony gladly accepted.

“Hey there squirt” he marveled hugging his beloved daughter. His daughter detached from the hug running over to Natasha to give Tony time to discuss the plan with Peter. Peter took the car with Happy and Tony, and Y/N went with Nat who drove her own car. Nat took Y/N around Germany since she had never been there. Tony did the same with Peter, but it was more of them discussing, and making sure Peter knew exactly what he was doing.

Later In the day, they met back at the hotel to get ready for the fight against Cap. Y/N led Peter to his room and told him to get his suit on. Once she went out the door, Peter quickly put on his suit and walked out the door.

“Peter, what the hell are you wearing” she squeaked, eyeing up his homemade suit.

“My suit” he questioned confused at why she was asking. She quickly gripped his hand, dragging him back into the room, going through a door he thought was a closet.

“Woah, I thought this was a closet, this is still my room,” he asked, but she ignored the question.

“The case Peter open it, and hurry up” she whined walking towards the door he thought to be a closet.

“A minor upgrade” He questioned, reading the note on top of the case. He opened the case to reveal a brand new suit. “Holy shit, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen” He squealed, releasing the suit from the case, he stripped from his old suit, putting on the new one as quickly as he possibly could. He was ready to impress Tony Stark, and he knew he could do it. He made his way out the door, to find Y/N pacing.

“Okay that’s so much better” she sighed in relief. “Now let’s go Happy is waiting in the car”.

The two kids rushed down the stairs and practically sprinted to through the lobby getting the odd stares from the people at the check in counter. Happy was waiting outside looking down at his watch.

“Finally, how does it take to put on a suit” he sassed crossing his arms to his chest

“Okay, it’s not my fault he didn’t know my dad made him a new suit” she retorted, glaring at Happy, because of his tone.

“Alright kid let’s go” Happy yelled breaking the silence. Happy walked to the driver’s seat and got in. Peter began to walk to the door, but Y/N stopped him.

“Please be careful Peter, these people have much more training in combat, and some of them will be stronger, just don’t get yourself involved in anything you can’t win, please” she begged looking up at him with glossy eyes.

“Hey, look I’m going to be okay” he assured grabbing her hand. He gave her a warm smile, unlike the goofy one she had received since she met him. He began to walk away, and held her hand until it slipped away when he got to far away from her. Y/N felt a tear fall from her eye, which she quickly wiped away. She had only known this boy for 24 hours, why did she feel so attached. She watched as the car down away, and she stood there frozen to the ground. Her body tense. She attempted to calm herself down, but her dad, and a boy she had became very fond of could get severely injured, or worse. She slowly made her way towards her room, taking deep breaths as the elevator, began to move. Once the elevator reached it stop, she couldn’t hold in her tears, or her feelings. Most of the time Y/N was good at keeping her feelings to herself, but the stress of this was too much. She sprinted to her room, and attempted to slide the key in, but her hands were to shaky. After multiple attempts she gave up, sliding her back down the door, burying her face in her hands as she sobbed. She trusted her father and Peter, but anything could go wrong. She felt her chest tighten at the thought of any horrible outcome. Anyone from either side dying would be detrimental to her. She was so close with every member of the team, and truthfully they were her only friends. After her small panic attack, she was able to catch her breath, and get into her room. She flopped down on the bed looking at the ceiling. Exhaustion hitting her like a train. As much as she wanted to stay up, her body fought it, as she fell into a deep sleep.


Her eyes fluttered open to find her dad sitting, and drinking coffee. She blinked a couple of times to make sure she wasn’t imagining it. She scrambled out off her bed, darting to her father, and hugging him as tightly as possible.

“Is everyone okay” she whispered. Feeling tears sting her eyes, as she expected the worst.

“Everyone is fine, but Cap got away,” he said kissing her forehead. She blinked away her tears and ran towards the door.

“I’m going to go see Peter” she shouted as she ran out the door. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, and practically knocked the door down with how loud she knocked. The door opened to reveal, a just woken up Peter Parker rubbing his eyes. She pounced on him engulfing him in a huge hug. She cuddled her head into his chest feeling the warmth of his body. Peter’s eyes went wide open, trying to process what was happening, but once he figured it out, he wrapped his arms around her waist snuggling into the hug. Once they pulled apart Y/N noticed the bruise forming around his eye. She lightly touched it causing him to wince at the contact.

“Peter are you okay” she exclaimed clearly worried.

“Yes Y/N, I’m absolutely fine” he assured, pulling her into his room.

“But you have a blac-”

“I’m okay” he interrupted in a soft voice. He put his hands on her shoulders making her feel better. “Do you want to do something fun?” he asked out of the blue.

“Well, that depends” she smirked.

“How about you just take a chance, and say yes” he suggested.

“You’re lucky because, I’m in the mood for an adventure Parker” she giggled walking towards him, as he was opening up the window.

“So that’s a yes” he questioned, and she nodded his head. “Then hold on,” he said grasping her waist and pulling her out the window. She squealed wrapped her arms around Peter as he climbed up the side of the building until they reached the top. He let go of her setting her safely on the roof. He walked over the edge of the building and sat down at the on the ledge putting his legs over.

“Are you coming?” he asked gesturing for her to come over.

“I’m kind of scared of heights” she laughed nervously.

“And I won’t drop you” he replied

“Okay fine, but no games Parker” she murmured, walking towards the ledge her legs shaking. He helped her over, and she wrapped her arms around him scared to fall. He gripped her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Just breathe, Y/N” he whispered. She took a deep breath and started to admire the view from the top of the building. She felt her body relax in his arms, and the anxiety she had been feeling the past 2 days had started to fade away, as she was held in the arms of a boy she knew for sure was going to steal her heart.  

Falling (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader 

Prequel to the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You nearly died of anticipation when your letter came, and while picking out robes at Hogsmeade, you seem to run into the same boy, over and over again. And by some twisted fate, he just happened to run into your compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

Warnings: Cussing. Mostly fluff before that, I think.

Words: 3,160

                                                                                        Next Chapter

When you moved to London during the summer it was terrifying to leave your friends and past life behind for a whole new world, but you managed… And then the owl knocked on your window. At first you dismissed it as a small bird or common bat, but it kept tapping on the window until you looked over. Cautiously opening the window, you ran back to your bed, scared that the wild creature would attack and scratch. The barn owl ruffled its feathers and opened its wings once again, gliding over to perch on your bedpost. You were wary of the owl but noticed something held in its beak. The owl opened its mouth and dropped an old looking envelope on the bed before making another brief flight to land on your shoulder, sharp claws scratching your skin. You panicked, staying perfectly still. There’s an owl on my shoulder. You thought in disbelief. An owl. On my shoulder. What the fresh hell am I supposed to do? The owl nudged your neck with its head and looked pointedly at the envelope on your bed.

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shadow-hokage  asked:

Noctis x Reader are childhood friends, secretly dating and no one knows about but on their way to Alissa, Noctis fights Leviathan then the reader becomes worried so Noctis proposes to the reader and a rough smut scene happens with them. And so Ardyn appears for the first time and almost kills the reader. Once Noctis finds out, he vows to kill Ardyn and get the crystal power back. (Like in chapter 8-9 in the game) So after the 10 year skip, he reunites with his friends and future wife.

This request got a little out of hand and is longer than I planned. For that reason, I didn’t make it through everything in your request, but if you want a part two just let me know. I’ve probably re-written this at least fifty times which is why it took so long. Sorry about that.

For this story, Noctis was originally meant to meet Luna so that she could help him gain the blessings of the Six by secret order of king Regis as a way to get Noct out of the Crown City.


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How About Forever?

I’m desperately trying to break down this blockage in my mind that’s keeping me from writing properly so I’ve discovered an old piece of writing and finished it. 

I hope you like! 

It was a little strange, padding softly into her childhood room to find Robin tucked beneath the covers with his back to her. It was strange but it settled something within her - he was still here.

She’d volunteered to tuck Henry up in bed whilst Emma had said her goodbyes to her friends, had wanted to give Robin some space after their heated exchange downstairs because she knows she’s being irrational and a class A bitch but she hadn’t been able to help it, not when she’d caught sight of him hidden away in a back room with her best friend.

She trusted both of them…or, at least, her heart did. Her head though, that was a different story.

They hadn’t been doing anything, had only been speaking in hushed whispers but flashes of different but rather similar circumstances had played through her mind like a reel of film; Mal’s number flashing up on his phone screen, the pair of them being suddenly ‘busy’ on the very same days she’d asked each of them and then this evening…

That with the added buzz of alcohol she’d consumed - a birthday party at her father’s home filled with friends she hadn’t truly seen in years - and it’d felt as though everything had come crashing down on her.

He’d looked so hurt when she’d brought it up, hurt and disappointed in her.

His breathing was deep, his back rising and falling slowly. She swallowed thickly, tears stinging at her eyes because she was sure, even without a word from him, that she’d gotten it completely wrong.

The bed dipped gently with her weight as she crawled beneath the covers beside him, her guilt only doubling at the realisation that he’d made sure to flip on her bedside lamp before rolling over to sleep - he’d always been that way, in all of the eight months that they’d been together; kind, considerate and completely wonderful.

“I’m sorry, Robin…” she whispered quietly, a tear falling to wet her cheek as she sniffled softly. He wouldn’t hear her, her confession would be useless until the morning but she had to get it out lest the words choke her in her sleep. “I’m sorry for my ridiculous accusations, you don’t deserve any of them…I just-” she hiccuped softly, swiping a hand beneath her nose before continuing, “I was terrified that I was losing you.”

“Daniel left me for my sister,” she confided, eyes on her hands in her lap. She’d told him of her fiancé, her ‘first love’ and of how he’d broken her heart. She’d never told him how though. “I didn’t even know I had a sister until a year before and we’d only met once or twice but then, one day, I invited her to the house to meet Daniel and to try and, I don’t know,” she laughed mirthlessly, “make up a little for the time our mother had taken from us.” Her head shook as she swallowed down the bile at the memory of it all, “We’d had a few drinks that night, gotten a little merry together and me being the lightweight that I am,” she so wished he was awake to tease her for it, to pull a laugh from her and tell her it was okay, “I had to take myself up and off to bed before they were ready to stop with the party.”

“I needed a glass of water in the night and, I guess still being drunk and half asleep,” she shrugged, “I didn’t even notice that Daniel wasn’t next to me in our bed.” She picked at the loose thread of her quilt cover, “I only realised why when I walked in on them on our living room couch.”

“He told me he was sorry, that he’d never meant to hurt me but that Zelena made him feel ‘alive’ in ways that I never could.” She shook her head, “He came to get his stuff two days later,” and then, “she was wearing the same ring that he’d taken from my finger only four weeks after that.”

“I’m sorry, Regina.”

She startled at the sound of his voice, looking up to find that he’d rolled over to face her - no trace of sleep in those kind blue eyes.

“I’m so sorry that you had to go through that but,” his eyes were bright with sincerity, “you have to know that I would never do that to you.”

“My sober, sane mind knows that,” she laughed without humour, “I trust you with everything that I am, Robin. You’re nothing like he was but…”

He shuffled up the bed so that his back was resting against the headrest, his hands only just out of reach of her own. She wouldn’t push though, not with how she’d treated him tonight.

She let loose a shuddered sigh, no sense in keeping anything from him now, “I love you so much more than I ever loved him and that whole thing,” she shook her head as more tears broke free, “it broke me, Robin.” Her chin trembled as she confessed quietly, “I wouldn’t survive it if you left, I know I wouldn’t.”

It was Robin that reached for her hands then, shuffling closer to get a good grip on them before tugging her closer and pressing a firm kiss to her lips. Their foreheads tilted as they parted, resting upon one another. “I love you with absolutely everything that I have, Regina.” He squeezed her hands reassuringly, “Nothing and no one could ever change that and certainly not Mal.”

“I know, I just…” she trailed off quietly, vulnerably, “I hadn’t realised the two of you were so close.”

“We aren’t,” Robin chuckled softly, his eyes on their joined hands, “she was just…helping me with something.”

“With what?” Her brow was furrowed. Mal was a lawyer, Robin was the owner and leader of a summer camp in the warmer months and a youth club for the rest of the year. “Was it something to do with the club? Or the camp? Are you in trouble?”

“No, nothing like that,” he assured her, eyes lifting and smile warming as they traced over her features creased with concern, “it was something to do with you, actually.”

That surprised her, “With me?”

“Yes,” he chuckled, leaning away from her for a moment to fumble about with something out of her sight - his pants, if the clanging of his belt on the laminate floor was anything to go by - before he sat back up, facing her.

All air left her lungs as her eyes fell to the deep red velvet box clutched gently in his hands. “Robin…” she breathed after a long and silent moment, tears instantly stinging at her eyes, “what are you-”

“I’ve spent week after week plotting and planning the perfect moment to do this, Regina.’ He shook his head, dropping his eyes to the box before finding her watery gaze once more, “Every possible scenario, every little cliche but none of them fit because my love for you isn’t a spectacle to be watched by others, we’re no great fairytale set to end once I slip the ring onto your finger.”

“We won’t ride off into the sunset together nor will all of our problems disappear the moment we say ‘I do’ because that’s not how we work.” He lifted her hand, trembling in his hold, to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of her fingers before holding it in his lap once more and continuing, “We are real. We fight, we argue, we act like complete idiots because we love each other, because you’re my dearest friend and I know that I am yours. I don’t want some perfect little Stepford housewife,” he shook his head, “I want you, Regina.”

“The you that wakes me up in the middle of the night searching desperately for the covers because of your proclivity to steal them all,” he chuckled with her, lifting a hand to her cheek and rubbing his thumb across her cheekbone even as he continued, “and the you that dances about the kitchen when she’s cooking just to make my son laugh when he’s having a bad day. I want the you that tucks yourself up tight with your boy on the nights that I can’t comfort you in the way you need. I want the bedhead, the morning breath, the freezing cold toes, the temper tantrums, the wicked humour, the naughty little temptress, the incredible mother and my best friend.”

“I know that mere words aren’t going to mend your battered heart but I’d like to hope that, perhaps, you’ll give me the time to prove myself and my love for you. That you’ll give me the time to prove that I could never want another.”

Her tears were falling thick and fast now even as she beamed at him, blinking away the drops when he began opening the red velvet box slowly to reveal the most beautifully simple diamond ring she’d ever laid eyes upon. “Just how much time were you thinking?” she manages through a tight throat, biting at her bottom lip to keep from sobbing when he chuckled just as wetly as she.

“How about the rest of our lives?”

Hot For Teacher Part 16

When you woke up for the second time, you stretched out and found an empty side of the bed. You groaned and pushed yourself into a sitting position, and looked around the lavish room.

Despite it still being fall, and not quite the time for snow, the air felt and looked cold. Even in the bedroom you were in, you felt the chill.

“I hope it warms up.” You threw the covers off of yourself and glanced down at your thighs. Thorin clearly left love bites on the inside of your thighs.

“Damn…” You bit your lip as you felt the familiar wave of pleasure run through you. You arched your back and gripped the sheets as wave after wave of pleasure hit you.

“Thorin…” You remembered a few times this happened before, and all of them were because of Thorin. Clearly he was a horny man, and bringing himself to pleasure, meant pleasure for you.

“Oh fuck!” You spread your legs and placed your hand against your pussy lips. As the pleasure built, you added to it.

Slowly you began to move your fingers in a slow circle against your pussy lips, before dipping two in. You moaned loudly as the feeling of your fingers in your pussy brought your pleasure to a new high.

“Thorin!” You threw your head back against the pillow and jerked your hips against your fingers. It was only s few seconds later when you moaned his name again, and gushed over your fingers.

As you came down from the pleasurable high, you heard the door open, followed by a deep throaty chuckle.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself.” You turned your head and glanced at Thorin and licked your lips. How could one man be so damn attractive?

“Enjoying the view?” You were loving this view. Thorin stood by the door, towel wrapped tightly around his hips, water dripping from his hair, down his chest, and then dipping lower.

“I love my view.” Your eyes never left his as he walked closer, his eyes darkening with every step.

“Sexy little soulmate with her legs spread and her fingers stuffed into her tight cunt.” Your heart hammered in your chest as you stayed frozen. You couldn’t move from his heated, lusty gaze.

“I think I need to have a taste.” You swallowed your saliva and nodded quickly.

“We’re doing this my way, and you will listen to me. I want full control.” Oh god. You didn’t think this could get any better, but as Thorin pulled a pair of handcuffs from the drawer beside the bed, you were proven wrong.

“Thorin…” You were cut off by his lips on yours. You moaned and arched your back into his wet and hard chest, needing and wanting more.

“Hands up. I want them up.” You pulled your hands away from your cunt and stretched them up towards the headboard.

“Good girl.” You heard a few clicks, and then tilted your head up. Your hands were secured in the handcuffs to the headboard.

“Tell me if it’s too much, alright? I will never hurt you.” His eyes locked on yours. You nodded and licked your lips, promising him you’d let him know.

“Good.” You watched carefully as he placed his mouth on your neck, placing light and airy kisses. He kissed up and down your neck before dipping to your collar bone, nipping lightly.

As you whimpered and shifted under him, his smirk grew. You could feel his smirk against your skin, adding to the electric buzz coursing through you.

“You are such a sensual woman, so responsive to every touch and every kiss.” You bit your bottom lip, heart hammering and eyes wide. Thorin continued placing kisses down your skin, dipping in the valley between your breasts.

“I love everything about you.” You knew he wasn’t going to be as gentle this time. You could tell by the predatory and passionate gaze in his eyes. He was going to fuck you good.

“These breasts…” You arched your back into his mouth and his tongue swirled around your hard nipple. He started sucking your nipple hard and fast, even nipping as he sucked.

“I want to hear every filthy sound coming out of your mouth. I want to hear you scream my name as I fuck you. Because you are mine.” You didn’t think you could handle Thorin’s intensity, but with each suck and nip and lick, your limit grew.

“Do you hear me?” He pulled his mouth off your nipple and stared down at you. You took deep breaths to calm yourself down, and once you felt okay, you nodded.

“I promise to not keep a sound in.” The same smirk, his famous smirk, creeped across his face and he leaned down once more, his lips grazing yours.

“You’re my good little girl, aren’t you?” You nodded and tugged on the handcuffs, wanting more than ever to touch him.

“I’m your good little girl.” He pulled back and gazed down at you, his eyes wandering from your face down to your breasts, and then to your thighs.

“Of course you are.” You were anxious to see what Thorin would do next; what he would touch next.

You recieved your answer as he placed his lips back against your skin. His lips trailed down your stomach and dipped spring your belly button. He continued to place small, delicate kisses to your skin until he reached your thighs.

“Spread.” You listened to his demand and spread your legs. You watched as his head dipped between your thighs and gasped when his tongue flicked against your hard clit.

“You taste so sweet.” You pulled against the handcuffs once more and instinctually closed your legs.

“Don’t be like that, Y/N.” Thorin cooed as he spread your legs once more. His head dipped between your thighs once more. He pressed his lips against your clit and sucked it into his mouth.

You whimpered loudly as the feeling of his tongue on your clit and his beard on your thighs made you feel euphoric. Every lick and sickle at your clit sent your body into a buzz and your head spinning.

“You’re close to cumming for me already? Naughty girl.” You did feel like you were going to cum. You felt like you would cum all over him.

“Cum for me then. Cum for me darling.” You yanked at your handcuffs as pleasure hit you over and over. You moaned Thorin’s name and jerked your hips against his mouth as your orgasm hit you.

“Thorin…Thorin…” You felt the bed shift and then he was leaning above you once more.

“I love the sounds you make.” A soft kiss pressed to your lips, and then his lips were gone.

You looked down, watching him. He ripped the towel away from his waist and pressed his hard cock agaisnt your soaked, dripping cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you, Y/N. I’m going to fuck you until you can only speak my name.” You locked eyes with him, focusing on him.

Thorin pushed his hard cock into your tight cunt and grunted. He slammed his hips forward filling you.

“You’re so fucking tight. Such a tight cunt.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours in a hot, needy kiss.

You moaned against his lips as he moved against you, his hard cock stretching your tight lips and cunt.

“You’re so good. You’re so good.” He pulled out and slammed back in, your body quaking from the pleasure.

“Thorin!” You moaned his name and arched you back. You spread your legs further, giving him more room. You saw him smirk and his hands grabbed onto your legs and lifted them.

“You’re such a good little girl.” He jerked his lips towards you, pushing his cock as far down as your pussy could take it.

“Moan my name. Let everyone know who’s fucking you. I want everyone to hear it.” As his cock moved in and out of your tight pussy, Thorin leaned down and whispered dirty things into your ear.

You felt your body building back up the pleasure as he continued to fuck you. Every movement, every thrust of his hips brought your closer and closer to your orgasm.

“I think you need to be fucked in a different way.” You whined when Thorin pulled his cock out and inched away from you.

He appeared back in your vision as he unhooked your hands from the headboard and took the handcuffs off. He placed his hands on your hips and with a quick jerk, flipped you into your stomach.

“Head down, ass up.” You pushed your ass up, as he told, and placed your head down on the pillow.

“You are beautiful, Y/N.” his hands gripped your hips and you anxiously waited for his cock to fill you again.

“You like my cock?” Of course you liked his cock. You loved his cock.

“Beg me.” A shudder ran through you. Who knew Thorin could be such a kinky man?

“Thorin please…please fuck me. Please. I need your cock. Please!” You got your wish as you felt the head of his Fock brushing against your dripping pussy lips.

“Of course I’ll fuck you.” You pushed your head further into the pillow and moaned Thorin’s praises as his cock was pushed into your tight hole.

“I like this view almost as much.” His hands gripped your hips as he started to pound his cock into your pussy. Your body jerked against his with each thrust of his hips.

“You’re going to cum for me? Hmm? You’re going to cum for me, dirty girl?” You jerked your hips back.

“Thorin! Thorin! Fuck yes! Oh god!” Your arched your back and screamed his name as your came on his cock.

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Heavenly Sinful → Kai Parker

Touch It - Ariana Grande

Cause every time I see you, I don’t wanna behave.
I’m tired of being patient, so let’s pick up the pace
. ❈

warning(s): drug use (marijuana). smut. roughness. blood sharing. overstimulation.

Originally posted by tvdiariespics-blog

“Fuck, where did you get this shit from?” Kai groaned as he leaned back, smoke fogging up the air as the room smelt of marijuana. It was a scent that you’d become all too familiar with and really, it became your natural scent. Marijuana just calmed you down and coated your anxiety with so much release.

“Lucas made it,” you chuckled, wrapping your lips around the perfect joint that you had rolled. “Your brother mixes bomb ass hybrids man, I love em.” And it was true too. Over the past few years, Luke had developed a liking of growing his own hybrids and mixtures of sativa and indica, substances that you understood all too well. You were one of Luke’s top customer; plus, he gave you a discount because you were his best friend.

Your thumb ran against the track of the lighter, feeling the cool metal under your skin which ignited all of your senses as goosebumps formed on your skin. It wasn’t even that cold in your house, it was just your mind wandering off.

You’d heard Kai call your name and you looked at him with an eyebrow raised. He tilted his head in confusion.

“What’s up, baby?” a nickname he’d dubbed you, and only you. You had to admit, it was cute and all. He only called you “baby” because you were younger than him, but you acted older than him. So it only seemed fitting because of the irony.

“I swear you said my name.” you cleared your throat, feeling your throat dry up. Cotton mouth, a side effect of smoking weed. It was different every time, when it was extreme, your mind convinced you that your tongue was numb or it had fallen out. This time, you could just feel it buzz as if there was actual static in your mouth.

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Stolen Innocence *Part 8*

Jace Wayland X Reader

Word Count: 2956

Requested: @itsmagnusbabe

Request: Part 8 maybe??

Warnings: Mentions or torture, experimentation and abandonment. Slavery, human trafficking.

<< Part 7

“Stop. Stop.” Clary called after Jace as he ran back to the institute.

“Valentine attacked my home. Alec’s injured. We’ve got to go.” Jace answered after slowing down so that she could catch up.
“I can’t. You know I can’t. Simon’s in danger-”
“So what about Alec? It’s not safe out here, Clary.” Jace interrupted.
“Okay, did you forget how I single-handedly battled a Shax demon to protect the Cup?” Clary asked.
“No, I didn’t, I was just I was gonna say-”
“That I have a lot to learn, yes, but I don’t know what else-”
“Clary, you’re right, okay? You’re right.” Jace yelled over her rambling.
“Did you just say I’m right?” Clary asked smiling.
“Don’t get used to it. Look, maybe Luke can help you find Simon. Werewolves are really great trackers.” Jace suggested.
“Of course, yeah. Good idea.” Clary agreed.
“Just promise me you’ll be careful, okay?” Jace muttered fixing her with a look.
“Jace, we still have to talk about us,” Clary informed him.
“We do, but not now, go.” he ushered her away as he continued towards the institute.

“You must be Jace Wayland. Lydia Branwell. You’re quite the legend back in Idris.” Lydia smiled pushing her hand out towards Jace who had his arms folded tightly.
“Don’t believe everything you hear,” Jace answered bluntly refusing to shake her hand.
“Well, I need to make sure that none of you know of (Y/N)’s where abouts.” she explained as she looked at each of them in turn.
“Why do you care?” Jace asked.
“Well seen as she is a Shadowhunter who has taken shelter with downworlders it can only be assumed that she or Meliorn have given secrets to Valentine and the other downworlders,” Lydia explained and Jace glared at her.
“What proof do you have that she has done anything?” Jace asked taking up a defensive stance.
“What proof do you have that she hasn’t.” Lydia countered. Jace stayed silent, his fists balled at his sides. “On a lighter note Did you tell them?”
“Tell us what?” Izzy asked.
“Lydia and I are engaged,” Alec informed them a shocked expression crossing Jace’s face while Izzy was just angry.
“We’re getting married,” Lydia confirmed.
“You’re not serious.” Jace denied.
“You were supposed to tell them “no.” It’s your life to ruin.” Izzy said in an aggravated tone.
“Not sure what to say,” Jace said truthfully as he crossed his arms again.
“How about, “None of this matters”? We have to stop Valentine.” Alec supplied.
“Finally. Something we agree on.” Jace agreed before walking off.

You waited for what seemed like forever for Simon to come out of his home, but when you heard his mum start to talk to him you were sure that it wasn’t going to end well, making your way up the stairs to his bedroom, you knocked on the door frame. “Oh thank god you came home!” You said in fake relief causing Simon to snap out of the trance that he was in.
“(Y/N).” Mrs Lewis greeted you and you smiled.
“Hey, Mrs Lewis, Simon was at mine last night and when he got up this morning he looked a little pale, I came over to make sure that he got home alright and if he wanted he could come back to mine to see my mum, she’s a doctor.” You lied. Simon’s mum stepped back and looked at him.
“Your right. Maybe that would be a good idea.” she nodded.
“I can drive you,” she offered.
“No that’s alright, my mum always says sometimes it’s better to get fresh air when you’re sick, it might help him feel a little better.” You explained as Simon began to walk towards you.
“Okay… You both be careful” she said reluctantly.

“I feel sick,” Simon said as you walked down the road.
“Yeah…” You nodded. “I did too.”
“Does it get easier?” he asked.
“Not in the way that you’re hoping.” You answered truthfully.
“What do you mean?” he asked.
“Well for me it got easier to accept what I am but it’s not easier to be what I am.” You answered. “In most cases it displaces everything and you’re left to burn you connection to living in hopes that somehow you can burn away the feelings but… They’re still there, I can’t tell you that it’s going to be okay, or that it better to one thing than the other, because I’m convinced that I’ve done it all wrong but I’m definitely there when you need me to be it’s the best that I can do.” You explained. “If I can help someone then it’s worth it you know.”
“Simon!” Clary called you rolled your eyes in annoyance as the girl ran towards her friend. “Are you okay?”
“No. I need this to stop.” Simon answered and you stepped to the side as Clary and Luke came up on either side of him.
“I’ve been there before.” Luke sympathised. “It’ll get better.”
“I’ll help you through this,” Clary added.
“No, you can’t. Clary, I was a regular guy. I had a life. A regular life. And today I almost tore my mother apart. What if I do that to you?” Simon asked as they stopped walking.
“Simon, you won’t,” Clary said stepping forward.
“Get away,” Simon ordered walking away from her.
“Can you get the car?” Clary asked Luke as she walked towards Simon.
“Yeah.” he answered.
“Once you feed-” Clary started.
“Feed? Are you kidding? That’s what this is now? That’s what my life’s about? Like I’m in a zoo?” Simon asked cutting her off.
“I’m I am so sorry!” Clary apologised.
“Why are you so sorry, Raphael did this to me.” Simon accused and you waited to see if she was going to admit the choice that she had made and to your relief she did.
“Simon, it was my choice. You died. Raphael brought you to us. I had a choice. I could stake your heart or I could bury you, and you could come back.” Clary admitted.
“Oh Clary, why?” Simon asked.
“Because I love you, Simon.” Clary cried.
“You call that love? You brought me back to this? This nothing where I feed, and I have to hide from the sun, and I can’t bear to be by the people that I love? Did you ever think about that, Clary? How I would feel, what I would be?” Simon asked still angry.
“Simon, please understand-”
“Just stay away from me,” Simon said snatching his arm away from her as she took in a shaky breath.

A little while later after a short drive, you were standing somewhere in New York, your location was a mystery to you and to you stood a little away from the group.
“You’ll see. Just drink.” Luke encouraged.
“You can do it, Simon,” Clary added as he phone buzzed, you saw her walk away from them a little to talk on the phone, Simon looked over at you and you shrugged which caused him to throw the blood bag back into the cooler. “We’ll go to Jade Wolf.” You made a weird sound and shook your head.
“The Clave know you like family. They’ll look there first.” Luke explained.
“Simon, we’re going to see the one person who can help us both,” Clary informed.
“He is going to be pissed.” You giggled as you walked back to the car.

“Have you lost your mind?” Raphael asked as you all stood outside the Hotel.
“Called it!” You smirked.
“A Shadowhunter and a werewolf? You do know this isn’t a hotel?” Raphael informed them, you raised an eyebrow considering Hotel was in the name.
“Hey! Wait! I’m both of those things!” You shouted in realisation.
“You different,” Raphael answered.
“Aww, you hear that Simon I’m different.” You smiled elbowing Simon who smiled slightly at your statement and Raphael rolled his eyes.
“Technically, it is… A hotel.” Simon argued.
“Even starvation can’t shut you up.” Raphael pointed out and you smiled.
“Look, we just need someplace secure until we can figure out a plan,” Clary explained.
“These people never listen. Don’t bother. Let’s go.” Luke muttered.
“You should put a muzzle on that mutt. The fledgeling can stay. But you aren’t exactly welcome after you barbequed half a dozen of my people.” The threatening tone in Raphael’s voice implying he was still angry over that, you managed to save a few of the vampires when they came to get Simon.
“Let’s go, please. I don’t want any part of this.” Simon mumbled.
“Look, there isn’t any place else. You need Simon back, right? To prove Camille broke the Accords. What good will he be if he dies of starvation?” Clary bargained and you frowned looking over at Simon who was clearly uncomfortable in the current situation.
“Fine, but the stray waits outside.” Raphael finally agreed.
“If anything happens to these two, you won’t have to wait till sun up, I’ll kill you myself.” Luke threatened.
“Easy there, Fido. They’ll be under my protection.” Raphael assured before walking into the Hotel, with Clary and Simon following behind, you were walking next to him.

After Raphael had safely locked away Clary and Simon his next mission was to find out where you had been the last time that he had seen you properly, you were in immense amounts of pain and he had to take you to see a warlock apart from that, you had shown up angry yesterday and wouldn’t talk about it. “So where have you been?” he asked. You looked up at him and shrugged.
“I’ve been around keeping an eye on people.” You answered.
“Like?” he asked.
“Well I was with Simon yesterday and then I came here.” You answered vaguely. Raphael nodded sitting next to you.
“So why were you so angry yesterday?” he asked.
“Clary irritates me.” You answered, that he could tell was true but you anger towards Jace was more what he was talking about.
“You were angry with the other one as well.” he noted.
“Who?” You asked.
“The Wayland kid.” he answered.
“Oh, that’s nothing.” You answered shortly not wanting to talk about it.
“It’s nothing when you tell me everything,” Raphael smirked leaning back and you sighed, but stayed quiet. “You don’t want to talk about it?” he asked. You shook your head. “Fine but don’t let it get you killed.”
“I won’t.” You promised before you both heard Simon yell. “Damn that boy has a set of lungs.”
“I wish he’d shut up!” Raphael groaned as he got up.
“Have fun.” You waved as he went to find out what the problem was.

Later the other came for Clary and you and Raphael lead them out of the Hotel, as Clary ran down the stair and hugged Jace who seemed to be looking straight passed her, you turned to Simon “Be careful yeah?” You nodded at him.
“Yeah, thanks for the help.” he smiled.
“Offer still stands.” You smiled. “You know when you need a downworlder friend.”
“Thanks.” he smiled pushing forward and giving you a hug, you returned it before waving at Izzy and walking back inside.
Almost minutes later Clary was back with Luke, Jace Simon and Izzy. You were lying across one of the expensive sofas with you arms behind you head and your eyes closed. “We’re offering an alliance with the Seelies.” Clary started and then looked back at Luke
“And the werewolves,” Luke added although it sounded forced.
“That sounds forced.” You hummed your eyes still closed.
“Why should we believe you? You killed our people. You violated our home.” Raphael reminded them.
“You kidnapped a mundane, remember?” Jace asked.
“That was me.” Simon clarified.
“Look you were just following Camille’s orders. She violated the Accords. You are a different kind of leader. We are a new generation of Shadowhunters. We believe everyone can be equal. But we have to work together to stop Valentine. And to ensure the Clave doesn’t repeat past mistakes. What do you say?” Clary explained adding the question at the end.
“This decision requires a consensus.” Raphael insisted. Nobody said anything and it almost seemed for a second that everyone was staring at you.
“Don’t look at me just because I’m a mix of everything doesn’t mean that I’m all for this idea.” You argued.
“You’ve a better one, I assume.” Clary looked over at your hand on her hip.
“I don’t remember saying, memory blanks add that to the list of problems.” You mumbled to yourself settling back on the sofa again.
“I vote yes.” Simon stepped up.
“Well, well, well, baby’s first words.” Raphael teased.
“Actually his first word was Raphael. You should be proud.” You corrected. Jace lets a small smile slip across his face and a smirk sat firmly on yours.
“Don’t make me regret them.” Simon pleaded.
“If our newest member pledges his loyalty to his new leader and joins our clan we’ll all stand beside you.” Raphael finally agreed.
“Simon’s not a pawn.” Clary reminded him.
“No, I’m not. But I accept your deal.” Simon nodded.
“Simon, what are you doing?” Clary asked.
“Whatever it takes to protect the Downworld. It’s my world now.” Simon said lowly.
“Then we’re in,” Raphael confirmed. “Are you coming?” Raphael asked.
“Mmm… I get there when I get there.” You grumbled rolling off of the sofa and onto the floor, Jace looked at you and smiled fondly he remembered when you used to do that at the institute every time you got a mission, then you’d show up out of nowhere and kick ass.
“Okay…” Raphael nodded as he looked at you on the floor.

When you got there, there was a huge commotion, you looked to see that the vampire and werewolves were not getting along. “Okay everyone chill out.” You mumbled as you walked through the centre of the stand off. “You’re not going to get anything done if you’re all trying to kill each other, now this Seraph blade is going straight through someone’s shoulder if I have to do this again.” You threatened the werewolves stood back knowing that as one of their best fighter it was best that they listened and Raphael trusted you enough to back up a little bit. “Thank you.”
“Maybe you should lead this mission,” Izzy suggested.
“Probably should but I won’t.” You shrugged taking a step back and disappearing again, while everyone carried out their parts of the plan you were sitting by the entrance to the City  Of Bones. As soon as Jace and Alec started fighting you pulled them apart using the strength that the downworlder genes gave you. “You’re both idiots.” They stayed silent as they looked at you.
“When I left this group was perfect and in the time that we’ve met up again all anyone has done is fight, granted the deciding factor is the Shadowhunter in her training wheels but you,” you pointed at Jace “shouldn’t put her above family especially when she doesn’t do the same for you and you,” you pointed at Alec shouldn’t make stupid decision because you’re angry, I understand your marrying Lydia so that you can get control back but sometimes it’s just the wrong decision, but then I wouldn’t have to say all of this if you lot would just slow down, I know there’s a threat I understand that but you’re moving so fast that your clearing the path for him, you are tearing each other apart.”
“(Y/N)’s right Alec, we can’t be on different sides, I’m begging you come with me,” Jace said his hand out. Alec looked at both you and Jace before casting you an apologetic look and then looking Jace straight in the eye.
“No.” Jace looked up at you before stepping around him.
“Come on we have to go,” Jace said looking at you. You held your breath but didn’t move for what seemed like forever, Jace walked over to you and gently grabbed your wrist “we have to go.” The tear finally fell as you moved away from Alec.

When you got back to the Hotel you were quiet. Jace had noticed the attitude that you had earlier had completely diminished. “Hey, are you okay?” Jace asked as you sat on the sofa with you legs pulled up to your chest.
“I’m fine.” You answered shortly.
“No you not.” he denied as he placed a hand on your knee. “I’m going to fix it.”
“Sure.” You nodded.
“I am.” Jace insisted.
“I hope so.” You admitted.
“I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Jace asked and you nodded truth is you were happy that you could talk to him again you wished though that you could talk to all of them the way that it used to be with snide comment and the inside jokes, you remembered that and you missed it.
“You okay?” Raphael asked causing you to jump slightly.
“You need to stop doing that.” You glared and he smiled.
“What?” he asked.
“You know what?” You answered a small smile on your face as Simon sat next to you.
“How you doing baby vamp?” You asked.
“Please don’t call me that.” Simon groaned.
“I’m going to call you that.” You smirked. Raphael looked between the two of you before realising that he would have to deal with two stupidly irrational vampires, he groaned as he watched you both having an animated conversation about something he wasn’t listening to but then again he was happy that you finally had someone else that made you genuinely smile and hoped that Jace would hurry up and figure out whether he was going to break your heart or take it.

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title: Surveillance
summary: On your left. No, your other left. 
pairing: itasaku, flagrantly so

“Einstein, this is Fox. Mad Dog is heading your way.”

Sakura’s earpiece buzzed as she leaned in toward the computer screen. Something clattered and she froze. Fingers slipped off the keyboard. Her gun cocked in the darkness. 

“It’s me. They sent me to cover you in case,” a voice whispered from the shadows. Her shoulders lowered. The gun slipped back into the holster. Turning back to her laptop, she continued typing away. Strings of letters and numbers whizzed past on the screen. Another laptop sat next to her, balanced on a stack of musty boxes. Rolling her eyes, she typed in the access code.

“That’s stupid,” she muttered. Pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, she peered up at the second laptop. She watched the progress bar crawl across the screen, dragging sluggish feet. Then she was typing again on the other computer.

“Agreed. But I’m not team leader today so this is out of my hands,” he sighed, sliding to the floor behind her. He pressed his back to hers. She could hear him propping his firearm up against the wall. He let out a heavy sigh.

“And these codenames are even stupider,” Sakura added as her earpiece buzzed again.

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