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Meth is terrible, and it turns some addicts into a pubescent Skeletor. But as our Personal Experience team found out, that’s not its only face.

5 Facts About Meth the Anti-Drug Ads Won’t Show You

#5. Most Meth Addicts Don’t Look Like Meth Addicts

“I actually gained weight,” said [former meth addict] Oscar. “It’s a lot more invisible than people think … I work in mental health, and users will say, ‘You don’t know, you’ve never used drugs.’ People just don’t expect it from me.” Meth addicts aren’t all homeless copper-hungry zombies. Most hold down jobs and (aside from the drug use) aren’t criminals of any sort. Statistics suggest that if you work in an organization with 100 people, two or three are meth users. It may even be your boss – it’d explain how they muster up so much pep on those team-building exercises.

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jess-lieblich-blog  asked:

can you please screenshot for me, in the hig anxiety part two episode, hank is in a mans office (forgetwho) and there is an anti-drug ad/poster in the background on the wall of the office that says "friends dont let friends do drugs" and has shitty drawings of all of the characters from the show 'friends'?? itd make my life

Here you are jess! Also thanks, because as many times as i have seen this episode i never caught that that was supposed to be from friends.