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hey, who are some of your favourite studyblrs with amazing bullet journals?

   Amazing bullet journals hmmmm I know of LOTS. Prepare for a lot of fangirling. But like seriously tho appreciate those people. Making a BJ is HARD.

@studypetals - her bj sets the high standards tbh. how do they contain so much perfection in such little pages?!? . Rhi is also very very kind and aMazInG <3 I hiGhkeY screams everytime she’s on my dash.

@asazora - KOU. MY LOVE. I love kou’s bj so much (Like its the perfect amount of clutter ya feel?) and she’s so perF and argH. Her photos (photo bloge @seigakun) are also A++ ily.

@lostlxmb - Goals? yes!!! Her bj strikes the perfect balance of minimalism.  I gasp every time I see her posts cuz *GASP* It’s my aesthetics aF okaY

@productiveflower - Her bj is so delicate and sweet and organized. I just cry  omg. I will never stop crying over perfection. Her white space is just

@thearialligraphyproject - she’s mostly known for her printables but have you seen her bj?!? It’s like ~omg I’m in heaven yet it’s titled hell’s week it doesn’t make sense~

@studytildawn - Her bj’s moods are matched perfectly. And they are so elegant and just very gorgeous okay. Sighhh. Her bj is like the ClassicTM, very timeless.

@genspen - Gen’s bj is A+++ Goals AF. So cute and the colors and AHHH. ORGANIZATION ON POINT. Gen is also like the nicest and sweetest human being TOO so Added BonUS <33 

@studyrose - Her bj is legit the SM color SM EVERYTHING. I SCREAM. JUST LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT THE AMAZING.

@kimching232 - ohgawdIjustrealizedIwasn’tfollowingherdothatnow.  Her bj is like neutral with pops of color omg I loVE. She’s so creative with her spread I just wanna like sob. a lot.

and YEAH BASICALLY THOSE ARE MY TO-GO LIST WHEN I am looking for bujo inspo. If you want additional inspiration on beautifying your bj or just random bj posts, check out my bullet journal and beautify tag. Now I need to go calm myself down thanks. Yeah.. I kinda… had a little session..there.. okay bye.