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3. clarke griffin & commander lexa (the 100)

“Maybe life should be about more than just surviving. Don’t we deserve better than that?“
“Maybe we do.”

daily reminder that gnc trans ppl exist and we arent just faking being trans !

a gnc trans boy who only likes to wear dresses and skirts and who does his makeup all the time is still a boy!

a gnc trans girl with short hair and who only wears masculine clothing and never presents feminine is still a girl!

being gender nonconforming is not a cis only experience and trans people who are gnc are still 100% trans and 100% wonderful

the dumb fucks at blizzard decided that somehow, bastion was fucking useless, completely ignoring that the reason people generally don’t use him is because most players have some measley iota of respect for other people and he’s a garbage dump of a character NOT because of how useless he is but because of how utterly STUPID it is to play against him and makes it fun for no one

they decided that this walking gun was only not being played because nobody saw any practical uses for him as is, even though every single ten year old and their grandmother i’ve gotten locked in with has known that the strategy of shoving a mercy so far up this gun’s ass and putting the most senile reinhardt in front of them WORKS and it’s so painfully STUPID for both teams

but no, not only was bastion and his self-healing, infinite bullet-spitting ass somehow useless, they had to make him 

  • have 100 bullets added to his already hefty 200 magazine size, allowing him to spray for a few seconds MORE after he’s already decimated your whimpy ass
  • this chump fuck can heal himself while running away like the little coward he is instead of sitting there and receiving the death he deserves, allowing him to heal, run off somewhere, and thanks to his now conveniently larger magazine size, kill you with 25 bullets instead of 20!
  • what’s more, his healing is goddamn unstoppable. if you damage him, he just keeps fucking healing. it’s like dealing with roadhog, but at least i can feel something for roadhog, because he’s not a garbage can robot
  • and in case this wasn’t enough, this piece of shit is 33% more harder to kill because he takes less damage. say hello to teams exclusively laid out to protect their bastion overlord, that idiot fucking robot, and say goodbye to any semblance of love you have for humankind as a whole 

‘bastion should now be stronger and more flexible now, you’re welcome’. go to the trash compactor you smelly fucking hunk of junk. fuck you jeff kaplan. go to hell and take your garbage robot gun with you

100+ Writing Prompts — ( Meme )

  1. Dancing In The Rain
  2. Skeletons in the Closet
  3. Possession of the Soul
  4. Pockets of the Universe
  5. The Sky was Ablaze
  6. Finger On Your Lips
  7. Connecting Mouths
  8. Flesh Against Flesh
  9. In Your Arms
  10. A Bitter Taste
  11. Legs Tangled
  12. Raindrops on Hair
  13. Dance Beneath the Stars
  14. A Cup of Song
  15. Quavering Voice
  16. Shards of Glass
  17. Break the Surface
  18. Gliding through Waves
  19. Fingers Entwined
  20. Caressing Silk Strands
  21. Bleeding Cosmos
  22. For A Moment
  23. Rolling Thunder
  24. Streaks of Clouds
  25. Parched Throat
  26. Dust in the Eyes
  27. Piece of the Sky
  28. An Artist’s Touch
  29. Footprints in the Sand
  30. Swirling Colors
  31. Drifting in the Dark
  32. Lost Breath
  33. Winds in Sails
  34. Flushed Cheeks
  35. Drifting into Slumber
  36. Kiss Your Dreams
  37. Gaze Above
  38. Staccato Rhythm
  39. Mirror Rorrim
  40. Fingertips Pressed
  41. Carving Destiny
  42. Trickling Streams
  43. Dolce Canto
  44. Crackling Flames
  45. Sparks of Light
  46. Calloused Palms
  47. Journey to Paradise
  48. Stifling Touch
  49. Shattered then Whole
  50. Electric Currents
  51. Breaking Chains
  52. Nonexistent Perfection
  53. Rotting Flesh
  54. Button Nose
  55. Letters to Oblivion
  56. There and Here
  57. Then and Now
  58. Shaking Limbs
  59. Gasping for Air
  60. Piercing Gaze
  61. Waltzing Facade
  62. Paper Faces
  63. The Day Music Died
  64. Drops of Sun
  65. In the Ring
  66. Touch of Whiskey
  67. Pleasant Burning
  68. Simpering Brush
  69. Deviant Mind
  70. Flowing Ink
  71. Nib to Paper
  72. Mountains of Text
  73. Boxing Sensation
  74. Curling Locks
  75. Still Waters
  76. Crimson Flow
  77. Crumbling Stone
  78. Ancient Script
  79. Shifting Sands
  80. Bare Toes
  81. Scrawling Signature
  82. Reflective Bubbles
  83. Feast for Gods
  84. Nectar of the Heavens
  85. Staggering Feet
  86. Trembling Earth
  87. Liquid Silver
  88. Dip Your Toes
  89. Prickly Stem
  90. Shuffling Cards
  91. Candle Wicks
  92. Lace Your Shoes
  93. Pounding Heart
  94. Faster than Light
  95. Sound of Triumph
  96. Acrid Scent
  97. Fire At Will
  98. Had I But Known
  99. Pulsing Regret
  100. A Heart’s Wish
  101. Frostbitten Veins
  102. Witch Oil
  103. Soot-stained Stars
  104. Battle Scarred
  105. Saccharine Smile
  106. Gentle Soul
  107. Wicked Times
  108. Harp’s Strings

have i ever told you guys about my Accidental Sugar Daddy Vitya headcanon?

Like, Viktor has all this money from winning All These Competitions and doing All This Ad Placement and most of his life he’s just been?? throwing it at new skating supplies and Makkachin, precious Makkachin, who’s probably on a zero-grain raw all-natural diet and sleeps on a memory foam dog bed. Viktor has the vague idea in the back of his head that he’ll skate until he can’t anymore and then he’ll Coach Until He Dies like Yakov, and also like Yakov will hoard and hoard his money until he has enough to buy the skate supplies and food and equipment that his students’ poor parents can’t afford

Then Viktor derails every plan he’s ever had and flies to Japan and feels SO ALIVE and here’s this beautiful man who wears the same clothes after graduating college that he did when he was in high school, whose costumes are sewn by a family friend, who lives at home with his family in their charming and beautiful little Inn and Yuuri is fine with that, and Viktor respects that, and he can tell that even though the Katsukis aren’t rich, they’re happy with their lives and that’s more than Viktor can say

But Viktor also?? REALLY wants to spend money on these people. He goes walking in the market one morning with Mama Hiroko and as he’s carrying a cooler full of fresh fish, because he insisted, they pass a confectionary and Hiroko presses her face to the window like a kid and sighs happily and says, “Oh, those are my favorite!” and Viktor immediately bustles in and buys half a dozen for her, and then makes her tell him what Toshiya and Yuuri and Mari would like as well. 

It’s not a cheap confectionary. Viktor walks out of there with 200 dollars missing from his bank account and he honestly couldn’t be happier about it.

And that’s just the beginning. Viktor buys Yuuri a Very Nice, Very Warm scarf and lovingly drapes it around his neck in the mornings as soon as the weather turns cold. Viktor notices that Yuuri likes to sleep with a lot of pillows and buys half a dozen new pillows, each of which cost way more than a pillow rightfully should, and pile them on the bed. Viktor does, in fact, steal and destroy the tie Yuuri wore to the presser, and presents him with six silk ties he picked out himself, in Yuuri’s color palate (”You’re a WINTER, Yuuri!!”) Viktor buys Yuuri expensive hand lotion. Viktor buys Yuuri very warm and thick socks. If Viktor even so much as sees Yuuri looking at something in a window, he’ll ask Yuuri if he wants it. If Yuuri responds with anything other than an immediate, “No,” Viktor will buy it for him.

Yuuri lets this happen because honestly? it’s nice to be spoiled. Also, when he tries to keep Viktor from buying him things, Viktor gets this look on his face like Yuuri has just told him he doesn’t love him anymore, and Yuuri feels so bad about it that he just lets him buy it for him anyway. It’s not like they’re hard for money. Viktor’s going to be raking in ad revenue for 100 years after he dies. Their children’s children will still be feeling the benefits of Grandpa Viktor’s career.

Viktor, on the other hand? It doesn’t even occur to Viktor that this is in any way out of the ordinary until Phichit is visiting for a few weeks and, as Viktor is pulling out his card to pay for the coffees that Phichit and Yuuri just bought–Viktor, you didn’t even buy anything, Viktor–Phichit looks at Yuuri and says, “I could get used to being your sugar-baby-by-proxy,” and because of the language barrier, Viktor doesn’t immediately understand, but he does later, once Yuuri explains it to him. In the moment, Yuuri blushes up to his ears and hisses Phichit and Viktor “Accidental Sugar Daddy” Nikiforov finishes paying for his fiance and his fiance’s friend, before leaving with them towards the shopping district, where he will pay for most of their purchases and carry all of their bags and feel So Alive

Throne of Glass family tree - as of Queen of Shadows

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