acyus-deactivated20140610  asked:

isnt it just emberassing for bronies going to mcdonalds just to get the toys?

why is it embarrassing though

if it were a “boys” toy (a transformer, or a car, or whatever society thinks boys like) they wouldn’t be this embarrassed, I can guarantee you that right now. But it’s a “girls” toy, so its shameful to interact with.

You’d think bronies of all people would understand that “girly” things aren’t shameful and that they can be very enjoyable, but I guess it only counts when you can take the girly thing and turn it into a nerd boy thing. Perhaps next time mcdonalds should package the ponies with dubstep cds, body pillows and little books of misogynist jokes.

acyus-deactivated20140610  asked:

is dudebros a real actual word?

it’s become a bit of a catch-all term, I guess. Here in the UK we have “lads”. In the US you have “bros”. It’s all different words but it’s generally the same thing - culture that patronisingly coddles the male ego by demanding that anything that isn’t masculine is weak, that women exist for men’s pleasure, etc. It’s surprisingly pervasive in western culture. Once you see it you can’t unsee it and you start noticing it everywhere.