creating our DIY save the date invitations was exhausting, but I’m extremely proud of how they turned out! Here’s a few pictures illustrating some of the steps. More information is on my Julia doodles Facebook page, including a short video of the cool embossing heat tool.

Our wedding website with more lettering can be found here:



I’m making  a Demonstuck comic!

In this AU the StriLondes are demons and the EgbertCrockerEnglishHarleys are hunters. This is a JohnDave and DirkJake comic. The main perspective is actually Dave, but I liked this panel for the teaser! ;P Sadly, Dirk fell in love with Jake and started acting like a human so they could be together. Some stuff happened that will be explained later and Dirk went missing. No one even knows if he is alive soooooo…. D:

I can’t even make my OTP happy for myself.

Have a sad teaser!

(Whole comic will read right to left)