The Friedal-Crafts Reaction (Alkylation, Acylation through EAS)

The Friedal-Crafts reactions are a set of reactions used to attach groups to an aromatic ring. Alkylation and acylation can be successfully done through electrophilic aromatic substitution, paying close attention to electron donating and withdrawing groups. 

In alkylation, the product will be more nucleophilic than the reactant due to addition of electron donating groups (alkyl groups) thus multiple alkylations may occur. (Why is alkyl an electron donating group?  Click here to see a previous post about alkyl groups.)

On the other hand, acylation will not occur multiple times because the product is less reactive than the reactants due to the addition of an electron withdrawing group (an acyl group). 

* If the chlorine is not on a tertiary carbon, there is a possibility it will rearrange to form a more stable carbocation. 

Pathway specific targeting in anticancer therapies [7.7]

Pathway specific targeting in anticancer therapies [7.7]

Pathway specific targeting in anticancer therapies

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Writer and Curator

7.7 Pathway specific targeting in anticancer therapies

7.7.1 Structural basis for the allosteric inhibitory mechanism of human kidney-type glutaminase (KGA) and its regulation by…

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crissiesaurus asked:

Hi, i just started into painting and i was curious about the type/thickness of paper you use? I purchased a 75lb for mixed media but it crinkled up a bit when i used paints & acrylics.

Hi! I think 75lb is too thin for acylics, it depends of the amount of water and pigment you use but if you wat to use acrylic a 140lb paper will be perfect.
If you want to make your paper more strong you can make a white base on it of chalk and water (2 thin layers will be fine) and start to paint over it when it’s dry.
Other important thing is the quality of the paper, more is the percent of cotton in the paper better is the strength of it and it’s flexibility.
When i use watercolors or acylic i’m used to stuck the paper with the masking tape on a wood board to make sure it doesn’t crinkles too much.
Hope to be useful to you :)

anonymous asked:

Hiii I wanna know if you'll be making and selling owari no seraph keychains!! ;w; bc I'd love to buy some if you do ;u;

That’s my intention! For this next JapanExpo (convection in France) I ordered   some Mikayuu acylic charms! <3 From July onwards they’ll be available :)

official-fira-wajiha asked:

9, 11, 26, 38

Evan you piece of poop,

9: talk about the little things on your body that you like the most.

I really like my freckles, they are on my cheeks, shoulders and arms. I like my birth mark which is on my left hip.

11: talk about the best dream you’ve ever had.

It was the plot of libo quest B)

26: talk about things you do when you’re sick

I watch barbie movies and I draw a lot, the smell of acylics always make me feel better.

36: talk about songs that remind you of certain people.

All star hey now - Quinn (they did this cover of this song in smooth jazz. It always made me happy when I was upset)
What is love - ty (he did a karkat cover. Best cover)
Proud - Emma ( I dunno, I get a vibe from Emma that links with this song)
Me + you - blake (♥♥♥♥)