acuvue 1 day


*Breaking her fibula
*Reuniting with Fifth Harmony
*Heart Attack leaking and slaying the charts
*Directing her own music video
*Having short, black hair, short blonde hair, long blonde hair, and then short/long blue hair. And looking fabulous in all colors.
*Bluevato and Neon Lights
*Announcing the Neon Lights tour
*Covering The House That Built Me, Titanium, Turn Up The Music and most importantly, STAY
*Mini-tour to Asia
*ACUVUE 1 Day Contest
*Live performances on TV Shows, award shows, tours and other events
*Meeting Gwyneth Paltrow and becoming besties with her
*Meeting Oprah
*Her speech @ The SAMHSA’s National Chidren’s Mental Health Awareness Day
*Demi on Ellen both times
*Ellen’s “pellow”
*Demi’s haunted house stories
*Going from sweet, color-y clothes to all black
*X Factor judge again and more Dimon
*Glee and Dantana
*“Now I’m a Warrior” tattoo
*Nightingale live
*Warrior live
*Performing Really Don’t Care live with Cher Lloyd
*Lovato Treatment Scholarship
*Going to Kenya for her 21st birthday
*MuchMusic Awards
*Teen Choice Awards
*Songs in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Frozen
*Performing Skyscraper with Darren Criss
*3 VEVO Certified videos
*Performing 3 songs for the Grammy’s
*2vLive show
*“Staying Strong” book
*Co-hosting The View
*Opening up about her drug and alcohol addiction
*Continuing to be an inspiration to all of us <3

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Demi Lovato makes a difference & inspires others: 2014 ACUVUE® 1-DAY™ Contest Story

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Demi, Shay, Keke and Danielle Welcome You to the 2014 ACUVUE® 1-DAY™ Contest

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Shay Mitchell on overcoming obstacles and staying true to herself: 2014 ACUVUE® 1-DAY™ Contest Story

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Shay, Demi, Keke and Danielle Welcome You to the 2014 ACUVUE® 1-DAY™ Contest