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A/N: yeah, yeah, i know… nevertheless, i love him! sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the pic. DAT LIPS!) X

Pairing: Arno Dorian x Reader

Warnings: angst

She didn’t come to their meeting. She didn’t come for the meeting, they have been engagement previous night. He noticed, that she behaved differently than usual lately. Like she was becoming distant, avoiding him, though he thought it was only his imagination. He felt, that her kisses weren’t the same as always, that she didn’t make love to him like always. His heart started filling with worry. However, when she didn’t come, he feared that something might have happened, that someone might have mugged her, while she was on the way to their meeting. She always let him know, if she couldn’t come, that they couldn’t see each other.

Assassin paced the way, she usually took for the meetings, looking for her everywhere, looking for any traces, which could evidence, that something has happened. When he hasn’t found anything, he went straight to her house. She lived with her grandmother, who she took care of and who was her only family.
He climbed building’s wall, which was illumed by Moon’s light and silently jumped on the balcony. When she couldn’t leave, he came to her. Her bedroom window was opened at that time, so he could comfortably come in. But that time it was closed. Assassin had no idea why, so carefuly knocked on the glass and waited for a while. When she didn’t come, he moved his face closer and crinkled his eyes to catch a glimpse if his beloved was inside. He took a look in the direction her bed was situated, in which they spent so many nights together, filled with hours of love making, ecstasy and sighs.

The light of the silver globe let him saw a glint of her (Y/H/C) hair, tossed on the pillow, which he remembered smelled just like her. He knocked once more, but again met with no answer. He sighed and leaned on of his palms on the pane. He was searching in his memory, if he has done something what could hurt her, scare away. The girl was very delicate, like flower petals. Her ruddy cheeks, took even more vibrant shade, when he was paying her compliments and telling her how much he loved her. He loved her, he was sure about it just like he was sure he was alive. Despite fact, that Elise came back to his life, who he loved as well. Woman, who accused him of her father’s death. She came back, when he lived with her loss and found happiness once again. Feeling of conflict took up a residence in his heart. He could not hurt (Y/N). He would never forgive himself, if her beautiful face was marred with tears caused by him. He dropped his gaze and exhaled.

He smiled a little on the memory how he met the woman in who he found happiness and love, after Elise left him.

He stood in the shadow of one of the monuments, watching the market. He was prearranged with informer, who was already late, but his attention enchained young girl in simple, muslin dress. Her (Y/H/C) hair was taied in a loose bun from which few strands escaped. There was something in her, he couldn’t quite describe, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was carrying in her little hands heavy basket with different supplies. She was stopping once in a while to rest and change the arm. Obviously, she was struggling with basket’s weight. Corner of his lips lifted up at this  sight. Unseen and with grace, he approached her.

‘’Maybe I can help you, mademoiselle? This basket seems to be very heavy.’’ He said calmly, leaning to her ear.

Girl jumped lightly alarmed and with quick move turned her head in the direction of his voice. Her eyes were wide open and her face showed mix of panic and suprise. His lips twisted in light, but honest and sincere smile and when the girl realized she was still staring at him, she lowered her head blushing at the same time. Assassin acknowledge that as a lovely sight.

‘’N-non, merci, Monsieur.’’ She didn’t lift her gaze and her cheeks blushed even more. ‘’I can handle myself. Thank you.’’

‘’I insist on helping you. I couldn’t forgive myself, if I didn’t help damsel in distress.’’ His voice confident and soft.

Young girl apparently hesitated and slowly raised her head up. Sun rais shone in her (Y/E/C) eyes and his lips parted as that sight. She looked at him for a minute and then shyly nodded her head. Her full and lovely curved lips filled with cofused and uncertain smile.

’Excellemment !’’ Assassin wanted to reach for the basket, but stopped in the middle. ‘’Where is my good behaviour ? My name is Arno. Arno Victor Dorian, and you, mademoiselle?’’ He took her small, smooth palm in his larger one and placed soft, almost unnoticeably kiss on her knuckles.

Girl blushed again and lowered her head. ‘’(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).’’ Her voice shaky and cushy,.

‘’Beautiful!’’ He said with detectable smile in his voice. Carefuly released her palm and took the basket. It was heavy, very heavy. How could she even lift it? He was sure, that every time, when she was carrying it, way home took her a lot of time.

On the way home, Arno was main initiator of their conversation. (Y/N) was quiet an shy, her head was lowered all the time, not grace him with a single glare. However, it didn’t bother him. He was captivated with this view and he cought himself, that his stares at her were sometimes too long, what could cause even bigger embarrassment in her. Nontheless, he could notice all different details of her appearance. Her full, almost red lips, long, black lashes and little scar running just above her left brow.

‘’It’s here.’’ Her quiet, sweet voice ripped him from his thoughts.

‘’Acually, I was hoping, it was a little further.’’ He smiled seductively. ‘’And I was counting, I could be a bit longer in your lovely company, (Y/N).’’

(Y/N) smiled awkwardly and intertwined her fingers. ‘’You helped me, so I should thank you properly.’’ She said hesitantely. ‘’Maybe, you would like to come in and drink tea with me. My grandmother baked a very good cake.’’ She started to stutter. ‘’I-I mean, if you want…’’

‘’It is an amazing idea (Y/N), but unfortunately I had a meeting I have to attend.’’ Arno said with a clear disappointment in voice. ‘’I hope, I will have a chance to see you again soon?’’

Young woman nodded her head and smiled lovely. He could swear, that gazing at her smile, would never get him bored. Arno took her palm in his again and kissed it, looking straight into her eyes. ‘’Thus, see you very soon, (Y/N).’’

Since that time, they started to meet regulary. (Y/N) opened to him more and more, she stopped to be so shy and taciturn, however she still was blushing on every kind word from Arno. They shared stories of their lifes. She told him, that her parents passed away because of critical illness, when she was very young and her grandmother took care of her. He told her about his father death, his relationship with Elise, how she accused him of his father’s death and confessed that he is an Assassin, asking her at the same time to keep it as a secret. When he told her about it all, she hugged him. Just simply hugged him, without any word. She suprised him, but he felt how his hear skipped a beat. Arno smiled and snuggled into her, requiting the embrace.

His eyes saw a move. (Y/N) moved on her bed and her face was illuminated with Moon’s light. She looked so peaceful, but something distressed young Assassin. He didn’t quite know what, but features of her face, didn’t express the same things, which he knew so well when he slept next to her. On his finger tips, hidden in leather gloves, Arno felt tingling, which he always felt when he touched her smooth and warm skin. On his broad chest, he felt so familiar sensation left only by her hair and lips.

He leaned his forehead against cool pane and closed his eyes. There was long and quiet exhale from his lungs, which left disappearing after a while blotch of vapor on it. ‘’Mon amour, what have happened? Have I done something wrong?’’ Arno whispered to himself. He looked in her direction with sad eyes, first putting his hand on his lips and then to the window. Seconds later, he was gone.
Arno was observing her from the rooftop, hiding in the shadow of the chimney. Just like the very first day he met her, she was coming back from the market. Her beige-brown dress was vawing with her every step. Delicate tied up (Y/H/C) hair shone in the Sun. He adored watching her. He was doing it quite often, when he wasn’t busy with missions for the Brotherhood. He was simply worried about her, about her safety. He didn’t want her to get hurt. He couldn’t allow himself for loss of another woman who he loved. However, Arno had to get to know, why she started avoiding him.

Not taking his eyes off of her, he followed. When she was approaching one of the side alleys, he quickly jumped from the roof, grasping the walls of buildings and when his boots softly touched pavement of the alley, he hid in its shadows. In the same moment she was getting by, he caught her arm and dragged her in the dimness. Her back softly, almost soundless hit the wall and the basket fell from her hands. Arno covered her lips to avoid needless screams, preoccupation of passer-bys and guards. (Y/N) had squeezed eyes and her body was shaking strongly.

‘’(Y/N), it’s me, Arno.’’ He said moving his face to her ear. His nostrils full with scent of wind, bread and lilac.

She carefult opened her eyes and looked into his chocolate ones. Arno lowered palm from her lips and she took air in her lungs.

‘’Why are you avoding me, mon cherie?’’ Have I done someting wrong?’’ He asked with calm voice, resting one hand on her smooth, rosy cheek, stroking it tenderly.

(Y/N) leaned her head down and kept silent. She started toying with her fingers. Arno knew that too well. She did it whenever she was nervous. Her breath quickened a little. Assassin didn’t want to hurry her, but in his heart was growing even bigger anxiety with every second when she didn’t open her lips to tell him what was going on.

‘’I am never going to be good enough for you, am I?’’ It immediately foxed him. It was not what he expected to hear from her lips.

‘’Désolé, but I do not understand, mon ange.’’ He furrowed. ‘’Why wouldn’t you be good enough for me ? I love…’’

‘’Love?’’ She interrupted him rising her head and looking at him with watery eyes full of pain, anger and disappointment. ‘’But who, Arno ? Me or her ?’’

‘’(Y/N), I love you, you know that perfectly.’’ He asured her, but he vividly knew, who was on her mind.

‘’I saw you with her. I saw you kissing her.’’ Her voice was cracking. Tears were running down her bonny face.

How did she get to know that? There was no one around them, even though something flushed out the pigeons on the ground, but he and Elise didn’t pay any attention to it. They thought it was only a cat or a dog. But it had to be (Y/N). She had to see them. But how did she get there? Arno was looking for an answer, when it shot him like a lightning. (Y/N) got by there, when she needed medicined for her grandmother. And at that time she had to see them.

Arno was surrounded with feeling of huge guilt. Meeting with Elise and her words about her love for him brought back old memories. He didn’t noticed when their faces moved closer and their lips met in a tender kiss. It was unexpected for him. Moments later, when he closed his eyes, he saw (Y/N)’ smiling face and immediately broke the kiss. It confused Elise. He remembered, how he excused himself and left her by her own.

He was hit with another answer, why (Y/N) was avoiding him. And he broke the promise, he vowed to himself, that she would never know the suffering coused by him.

‘’(Y/N), forgive me, I…’’ He moved closer to her, but nestled her back in the cold, stone wall and shook her head.

‘’I fell in love with you knowing, that there is another woman in your heart.’’ She said quietly, brushing away hot tears from her cheeks clumsily. ‘’Everything I dreamt about…me, you…I lived delusions all the time.’’

‘’(Y/N), je t’aime, I really love you!’’ Arno tried to convince her with begging and cracking voice. ‘’Elise is in my heart, but I love you more! You took care of me, gave me closeness, support. I regret what I have done, because I promised myself, that I would never hurt you. Forgive me, please.’’

‘’Arno, I…’’ She took a deep  breath. ‘’I love you more than anything in the world and I never told you that, but you, Arno, are the love and light of my life and even if it is not written for us to be together, I will always love you, untill the end.’’

‘’Mon amour…’’ He whispered. His brown eyes started to sting from incoming tears.

‘’Promise me only you will be happy, Arno, please.’’ It was what he feared the most.

‘’I will be happy only with you.’’ In fast move he took her face in his palms. ‘’Tell me this is not the end, please…please!’’

She slowly rised her head up and looked into his sad eyes. ‘’Je t’aime, Arno, pour l'éternité.’’ She placed her palm on his chest, stood on her tip toes and left on his lips gentle, tender and filled with unconditional love kiss.

Assassin closed his eyes and gave back the kiss, wanting to show her, how much he loved her and how much he desire her not to leave him. Moment later, young woman broke the kiss. Faces inches apart. Surprisingly for Arno, (Y/N) lifted her basket from the ground and bypassed him warily, not looking at him even once. Assassin, quickly grabbed her wrist softly, but resolutely, making her stop in the middle of the step. She didn’t turn to face him.

‘’Please…’’ whisper full of hope and desperation. He believed, that it was not the end of them, that she would turn around and snuggle into him and let him fix everything. But still, she lowered her head and walked away, slipping her wrist from his grasp.

A/N: drama queen is here! hope you liked it and let me know if you want a part two, because i have and idea and after all i don’t want them to suffer and be heartbroken… X

I know Arno does not reaaaally look like Arno, I messed up his nose. But well, this shall be Arno and my OC since I and my Partner have been roleplaying for half a year. I do think Arno finds another love after the loss of Élise, someone who takes care and fully understands hi,. Photoshop CS6 - Brush Tool

This love is killing Me

A/N: maDAMN, whatever… sorry for any mistakes and just enJOY this drama. (credit to the owner of the pic) X

Pairing: Modern!Arno Dorian x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff

Arno was sleeping on the couch, while you were watching your favourite TV show, sitting on the floor.

You were friends for a very long time and you helped him go through the worst time when his love, Elise, died in a car accident. The truth was that Arno was love of your life since you could remember, but you have never had courage to tell him about it. When he got involved with Elise, your relations reduced a lot. You were angry with him, that he stopped dedicating you his time and limitted it to needless minimum, but you didn’t show how much it hurt you and brushed it off with fake smiles. However, your heart was breaking piece by piece. On the one hand, you wanted to cut your contacts definitely, but lack of Arno in your life was worse than anything else. It was also your fault, because you were affraid to admit your feelings to him. But when Elise died, you were the first person, he came to. He needed you and you just couldn’t say no to him, even though you suffered so much because of him.

After a long time, when he got over everything, you still weren’t brave enought to tell how you felt about him, you thought it was too soon, that he wasn’t ready yet. Thereby, unconsciously you started keeping him at a distance. You were affraid of rejection and you didn’t want to put him in awkward situation. You were meeting him only from time to time. Arno has noticed your different behaviour and tried to get to know what happened, but you always fed him with different excuses.

You looked at Arno and smiled softly. Unwittingly, your hand reached his face and brushed hair away from his handsome face. Feeling your touch, Arno smiled and slowly opened his eyes. You gazed at each other and you abashed, but his smile didn’t fade.

‘’I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you…’’ You wanted to pull your hand back, but his warm one caught yours.

‘’I wasn’t asleep for a while…’’ Arno pulled in your hand to his lips nad kissed it tenderly.

You felt shivers and blushing, you lowered your head. Small gestures from him like that one, always made your heart beat faster. You cleared your throat and with quick move you took your hand from his.

‘’Do you want tea, because I’m going to make some…?’’ You mumbled quickly standing up without looking at him and went to the kitchen.

You propped your palms on the countertop and exhaled deeply. Yes, his every gesture made your heart beat faster, but also made your fear of teling him everything even bigger.

Suddenly, you felt Arno warm palms on your hips and his broad, firm chest on your back. His breath made goosebumps no your neck. You winced and quickly moved away from him. Arno looked in your direction with confusion in his dark eyes.

‘’(Y/N), what happened?’’ He asked calmly approaching you.

‘’Nothing, nothing.’’ Your voice a little shaky. ‘’Everything is just fine.’’

You heard his exhale. ‘’Do not think, I haven’t noticed your starnge behaviour when I am around you. Tell me (Y/N), what is wrong?’’

‘’Arno, nothing is wrong.’’ You said with fake confidence, pouring water to the kettle and then turning it on.

You heard his steps and when you wanted to flee again, Arno pushed you against countertop and locked you up between his arms. ‘’I’m not naive (Y/N). Tell me, have I done something wrong?’’

You felt how everything what you wanted to tell him was on the tip of your tongue. It was exactly what you were affraid of, but you had no more strenght to keep it inside.

‘’You want to know? Really?’’ Your voice rised and was trembling, but Arno only nodded. ‘’I love you Arno! This is what happened! I love you since I can only remember and I can’t hide it anymore! I had no courage to tell you this, because I was scared, that you reject me. I’d rather be your friend than no one at all and then Elise came into your life and you forgot about me, you left me and there were moments, when I needed you so much.’’ Tears were running down your rosy cheeks. ‘’I suffered, I suffered so much, but it also was my fault, because I wasn’t brave enough to tell you about my feelings and then was too late. Anyways, you were happy with her and…and your happiness is mine.’’ Your words were coming between loud sobs. Your head was lowered, because you couldn’t look into his eyes. Eyes, you loved so much.

Arno was looking at you, not believing his ears. He knew, that something was wrong, but he still couldn’t believe how blind he was and how much he was hurting you, not knowing about it. Arno’s hand reached to touch your cheek, but you moved your face away.

‘’Then she died and I couldn’t refuse helping you, even though I felt forgotten. You were my friend and love of my life, so I couldn’t say no when you needed me.’’ You took a deep breath. ‘’You have no idea, how much I suffered, when I was hugging you or wiping your tears away. It hurt me, that your heart was broken, but when you came back to normal, when you felt better and again your face was graced with a smile I love so much, I still had no courage to confess my feelings, because I thought it was too soon, that you were not ready and would not share my love.’’

Arno’s heart was breaking even more with every your word. You loved him so much and he pushed you away unintentionally. He started to be aware, that for a very long time you were something much more to him than just a best friend, maybe even before he met Elise, but he thought it was a part of friendship. Oh, how much he was mistaken.

‘’I tried to avoid you, but my heart wanted to see you so badly. I couldn’t give up on you, even if being in your presence hurt so much.’’ You brushed away tears from your cheeks. ‘’I love you more than anything in the world, Arno. I can’t hide it anymore, because keeping this as a secret kills me piece by piece. I love you, even if you don’t…’’ Arno cut you off by pressing his soft, warm lips to yours.
He took your face gently in his palms and started stroking it tenderly with his thumbs, while his lips were gingerly placing kisses on your own. Astonished, you hesitated at first, but finally started giving back caresses, tasting warmth of his lips and salty taste of your tears. You put your hands on his hips griping firmly fabric of his shirt.

He broke the kiss and put his forehead on yours. ‘’I’m so sorry, I was stupid…’’ Arno was stronking your hair eagerly. ‘’Fogive me, (Y/N), mon ange…’’ Quiet sobs were still coming out form your lips, but your arms entwined his neck and pulling him closer to you.

‘’I-I love you too and prejudicing your thoughts, I am not telling you this, because you confessed me your feelings.‘’ He kissed your head and hugged. ‘’ You just helped me realize that I loved and love you. It just terrifies me, that we…that I wasted so much time, if I only listened to my heart… I’m so sorry, mon amour…’’

‘’Arno…’’ You whispered his name and snuggled into him even more.

‘’You helped me so many times. You were my best friend and I made you suffer, what kind of friend am I, what kind of man…I really don’t deserve you, your friendship, your love…’’ Arno kissed the top of your head and then again took your face in his rough palms. You looked at each other and you noticed his eyes were teary. ‘’Will you allow me to fix everything and give love you deserve?’’

You smiled lightly and nodded. Arno did the same and kissed you delicately on the lips. The kiss was full of affection and hope. Both of you felt like your lips were made for each other since forever. Your heart beat faster, but instead of fear and suffering, you felt peace and warmth. Your kisses became more intensive and Arno slid his tongue into your mouth deepening them and making both of you moan. He leaned you against the countertop and put his hands on your buttocks, moving his hips closer to yours. You groaned once again and your own hips instinctualy bucked forward. You felt growin bulge in his pants when his mouth went to your neck. Arno lips started softly nibbing while his tongue licking soft and smooth flesh. Your hands tangled into his tied dark hair pulling them subtly. When his lips met yours once again, you wanted to deepen the kiss, but unluckyly you heard kettle’s whistling. You pulled away from each other and laughed.

Arno hid his face in the crook of your neck, not taking off his hands from your butt. ‘’May I have this tea, please?’’

You chuckled and kissed Arno’s neck behind his ear.

Feels like Tonight

A/N: okey, the ugly truth came out. i’m addicted to Arno. but hell with that. it is impossible to be not. this time we have modern AU. it’s shitty af, but who cares? sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of this sweet gif)

Pairing: Modern!Arno x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff

‘’Finally, we are here.’’ Arno set luggage carefuly on the floor.

‘’It’s beautiful in here, Arno!’’ (Y/N) smiled and looked at her lover.

‘’I’m happy that you like it, mon amour.’’ He hugged her from behind and propped his chin on her shoulder. ‘’It belonged to my parents.’’

(Y/N) softly extricated from his arms and started looking over the house. It wasn’t big, ground-floored. Living room wasn’t large, but wide windows made it bigger. The widnows gave also beutiful view on the snow-covered mountains. Walls were covered with bright, wooden planks, which were decorated with paintings and photos. In the one of the walls was a fireplace, and rest of them were a place for bookshelfs and shelfs with different kinds of trumpery. In front of fireplace, there was a large white couch and under it furry, brown carpet. Wall lamps lighted the living room with warm, smoky light, making it cozy.

(Y/N) approached the wall where were the photos. She saw little Arno with his parents, smiling and happy.

‘’Aww Arno, you were so cute.’’ She giggled.

‘’And nothing has changed since then.’’ Arno came to her and put his large and strong hands on her hips, kissing her rosy cheek at the same time.

When they were still looking at the photos, in one of them they saw smiling faces of Arno and Elise. (Y/N)’s laughter blew over. Arno looked at the photo and frowned. His palms squeezed harder girl hips.

‘’I forgot to remove it, sorry.’’ He said quietly.

‘’No, you don’t have to. After all, you were together, she was the love…’’(Y/N) lowered her head.

‘’You are the love of my life (Y/N) and you always will be.’’ Arno interrupted her and snuggled her into his chest, kissing her neck softly. ‘’I owe you life. You helped me, when she…when I had nobody…’’

‘’I know Arno…’’ (Y/N) turned aroud to face him and nestled into his torso. ‘’Sometimes I’m affraid, that all of this is just a dream. I’m affraid, that I wake up and I will be alone again, that you will be gone.’’ She gripped tightly his shirt. ‘’Arno, I don’t want to be alone again.’’

‘’I love you and you are my future. I just can’t imagine my life without you anymore.’’ He took her face in his palms and made her look at him. She only nodded, whereupon Arno closed the gap between them in delicate kiss. Moment later, he put his forehead against hers. ‘’Rest for a while. I’ll light the fire in the firelace and then we’ll make someting to eat.’’ (Y/N) nodded and Arno took their suitcases and led her to the bedroom.

Bedroom was small and quiet with big window leading to the porch from where was amazing view at the mountains. (Y/N) stood near to the window and looked at the disappearing Sun behind the moutains tops. She embraced herself and sighed. Before meeting Arno, she thought, she would be forever alone, that nobody would love her like people who she was a child, who unscrupulous gave her away to orphanage. But fate unite him and her. Fate wanted her and Arno to meet and help each other. (Y/N) approached her suitcase, opened it and took some clothes to change. Moments later she was in t-shirt, jumper and leggins with thick and warm socks on her feet. She lied down on the bed and closed her eyes.

She was woke up with gentle and pleasant dabbing on her face. She smiled lightly smelling a scient of perfume, smoke and wood. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Arno’s smiling face, who was lying right next to her. Their faces inches apart.

‘’You fell asleep.’’ He murmured quietly and corner of his lips rised up.

‘’Mmm…’’ She sighed and leaned her forehead on his stubble cheek. ‘’How longe have I slept?’’

‘’Maybe two hours.’’ He whispered embracing her and snuggling into her warm body.

(Y/N) picked her head up and looked at him. ‘’Arno, you should wake me up. We were supposed to make a dinner. Did you eat something when I was sleeping?’’ She stroked his cheek.

‘’You were sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to wake you.’’ He smiled and gave her a peck on the top of her nose. ‘’And according to the dinner…’’ They heard rumble from his stomach.

‘’Come on, Monsieur Dorian, we will get the dinner ready.’’ She kissed him gently on the lips and then stood up and went to the kitchen.

‘’What would you like to eat? I think, we bought everything and even more.’’ She laughed looking through the interior of the fridge.

‘’You know exactly what I jones for…’’ Arno purred into her ear, putting his hands under her t-shirt and jumper, touching warm and soft skin of her belly. She shuddered. Seconds later, she felt Arno lips on her neck. They were warm, but chopped and dry. She leaned her back on his well built chest and placed her head on his shoulder, simplify him caresses.

‘’Arno…’’ (Y/N) murmured breathless. ‘’You are hungry and should eat something.’’ She put her hands on top of his and squeezed them.

‘’It can wait. You are a lot more tasty and you smell deliciously.’’ Arno kissed her behind her ear. ‘’Who gave you so tempting smelling perfume?’’

‘’I don’t know, some guy…’’ She teased.

‘’He must love you so much, since he gives you gifts like this…’’ Arno purred between kisses, which started to be more intense and grabby.

‘’Maybe…’’ (Y/N) bit her bottom lip and one of her hands tangled into his tied hair.

All of a sudden, Arno slammed shut fridge’s door, spun (Y/N) around and with light impetus leaned her back on the fridge. He put his hands on the both sides of her head and his body on hers. He lowered his head and she felt his warm and sweet breath on her face.

‘’Maybe?’’ His voice husky and he took her chin between his fingers.

‘’I’m not interested in other guys.’’ She put her hands on his ass and squeezed it firmly. ‘’I have a devilishly handsome and sexy boyfriend, who I love with all of me and I have no intention to exchange him for another one in the nearest eternity.’’

Arno stared into her eyes and smiled lightly. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. ‘’You last so long with me?’’

‘’Acually, I’m hoping, it won’t end on eternity.’’ She laughed quite light and gave back his stare, but full of love and hope.

‘’Je t’aime.’’ He whispered and kissed her hard. His kisses were hot, full of passion and yearning. He moaned, when he felt her cool hands on his bare back. This girl was everything to him. After Elise’s death, he thought, he would never open his heart and life for someone else, but the girl, who stood in front of him, managed that. She stuck together his broken heart and indued him with love, even if he was awful to her. For a long time, he didn’t want to admit to himself, that he started to feel something for (Y/N). He felt like, he was betraying Elise, but she was gone and she would never come back. (Y/N) has helped him get over everything, not expecting anything in return. She was bearing his different moods, mood swings without any complain. She rarely said something about herself, but she told him during one of their many conversation, that she was an orphan and she didn’t have a chance to meet her parents, that she was alone all her life. He felt sorry for her and tried to reward his horrible behaviour, but she didn’t want to hear about it. She always said it was what friends do.
Only because of his terrible behaviour, because of many bitter words he said in anger and sadness, which could couse loss of (Y/N), Arno admitted to himself, that he was simple in love with her. He realized, that his thoughts were talking around her, there was no Elise in them. He didn’t want to loose (Y/N), he didn’t want to be alone again. Not, when he saw a chance for happiness in her. He had no idea, if she felt the same way, but he took a chance and it paid off. As a couple, they spent three years, the happiest three years of his life. They saved each other from the lonliness.

(Y/N) lied carefuly her hands on the back of his neck moving him closer and deepening the kiss. There was no space between their bodies. (Y/N) felt, that temperaturę in the room became too warm and her cheeks started to sting her. Moment later, Arno took her by her thights and pulled up. She entwined his hips with her legs. It was a way better position for them. Arno was a tall man. (Y/N) felt, that Arno started walking and sat her on countertop. Cold of marble went through the fabric of ther leggins, giving her shivers. Girl, entwined her legs around him even tighter, moving him closer to the limits. She broke the kiss, which made Arno groan, but then she started kissing and nibbing flesh of his neck. She was leaving small red marks here and there, like she was marking her teritory. Arno sighed and squeezed her thights even more. He leaned back his head and his breath became faster. (Y/N) hands went to the buttons of his dark shirt, which hugged his perfectly ripped body, detaching one after another, when they heard rumble again. They freezed for a while and then brusted into laughter.

‘’I think your stomach doesn’t want to wait.’’ (Y/N) chuckled and kiss Arno’s nose.

‘’Ugh…he doesn’t want to cooperate with me.’’ Arno took a glare at his stomach. ‘’Traitor.’’

‘’Come on handsome, we’ll cook something, then your stomach won’t betray you, for a while at least.’’ (Y/N) chuckled again, shook her head and with Arno’s help, she got off from the countertop.

‘’It was delicious, ma cherie!’’ She heard Arno’s voice from the kitchen, when she sat on the couch ahead of the fireplace.

‘’We made it together.’’ She giggled and her gaze went to the flame of fire, which was heating the living room. She sighed and dreamed that she could live here with him, forever.

‘’What is on your mind, love?’’ His soft voice pulled her out from her thoughts.

‘’Nothing in particular. I just would like to have a house like this one, with husband, kids, dog…’’ She smiled sadly. ‘’You know Arno, have my own family, which I have never had.’’

He looked at her and it squeezed his heart. He couldn’t look at her when she was sad, because his heart was breaking into pieces. She suffered so much in her life, because of other people and himself, even though she tried to help him. But he knew what he had to do to make her smile all the time, to make her dreams come true.

‘’Wait here.’’ He said and disappear in the hallway before (Y/N) could say anything.

Moments later, Arno came back and (Y/N) noticed, that he was uptight and on his handsome face was visible worry.

‘’Arno, is everything alright?’’ She asked with concern.

‘’Non, non, everything is okay.’’ He said fast, almost unclearly. ‘’I just need to ask you something.’’

‘’Then ask.’’ She told him calmly with soft, honest smile.

Arno took a deep breath. He felt how his hands and legs were shaking. He came closer to sitting on the couch (Y/N) and kneeled before her on one knee. ‘’(Y/N), ma chere, ma vie, we have known each other for so long. You helped me so much during all these years. You was bearing with my moods, my mood swings, my terrible behaviour towards you, even though you didn’t deserve it. Sometimes, I thought, I was doing it to scare you away, to make you go away and leave me alone, but when I realized, that I can loose you, it came to me how much in love I’m with you, that you healed my soul and stuck my heart together. I was affraid, that you would not return my affection, that you would not love someone like me and that I compromised everything with my behaviour, but when you said you loved me and found home in me, I knew I couldn’t loose you, that you and I were two pieces of the same broken heart, which were looking for each other.’’ He saw tears in her eyes, her full, pink lips were parted and bottom lip was shaking. ‘’All these years spent with you were the most beautiful in my life. And that’s why I want to spend with you even more years like these or an eternity to have a chance to make all your dreams come true, to love you, to cause a smile on your lovely face all the time, to make your eyes sprak, just to be with you.’’

Arno spread his palm where he had a small, dark, velvet box and opened it slowly. There was a beautiful gold ring with minor diamond. (Y/N) eyes slipped from Arno’s face to the box in his palm. A loud sob came from her mouth and tears washed over her smooth cheeks. She covered her lips with her palms and looked into Arno eyes again, which started to glaze.

‘’(Y/N), will you let me become your husband, who will love you for eternity and even longer? Will you let me be a father to the beautiful kids, you dreaming of? Will you let me make come true your dream about having your own family?’’ Arno took another deep breath. ‘’Will you make me the happiest and luckiest guy in the universe and marry me?’’

(Y/N) bursted into tears. Her face became pink and her eyes reddened from tears. Her full lips let go silent sobs. When Arno finished, she grabbed at him and hid her face in the crook oh his neck. Arno embraced her waste and hugged her tighly. He was crying.

Few minutes later, (Y/N) calmed down and looked into Arno eyes, taking his face in her cool palms. ‘’Arno, my beloved, from all of things in the world, I yearn those dreams to be ours, that you and I make them come ture. I desire you to be my husband, father to our children, my family.’’ She kissed him gently and put her forehead against his. ‘’I will marry you, Arno.’’

Arno hugged her even tighter and closed the gap between them in a hot, tender and loving kiss. While later they broke apart and Arno brought the ring out from the dark box. He softly took her palm and cearfuly slid the ring on her finger. Both of them couldn’t stop smiles on their faces. When Arno slid it, he kissed (Y/N) hand and nestled it to his cheek. His stubble softly, but pleasantly tickled her palm. They looked into each other eyes. A new life phase was standing open in front of them.

‘’I love you (Y/N) and I always will.’’ His voice full of love with promise behind it.

‘’I know, Arno. I feel your love in every gesture.’’ She kissed his forehead and he relaxed.

‘’Come, I want to show you something.’’ Arno got up and helped his fiancee. They approached wall with photos.

‘’Arno…’’ She looked at him. ‘’You didn’t have to do that. She…’’ Instead of photo of himself and Elise, there was a photo of him and (Y/N).

‘’I know, mon amie.’’ He interrupted her. ‘’But she is my past and memory in my mind, and let it be that way.’’

(Y/N) smiled sadly and snuggled into her fiance. He took her chin between his fingers and made her look at him.

‘’You are my future. We are going to be a married couple, we want to have children. These are my purposes. I don’t want to look back anymore.’’ Arno said honestly and smiled.

‘’I love you Arno. You can’t even imagine how much.’’ She lied her hands on his firm and broad chest.

‘’Hmm…’’ Arno pondered thearticaly. ‘’Then maybe you can live out your image by finishing what we have started in the kitchen earlier?’’ He winked at her, smiled seductively while taking her bridal style and carrying to the bedroom.

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