Megachile policaris

is a species of leaf-cutting bee (Megachile spp.) that is native to North and Central America ranging from Georgia and Florida, to California and southern Mexico. Like other leaf-cutting bees M. policaris is polylectic (its larvae will feed on a wide variety of pollen). Adults will nest in holes in wood, females will cut neat pieces out of leaves to serve as separators between the cells of her nest.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Hymenoptera-Aculeata-Apoidea-Megachilidae-Megachilinae-Megachilini-Megachile-(Sayapis)-M. policaris

Images: Victor Engel and Thomas Bentley


Just a bunch of various insects that I have in my room. 

Dasymutilla gloriosa that I took under a microscope. 
Polistes dominulatwo females on my finger.
Plectrodera scalatorspecimen from Texas
Manduca sexta and it’s life stages. 
Zophobas moriosuperworms that are sold as feeders at pet stores. Adult beetles.

@ PaperWaspNest, yes both Polistes dominula on my finger are VERY much ALIVE! :D  


Two more of my colonies.

Crematogaster cerasi with workers eggs brood and larvae. This queen has done excepetionally well. I hope she stays alive, and continues to produce large quanitities of workers. 

Tetramorium spp. E, Larvae and pupae, pressed against the side of a formicarium. To be closer to the heat I assume. This colony is very active and are little escape artists. 


here’s a bee I followed around :>