Megachile policaris

is a species of leaf-cutting bee (Megachile spp.) that is native to North and Central America ranging from Georgia and Florida, to California and southern Mexico. Like other leaf-cutting bees M. policaris is polylectic (its larvae will feed on a wide variety of pollen). Adults will nest in holes in wood, females will cut neat pieces out of leaves to serve as separators between the cells of her nest.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Hymenoptera-Aculeata-Apoidea-Megachilidae-Megachilinae-Megachilini-Megachile-(Sayapis)-M. policaris

Images: Victor Engel and Thomas Bentley


Just a bunch of various insects that I have in my room. 

Dasymutilla gloriosa that I took under a microscope. 
Polistes dominulatwo females on my finger.
Plectrodera scalatorspecimen from Texas
Manduca sexta and it’s life stages. 
Zophobas moriosuperworms that are sold as feeders at pet stores. Adult beetles.

@ PaperWaspNest, yes both Polistes dominula on my finger are VERY much ALIVE! :D  


Two more of my colonies.

Crematogaster cerasi with workers eggs brood and larvae. This queen has done excepetionally well. I hope she stays alive, and continues to produce large quanitities of workers. 

Tetramorium spp. E, Larvae and pupae, pressed against the side of a formicarium. To be closer to the heat I assume. This colony is very active and are little escape artists. 


here’s a bee I followed around :>

I dug a trench into
the dark earth and
sprinkled atop
bluebonnet and
orange seeds,
laying down
sugar cane stalks,
and a large sprawling
Aloe aculeata.

When everything
began to grow,
I sang to the leaves
and the blooms
hits from
Garth Brooks
and Louis Armstrong,
Matchbox 20
and Motley Crue.

We all grew together,
not belonging 
to one place
but everywhere

I’ve cultivated
my future
by combining 
everything good
from my past.

—  From Texas To Louisiana To Florida To California - BM

Guajillo (Senegalia berlandieri) and palo verde (Parkinsonia aculeata). Guajillo is economically important as a nectar source for a very pale, mild honey. I unfortunately was too early to catch the palo verde in full bloom. The entire plant can look solid yellow from a distance when all flowers are open.