Dear Internet,

I sincerely love you. You have brought so many wonderful, smart, kind people into my life in the last year. I feel truly blessed to have met these people. They have each enriched my life in many, many ways online and now offline. It was so wonderful to run around a gorgeous lake and then sit and chat for hours about everything. So far there isn’t a weirdo in the bunch. Well, not creepy weird anyway. ;)

I think we may have to turn this into a regular running group. Minny tumblrs unite! Megan from our Ragnar team also joined us for our run around lake Harriet in Minneapolis. She doesn’t have a tumblr yet, but I’m sure we can change that.

If you don’t follow all of these peeps you’re missing out: Dale, Bob, Melinda, Erin, Jordan, Sheila, Jason, and Katie.

Today was the last run with my training partner before the Get Lucky 21k on Saturday. We ran on the Big Rivers Trail. It is relatively flat and curves along next to the Minnesota River. I thought it would be a simple 4 miler. Out and back. No big deal. I was wrong.

It was about 75 degrees. My body is not used to running at that temp yet, so I can only describe my breathing as labored. I’m usually pretty quite and controlled with my breathing, but not today. So I was feeling pretty crappy on the return trip.

Melinda has been experiencing pain in her Achilles through-out half marathon training. She can usually keep the pain at bay by stopping periodically to stretch. No dice today. She was really hurting. We walked the last half mile to give her some relief. Even with that her Achilles was visibly swollen.

We were prepped for an injury free, 40-50 temp race. That is not what we are going to get. It would be incredibly easy to let our minds go to a dark place. To dwell on the what ifs. To worry about what may transpire. I refuse to go there. I will trust the training. I will trust my experience. I will run beside my friend and cheer her on even when I want to quit. Then I will cry with her when they put that half marathon medal around her neck.

Melinda, you have worked hard for this. You are a monster! Pound that pavement. Run your race. This is your moment, no regrets!