torakoneko  asked:

this isn't a question, but... what i don't get is why everyone is making it about oppression. everyone always freaks the fuck out when the media or random people on the street or who the fuck ever implies that disability is a bad thing that should be avoided, but then when an able-bodied person (or disabled person without whatever disability) wants a particular disability, it's all "omg they want to be oppressed because there's nothing good about disability omg"

Eeeeeehh that isn’t my experience at all, especially when it comes to psychiatric disabilities. I have yet to find an online community based around self-injury that treats it in any way OTHER than a terrible thing that needs to be avoided, for example, or that doesn’t assume that everyone wants to and needs to recover.

So like, I wish that everyone freaked out in that situation but as the person who actually does, I’ve found that in most situations other people won’t back me up on that.

I don’t know how it is with physical disabilities, that isn’t my forte, but considering how much I see of the argument you mentioned, I assume that most people still think of physical disability as something terrible and to be avoided. And that’s really ableist.

Really, that entire argument falls apart once you accept the idea that ableism is bad.