It took me years to unlearn the toxic behavior that my peers instilled upon me and learn to respect myself and actually, genuinely enjoy things. I spent years hiding who I truly was for the sake of fitting in and not getting mocked, but I got sick of not being true to myself. I’m sick of being apologetic for my passions. I love Pokémon, art, cosplay, writing and animation as a whole, and I can’t wait to contribute my creative ideas to the world and inspire other people with my art. People with passion and drive are the ones that change the world and make life so much better, and people who spread hateful rhetoric will be given attention, sure, but they’ll swiftly be forgotten about.

Now that I’m (almost) an adult, I’ve taught myself how to enjoy my hobbies to the fullest, just like I did when I was a kid. I’ve had so much more fun ever since I stopped giving a shit about what neurotypical people think about me, and I’ve truly embraced who I am as a person. Some of the happiest moments of my life have been a result of me being unapologetically passionate, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Idiot, Imbecile, and Moron used to be actual medical diagnoses.

So if you believe that a disability is more prevalent now (which is commonly believed about autism), it’s possible that people with that disability have always existed, but they were diagnosed with something else.

Some sketches of the girls for my grandma. She bought a blank calender and wanted me and my brother to draw in it. I would have finished these and colored them but she asked me to leave them as sketches, because she likes the see the progress lines. And also because my markers would bleed through the pages ^^“

When Anne came out of the jungle she was given a book made by the national autistic society filled with messages from autistic people and their families. It made me so happy to see my message in there! Anne is amazing and deserves so much respect for going into the jungle!! ❤️


Hey.  Someone made a pretty good song about growing autistic/ADHD.  Check it out. 

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i know a lot about my special interests and when i answer a lot of related questions in class my teachers are like “oh you’re so smart! do you want to teach the class??” and i know its not supposed to be taken as a bad thing but it makes me anxious

That sounds like a very odd thing for your teacher to say. Is it an option to ask her not to say it and let her know it makes you uncomfortable?