actually... quite the contrary


If Heechul is really dating someone, he says he will “have a conscience” and only break the news earliest one week after his discharge so as to be responsible to the fans who have waited for him for 2 years.


I’m not very far into Steven Universe, but I really wanted to make a gem. Here’s Tiger’s Eye, it was my favourite gem when I was a kid. I’d go to a nearby ‘spiritual store’ and buy a whole handful of gems at a time, but this was definitely my favourite. 

Tiger’s Eye is covered in a few gems in typical spots, because she wants to seem indestructible. She feels like no one would be able to pick which gem is the true one, which gives her the upper hand in combat.

Contrary to this stoic confidence, she’s actually quite insecure, and perhaps she only did this because she’s afraid?

Weapon of choice: Fists.

*eye of the tiger plays*

Art by me. 

my deviantart is if you’d like to see more of my art! 

rhyminraccoon  asked:

I love the Love Like You thing, aah; Kerry is precious, and I'm excited to see what role Chuck has to play in Kerry's route. Also, question! Would you be okay with people writing fanfiction about/of your characters? I love your work and I'd love to help provide more material and support in any way that I can! Thank you! Have a nice night. ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Hi! Thanks a lot for your message ^^

I really don’t mind at all people making fanart or writing fanfictions about my characters, quite the contrary, actually! I would love to read anything regarding my babies, even if it’s crackfics or theories about the lore and stuff.