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I wanted to make my character more natural and realistic. Although people expect the tone of the film to be fantasy, it actually is quite the contrary. It’s an intimate story that feels real. I think of all the Star Wars films released so far, Rogue One is the most real one, which is about the people. The characters are very similar to us. They are heroes with no powers. What they have is a conviction and desire to change reality — Diego Luna discusses his role as Captain Cassian Andor.

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why do you think there was such a lack of romantic intent behind touka and kaneki in the chapters leading up to 125? They never so much as breathed a "i love you"; all that happened was kiss kiss and "lets have sex" and "here's a ring." is this to show that the relationship between touka and kaneki isn't exactly romantic? what are your thoughts on this?

Uhm, where is this coming from? I never said that there was a lack of romantic interest from either Kaneki or Touka. It’s quite the contrary, actually. Ishida made it a point to hint at the fact that both of them had feelings for each other. Here’s a few examples off the top of my head (I don’t have the time or the energy to search for all of the actual panels but please bear with me):

1. Kaneki left just Touka behind after he founded his gang with Banjou and Tsukiyama, because he didn’t want for her in particular to get hurt. To justify this choice, he told her that he wanted for her to keep true to her wish to merge with humans and go to school and have a normal, peaceful life.

2. For Touka’s birthday, Kaneki bought her a bunny keychain and even though he still kept in hiding made sure that she received it. He probably chose a bunny both because Touka likes them, and because he was reminded of her (just like Amon was reminded of Akira when he saw the cat keychain. The parallel to the akiramon relationship reinforces the idea of a romantic subplot playing a role in both cases). 

3. Soon afterwards, Touka went to Nishiki (the only person she knew who had a healthy and long-lasting relationship) to ask him whether she could consider Kaneki’s present as a sign of romantic interest. She clearly wanted it to be. 

4. Kaneki remarked how pretty Touka was on multiple occasions:

5. On Christmas Eve, which is considered a festivity for couples in Japan, Sasaki thought of Touka and wondered whether she’d be on a date:

6. And in what’s probably the most explicit giveaway so far, as Sasaki he often visited :re to have an excuse to sneak glances at Touka, just like he did at Anteiku when he had a crush on Rize and was too shy to approach her: 

7. All of the above are mostly from Kaneki’s side, but if you’re looking for confirmation on Touka’s part then the most glaringly obivious giveaway of her romantic feelings for him is that the reason she founded :re in the first place was to give him a place to come back home to if he ever got his memories back. 

8. Another one would be how she selflessly decided not to force him to remember, because she put his happiness before her own and realized that he was happier when he still couldn’t remember about her.

9. Touka herself explicitly admitted that she was happy that Kaneki had a crush on her:

And these are just the examples I could think of at the moment. There probably are even more. 

If anyone’s saying that their relationship was never romantic before chapter 125, they’re just deluding themselves. 

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Hi, i love your damijon fic, its everything! Can I ask for damijon where damian is shy of public affection but do it anyway bc jon want it

Thank you so much anon! I’m not sure this is what you had in mind, but.

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“Have you really never seen Pinocchio?”, Jon asks, looking up at him from his lap.

Damian doesn’t know how and when he managed to put his head there. It must’ve happened while he was busy arguing with Dick on why fourteen years old trained assassins should not be forced to watch Disney movies by their self appointed older brothers, or with Tim on who should be the one holding the popcorn bowl, or with Jason and his sideways jokes about becoming a real boy - which Damian didn’t really understood but offended him on a principle. (Movie nights always offers a wide variety of arguments).

“Have you really never seen a pillow?”, Damian mocks, looking down at him. “It doesn’t look like me, in case you were wondering.”

“Was not”, Jon answers with a smile.

Damian growls at him but doesn’t push him on the floor, and his lack of reaction earns him a curious glance from Tim, who’s currently sitting on the couch next to them, the bowl of popcorn in his hands and one of Kon’s long arm wrapped around his shoulders. Damian can feel the tips of his ears reddening under his brother’s stare, and he keeps his eyes fixed on the television screen while he waits for the teasing he knows is coming.

Surprisingly enough, Tim scrunches up the corners of his mouth in what could be described as a knowingly smile, but he doesn’t comment at all - which is kind of a first in Damian’s book, but he’s not going to question his fortune or Tim’s indisputable ulterior motives right now.

He settles back against the couch cushions and pretends to watch the animated nonsense along with Jon and their brothers, while in reality his attention keeps shifting on the solid weight of Jon’s head against his stomach and - a couple of minutes later, after Jon decides Damian’s definitely more comfortable than the couch itself - on the warm touch of Jon’s hands on his thighs.

Overall it’s not a displeasing feeling, and it’s not a totally improper contact either, but the unfamiliarity of the situation makes Damian too self-conscious about it.

Though, thinking about it, he shouldn’t be so surprised about Jon’s confidentiality. He learned long before tonight - and at his own expense - that Jon’s a very physical person with little to no regard altogether for such a basic concept as interpersonal distances.

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|The Story of Last Night | Lafayette

So I was listening to The Story of Tonight Reprise and the idea of drunk Lafayette is literally everything to me right now.

I may not live to see our glory!” 

You rose an eyebrow at the chorus of voices that hit your ears as you entered the bar, and sighed when you recognized the faces. 

Not again, You purposefully maneuvered away from them, going by the counter. Its not that you didn’t like the four idiots, you did, but it was just that you had no time nor patience to deal with them at the moment. The whole reason you had skipped the reception in the first place, was because you had found yourself becoming quickly overwhelmed. 

Even among-st girls, Angelica sure knew how to party. 

You chuckled nervously at the memory of the flamboyant Schuyler (and Eliza who surprisingly got quite frisky the moment she got even a little alcohol in her system).

So yeah, it wasn’t a good idea to let them see you. Especially since it looked like they were dead ass drunk. They were bad enough normally, you didn’t even want to try to handle them while they were off their rocker.

“The usual?”

You lifted your head to peer at the bartender, who had a warm smile. You nodded, and the man blinked at your weary state. 

“Rough night?” He asked. You looked not too subtly in the way of the notorious gang, and he gave you an expression of empathy. “Ah, I see.”

“Hamilton’s hitched,” you clarified. The bartender snickered.

“I know. The whole place does,” He said, returning with your drink. You shrugged laughing along with him and taking a tentative sip before deciding to just chug the whole thing down.

Right when you were contemplating getting another round and joining the party of intoxicated laid-backs, a hand tapped your shoulder. You turned to see the face of none other than Hercules Mulligan himself.

“Y/L/N” He started, scratching the back of his neck with a crooked white smile. He looked to be still tipsy, but way more cognitive than he had been when you spotted the quartet earlier. 

“Please, Mulligan, you can call me Y/N,” You returned the smile, giving him your full attention. 

“Well then, right back at you, Y/N.”

“As you say, Hercules,” You taunted back. He chuckled deeply.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I require your assistance,” He began. You gave him a look of confusion, and he gestured to his arm. 

When you looked properly, you saw that he was practically carrying Lafayette  like he weighed a bag of feathers. While Hercules had regained his wits, the french man clearly had not, and was still properly bamboozled. 

“Monsieur Lafayette cannot hold his liquor?” You questioned in amusement. Hercules shared your sentiment.

“On the contrary, he is actually quite impressive in that regard. But alas, he had way more than any of us.”

You grinned but it wavered when you saw his suggestive gaze. “Wait…what exactly are you asking me to do here?”



“Please Y/N?” He couldn’t restrain his laugh. “John ran off somewhere, and I need to track him down so that he doesn’t jump in the lake.”

“Why can’t Hamilton do it?” You stalled. 

“Hamilton went off somewhere with Burr,” Hercules confirmed. You opened your mouth to make another excuse but a look from the tall man had you shutting up.

You groaned, putting your palm to your face. “I’m going to regret this.”

“Thank you Y/N,” Hercules was more than willing to hand over the drunk man to you, and you nearly fell over to hold him up. 

“You’re-” You barely started but he was already out the doors. “…welcome.”

You huffed, focusing now on the immigrant nearly drooling on your shoulder.

“Lets go,” You shook him slightly, enough to get him able to walk with you as you hung his arm around your neck.

“Hmm..?” He asked drowsily, a rumble vibrating through his chest and straight through you. “Where…?”

His voice was hoarse from the recent wake up and you would vehemently deny that it had goosebumps rising up your arms. 

“Home,” You said, absentmindedly watching the stars as the two of you hobbled down the empty street. 

“Home…?” He repeated. “You…would have a…ship at the ready?”

You snorted. Even completely wasted, he didn’t fail to have you in fits of laughter. 

“Not France, Lafayette,” You mused. “Though I think I would like to visit.”

“Anytime…” He opened his eyes blearily, seeming to want to see you. When he saw your face he seemed a bit surprised, but got over it. “Y/N…”

Your name rolling off his lips made you weirdly content. 

“You would escort me, Monsieur?” You were enjoying somewhat flirting with the man, knowing he wouldn’t remember a single word. 

“Anything for you,” He responded. You paused. That sounded a little too sincere. You peeked a glance to see if he had cleared his mind from the alcoholic fog, but his face was still flushed. Guess not.

“Its a date then,” You said. 

“Date…? Yes…a date,” He murmured by your ear, breath washing over you, a distinct smell of sweet whiskey. You were already getting flustered by the proximity, but when his lips pressed to your neck you lost your crap.

“What are you doing?” The words were rushed, your voice a pitch higher. 

“Tu es si belle.”


“Vous frappez, madame. Restez avec moi.”


The only thing that followed was a babble of french that you in no way could translate. The sultry flow of the romantic language by your ear was again getting too much for you. You were sure your face would burn off in no time.


That seemed to knock him out of his daze, but he still continued to speak in French, with a few random English words in-between. You suddenly noticed the confused expression set on his face and realized he quite seriously couldn’t remember the language at the moment in his state.

How adorable.

You let him off the hook for the intrusion of your personal space just because of that, and giggled quietly to yourself as you walked up to his door. 

You fished around in his coat for his keys, and gave a small ‘aha’ when you found them in an inner pocket. The door clicked open.

“Here we are,” You said. A strike of sympathy struck within you with another look at Lafayette’s disheveled state. 

It wouldn’t kill you to bring him to his room would it? You took the small journey with a pep in your step.

“Time to go to bed, Lafayette,” You spoke to him as if he was a child, patting his shoulder. He hummed.


You made to let him go but stopped breathing when the roles changed as he clamped his arms around your waist and dragged you down to the mattress with him.

“MMpH..!” You thrashed, face pressed into his chest, your bodies practically glued together. A heat ravaged your cheeks when you registered this, his toned body outlined underneath his clothes, the scruff on his jaw brushing against your cheek. You finally managed to disconnect from him enough to speak. 

“Let go!” You whispered harshly. Lafayette stirred, opening his eyes. The two of you stared at each other before an odd glint entered Lafayette’s chocolate eyes. 

“Laf-” You started.



“Stay,” He said shortly, more of a question than a demand. His eyes looked too clear, too soft for someone who was drunk.

You got lost in his gaze, your faces so close now that you could count every brown eyelash, the curls escaping his ponytail, framing his captivating features. 

Everything was shouting at you to say no, to get the hell out of there, but then his lip quirked upward and you were melting.


His head buried in your neck, your legs intertwined as the soft sounds of his breathing filled the quiet air.

And the dull beat of his heart lulled you to join him in the land of the subconscious not long after.


You frowned at the noise, wondering who had the heart of stone to do this to you so early in the morning. Opening your eyes, you watched Lafayette in blurry perplexity until the memories of the night before came back to you and just sighed, rolling back over.

“Go back to sleep, Lafayette.”

“Back to-?!” He was utterly befuddled, wincing at the sound of his own voice, nursing a hangover. Another round of french escaped his lips before he caught himself.  “Mon cher, what are you doing in my bed??!!”

“So you don’t remember last night?” You mulled, taking great satisfaction in making him freak out even more.

“Last night?!!” He sputtered, a complete mess of ruffled clothes, bed hair and tangled sheets. “What did I - did we - how did-”

You snuggled into the warm sheets, snickering. “Don’t worry, we didn’t do anything.”

A breath of relief left his lungs. “Oh merci bien.”

You hummed casually. “I mean, you haven’t even taken me on that date to France yet.”

You swear you had no idea the male human voice could go that high before. “Date??”

A thump alerted you to the fact that he had fallen out of the bed and onto the floor. 

You yawned, raising your hand limply above your head to point at the ceiling. Where to start? 

“I’ll tell the story of last night…”


Keep The Change  [ J.T ]

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: 57 and 64 with Jason Todd please



56: “Are you flirting with me?”

64: “You’re so beautiful.”

From This Prompts List

Word Count: 


Tagging: @speedypan @alwaysinnarnia @just-a-girl-maybe @chuckennuggets1213

A/N: This is trash lol I’m sorry. It’s also really short lol. Also I’m thinking of writing a Dark! au for Dick soon–just an idea though and it’s totally irrelevant at the moment. Quick reminder; my requests are open so send them in!


“Are you flirting with me?” You blush, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with a shy smile playing on your lips. Jason smiles, grazing his bottom lip with his pearly whites as he takes the hot cup of coffee that you had just sold to him.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t?” He shrugs, pulling out his wallet from his pocket. Jason takes pride in the new redness of your cheeks, his eyes following your every move. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh,” You mumble, your eyes dropping to the till as you quickly mumble the price of his drink. “But it’s quite the contrary actually.”

“What? Are you saying you’re not beau-”

“No, no,” You shake your head, your lips turning upwards at the corners. “I’m saying that a lot of people wouldn’t flirt with me, is all.”

“Well,” Jason says, placing the money on the counter in front of you. “I guess that’s an advantage on my end. Gives me more of a chance.”

You laugh, taking the change and placing the money in the drawer of the till you so often work with. You pull out the change needed to give him back, your eyebrows raising as he shakes his head, placing his hand on top of your own. The sound of your laugh sends a wave of a foreign sort of happiness through Jason’s body, his lips curving unintentionally.

“Keep the change.” He smirks. “Only if I can get your name, that is.”

“Y/N,” You reply, glancing at the change in your hand and then back to the insanely attractive man standing in front of you.

Jason smiles, mumbling his own name to you before taking a napkin from the holder in front of the till and pulling a pen out from the pocket of his leather jacket. He places it in front of you, leaning forward and placing is elbow on the surface of the counter, resting his chin in his hand. His blue eyes hold a cheeky glint as they rest on your own.

“What about your number?”

You smile sheepishly as you quickly glance to your boss, happily nodding as she gives you a wide grin and two thumbs up. You pick up the pen, quickly scribbling your number onto the napkin before handing it back to him.

Jason tucks the napkin into his pocket, his eyes trained on your own as he flashes you a smirk, adjusting the way his jacket sat on his shoulders. He holds his drink with a single hand, waving once with the hand that wasn’t being used. You watch him shove his wallet back into the back pocket of his jeans before he makes his way to the exit without saying a single word. Your eyes follow him to the door, your bottom lip finding it’s way between your teeth as a smirking Jason turns around and sends you a wink before disappearing from your sight.


Request for @loviecleone43

Could you do a Buttercream imagine with Joe where everyone is playing spill it or shot it, and some feelings are hinted at?

Requests: Open 

Enjoy :)

“So Joe,”
Jacks voice slurred across the table, the vodka he’d consumed taking effect and causing his words to fall together into a jumbled mess.
The group of you (aka Jack, Joe, Josh, Caspar, Maddy, Conor) had decided to play say it or shot it, a game Jack often played on his channel, but instead of disgusting foods, we were using alcohol.
“Joe…” Jack said again, a smirk covering his face,
“Who in this room… do you like?” he finished, and Josh’s mouth fell open whilst Conor whipped his head around to face you. Joe’s neck flushed, but you couldn’t see his face as he was turned away from you.
“Jack…” he said with his teeth ground together, and Jacks obnoxiously large smile got even wider, and he wiggled his eyebrows in your direction. Catching on a bit, your eyes widened and you looked over at Joe, who looked very determined not to turn around.
“Come on buddy!” Caspar laughed and Joe put his head in his hands.
“Why me?” you heard him sigh under his breath and he turned to you, his face red and looking vaguely mortified.
“Y/N.” he said and you gasped, Joe liked you?! The guy you’d met five years ago because you made videos in your bedroom, the guy you’d fancied ever since you met him, liked you? your thoughts were whirling around your head, so much so, that you didn’t notice Joe get up and leave the room. You were brought back into conciseness by the sound of Maddie’s voice yelling after him.
“Joe!” she called, and you stared at the retreating form walking out onto the balcony.
“Y/N, I think you should go talk to him.” Caspar said and you nodded vigorously, before standing up and making your own way out there.
You found Joe out there, leaning against the railing, staring out over the city. You lived in quite a high risen building, close to the top floor, so the view of the city with the setting sun fading in the background was absolutely stunning.
“Hey” you said tentatively, and Joe started, whipping his head around, before nervously chuckling.
“Hey.” he replied, and you walked up to stand next to him.
“So…” you tried to start a conversation but couldn’t really find the words to say to him.
“I’ve ruined everything haven’t I?” he said with another laugh.
“You’re the one person I feel like I can really talk too, the one person I want to be around more than anything and I’ve fucked it up.” He  said, dropping his head into his hands and letting out a long breath. His words hit you hard and your heart started to beat faster than it should have. For a minute there was total silence, until you finally worked up the courage to say something.
“N-no, Joe, it’s quite the contrary actually.” you stated, and he lifted his head, staring at you confusedly
“No.” you said again, “Joe, I feel the exact same way.” Now it was his turn to open his eyes as wide as they could go.
“Really?” he asked, excitement lacing his tone,
“Y-you do?”
“Yeah.” you said, a smile playing at your face as Joe said,
“Well then, It’s only fair if I treated you to a m-meal.” Uncertainty glimmered in his eyes but instead of the rejection you knew he was expecting, you blushed,
“I would like that.” you said to the floor and Joe went to say something else but his voice was drowned out by clapping coming from inside.
“Finally!” Conor yelled and laughter followed.
“Well,” Joe said chuckling,
“Shall we re-join the game?”
You nodded, your own laughter sounding as the two of you walked back inside.

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what kinks do you think the members of bts have?? love ur acc btw xx

omg this is gonna be hard aaaaa

seokjin - he’d be so into the whole daddy/little thing omg he’d love to spank you when you misbehave and not just with his hands like he’d have whips, paddles the whole lot. He’d also enjoy seeing you dress up for him in pretty little stockings and garters for him. Just everything to do with daddy/little kinks, that’s him!!

yoongi - this isn’t exactly a kink but yoongi would be SO into oral !!!! he’d love to eat you out/suck you off all the time!!! and he’d love it even more when you do it to him. He’d ask you blow him when he’s hard at work in the studio, when he’s driving, when you’re at the movies, out at a restaurant, he really wouldn’t care where you are and who’s watching.

hoseok - hmmm I can’t really think of any main kinks hoseok would have, I think he’d love markings like hickeys and bruises and scratches all down his back from him fucking you so hard. this isn’t really a kink either but he’d be so into you riding him dear god.

namjoon - contrary to common belief, I think namjoon’s actually quite vanilla. he’d like you calling him daddy but I don’t actually think he’d be as into it as seokjin and he’d rather it just be a thing you call him during sex rather than actually taking on the role.

jimin - omG the thought of him having a mummy/daddy kink,,,, hELP ME!! he’d be such a bratty sub and would tease you all the time but as soon as you two actually got home he’d be on his knees begging and whining and he’d come so quickly bc he’s just so desperate to be fucked and him being tied up!!! and him as a top!!! the definition of a baby boy!!!

taehyung - does this boy even have a kink he’d be so into trying anything and everything but I can imagine he’d love marking you and just being so dirty and rough with you sweet jesus. i can see him really liking tying you up and watching you squirm tho but after you two were done he’d become so giggly and shy at the thing you did aaaaaa

jeongguk - come on this boy is so vanilla he acts tough but he’d have no idea what he’s doing hAHA i feel so weird even putting him in here he’s still a child in my eyes.

Countless first times

The Winter Soldier x reader

Notes: (rough)smut, angst

Description: the Winter Soldier knows you, he just doesn’t know it. 

This one goes out to @chichyro 

(gif not mine)

The words still ring in your head. The words that turn him into a soldier to be used for anything and everything. The words that made him a warrior, ruthless, cold and incredibly skilled. The words that made him forget who he once was.

He’d always fight the longing you planted inside of him when he came to you after being wiped. He’d always try to resist, knowing that it wasn’t efficient to have this kind of desire for some one. Knowing he had a mission to complete, no matter the cost. He also knew he needed you to complete the mission, and to say he hated it, was an understatement. He didn’t hate you, quite the contrary actually. He liked you, he knew you, or so he thought. You seemed familiar when he knew nothing; the intoxicating scent around you, the flow of your hair, the way your lips moved when you spoke. Every time he was surprised by you, and you never got tired of surprising him. You seemed so delicate to him, beautiful, soft; he compared you to the first flower in the beginning of spring.

But you were as deadly as you were beautiful, as you always had to demonstrate before you went out on a mission with him. He needed to know what you could do, what your skills were, where your limits lie. Sometimes a mission would take a week, sometimes a month. Some missions only took a night, and he was right back in his confinement after spending a few hours with the familiar being that was you.

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Best Laid Plans

Here is my first imagine y'all!! Be nice ok?!?! Special thanks to @come-join-themurder thank you doll you are the best and I love you!! Other shootouts @ouijaboardmystery @calumonoxide @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine @bluegrassgirldownunder (Reader x Juice) 

 This had been going on for weeks now. Well years really, but these last few weeks it had gotten bad. Juice and Y/N had been hooking up for a long time. Y/N wasn’t a crow-eater. She wasn’t any thing like that. She was, actually, quite the contrary. She was a business owner with a clean record a nice home and a “modest” wardrobe, by her mother’s standards at least. Despite all of this no man wanted to bring her home to meet their mom, since she was the daughter of the porn queen and SAMCRO lifer, Luanne and Big Otto Delaney. With a lineage like that, everyone assumed business owner meant porn business. Although her mom Luann helped her out by cosigning for the building, every thing else that had to do with the salon was hers. It was nice, and it was normal, nothing like you’d expect if you knew her parents. Gemma and her mom were in for some trims and highlights and noticed her odd behavior. 

 "What’s wrong baby?“ Luann questioned

 "Yeah sweetheart you’ve been quiet all day.” Gemma pushed. 

“Is it about Juice? Are you still hung up on that?” Luann knew it had to be that. Y/N had come to her about the situation almost as soon as it happened. Y/N’s mom was her best friend and Luann was her baby girl’s number one fan. That girl could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes and Y/N worked hard to not let her down. Just as Luann had worked hard to make sure Y/N had every opportunity to succeed in life despite her and Otto’s pasts. 

 "What about Juice…“ Gemma said flatly as if he had messed up and she just knew it. 

 "It’s not like that Gem and yes mom. I just don’t know what to do! This is beyond frustrating! Mom help me!! Please?” Y/N was practically begging for her mom to tell her what to do. 

 Luann stood up and turned to her daughter. “Baby look at me,” she took Y/N by the face a hand on each cheek forcing Y/N to look her in the eyes, “You have been going over this in your mind for weeks now. I can see you are scared and that tells me only one thing…” Luann brushed her girls hair back “that you love him honey.“ 

 Years ago Y/N and Juice started hooking up. The two of them never dated, they never really talked about what it all meant, but remained good friends. It was the perfect friends with benefits deal. They would talk about everything and nothing and would find comfort with each other in, what to an outsider wouldn’t seem like a lonely life, but actually was. She just wanted someone to want her without fear or judgement and he just wanted someone who wasn’t trying to fuck his kutte. 

 All of it changed a few weeks ago, maybe even before then. The guys were on a run when all hell broke loose and a stray bullet whizzed just past Juice’s ear and into Jax’s arm right behind him. It was all too much for him to handle and after they got back Juice found himself pulling up to Y/N’s house. Before he could even think he was knocking on her front door and as soon as it was opened he pushed his way in, backing her up against the wall and kissing her. As he scooped her up in his arms he kicked the door shut behind him and without words he brought her up stairs laid her down and tried in every way he could to say that he loved her without using the words. Saying it would ruin the moment, he couldn’t let his voice ruin that, not yet anyway. 

 The next morning Juice came down the stairs dressed and ready to leave. "Leaving so soon?” She had questioned. 

 "Maybe,“ was his simple reply. At the questioning look she presented him he took a breath and told her how he felt, how somewhere along the way he fell in love with her. How it seems sudden but that he thinks he always loved her but ignored it for fear of ruining what they had. Which is why he didn’t say it the night before. She simply stood frozen as he slipped on his kutte telling her to think about what he’d said, kissing her temple, whispered an ‘I Love You’ and walked out her door. 

 That was when she went to her mom. She told Luann about how he loved her wanted to be with her and only her. Maybe even have that family they had talked about having one day. Before, when they talked, the kids in the dreams weren’t THEIR kids, but now he wanted them to be. The problem was she was so afraid of a marriage like her mom and dad’s. It made her heartbreak over and over again to see two who people loved each other more than any book or movie could describe never be together again. That was because of the club, which is why even though she loved all of them, she vowed that she would not marry into the club. And yet here she was, faced with a choice; the life she planned, or him.  

Luann continued to stare at Y/N. "Look baby we have to go. Remember there’s a party tonight at the clubhouse. You still coming?”

 She snapped out of her thoughts, “Huh? Yeah 8 o'clock, I’ll be there. ” She responded absent mindedly. 

 As Gemma went to leave she took a hard look at Y/N before softening her face. “Sweetheart you want my advice? Real life and plans? They don’t actually work hand in hand. You understand what I’m saying?" 

 Later that night Y/N was sitting at the bar in the club house. The party was in full swing, filled with members from all up and down the coast. She had tried to avoid Juice. She was still wrestling with her own mind, heart, and gut over the whole situation. This turmoil was only made worse by the fact that every time she turned around Juice was there at the edge of her sight another girl hanging off of him. Granted he didn’t give them the time of day, just ignoring the fact they were there. He had even locked eyes with Y/N when she first came in, simply giving a tight lipped smile. 

 Juice had been fighting with himself to not ask Y/N where she was at with what he had told her. He knew why she would shy away because he knew everything about her. In their years together they had shared everything hopes dreams fears. Only recently did he realize they never shared heartbreak. She had told him every breakup but he realized all of a sudden that he hadn’t really done the same. It was almost as if he was subconsciously avoiding anything serious with anyone. How long had he been in love with her without knowing it? After telling her everything he had left and gone back to his own place to shower. Staring in the mirror, he stood, struggling with his own mind of how he had just lost his best friend. There he came to the realization that he did not want to live without her in his life. The only problem was he had already opened his damn mouth and now he was watching her fake smiles and fake interest in stories because he had put terrifying and confusing thoughts into her pretty mind.

 "Go talk to him.” Gemma had come up behind Y/N and caused her to jump nearly out of her skin. 

 "Gemma, you scared the shit outta me.“ Y/N breathed out clutching her hand to her chest. 

 "Hmm tell me how is it I scared a girl in a room full of people?” Y/N just blushed sheepishly not looking Gemma in the eye. “Unless she wasn’t even really here..” Gemma mumbled under her breath. “Where’d your mind go darlin?" 

 "You really gonna talk like you don’t know?” Y/N snarked back. 

 Gemma smirked out a huff and looked across the room “Yeah. Been watching him side eyeing you all night. It’s actually kinda cute. Pathetic, but cute." 

"Gemma what do I do? I have worked so hard to have a quiet life but every guy I get involved with hears about my family and either books it or acts like he’s God’s gift and I need him to rescue me. I love all these guys. I mean, Bobby took me to a father daughter dance because my dad was inside. You have no idea what it’s like seeing your mom and dad, two people so in love with each other not be able to even touch. Not only that but she has worked so hard so I wouldn’t have to live that way. I’m not like my mom, she is incredibly strong, and I don’t think, no, I know I’m not that strong. I’m already to afraid to admit how I feel out loud because it will just become real.” Y/N took a breath realizing her rambling and trying to rein it in. 

Gemma took this opportunity to lay some truth on her goddaughter. “I get it sweetheart, you have a plan for your life. But like I said plans and life, they don’t always work hand in hand. I know you think you are going to disappoint them if you end up with a member." 

 Gemma wanted her to understand that she understood the struggle, but before she could continue the woman whose words mattered most made her presence known. 

 Luann had come up behind them and overheard all of Y/N’s fears, feeling terrible that disappointing her was one of them. "Baby?”

 "Mom! Hey.“ Y/N put on that brave face she had learned from Luann herself. 

"Baby listen to me the only thing I could be disappointed in is you missing out on the love of your life. If it’s him go for it. Yeah it kills me to not be with Otto but I would not trade him and the love we got for each other for any number of picket fences and 9-5 safe jobs in the world." 

 Y/N just stared at at her mother. After all these years she still couldn’t believe that her mom could read her mind so well that she said exactly what she didn’t know she needed to hear. All Y/ N could do was smile at Luann.

 Gemma jumped off her stool clearing her throat. "Come on Luann I need another drink. And you,” She turned to Y/N “get over this already you are never this serious, and I cannot believe I’m saying this but I actually miss the smart-ass version of you." 

 Luann chuckled at that and walked away with Gemma once again leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts. As she turned around she met her eyes with his across the room. 

 She was pulled from her trance when she realized that someone was trying to talk to her. "Hmm? I’m sorry did you say something?” She asked the man leaning next to her in a kutte. 

 "I asked if maybe you’d like to make this a private party, just the two of us?“ He looked her up and down biting his lip. 

 That was all it took for the smart-ass fire cracker that was Y/N Delaney to make her grand return. Looking him up and down she replied. "Sorry sweetheart, I like a little more… Puerto Rican in my wood." 

 Hopping off her barstool she beelined it to the only man in the room who fit the description. Grabbing him by his kutte she pulled him to one of the rooms in the back of the club house. 

 Once inside and alone with him her nerves set back in. Juice just watched her pace in front of him, not sure what was going to happen, but with his own heart currently in his throat he didn’t have a way to question her actions. "Y/N…” he started to say but she cut him off.

 "I love you too!“ She blurted out and instantly slapped her hands over her mouth. He was grinning that mega watt smile, the one that made his big eyes crinkle up on the sides, the one that she couldn’t help but return.

 "Yeah?” He questioned as he started to walk towards her. She removed her hands from her mouth nodding her head yes as he closed the distance and kissed her. Deep and sweet and right on the mouth. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her small frame up his body to hold her. 

Their kisses soon became more passionate but she pulled away allowing him to attack her neck, running hot open mouthed kisses along her throat and down her chest. 

 "Juice…Hey… Baby…. JUICE” Y/N tried to gain his attention becoming more stern with each breath. Finally he pulled his mouth away from her chest and looked up into her eyes where he had hoisted her up. 

 "Mmm?“ He questioned rubbing his lips together trying to take her seriously as her tone suggested he do. The only problem was she was the least serious person he had ever met. She was a smart ass, a joker, she made terrible puns and grade school level jokes when she was uncomfortable. 

 "I need you to understand something.” She pushed the subject, and poor Juice he was trying, he really was, but this had been killing him for 3 weeks now and the girl of his dreams just told him she loved him. They were alone, and currently her legs were wrapped around him and her chest was making eye contact with him, “well we need to understand… what are we?“ 

 "Well if you’re game, I’d like it if I’m only yours and you’re only mine. Maybe we don’t leave each other the next morning. I’m thinking we keep talkin’ about those futures only we picture each other in them instead of some Imaginary Mr or Ms Right.” She smiled at this and he dove back into her.

 "Whoa there, slow down what are you doing? I’m not done.“ Juice huffed out a growl and reluctantly pulled back and again schooled his face to attempt to take her seriously. Y/N untangled herself from him, she just had to get this off her chest, she needed the clarification. The only problem with that, however, was when she got uncomfortable she cracked jokes and asserting herself made her very uncomfortable. 

 "It’s just ya know…we need to be sure…about…ummmm each other’s…expectations. Like…what, what, what um do you want from,umm, me?” Y/ N stammered through her not-very-well-thought-out speech.

 "I just told you?“ Juice was confused

 "I know…." 

 "Tell me what YOU want,” he coaxed. 

 This was it, this is this was what had her uncomfortable. It wasn’t asserting herself, it was what she wanted, and now that she told him she loved him what if he didn’t want the same thing as her? What if he changed his mind…

 "Well?” He was watching her he saw the fear in her eyes

 "It’s just… I’m all in here Juice. I dont…“ She was struggling to find the words. "This life it’s not what I pictured from myself…" 

 Juice stepped towards her "I know baby, you’re scared and so am I, and I can’t promise that it’s gonna be perfect but I can promise that I’m gonna try to make it that way and if you work with me on that we will have a perfectly imperfect life. Together. " 

 That’s all it took, "Ok.”

 Juice’s grin had made its grand return lighting his face up once again “Yeah?" 

"Yes,” She said with more resolve “but I have one rule”

 "Anything baby” he nodded his head. 

 "This whole ‘what happens on a run stays on a run’ nonsense is bullshit. Your Dick belongs either in your pants or in my pussy. You got that? I ain’t sharing you with nobody. “ 

 Juice lost it, a full belly laugh escaping him, “Where do you think I’ve been trying to put it this whole time?” He laughed out once again taking her in his arms.

 "Not here?!“ She blurted out, "this place is disgusting." 

 "Fine.” Was all he said as he scooped her up throwing her over his shoulder and storming out towards his bike. 

 As he made his way out through the club house Chibs called out to him “Juicey Boy, what are ya doin lad?" 

 "Taking my Ol’ Lady home!” He announced. Before the entire club house erupted in cheers and whistles. The last thing Y/ N saw as Juice carried her through the door was her mom smiling and clapping along with everyone else. Then as she locked eyes with Luann for just a brief moment she saw tears in her eyes, this wasn’t an uncommon thing for her to see. She’d watched her mom cry many times over the years yet this was so rare of a moment because for the first time her tears were of joy. Her mom was happy for her. (GIF is not mine)

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Welcome home

Celebrity imagine
Pairing: James Franco x Reader
Requested by an anon reader
Word count: 807

Dating an actor wasn’t easy. Not really because he basically got recognised and asked for autographs at pretty much all time, nor because of the papparazzi. You had learnt to deal with all that. The real problem was the long periods of time where he had to be away for work, and your not knowing when exactly he’d be back. You had accepted it from the beginning, but even after all this time it felt hard.
You had met James at the university, and at first you were friends. Best friends even. Back then, the two of you would hang out as often as possible or spend entire nights revising and trying to keep each other awake and focused. You’d listen to him rambling about his girlfriend, and he’d comfort you after each of your break-ups. When you had realised you had fallen in love with him, your first reaction was fear. You were afraid that he’d laugh at you or that it would ruin your friendship, but it was actually quite the contrary. He was considering taking one step further in your relationship, but he didn’t dare to ask you. In the end, your friendship made it even stronger. You knew each other by heart, you trusted each other completely and these two factors helped you let him go when he first had to leave for filming, because you knew he’d come back to you. And so he did.

It was now mid-December. Christmas was nearing and you were hoping he’d be home for the holiday. He was supposed to come back around that time, but it could also mean after, and last time you had talked to him on the phone, he still wasn’t exactly sure when. You didn’t feel like spending it alone at all, and you had put too much distance between you and your family to simply show up on Christmas Eve. That night was a Friday night, and you had turned down your friends’ offer to go out for a drink together. Instead, you put on your pyjamas and spent the evening watching TV. You were so knackered from your work week that you ended up falling asleep on the couch with the TV still on. You were sleeping so soundly that you didn’t hear the door open nor someone calling for you.

James had managed to come home earlier than expected. He wasn’t needed on the set anymore, so he had caught the first flight home and had just arrived. 


No answer.

“(Y/N)? Honey, I’m home!”

He looked around almost frantically when he didn’t hear you answer. He entered the living room and sighed in relief when he found you asleep on the couch. He went to put his bags in the bedroom and took you in his arms carefully to carry you there without waking you up. He laid you down in bed and pulled up the covers before changing into jogging trousers and lying down next to you. He snuggled next to you and wrapped his arms around you. He couldn’t help smiling when he felt you relaxing against him.

“Sleep tight, my angel.” he whispered before falling asleep himself.

You woke up to the smell of coffee and pancakes. You turned your head to see your boyfriend sitting on the bed, and blinked a few times to make sure you weren’t dreaming.


“Morning sweetheart.”

You sat up, a huge smile on your face and he pulled you into a hug, holding you tight. You inhale his scent, that you had missed so much.

“Welcome home! When did you arrive?”

“Last night.” he answered. “You were already sleeping.”

You thought for a moment of what you did last night, but you didn’t remember going to bed.

“Did you carry me here?”

He nodded and you chuckled. You noticed the plate on the edge of the bed and the mug your boyfriend was now handing you. You took it and sipped the warm coffee.

“Thanks. And sorry, I should be the one making you breakfast.”

“It’s fine.”

He gently stroke your cheek, and you slipped your hand in his free one.

“Don’t say that, I could as well get used to it.”

He laughed at your words, picked a piece of pancake on a fork and fed it to you. It was delicious. You were a good cook, but pancakes were the one thing you couldn’t beat James at. You took the fork and fed another piece of pastry to him. Once the plate was empty, you set it on the floor and snuggled against your boyfriend.

“I was wondering if you’d be back before Christmas.”

“Of course. Do you think I’d have missed Christmas shopping with you?”

You laughed. You spent the whole morning cuddling, kissing and doing small talks. Basically your favourite kind of morning.

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💔 💋 ❣ for Asahi and Kuroo pretty please luv u and your blog <3

How to arouse him;


• Playing at innocence is your best shot if you ask me. Perhaps “accidentaly” making something sound like a possible innuendo and then as you watch him get flustered and blushy, start worrying like crazy, checking him for a temperature as you get up in his face 😏

• Depending on how naughty you want to be, discreet touches drive him insane while you’re in public. If you link your arm around his as you press your chest on him in the most casual way he’ll be down on his knees in mere minutes. If he even lasts for that long.

• If you’re on your own though, at the comfort of your own home, it will be enough to start sweet talking and offering him a massage then allowing your hands to wander when he isn’t expecting them.


• The better question is how to NOT arouse him. If he’s truly into you he could find you biting your lip as you’re solving a math problem the hottest erotica in existance.

• Even though I’ve got to say that he has a preference of you waking him up with a kiss down south while you’re wearing cat ears. Just saying.

• Did I mention that he probably has the biggest master/servant kink? Scratch that, he has quite a lot of kinks in general and you can play at any each one of them and he would be down for taking you on a desk in the library as you play who can be quieter so that no one hears you.

• He sooo does his best to make you as loud as possible; getting caught is incredibly arousing for him. You know the one, forbidden fruit or not he was starving and it was damn delicious.



• If you’re in public, he’ll be hesitant on PDA but when you’re alone he likes to both kiss and be kissed gently and passionately.

• Run your hands through his hair as you’re kissing him and he will become a complete mush. His cheeks will reach a new and yet undiscovered shade of red!

• His hands will always reach out for your waist while you’re at it in hopes of you jumping at him and wrapping your legs around his own waist. He’ll do anything to make the kiss deeper and more meaningful.


• Oh man, I have already made a long list of kissing headcanons on our cat-boy here, but I’ll put a few here just for good measure!

• Kiss him, literally, in any way you want. He doesn’t mind anything, quite on the contrary actually, he loves being affectionate with his partner!

• When he’s feeling particularly playful he’ll try lingering kisses or just moving away, teasing you with his height as he watches how flustered your expression becomes.

• Much like Kenma, I’m putting my money on the fact that he would be a complete slut for morning/night kisses. Not just one or two, he wants to be showered! If you give him just a few you can expect him whining for more in mere minutes.



• This one isn’t exactly a turn off but it’s definitely going to make the mood slightly awkward– saying out flatly that you wanna do it. Probably *only* in the beginning of the relationship though because he would feel insecure about messing up or making you feel uncomfortable under such pressure. What pressure, might you ask? In his mind, if you’re the one asking it he’ll feel as if you’ve grown impatient with his pace. You know he can be a people pleaser at times.

• Overdoing it with scratching probably wouldn’t sit well with him. It could be just me but I think he would be against heavy marking of his partner because he’s afraid that people will think he’s harming her due to his thug personality.

• Bad hygiene. I don’t think there’s much to add onto that, he really isn’t picky about stuff but he believes a shower and tooth brushing should go without saying.


• He would respect his s/o no matter what but if she were to be strongly against any and all experimenting and only wanted what felt good for her, he’d be kind of turned off. Sure, he wants you happy and he doesn’t mind doing anything for you but he dislikes the fact that it’s a one way street.

• Linking to the first one, he’d be pretty put off if the girl would remain in the starfish position as he takes her while she gives no response whatsoever at all times. She should at the very least try something.

• Faking moans would legit make him drop you in split second. You gotta remember his pride would be hurt and he’d rather she asks him to stop and try something else rather than fake pleasure for his sake. As I already mentioned, it’s a two-way street for him and he wants you to be honest about what you’re comfortable with.

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Did Ouma know his memories are fake?

He did, yes. Or rather than saying that he “knew” from the start, Ouma was someone who heavily suspected and doubted absolutely everything around him. Anything that couldn’t be objectively proven, anything that he couldn’t verify with his own two eyes, he regarded as a possible lie. Being unable to trust his own memories, talent, backstory, etc. was the same as having to consider all of it a lie.

This is, of course, one of the central themes of his character, as well as one of the reasons why he was deeply paranoid and unable to trust anyone else in the game.

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Hey daddy, where have you found your sugar babies? I'm a SB and places/sites that quality men like you frequent are the places I need to be lol

You flatter me, sugar!  Thanks! But, as you will soon see, you’re probably already searching the places where legitimate sugar daddies – like me – are wont to frequent.

Although I’ve tried a variety of methods, like Tinder, Craig’s List and websites, the only reliable mode for me has been Seeking Arrangements.  Let me hasten to add that I am no fanboy of SA; quite the contrary, actually, but, despite all of its flaws, I have found it to be the best way to find a SB.

Looking at things from your perspective, it is hard to find a good sugar daddy on SA, or anywhere else for that matter.  The process is a grind.  It can be frustrating.  It is often mind-numbing and boring!  I think the problem that many SBs have is that they get so jaded, cynical, bored and/or overwhelmed by the process of weeding through messages – most of which sent by creeps, jerks and salts – that they get sloppy while they search and end up missing, overlooking or ignoring the needle in the haystack – a message sent by a legitimate sugar daddy.  And, while finding a sugar daddy may be akin to finding a needle in the haystack, a needle always stands apart from the straw, so to speak, so, if you have your eyes open and you’re paying attention, you’re bound to find it.

Let me give you an example of that, based on my own experience:

My initial message to a potential sugar baby is straightforward, direct and respectful.  An example of my “standard message” can be found in Spot the real POT:  Things to look for that will tell you that he is for real!  In addition, I always grant access to the private photos I have on my profile; no sugar baby has to ask me for them when she gets a message from me.  I want her to read the message and take a look at my mug before she responds.  

I remember sending a message to a sugar baby on SA who, in her profile, was lamenting how hard it was to find a real sugar daddy.  I thought, “well, sugar, here you go!  Check me out!”  She picked up the message late in the night, never looked at my profile or my pics (I know that because SA notifies you when someone views your profile) and never responded.  Lol.  

So, here I was, the needle in the haystack, trying to get her attention by placing myself right in her hand.  Let me repeat what I just said above so that it sinks in: She never bothered to read my profile.  She didn’t look at my photos.  She never responded.  As a result, she let this “quality man” slip through her fingers.

Now, I ain’t sayin’ that I’m “all that”, but, it seems to me that a good, experienced, diligent sugar baby is going to read my message and check out my profile before she decides to move on.  Maybe she likes my message, but not my look.  Okay, that’s cool, no need to respond if that is the case. However, when she does not even bother to take a peek at my profile and my photo, it tells me that she was just on autopilot when she scrolled past my message.  This needle went out, right along with the straw.  No wonder she was having trouble finding a real sugar daddy!

The moral of that story is that if you are not doing your job when you get an inbox full of messages, you WILL miss that needle.

So, here are a couple of tips to make sure that won’t happen – or at least to minimize the chances of missing a good prospect:

  • Carefully read – and I mean read – all of your messages.  You’ll learn to spot the creeps, jerks and salts based on a message alone.

  • If you get a message from someone you identify as creep, jerk or salt, block him then delete the message so he can’t clog your inbox again.  It’s like weeding a garden.  If you don’t remove the weed at the root, it will just grow back to bother you again.

  • If you do get a message from someone you identify as a real POT, stop!  Don’t continue reading messages!  Take a look at his profile.  If he is smart, he gave you access to his private photos.  If he didn’t, request that he do so immediately, even if you do not say anything else!  If he has photos, look at them.  Ask yourself if he is someone you can hang out with, and, if so, send him a message expressing interest.  Only after that do you go back to reading your unread messages.  If you don’t respond immediately, you run the real risk of forgetting to do so!

  • Set time aside to read your messages and devote your full attention to that task! For example, don’t read messages while you’re at a bar waiting for a drink, lol. 

  • A corollary to the above:  don’t read messages when you are drunk, tired, distracted or doing something else. Look, if you are serious about finding a sugar daddy, then be serious about it! 

  • Don’t let the fact that substantially all of your messages are sent by losers make you less vigilant!  Again, the haystack analogy applies.  When you are looking for the needle, you necessarily have to sift through a lot of bullshit – I mean, straw!  That’s just part of the process.  If you are convinced that every single message you get is bullshit and treat them as such, you will miss the real POT who is aknockin’ at your door!

Following the above tips does NOT mean that you should engage or waste time with losers!  If the message hits you the right way, respond.  If it doesn’t, block, delete and move on!  Legitimate sugar daddies are hard to find, sure, but they “hide” in plain sight.  And, remember this:  given the way sugar websites work, the legitimate sugar daddy – the needle in the haystack – often puts himself in your hand by sending you a message!  If a sugar baby lets that needle slip through her fingers, she’s got no one else but herself to blame!

Out of My Hands - Part Eight

Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,464

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, Dean x Reader

Prologue - Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six  - Part Seven

Summary: While Castiel confronts Azariel about how to end this marriage peacefully, the reader lets herself fall in love with Dean.


   She was right, and Castiel knows it. His advances were inappropriate though his intentions were good, but as he once heard somewhere, “good motive, still murder”. This whole thing is tiring, and he’s quite honestly sick of it. If he could end it now, he would, but to his knowledge there is no way of breaking the union that doesn’t involve his wife being tormented or killed in some way. Whatever she does, whatever he does, if it violates the code, she’s the one who gets punished for it.

   “You’re telling me you didn’t take the chance?” Azariel is saying. “I cannot believe you, Castiel. There was a time when none of this would have been a problem for you.”

   “I’ve changed.”

   “Obviously.” The angel sighs. “I don’t know what you expect to happen. Abstinence won’t get you what you want, and neither will allowing her free will.”

   “She didn’t ask for this. It’s the least I can do for her.”

   “It doesn’t matter what she didn’t ask for, she doesn’t get a say.”

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Diamonds are Forever: Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Little bit of angst, drinking, fluff

Word Count: 2240

Request:  I was wondering if you would write something were the reader and Bucky fell in love, but Natasha was really horrible and told the reader to stay away from Bucky, Bucky doesn’t understand why until the reader breaks down to Steve and tells why, if that makes any sense I would love you forever, I understand if Not, your an amazing writer xx 

For my darling @melconnor2007 

Authors Note: So this is gonna be a small little drabble series, only two parts because it was getting too long, second part will  be posted tomorrow. This is a little different than how I normally write, but none the less, I hope you all enjoy it! 

Feel free to submit prompts or requests for drabbles and one shots!

“So are you just going to sit there looking morose or are you going to try to talk to someone.” You laugh as you sink down onto the couch next to Bucky. He had been sitting there, whiskey in hand, staring blankly at the wall for the past hour as Tony’s lavish party swam around him. The loud music and hum of conversation erasing any focus on him.

He jumps slightly at your sudden appearance, his eyes darting briefly to the champagne in your hand, before traveling up to the sparkling chain dangling around your wrist. His eyes focus on the glint of the diamond encrusted chain as you bend your arm, his eyes following the light to your face as you raise the glass to your tinted lips, taking a sip.

“No one I’m very interested in talking to.” Bucky responds plainly, shrugging his shoulders as his hand unclasps from the glass, moving to grab nervously at his knee as the metal arm raises the whiskey to his lips, “You took your time showing up.” He smiles, his eyes flashing up to you. You grin back at him, noticing the small implication of his words.

“Aww were you waiting on me love? Sorry to have delayed you.” You sit up on the couch, turning to face him more clearly, as your toes tap excitedly beneath you. “Well the wait is over Buckaroo,” You announce loudly, “Don’t call me that.” He groans, rolling his eyes.

“I have arrived and now your party can start.” You continue, laughing loudly at the horrified look on Bucky’s face at your ostentatious performance. He sinks back into the couch as he notices a few glances from the crowd around you.

“Will you knock it off.” He scolds, reaching for your hand to pull you back to the couch. You fall forward, both a combination of his strength and your slightly tipsy state, but your hand catches softly against his chest.

You steady yourself, breathing a little heavy as your eyes flick up to Bucky, noticing his own crystal blue gaze staring back at you. “Sorry” He whispers, his breath fanning softly across your face as he holds your gaze, the mumble of the crowd around you seeming to hush for a moment.

“Y/N” You hear Nat’s sharp voice from behind you. You pull back quickly from Bucky, his fingers catching slightly on your wrist as his grip remains firm for a moment too long. He glares up at Nat as you pull back from him, turning to face her.

“I didn’t even know you’d arrived; I guess Barnes stole you away too quickly.” Nat cocks a hip out, her eyebrow raised as she looks at Bucky before her attention shifts to you.

“Well I had to check in with my favorite guy,” You smile, gazing up at her as your hand pats Bucky’s forearm, the champagne glass confidently rising to your lips once more. Bucky straightens beside you, hurriedly pushing a few stray hairs back out of his face, smoothing them back towards his bun, as a small grin pulls at his lips.

Nat rolls her eyes as she looks at Bucky’s smiling face with clear dislike, “Come on, looks like you need another drink, let’s go to the bar.” She flashes a warning smile at you and you nod in defeat.

You squeeze Bucky’s arm, smiling at him briefly, a small cough sounding from Natasha, “I’ll see you later handsome.” You tease, flashing a small wink to him as you stand up, turning to head towards Nat, you throw the slightest bit of swing into your step, making your hips sway seductively as Nat rolls her eyes, grabbing your arm and pulling you forcefully towards the bar.

“What the hell was that?” She snarls in your ear as she shoves you closer to the bar, you pull your arm from her grip, rubbing the place where her fingers had cut in. “Hey, calm down. I was just talking. He was all alone Nat and he is our teammate and my friend. I don’t get why you’re like this.” Your voice rises as your annoyance becomes evident.

Natasha rolls her eyes again as she signals to the bartender for more champagne. “Stop rolling your eyes at me god dammit! Look,” you growl, dropping your tone low so only she can hear you, “I get it, you don’t like him…” Nat opens her mouth to respond but you keep speaking, halting her words.

“And you don’t trust him. I know. But you also don’t know him.” You look at her sternly, as she raises an eyebrow in annoyance, her eyes darting over to Bucky, alone on the couch. “And you do?” She asks, as she leans placidly against the bar, watching Bucky’s nervous hands as they fidget with his empty glass.

You glance over at him, following Nat’s gaze. His face is downcast as his shoulder’s hunch forward defensively, unsure of how to exist in the space. Your face softens as you look at him, a warm feeling spreading through your chest, softening your tone, “Yeah, I do.” You turn your attention to Nat as she purses her lips.

“Listen Nat,” You start, but she interrupts you, “No, you listen. We’ve known each other for a few years, you are one of my closest friends. I don’t trust him, and I don’t think he’s safe. And I am not asking you, I am telling you. Stay away from him. For your own safety,” She touches your hair affectionately, her eyes full of sadness as she sighs deeply her lips pouting slightly, “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

You bite your lip and nod quietly, glancing once more at Bucky. You knew that he had not been an avenger years ago. That him and Steve had battled in DC and then against Stark a year later. But you also knew all that was in the past now. That Bucky had become a team player and Stark had moved past it… so why couldn’t Nat?

“2 tequilas please” You speak quickly, motioning to the bartender. “That’s the spirit!” Nat chuckles, nudging your arm affectionately. You recoil slightly at her contact, still silently angry at her unreasonable demand.

The bartender sets down the two shots and you move quickly scooping them both up. Natasha goes to move to take one from you, thinking to do a cheers, but you move them both in succession into your mouth, shooting them back.

Natasha raises her eyebrow at you. “Well, someone’s in the mood to get drunk tonight.” She giggles. You look at her, annoyance evident in every inch of your expression. “Oh come on, are you going to be mad at me about this for the rest of the night?”

You nod, silently as you motion to the bartender for another champagne. Natasha laughs sharply beside you, her chuckle halting suddenly as you reach for your champagne.

“Y/N?” You turn to see Bucky standing there in front of you, looking nervous as his fingers fiddle slightly with his empty glass. He leans past you slightly, his movements deliberate as he sets the empty glass on the bar, “I was wondering if you would like to dance?” He asks softly, leaning into you and dropping his voice nervously.

Your stomach clenches at his words, wanting nothing more than to take Bucky’s hand and disappear with him onto the dance floor. He looks down at you, his sparkling blue eyes hopeful as he waits for your response.

Natasha coughs loudly beside you, jarring you back into your own head, forcing you to remember the conversation that had just taken place. “I… uh…” You stammer looking at Bucky as Natasha glares at you, “I’m sorry… I… will you excuse me.”

You push past Bucky moving quickly into the throng of people as he stares confusedly at you. You retreat into the crowd, daring to glance back at Bucky’s hurt and wounded expression, seeing Natasha’s expression soften as she takes in Bucky’s disheartened appearance.

You spin on your heel, turning quickly out of someone’s way as your eyes begin to sting. You smack into something hard, your eyes flicking up as you stumble backward, the alcohol making your movements clumsy.

“Woah… Hey, there.” Steve chuckles, moving quickly to grab you and pull you close into a dancing position, not missing a beat as he covers your clumsy moment with a smooth dance move, coming into harmony with the crowd around you.

“Thanks!” You squeeze his shoulder, your eyes flicking up to his as he pulls you closer, turning your bodies with the sound of the music. “You seem to be having a good time?” He snickers, looking down at you with a bemused expression.

You sigh, rolling your eyes, “Quite the contrary actually…” You inform him, your face flashing into an exaggerated frown as you roll your eyes. His face falls slightly, laughing lightly at your joking expression.

“Oh no sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Steve asks, worried about your sad expression. “It’s… it’s nothing… it’s…” You sputter, turning to face him, his clear eyes boring into you. “I don’t even know if it’s worth it.” You whisper, shaking your head as you break his gaze, leaning into his chest as he moves you effortlessly to the music.

Steve looks down at you, confused by your cryptic response. His eyes rise, flashing around the room, falling on Bucky’s solemn form, slumped over by the bar, drinking steadily. “Geez, Buck looks a little worse for wear tonight,” He remarks on Bucky’s defeated appearance.

You yank back suddenly from him, stumbling slightly at the sudden motion, “What so now you’re on my case about it?” You snarl, gearing up for another argument, the alcohol thick in your head.

“Y/N? What are you carrying on about?” Steve asks, keeping his grip firmly on you so you don’t stumble. “You! I’m on about you! And Natasha! Both of you, telling me what to do! I like Bucky god dammit! I like him a hell of a lot!” You raise your voice to Steve, your words vaguely slurred as your tipsy state betrays you.

“And I am sick of Natasha telling me to stay away from him!” You exclaim happily, finally feeling liberated from your friend’s jurisdiction, “I get she doesn’t trust him, but I do! I do god dammit. And I like him Steve…” “Yes Y/N, you said that part.” Steve smiles at you, pulling you closer against him as your feet stumble slightly more.

“How much have you had to drink kid?” He laughs, as you hiccup slightly slumping against him. “I guess a lot more than I planned on…” You hiccup again, looking up at him, eyes widening with worry.

“Ok champ, time for bed, let’s go.” Steve’s hand tenses around your waist as he pulls away from your grip, leading you forward. “I’m fine,” you insist as you hiccup again, Steve’s eyebrow raising at you. You hang your head in defeat, allowing his grip to hold you steady as you begin to walk forward, “I guess that’s a good plan…” you admit, “thanks Stevie.”

He chuckles as he moves you to the elevator, pressing the button to call it. “Hey,” You hear someone shout from behind. You brace yourself against the doorframe as Steve turns. “Hey Buck” Steve says, smiling widely as your stomach tenses making you feel nauseous.

“What… what’s going on?” Bucky asks, his voice on edge as he looks from your slightly slumped form to Steve. “Bucky,” You whisper quietly, “I drank too much so Steve is going to get me into bed… I mean put me in bed… help me get to bed? I don’t know. But I can’t talk to you right now.”

Bucky’s eyebrows raise at Steve as he tries to suppress a laugh. “And why can’t you talk to me right now?” He giggles slightly, poking fun at your inebriated state. “Oh no no no! You’re not gonna trick me into saying it. I know you want me to slip up and tell you that I like you, but I’m not gonna do that, I am not as drunk as you think I am mister…”

You wave your finger at him, his bemused expression freezing at your words as his eyes flash to a tense Steve who was trying desperately not to laugh. “Oh shit!” You exclaim, your eyes catching sight of your empty wrist, noticing the absence of the sparkling chain you had begun the night with.

“Y/N… it’s ok I feel the same wa…” “MY BRACELET!” You exclaim flashing a horrified look up to Bucky and Steve as you frantically pat at your body hoping in vain to find it. “Wait, what?” Bucky asks, confused as he glances at Steve.

“My bracelet! It’s gone! It was my favorite bracelet, it was my grandmothers and now it’s gone!” You begin to cry, the alcohol overtaking you as you look frantically around for the sparkling string of diamonds.  

“Y/N, we’ll look for it in the morning. It has to be in the building. Let’s get you to bed now, before you pass out.” Steve tries to steer you towards the opening doors of the elevator as you whine about your missing piece of jewelry. Bucky watches as you silently concede allowing Steve to hold you upright as quite tears roll down your face for your lost prized possession.  


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I have a question for you, if you don't mind. How do you keep believing in magic? Not trying to say one shouldn't, or anything, but like I've been doing it for a little while and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't; and sometimes I can kind of convince myself that it did. The thing is, I think of myself as very logical, and I respect science. Hasn't science kind of disproved this long ago? Thanks for any thoughts.

Hello there ~☽♡☾

It’s alright, I can tell that you’re simply being curious :)

Actually, quite the contrary! I also incorporate science into my witchcraft, and found it very easy to do so after knowing what I do. That is: Science has proven many things related to the metaphysical, including the way witchcraft works, to be true ~ 

Witchcraft is a way for one to manipulate the energy of the world around them to make certain outcomes more likely to happen, through the power of the mind. Not at all different from other religions who pray, sing, or leave offerings to gods or spirits. But first off, let’s talk about how powerful the mind can actually be! If you think about it, the brain very powerful. Let’s take sound and light, for example; those things are just caused by waves invisible to the human eye… but the reason most people can see or hear is because the brain tells us we can! The brain tells us that something is a certain color, that a taste is good or bad, etc. I’d like to find you a source, but I can’t seem to find the exact source myself, but you can just do some googling or library searching if you’re still curious ~ In fact, have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Witchcraft isn’t something that is fake, but the effects of a placebo can explain what the mind can do when believing in something. 

The reason many witches try to advise others that the ingredients in spells aren’t as powerful as intent is exactly that. Spells work because you can harness the power of your mind in conjunction with the properties of certain herbs. Have you ever heard somebody say 

“Think positive and positive things will happen.”?

Same concept! Your attitude and mind power is the best magickal tool anybody can have. The fact that you are having doubts may be reflecting into your spellwork, so I do hope what I’ve said reassures you!

There are also types of magick where energies combine with your bodys’ energy field, known in the metaphysical community as the “aura”, to produce an outcome or feeling. This has also been proven to produce an outcome, especially with crystals and stones. Crystals/stones specifically emit an energy called piezoelectricity, which may combine with our own natural ones to make somebody feel a certain way. (This is the basis behind crystal healing) It’s also why many people will carry stones with them for depression, emotional imbalance, physical illness or imbalance, etc. The chemical makeup of these minerals mixes with their piezoelectric properties, and produces a specific result when mixed with our own.

Those are just the things that I can remember for now, but feel free to come off anon and let me know if you’d like to talk about it more! I assure you that you may still practice witchcraft while respecting science ~ I just hope I do not get any upset witches because of posting this, as many people believe in many different things, and this is simply my views on the topic.

Edit: Thecosmosinmycoffee told me a very lovely quote to go along with this:

Magick is just science that hasn’t been discovered yet

➺ Rainy

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It's so painful seeing Ren cry, I know he messed up his re evaluation video but he sang the song so well in the practice. I'm confused as to the reason behind Ren being in F but Baekho remaining in D when both didn't complete the video and Baekho was shown to be struggling a lot with the dancing? I still can't quite like this show, the whole system is quite cruel BUT I can't stop watching because I love nu'est and now some of the other trainees too. I wish I could vote!! Ren don't give up!!

My heart did break when I saw our precious maknae shed tears; he works incredibly hard and contrary to popular belief, is actually quite self-conscious and expects a very high standard from himself. I think him having such a large international following puts added pressure on him to want to do well, and he has such big dreams. Moments like that make me wonder how often he feels like his knees will buckle under the weight of it all. He’s only ever shown a brave face. 

Mnet is definitely at fault for editing certain trainees/idols to look as though they did worse than they actually did or to cause confusion among viewers. They clearly have their favorites that they want to make to the final line-up, and thus there’s favoritism involved. However, with that being said, I have to say something. 

I wasn’t going to say anything about this before because our fandom doesn’t need discourse in it right now, but I am a little irritated by the way some people have responded to Ren’s rank last week and now this week. Namely in regards to Baekho ranking higher than him. I think some Ren fans need to ask themselves why it bothers them so much that Baekho is ranking higher than Ren, and yet they make no mention of Minhyun or JR in their complaints. It’s as if people are offended that Baekho, who is almost always on the bottom, is outranking Ren. 

Obviously I have nothing against either Ren or Baekho; I love them both quite dearly and want to see them both succeed, but there has been a real trend going on in this fandom as though they expect Baekho to stay in his place at the bottom and that Ren should always remain at the very top, and should it ever not be this way, clearly something unjust has happened. A lot of you need to ask yourselves why you respond this way, because in my opinion, it’s not something to be proud of. Just be glad that our boys are in the top twenty, and don’t act as if it’s so insulting for one to shine a little brighter every once in a while. They are all talented in their own ways and are capable of ranking highly. Yes, even Baekho. My heart breaks to think how he’d feel if he could see the way some people have responded to him for once not being at the bottom. 

I understand that tensions are high right now, I get it I really do, but don’t let it make you do or say rather ugly things. Support all four of our boys equally, please. 

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Thank you - (Greg Lestrade x reader) 

Request :  could you do a Sherlock one shot of being the youngest Holmes sister and her brothers finding her in a compromising position with her boyfriend Greg Lestrade?? Whom they didn’t know she was dating since they’re so overprotective when it comes to dating

Story : It’s been a little over a year since you’re dating with Greg. Unfortunately this relationship had to remain secret not because you wanted to hide it actually it’s quite the contrary you just wanted to shout your love for him to the world, but .. it would not to the taste of your two brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Yet you’d love to share your happiness with them, but they are so protective when boys are involved. In a way you can not blame them, they just want the best for their little sister. The only problem is that for them, no boy deserve you and you knew deep inside you that Greg would not be an exception to this rule. Indeed what in their view he would be so different?

You were lost in your thought when suddenly you feel your boyfriend’s lips crashing in your neck. You let yourself gradually fall into the desires, you let yourself go. You gently climbed on him and began to undo his tie, you let down your lips against his. The kiss was starting to heat up, you gently took off his shirt. You put down many wet kisses against his chest when suddenly a deep voice interrupted your dirty activiy 

Sherlock: “We interrupt something?”

You’re quickly raised your head to face none other that your two famous brothers. It is not possible it had to be some kind of joke

[Y/N] : “How did you get in here ?”

Mycroft : “Actually the real question it’s how did he gets in here ?” your brother said, glaring at Greg

[Y/N] : “Mycroft don’t be rude with him, he’s not the one who came in my flat uninvited”

Sherlock, “You should thank us little sister, I think we arrived on time. Before he.. before you.. I can not even say the word. ”

[Y/N] : “It’s not a problem, we already do it. More than once actually”

Mycroft and Sherlock shared a dismayed look.

Mycroft: “What are you trying to say sister?”

Sherlock: “Do not make yourself dumber than you’re Mycroft, it is clear that this is not the first time that Lestrade comes here. It is obvious that our little sister dating him. It is even obvious she is in love with him ”

At these words you blush immediately, despite the fact that Greg and you were together for a year. You never told him how you really felt. You never told him how much you loved him, how much you do not imagine your life without him.

Sherlock: “You never told him isn’t it?”

Mycroft : “It’s not the point brother, he’s dating our little sister”

Sherlock : “He loves her too Mycroft”

You blushed even more

Mycroft : “And ?”

Sherlock : “He’s a good man. I know him, I know he can take care of our little sister. She can’t be single forever, and honestly despite John, Gareth”

Greg : “Greg”

Sherlock : “It’s almost the same. Anyway, so despite John, Greg is the only man I truly trust”

Mycroft : “So ?”

Sherlock : “We can let this happen, they can be together”

Suddenly, Greg run toward Sherlock and he took him in his arms.

Greg : “Thank you Sherlock, thank you so much. I promise I’m going to take care of her.”

He turns his head towards you

Greg : “I love her”

Finally Greg can maybe  be the exception to your brothers rule

A/N: I had this idea of single dad! Calum and how his son would hate baths but love running around naked. So I decided to write that. Fairly fluffy. Enjoy!

AU: single dad! Calum | Words: about 1k

“Calum? I’m here.”

You fidget with the key, this feeling completely foreign to you. Not like this is the first time you ever came over to Calum’s apartment. Quite the contrary actually. You’ve been here on a number of occasions. But all those times had been when he invited you over for dinner and a movie, or staying the night after Calum drawled dates on long enough to use his famous line. “Baby, it’s so late. Don’t go.” Only for you to leave again come early morning. This is, however, the first time you used the key he gave you to let yourself in. And somehow you’re hyperaware of that fact, the tiny piece of metal carrying so much more weight than just your old Disneyland keychain.

Having your own key to Calum’s place feels so….grown up. It means trust and commitment and all that other good stuff. In his own words, giving you a copy of his key means he “can see your pretty face more often.” Even more than that, it’s a step forward in a relationship that’s been moving at rather modest pace. Up until now, every moment was extra cautious and carefully calculated. But that’s the case for anyone with a four year old. For the sake of not scaring his little boy, Calum asked to take things slow. It was necessary, but certainly not evil. Several months have passed and you have yet to meet the infamous Taine Hood you’ve heard so much about. You got stories and pictures but that was it. Calum didn’t think his son was ready, and you didn’t argue with that. Instead, Calum sent him to Mali’s whenever you came over. Or you simply waited until eight, after Taine was tucked into bed. Despite how much you want to meet the most important person in Calum’s life, you’re okay with taking it slow. You’re willing to take this relationship in any shape or form—so long as you get Calum at the end of the day.

“Babe, I got us some take-out,” you call.

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Nissan. When building this S31 Fairlady Z, Teavalley certainly didn’t cut any corners; quite the contrary actually, it seems they worked very hard at creating a car that could easily stand out among the sea of highly tuned classic Zs out there. The body is nothing less than spotless, beautifully restored and painted, spiced up with nice details like that front lip spoiler.

There’s heavy use of carbon fiber starting off with the bumpers, the front and rear overfenders and ending up with the bonnet. RAYS TE37Vs were the wheels of choice and selected in the contrasting matte bronze finish everyone loves so much. Big brakes always hint at a well-tuned car, and those red Brembo calipers certainly look like they can haul down some serious performance.

That’s a very good thing because this S31 is powered by a completely custom L-series engine which has been stroked out all the way to 3.2L and get this – revs to 10,000 rpm!

Supplying fuel to this monster six-cylinder are the 50mm Solex carbs which suck in air through a beautiful set of titanium velocity stacks. It’s just another example of how L-series tuning continues to evolve, something Teavalley seems to be at the forefront of.

Here’s a close-up of the carbon fiber rear bumper; really nicely-laid carbon to replace the heavy steel chromed bumpers!