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I wanted to make my character more natural and realistic. Although people expect the tone of the film to be fantasy, it actually is quite the contrary. It’s an intimate story that feels real. I think of all the Star Wars films released so far, Rogue One is the most real one, which is about the people. The characters are very similar to us. They are heroes with no powers. What they have is a conviction and desire to change reality — Diego Luna discusses his role as Captain Cassian Andor.

Best Laid Plans

Here is my first imagine y'all!! Be nice ok?!?! Special thanks to @come-join-themurder thank you doll you are the best and I love you!! Other shootouts @ouijaboardmystery @calumonoxide @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine @bluegrassgirldownunder (Reader x Juice) 

 This had been going on for weeks now. Well years really, but these last few weeks it had gotten bad. Juice and Y/N had been hooking up for a long time. Y/N wasn’t a crow-eater. She wasn’t any thing like that. She was, actually, quite the contrary. She was a business owner with a clean record a nice home and a “modest” wardrobe, by her mother’s standards at least. Despite all of this no man wanted to bring her home to meet their mom, since she was the daughter of the porn queen and SAMCRO lifer, Luanne and Big Otto Delaney. With a lineage like that, everyone assumed business owner meant porn business. Although her mom Luann helped her out by cosigning for the building, every thing else that had to do with the salon was hers. It was nice, and it was normal, nothing like you’d expect if you knew her parents. Gemma and her mom were in for some trims and highlights and noticed her odd behavior. 

 "What’s wrong baby?“ Luann questioned

 "Yeah sweetheart you’ve been quiet all day.” Gemma pushed. 

“Is it about Juice? Are you still hung up on that?” Luann knew it had to be that. Y/N had come to her about the situation almost as soon as it happened. Y/N’s mom was her best friend and Luann was her baby girl’s number one fan. That girl could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes and Y/N worked hard to not let her down. Just as Luann had worked hard to make sure Y/N had every opportunity to succeed in life despite her and Otto’s pasts. 

 "What about Juice…“ Gemma said flatly as if he had messed up and she just knew it. 

 "It’s not like that Gem and yes mom. I just don’t know what to do! This is beyond frustrating! Mom help me!! Please?” Y/N was practically begging for her mom to tell her what to do. 

 Luann stood up and turned to her daughter. “Baby look at me,” she took Y/N by the face a hand on each cheek forcing Y/N to look her in the eyes, “You have been going over this in your mind for weeks now. I can see you are scared and that tells me only one thing…” Luann brushed her girls hair back “that you love him honey.“ 

 Years ago Y/N and Juice started hooking up. The two of them never dated, they never really talked about what it all meant, but remained good friends. It was the perfect friends with benefits deal. They would talk about everything and nothing and would find comfort with each other in, what to an outsider wouldn’t seem like a lonely life, but actually was. She just wanted someone to want her without fear or judgement and he just wanted someone who wasn’t trying to fuck his kutte. 

 All of it changed a few weeks ago, maybe even before then. The guys were on a run when all hell broke loose and a stray bullet whizzed just past Juice’s ear and into Jax’s arm right behind him. It was all too much for him to handle and after they got back Juice found himself pulling up to Y/N’s house. Before he could even think he was knocking on her front door and as soon as it was opened he pushed his way in, backing her up against the wall and kissing her. As he scooped her up in his arms he kicked the door shut behind him and without words he brought her up stairs laid her down and tried in every way he could to say that he loved her without using the words. Saying it would ruin the moment, he couldn’t let his voice ruin that, not yet anyway. 

 The next morning Juice came down the stairs dressed and ready to leave. "Leaving so soon?” She had questioned. 

 "Maybe,“ was his simple reply. At the questioning look she presented him he took a breath and told her how he felt, how somewhere along the way he fell in love with her. How it seems sudden but that he thinks he always loved her but ignored it for fear of ruining what they had. Which is why he didn’t say it the night before. She simply stood frozen as he slipped on his kutte telling her to think about what he’d said, kissing her temple, whispered an ‘I Love You’ and walked out her door. 

 That was when she went to her mom. She told Luann about how he loved her wanted to be with her and only her. Maybe even have that family they had talked about having one day. Before, when they talked, the kids in the dreams weren’t THEIR kids, but now he wanted them to be. The problem was she was so afraid of a marriage like her mom and dad’s. It made her heartbreak over and over again to see two who people loved each other more than any book or movie could describe never be together again. That was because of the club, which is why even though she loved all of them, she vowed that she would not marry into the club. And yet here she was, faced with a choice; the life she planned, or him.  

Luann continued to stare at Y/N. "Look baby we have to go. Remember there’s a party tonight at the clubhouse. You still coming?”

 She snapped out of her thoughts, “Huh? Yeah 8 o'clock, I’ll be there. ” She responded absent mindedly. 

 As Gemma went to leave she took a hard look at Y/N before softening her face. “Sweetheart you want my advice? Real life and plans? They don’t actually work hand in hand. You understand what I’m saying?" 

 Later that night Y/N was sitting at the bar in the club house. The party was in full swing, filled with members from all up and down the coast. She had tried to avoid Juice. She was still wrestling with her own mind, heart, and gut over the whole situation. This turmoil was only made worse by the fact that every time she turned around Juice was there at the edge of her sight another girl hanging off of him. Granted he didn’t give them the time of day, just ignoring the fact they were there. He had even locked eyes with Y/N when she first came in, simply giving a tight lipped smile. 

 Juice had been fighting with himself to not ask Y/N where she was at with what he had told her. He knew why she would shy away because he knew everything about her. In their years together they had shared everything hopes dreams fears. Only recently did he realize they never shared heartbreak. She had told him every breakup but he realized all of a sudden that he hadn’t really done the same. It was almost as if he was subconsciously avoiding anything serious with anyone. How long had he been in love with her without knowing it? After telling her everything he had left and gone back to his own place to shower. Staring in the mirror, he stood, struggling with his own mind of how he had just lost his best friend. There he came to the realization that he did not want to live without her in his life. The only problem was he had already opened his damn mouth and now he was watching her fake smiles and fake interest in stories because he had put terrifying and confusing thoughts into her pretty mind.

 "Go talk to him.” Gemma had come up behind Y/N and caused her to jump nearly out of her skin. 

 "Gemma, you scared the shit outta me.“ Y/N breathed out clutching her hand to her chest. 

 "Hmm tell me how is it I scared a girl in a room full of people?” Y/N just blushed sheepishly not looking Gemma in the eye. “Unless she wasn’t even really here..” Gemma mumbled under her breath. “Where’d your mind go darlin?" 

 "You really gonna talk like you don’t know?” Y/N snarked back. 

 Gemma smirked out a huff and looked across the room “Yeah. Been watching him side eyeing you all night. It’s actually kinda cute. Pathetic, but cute." 

"Gemma what do I do? I have worked so hard to have a quiet life but every guy I get involved with hears about my family and either books it or acts like he’s God’s gift and I need him to rescue me. I love all these guys. I mean, Bobby took me to a father daughter dance because my dad was inside. You have no idea what it’s like seeing your mom and dad, two people so in love with each other not be able to even touch. Not only that but she has worked so hard so I wouldn’t have to live that way. I’m not like my mom, she is incredibly strong, and I don’t think, no, I know I’m not that strong. I’m already to afraid to admit how I feel out loud because it will just become real.” Y/N took a breath realizing her rambling and trying to rein it in. 

Gemma took this opportunity to lay some truth on her goddaughter. “I get it sweetheart, you have a plan for your life. But like I said plans and life, they don’t always work hand in hand. I know you think you are going to disappoint them if you end up with a member." 

 Gemma wanted her to understand that she understood the struggle, but before she could continue the woman whose words mattered most made her presence known. 

 Luann had come up behind them and overheard all of Y/N’s fears, feeling terrible that disappointing her was one of them. "Baby?”

 "Mom! Hey.“ Y/N put on that brave face she had learned from Luann herself. 

"Baby listen to me the only thing I could be disappointed in is you missing out on the love of your life. If it’s him go for it. Yeah it kills me to not be with Otto but I would not trade him and the love we got for each other for any number of picket fences and 9-5 safe jobs in the world." 

 Y/N just stared at at her mother. After all these years she still couldn’t believe that her mom could read her mind so well that she said exactly what she didn’t know she needed to hear. All Y/ N could do was smile at Luann.

 Gemma jumped off her stool clearing her throat. "Come on Luann I need another drink. And you,” She turned to Y/N “get over this already you are never this serious, and I cannot believe I’m saying this but I actually miss the smart-ass version of you." 

 Luann chuckled at that and walked away with Gemma once again leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts. As she turned around she met her eyes with his across the room. 

 She was pulled from her trance when she realized that someone was trying to talk to her. "Hmm? I’m sorry did you say something?” She asked the man leaning next to her in a kutte. 

 "I asked if maybe you’d like to make this a private party, just the two of us?“ He looked her up and down biting his lip. 

 That was all it took for the smart-ass fire cracker that was Y/N Delaney to make her grand return. Looking him up and down she replied. "Sorry sweetheart, I like a little more… Puerto Rican in my wood." 

 Hopping off her barstool she beelined it to the only man in the room who fit the description. Grabbing him by his kutte she pulled him to one of the rooms in the back of the club house. 

 Once inside and alone with him her nerves set back in. Juice just watched her pace in front of him, not sure what was going to happen, but with his own heart currently in his throat he didn’t have a way to question her actions. "Y/N…” he started to say but she cut him off.

 "I love you too!“ She blurted out and instantly slapped her hands over her mouth. He was grinning that mega watt smile, the one that made his big eyes crinkle up on the sides, the one that she couldn’t help but return.

 "Yeah?” He questioned as he started to walk towards her. She removed her hands from her mouth nodding her head yes as he closed the distance and kissed her. Deep and sweet and right on the mouth. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her small frame up his body to hold her. 

Their kisses soon became more passionate but she pulled away allowing him to attack her neck, running hot open mouthed kisses along her throat and down her chest. 

 "Juice…Hey… Baby…. JUICE” Y/N tried to gain his attention becoming more stern with each breath. Finally he pulled his mouth away from her chest and looked up into her eyes where he had hoisted her up. 

 "Mmm?“ He questioned rubbing his lips together trying to take her seriously as her tone suggested he do. The only problem was she was the least serious person he had ever met. She was a smart ass, a joker, she made terrible puns and grade school level jokes when she was uncomfortable. 

 "I need you to understand something.” She pushed the subject, and poor Juice he was trying, he really was, but this had been killing him for 3 weeks now and the girl of his dreams just told him she loved him. They were alone, and currently her legs were wrapped around him and her chest was making eye contact with him, “well we need to understand… what are we?“ 

 "Well if you’re game, I’d like it if I’m only yours and you’re only mine. Maybe we don’t leave each other the next morning. I’m thinking we keep talkin’ about those futures only we picture each other in them instead of some Imaginary Mr or Ms Right.” She smiled at this and he dove back into her.

 "Whoa there, slow down what are you doing? I’m not done.“ Juice huffed out a growl and reluctantly pulled back and again schooled his face to attempt to take her seriously. Y/N untangled herself from him, she just had to get this off her chest, she needed the clarification. The only problem with that, however, was when she got uncomfortable she cracked jokes and asserting herself made her very uncomfortable. 

 "It’s just ya know…we need to be sure…about…ummmm each other’s…expectations. Like…what, what, what um do you want from,umm, me?” Y/ N stammered through her not-very-well-thought-out speech.

 "I just told you?“ Juice was confused

 "I know…." 

 "Tell me what YOU want,” he coaxed. 

 This was it, this is this was what had her uncomfortable. It wasn’t asserting herself, it was what she wanted, and now that she told him she loved him what if he didn’t want the same thing as her? What if he changed his mind…

 "Well?” He was watching her he saw the fear in her eyes

 "It’s just… I’m all in here Juice. I dont…“ She was struggling to find the words. "This life it’s not what I pictured from myself…" 

 Juice stepped towards her "I know baby, you’re scared and so am I, and I can’t promise that it’s gonna be perfect but I can promise that I’m gonna try to make it that way and if you work with me on that we will have a perfectly imperfect life. Together. " 

 That’s all it took, "Ok.”

 Juice’s grin had made its grand return lighting his face up once again “Yeah?" 

"Yes,” She said with more resolve “but I have one rule”

 "Anything baby” he nodded his head. 

 "This whole ‘what happens on a run stays on a run’ nonsense is bullshit. Your Dick belongs either in your pants or in my pussy. You got that? I ain’t sharing you with nobody. “ 

 Juice lost it, a full belly laugh escaping him, “Where do you think I’ve been trying to put it this whole time?” He laughed out once again taking her in his arms.

 "Not here?!“ She blurted out, "this place is disgusting." 

 "Fine.” Was all he said as he scooped her up throwing her over his shoulder and storming out towards his bike. 

 As he made his way out through the club house Chibs called out to him “Juicey Boy, what are ya doin lad?" 

 "Taking my Ol’ Lady home!” He announced. Before the entire club house erupted in cheers and whistles. The last thing Y/ N saw as Juice carried her through the door was her mom smiling and clapping along with everyone else. Then as she locked eyes with Luann for just a brief moment she saw tears in her eyes, this wasn’t an uncommon thing for her to see. She’d watched her mom cry many times over the years yet this was so rare of a moment because for the first time her tears were of joy. Her mom was happy for her. (GIF is not mine)

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PSA for white people

Dear White People,

Over the holidays as you’re compelled to spend time with toxic relatives whose racist sensibilities go against everything you stand for, remember that there are people who actually live and experience that racism as their everyday reality.

Do not come back from this time away with stories of how horrible your time with family was, with specific examples of exactly all the racist/Islamophobic/anti-black/anti-Semitic things your uncle, grandma, sister-in-law, or brother said. Especially if you did nothing to call them out on their racism. Now, more than ever, it is essential that white people step up and challenge the racism in their midst.

As a PoC, these stories don’t make me think, “Oh, what a great ally! They’re offended by racism!” (Since they rarely ever include the said ally actually taking on their racist relatives.) Quite on the contrary, it actually makes me realize that you’re someone who has never faced racism in their life because you’re completely divorced from the context of it and don’t realize that seeing specific racist comments, even if they’re not directed at me, are a stark reminder of the kinds of things ignorant assholes think about people of color. Sometimes, they’re actually things I hadn’t even realized people thought about me/people like me. So, um, thanks?

I make an effort to stay away from these people and ignore their racism, so do not bring their specific racist comments to my doorstep, in a space I had previously considered safe.

I also really don’t want to hear about what your Christian relatives think about Muslims.


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Thank you - (Greg Lestrade x reader) 

Request :  could you do a Sherlock one shot of being the youngest Holmes sister and her brothers finding her in a compromising position with her boyfriend Greg Lestrade?? Whom they didn’t know she was dating since they’re so overprotective when it comes to dating

Story : It’s been a little over a year since you’re dating with Greg. Unfortunately this relationship had to remain secret not because you wanted to hide it actually it’s quite the contrary you just wanted to shout your love for him to the world, but .. it would not to the taste of your two brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Yet you’d love to share your happiness with them, but they are so protective when boys are involved. In a way you can not blame them, they just want the best for their little sister. The only problem is that for them, no boy deserve you and you knew deep inside you that Greg would not be an exception to this rule. Indeed what in their view he would be so different?

You were lost in your thought when suddenly you feel your boyfriend’s lips crashing in your neck. You let yourself gradually fall into the desires, you let yourself go. You gently climbed on him and began to undo his tie, you let down your lips against his. The kiss was starting to heat up, you gently took off his shirt. You put down many wet kisses against his chest when suddenly a deep voice interrupted your dirty activiy 

Sherlock: “We interrupt something?”

You’re quickly raised your head to face none other that your two famous brothers. It is not possible it had to be some kind of joke

[Y/N] : “How did you get in here ?”

Mycroft : “Actually the real question it’s how did he gets in here ?” your brother said, glaring at Greg

[Y/N] : “Mycroft don’t be rude with him, he’s not the one who came in my flat uninvited”

Sherlock, “You should thank us little sister, I think we arrived on time. Before he.. before you.. I can not even say the word. ”

[Y/N] : “It’s not a problem, we already do it. More than once actually”

Mycroft and Sherlock shared a dismayed look.

Mycroft: “What are you trying to say sister?”

Sherlock: “Do not make yourself dumber than you’re Mycroft, it is clear that this is not the first time that Lestrade comes here. It is obvious that our little sister dating him. It is even obvious she is in love with him ”

At these words you blush immediately, despite the fact that Greg and you were together for a year. You never told him how you really felt. You never told him how much you loved him, how much you do not imagine your life without him.

Sherlock: “You never told him isn’t it?”

Mycroft : “It’s not the point brother, he’s dating our little sister”

Sherlock : “He loves her too Mycroft”

You blushed even more

Mycroft : “And ?”

Sherlock : “He’s a good man. I know him, I know he can take care of our little sister. She can’t be single forever, and honestly despite John, Gareth”

Greg : “Greg”

Sherlock : “It’s almost the same. Anyway, so despite John, Greg is the only man I truly trust”

Mycroft : “So ?”

Sherlock : “We can let this happen, they can be together”

Suddenly, Greg run toward Sherlock and he took him in his arms.

Greg : “Thank you Sherlock, thank you so much. I promise I’m going to take care of her.”

He turns his head towards you

Greg : “I love her”

Finally Greg can maybe  be the exception to your brothers rule

A/N: I had this idea of single dad! Calum and how his son would hate baths but love running around naked. So I decided to write that. Fairly fluffy. Enjoy!

AU: single dad! Calum | Words: about 1k

“Calum? I’m here.”

You fidget with the key, this feeling completely foreign to you. Not like this is the first time you ever came over to Calum’s apartment. Quite the contrary actually. You’ve been here on a number of occasions. But all those times had been when he invited you over for dinner and a movie, or staying the night after Calum drawled dates on long enough to use his famous line. “Baby, it’s so late. Don’t go.” Only for you to leave again come early morning. This is, however, the first time you used the key he gave you to let yourself in. And somehow you’re hyperaware of that fact, the tiny piece of metal carrying so much more weight than just your old Disneyland keychain.

Having your own key to Calum’s place feels so….grown up. It means trust and commitment and all that other good stuff. In his own words, giving you a copy of his key means he “can see your pretty face more often.” Even more than that, it’s a step forward in a relationship that’s been moving at rather modest pace. Up until now, every moment was extra cautious and carefully calculated. But that’s the case for anyone with a four year old. For the sake of not scaring his little boy, Calum asked to take things slow. It was necessary, but certainly not evil. Several months have passed and you have yet to meet the infamous Taine Hood you’ve heard so much about. You got stories and pictures but that was it. Calum didn’t think his son was ready, and you didn’t argue with that. Instead, Calum sent him to Mali’s whenever you came over. Or you simply waited until eight, after Taine was tucked into bed. Despite how much you want to meet the most important person in Calum’s life, you’re okay with taking it slow. You’re willing to take this relationship in any shape or form—so long as you get Calum at the end of the day.

“Babe, I got us some take-out,” you call.

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Old Article: Jaws exposed: Extraordinary pictures of  great whites stripping a whale carcass shows they’re actually quite picky eaters

‘Contrary to their reputation as mindless killers, the level of selectivity for which parts of the dead whale they ate was extraordinary.

'They targeted the energy-rich blubber, often making repeated “test bites” where no flesh was removed, and removing flesh only once they had determined it was what they wanted. If they got a mouthful of muscle, they often spat it out.

'They were very picky.’


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Leon overhears the two morons fighting, but he’s not frowning, nor does he fret. Quite the contrary actually, instead the chameleon simply sits there silently grinning, and drinking his tea. The occasional chuckle slips past his lips, but for the most part he stays silent.

sludge-bot  asked:

Are Oris out-populating humans inside Kashumir?

Quite the contrary actually!

Though it’s not by a big margin, humans still noticeably out-number their fellow Orsi citizens. I haven’t bothered to really work out hard numbers so I don’t know what the exact percentages are. That part of world building can get a tad bit tedious and boring. I’ll get to it eventually. 

So, I was watching TFA yet again and this moment comes along.

[Gif source]

I suppose despite Han not being a Force sensitive, Leia would be able to feel his death, like Ben Kenobi felt the destruction of Alderaan. It makes sense and this is how I’d interpreted this scene so far.

But you know what else makes sense? Leia sensing Han’s death through Kylo’s feelings. How? A force bond, much alike to the one she shares with her brother.

So yeah, I broke my own heart thinking Leia found out about the death of the man she loved through the mind of his murderer. But, of course, it doesn’t end there, because we all saw Kylo’s face after Han falls, he doesn’t get what he seeks by killing his father; quite the contrary, actually. The novelization openly states it:

If such bond exists, Leia also felt Kylo’s emotions, the aftermath of his actions. If she had any doubts about the conflict in her son, this would banish them. Leia has been adamant on getting her son back since the first moment, I imagine this–sensing Kylo’s pain–would only turn her even more determined.

As many people have already said, I want redemption for Kylo because of him, but also because of his mother. She deserves it.

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Sinead O’Connor 1990

Overexposure is so underrated.

Rolling Stone arranged for my flight to Montreal to photograph Sinead O’Connor.  I had worked with her before and knew that, contrary to her public persona, she was actually quite shy.

We arrived at her small, dimly lit hotel room, four heavy equipment cases in tow, late in the day.  As I was getting reacquainted with her, my assistant unpacked the cameras and lighting gear.  After a few minutes, he whispered into my ear that he needed to speak with me privately.

“There’s a small problem.  We can’t use the lighting equipment.  I left the power cords in NYC.”  At first I thought he was kidding, but quickly remembered that he had absolutely no sense of humor.  I had seconds to figure this out.  With my back to Sinead, I took a deep cleansing breath and on the exhale, turned around with a smile.  I asked her to sit at the table in front of the window.  I put the camera onto my tripod, securing it for a very, very long over-exposed shot.  And that was that.


Steve Rogers Drabble

4.“I’m about to take a shower – join me?

6.“I can’t wait any longer.”

8.“I love the way you taste.”

9.“You can get rough with me; I won’t break.”

10.“Do you fantasize about me?”

16.“I love you

20.“Didn’t think I could get you any more wet.”

Two months I’ve been on this undercover mission with Steve for two months and we had eight more months to go. It’s not that I don’t like Steve it’s actually quite the contrary I’ve actually have the biggest crush on him. Unfortunately with all the drama going on with him trying to locate Bucky I’ve kept my feelings to myself. Right now we were in the living room drinking a couple of beers and unwinding after today’s task. We were talking about our past lovers.

“So you’re telling me the only girls you have kissed were Peggy, Natasha and that Lorraine woman from the army. Have you had sex before ?” I knew the last part was a really rude thing to ask but I was genially curious. Mostly because that man was a fine piece of ass, surely he’s gotten laid.

“Yes those are the only girls I’ve kissed and no I’ve never had sex. Oh and just to let you know Nat kissed me so we wouldn’t get caught by hydra agents” Steve tried to justify his kiss with Natasha.

“Hey no need to explain, Nat’s fucking hot if I was a lesbian she would be at the top of my list of people I’d fuck” I said as I chugged the rest of the beer and draped my legs over Steve’s thighs. Steve started to blush at my comments of Natasha.

“Ok another question if you don’t mind me asking, have you ever fantasize about another female from the team while masturbating. Surely since you’re not getting laid you are masturbating?” Steve looked down but smiled before responding

“Yes I do and yes I have”

“Ahhhhh who ! ! ! ! Is it Wanda ? Maria ? Natasha ? Pepper ?” He shook his head no to all of them" Oh my gosh is it Sharon ! ! ! It’s fucking Sharon isn’t it I fucking knew it ! ! !“ I removed my legs from his lap and started slapping his chest out of excitement.

"No it’s not Sharon y/n” my excitement suddenly drops.

“Then who ? The only person I haven’t mention is … Oh” I was genuinely shocked “Do you fantasize about me Steve?” He just smiled at me and nodded his head yes. I now feel incredibly turned on. I leaned in and whispered in his ear “I’m about to take a shower – join me?”. Steve got up and lead us to the bathroom. I turned on the shower as Steve started strip and helped me out of my clothes. He blushed as he saw me naked for the first time. Once we were inside I pulled Steve down so I could kiss him. Steve didn’t know where to put his hands so I pulled away.

“Steve sweetie please touch me here” I guided his hand up and down my slit and I stated to moan. I spread my legs and told him “now push two fingers in here” I moved his fingers in inside me and close my eyes enjoying this moment. After a while I started to feel my orgasm hit me.

“STEVE ! ! !” I shouted as I came all over his fingers. He pulled them out and licked them clean

“I love the way you taste.” Steve now his nothing but lust in his eyes. He turned me around and bent me over so my hands were on the tile wall.

“Ahh Steve you can get rough with me; I won’t break.! ! !” Without warning Steve slammed himself inside me. The combination of my cum and the shower running made Steve move much faster.

“Didn’t think I could get you any more wet” Steve started grunting as the sound of wet skin slapping against each other filled the bathroom.

“Steve I can’t wait any longer.”

“Let go y/n” I did for the second time before Steve pulled out and came all over the showers floor. Steve was holding me from behind as he was coming down from his high.

“Congrats Steve, you’re no longer a virgin” I chuckled as we went to the bedroom and dried ourselves before slipping into bed.

“I hope you know that I love you y/n I truly do. I don’t want this to be over once the mission is over.” Steve started to kiss my damp hair.

“I love you too Steve and I agree but I say we take advantage that we’re going to be together alone for eight more months before the team get all up on our relationship”

“Ugh I forgot about the rest of the team”

“Let’s forget about them and let’s rest up we have work tomorrow”

“Fine goodnight y/n”

“Goodnight Steve.”


{I mean, seriously, what the hell? An otome game based on guys who do NOT fit the stereotypical bishounen profile, but are actually quite the contrary? Could… Could it really be? Could the matsus actually be… Changing the world as we know it? °___°

…They’ll be in their F6 forms won’t they? It could see that coming…–’}

I have another one for you guys!

Contrary to belief, Ezra can actually swim quite well. He can actually hold his breath for an unusually long amount of time. Back in the day he had even practiced breathing exercises.

Little do the Ghost crew know that he done this because it was a matter of survival. A gang on the streets used drowning as a method of getting rid of people, whether it was for no witnesses or just even fun. They even tried drowning Ezra just because he was an orphan and no one would’ve come looking for him. He was only 10 at the time.
Ezra faked a deadman’s float and held his breath. Believing him to be dead they left, and it was lucky for Ezra he came back up for a breath after they had all left. If he didn’t hold his breath for as long as he did, they would’ve figured out he was still alive and finished the job.

It was one of the only instances that Ezra was even slightly thankful toward the Empire when the gang was finally arrested. However, Ezra took it as a cautionary tale and took it upon himself to be able to hold his breath for long amounts of time if something like that were to ever happen again.

Ezra has told no one of this.


little hands, the world is yours

summary: I asked for Daddy!Killian prompts and I got so many, so I decided to kind of combine the following I received from swans-and-pirates and swanshooknbug: Emma and Killian dropping their daughter off at her first day of Kindergarten; Killian with their eldest child, who is about five, holding her/him over her/his siblings crib and explaining how the baby can’t play with them yet

word count: ~2300

rating: f for fluffy fluff fest 2k15

It’s simpler in the early morning hours, standing in the nursery, cradling the wee lad to his chest, humming as he holds a bottle to his lips. 

He’s been restless for the past week and it’s not because his son requires attention so often throughout the night. It’s quite the contrary, actually. His son is of the quieter variety and he tends to barely even fuss when he needs anything of any nature.

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//I will never understand completely why people argue Maedhros would be among the first sons of Feanor to be re-embodied. Sometimes I think people forget how Maedhros argued for the last kinslaying.
Maedhros forced his brother’s hand in order to commit it. He refused to hand himself for judgement and convinced Maglor to do the same. Yes, he tried to avoid the kinslaying of Sirion, but in the end he did lead his troops against the Havens when Elwing refused his offers. 
He might be the diplomat among his brothers, but sure enough he is probably among the least innocent of them.
He kills himself partially to be able to cling to the Silmaril, something the Valar clearly do not appreciate at all.

I do not see him as the repentant elf who would bow to the Valar and ask for forgiveness. Quite the contrary actually: his willingness to compromise, the fact he built his own moral code and follows it as it’s shown by (for example) searching for Dior’s sons (when he had no reason to), all this things rather than make him more likely to bow to the Valar’s rule make him significantly less likely to.
He is prideful, he doesn’t feel like he owes them. He doesn’t see himself as a monster or a hopeless sinner. He, in his head, is somehow right and if he owes something to somebody, those somebodies are not the Valar and their (in his opinion) flawed moral compass.

Admin Note: Actually, quite the contrary, when broached with the subject, many of the angels, like Gabriel, Anna, Balthazar, and Hannah, have all shown interest in sexual relations. On the other hand, there have been quite a few openly gay/bi characters on the show: Charlie, the Fae woman, Damien & Barnes, Corbett, Lily, Kristen & Siobhan, and of course Crowley himself.  Consider that perhaps Asexuals want Cas for the same reason Bisexuals want Dean.