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shiro is vld's damsel in distress and keith is his knight in shining armor

Ok so I know I joke about Keith saving Shiro like a princess, but actually, this is honestly how their dynamic is portrayed?? Keith is always shown as the first one at Shiro’s side when he’s in danger, always running to his rescue. If he has to choose between the mission and Shiro, he’ll take Shiro every time. But now, let’s talk about this idea he’s a knight for a minute. Because it’s very much a purposefully drawn comparison. In the comics, when the paladins are all likened to pieces on a chessboard, Keith is delegated to this role. The narrative literally refers to him as a knight by name. 

The imagery of Keith’s bayard also serves to reinforce this. Instead of a more sci-fi weapon like a laser gun or some advanced alien tech, Keith’s weapon of choice is a classic sword. Nothing evokes the image of a knight more than a sword and shield (which the paladin suit has). Keith’s belief system also feeds into this archetype. Time and again, he’s singled out as the most dedicated to the mission. He is a paladin first and foremost. When Pidge wants to leave to find her family, Keith is the one who lashes out and lectures her about how they need to defend the universe and make sacrifices for the greater good. When Allura is captured, Keith again notes that their duty as paladins must come first. Keith leaves the castle when he believes his presence will do more harm than good. And the paladin guidebook even lists his most important value as honor–a clear reference to knightly chivalry. 

Keith’s initial role in Voltron is also a clear indicator of his character. If the head of Voltron is a leader whose men will follow without question, if they’re like a “King,” then as Voltron’s “right-hand man” Keith is a loyal knight. And just like any good knight, Keith will call out rulers for failing to serve the people and treating their subjects unjustly. The way Keith reacts so strongly to Lubos is a good example of this. Again, nobility and honor are distinctly important to him. 

Another trope with a knight and damsel you often see in fantasy is that, like a typical knight, the protagonist highly values chivalry and champions a noble cause. But ultimately, that means learning to sacrifice their own selfish desires for the sake of the greater good. So their love interest is often seen as a distraction from the hero’s quest. They can’t afford to indulge in their feelings because the mission must come first. And often times, this culminates in a decision where the knight must choose to sacrifice the person they care about most–a representation of their own desires–because their duty demands it. 

And in his trial, who is it that’s sent to tempt the hero and divert him from his quest, who is it that Keith longs for most, the person he “desperately wants to see”? Who is the one person that Keith can afford to be selfish for, the one who he’ll throw away everything–including his obligations as a paladin–just to be with?

And we know that this is an archetype VLD is very much aware of and acknowledges in their narrative. After all, heroes who fail to give up their own wants and needs, chasing after their love and abandoning their duty–they’re often cast down, vilified, characterized as foolish and selfish and bringing about disaster for their arrogance. And Zarkon is the literal embodiment of this character. He’s a glimpse at what Keith’s future could look like if he continues down the same path and chooses Shiro over the universe. Just like how Zarkon chose his love over everything else. 

So when I mention all the sheith and zaggar parallels, I really do believe it’s wholly intentional. Especially given all the foreshadow that Keith will eventually reach the same crossroads where he’ll have to decide whether or not to sacrifice Shiro for the sake of the universe. But being that Keith doesn’t believe in things being so “black and white” and also the trope that a successor will surpass their predecessor, I believe Keith will figure out an alternative answer that will allow for both Shiro and the the others he defends to stay safe. 

Now, as for Shiro’s role as a “princess,” the notion is pretty interesting. Obviously, it’s a clear subversion of gender. But there’s never any shame or weakness to it. Quite the contrary, actually. Shiro is established as the strongest and most formidable member of Team Voltron. He’s their brave leader, their fearless protector, their unshakable rock. But he is so often idolized, seen as impossibly perfect and infallible, and this inevitably takes its toll. The fact that he allows himself to be vulnerable with Keith, to let Keith help him and take care of him, is never shown as a point of pathetic inability or weakness. 

Rather, Voltron portrays it as okay to admit that you aren’t strong enough, that you’re not okay, that asking for help is perfectly alright and there’s nothing wrong with admitting you can’t shoulder the weight of the world on your own. Shiro asking Keith to come save him is important because he never asks the others for help. He puts up a facade and tries to keep everything together in front of them. And when Keith says things like Shiro really changed his life, you can infer that, before this, Shiro was probably always the one taking care of him. So Keith always being the first to defend Shiro in turn reads as You were always the one protecting me, now let me stand by your side and protect you

This concept of sheith’s dynamic resembling a knight and princess is also established immediately. Their very first scene together is Keith saving Shiro, and it really feels like knight rescuing their lost love. Right away you associate these two characters with one another, see just how intimately familiar they are with each other. Keith fights fiercely on Shiro’s behalf but softens up when he looks at him, leans it closer and tenderly reaches out to him. And I’ve talked about this a lot before, but the way Keith mourns Shiro is distinctly reminescent of someone grieving a lover. 

The way he’s inconsollible and claims to be the only one who really cares about Shiro, the way he searches relentlessly and needs to be told time and again that it’s time to move on, the way his voice breaks when Black accepts him and he pleads, “Please, no.” Keith really loves Shiro. And his devotion to him, including leading Voltron in honor of his last wish as well as vowing to never give up on him, Keith’s desperation to be with him, this notion that he’d be all alone without him--yes, he loves Shiro. But it’s a love that’s passionate and intense and possessive and desperate in a way that platonic or familial love just isn’t

I think Kuron’s rescue and recovery in season 3 is also very remenescent of this whole damsel in distress theme. For one thing, Keith is established as Shiro’s sole rescuer, and the “reunion” scene is an intimate moment between just the two of them. Kuron’s hero is here to save him, and they can both finally be at ease. The start of the next episode is very interesting because it just seems like business as usual. The paladins are all off on a mission, but Kuron is nowhere to be seen. He’s taken out of the action. Instead, this is the first time we get to see Allura use her bayard. And she makes for a fearsome opponent. It’s a distinct reversal of how you’d usually see a knight go off on their quest while the princess waits back at the castle for their safe return. Here, Kuron takes on that position. And the way we see Keith dutifully caring for him at his bedside afterwards reinforces this idea. And it’s okay for Kuron to rest and take as much times as he needs. It’s okay because Keith will still lead in the meantime and he’ll always be there to check in on Kuron and help him through his recovery. 

Of course, there’s more than one way to save someone, and I think it’s important to make that distinction with Shiro and Keith’s relationship. Because it’s not Keith carrying all of Shiro’s weight for him and taking care of everything. It’s about Keith really supporting Shiro and reaffirming that he is a good and worthy paladin–“You mean, your bayard.” It’s the way that Shiro has already given himself up for dead but Keith looks him in the eye and tells him that he’ll be alright, that he can make it. It’s the fact that Shiro struggles with his trauma and still believes that he’s a monster, that he’s undeserving of the title “paladin” and that there’s no way he can stand against the empire and survive. Keith asserts time and again that Shiro is their leader, that Shiro is strong and kind and loving, that Shiro isn’t broken, that he deserves to live. It’s that Keith gives him hope, and Shiro is able to stand by his side and push forward because of it.

Ultimately, I think the best way to describe this dynamic is by just quoting what Josh said at wondercon about his favorite scene: “Shiro is in really bad shape and he’s waiting to pretty much get rescued by Keith. I love this clip because you really see the weak side of Shiro, you really see Keith’s determination to find him. And it was just really exciting for me to watch it. Because it really looks dire, and it really looks like he’s not gonna make it in time. And then–a hero comes through and saves the day with the lion.” Keith is really Shiro’s hero. And just like he’s promised, he’ll always be there to save Shiro–as many times as it takes


I wanted to make my character more natural and realistic. Although people expect the tone of the film to be fantasy, it actually is quite the contrary. It’s an intimate story that feels real. I think of all the Star Wars films released so far, Rogue One is the most real one, which is about the people. The characters are very similar to us. They are heroes with no powers. What they have is a conviction and desire to change reality — Diego Luna discusses his role as Captain Cassian Andor.



Note: These are not in any order, the reasons are all random, also there will be spoilers and cursing.

1. LITTLE NICO IS SO CUTE. He protects his sister, “Don’t talk to my sister that way!” Plus he’s super nerdy and obsessed with mythomagic and pirates, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?!

2. “You said you would protect her” Do really need to explain?

3. He’s so fucking powerful, but doesn’t use his powers for bad, or to show off (unlike some other demigods I know).


5. He discovered Camp Jupiter before anyone else.

6. He pretends not to know Percy, which must have been extremely hard for him to do, just to make sure that he doesn’t accidentally mess up the quest.


8. His grammar is AMAZING.

9. He is so freaking polite.



11. According to the old myths, Ares, an immortal god at his full strength could barely survive being in the Bronze jar. NICO SURVIVED AT AGE 14 AFTER BEING TO FUCKING TARTARUS.

12. On top of everything, he had MORE PAIN ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR PERCY.

13. He’s gay, and it made me SO happy to FINALLY see an LGBTQ+ character in a kids book.



16. Reynico and Jasico BROTP


18. He is sane enough to continue to live, talk, and be pretty okay.

19. “I have a doctor’s note”

20. He has an awesome “Son of Hades” look


22. Nico is an amazing name. So is di Angelo. It translates to Nico from the Angels, I think. Edit: Okay so apparently, according to the helpful @the-forgotten-traveller his name translates to Victory of the Angels or the Angel of Death, depending on where his first name was rooted from. (correct me if I’m wrong).

23. “With great power, comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later”

24. He tries to comfort Reyna and defends her by killing that demigod roman asshole.

25. I’m pretty sure Will Solace had a crush on him.

26. “I’m a son of Hades, Jason. I might as well be covered in blood or sewage, the way people treat me.”


27. He speaks Italian.

28. He’s defends all of his sisters, Bianca, Hazel, and Reyna.

29. He’s sarcastic.

30. This line: “Not a word about the shirt. Not one word.”

31. He’s probably the most attractive 80-something year old ever.


33. He listens to Techno Pop music.

34. He’s awesome at sword fighting.

35. He’s a classic “Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”

36. He was the only one to talk to Hesita and Bob.

37. Nico talking to Bob was the only reason Bob helped Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus, and therefore Nico indirectly saved the entire world.

38. He’s the ghost king.

39. “Don’t call me Death Boy!”

40. “Significant annoyance, in your case.”

41. He’s can shadow travel.

42. He helped Apollo in ToA, even though the gods have been nothing but mean to him.

43. Fuck that. Not only did he help Apollo, he HELPED ALL THE GODS.

44. Hades is pretty cool.

45. Nico is so relatable.

46. He’s such an inspiration, I mean, he’s been though so much pain, and is still a hero.

47. He’s stronger than everyone else, because not only does he have to do normal DEMIGOD stuff, he also has SO MUCH PAIN.

48. He’s not stupid, quite the contrary actually. He’s extremely intelligent, AND he stopped going to school at age 10. Let me repeat that, HE STOPPED GOING TO SCHOOL AT AGE TEN. AND THE SCHOOL HE WENT TO WAS FROM THE 1930S.


50. He’s fucking Nico di Angelo.

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why do you think there was such a lack of romantic intent behind touka and kaneki in the chapters leading up to 125? They never so much as breathed a "i love you"; all that happened was kiss kiss and "lets have sex" and "here's a ring." is this to show that the relationship between touka and kaneki isn't exactly romantic? what are your thoughts on this?

Uhm, where is this coming from? I never said that there was a lack of romantic interest from either Kaneki or Touka. It’s quite the contrary, actually. Ishida made it a point to hint at the fact that both of them had feelings for each other. Here’s a few examples off the top of my head (I don’t have the time or the energy to search for all of the actual panels but please bear with me):

1. Kaneki left just Touka behind after he founded his gang with Banjou and Tsukiyama, because he didn’t want for her in particular to get hurt. To justify this choice, he told her that he wanted for her to keep true to her wish to merge with humans and go to school and have a normal, peaceful life.

2. For Touka’s birthday, Kaneki bought her a bunny keychain and even though he still kept in hiding made sure that she received it. He probably chose a bunny both because Touka likes them, and because he was reminded of her (just like Amon was reminded of Akira when he saw the cat keychain. The parallel to the akiramon relationship reinforces the idea of a romantic subplot playing a role in both cases). 

3. Soon afterwards, Touka went to Nishiki (the only person she knew who had a healthy and long-lasting relationship) to ask him whether she could consider Kaneki’s present as a sign of romantic interest. She clearly wanted it to be. 

4. Kaneki remarked how pretty Touka was on multiple occasions:

5. On Christmas Eve, which is considered a festivity for couples in Japan, Sasaki thought of Touka and wondered whether she’d be on a date:

6. And in what’s probably the most explicit giveaway so far, as Sasaki he often visited :re to have an excuse to sneak glances at Touka, just like he did at Anteiku when he had a crush on Rize and was too shy to approach her: 

7. All of the above are mostly from Kaneki’s side, but if you’re looking for confirmation on Touka’s part then the most glaringly obivious giveaway of her romantic feelings for him is that the reason she founded :re in the first place was to give him a place to come back home to if he ever got his memories back. 

8. Another one would be how she selflessly decided not to force him to remember, because she put his happiness before her own and realized that he was happier when he still couldn’t remember about her.

9. Touka herself explicitly admitted that she was happy that Kaneki had a crush on her:

And these are just the examples I could think of at the moment. There probably are even more. 

If anyone’s saying that their relationship was never romantic before chapter 125, they’re just deluding themselves. 

Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Five (Kindness)

“What about my dress?”
“Maybe … I could wash it,” Arya said doubtfully.
“Washing won’t do any good,” Sansa said. “Not if you scrubbed all day and all night. The silk is ruined.”
“Then I’ll … make you a new one,” Arya said. 

contrary to popular belief arya actually puts forth quite a bit of effort in empathizing with sansa. and in these trying times i really cannot stress that enough. their relationship is strained, essentially, because arya is not the perfect lady sansa wants her to be. for this reason sansa looks down on arya. which plays a big role in arya’s overall view of herself. because arya is told she’s not good enough she tries to do “better”. and that actually manifests itself into some really kind and compassionate moments. after asking for forgiveness she offers to wash the ruined dress and when that doesnt work she says she’ll make sansa a new one as amends even though sewing is her least favorite thing to do. its a really nice and selfless thing to do. especially considering the reason the dress was ruined in the first place is because sansa blamed mycah for his own murder. but thats neither here nor there. 

“It won’t be so bad, Sansa,” Arya said. “We’re going to sail on a galley. It will be an adventure, and then we’ll be with Bran and Robb again, and Old Nan and Hodor and the rest.” She touched her on the arm. (AGOT)

this is the sweetest thing. arya has been fighting with sansa since the first chapter. she hates kings landing and the lannisters more than anyone but she still comforts her sister here. she even initiates positive physical contact as a means of sympathy. arya might be the younger sibling but she’s acting far more mature. she sees her sister heartbroken and reaches out to her. arya tells sansa they’ll have an adventure on the galley and then they’ll be home, together. 

Even Sansa … I’ll kiss her and beg her pardons like a proper lady, she’ll like that.

this one is both sad and sweet. arya’s life has been rough by this point. she’s had her head shaved and wears rags. which is a bigger burden on her than anyone. arya shouldn’t have to beg anyones pardons. least of all for her appearance which is beyond her control. and also irrelevant. but arya knows what a high value sansa places on that sort of thing. she empathizes with sansa. and instead of belittling her feelings she decides she’ll change her own behavior in an attempt to make sansa feel better. arya will play the “proper lady” because she misses her sister and knows that’ll make her happy. once again, arya puts sansa ahead of herself. but arya’s been conditioned to see sansa as better than her. so i can’t say i don’t look on these moments without any bitterness. still, it shows what a big heart arya has inside her.

this interpretation of arya always lashing out at sansa because she’s jealous could not be further from the truth. arya doesn’t take pride in being different from her sister either. arya tries to be the lady sansa and the rest want her to be ( she actively tries to change her own behavior because she’s been led to believe she’s not good enough. the way she looks, the way she acts, the way she feels are all constantly invalidated by those around her. she would have every right to meet their disapproval with nothing but disdain but arya has more than one moment where she’s courteous and kind and genuinely compassionate in return. because what arya values is family. even when they don’t treat her right. and arya will never forget what ned told her:

“Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you … and I need both of you, gods help me.”

thats it. thats always been it. arya might hate her sometimes but sansa is her sister. she is a part of her pack. arya sees her in needle, the symbol of her identity. the house of black and whites magic candles smell like sansa singing because that soothes arya when shes afraid. their relationship will continue to be fraught with tension but, imo, arya will be the one to try and mend it like she has every time before. whether it be with a new dress or a kind words or a kiss. because she knows they need each other. 

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Hi, i love your damijon fic, its everything! Can I ask for damijon where damian is shy of public affection but do it anyway bc jon want it

Thank you so much anon! I’m not sure this is what you had in mind, but.

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“Have you really never seen Pinocchio?”, Jon asks, looking up at him from his lap.

Damian doesn’t know how and when he managed to put his head there. It must’ve happened while he was busy arguing with Dick on why fourteen years old trained assassins should not be forced to watch Disney movies by their self appointed older brothers, or with Tim on who should be the one holding the popcorn bowl, or with Jason and his sideways jokes about becoming a real boy - which Damian didn’t really understood but offended him on a principle. (Movie nights always offers a wide variety of arguments).

“Have you really never seen a pillow?”, Damian mocks, looking down at him. “It doesn’t look like me, in case you were wondering.”

“Was not”, Jon answers with a smile.

Damian growls at him but doesn’t push him on the floor, and his lack of reaction earns him a curious glance from Tim, who’s currently sitting on the couch next to them, the bowl of popcorn in his hands and one of Kon’s long arm wrapped around his shoulders. Damian can feel the tips of his ears reddening under his brother’s stare, and he keeps his eyes fixed on the television screen while he waits for the teasing he knows is coming.

Surprisingly enough, Tim scrunches up the corners of his mouth in what could be described as a knowingly smile, but he doesn’t comment at all - which is kind of a first in Damian’s book, but he’s not going to question his fortune or Tim’s indisputable ulterior motives right now.

He settles back against the couch cushions and pretends to watch the animated nonsense along with Jon and their brothers, while in reality his attention keeps shifting on the solid weight of Jon’s head against his stomach and - a couple of minutes later, after Jon decides Damian’s definitely more comfortable than the couch itself - on the warm touch of Jon’s hands on his thighs.

Overall it’s not a displeasing feeling, and it’s not a totally improper contact either, but the unfamiliarity of the situation makes Damian too self-conscious about it.

Though, thinking about it, he shouldn’t be so surprised about Jon’s confidentiality. He learned long before tonight - and at his own expense - that Jon’s a very physical person with little to no regard altogether for such a basic concept as interpersonal distances.

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|The Story of Last Night | Lafayette

So I was listening to The Story of Tonight Reprise and the idea of drunk Lafayette is literally everything to me right now.

I may not live to see our glory!” 

You rose an eyebrow at the chorus of voices that hit your ears as you entered the bar, and sighed when you recognized the faces. 

Not again, You purposefully maneuvered away from them, going by the counter. Its not that you didn’t like the four idiots, you did, but it was just that you had no time nor patience to deal with them at the moment. The whole reason you had skipped the reception in the first place, was because you had found yourself becoming quickly overwhelmed. 

Even among-st girls, Angelica sure knew how to party. 

You chuckled nervously at the memory of the flamboyant Schuyler (and Eliza who surprisingly got quite frisky the moment she got even a little alcohol in her system).

So yeah, it wasn’t a good idea to let them see you. Especially since it looked like they were dead ass drunk. They were bad enough normally, you didn’t even want to try to handle them while they were off their rocker.

“The usual?”

You lifted your head to peer at the bartender, who had a warm smile. You nodded, and the man blinked at your weary state. 

“Rough night?” He asked. You looked not too subtly in the way of the notorious gang, and he gave you an expression of empathy. “Ah, I see.”

“Hamilton’s hitched,” you clarified. The bartender snickered.

“I know. The whole place does,” He said, returning with your drink. You shrugged laughing along with him and taking a tentative sip before deciding to just chug the whole thing down.

Right when you were contemplating getting another round and joining the party of intoxicated laid-backs, a hand tapped your shoulder. You turned to see the face of none other than Hercules Mulligan himself.

“Y/L/N” He started, scratching the back of his neck with a crooked white smile. He looked to be still tipsy, but way more cognitive than he had been when you spotted the quartet earlier. 

“Please, Mulligan, you can call me Y/N,” You returned the smile, giving him your full attention. 

“Well then, right back at you, Y/N.”

“As you say, Hercules,” You taunted back. He chuckled deeply.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I require your assistance,” He began. You gave him a look of confusion, and he gestured to his arm. 

When you looked properly, you saw that he was practically carrying Lafayette  like he weighed a bag of feathers. While Hercules had regained his wits, the french man clearly had not, and was still properly bamboozled. 

“Monsieur Lafayette cannot hold his liquor?” You questioned in amusement. Hercules shared your sentiment.

“On the contrary, he is actually quite impressive in that regard. But alas, he had way more than any of us.”

You grinned but it wavered when you saw his suggestive gaze. “Wait…what exactly are you asking me to do here?”



“Please Y/N?” He couldn’t restrain his laugh. “John ran off somewhere, and I need to track him down so that he doesn’t jump in the lake.”

“Why can’t Hamilton do it?” You stalled. 

“Hamilton went off somewhere with Burr,” Hercules confirmed. You opened your mouth to make another excuse but a look from the tall man had you shutting up.

You groaned, putting your palm to your face. “I’m going to regret this.”

“Thank you Y/N,” Hercules was more than willing to hand over the drunk man to you, and you nearly fell over to hold him up. 

“You’re-” You barely started but he was already out the doors. “…welcome.”

You huffed, focusing now on the immigrant nearly drooling on your shoulder.

“Lets go,” You shook him slightly, enough to get him able to walk with you as you hung his arm around your neck.

“Hmm..?” He asked drowsily, a rumble vibrating through his chest and straight through you. “Where…?”

His voice was hoarse from the recent wake up and you would vehemently deny that it had goosebumps rising up your arms. 

“Home,” You said, absentmindedly watching the stars as the two of you hobbled down the empty street. 

“Home…?” He repeated. “You…would have a…ship at the ready?”

You snorted. Even completely wasted, he didn’t fail to have you in fits of laughter. 

“Not France, Lafayette,” You mused. “Though I think I would like to visit.”

“Anytime…” He opened his eyes blearily, seeming to want to see you. When he saw your face he seemed a bit surprised, but got over it. “Y/N…”

Your name rolling off his lips made you weirdly content. 

“You would escort me, Monsieur?” You were enjoying somewhat flirting with the man, knowing he wouldn’t remember a single word. 

“Anything for you,” He responded. You paused. That sounded a little too sincere. You peeked a glance to see if he had cleared his mind from the alcoholic fog, but his face was still flushed. Guess not.

“Its a date then,” You said. 

“Date…? Yes…a date,” He murmured by your ear, breath washing over you, a distinct smell of sweet whiskey. You were already getting flustered by the proximity, but when his lips pressed to your neck you lost your crap.

“What are you doing?” The words were rushed, your voice a pitch higher. 

“Tu es si belle.”


“Vous frappez, madame. Restez avec moi.”


The only thing that followed was a babble of french that you in no way could translate. The sultry flow of the romantic language by your ear was again getting too much for you. You were sure your face would burn off in no time.


That seemed to knock him out of his daze, but he still continued to speak in French, with a few random English words in-between. You suddenly noticed the confused expression set on his face and realized he quite seriously couldn’t remember the language at the moment in his state.

How adorable.

You let him off the hook for the intrusion of your personal space just because of that, and giggled quietly to yourself as you walked up to his door. 

You fished around in his coat for his keys, and gave a small ‘aha’ when you found them in an inner pocket. The door clicked open.

“Here we are,” You said. A strike of sympathy struck within you with another look at Lafayette’s disheveled state. 

It wouldn’t kill you to bring him to his room would it? You took the small journey with a pep in your step.

“Time to go to bed, Lafayette,” You spoke to him as if he was a child, patting his shoulder. He hummed.


You made to let him go but stopped breathing when the roles changed as he clamped his arms around your waist and dragged you down to the mattress with him.

“MMpH..!” You thrashed, face pressed into his chest, your bodies practically glued together. A heat ravaged your cheeks when you registered this, his toned body outlined underneath his clothes, the scruff on his jaw brushing against your cheek. You finally managed to disconnect from him enough to speak. 

“Let go!” You whispered harshly. Lafayette stirred, opening his eyes. The two of you stared at each other before an odd glint entered Lafayette’s chocolate eyes. 

“Laf-” You started.



“Stay,” He said shortly, more of a question than a demand. His eyes looked too clear, too soft for someone who was drunk.

You got lost in his gaze, your faces so close now that you could count every brown eyelash, the curls escaping his ponytail, framing his captivating features. 

Everything was shouting at you to say no, to get the hell out of there, but then his lip quirked upward and you were melting.


His head buried in your neck, your legs intertwined as the soft sounds of his breathing filled the quiet air.

And the dull beat of his heart lulled you to join him in the land of the subconscious not long after.


You frowned at the noise, wondering who had the heart of stone to do this to you so early in the morning. Opening your eyes, you watched Lafayette in blurry perplexity until the memories of the night before came back to you and just sighed, rolling back over.

“Go back to sleep, Lafayette.”

“Back to-?!” He was utterly befuddled, wincing at the sound of his own voice, nursing a hangover. Another round of french escaped his lips before he caught himself.  “Mon cher, what are you doing in my bed??!!”

“So you don’t remember last night?” You mulled, taking great satisfaction in making him freak out even more.

“Last night?!!” He sputtered, a complete mess of ruffled clothes, bed hair and tangled sheets. “What did I - did we - how did-”

You snuggled into the warm sheets, snickering. “Don’t worry, we didn’t do anything.”

A breath of relief left his lungs. “Oh merci bien.”

You hummed casually. “I mean, you haven’t even taken me on that date to France yet.”

You swear you had no idea the male human voice could go that high before. “Date??”

A thump alerted you to the fact that he had fallen out of the bed and onto the floor. 

You yawned, raising your hand limply above your head to point at the ceiling. Where to start? 

“I’ll tell the story of last night…”


Sleepy Mornings

Request: Could I request some fluff pls? Like after months/years of Newt pining over the reader (maybe she was w someone else or w/e) and theyre finally together and it’s just newt’s point of view of the first time they share a bed (just sleeping) and reader is asleep and he is just awake and thinking about how surreal it is that he’s finally got her and maybe then following morning? Sorry if that makes no sense it’s 4am and I haven’t slept but I love your writing💜

Word Count: 1,185

Pairing: Newt x Reader

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20 years. Though he hadn’t always been aware he’d been waiting, and though sometimes he’d felt he was waiting for someone else, all this time he’d been waiting for this moment right here.

The bedroom is silent, the sounds outside muted by the dawn breaking over the horizon; the only light in the room is the fractured rays of golden and rosy, blushing light slipping through the thin panes of glass lining the wall, and Newt lies awake, a strange, floating feeling filling his chest. He wonders for a moment if he’s dreaming, if it’s truly possible that he’s here, next to your mumbling figure, but there’s no mistaking your beauty nor the way you mutter his name, twisting the sheets further as you roll onto your side, still too caught in the hazy fog of sleep to fully wake.

Streaks of the light cast shadows that dance over your face as your chest rises and falls gently like the waves of the ocean you’d married near. Newt had spent so long trying to be sure he’d chosen the right spot, and all you’d had to do was squeeze his hand and smile to quell his fears. Oh, how beautiful you’d looked that day, grinning ear-to-ear and swaying when the band began your favorite song.

Beautiful, but nothing compared to how you look now, wrapped up only inches away from Newt, mouth parted the slightest as soft breaths escape your lips.

A smile edges onto Newt’s lips as you steal his breath away with the utter peace in your expression.

He tentatively reaches forward, fingers grazing along your cheek carefully, just to be sure you’re here, you’re real. When you shift, blinking and smiling sleepily at him before you’re even fully awake, Newt’s stomach flutters up again. It’s a ridiculous feeling, he knows, but Merlin help him. If the feeling never leaves, if he can’t help the full grin slipping onto his face every time you smile at him like that, he’ll be more blessed than he ever imagined possible.

“Morning,” you mumble, your voice thick with sleep.

“Sleep well?”

“Not long enough.”

Newt chuckles, his voice a low sound that spills through the quiet peace of the bedroom. “You can sleep more if you’d like. We’ve nothing to do today.”

You pop one eye open, squinting at Newt. “Nothing?”

He reaches forward, dragging his fingers up your arm. “Nothing.”

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Whipped Cream or Pie

A/N: A drabble requested by @queen-of-deans-booty. I don’t know if this is exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway. Also. I’ve never seen the movie you referred to. Betaed by @thorne93

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None… I think… Fluff?

Wordcount: 969 (I know… technically not a drabble)

Request: Hey Ida! Congratulations on (almost) reaching 1.5k!! I would like to request a drabble. This is a random drabble (not from your list of series) about you making a pie with Dean. It’s messy, it’s fun, it’s silly and so fluffy. I don’t know of you’ve ever seen When in Rome with Kristen Bell but there was a scene where the sister of Kristen Bell’s character was with her husband, cooking something and they were both naked except with aprons on. You can decide if the reader and Dean are naked or not but I feel like cooking with Dean would be very fluffy and messy and cute! Congratulations again! <3

Originally posted by thejabberwock

“Sam, I need you gone for the day.” You walked into the library to find the youngest Winchester with his eyes glued to the computer, a mug of coffee in his hand, his hair still a little ruffled from the sleep.

“What?” he asked in a tone that let you knew he hadn’t heard you, and not that he didn’t understand your request.

“It’s been forever since Dean and I had any time to ourselves, so I had a plan for today, but I kind of need you gone for that,” you explained. “Please.” You used your puppy dog eyes for that last one.

“Fine,” he said with a sigh. “Can I at least finish my coffee first?”

“Sure. You have about half an hour before the nakedness starts,” you quipped, turning on your heel to go start part one of your plan.

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Keep The Change  [ J.T ]

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: 57 and 64 with Jason Todd please



56: “Are you flirting with me?”

64: “You’re so beautiful.”

From This Prompts List

Word Count: 


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A/N: This is trash lol I’m sorry. It’s also really short lol. Also I’m thinking of writing a Dark! au for Dick soon–just an idea though and it’s totally irrelevant at the moment. Quick reminder; my requests are open so send them in!


“Are you flirting with me?” You blush, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with a shy smile playing on your lips. Jason smiles, grazing his bottom lip with his pearly whites as he takes the hot cup of coffee that you had just sold to him.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t?” He shrugs, pulling out his wallet from his pocket. Jason takes pride in the new redness of your cheeks, his eyes following your every move. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh,” You mumble, your eyes dropping to the till as you quickly mumble the price of his drink. “But it’s quite the contrary actually.”

“What? Are you saying you’re not beau-”

“No, no,” You shake your head, your lips turning upwards at the corners. “I’m saying that a lot of people wouldn’t flirt with me, is all.”

“Well,” Jason says, placing the money on the counter in front of you. “I guess that’s an advantage on my end. Gives me more of a chance.”

You laugh, taking the change and placing the money in the drawer of the till you so often work with. You pull out the change needed to give him back, your eyebrows raising as he shakes his head, placing his hand on top of your own. The sound of your laugh sends a wave of a foreign sort of happiness through Jason’s body, his lips curving unintentionally.

“Keep the change.” He smirks. “Only if I can get your name, that is.”

“Y/N,” You reply, glancing at the change in your hand and then back to the insanely attractive man standing in front of you.

Jason smiles, mumbling his own name to you before taking a napkin from the holder in front of the till and pulling a pen out from the pocket of his leather jacket. He places it in front of you, leaning forward and placing is elbow on the surface of the counter, resting his chin in his hand. His blue eyes hold a cheeky glint as they rest on your own.

“What about your number?”

You smile sheepishly as you quickly glance to your boss, happily nodding as she gives you a wide grin and two thumbs up. You pick up the pen, quickly scribbling your number onto the napkin before handing it back to him.

Jason tucks the napkin into his pocket, his eyes trained on your own as he flashes you a smirk, adjusting the way his jacket sat on his shoulders. He holds his drink with a single hand, waving once with the hand that wasn’t being used. You watch him shove his wallet back into the back pocket of his jeans before he makes his way to the exit without saying a single word. Your eyes follow him to the door, your bottom lip finding it’s way between your teeth as a smirking Jason turns around and sends you a wink before disappearing from your sight.


Request for @loviecleone43

Could you do a Buttercream imagine with Joe where everyone is playing spill it or shot it, and some feelings are hinted at?

Requests: Open 

Enjoy :)

“So Joe,”
Jacks voice slurred across the table, the vodka he’d consumed taking effect and causing his words to fall together into a jumbled mess.
The group of you (aka Jack, Joe, Josh, Caspar, Maddy, Conor) had decided to play say it or shot it, a game Jack often played on his channel, but instead of disgusting foods, we were using alcohol.
“Joe…” Jack said again, a smirk covering his face,
“Who in this room… do you like?” he finished, and Josh’s mouth fell open whilst Conor whipped his head around to face you. Joe’s neck flushed, but you couldn’t see his face as he was turned away from you.
“Jack…” he said with his teeth ground together, and Jacks obnoxiously large smile got even wider, and he wiggled his eyebrows in your direction. Catching on a bit, your eyes widened and you looked over at Joe, who looked very determined not to turn around.
“Come on buddy!” Caspar laughed and Joe put his head in his hands.
“Why me?” you heard him sigh under his breath and he turned to you, his face red and looking vaguely mortified.
“Y/N.” he said and you gasped, Joe liked you?! The guy you’d met five years ago because you made videos in your bedroom, the guy you’d fancied ever since you met him, liked you? your thoughts were whirling around your head, so much so, that you didn’t notice Joe get up and leave the room. You were brought back into conciseness by the sound of Maddie’s voice yelling after him.
“Joe!” she called, and you stared at the retreating form walking out onto the balcony.
“Y/N, I think you should go talk to him.” Caspar said and you nodded vigorously, before standing up and making your own way out there.
You found Joe out there, leaning against the railing, staring out over the city. You lived in quite a high risen building, close to the top floor, so the view of the city with the setting sun fading in the background was absolutely stunning.
“Hey” you said tentatively, and Joe started, whipping his head around, before nervously chuckling.
“Hey.” he replied, and you walked up to stand next to him.
“So…” you tried to start a conversation but couldn’t really find the words to say to him.
“I’ve ruined everything haven’t I?” he said with another laugh.
“You’re the one person I feel like I can really talk too, the one person I want to be around more than anything and I’ve fucked it up.” He  said, dropping his head into his hands and letting out a long breath. His words hit you hard and your heart started to beat faster than it should have. For a minute there was total silence, until you finally worked up the courage to say something.
“N-no, Joe, it’s quite the contrary actually.” you stated, and he lifted his head, staring at you confusedly
“No.” you said again, “Joe, I feel the exact same way.” Now it was his turn to open his eyes as wide as they could go.
“Really?” he asked, excitement lacing his tone,
“Y-you do?”
“Yeah.” you said, a smile playing at your face as Joe said,
“Well then, It’s only fair if I treated you to a m-meal.” Uncertainty glimmered in his eyes but instead of the rejection you knew he was expecting, you blushed,
“I would like that.” you said to the floor and Joe went to say something else but his voice was drowned out by clapping coming from inside.
“Finally!” Conor yelled and laughter followed.
“Well,” Joe said chuckling,
“Shall we re-join the game?”
You nodded, your own laughter sounding as the two of you walked back inside.

Monsters (Part 3)

<i>Winning an auction to the run down home on Neibolt Street leads the reader to moving to Derry.  With what you’re planning everything seemed perfect.  Though you didn’t mean to accidentally wake up the creature underneath your home sooner than he wanted.

All you wanted to do was hurry up with your plans.  This clown though seemed to keep showing up though, even in your dreams.  

Everything was going as planned.  And now maybe even better than ever.</i>

                                    Pennywise’s Perspective

              Someone had moved into the old run-down home. The presence of multiple people woke me much earlier than I wanted.  All I could feel was my hunger.  I was curious to who now lived in the home but once I had a full stomach I would investigate.

              Several bodies later and I watched from the shadows. This short girl was among these tall men.  She seemed to be the one calling the shots of what she wanted done and was the one who would be living in the house.  I’d walk through the home once everyone left to examine the work they had done.  The rooms were being fixed, patched up, and painted.  The foyer was a burgundy color.  The kitchen a light beige.  The bathrooms were both the same shade of dark purple.  Her room was a blood red color.  I admired the color and headed to the basement.  She hadn’t touched the well.  I had overheard she wasn’t planning on covering it up since you would need climbing gear to even go inside.  Besides it let in a cool breeze she had told them.  The storage room door was locked with two lock pads but I gave them no thought as I easily opened the door.

               The room had pale tile walls with pale tile flooring to match.  The shelves were filled with bottles, mostly cleaning supplies but some caught my eye. A bottle had the label “Arsenic” and others had names I hadn’t heard of before.  In the floor was sort of a miniature ditch that I noticed led to the well through some stone.  My eyes caught the back wall which had several knives hanging from it.

               “My, aren’t you an interesting gal.” I picked up a knife from the wall and twirled it in my hand. “What do you plan to do little one?” I set the knife back down and left the room, locking it back up.

               Several days went by and I kept watching in between feeding and scaring others.  Finally, when the men all left and night had settled I decided to introduce myself. Oh, her fear smelled lovely.  She was scared to be in a new home all by herself, especially a large home like this.  It was only her small self in this big empty home.  When I gave her the balloon, seeing her eyes widen with surprise, her heart pounding with fear, was almost too much.  I could have eaten her then and there but my curiosity for her special room won me over.  When she shut the door, I made my way over to the kissing bridge.  There had been some pesky teenagers there for some days now and their fear was too good to pass up.  

            I decided to come back afterwards to see inside her dream.  I could tell it’s one she’s had before. When she left the bed room with the man I walked over to investigate him.  He was tall, muscular, and even for me there was something unsettling about him. He was motionless, his hand still on the bed and a grin on his face.  A growl left my throat as I took one last look at him and left for the basement. I needed to give her a good proper scare after all and didn’t want to waste any more time on who this man was.

           I came back again to scare her in her dreams but something was different.  I didn’t want to utterly terrify her so I did some fun acts and even gave her a rose.  Something about her caught my interest so I followed her. Her date was becoming boring but she was only getting more interesting.  Not how I normally would but the way she smelled was almost as good as fear.  I replaced her date that she had for the evening and realized she had seemed to want blood just as much as I did.  I wish I could have teased her longer but my stomach was growling.  While hunting I kept thinking back to her.  I had never met a human who wanted to taste blood, who seemed to enjoy it and yearn for it as much as I did.  Perhaps when I decide to end the play thing routine I’d have her float in my personal resting area.

           The day after the nice little dream she finished up her room in the basement.  I watched as she put together a large metal table.  She played with adjustable part of it.  She grinned and giggled to herself.  It almost reminded me of myself.  Even though I wanted to devour her I felt a little bit of pride for her. She had something in mind and I’d let her see to it.  The town was already terrified that something was causing havoc again much sooner than they expected.  I guess I should have thanked her in some way.  In due time though perhaps, I will.

            Some weeks went by and I noticed how she left the house less and less. She’d leave to get groceries, maybe walk around a little bit and talk to some town folk but she preferred to keep to herself.  There were times where she was paranoid, usually after she was on the thing she called a desktop but only at certain times.  I noticed the picture of the man from her dream pop up now and then and it appeared when they were communicating.  Curiosity only got the better of me as I stayed more and more in the house to watch her.  I’d still eat but I wouldn’t linger and my scaring acts never went as long as they usually did.  After one night she was talking into a device and seemed a bit chipper despite knowing who she was talking to.  When her conversation was done my curiosity had reached its point.   She mentioned she was ready for tomorrow.  I’d have to make sure to be here so I went off to feed.

                                     (Back to Reader’s Perspective)

            “Alright (Y/N), you can do this.  Just tolerate him for some time and he’s all yours.” I zipped around the room as I got dressed.  I had decided on a burgundy skater dress.  As I sat at my vanity I could feel someone watching me.  I did my best to ignore the feeling but I had an idea of who it was.  After a while the uneasy feeling got too much and I smacked my hands onto the vanity.

           “Pennywise, what do you want from me!?” Anger filled my voice.  I had too much carefully planned.  I had too much to worry about.  This clown was getting on my last nerves.

           “I’m only watching, as I’ve done ever since you’ve started to fix this place up.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw him emerge from the shadow in my closet. “My resting area is just below here.  This house and I have a long history together. I was supposed to rest for another seventeen years until you started to make a ruckus.”

           “I’m so sorry for disturbing your beauty rest.” I picked up one of my favorite red liquid to matte lipsticks and began to apply it to my lips.

           “You’ve been a curiosity of mine ever since I explored that little room in the basement you have.” He stepped closer until he was behind me.  I tilted the mirror upwards so I could look at him. “That man from your dream, the one where I sent you down the well.  Who is he? What is he to you?” I could hear an angry tone in his voice, almost as each word became a growl.  Goodness gracious he thought this man was special to me.

           “Pennywise, to be honest, it’s none of your business.” I turned in my seat to face him.  He tilted his head to the side when he got a better look of the makeup I had done on my face. “If you do have to know though so you can drop that tone,” I stood up to somewhat feel like I had more control of the conversation, even though I was beginning to shake a little.  I placed my hand on my vanity to try to stable myself. “The man raped me years ago when we were teenagers.  I’ve talked to his past girlfriends to find out he’s only done the same to them. So,” I looked into his eyes, “I’m going to kill him myself since no one else is going to.”

           All I could hear was his laughs bouncing off the walls.  I don’t know why this angered me so much.  In a flash all I could see was my arm flinging my porcelain jewelry box into the wall, shattering into pieces and the jewelry scattering around.  His laughing stopped as he looked me over.

           “Little one, I assure you I wasn’t laughing at the idea.” His hand reached out to my chin and he lifted my face up to me. “Quite the contrary actually.  I’m rooting for you.  I promise to stay out of your way but I’ll stick by in case you need assistance. Besides,” His hand left my chin and brushed over the part of my neck he bit in my dream.  I could feel the wound again.  I turned in the vanity to see teeth marks right where he had bit me. His hand brushed back over, “You’re mine until I devour you and nothing will hurt what is mine.” The marks were gone but I could still feel their sting.

           “I am not-” My words cut off as he placed a hand over my neck, squeezing tightly.  A whimper left me and he grinned.

           “Now, now (Y/N).  You have much to do.  Have some comfort in knowing that you have a monster on your side.”  He let out a chuckle and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. In an instant he was gone, back into the shadows.

           After cleaning up the broken jewelry box and finding a new home for the jewelry I went to prepare for my guest.

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Kiss Me Ch.1

Sighing, Jungkook puts away his phone.

It’s his fault, really: everyone knows that if you want Namjoon to remember something you need to remind him approximately 12 times. It’s not because he doesn’t care about others; quite the contrary, actually. Namjoon cares, wonders and worries about so many things that sometimes Jungkook wonders how his brain hasn’t fried yet. During the three years he has known Namjoon he has learned to both marvel at his intelligence as well as accept that Namjoon is terribly absent-minded. 

In short, it’s his own fucking fault that he is freezing his ass off in the yard of an university instead of watching a movie at home with his roommate Seokjin and his boyfriend Namjoon. 

It’s dark outside already so he goes to stand under one of the street lamps, hoping that by doing so it’d take the least time for Namjoon to find him. He puts up his hood but it does very little to protect him from the cold. He shoves his hands in his pockets, cursing himself for not taking even mittens with him. It wasn’t supposed to be this cold yet, it’s only the beginning of September. 

Suddenly, someone appears. It’s a boy, probably year or two younger than him, deciding from his cute round cheeks and small form. Jungkook watches him approach, not thinking too much about it except that the boy is really cute. 

Until the boy jumps right onto his arms and kisses him. 

His mind goes entirely blank. He only realizes to catch the body falling in his direction, to secure him in his arms until he knows nothing anymore. 

The boy’s lips are warm and soft against his, enough to make his feet feel all wobbly and weird. He kisses him with such passion, it’s electrifying and in all honesty, sexy as hell. Jungkook thought that shit like this only happened in movies but in that moment it truly feels as if the entire world slows down, quietens down until there is nothing left but them two, Jeon Jungkook and the strange boy with his legs wrapped around his torso. Jeon Jungkook and the strange boy whose plumb lips are burning like a wildfire against his lips… 

The boy pulls back a little to speak. “I’m so so sorry, I got stuck in traffic after practice, I really–” he starts to say until he takes a better look at Jungkook’s face and his shining eyes go wide. “You’re not Tom.“ 

Jungkook says nothing, he’s physically unable to speak. He can only stare - and hold. 

The boy’s cheeks turn bright red, it looks funny against his flaming orange hair. There is pure terror in his eyes, terror - and embarrassment. For a moment he and Jungkook just stare at one another, both too surprised to act. 

“Oh god”, the boy whispers then, finally sliding down from Jungkook’s waist and untangling Jungkook’s arms from around him which Jungkook is grateful for. He doesn’t think he could even do that on his own right now so he appreciates the help. “Oh sweet mother of Mary, what the fuck–”

For a moment, the boy just breathes out a long list of curse words and prayers, raking a distressed hand through his beautiful hair. Jungkook watches him and can only think of one thing: cute. So freaking cute. 

Then the boy speaks up again, unleashing yet another string of words that this time actually make up sentences. 

“Listen, I’m so sorry for this, I thought you were my boyfriend, oh my god, this is so embarrassing, you see, he kind of looks like you, I mean not the face but you’re about the same height and then you had your hood on and I took off my contacts after practice and I didn’t think anyone else would be here which is why I just sort of kind of assaulted you but I swear I didn’t mean to, I’m not usually like this, it’s just that we’ve been kind of fighting right now so I wanted to surprise him and oh god, did I scar you for life? I did, didn’t I? Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…" 

Then the boy has to stop to breathe again and Jungkook finds himself fighting a smile. The guy is just too fucking cute for him to handle. Two minutes ago Jungkook was low-key pissed off and freezing to death but now he’s damn near laughing and his heart is beating wildly as if it’s trying to escape from his chest, pumping blood through his veins and onto his face where the faintest shade of pink settles on. 

Jungkook hopes that it’s too dark for the boy to notice that. 

“So I’m just going to go fling myself off from the nearest building, all right? If that’s cool with you? Okay, thanks, cool, let’s never ever talk about this, in fact forget you ever saw me here. This never happened, okay? Okay. Cool. Bye. And sorry again”, the boy babbles and then runs away, leaving Jungkook with a dazed stare in his eyes and with his heart doing somersaults. 

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Jikook social media au 1/?

or an au where jikook meet when jimin runs up and kisses a stranger that he mistakes for his boyfriend, effectively messing up both jungkook’s thoughts and the beat of his heart.


To be continued…

anonymous asked:

i saw that you wrote that johnny was queer coded! can you explain those instances?

See: his entire history in the comics.

No, I kid, but there really are a lot of examples! 

First off, the tendency writers have to depict him as an extremely pretty man who is a little too invested in fashion and his appearance to pass for straight is pretty telling. It suggests that Johnny’s performance of straight masculinity is, well, not stellar. Easy to see through. Just a performance. He faints melodramatically into people’s arms all the time, he’s very emotional and not afraid to cry…let’s just say that he’s not presented as the strong, silent, hypermasculine type. Some writers don’t try very hard to hide Johnny’s queerness. In Hulk and Thing: Hard Knocks #3, Bruce thinks during his inner monologue, “Is it just me… or is that kid a little light in the asbestos loafers?” which, you know, is a euphemism for “he’s gay.” Ben earlier thinks in Hulk and Thing: Hard Knocks #2 that Johnny’s “in love with his own hair.” I do not think this is a coincidence. In Fantastic Four V1 #151, Makhizmo calls Johnny “an effeminate.” And then in Women of Marvel Digital #4, in which Sue plays the role of Cinderella…Johnny, along with Crystal, takes on the role of her fairy godmother, gives her a fashion makeover, and turns her “hair-don’t” into a hairdo. I kid you not. This is just the most blatant queer-coding:

And this is framed as Johnny’s niece Valeria telling this story, so this is how a little girl who knows him extremely well sees him.

Neither would I say that he has never expressed a sexual or romantic interest in men or individuals of genders other than woman in 616 canon. Quite the contrary, actually. He in canon, in Spectacular Spider-Man V2 #21, talks about dating and having sex with an alien from a species with 18 genders who thus was nonbinary (I think it’s telling that he doesn’t ever use his date’s pronouns):

There’s a strong implication if you read this panel in context that the relationship didn’t work out because sex for that species involves 18 people, each of a different gender, which Johnny thought “got kinda awkward.” Which does imply that he tried it. I don’t think there’s any way that all of those 18 “specific” genders were women. I don’t know if I would even call this queer-coding. It’s just pretty unambiguously portraying Johnny as queer (I don’t know if the writer intended it but I do know that I don’t care what he intended, just what he wrote). 

More beneath the cut!

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anonymous asked:

what kinks do you think the members of bts have?? love ur acc btw xx

omg this is gonna be hard aaaaa

seokjin - he’d be so into the whole daddy/little thing omg he’d love to spank you when you misbehave and not just with his hands like he’d have whips, paddles the whole lot. He’d also enjoy seeing you dress up for him in pretty little stockings and garters for him. Just everything to do with daddy/little kinks, that’s him!!

yoongi - this isn’t exactly a kink but yoongi would be SO into oral !!!! he’d love to eat you out/suck you off all the time!!! and he’d love it even more when you do it to him. He’d ask you blow him when he’s hard at work in the studio, when he’s driving, when you’re at the movies, out at a restaurant, he really wouldn’t care where you are and who’s watching.

hoseok - hmmm I can’t really think of any main kinks hoseok would have, I think he’d love markings like hickeys and bruises and scratches all down his back from him fucking you so hard. this isn’t really a kink either but he’d be so into you riding him dear god.

namjoon - contrary to common belief, I think namjoon’s actually quite vanilla. he’d like you calling him daddy but I don’t actually think he’d be as into it as seokjin and he’d rather it just be a thing you call him during sex rather than actually taking on the role.

jimin - omG the thought of him having a mummy/daddy kink,,,, hELP ME!! he’d be such a bratty sub and would tease you all the time but as soon as you two actually got home he’d be on his knees begging and whining and he’d come so quickly bc he’s just so desperate to be fucked and him being tied up!!! and him as a top!!! the definition of a baby boy!!!

taehyung - does this boy even have a kink he’d be so into trying anything and everything but I can imagine he’d love marking you and just being so dirty and rough with you sweet jesus. i can see him really liking tying you up and watching you squirm tho but after you two were done he’d become so giggly and shy at the thing you did aaaaaa

jeongguk - come on this boy is so vanilla he acts tough but he’d have no idea what he’s doing hAHA i feel so weird even putting him in here he’s still a child in my eyes.

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Celebrity imagine
Pairing: James Franco x Reader
Requested by an anon reader
Word count: 807

Dating an actor wasn’t easy. Not really because he basically got recognised and asked for autographs at pretty much all time, nor because of the papparazzi. You had learnt to deal with all that. The real problem was the long periods of time where he had to be away for work, and your not knowing when exactly he’d be back. You had accepted it from the beginning, but even after all this time it felt hard.
You had met James at the university, and at first you were friends. Best friends even. Back then, the two of you would hang out as often as possible or spend entire nights revising and trying to keep each other awake and focused. You’d listen to him rambling about his girlfriend, and he’d comfort you after each of your break-ups. When you had realised you had fallen in love with him, your first reaction was fear. You were afraid that he’d laugh at you or that it would ruin your friendship, but it was actually quite the contrary. He was considering taking one step further in your relationship, but he didn’t dare to ask you. In the end, your friendship made it even stronger. You knew each other by heart, you trusted each other completely and these two factors helped you let him go when he first had to leave for filming, because you knew he’d come back to you. And so he did.

It was now mid-December. Christmas was nearing and you were hoping he’d be home for the holiday. He was supposed to come back around that time, but it could also mean after, and last time you had talked to him on the phone, he still wasn’t exactly sure when. You didn’t feel like spending it alone at all, and you had put too much distance between you and your family to simply show up on Christmas Eve. That night was a Friday night, and you had turned down your friends’ offer to go out for a drink together. Instead, you put on your pyjamas and spent the evening watching TV. You were so knackered from your work week that you ended up falling asleep on the couch with the TV still on. You were sleeping so soundly that you didn’t hear the door open nor someone calling for you.

James had managed to come home earlier than expected. He wasn’t needed on the set anymore, so he had caught the first flight home and had just arrived. 


No answer.

“(Y/N)? Honey, I’m home!”

He looked around almost frantically when he didn’t hear you answer. He entered the living room and sighed in relief when he found you asleep on the couch. He went to put his bags in the bedroom and took you in his arms carefully to carry you there without waking you up. He laid you down in bed and pulled up the covers before changing into jogging trousers and lying down next to you. He snuggled next to you and wrapped his arms around you. He couldn’t help smiling when he felt you relaxing against him.

“Sleep tight, my angel.” he whispered before falling asleep himself.

You woke up to the smell of coffee and pancakes. You turned your head to see your boyfriend sitting on the bed, and blinked a few times to make sure you weren’t dreaming.


“Morning sweetheart.”

You sat up, a huge smile on your face and he pulled you into a hug, holding you tight. You inhale his scent, that you had missed so much.

“Welcome home! When did you arrive?”

“Last night.” he answered. “You were already sleeping.”

You thought for a moment of what you did last night, but you didn’t remember going to bed.

“Did you carry me here?”

He nodded and you chuckled. You noticed the plate on the edge of the bed and the mug your boyfriend was now handing you. You took it and sipped the warm coffee.

“Thanks. And sorry, I should be the one making you breakfast.”

“It’s fine.”

He gently stroke your cheek, and you slipped your hand in his free one.

“Don’t say that, I could as well get used to it.”

He laughed at your words, picked a piece of pancake on a fork and fed it to you. It was delicious. You were a good cook, but pancakes were the one thing you couldn’t beat James at. You took the fork and fed another piece of pastry to him. Once the plate was empty, you set it on the floor and snuggled against your boyfriend.

“I was wondering if you’d be back before Christmas.”

“Of course. Do you think I’d have missed Christmas shopping with you?”

You laughed. You spent the whole morning cuddling, kissing and doing small talks. Basically your favourite kind of morning.

Connectivity Problems

bConnectivity Problems

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve is mentioned

Summary: Reader is on her period, but Bucky doesn’t know and tries to Google her symptoms, fluff ensues.

Word Count: 1031

Prompts: “I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have ‘network connectivity problems’.” and “Mmm, you’re warm.”

Warnings: None that I can think of, fluff, Bucky being old, if you see anything that’s triggering please tell me.

A/N: This was supposed to be submission for @atari-writes Birthday Challenge (happy extremely belated birthday!) but then WiFi went down for almost two months and just came back up last night and of course I’m a broke college student so I couldn’t afford data, and then there was the incident of soup falling on my laptop and ruining it…so I’m posting it two months late. Enjoy!

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Reputations: Fred x Reader

*Don’t worry guys this isn’t going to be sad, this takes place during the Triwizard Tournament so your 6th year. You are Draco’s older sibling in y/h and you’re best friends with the twins. Okay that’s it enjoy!*

“Y/n you can’t be friends with them you know that!” Your little brother Draco was always playing tattletale with you.

“Actually quite the contrary Draco I can be friends with whomever I please,” you sassed back. You weren’t going to let your annoying little brother boss you around.

“Father will hear about this!” He shouted and stomped off. God was he a drama queen.

“Right Draco as if I actually care what father thinks!” You yelled back. You loved him because he was your brother and it was kinda required but sometimes you wanted to hit him.

“Hey Y/n what were you just yelling about?” One of your best friends Fred Weasley asked as he walked around the corner of the hall.

“Oh nothing just my brother being an idiot,” you laughed as you said that Fred knew how Draco could be sometimes.

“What did he do this time?” Fred chuckled.

“Nothing in particular just being a dick,” you responded not wanting Fred to know how your family felt about him and the rest of his family. You were sure he already knew but you didn’t want to make it worse.

“Well, if he’s bothering me and George have just made these puking pastels that you could slip him,” Fred and George were always looking to sell you their new products.

“I’m good, but thanks for the offer,” you said shaking your head.

“We should get back to lunch yeah?” Fred asked. Oh shit you totally forgot.

“Oh yeah we should let’s go,” you both started to walk back to the great hall. Fred slung his arm around your shoulder as you two walked.

“Hey be careful buddy someone might think we’re dating,” you reminded him.

“And that would be bad why?” Fred asked seemly genuinely curious.

“Well for me I don’t think it would be but I seriously doubt you want people to think that you’re dating the Malfoy’s only daughter,” you replied.

“Y/n, you seriously think I give two shits was other people think?” Fred seemed astonished.

“Yup I do, you have a representation to protect,” you giggled when you saw the look on his face.

“You’ve got to be kidding? What can I do to prove it to you?” Fred looked oddly concerned.

“Actually, I might have something… No wait you’d never be able to do it,” you said smirking slightly.

“I can too! Tell me what it is,” You had to admit Fred was committed.

“Okay… but it’s hard. You have to go to the Yule Ball with me, prove you don’t care what people think,” you crossed your arms in front of your chest. Fred started laughing, you were confused. You raised an eyebrow at him. “What? Why are you laughing?” You asked.

“That’s your hard challenge? That’s it?” Fred continued to laugh. “You got yourself a deal,” Fred stuck out his hand for you to shake. You were shocked but you put on your brave face and shook his hand.

“Ready?” He asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” you replied. You two walked back to lunch.

People stared at the both of you as you walked through the halls all week. Fred’s hand or arm usually around your waist or shoulders. Even Fred’s sister Ginny came up to you and asked what was going on. Fred couldn’t believe how much attention you two were getting, on the other hand you knew very well why this was going to blow out of proportions. Even with all of Triwizard Tournament events happening this still was being talked about every time you or Fred walked into a room. It was about a week before the ball so you and Hermione went dress shopping.

“How’s this one?” Hermione asked holding up a short red dress with hideous ruffles.

“Awful, put it back,” you answered laughing.

“Oh lord I didn’t see the ruffles,” you heard Hermione groan as she put back the very ugly dress. You picked through dresses looking for the perfect one but you were having very little luck. Finally you stopped upon a blue slightly shimmery long dress. It was gorgeous, not for you though.

“Mione! Come here!” You shouted to Hermione who was across the store. You heard the heels of her shoes click clack across the wooden floor.

“What?” Hermione asked. You held up the dress in response. Hermione’s eyes widened. “Holy cricket it’s gorgeous!” Hermione squealed.

“And it’s your size!” You exclaimed. Now with Hermione’s dress picked out it was your turn. You and Hermione spent over an hour trying to find you a dress. Eventually the owner of the store got tired of you two being in there so he took out a dress that he thought would look good on you (or so he said).

“What do think?” The owner asked hopeful you would say you liked it and leave. It was absolutely gorgeous.

It was a beautiful maroon not to mention backless and flowing. It was simple but not boring. You were in love, you looked over at Hermione who quickly nodded her head yes.

“We’ll take them both!” You exclaimed as you went to go pay for your dresses. The both of you spent the rest of the day talking about your dates and how you were going to do your hair it was great much needed girl time.

(Time skip brought to you by that cool ass dress I found online)

It was the day of the ball and boy were you nervous. Not about the ball itself but the fact that there was a good chance Fred was going to back out. But you did your best to calm yourself down and once it got about 6:00 you started to get ready as Fred was picking you up at around 7:45. You took a shower and got everything ready. Once your hair was done you put on your dress and looked in the mirror. You looked better than you had in a while you thought. When it was around 7:30 you walked outside your common room and there was Fred waiting for you. He was all dressed up in his dress robes and look very handsome if you’d say so yourself. He saw you and his eyes went wide as he looked you up and down. You giggled and did a little twirl, his eyes got even wider when he saw that it was backless. Fred handed you a corsage that matched your dress.

“It’s beautiful, thank you,” you thanked him.

“Not as beautiful as you,” Fred said smiling. You slapped his arm lightly.

“Oh come on that was so cheesy!” You both started to laugh.

“Anyways, shall we?” Fred held out his arm for you to hold and you did. The two of you walked down to the great hall as people stared. You walked past Draco who completely flipped out.

“Look Draco, at least I didn’t come with pug-face Parkinson,” you teased as you past him by. You couldn’t help it you absolutely hated Pansy. Draco mouthed ‘Father will hear about this,’ and frankly you didn’t give a damn. The dance began with the competitors dancing with their dates. You saw Hermione in her dress and she looked absolutely amazing as she danced gracefully with Viktor. All was well until you heard Fred busting out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” You asked confused.

“Look,” Fred could barely finish the word but he pointed at Ron. You started laughing too, Ron looked so angry as he watched Hermione intently. His ears were bright red and the scowl on his face wasn’t a good look for him. You and Fred were laughing way too hard at him but you didn’t care. Finally Dumbledore called all the rest of the couples out to dance and Fred stood and held out his hand.

“May I have this dance?” He asked.

“Of course,” you replied.

The two of you danced for hours, stopping only for food and breaks because dancing that much makes your feet hurt.

A whole lot of time and dances later, there was one last slow dance. You and Fred got up and you put your arms around his neck and his hands were at your waist. You leaned you head onto his chest and closed your eyes, this was nice.

“Y/n,” Fred spoke up.

“Huh?” You lifted your head up to look at him.

“I love you,” Fred confess- wait what?!

“You what?” You asked, maybe your heard him wrong.

“I said I love you,” Fred repeated clear as day. He loved you. Wow.

“Well I love you too Fred, I really do,” you smiled and put your head back down on his chest. The two of you danced until the ball was over. That was truly an amazing night.

xilizhra  asked:

I'm white, and I tend to think that the American education system is kind of a crock, so I'd be sorely tempted to homeschool any children I had. Would that be a problem, racially?

I’m not a supporter of white homeschooling for the same reasons I’m not a supporter of white private schools. If anything, it isolates kids even more from inclusive environments. How can a white parent of a (for discussion’s sake) white child teach them racial acceptance if they don’t allow them to go to a school with kids who are different from them?

It makes me think of an episode of Chopped Teen that featured a Black girl and a white girl. The Black girl came from the inner city and was part of a public high school culinary pathway. She also worked at a restaurant in the city as part of the program. She was really good and was clearly passionate about cooking. She wanted to win the competition so she could go to culinary school.

The white girl was a homeschooler. She started a charity for underprivileged kids (I forget the specifics, but she raised money for Black and brown kids, mostly). When they asked her what she would do if she won, she said all of it would go to the charity.

The Black girl looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole and cry. The “needy” kids the white girl was talking about were kids like her. It was so dehumanizing, and on top of that, the white girl could give the money away and still go to whatever school she wanted, with or without the prize.

It wasn’t bad that the white girl wanted to help less privileged kids, but she had no self awareness. People want to come into lower income schools and “help” without realizing that no kid wants to be put on display as needy. That’s why free weekend meals for kids who qualify are packed in regular backpacks, not sacks with big food bank logos on them. 

The point is, white kids who are isolated from kids of color tend think of kids of color, especially Black kids, as charity cases rather than regular kids. They feel sorry for them for being underprivileged. That’s very otherizing, but more than that, it makes it seem like they’re merely unfortunate, when they are pushed down by a population that doesn’t want them to succeed and will sooner abandon schools to rot than subject their kids to the same education they get.

Homeschooling, ftr, wasn’t a thing like it is today until the 1970s. Right around the time busing started. By the early ‘80s, at the height of deseg, homeschooling took off. I personally don’t think that’s a coincidence.

And just to put it out there – before anyone decides a certain public school is terrible, go visit it. I think most white people would be shocked by the facilities and programs in some of the schools that are deemed unworthy based on racial demographics. There are truly bad schools, of course, but a lot of city-serving schools are actually quite good, with students who, contrary to popular belief, want to be successful.

Countless first times

The Winter Soldier x reader

Notes: (rough)smut, angst

Description: the Winter Soldier knows you, he just doesn’t know it. 

This one goes out to @chichyro 

(gif not mine)

The words still ring in your head. The words that turn him into a soldier to be used for anything and everything. The words that made him a warrior, ruthless, cold and incredibly skilled. The words that made him forget who he once was.

He’d always fight the longing you planted inside of him when he came to you after being wiped. He’d always try to resist, knowing that it wasn’t efficient to have this kind of desire for some one. Knowing he had a mission to complete, no matter the cost. He also knew he needed you to complete the mission, and to say he hated it, was an understatement. He didn’t hate you, quite the contrary actually. He liked you, he knew you, or so he thought. You seemed familiar when he knew nothing; the intoxicating scent around you, the flow of your hair, the way your lips moved when you spoke. Every time he was surprised by you, and you never got tired of surprising him. You seemed so delicate to him, beautiful, soft; he compared you to the first flower in the beginning of spring.

But you were as deadly as you were beautiful, as you always had to demonstrate before you went out on a mission with him. He needed to know what you could do, what your skills were, where your limits lie. Sometimes a mission would take a week, sometimes a month. Some missions only took a night, and he was right back in his confinement after spending a few hours with the familiar being that was you.

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