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If Heechul is really dating someone, he says he will “have a conscience” and only break the news earliest one week after his discharge so as to be responsible to the fans who have waited for him for 2 years.

To those who heard the name "Charlie Hebdo" today for the very first time

Please, please, please make an effort to seek reliable information. Do not believe and spread wrong ideas about this newspaper. If you truly look into it, there is absolutely no way you can call it racist or islamophobic, quite the contrary actually.

It’s a provocative newspaper, not a racist one. The difference is crucial and anyone who actually knows Charlie Hebdo respects these journalists for how brilliant and brave they were, even if they disagreed with some of their work. 

It’s everyone’s responsibility not to tarnish the victims’ memory because of misinformation. My country is mourning at the moment so please, get your facts straight.


Nissan. When building this S31 Fairlady Z, Teavalley certainly didn’t cut any corners; quite the contrary actually, it seems they worked very hard at creating a car that could easily stand out among the sea of highly tuned classic Zs out there. The body is nothing less than spotless, beautifully restored and painted, spiced up with nice details like that front lip spoiler.

There’s heavy use of carbon fiber starting off with the bumpers, the front and rear overfenders and ending up with the bonnet. RAYS TE37Vs were the wheels of choice and selected in the contrasting matte bronze finish everyone loves so much. Big brakes always hint at a well-tuned car, and those red Brembo calipers certainly look like they can haul down some serious performance.

That’s a very good thing because this S31 is powered by a completely custom L-series engine which has been stroked out all the way to 3.2L and get this – revs to 10,000 rpm!

Supplying fuel to this monster six-cylinder are the 50mm Solex carbs which suck in air through a beautiful set of titanium velocity stacks. It’s just another example of how L-series tuning continues to evolve, something Teavalley seems to be at the forefront of.

Here’s a close-up of the carbon fiber rear bumper; really nicely-laid carbon to replace the heavy steel chromed bumpers!

Love-By-Proxy - Why Mary's Good for Johnlock

Now now! Put away the pitchforks and hear me out! I do not and have NEVER thought of Mary as an obstacle to Johnlock. Mary, Mary, quite the contrary, actually: I feel she’s actually a catalyst for things to come.

Here’s what I mean. The only time Sherlock and John have told each other that they love one another has been indirectly and in conjunction with Mary, a “confession-by-proxy” if you will:

JOHN: […] and I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world. Mary Morstan … and … you.

SHERLOCK: […] today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved  – in short, the two people who love you most in all this world.


In those quotes above there, it’s very apparent to me that Sherlock, at least, is willing to take the next step: I believe Sherlock’s confession is STRONGER than John’s – John’s could be (and probably was) misconstrued as “I love Mary and care about you”, whereas Sherlock uses only one verb (love) to describe his feelings AND he publicly acknowledges it. Regardless, both “speeches” have lumped themselves as loving each other-by-proxy through Mary. Confessing-by-proxy gives them each an out; it’s a safe zone where they are comfortable enough to play the “but only as a friend” card if it needs to be played (which, oddly enough, NEVER GETS PLAYED). Even in conjunction with Mary, BOTH men are incredibly moved by the confessions. We’re at a very critical point in the series in relation to the tipping point of John and Sherlock’s relationship by the end of HLV, especially since we don't exactly know what happened during the hiatus from Mary on either side.

I’m seeing Mary's involvement as a step TOWARDS Johnlock… If it wasn’t for Mary, these two goobers would still be pining for each other silently. Now it’s sort of out in the open… Sherlock has realized the depths of his affections for John, and has deduced that John has kept his own pining a secret from Sherlock for SO LONG. And John? Well… I think S1 and S2 initially dealt with his schoolboy crush on Sherlock, but by S3, while he still loves Sherlock very much, John’s not willing to let himself get hurt again (which ends up becoming a moot point because he gives his heart to Mary and she royally fucks that up). S3 was about Sherlock’s discovery and journey into becoming the human John needs him to be. S4 needs John to realize his crush is more-than-that and always has been.

Granted, there is still a LONG way for them to go, especially from John’s end of things, but I think that by the end of HLV John and Sherlock are at least aware that there is SOMETHING MORE THERE. I mean, Jesus, you don’t look at someone like this:

and not know that there is a lot of emotion involved there. Yes, I think that they both know, but are both scared of the unknown. Sherlock attempted to confess and John misunderstood. And that’s the thing: S4 needs to deal a lot with John’s repressed feelings, and allowing himself to open up to Sherlock. Once that is dealt with, I think the confession will have so much more meaning and will be so emotionally powerful for the audience that there will be ZERO mistaking that they are both devotedly in love with each other.

I believe the only logical next step, whether or not Mary stays (and I highly doubt she will be), is for them to say “I love you” to each other’s faces without including Mary in the equation. And I suspect that  whatever happens to Mary will be the breaking point for this to happen. 

little hands, the world is yours

summary: I asked for Daddy!Killian prompts and I got so many, so I decided to kind of combine the following I received from swans-and-pirates and swanshooknbug: Emma and Killian dropping their daughter off at her first day of Kindergarten; Killian with their eldest child, who is about five, holding her/him over her/his siblings crib and explaining how the baby can’t play with them yet

word count: ~2300

rating: f for fluffy fluff fest 2k15

It’s simpler in the early morning hours, standing in the nursery, cradling the wee lad to his chest, humming as he holds a bottle to his lips. 

He’s been restless for the past week and it’s not because his son requires attention so often throughout the night. It’s quite the contrary, actually. His son is of the quieter variety and he tends to barely even fuss when he needs anything of any nature.

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So, I was watching TFA yet again and this moment comes along.

[Gif source]

I suppose despite Han not being a Force sensitive, Leia would be able to feel his death, like Ben Kenobi felt the destruction of Alderaan. It makes sense and this is how I’d interpreted this scene so far.

But you know what else makes sense? Leia sensing Han’s death through Kylo’s feelings. How? A force bond, much alike to the one she shares with her brother.

So yeah, I broke my own heart thinking Leia found out about the death of the man she loved through the mind of his murderer. But, of course, it doesn’t end there, because we all saw Kylo’s face after Han falls, he doesn’t get what he seeks by killing his father; quite the contrary, actually. The novelization openly states it:

If such bond exists, Leia also felt Kylo’s emotions, the aftermath of his actions. If she had any doubts about the conflict in her son, this would banish them. Leia has been adamant on getting her son back since the first moment, I imagine this–sensing Kylo’s pain–would only turn her even more determined.

As many people have already said, I want redemption for Kylo because of him, but also because of his mother. She deserves it.

It was inevitable that the Republican Party, in its utterly single-minded drive to regain power and undo the Progressive era, the New Deal, and the Great Society, would make an ironclad alliance with a powerful lobby that does not care in the least about American domestic politics but only foreign policy.  Equally determined  Republicans made a comparable alliance 70 years ago with the “China lobby” on behalf of Chiang Kai-Shek’s doomed regime in China, and kept a stranglehold on U.S. China policy until Richard Nixon turned apostate, courageously, in 1971.  Until Barack Obama, Democratic legislators and Presidents had been nearly as beholden to the Israeli lobby as Republican ones, and despite all the bitter rhetoric between Obama and Netanyahu over the past few years, this is the first time that Obama has actually done something directly contrary to Israeli policy.  The issue is quite simple:  the Israelis have tried to insist that the US treat as a pariah state any nation that has openly called for their destruction, to put maximum pressure upon it, and in certain circumstances, to go to war with it.  The second Iraq war as a triumph for Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu joined George W. Bush in proclaiming that it would lead to a new era of peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.  This Israeli policy–along with the continuing, if clearly unsuccessful, attempt to replace the Palestinian population of Jerusalem and the West Bank with an Israeli one–has isolated Israel within the world community for some time.  That is why the veto power of the U.S. has repeatedly protected Israel against Security Council resolutions condemning various Israeli policies.  The Iran agreement terrifies Netanyahu, I think, not simply because he thinks Iran might get a nuclear weapon, but because it marks the end of the era in which the United States would diplomatically protect Israel.

Honestly even uttering word feminism on Tumblr scares the hell out of me but people started using feminism as an actual issue women face every day to express their dissatisfaction with Arrow writing. And that is absolutely disgusting.

Yes Nyssa, very much lesbian Nyssa, was forced to marry hererosexual Oliver she absolutely hates from none other but her.. oh wait?! Sadistic, homophobic, evil father who is also world’s greatest assassin who stabbed Oliver through chest and killed million of people? It’s a plotline for god’s sake people. He’s a villain. And one of the greatest DC villains if i may add. Of course he'a going to do this.

This plotline is actually quite on contrary from what you think writers are doing. This is not undermining female characters. This actually perfectly shows what are some women in arabic communities forced to every day because yes, they are. And not in just arabic communities but from where i grew up as well. Women in certain communities don’t have any voice in who they marry and who they give children too. It’s decided by their parents and dictated by religious beliefs. And there is nothing they can do about it. And yes, it’s still happening, in 21st century. So in my opinion, this Arrow storyline right now can only open some eyes out there and show that these things are very much still happening. Arrow writers are not actually trying to romanticize Oliver and Nyssa. Quite on contrary.

So please stop!

Admin Note: Actually, quite the contrary, when broached with the subject, many of the angels, like Gabriel, Anna, Balthazar, and Hannah, have all shown interest in sexual relations. On the other hand, there have been quite a few openly gay/bi characters on the show: Charlie, the Fae woman, Damien & Barnes, Corbett, Lily, Kristen & Siobhan, and of course Crowley himself.  Consider that perhaps Asexuals want Cas for the same reason Bisexuals want Dean.

//I will never understand completely why people argue Maedhros would be among the first sons of Feanor to be re-embodied. Sometimes I think people forget how Maedhros argued for the last kinslaying.
Maedhros forced his brother’s hand in order to commit it. He refused to hand himself for judgement and convinced Maglor to do the same. Yes, he tried to avoid the kinslaying of Sirion, but in the end he did lead his troops against the Havens when Elwing refused his offers. 
He might be the diplomat among his brothers, but sure enough he is probably among the least innocent of them.
He kills himself partially to be able to cling to the Silmaril, something the Valar clearly do not appreciate at all.

I do not see him as the repentant elf who would bow to the Valar and ask for forgiveness. Quite the contrary actually: his willingness to compromise, the fact he built his own moral code and follows it as it’s shown by (for example) searching for Dior’s sons (when he had no reason to), all this things rather than make him more likely to bow to the Valar’s rule make him significantly less likely to.
He is prideful, he doesn’t feel like he owes them. He doesn’t see himself as a monster or a hopeless sinner. He, in his head, is somehow right and if he owes something to somebody, those somebodies are not the Valar and their (in his opinion) flawed moral compass.

Steve Rogers Drabble

4.“I’m about to take a shower – join me?

6.“I can’t wait any longer.”

8.“I love the way you taste.”

9.“You can get rough with me; I won’t break.”

10.“Do you fantasize about me?”

16.“I love you

20.“Didn’t think I could get you any more wet.”

Two months I’ve been on this undercover mission with Steve for two months and we had eight more months to go. It’s not that I don’t like Steve it’s actually quite the contrary I’ve actually have the biggest crush on him. Unfortunately with all the drama going on with him trying to locate Bucky I’ve kept my feelings to myself. Right now we were in the living room drinking a couple of beers and unwinding after today’s task. We were talking about our past lovers.

“So you’re telling me the only girls you have kissed were Peggy, Natasha and that Lorraine woman from the army. Have you had sex before ?” I knew the last part was a really rude thing to ask but I was genially curious. Mostly because that man was a fine piece of ass, surely he’s gotten laid.

“Yes those are the only girls I’ve kissed and no I’ve never had sex. Oh and just to let you know Nat kissed me so we wouldn’t get caught by hydra agents” Steve tried to justify his kiss with Natasha.

“Hey no need to explain, Nat’s fucking hot if I was a lesbian she would be at the top of my list of people I’d fuck” I said as I chugged the rest of the beer and draped my legs over Steve’s thighs. Steve started to blush at my comments of Natasha.

“Ok another question if you don’t mind me asking, have you ever fantasize about another female from the team while masturbating. Surely since you’re not getting laid you are masturbating?” Steve looked down but smiled before responding

“Yes I do and yes I have”

“Ahhhhh who ! ! ! ! Is it Wanda ? Maria ? Natasha ? Pepper ?” He shook his head no to all of them" Oh my gosh is it Sharon ! ! ! It’s fucking Sharon isn’t it I fucking knew it ! ! !“ I removed my legs from his lap and started slapping his chest out of excitement.

"No it’s not Sharon y/n” my excitement suddenly drops.

“Then who ? The only person I haven’t mention is … Oh” I was genuinely shocked “Do you fantasize about me Steve?” He just smiled at me and nodded his head yes. I now feel incredibly turned on. I leaned in and whispered in his ear “I’m about to take a shower – join me?”. Steve got up and lead us to the bathroom. I turned on the shower as Steve started strip and helped me out of my clothes. He blushed as he saw me naked for the first time. Once we were inside I pulled Steve down so I could kiss him. Steve didn’t know where to put his hands so I pulled away.

“Steve sweetie please touch me here” I guided his hand up and down my slit and I stated to moan. I spread my legs and told him “now push two fingers in here” I moved his fingers in inside me and close my eyes enjoying this moment. After a while I started to feel my orgasm hit me.

“STEVE ! ! !” I shouted as I came all over his fingers. He pulled them out and licked them clean

“I love the way you taste.” Steve now his nothing but lust in his eyes. He turned me around and bent me over so my hands were on the tile wall.

“Ahh Steve you can get rough with me; I won’t break.! ! !” Without warning Steve slammed himself inside me. The combination of my cum and the shower running made Steve move much faster.

“Didn’t think I could get you any more wet” Steve started grunting as the sound of wet skin slapping against each other filled the bathroom.

“Steve I can’t wait any longer.”

“Let go y/n” I did for the second time before Steve pulled out and came all over the showers floor. Steve was holding me from behind as he was coming down from his high.

“Congrats Steve, you’re no longer a virgin” I chuckled as we went to the bedroom and dried ourselves before slipping into bed.

“I hope you know that I love you y/n I truly do. I don’t want this to be over once the mission is over.” Steve started to kiss my damp hair.

“I love you too Steve and I agree but I say we take advantage that we’re going to be together alone for eight more months before the team get all up on our relationship”

“Ugh I forgot about the rest of the team”

“Let’s forget about them and let’s rest up we have work tomorrow”

“Fine goodnight y/n”

“Goodnight Steve.”

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Thank you - (Greg Lestrade x reader) 

Request :  could you do a Sherlock one shot of being the youngest Holmes sister and her brothers finding her in a compromising position with her boyfriend Greg Lestrade?? Whom they didn’t know she was dating since they’re so overprotective when it comes to dating

Story : It’s been a little over a year since you’re dating with Greg. Unfortunately this relationship had to remain secret not because you wanted to hide it actually it’s quite the contrary you just wanted to shout your love for him to the world, but .. it would not to the taste of your two brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Yet you’d love to share your happiness with them, but they are so protective when boys are involved. In a way you can not blame them, they just want the best for their little sister. The only problem is that for them, no boy deserve you and you knew deep inside you that Greg would not be an exception to this rule. Indeed what in their view he would be so different?

You were lost in your thought when suddenly you feel your boyfriend’s lips crashing in your neck. You let yourself gradually fall into the desires, you let yourself go. You gently climbed on him and began to undo his tie, you let down your lips against his. The kiss was starting to heat up, you gently took off his shirt. You put down many wet kisses against his chest when suddenly a deep voice interrupted your dirty activiy 

Sherlock: “We interrupt something?”

You’re quickly raised your head to face none other that your two famous brothers. It is not possible it had to be some kind of joke

[Y/N] : “How did you get in here ?”

Mycroft : “Actually the real question it’s how did he gets in here ?” your brother said, glaring at Greg

[Y/N] : “Mycroft don’t be rude with him, he’s not the one who came in my flat uninvited”

Sherlock, “You should thank us little sister, I think we arrived on time. Before he.. before you.. I can not even say the word. ”

[Y/N] : “It’s not a problem, we already do it. More than once actually”

Mycroft and Sherlock shared a dismayed look.

Mycroft: “What are you trying to say sister?”

Sherlock: “Do not make yourself dumber than you’re Mycroft, it is clear that this is not the first time that Lestrade comes here. It is obvious that our little sister dating him. It is even obvious she is in love with him ”

At these words you blush immediately, despite the fact that Greg and you were together for a year. You never told him how you really felt. You never told him how much you loved him, how much you do not imagine your life without him.

Sherlock: “You never told him isn’t it?”

Mycroft : “It’s not the point brother, he’s dating our little sister”

Sherlock : “He loves her too Mycroft”

You blushed even more

Mycroft : “And ?”

Sherlock : “He’s a good man. I know him, I know he can take care of our little sister. She can’t be single forever, and honestly despite John, Gareth”

Greg : “Greg”

Sherlock : “It’s almost the same. Anyway, so despite John, Greg is the only man I truly trust”

Mycroft : “So ?”

Sherlock : “We can let this happen, they can be together”

Suddenly, Greg run toward Sherlock and he took him in his arms.

Greg : “Thank you Sherlock, thank you so much. I promise I’m going to take care of her.”

He turns his head towards you

Greg : “I love her”

Finally Greg can maybe  be the exception to your brothers rule

We Need To Talk About Levi

So I just saw a post evaluating each SNK character’s chances of survival just based on their roles in the story, and it was super interesting to read, but the person who wrote it thought Levi had a good chance of dying soon because he’s more a guardian figure and less relevant to the plot than some of the others, but well…

He’s not, is he. 

Levi’s got more to him than simply being humanity’s strongest soldier, or just Erwin’s right-hand man (no pun intended) or the guy in charge of protecting the younger characters, and I don’t mean that in my usual gushy fangirl way. I mean it in the way that, he’s not in danger of dying because he’s irrelevant to the central plot. Quite the contrary, actually. He’s safe, because he is quite simply one of the biggest goddamn mysteries in this story. 

Think of it this way:

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{I mean, seriously, what the hell? An otome game based on guys who do NOT fit the stereotypical bishounen profile, but are actually quite the contrary? Could… Could it really be? Could the matsus actually be… Changing the world as we know it? °___°

…They’ll be in their F6 forms won’t they? It could see that coming…–’}

'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Lana Parrilla dishes on the 'deliciously wicked' midseason premiere, teases romance for Regina

Don’t worry, Evil Regals – even though the back half of “Once Upon a Time’s” Season 3 is going to focus on the introduction of the Wicked Witch as the big bad villain, Regina/The Evil Queen isn’t going to lose any of her evil spunk. Actually quite the contrary, Lana Parrilla promises with a laugh.

“Regina still has some secrets up her sleeve,” Parrilla teases to Zap2it. “We definitely will still see some evil this season. It’s just with different people. The evil queen isn’t dead. She’s just evolved.”

So what’s the difference between the green witch and our favorite Fairytale witch? “The Wicked Witch is a fun, delicious character who is out to hurt more than one person, and she is different than Regina in many ways,” Parrilla reveals. “First and foremost, they are fighting for different reasons. Regina was always out for revenge and Zelena/the Wicked Witch, it’s not about revenge for her. It’s about … other things.”

When pushed for details, Parrilla just laughed more. “I can’t quite tell you without spoiling it,” Parrilla says. “She is just pissed off. She’s angry. She wants what other people have. She’s a very jealous woman.”

And that jealousy will lead to a wicked vs. evil showdown, something Parrilla can’t wait for “OUAT” fans to see play out. “Ohhh yeah. For sure. I think it’s going to be really fun to see these two women battle,” Parrilla says. “They’re both fun, full, dynamic and layered characters with incredible costumes and powerful magic. As you will see, the battle is beginning. It kicks off this Sunday [March 9] and carries on throughout the season.”

It’s fantastic that “OUAT” Season 3 is switching the focus to the women of the story, as the first half of the season dealt with the men (Rumplestiltskin, Baelfire and Peter Pan) and their family issues. “It’s really cool, actually. It’s tapping into some really cool aspects,” Parrilla says. “Zelena has a connection to a character and I think that’s going to be very fun for many people to find out. The battles that take place are very crippling at times. People will get hurt, people will be wounded. I would say that it’s going to be a delicious second half of the third season.”

When asked how she would describe what fans can look forward to, Parrilla had more than a few juicy words to share. “There will be a lot of sexual tension, flirtation, power, magic, envy, jealousy, some revenge, love, family, and Mary Margaret’s pregnant!” Parrilla reveals with a laugh. “As is Ginnifer Goodwin. So that’s fun. It feels like we’re having two babies on the show! It’s been a really interesting second half of the season to film and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it plays out.”

And now that Regina is back in Fairytale Land, is there any chance fate might come to pass with her and her soul mate that she’s never met, Robin Hood? “This Sunday when you see our main characters back in Fairytale Land, Regina does cross paths with Robin Hood,” Parrilla teases. “But she just can’t even see that there are any sparks there, if there are any for her which I don’t think there are. Not initially, at least. She is more consumed with the loss of her son and the pain that comes with that. She’s in a mourning period.”

She continues, “That love, if and when it ever plays out, it’s not going to happen for a little while. You’ll see their relationship slowly build. But it doesn’t start off on a very loving level. There’s a lot of tension between them. I like to think of them as eight-year-olds in third grade, pulling each other’s hair when they someone, or punching a girl in the shoulder on the playground. That’s their relationship at first! It’s not immature, it just hasn’t developed. That story line is going to evolve over time.”

Speaking of her losing her son, expect to see a very touching scene in the midseason premiere between former rivals Regina and Snow White, as the princess helps the queen with her feelings of loss. “You’re going to see her continue to grieve. As we’ve learned, she doesn’t let go very easily,” Parrilla says with a laugh. “She holds on to these emotions and feelings and losses. I mean, look how long it took her to get over Daniel. Over 28 years! The loss of Henry is not going to be an easy one for her. She’ll be in this space for quite some time.”

In addition to letting Snow help her grieve, Parrilla reveals that Regina will also open up to another character. “She ends up confiding in and connecting to one character, and this person enlightens her and helps her see things differently and to see the world from a more positive position as opposed to this, ‘All is doomed and my life is worth nothing now,’ which is where she is in the first episode back,” Parrilla says. “She has given up and she’s lost all hope.”

She continues, “Rightfully so! She hasn’t had the easiest life. She’s lost a lot. Some of it hasn’t been her fault and some of it is. But she is getting closer and closer to becoming a full, well-rounded human being. And she can’t do that alone. She definitely needs guidance and there’s a character that helps her achieve that and get to that place.”

“Once Upon a Time” returns Sunday (March 9) at 8 p.m. ET on ABC


It’s not that INTP personalities don’t feel - quite the contrary, they actually have very strong sentiments. But Feeling (F) is one of INTPs’ least developed traits, making their emotional reactions strong, untrustworthy and naturally in need of being tempered by their well-trained logic and rationalism. Still waters run deep.
—  [x]

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... do you not like tattoos or...?

on the contrary, friend! i actually have quite a number of my own so i am very much a big fan of tattoos.

but i assume this is in reply to my making fun of chris evans’ tattoos in that puncture post? i do it because i like him. i am actual, in real life helga pataki. i make fun of him in order to hide the fact that i have built a metaphorical shrine for him in my heart.