icarus is in love with the moon.
the moon,
racing through the sky,
bow and arrows
slung across her back.
a warning.

he longs for her,
stays up all night just to see
her leave him in the morning.

the sun becomes jealous.
his own sister, stealing what’s his.
he sleeps in the day now,
the sun complains,
much to the amusement
of the moon.

he misses him.
and, filled with heated rage,
he melts his love.

—  a what if. | a.n.

Then & Now

#also how did you draw the unbreakable sword so well..…


I’m so glad you asked! Lemme tell you… Under the cut. This is one of those weapons that don’t have an easy geometry to follow. I hope I can give someone a better idea on how to draw this sword, or weapons in general. The techniques I used here can be applied to other weapons, armour, etc, (I can go into that in another tutorial if you want). I would give more examples, but it’s running long enough. This is the general process I went through for those “Sketchy” Art Cross Requests.

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Jealousy and Matchmaking

Originally posted by niaxxii

Request: anon asked “Robb Stark x Targaryen!reader Where the reader grew up in winterfell with the Starks because Ned saved her from king’s landing when she was a baby and brought her home when he brought Jon to winterfell. The rest is up to you :)”

and another anon asked “Can we get some jealous and possessive Robb in one of the requests???”

Warnings: some random dude flirting and being kinda a creepo

Word Count: 1131

Notes: i used a name generator to come up with that guys name, he’s no one from the series.  also i don’t want to spoil what happens but i did change some things from the show. enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

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tagged by the lovely @malfouy

rules: list 5 otps from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on
- cosima x delphine (orphan black)
- amy x doctor (doctor who)
- draco x harry (harry potter)
- alex vause x me (oitnb)
- ian x mickey (shameless)

i tag: @goidentrio @jfc-potter @voldemxrt @transpotter @jilyislife @mclfoygranger @fredweazely @fellytones @ravnclaws + whoever else wants to do it :)

things that i plan to write:

  • last chapter of my soulmate au
  • kylo is a witch hunter & hux is a witch au
  • mermaid hux & smuggler ben
  • sex hotline au
  • omega hux getting punishment for starkiller in a heat cage
  • alpha clan techie & omega hux
  • slave hux & smuggler ben
  • exiled hux au
  • possessed hux au

things i am currently writing:

  • my shopping list for tomorrow
Whoops - Peggy x Reader

Type: Fluffy-Fluff

Prompt: @localhamtrash Omg i have a request, a peggyxreader fic with prompts 23 (“Delete that immediately.”) and 88 (I didn’t know you could cook.” “Oh, trust me I can’t.”) would make me cry happy tears <3

Okay, so I wanted to try and make it gender-neutral :D Hopefully it worked!

Time: Modern :D


#23: “Delete that immediately.”

#88: “I didn’t know you could cook.” “Oh, trust me I can’t.”

Word Count: 952

TW: None

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dragonshuntaswolves  asked:

Did Hinata really call Tsukishima 'Tsukki' in chapter 216? :o (If so - I'm so glad their friendship is developing!)

Yea he did lol. I was like oh shit did I screw up the names again? ‘Coz I know sometimes when I’m tired I’ll get sloppy and put down what I think someone would call X rather than what they actually called X… or like.. what I call X character in my head… l0l 

kaotickanine  asked:

Amy Rose for that meme :D

Why I like them

She’s kind and has her heart in the right place, is protective of her friends and has the admirable talent to turn people from the side of evil to the light i.e Gamma, Shadow.

Why I don’t

Her Sonic fangirlism and occasional temperamentalness can become grating.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)


Favorite season/movie


Favorite line

Her speech to Shadow.

Favorite outfit

A few of the ones she tried on in ep 15 of X were actually really cute. Especially this one;





Head Canon

Her father dotes on her and gives her money to satiate her shopaholic nature.

Unpopular opinion

I pre-reboot Archie, she was morphed in order to enhance the standing of Sonally.

A wish

To see her actually BE RELEVANT again.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Killing her off. Or having Sonic outright reject her meanly.

5 words to best describe them






My nickname for them


anonymous asked:

If we were dating I'd kiss you whenever I saw you and take you on cheesy dates to fast food restaurants and stupid funny movies and try to make you smile for even one evening

This is actually v cute aww x