It seems you misspelled “Please don’t reblog from me if you don’t agree, I can’t handle having my ideas being challenged I’d prefer to just be told I’m right, thank you.”

It’s clear you’re just a racist and you have no actual idea, but what’s the reasoning behind this tho? There’s a hypocrisy in whining about cultural appropriation but finding it acceptable to appropriate some else’s culture. In that sense, why do you think people should care about not appropriating yours?

And I was actually just saying “Good for telling me what the correct term is” here. No reason to get snappy, you impulsive twat.

Yeah, what comments.. The one comment that says kill or deport the man? You don’t agree that a man that cuts off little girls’ labia and clitoris in some living room without anesthesia  should be killed or deported? You think that’s perfectly fine to do? Or do you mean the other comments that were mainly anti-EU and barely, or not at all, mentioned immigrants? 

You just want a reason to feel victimized and discriminated against so much that even when it’s about non-white girls being violently abused you don’t care because you can use it to point the finger at whites. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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The only comfort for the cop out of not showing any in comic davekat kiss or making vrisrezi a thing is that most hs romances are fairly vague and noncommital like its never totally clear what dave and terezis deal is when theres romance hinted but nothing else theres mentions of jade and davesprite dating but again no confirmation like hilariously enough eqara got more moments than so many bigger ships like they are an awful ship but they had a onscreen kiss more than most even het ships

yea thats tru i would never imply that the author actually invests in any of the ships at all so its not like A Win For Heterosexuals unless theyre particularly idiotic like every 4chan het that thinks davejade is canon

its a bit tricky when writin gay stuff tho especially when makin jestful tweets. ya cant joke around with that in media when the demographic is so starved, not even in a giant shitcomic. esp. not wen people are still under the illusion that ships are Important. they… kind of are to the LGBT.

Did i ever tell you guys about that time an olicity fan tried to tell me that laurel talking to/comforting Diggle about family was fanservice and shoehorned because they weren’t close???

Tbh i dont even know what they were referring to and i actually said to them “idk what scene youre thinking of, but imma assume its something to do with andy. In which case, tho i agree they arent close, laurel was also betrayed by her sibling and struggled to move passed that which makes her uniquely qualified to comment/advise”

I also brought up that based on their logic, it didnt make sense to have diggle (or felicity) present for Roy’s farewell scene bc aside from working together they had no personal history (making their relationship of the same dynamic as laurel and diggles),

i also said it didnt make sense to have thea randomly visit felicity at work, given that they hadnt had a single one-on-one scene up until that point that would be a basis for that visit, they arent close

They then came back with “laurel wasnt betrayed tho” and “thea and felicity were getting there actually”

1) her sister slept with her boyfriend. In literally what world is that not a betrayal.

2) bitch where? In season 1 and 2 i cant recall thea and felicity having a single conversation, certainly not of any substance. In season 3 and 4 felicity threw thea under the bus consistently whenever she was inconvenient. She didnt want oliver to save thea in nanda parbat, she encouraged oliver to drop all responsibilites (and thea along with them), in order to run away with her. she didnt support thea once or intervene when she struggled with her bloodlust. She made an UGH noise at the bloodstain thea’s fatal stabwound left on the carpet, after oliver and felicity moved into thea’s apartment that thea’s father paid for. Then felicity broke up with oliver and somehow inherited said apartment?

When the fuck were they ‘getting there’.???????

Stop shoehorning felicity. Stop dismissing other characters (especially females) with flawed, illogical arguments without acknowledging the same could be applied to felicity. Stop.

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the only downside to multi-muse blogs is people can be so judgy of them??? but theyre extremely convenient especially if you dont like making dozens of blogs. im sending you good vibes and hella support tho cause youll pull off a great blog no matter what it is Edi!!!

i agree with u 100% and that’s the reason why I’ve been thinking about it for the longest time ???? I might actually do it one of these days since they’re coming back as #cool again. thanks for the kind words anon ❤️❤️ ily and I hope u have a gr8 day



petrichorlore requested: éomer + fourth age of middle-earth

During the Fourth Age Éomer often fulfilled the Oath of Eorl and went with King Elessar far into the East and South of Middle-earth. He was known as Éomer Éadig, or “the Blessed”, because during his reign Rohan recovered from the hurts of the War and became a rich and fruitful land again.
In T.A. 3021 he wedded Princess Lothíriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, whom he had met during his stay in Gondor and she bore him a son Elfwine the Fair.

recursion - (707 x mc)

prompt: sob.

rating: 13+ (spoilers for all routes)

notes: ah. yeah. thanks guys for all your heart wrenching reset theory art. it inspired this monster of a drabble. it’s not even a drabble any more! it’s 2145 words too long! anyway, it’s written in the style of entertain the pain (tho the original version is arranged differently) and references some of my other works. ahahaha. so i thought, wow, this is a perfect celebratory piece.

in other news, there is an epilogue. ask and thou shall receive! though i like this ending too. :3 i hope you guys suffer as i have enjoy. <(_ _)>

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Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown

Psh I know this isn’t my personal blog or art blog or whatever but I gotta post something huh So here’s the story behind this:: I’ve been wanting to draw therealjacksepticeye for a long /long/ time But I haven’t had the drive or strength to, what with being so randomly depressed it sucked But when the 4 million video went up, I felt instantly so happy and it made me smile *so* big It was that push I needed to draw something It’s a bit shakey and messy, yes, but it has meaning It doesn’t even look like him I think.. but I still like it In short: I’m so happy I found Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Yamimash, every youtuber I watch because they all give me strength to keep going It’s so nice to hear someone when you feel so down no matter who it is Plus it keeps your mind off bad things /Thank you so much/

Soos headcanon: i think that Soos understands spanish, but i don’t think he knows how to speak it

this actually comes from life experience, because i live in an area where it’s very common to have parents and grandparents speak spanish (and/or english), but their children/grandchildren only speak english, tho they can understand spanish

a friend of mine had a similar upbringing, and one time she went out with another mutual friend for lunch. two ladies behind her started talking shit about her in spanish (particularly over her friend being white), but she couldn’t reply even tho she knew exactly what it was hey were saying. now, the mutual friend is super white–blond hair, blue eyes, the whole works. however, while she can’t speak spanish, he can. so once he caught onto what they were saying, he got up, and in perfect spanish, ripped the two ladies a new one for what they were doing. after that, the two ladies left them alone

i believe something similar would’ve happened to Soos at some point. Soos understands spanish thanks to his Abuelita, but he never learned how to speak it himself. so maybe one day at the Mystery Shack, a couple of rude spanish speaking tourists come in. Soos cheerfully tries to help them, but instead, they start talking shit about Soos. Soos knows what they’re saying, but he can’t reply to them, and he’s too nice to do anything to make them stop. so Soos meekly takes their verbal jabs and abuse

Stan, however, enters in the middle of this scene. Stan, of course, knows perfect spanish thanks to his time in Columbia. and he knows exactly what these two are saying about Soos (his best employee, his practically adopted son, the cheerful kid who definitely does not deserve this and how dare they insult his family)

so Stan interrupts them. He starts yelling and screaming and raging at them in spanish, telling them to get the hell out, and how dare you insult his employees, and that they’re never welcome to come back ever again. Stan practically manhandles them out the door, leaving them bewildered and indignant.

Stan, meanwhile, slams the door and is grumbling under his breath about rude customers, and doesn’t notice Soos until he’s been picked up and being hugged and squeezed and being sobbed all over by the grateful younger man

Soos is crying and blubbering and it’s hard to understand what he’s saying, but Stan get the idea. so when Soos puts him back on the ground (still hugging him), Stan tries to awkwardly play it off (”Yeah yeah, it was nothing, don’t–don’t, uh, put too much thought into it.”), but Soos knows Stan and sees behind the bluster and starts crying even harder if that’s possible

Stan awkwardly pats Soos on the arm (as much as he can with his arms trapped to his sides by Soos’s), and just stands there until Soos stops happy-crying. it takes a while, but Stan doesn’t really mind as much as he says.


Yuzuru Hanyu + his thoughts on his superb performance in NHK Trophy

“I was wondering ‘why do I have to jump quads?’ and ‘since when [figure skating] becomes such a difficult and competitive sport?’ I want to be able to get this extraordinary score constantly in any realistic situation. [Q: So when are you going to make this layout that is already in a complete different dimensions (from other skaters) even more difficult?] This “different dimension” is still not tangible to me yet. To me, it is also in a different dimension. I want to grasp on to that [concept of ‘different dimension’], Not just barely scraping it with the tip of my nails but to hold onto it firmly.


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Okay, so if James was the mother hen, what was Remus? Was he the grandma that snuck everyone chocolate? What are THOSE headcanons like?

honestly no, i think that remus was more like the nerdy but cool uncle who swears at the dinner table

  • because seriously, remus lupin swears a lot 
  • don’t get tricked by his innocent face and cute smile, no
  • “where in the bloody hell is my fucking transfiguration book??????”
  • actually james, sirius and peter would bet how many “fucks” remus would say during the day 
  • (the winner by the closest guess was peter with the bet of 75)
  • i mean, remus was that kind of person that stays quiet during a discussion/fight with only the judging look in his face
  • but then he says something and dammmmmmmmn
  • remus is the kind of person that always wins a rap battle
  • and he creates the best pranks
  • remus lupin is the evil brain i’m not kidding 
  • especially because no one thinks that he could do that 
  • he always get away of detentions
  • sirius always blames his puppy eyes
  • james puts the guilt in his kind smile
  • peter says that his weak look always works with woman that is way mcgonagall never blames him for any of his pranks
  • seriously tho remus could forget about a homework and says “i’m so sorry professor but my mates here were unbearably noisy last night and i was not feeling weel i couldn’t concentrate”
  • but remus was the one who started the party
  • and still flitwick would put james, sirus and peter in dentention
  • and give remus some chocolate
  • (that actually happened two or three times)
  • don’t forget that sarcasm was remus lupin second language
  • in poa when snape accuses harry of getting the marauders map directly from the manufacturers (because snape knew who messrs moony, wormtail, padfoot and prongs were) and remus say oh no severus this is rubbish i’m sure that harry got this from zonko’s
  • oh my god
  • snape knew the truth, remus knew that snape knew and still, remus didn’t fucking care 
  • and i’m sure that remus was internally giggling
  • and the thing with neville’s boggart
  • 33 years old remus lupin put boggart-snape in an old woman clothes in front of all of his students in the first day of school
  • god bless this man

No Larry’s were harmed in the making of this video  X