Woozi @ Seventeen Tokyo Fansign Event 160807

Fan: Match the color to a member.
Red -> Hoshi
Blue -> DK
White -> Jeonghan
Black -> Woozi

T/N: The question appears to be some kind of a psychological test and each color corresponds to a certain meaning:
Red - the person you like/love
Blue - the person you cannot forget in your lifetime
White - the person who supports your love decisions but actually likes you
Black - the hindrance to your love life

photo credit: @svt__hsw
korean translation credit from japanese: @MooooocciR | own translation

Devil’s advocate for a moment…say that DC and Louis actually were a couple.

Anyway, so imagine you’re dating Louis Tomlinson. And you find out he liked a random photo of your from some fan account.

And you’re like, “Oh wow! I have a fan! And my boyfriend™ liked a photo they posted of me…which one could it be out of all of these photos of me rocking my resting bitch face*?” 

(*RBF is totally a thing that people have and that DC can actually pull off, that isn’t meant as an insult at all. RBF is hard to rock on the regular.)

“Could it be that black and white one? Maybe the one where I’m candidly drinking a sponsored drink or maybe the one from our Date™ the other night or even that one of me on a horse!”

So you’re telling me that he not only went to the most obscure fan account possible, but also brought attention to the most unflattering photo on that account? 


Since it’s National Dog Day, I decided to actually show you all my dogs.

The white dog in the first pic is Snickers. She’s a Westie who I’ve had since Kindergarten. She’s old, grumpy, and lays around all day but I love her

In the second photo, on the left is Ace. He’s my sister’s dog and is a Chorkie. We’ve had him for 2 or so years. He’s incredibly hyper and affectionate towards everyone

The black dog on the right in the 2nd photo is Vinny who is a Chiweenie. He’s a rescue dog we adopted last year and he’s an absolute sweetheart. He and Ace are brothers essentially and are competitive over people’s affection. He has a habit of running into the bathroom and hiding in the corner because he was so abused by his previous owners. In fact, he was so abused we had to change his name because his previous one scared him

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someone tagged me in a photo on insta on an account called 'thecollegebabes' 1. Sexist 2. ITS ALL WHITE PEOPLE 3. No blacks or asians It's literally just 2300 PICTURES OF WHITE BLONDE OR BROWN HAIRED GIRLS showing off their asses. And it annoys me bc of the lack of diversity and the fact that they aren't even college kids is people in their 30s

I just went on their IG page and I saw one pic of a black girl and the comments were “she’s not hot though” and “more white girls pls.” What the actual fuck… What kind of fucking racist bullshit…. I’m so done with the basic whites 

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fucking screaming some exo fans want to be opressed so bad they now do the opposite of white washing to exo photos to prove theyre "actually really dark skinned in real life" and its even funnier because i tell them "um ive seen exo in natural light, most of them are really pale, which isnt uncommon in korea" and they //still// insist all exo members are nearly black lmao what a sad species we are

white washing is quite prevalent in kpop wtf.. theyre not even trying to be oppressed cause its not about them??? its about the idols???, they just want their idols to be represented correctly. wtf is ur problem


Two days, five exhibitions* (three of them free!), one play, one evening stroll along the southbank, two small weepings of joy, multiple cups of tea. 

*I didn’t actually look at the Punk exhibition at the BL, just the corrected-by-Viv-Albertine sign, which I think is probably the best way to do it. Top marks however for the Bagpuss & Co at the V&A Museum of Childhood, where I had a minor breakdown, and the Shakespeare at the BL (a great amount of depth in that, not something I can say about the Real to Reel at the IWM but that’s ok because that uniform was worn by the NUGGET in AMOLAD be still my heart). 


[Photos: A carpet at the entrance of the NBC with the blue Guide Dogs symbol at the top | A medium life-size black Labrador toy stands wearing a white guide dog harness]

This blog really hasn’t been working out how I actually imagined it! And that’s pretty much due to me, I’ve been busy with training my own dog and a few other things that aren’t really that busy but I don’t do a whole lot. Anyway, the summer holidays are almost at an end and I really do want to start some kind of schedule in actually using this blog to document information and events in working dog news, and basically really using this blog for what I made it for! So with that hopefully happening, the only other big news is that I visited the Guide Dogs (UK) National Breeding Centre with my mum, cousin, and auntie, travelling all the way from the bottom of Devon up via London to get to the Centre at Lemington Spa. The tour was a brilliant experience and reiterated almost everything I already know, which made me feel good, and my little cousin showed she did listen when I taught her a lot of what I know about assistance dogs (in the UK) and we also took a blindfolded sensory walk together while there, through the sensory tunnel that contains wall and floor surfaces to understand through only feel. We met a few other people and dogs, including working guide dog Elliot who I named my new cuddly guide dog puppy after, and chatted to partially-sighted owner David which was amazing - who told me among other interesting things that it takes about six months to put one’s entire trust into the dog’s guiding work. There were lots of other brilliant things going on there; we saw lots of young puppies, and even a bitch who had just given birth (behind dark sound-proof glass). It was amazing.

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oh wow i noticed in that article that phelps' first picture of boomer was a black and white photo of him shirtless holding boomer and giving him a solemn kiss. i can't believe sony hired michael phelps to try and make louis's baby look more realistic.

The cast of hundreds expands and expands. This is actually the most expansive phase of mission “destroy Larry’s lives through extensive bearding and photoshop” - now, this time period, when the group is on hiatus and has no product as a band to promote. This is the time to spare no expense in attempting to devalue 1D’s brand and make it so that they have fewer fans and earn less money for their competitor Azoff. Now, when there is no hope to recoup their investment - which is the sort of thing lawsuits happen over - is when Sony genuinely sees fit to blow their wads on bringing in celebs and athletes from every area of expertise to continue to cast doubt on Freddie Tomlinson’s paternity and how much Louis is exploiting or neglecting him.

Frankly, I’m surprised nobody said that Michael Phelps was “shading” Louis by posing with his own baby son in such a similar manner. No, they just determined that the differences between the images were exactly, coincidentally what was needed to establish the veritas of Michael’s versus the phoniness of Louis’.

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There is a black and white photo of josh for when he played for Oakland, he's walking through the dugout and they all have there hand up, making like a tunnel for him to walk under, the angle is of the back of his jersey so all you see is the "donaldson", do you happen to have it!?

Nope. I’ve actually never seen that photo before. Has anyone else seen this photo and would like to share. 

The man has no shame. That figure in the grainy, blown-up black-and-white photo is actually of a half-starved-to-death John McCain from when he was a POW being tortured in a Vietnamese prison camp in the 1960s.

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3, 5, 8

3. Which of your sets has the most notes

My top of all time (100k notes) was a photo set of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski and it actually inspired a Buzzfeed article

Other top ones were: Charlize Theron shutting down a reporter at Cannes, Emily Blunt on Lip Sync Battle, Emily Blunt in a tux, and Emily Blunt catching Meryl Streep.

5. What is your favorite movie/TV show to gif

Edge of Tomorrow with Emily Blunt. I don’t know how many gifsets I’ve done, but it’s got to be over 100.

8. What gif trend do you hate

Not a fan of those black and white gifsets where the contrast is really low and you can barely tell what’s actually going on.

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You know I honest to goodness want to read Zak's books because what if they're actually good or amazingly ridiculous

They are good one of them has photos he’s taken of random things and places in black and white and talking about how evil they are.

“ gooey, dark purple had splurted from underneath your shoe as we traced our way back to the place you used to sleep at night. some had flicked itself onto your ankle as if it were a canvas to a Jackson pollock painting. your back became arched as if you were a fisherman’s bow,rearing with whatever monster laid in the lake.

“ the cherries are out to get you.”

“ actually, it’s a plum.”

my face lost spirit as you knelt down to examine it. you looked at it with such a focus that I had never seen in anybody, I couldn’t tell if it was serenity or chaos that rolled out into your eyes.

“you know we would have never noticed this if I hadn’t stepped on it.”

‘yes. that’s probably true.”

“isn’t that awful? it’s only second, it’s only recognition by a form of life in its entire existence, was its death.”

silence frenched kiss my mouth so smoothly, I could feel it venom locking my jaw.

“its as if its entire purpose was just to be defeated, and understand that it couldn’t have won in anything. do you think it would have been better for it to have just never been conceived in the first place? it would have never been a failure, and it would have never fallen from its tree.”

a wave of sadness crashed against your vessel so hard, I felt the recoil roll up onto the shore. your finger reached down to the canvas and you tasted it. i imagined it to taste like childhood nostalgia, or the death of a newborn, or everything and nothing at the same time.

“it’s just a plum.”

you stood up calmly and continued walking.

“and were just people.”



recently @astrofantastic‘s photobook project and @astromembersnet‘s fanbook project were delivered together. 

In the photobook project it’s me my face and my favorite drawing of rocky

In the fanbook project i included that same photo just in black and white

they’ll probably be looking at the two projects at the same time bc they are being delivered together. there’s a possibility of one of them seeing it and making the connection that it’s the same photo. my name comes with both of them so @ astro please notice. 

Is Superman going black? Henry Cavill teases new suit for Justice League movie

Is Henry Cavill just pulling our leg, or can we actually expect Superman to don a black suit in the upcoming Justice League film? The actor, who plays the superhero from Krypton, posted a close-up photo of his suit and it was black.

While this could very well be a simple reflection of Cavill’s fondness for black and white photography, it could also hint at a link to a major DC Comics’ storyline. In The Death And Return Of Superman comic, Kal-El died in a battle with Doomsday only to return dressed in a black suit with a metallic “S” logo.

In Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we did see Superman die fighting Doomsday and the film ended with a hint at his return as pieces of dirt rose from his grave. As if that was not confirmation enough of his impending return, Cavill was signed on for the follow-up project and announced as a member of the Justice League cast.

Moreover, his trademark blue and red suit which was ruined with a big gaping hole right in the region of the torso, could very well explain the new duds.

Following the critical reviews that DC Extended Universe’s last film Suicide Squad received (and before that Batman vs Superman), all eyes are now on Justice League which is expected to release on 17 November 2017. Will it convert the critics or simply offer the studio a chance at a hat-trick of lackluster films?

Earlier this month, Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash in the film, explained that all the negative reviews have fuelled the cast’s commitment to the project and motivated them to create the best movie possible. “As artists, we aim to please absolutely everybody with our work, but we also know that we have to keep expressing ourselves as best as we can express ourselves,” Miller told MTV.

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