So I tried to take a kinda fun and sorta artsy or whatever pic of my sister looking out and pointing at what looks like something important but was actually just like a random plant except she ended up just looking really confused and a bit annoyed so I put it in black and white to maybe try and still salvage the artsy-ness but idk if it worked or not lol but either way I still love this photo


My morning in black and white squares

Photo 1: Rain and music, a perfect combination // This week, we had rainy mornings and I have been playing music more frequently than usual.

Photo 2: Playing it as if it were real // I downloaded a ukulele app on my tab and have been playing it the way a person would hold an actual ukulele. I really don’t know if it’s right. I am hoping to do covers with my sister on vocals.

Photo 3: Music of Yesteryears // This is the book were I got music sheets for the classical songs I have been practicing recently. It has many of my parents’ favorite songs that I could play for them during their birthdays and other occasions.

Photo 4: Au revoir! // In the photo is my boarding pass to Paris and my driver’s license. 

  • Yes, I am going to Paris for the 2nd time in my life (Jsyk, it’s a debut invitation) and I still haven’t found the right clothes to wear. I really hope I can go though. It’s my first time to attend a debut but I am really worried because her birthday coincides with the end of Ramadan. We, Muslims, make it a big deal to spend Ramadan’s end with our families so I might not be able to attend her party.

  • My driver’s license just came and now I get it why American movies make jokes about license photos.

Photo 5: Random girl on // She was supposed to have a piercing on her nose but I left it out of the drawing because she’d look like a bull. Follow me on weheartit! Username: gampandi

Photo 6: Drawing gone wrong // I tried to draw Cara but she ended up looking like someone else. This is just one example of why I need to use a pencil, but I’m lazy so…

Photo 7 & 8: Music in my soul // I am a frustrated musician and I just thought it would be awesome if I looked the part. Feel na feel ko talaga. Sorry not sorry.

Photo 9: Cumberbabe fever(again) // People should watch Sherlock series (Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch) or else people are going to die without the proper knowledge of how to use their brains. I am a huge fan of the series and of the actors as well. I used Irene’s phone lock as my ipod’s lock screen. Yes, the password is SHER btw.


Part 2

The five books I bought from Sachiko Kaneoya-san! The three against te wall in the photo are ‘Colouring Books’ which actually contain the line art of most of her coloured works. Some are black and white illustrations I’ve not even seen on her site. *u*

The red book on the bottom right is a manga containing several short stories about the everyday happenings of the inhabitants in her world. The Princes from the werewolf Princess manga make an appearance! XD

If you’d like to purchase some of her merchandise try here or contacting her via the contact form here. She might take a while to reply sometimes but she always does eventually, do remember she has a busy busy schedule so be patient!

So I watched the sunrise today, stuck my head out of the window for at least half an hour, if not more, all the while admiring the sunrise and thinking this; “There is not a camera in the world that is better than the eye. For what we see with these eyes will never compare to what we can capture with a camera. As the recognition of beauty lies in the eyes and not in a camera. I try and I try to capture the beauty of the sky but even a million photos do not suffice because it is only through these eyes that He colours my black and white world with its hues. And it is whilst the rest of the world is sleeping, I search the shade of the sky for answers.” It is one of those times when you take so many photos but nothing compares to what you can actually see with your eyes. A camera can only capture part of the beauty, not all of it, in its entirety.


Here’s a little update on Bentley, the dog I pet sat for and took photos of a few weeks ago. He had been having a pretty hard time getting around the last time I saw him and was comfiest when lying down. When I came to pet sit this past weekend, I was blown away by the 180 degree change that came with an adjustment in medication. He actually got up and walked across what used to be slick flooring with ease! He even was able to trot across the backyard, happy faced and tail wagging. I couldn’t help but gasp and smile at this incredible wonder boy. It just goes to show you should never count and old dog out - they just might continue surprising you!


Ok, so here is my first ever fanfic, which was inspired by the above photos ^

Title: Dokyun, Stressed. [based on Kyoya Ootori’s character (Ouran High School Host Club)]

Word Count: 2,819

Rating: G, nothing shady here lol.

Synopsis: Dokyun is pretty stressed being a son of a business tycoon and dealing with History’s terrible spending habits. Despite this, he’s actually a decent guy, he just has to loosen up (and play piano). 

Note: I have placed [insert name here] in certain areas so the girl character can be up to reader’s imaginations. ^^ 

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just had the ultimate pleasure of attending a screening and discussion for @gigilaub and her latest project “Southern Rites”. A decade long photo essay documenting the segregated high school proms of Montgomery, Georgia which she had the opportunity of turning into an HBO documentary (which is actually the catalyst behind why it took up until 2012 for the town to finally integrate it’s proms). The documentary unfolds into a much deeper, tragic yet controversial story as it also exposes the still very existent and deeply rooted racism/racial traditions the South is an example of after one of the subjects, a young black man named Justin Patterson had been shot by a older white man who is also a father to a biracial daughter. This entire film and the photographs as well (which are still on view at Benrubi Gallery!) spoke so many volumes to me and I really highly suggest you all take a slot out of your day to go to HBO and watch it. I am so grateful I was personally invited to come view it. Thank you Gillian / @southernrites

Portrait of A Young Hyperlexic. [Image description: a page from my baby photo album captioned “baby’s birth certificate” and decorated with a pink elephant and rattle and a black and white panda. There is no birth certificate; handwritten notes read, “Talks - tapes Walks by herself - 15 months Reads words - 21 months Reads sentences - 2 ½ years Age 3 ½ - can read books for 7 - 8-year-old Goes into Dana’s playpen to get away from him and read by herself.” (LOL) “Helps older kids read at Montessori (preschool).”] I actually wanted to look at this to see if I was one of those autistic kids who walked before/instead of crawling. Nothing in here either way, not even any pictures of me crawling, although I feel like I’ve seen home movies where I was crawling.

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Can't tell if you're reblogging those photos for more follows or if you actually give a damn about racial problems in America....

as a white person i cant know the fear and grief that the black community is experiencing right now but i definitely care, i’m perpetually frustrated and angry w/ our racist country and i feel extremely upset about the shooting and the way the media is handling it and sad for the victims and their families cause its so fucking unfair and tbh it makes me wanna scream, also if anything i usually lose followers when i reblog posts about racism but its a good way to weed out the people i wouldnt want following me in the first place 👍

The final scene from Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake! Adam Cooper/The Swan & the young Prince (’: Have a nice Friday!! Follow for more drawings!