Hypermobility syndrome =
- pretty much constant pain
- unable to do things that you want to do
- people trying to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you
- feeling constantly low which then leads to things like anxiety and depression
- doctors and other medical professionals generally not having a clue about what is actually wrong with you…
The story of my life…

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How do u write emotional scenes?? I tend to write everything as action-based rather than expanding on inner monologues ;-;

I vent in my fics. Most of what I write is actually elaborate stories in my life that I’ve either experienced, helped someone through, or thought of doing.

One Time Too Many, One Step Too Far, finished

in re plots, which are my favorite thing, and in re the classic line


#torigates #this is for you #and for everyone i know #who’s like #i don’t know maybe they have engine trouble or something?? #of course they have engine trouble #sid knew all along that this was a dangerous area of pittsburgh #marc-andre swears he can fix it #meanwhile there’s a very good chance that the cops are onto geno #one time too many and one step too far means he has to abandon the vanquish outside of the #gaping maw of a burned-out warehouse #he needs a car and he needs it fast #walking is a great way to get shot #and a three-piece suit isn’t exactly inconspicuous in this kind of a place #‘car problem?’ geno asks #and sid freezes #there’s nothing wise about this and he knows it #but he’s just betting that the man in a silk vest and rolled-up sleeves fixing his timing belt #is a safer chance to take than staying out here alone #'get in’ geno says roughly when marc-andre gets the engine to turn over #and sid’s not a fool #he notices the tension in his voice and the muscles in his neck #but a debt is a debt #though he may suffer greatly in the paying of it

and then I… got distracted by it and wrote some actual fic? Story of my story-life.

Finished and on AO3!

One Direction Songs & the “Dark”

I’ve been wanting to do a song analysis not of one specific song but of a general theme that One Direction has had going through their music recently.

A theme of the “dark”—and I also decided to include “shadows” in this as well, because I think it is applies to the theme.

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So, today - well yesterday now I guess as it’s past midnight - is my 8 months anniversary on HRT. Oh how the time flies ~

Picture on the left is from 3 months in tbh (when I started my tumblr :D ), but I had no changes to my face by then. Other than that, I guess you could say I’ve changed quite a bit during this time, and not only as an effect of the hormones lol. Some of my “long time” followers might have noticed ~ I’ll keep working on myself alongside the hormones. Cheers. :)

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Marcia did you read Twist and shout and hardcore sobbed like I did ??

this is actually one of the most embarassing stories of my life because I burst into tears at dinner table and mom was like ????is it this bad??? and I was just like he died mom HE DIED and my mom was super worried like WHO DIED and i just continued with my cries mom they loved each other and he died its so unfair i want him to live mom I want them to be happy and my mom hugged me and my face was all read and puffy and I was just crying there and my potatoes got cold

(2015. 9. 4) Giriboy’s music story on MelOn

Korean music that made the musician Giriboy as of now

Hello! This is Giriboy. The music that I will recommend is Korean music that made me who I am right now. They are songs that I listen to a lot and like; and they have influenced me a lot. I hope that you guys enjoy the music as well.

(playlist of his mini-album)

Giriboy’s choice 1: f(x)’s Sweet Witches -

I don’t have to say a lot about this song. From the beginning to the end, this song doesn’t miss anything and it is simply the best. I started dreaming of becoming a composer, listening to Hitchhiker’s works (composer of the song) and you might not be the same as me, but I recommend listening to the songs that he has composed.

Giriboy’s choice 2: Shinhwa’s Addiction -

Shinhwa was a group that took over me during my teenage years. It’s Yoo Youngjun nim’s song and it has his style, but Shinhwa sang it and it became more manly and was completed with the performance by them. I listened to it when I was young until the cassette tape was broken. It actually happened to me and I remember that I had to buy another one.

Giriboy’s choice 3: Giriboy’s Different

I always make music so I can listen to it. If you want to know Giriboy style, then listen to this one.

Giriboy’s choice 4: Light and Salt’s Shampoo Fairy -

It’s decorated in a pretty way, but the lyrics are very sad. I actually have a remake of this song and I hope Jang Giho hyung lets me release it as an official song.

Giriboy’s choice 5: Black Nut’s Baechigi (trans) -

I made it with Black Nut and I really didn’t want to give it to him. I wanted to keep it for myself. Please don’t be stupid to think of it as just a diss and listen for the real meaning of the song.

Giriboy’s choice 6: Verbal Jint’s Drunk -

Reverse Jint (reference to smtm4 LOL) is a musician that took over my high school years. Listen to the lyrics of this song carefully. It’s really fun.

Giriboy’s choice 7: Kim Dongryul’s Nobody -

Kim Dongryul is another musician that influenced me a lot. The first verse of this song is actually the story of my life at the time. I wanted to be a composer for ballad songs like Kim Dongryul hyungnim, but I didn’t feel like studying how to arrange songs, so I quit.

verse 1 trans:

I’m no one
I’m just a person
Out of so many people in your life
When I walk
And meet you by coincidence sometimes
I’m just that one guy
Who says hi with a comfortable face
One day,
I even told you a joke
And another day,
I acted like I didn’t care and acted cold towards you
But you,
You always had the same face that said hi
And the same amount of smile
And walked past me busily
There’s no way you would  know
A person like me
Is so fluttered by you
Is so desperate for you

Other recommended songs from Giriboy:

MOT - Wing
Roller Coaster - Between laughing and crying
Kim Yerim - Rain
Black Skirts - Free ride
Verbal Jint - Available (feat. Lady Jane)
Pony - They say everything is love
Louie (Geeks) - Walk (feat. Crucial Star)