A Stardust Story

Two years ago, on my first trip to Berlin, I was walking alone one night around the city and spotted a window display in Nikolaiviertel that mesmerized me – a poster of Miranda Kerr in a stack of Swarovski stardust bracelets, next to a few of the actual bracelets, which shimmered like stars. I’m not much of a fine jewelry person, but I thought these were SO pretty that I took a picture, wistful, thinking, “Wow, I love those… Too bad I could never afford one.” I was, in that period of my life, making meals out of cups of steamed milk or carefully-rationed 0.8-oz. portions of chocolate; such was my need to stretch money: fill up on just enough fat to keep going, skip real food if you can. Jewelry was a luxury I couldn’t spring for. Let alone designer. Let alone Swarovski. I’d see these again in shop windows on my many long walks and always think, “Oh, those are so pretty. Maybe someday – but probably not.” I  never even told anybody I liked these bracelets. There was no point.

Yesterday, I was presented with a Swarovski box. It had come as a free gift when one of my relatives ordered some beautiful crystal lovebirds as a present for someone else. The lovebirds’ recipient wouldn’t wear something like this, but would I like to have it? I was completely floored – NEVER expected – to see a stardust bracelet. In a shade of my favorite color, no less.

This person had no idea I loved these bracelets or ever wanted one.

Of course I accepted the gift with gratitude, but even bigger than the gratitude was a sense of wonder. It was just as serendipitous as it was desired, and as I gear up to return to Berlin — the place where I first saw these years ago, when I was scraping by — something makes me think maybe there is something symbolic in how this gift came into my life. For one, as someone who reads tarot cards, the “star” associations of this gift are not lost on me – Major Arcana #17, a message of nurturing your wildest hopes, as nothing beautiful is truly impossible. This message – hope, faith, trust, dreams coming true – has been emphasized for me a little bit lately. A very important perspective to temper the jadedness and wounds of my previous unsuccessful attempts at making my dreams real, especially now as I get ready to make another try again.

But more importantly, maybe the story here of how this bracelet came to me is the message, and maybe the message is this:

Things you once believed were out of your reach can come into your world now (and any time, truly) in completely unexpected ways, and you need not find a way “how.” Heaven knows your needs AND your wants and does not forget them — even after you, yourself, do.

Life can bring you beautiful gifts at any time.

I wish you blessings, and may life bring you your own “stardust bracelets” too. 💕💫✨

Hi there.
So… I wanted to say thank you. For everything. For AYEM, for motivating me to learn English a little more, for your posts and stories, for your life advises, and just for being yourself. Thank you, Skull. You beautiful, amazing person you. Have a nice day!

Oh, and when I saw that your favorite dipping sauce is honey mustard, I just couldn’t resist. Sorry (not sorry).

And today is the day that I’ve realized I’m actually Underswap Papyrus.

(Does this make me a narcissist?)

Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how much it means to me and I’m so glad that my stories and rambling and everything has brought happiness to your life.

Remember how I blocked my boss on WhatsApp and was really anxious about my minor mistake all weekend, and told all the people I met at SIL’s hen party about it and they probably thought I was really boring (possibly I was, actually, really boring) and had to reassure me I wouldn’t get fired and evicted and have to leave my children in an orphanage while I lived under a bridge and tried to rebuild my life because honestly who has savings nowadays, I don’t have savings??

Yeah well this morning she came into work 2 hours late - which at least gave me time to tell the story one more time and cravenly seek reassurance from yet another group of people who deliver top-quality reassurance because they too have to work for her - in a bright summer dress, leaned in our office door to chat, all smiles, idk if she really flicked her hair like she was in a shampoo commercial or it just *felt* like she flicked her hair like she was in a shampoo commercial, but you get the idea. And when the thing came up she was just “oh hahaha I was just in a really bad mood and don’t even try to control my emotions so I had to send you that horrible message and make myself feel better through a petty power trip!” I paraphrase but BASICALLY that was what she said.

Obvs it is good that Disaster Scenario 1 above did not come to pass, but I’m almost more angry that I had to feel so shit about literally 1 line I forgot when she could just behave like a fucking adult instead. I just think that would have been a better solution, you know?

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Hi Christiana! First I love you, and second I wanted to share something that might help others. After a long string of events that lead me to believe that the guy I liked might like me back, I finally learned today that he is not really interested. He actually might just be afraid but thats a whole other story. At first I was sad- I was sad because liking him made me feel such wonderful things and I wondered what could make me feel them again. I wondered what about myself made him shrink (cont.)

continued: “And then I realized perhaps what made him shrink was that I was to alive. I was to honest. Perhaps I could still feel those wonderful things for my own life, because through this experience I was able to grow. It was nice to be reminded that I could feel such things- and even when things don’t work out you still learn. Every lesson helps you paint a picture. And if the picture in the end doesn’t turn out how you didn’t want it doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.”


This is beautiful anon. I love you so much and hope you know how special you are :) thank you for sharing <3

August 30th, 2016

Dear diary, 

I’m sitting on a bench in Central Park right now. I was out jogging for a bit, and am now taking a little break - or rather a long break, because Rich made me some delicous sandwiches (I have to hold myself back, try not to eat them all at once!) and he gave me homework to do in case that I was bored during my break. He wanted me to read one of his stories he wrote for LLL and the characters. And they are usually quite long and secondly, they’re often so well written that I can’t stop reading… So I guess my break will last at least a few hours…

You know, sometimes I wonder about how my life went until now. What would have happened had I never met Richard? Where’d I be now?  Would I ever have met Richard even if I hadn’t done the Hobbit? (Actually, I’m pretty sure I would’ve. We’re destined to be together.) Would I be living alone? Would I have a farm or would I only live in NYC? Would I be still with Carter? Or would I be with someone else? Marrying someone else? Nope, I can’t imagine this… 

It’s really strange how my life went since I met Richard. I think I changed a lot since then… I think I became calmer and more mature… (sometimes anyway), more responsible maybe… Rich really changed me and made me grow up…


I’ll never let you read my stories again. You are always talking rubbish afterwards…

Maybe you should stop writting so highly profound texts about live and let live! 

They’re not profund…they’re just my thoughts!

Yep, your philosophical thoughts about life and death, love and hate, fun and sadness… I have to think about things like that, too when you do…

Hmm, but don’t think about things that won’t change anymore. We met each other, we are together and we’ll stay together until death seperates us. Let’s get philosophical about our future and not the past…

Hmm…you’re right. But it’s not that easy to see the future, you know? 

Oh, I see the future..

Ah! And what do you see?

Us, of course, eating a huge wedding cake full of chocolate on our 50th wedding day…

XD That’s a very good plan! 


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Oh man when I saw there was a new angels and demons ficlet that made my day (also ngl I laughed out loud when the sweatpants were confirmed) That actually brings up a question I've had for a while: how much do you plan these AU's you've written the one-shots for? For example both reborn and the terrorist au it seem like there's a ton of background info for the story/characters even though we're only seeing a piece of it. Do you actually think up whole plots or just let details form on their own?


It depends! For the more established AUs I figure everyone’s already familiar enough with them (except for me, ironically) that I can just hand-wave like my life depends on it and hope no one sees all the strings. 

The two you mention were some that for whatever reason made my brain spit up more juice than usual. I’m actually a terrible planner, in the “has an outline and a semblance of organization” sense. What I will do is obsess over something that has struck my fancy until I’ve got enough raw material to scoop out a chunk and write it down.

Whatever coherence I’ve managed to pluck out of the kudzu vine tangle of half-baked ideas these prompts are spawning is purely coincidental. Less plots than a lot of messy “ooh, and what if this was a thing?” that I’ve done my best to beat into shape and string together. It’s actually pretty fun! I can see the appeal, as long as it doesn’t feel completely like I’m playing in someone else’s sandbox, anyway. 

tl;dr I’m mostly letting it happen on it’s own and then jamming the pieces together in some kind of order. 

Also a lot of Wikipedia surfing and straight-up cribbing from Good Omens and Dogma worldbuilding for the knock-off reborn thing, lulz

tsuxi-shima  asked:

7, 32, 61, 73 (・ω・)ノ

lmfao I don’t even remember these questions >-< Thank you for asking though. I left your blog in the background for a while because of the songs :) 

7. Can you commit to one person?

Of course. My short coming in relationship is actually over-committing. I put in too much every time -.- 

32. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?

This is the story of my life right here. But yeah, actually more than a year ago, I met this guy that I got really close to. I already cut him out of my life, but I was in love with him for 8 months. We were also the best of friends

61. What is the first thing you notice in someone?

Their personality, their values and beliefs, the way they treat other people, the way they treat me, and the way they treat themselves. That’s usually what I notice in a person first, because that’s also what I care about the most too.

73. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?

Go on an adventure with me. I really want to go exploring and camping while we explore. It sounds really fun to just hike during the day and camp during the night. No one I know really enjoys that sort of thing. So it would be really nice and sweet if someone could do that for me and with me.

Give me a number~


So, today - well yesterday now I guess as it’s past midnight - is my 8 months anniversary on HRT. Oh how the time flies ~

Picture on the left is from 3 months in tbh (when I started my tumblr :D ), but I had no changes to my face by then. Other than that, I guess you could say I’ve changed quite a bit during this time, and not only as an effect of the hormones lol. Some of my “long time” followers might have noticed ~ I’ll keep working on myself alongside the hormones. Cheers. :)

*Have you gotten memorable reactions to the news [of being cast as Burr]?*

Ev-ery-body. I mean, my niece’s school friends were like, ‘Oh my God, your uncle’s about to be in Hamilton!’ People in my mom’s church. People who even don’t know much about theater, but everyone’s extraordinarily excited. Which is funny, and lovely. I’m glad this is bringing so much joy to people in my life.

*Leslie Odom Jr. posted a message on Instagram that he sent you the day it was announced Shuffle Along was closing, which said “You need a break? Or … time for your Burr?” What’s your side of that story?*

When he sent that, I had actually already been contacted by the Hamilton team, and Leslie didn’t know. I found it really interesting that he sent it, so I wrote back and said “I appreciate it, it may be time for a rest or it may be time for my ….. we’ll see.” And he just said, “You know, I love you, I’ll see you at the show soon.” It was one of those things, when he sent it, I was like, Okay, did they try to get him to recruit me? Is he Steph Curry and I’m K.D.? What’s going on [Laughs.]


*You’re going from one revolutionary show to another, but they have very different singing styles. Is that an adjustment you have to make, or does it feel natural?*

The shows are very different, but the material in Hamilton is not so alien from other things I’ve done. It’s essentially Les Misérables meets Rent in a modern vernacular, and those are two of my favorite shows, ones I know intimately. And I’m a fan of a lot of the things that Lin is a fan of so that helps.  Shuffle Along, it’s very period — I don’t consider anything I do to be singing in Shuffle Along, actually. It’s character work. But there is certainly singing in Hamilton. Burr has a couple of numbers where he gotta make some notes happen.  

*You’re already in rehearsals, and this is role is an incredibly heavy lift.  Have you given yourself a kind of Burr intensive?*

You’re a fan of mine for a reason, aren’t you? I’m up for a heavy lift, dahling. That’s what I’m doing now! The second I make dinner, I pop that CD in. I pulled out all the songs from the album that Burr is on, and I’ve sectioned them out and kinda go three songs at a time, ad nauseum. It’s a lot of words and rhythms, but thankfully it’s the kind of thing you can ingest audibly. So yeah, I’ve been on a material intensive.

*Superficially at least, your voice and Leslie’s seem to have a lot of similarities.*

Generally speaking, we do. I actually think Leslie’s voice might be slightly lower than mine, but it’s possible he’s been using that part of his voice more regularly.

*What’s your favorite Burr number to do, and what do you find most challenging?*

The answer to both is “Wait for It.” That’s my favorite, the one I listen to the most, but I also realized it’s lower than I thought. I’ve had to recalibrate how I approach it.  

*When you step into a role that’s been portrayed as iconically as Leslie did, does that make you want to follow in his footsteps or go in a different direction?*

Hell no! I’m stealing all his stuff! I wanna learn what it is and get to know it well enough to make educated decisions. Then I will naturally start to deviate and make adjustments. But I’mma give them a straight Leslie Odom for a full week to create a false sense of security and then flip the script the second they turn they backs! [Laughs.] Leslie has a smooth subtlety but there’s an edge to it, there’s a blade there, and I love that about what he does. And Leslie has a very powerful centering quality that gets communicated in all his work, whether you watch him onstage or onscreen.

*What are your rapping skills like?*

I’ve been on the mic since the Sugar Hill Gang! I’ve never considered rapping to be difficult. Anybody can learn words and a rhythm. That’s just how I think. For me, rapping is, if you can write rhymes and freestyle, then you’re a rapper. But memorizing a rap song, anybody can do that. My brother’s been texting me like, 'Fool, you can’t rap, what they gonna do?’ Okay, calm down.

*Javier [Muñoz] is already known as the sexy Hamilton. Are you planning to bring sexy Burr to the table?*

We’re gonna see. I can’t imagine you want too much sexiness onstage. You don’t want to be overpowered by sexy qualities. I’mma let Javi have that, and I’ll see what space there’s left to occupy.

Stockholm Syndrome

I’ve never wrote a fanfic before but I gave it ago and if anyone would like me carry this on I will? I don’t know, sorry if it’s shit, I know it’s short but it’s just a snippet, I just wanted to know if anybody would actually like this as a story…

Joker x Reader

Warnings: erm, mentions of violence? Mostly just fluffy, I think ahaha.

Stockholm Syndrome

“Were all just one bad day away from madness.” That’s what he tells me, every single day.

I met him back when I was eighteen, him and his goons had snuck their way into the Wayne’s annual Halloween party. I was new to town, just visiting Uncle Alfred while I took a year off from school to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
God knows I didn’t expect this.
Innocently, I didn’t know that the man that had asked me to dance was in-fact Gotham’s most dangerous and notorious criminal.

“May I?” he asked extending a hand covered with a white glove. Shyly I accepted and he quickly pressed me against his body, pulling me on to the dance floor.
Even though it was Halloween he was dressed completely normal, in a deep purple, three piece tailored suit and white shirt. His hair was black and he had the most menacing blue eyes that bored into my Y/C/E ones, as he twirled us around the dance floor.
“What’s your name?” he practically growled into my ear, grazing his lips against it ever so slightly.
“Y/N” I smiled pulling my head back to see his face “yours?”
“Joker” he replied seriously “I’m the entertainment” he grinned revealing his grill.
Panic devoured my body, anybody would recognize that smile. His arms hugged me closer as I began to breathe heavily.
“Shhh, kitten” he chuckled referring to my last minute costume “BOYS!” he shouted.
Out of nowhere, gunshots and screams erupted in the ballroom as he dragged me up on stage with him.
“Please stop” I whispered, squeezing the gloved hand that was holding mine. A creepy, evil laughter burst out of him, as he rolled his head and clicked his neck.
“Ohhhh, you’re funny sweets. I think I’m going to let you live.”

I’ve been with him ever since he’s tried everything to break me down, make me as mad as him. It’s like I’m his favourite play thing, kept in a cage for him to torment and torture. He’d never tell me why he keeps me here, hanging on for dear life but sometimes he shows weakness around me and it makes me fall for him… I mean feel for him.

“Today is the day, kitten” he purred waking me from my slumber, as he entered my cell. Dressed in nothing but sweat pants. Toxic green hair, glowing so bright it almost hurt my eyes.
“What, the day I descend into madness?” I asked , slowly sitting up.
“Exactly!” he beamed slapping my bare leg.
“I’ll never be crazy.”
Crazy for you, but never crazy.
“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” he sighed with a slight purr that made me want to smile “what have I told you?”
“We’re all one bad day away from madness” we both said in unison.
His expression changed into something sinister, his icy blue eyes glaring at nothing across the room. A growl rose from his stomach to his throat, with a snarl forming on his bright red lips. I know he’s thinking about Batsy. With a shake of his head he turned to face me again, he smiled swaying his head from side to side.
“Darling, I’ve bought you a dress and some shoes. Tonight we hit the town!”
“I get to go out?”
“Yes. With me, on my arm would you like that kitten?”
“Yes” I replied to quickly for my own liking.
“God, you’re so good” he smirked stroking the side of my face.

‘Tonight’s the night’ I repeated in my head all day. Every time someone brought me food or another present for me to wear later. I had butterflies and good ones this time, not just nervous ones, for when I had to figure out what mood Mr J was in when he’d enter my room. Weather he was going to talk to me or torture me. I let the presents pile up in the corner before I decided to open them so it felt like Christmas morning. I had the choice of two dresses, three pairs of shoes and about ten different accessories. I stared at all of the choices before choosing the short black dress with long lace sleeves, the burgundy thigh high boots and the gold knuckle duster necklace, for the dual purposes only.

After I chose my outfit the beauty products were brought in. Excitedly, I straightened my beautiful  Y/C/H hair and applied a grungy, burgundy smokey eye and lips. As I put down the lipstick Mr J walked in, in a matching burgundy shirt that was half way undone to show off his tattooed chest.
“Y/N baby, you look” he sighed “delicious.”
A nervous giggle escaped me. Just like the first time we’d met he extended his hand and I accepted, just to be pulled against him again. My free hand pressed against his heart.
“The car is ready, are you?”
I nodded my head so quickly it almost made me nauseous. Laughing he pulled me out of my cage and into a hall way that lead to his purple Lamborghini. He opened the front door and bowed as I got in. After snaking his way round and into the front seat he smiled at me.
“Where to, sugar?” he growled.
“Everywhere” I giggled.

Sakurako-san: Anime for Vultures

This is my first real review, and I normally don’t do these, but I stumbled across an anime that will definitely appeal to my fellow vultures.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru/A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (boy, that’s a mouthful)

The story follows Sakurako, a 20-something osteologist with a talent for forensic investigation, a major sweet tooth, and a fascination for finding corpses and collecting bones. She’s followed by highschool student Shotaro, her doubtful protege who is more terrified of the dead than anything.

The anime (actually it started out as a series of novels) is part slice-of-life, part mystery drama, with a good helping of character interaction, detective work and, my favorite, finding dead things and talking about how cool they are.

Pros: Gorgeous animation and backgrounds! I love love loved looking at the backgrounds in Sakurako’s house. The colors are mostly muted but soothing. The main characters are very likeable, imo (I’m definitely Sakurako). She’s a vulture! Vulture culture! Despite the show focusing a lot on solving mysteries and putting ghost stories to rest, Sakurako spends plenty of time scouring the woods for dead animals (occasionally humans), articulating skeletons, explaining her hobby and opinions behind it, and drooling over dead things (occasionally humans). And it’s pretty damn accurate! There are a couple of wonky looking skulls and farfetched solutions to mysteries, but they definitely did a bit of research for this show!

Cons: Not many I could find! The story takes a bit to pick up, but is still enjoyable. Sometimes it can feel a little like they’re going around in circles. But thankfully, since there’s only 12 episodes to get through they can’t sidetrack too much. I was a little uncomfortable with the occasional “fan service” and Shotaro’s apparent kid crush on Sakurako, but it’s few and far between and not overdone or anything. Also, the story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and there are some major loose ends that need wrapping up (I’m assuming these are explored more in the novels).

Warnings: Talk of death, suicide, murder, self-harm, dead people and animals (obviously), blood, mentions of child abuse. possibly others I’ve forgotten

Other info: Currently, it’s only available with subtitles and I don’t know if or when it’ll be dubbed. I watched it on Hulu, but I do believe Crunchyroll has it too. It’s a bit hard to track down or find info on.

If you like anime/animation and are a vulture (or love forensics/mysteries/dead things/etc) give Sakurako-san a try!

I wish you were still around.
I actually enjoyed speaking my mind when you were here to listen. I miss having someone close who genuinely wants to hear the words I have to say.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 48
“You were one of the few people who understood me”

anyways the only Actually Happy good wlw movies that can make you laugh and have a happy fucking ending that i know of are saving face (2004) and imagine me and you (2005) and honestly? it’s been over ten (10) years. ten. mcfreaking. years. give me a new one goddammit,,, meanwhile the newest one i heard of deals with corrective rape i’m gonna fucking throw myself into a river we aren’t just trauma and heartbreak and we aren’t angst for heteros to enjoy tRY 👏 AGAIN 👏

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I've been writing my entire life, since I was a small kid but I've never been able to finish anything because all I do is keep rewriting the same scenes over & over, primarily because as I get older and reread my work I always seem to hate it and find a million ways to improve it --at this rate, I fear I may never actually finish any of my stories at all. Is there anything I can do to escape this vicious cycle?

Let your old projects die. 

Box them up, move on, leave them alone. They are time capsules. Of course you are better now, if you’ve been writing since you were little! The practice is what got you where you are now– be compassionate to your past self, and try to value your old work for what it is. Let it lie. 

To get out of the rewriting loop, my recommendation is to write a couple short stories– keep it brief, make it something that you’re not super super attached to (leave your babies alone for now!). Write it, revise it once tops, and then archive it. Do this a couple times until you are feeling confident about your abilities and won’t be tempted to rework it to death. Also, write tons of very short scraps of writing. Answer prompts, describe a room, write about your day, whatever you like! Just make some throw-away writing that you don’t feel like you need to be precious with. 

I hope that helps!


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Is it ever super stressful getting new comics out every Sunday? Or are they fairly easy to get done? Also I love your art, it's very inspirational!

First off thank you!

As for the question- Actually, yeah sometimes it does get a bit stressful.

 But understand it’s kind of a time thing.

See, I love working on the pages. A lot. This story has been a lot of fun for me and a great learning experience.  I’ve made so much progress with my art over these last few months because of it, the characters are fun to write, I’m excited to tell this story, and this is the first time I’ve done such a large comic project.

However, I’m a pretty busy person. I have a full time 40 hour a week job. I’m gonna be starting grad school soon. And I also have other things that I like to do with my time. Like going on hikes, hanging out with friends, having lazy time carved out, and stuff like that.

And I’m gonna be honest. Some pages don’t take much time, but some of these pages get pretty labor intensive. When I make a page I have to think about the layout, the composition, how I want to word things, and sometimes the drawing process (especially for certain backgrounds) can take a while. I wasn’t lying when I said that that space shuttle took about four hours.) See this story is completely planned out in my head, and all of the key moments have been thought out, but I’m a gardner storyteller. I don’t have every single line and scene set completely in stone.

So sometimes I run out of time, and that gets a little stressful because there’s just so much I want to do and not enough time to do it. It’s hard to carve out the hours to make these pages sometimes but it’s a labor of love, and more often then not I enjoy it. AND I’ve gotten pretty good at managing my time! 

However if I ever miss an update it’s not because I’m getting burnt out, or don’t know what’s gonna happen next, or just don’t want to keep on with the story. It’s usually because I ran out of time, and didn’t want to jam something out half-assed just to meet a self-imposed deadline (that I put in place mostly to keep myself consistent and to pace myself.)

But if I ever can’t get something done in time or need a break I’ll let you guys know ahead of time. 

We’re getting to the good stuff guys. Sometimes time is stressful but I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon >D

Ghostbusters (2016) validated my childhood.

I’ve seen tons of men complain about the new Ghostbusters ruining their childhood, so I thought I’d share my perspective.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been sensitive to how women are portrayed in media. When I was ten, I got into fights with my dad because I didn’t like Lord of the Rings; I didn’t understand how someone could be into a story that had a huge cast with only a handful of women.

And that continued, and every time I started to wonder a bit more if I was just being a misandrist bitch; if I was actually missing out on great experiences because all the movies/TV/books I wanted to watch/read had to have strong women. Hell, I got veto power over my dad’s board game purchases based on whether I thought the art was misogynistic!

Yet watching Ghostbusters (2016) was one of the most validating experiences of my life. This is what I’d been waiting for, and others have described how amazing it was for them to sit in a theater and watch a movie about brilliant, resilient, kind women who did nothing but support each other. I realized, as I watched Holtzmann lick her pistol, that this was exactly what I had wanted as a kid. This film excited me like nothing had before it. As a nerdy, lesbian feminist I finally felt represented, and that was exhilarating! So no, Ghostbusters (2016) didn’t ruin my childhood: it validated it. And beyond me, I’m ecstatic for all the little girls who are seeing this movie now, or will in the future, and love it too, and maybe never have to question if they’re bad people for only wanting to watch movies like it.

i’m a day late on Fanfic Author Appreciation Day, but time is a construct, so! without further ado, yr space baby’s favorite fics from her fave authors in kylux fandom!

basically this whole experience has taught me that kylux fandom is composed of the actual best, most talented individuals across the wide fabric of the internet and also that my bookmarks are a mess. will be adding to this as i remember more!

also i would just like to say thank you to everyone that mentioned me on their own lists, it’s a joy and a privilege to share this obsession with you. xoxo