I take losses.
No one sees me as tough girl anymore. No one sees me as special girl; girl who can keep up with the best of them.
Heaven knows I haven’t seen it in a while either. No one has really been there to remind me.
I am weak girl.
I am girl who takes punches and crumbles.
I am girl who does not get back up.
I do not return to the fight.
Only that’s actually the story of my life.
My mind betrays me.
My mind tells me to die.
My mind tells me to stop trying.
My mind tells me it will never work; I will never be good enough.
I will never be strong enough. My ambitions are too high.
But you know what I do?
I say fuck you, I will live.
I will try harder. I will succeed. 
This is my life.
I fight myself everyday. I get back up everyday. Everyday is a test of my strength and while victory is not promised, battle is always fought.

So don’t you tell me that I can’t handle it; that I would run away screaming.
Because I assure you,
I’ve seen scarier things in my own head.

—  to the boy who laughed when I said I could kill zombies

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Ur Snapchat is so cute who’s ur friend

“whos ur friend” is actually the story of my life LMAO

but thats phoenix shes my best friend

One Time Too Many, One Step Too Far, finished

in re plots, which are my favorite thing, and in re the classic line


#torigates #this is for you #and for everyone i know #who’s like #i don’t know maybe they have engine trouble or something?? #of course they have engine trouble #sid knew all along that this was a dangerous area of pittsburgh #marc-andre swears he can fix it #meanwhile there’s a very good chance that the cops are onto geno #one time too many and one step too far means he has to abandon the vanquish outside of the #gaping maw of a burned-out warehouse #he needs a car and he needs it fast #walking is a great way to get shot #and a three-piece suit isn’t exactly inconspicuous in this kind of a place #‘car problem?’ geno asks #and sid freezes #there’s nothing wise about this and he knows it #but he’s just betting that the man in a silk vest and rolled-up sleeves fixing his timing belt #is a safer chance to take than staying out here alone #'get in’ geno says roughly when marc-andre gets the engine to turn over #and sid’s not a fool #he notices the tension in his voice and the muscles in his neck #but a debt is a debt #though he may suffer greatly in the paying of it

and then I… got distracted by it and wrote some actual fic? Story of my story-life.

Finished and on AO3!

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I wanna start exercising, lose some weight, but I'M SO FUCKING LAzy I hate myself

Noooo hun this is the actual story of my life, ask any of my friends, I’m as lazy as they come😂 Don’t hate yourself boo, it’s a lifestyle that can be broken I promise! We can do it together 😊 start small, simple fun monthly challenges, (I recommend blogilates, she has these amazing free excersize calenders that you can view online) drink more water, eat less junk. Don’t pressure yourself into full-blown workouts every day. Most importantly, give yourself a reason. A why? Why am I doing this? Why does it mean so much? Whatever it is, stick to it, and force yourself to think about it whenever you feel motivation is low! Keep me updated love!💕

~ sugar xxx

There are so many Taylor Swift songs from over the years that I fell in love with long before I would ever actually experience the same story in my own life. They’ve prepared me so well for so many events along the way, and I’ve learned that you never know when you’re going to need them. It’s like having a soundtrack ready for anything that could possibly happen in my life — and I already know all the words.