Library Pick Up Lines – Jackson Whittemore Prompt

Prompt: hello :D I was wondering if I could request a Jackson Whittemore imagine, please? Maybe he’s in detention and during it, he meets a flustered reader - although she isn’t in detention, she’s running errands for the teacher. I would really appreciate it. x

Note: This is my first Jackson prompt and I changed it up just a little bit. I actually work at a library so this was so much fun to write. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

I walked into the library with my last errand for the day. I’m an office aide so my last period is usually running errands around school for the secretary and principal. It involves going to classes to have teachers sign some last minute forms, passing down messages or memos, and flyers that needed to be passed out to the students before the final bell rang. I didn’t mind it one bit. I like helping others. Plus, this was an easy A and would look great for my college applications.

As I made my way to the front desk where Mr. Harris was talking to the students that had dentition, I took off my backpack and tucked it in a bottom cabinet behind the front desk with my purse as I volunteer at the library everyday after school. I grabbed the form Mr. Harris needed to sign and return back to the main office before he left for the day.

“Oh and one last thing,” Mr. Harris said as I walked towards him. “You’ll help Y/N put all of these books back on the shelf in their proper places,” Mr. Harris motioned towards the overloaded carts filled with books. “The carts must be empty before you leave.” 

I look at the students sitting down at the tables and noticed they were all in my grade. I noticed Scott and Stiles sitting together with Allison. Erica was by herself, and Matt, Danny, and Jackson were on another table. My eyes landed on Jackson as I saw him in a deep conversation with Danny and Matt. I’ve always thought he was gorgeous. His brown hair was short and clean cut. I’ve always wanted to run my fingers through his hair because it always looked so soft and shiny. He had a cute little nose with barely visible freckles spreading across his nose and high cheekbones. He had an impressive jawline with a killer smile. Lastly, his crystal blue irises were my favorite. They were absolutely breathtaking. If I could, I would look into his eyes and get lost for hours.

To say I had a crush on him is an understatement. I’ve known him my entire life, but guys like him didn’t notice or talk to girls like me. Beautiful people herd together as I once overheard Stiles say. I wasn’t considered popular, nor was I a cheerleader, and judging by the fact I’ve never been asked out on a date had me thinking I wasn’t as pretty or beautiful as most girls. Besides, pretty boys like Jackson are always taken and wouldn’t give girls like me the time of day.

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theholychrisity asked:

do 33 pleeaasee!

33. celebrity/fan au

I’m already actually writing something like this. Is it cheating if I just c&p some of it? It’s totally cheating, isn’t it? Aeh. I’m gonna do it anyway because who knows if I’ll ever actually finish writing it.

OKAY, BASIC PREMISE: Stiles drunk-dialled the wrong number, and then texts the following morning to apologise and thank Derek for not being a creep. Stiles doesn’t know who Derek actually is until the ensuing weird fluff.


Derek doesn’t forget about Stiles, but the week that follows is hectic with auditions and appearances, and trying to keep Laura from putting him forward for the male lead in another romantic comedy—you don’t understand, Laura, they’ll make me shave—all the while keeping Cora from disappearing to Antigua for a year, or whatever stunt she’s trying to pull of late.

 So the text exchange with Stiles is quickly buried in his phone’s inbox, and Stiles doesn’t contact him again until around a week later, when Derek gets a phone call not long after getting back from a magazine interview.

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Seeing this makes me avoid Twitter and Tumblr for good reasons!!! Reality seems to be huge mystery for some fans and I can’t say how sad that actually is. Fans need to chill and enjoy the show instead of spreading hatred. Happily ever after or whatever is not the way how Entertainment works. By the way, it’s a show not real, but blah blah blah, I feel like I’m repeating myself because I said that before and not only about Teen Wolf. 

okay i was trying (and failing ) to be super chill about this situation but I cant right now because i am so fucking beyond pssed. I just saw a post on my dash that was of thomas sangster at a restraunt and he obviously had no idea that he was being photographed. dONT DO THAT..WTF wt-actual-f. I am disgusted. If thomas see’s that picture of himself he will no dout distance himself so far from his fans jesus christ what made this person think it was okay to post that. People need to grow tf up and realize that taking pictures of celebrities who have no idea theyre being photographed is fucking creepy. im not gonna blame sangster when he stops agreeing to post those awkward videos and cringy photos of himself with fans, hell i’d probably encourage him to stop. You don’t want to see your fave actor is these uncomfortable and creepy situations . If you see thomas, dont fucking stalk him or be weird about it, ask him for a normal photo, say you like his work, say please and thank you, carry on with your day and dont be fucking weird about it. jfc

Triple Threat - Part 10

[Parts 1-9]

Okay, I sort of had to change some things around… Things between Allison and Isaac. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to go down an Allison/Isaac road. For the ways that I had to change things, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make Allison that girl… But, then again, I kind of had no other choice since I wanted to stick as close to the show as I could… Seriously, I’m actually a big Allison fan so I know this was a bit out of character for her.

As you walk through the dark hallways of Beacon Hills, hand in hand with Isaac, you can’t help but ask the question that has been bugging you ever since arriving there. “So… why exactly are we at the high school?” You ask your boyfriend as you rest a finger against your pursed lips.

“It’s called Mischief Night.” You just keep looking at Isaac so he continues to explain. “It’s a tradition for students to play pranks on Coach every Halloween.” Isaac finishes.

“But, I’m not a student anymore so what exactly am I doing here?” You ask after reminding Isaac of your current lack of academic standing.

Suddenly, Isaac pulls you into Coach’s office. “I’m just reminding you of a few advantages of you returning to school.” Isaac closes the door and locks it before turning back to you, placing his hands on your hips, and then lifting you up until you’re sitting on the edge of Coach’s desk. “Just think of all the time we could spend doing this…” Isaac leans in and starts kissing you, first tenderly, but then it grows.

You let yourself get lost in the kiss before a random thought pops into your head. Suddenly you push Isaac away from you. “You do realize that this is where my brother and Lydia always came to hookup, right?” You watch as Isaac does suddenly realize this. “…which could be weird for me for obvious reasons.”

“Right…” Isaac slowly nods his head. “Well, we can find our own spot. This was really more about the action, not the location.”

You let out a laugh. “Action, huh?” You raise your eyebrows at Isaac. “Somebody’s pretty confident about his chances.” You tease Isaac.

Isaac hangs his head while his hands drop to slowly graze the sides of your legs. “That was a bad choice of words.” Isaac says when he lifts his head back up and looks into your eyes again.

“I know what you meant, Babe.” You lift your arms up and wrap them around Isaac’s neck, pulling him closer to you. “I just like teasing you.” You smirk before pulling him in and connecting your lips to his again.

Things get heated up pretty quickly, each of you letting your hands roam the other person’s body. After a minute or so, when your lungs are burning, you bite Isaac’s bottom lip in a sexy way before pulling back, desperately needing to catch your breath.

You boyfriend, on the other hand, has a different idea in his mind. Isaac leans forward and dips his head down, his lips moving against your neck in a way that gives you all kinds of feelings. You bite your own lip to keep from letting out a quiet moan. In that instant you can’t take it anymore. You need Isaac like you need air. You grab the boy’s head between your hands and pull his face back to yours, crashing your lips against his again.

But, almost as soon as Isaac’s lips touch yours, someone starts banging on the locked door, breaking you and Isaac out of your current situation. You both freeze, one of his hands gripping the bare side of your leg, which was wrapped around his waist. Neither of you move or make a sound, thinking it’s security and that you’ve been caught. You look up into Isaac’s eyes, and you see that they’re just as wide as your own.

Before you know it, the other door, the one leading to Coach’s classroom, opens behind you. When you whip around to see who it is, it’s Stiles, who is completely oblivious to you and Isaac, as well as the current position that you two are in. When Stiles does look up and realize all this, he freezes in place.

“Oh, come on!” Stiles exclaims when he recovers. “Really Dude, Coach’s office? On Mischief Night?” Stiles shakes his head at the two of you while waving around the prank tools in his hands.

You can’t help but start laughing as you turn back around and bury your face in Isaac’s chest.

“Also, does everyone hookup in Coach’s office, or is just some kind of weird quirk that runs in your family?” Stiles directs to you while looking around the small room just not understanding the appeal, as he is wildly unimpressed with the accommodations.

Instead of answering Stiles, you just shake your head while hopping off of Coach’s desk and pulling an annoyed looking Isaac out of the room, right passed Stiles, who Isaac gives a dirty look.


The next morning, Scott gets off of his bike to see you and your brothers standing by their motorcycles. Your car was parked a few spots over.

You all walk towards one another. “You’re back at school?” Scott asks the three of you.

“We’re just here to talk for now.” You shake your head.

“Talk?” Scott questions you.

“Yes, talk.” Aiden answers.

Out of nowhere, Stiles walks up and joins the conversation. “Oh. That’s kind of a change of pace for you guys. Seeing as how usually, you’re just hurting, maiming, and killing.” Stiles looks directly at your brothers.

“We want to work alongside you guys.” Aiden bites out, hating that he has to be anything close to nice right now.

“At the very least, we all need to peacefully coexist.” You appeal to Scott.

Stiles cuts in before Scott can say anything. “Yeah, absolutely not. That’s hilarious though.” He tells you.

You do your best not to glare at Stiles. While Scott had warmed up to you, at least as Isaac’s girlfriend and someone that Isaac trusted, there was still not any love lost between you and Stiles. What Isaac thought meant very little to the spastic teenager, and honestly, you found him just as annoying as Isaac did.

Ethan addresses Stiles and Scott now. “You came to use for help. We helped.” Ethan reminds Scott.

“You beat his face into a bloody pulp.” Stiles quickly replies. “That’s not helping. In my opinion, that’s actually counter-productive.” Stiles rationalizes.

“It worked, didn’t it?” You ask Stiles, mostly to prove a point, but also to defend your brothers’ actions.

“Why would I say yes?” As Scott speaks you turn to face him. If only you had been able to get Scott completely alone, you probably could have worked something out. Your brothers and Stiles only complicated things.

“We’re stronger as allies.” Aiden tells Scott. “All of us together would be unstoppable. There’s no reason to say no.” Aiden tries to reason with Scott.

Honestly, you didn’t care about strength or power. You just wanted to find a way to peacefully live in Beacon Hills so you and Isaac could at least have a chance of making it.

You watch as Stiles dramatically rolls his eyes. Then, Isaac, who had been listening in, approaches all of you. “I can think of one. Like the two of you holding Derek’s claws while Kali impaled Boyd.” Isaac crosses his arms over his chest while glancing over at Scott. “In fact, I don’t know why we’re not impaling them…” Isaac looks at your brothers. “…right now.”

You send a warning glare towards your boyfriend. You had accepted that Isaac would never like them, but threatening Ethan and Aiden, especially right in front of you, was just taking it too far.

“Wanna try?” Aiden asks Isaac, his eyes an ice cold blue while baring his fangs in Isaac’s direction.

As Isaac moves to step forward, Scott grabs his arm. At the same time you pull Aiden back while sending him a warning look. Scott now looks at just you. “Sorry Y/N, but they don’t trust your brothers.” Scott looks over at Ethan and Aiden now. “And neither do I.”

Scott and Stiles walk away, walking between your brothers. You look over at Isaac, who has a smug smile on his face while looking at your brothers. When you clear your throat, Isaac turns to look at you, his smile turning sweet. Instead of saying anything, Isaac just leans down and kisses the top of your head. Then, he follows Scott and Stiles as he walks away.

You let out a frustrated sigh while turning to look at your brothers, who do look defeated and annoyed. “What now?” Ethan asks both you and Aiden.

Aiden stops moving, his eyes focused on something. You follow his eyesight to the sign in front of the school and smile when you realize what he’s thinking.

“No. No way.” Ethan argues immediately as you and Aiden turn to look at him.

“We never finished.” You try to reason with Ethan.

“And we don’t have to.” Ethan quickly argues back.

“What if we want to?” Aiden asks, motioning between you and him.

Ethan looks around before looking back at you and your oldest brother. “You… You two seriously want to go back to high school?” You can tell that Ethan is questioning your sanity as well as Aiden’s right now. “Is this about Isaac and Lydia?” He asks the two of you.

“This is about getting Scott to change his mind… to trust us.” Aiden answers. “We’re not all alphas anymore. When everyone we’ve screwed over finds out that it’s just the three of us – only Y/N an alpha – what do you think is gonna happen? We’re dead on our own.” Aiden reminds Ethan. And, yes, all of this was true. But, you really just wanted this all to work out so hopefully you and Isaac could. You and your brothers not getting maimed, tortured, and killed was just an added bonus.

“That’s still better than being back in high school.” Ethan sighs out while looking around at all the current students walking around. “I’m not doing it. No way.” Ethan declares, even though he knows he’s fighting a losing battle, as he shakes his head. Just then, you and Aiden both see a certain ex-fling of Ethan’s flirting with a new guy behind Ethan. You both get telling smiles on your faces. “What?” Ethan asks you both while suddenly turning around. He stops moving when he sees Danny and the other guy flirting with one another.

“Oh!” Aiden whispers quietly, knowing that you and he had just officially won this fight.

“I’m not taking math.” Ethan says when he gives in, turning to look back and you and Aiden.

“I’ll take it for you.” Aiden tells him while happily turning to walk towards the school’s entrance.

You laugh at them as you turn to go look for Isaac. You wanted to tell him the news, but you two also needed to talk about what happened earlier. When you finally find Isaac, he’s standing with Scott and Stiles in the middle of the hallway. You dodge a roll of toilet paper soaring through the air as you walk up to them. “… You are the hottest girl.” You hear Stiles tell Scott before Stiles starts backing away.

You look over at Isaac, and he’s just as confused as you. “What?” He questions Scott while looking over at him.

“I’m the hot girl.” Scott says to himself.

“Yes, you are.” Isaac nods his head at his alpha.

Scott gets a giant smile on his face, chuckles, and just walks away. Isaac laughs as he watches the true alpha go. “Do I need to be jealous?” You jokingly ask Isaac.

Isaac just laughs while turning to face you completely. “So does this, you standing here in front of me, mean what I think it does?” He asks you, a hopeful smile on his face as he steps closer to you.

“Yes.” You nod your head up at him. “I’m coming back to school…”

Isaac picks you up and spins you around excitedly before you can finish your sentence. When he sets you back down on the ground, he leans down and kisses you quickly. “That’s great!” He tells you, keeping his hands on your hips, gripping them tightly.

“… And so are Ethan and Aiden.” You finish your previous sentence with a forced smile on your face, knowing this wasn’t going to be a fun conversation.

The smile on Isaac’s face immediately begins to fade away. “Why? Nobody here even likes them.”

“Lydia does…. And, I do.” You answer quickly. “And, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t threaten them every time you saw them. They are my brothers, Isaac.”

“I still don’t like them… or trust them.” Isaac shakes his head while backing away from you by just a few steps. “You can’t blame me for that.”

“And, I don’t.” You tell Isaac honestly. You truly did understand why Isaac didn’t like your brothers. “But if you and I are really going to do this, you can’t always be at their throats, threatening them! I can only pull them back so many times before they stop listening!” You argue with your boyfriend.

“Then you’re not as good of an alpha as I thought.” Isaac bites out at you in anger and annoyance, letting those feelings get the best of him.

“Wow…” You nod your head slowly while crossing your arms over your chest and looking away from Isaac. “Thanks for that.” You click your tongue while looking back at Isaac. “It’s nice to know that I have such a supportive boyfriend.” You tell Isaac while backing away from him, turning around after you finish your sentence.

Isaac lets out a frustrated sigh while shaking his head and running his hand through his floppy hair. “Y/N, that’s not what I meant…” He starts.

You glance at Isaac over your shoulder. “I think I know exactly what you meant, Isaac!” You snap back at him before facing forward again. In your peripheral vision, you see people watching you with interested and curious looks on their faces. No doubt that this disagreement of yours and Isaac’s would be circling the rumor mill before the time first period even ended.


Just a couple hours later, you meet up with Scott and Isaac. You were still beyond pissed at Isaac, but you had to put that aside while this was happening… whatever this was. All you really know is that the school is crawling with cops who are looking for some escaped convict. “What is going on?” You directly ask Scott when you reach him and Isaac, completely ignoring Isaac when you feel him looking at you. You keep your focus on Scott only, and you even move away from Isaac when he reaches out to touch you. If he thought that you were just going to forget about what he said this morning, he was dead wrong.

“There’s a bomber in the school… and I think we’re the targets, the werewolves.” Scott whispers the last part. “I need your help to find him.”

“I’ll call my brothers.” You tell Scott without hesitation as you reach for your phone in your back pocket.

A few minutes later the five of you werewolves are secluded in a hidden corner. Scott is explaining what he needs you and your brothers to do. “Lydia thinks that he’s still here even though the cops searched the whole school. But, they didn’t have one thing…” Scott reaches inside the plastic bag in his hand and pulls out a hospital robe. “… Our sense of smell.”

“Oh, that’s nasty.” You scrunch up your nose. It smelled foul… a little like death itself.

“Let’s split up. Y/N…” Isaac starts, but you interrupt him, knowing that he’s going to suggest you go with him.

“I’ll go with Ethan and Aiden. I wouldn’t want to be a bad alpha.” You glare at Isaac before turning and walking away. Your brothers take a second to glance between your retreating body and Isaac, wondering what that was about before turning and following after you.


As Isaac and Scott are searching their side of the basement, Isaac asks Scott a question. “So this how it’s gonna be now? Y/N is one thing, but we’re going to trust Ethan and Aiden now?”

“Just because I’m letting them help, doesn’t mean I trust them.” Scott answers while he continues looking for Barrow.

“Yeah, well, I don’t trust them either. Or like them.” Isaac adds on, and then he continues, really revealing how he feels about Ethan and Aiden. “In fact, I hate them and just want them to die.” Isaac admits to Scott.

“I wonder how your girlfriend would feel about that…” Scott glances back at Isaac before continuing his search. “And, if Barrow’s actually here and he’s got a plan, you might get what you want.” Scott tells Isaac before walking deeper into the basement.

Across the school, one the other side of the basement, you search for Barrow alongside your brothers. “So, what’s going on with you and Isaac? Trouble in paradise already?” Ethan asks you.

“My love life is not open for discussion right now.” You tell Ethan while looking down a row of shelves, but you don’t see, or smell, anything out of the ordinary.

“You got something?” You hear Aiden ask Ethan, who puts his up and stop the both of you. After a second, the three of you jump out and face the hallway. When you see what it really is, Danny kissing that guy from earlier, you and Aiden turn your head while covering your mouths as you both start laughing. “Oh, really?” Ethan asks, looking at Danny, who is obviously surprised and uncomfortable at having been caught by all three of you.

“Looks like you’re not the only one with boy problems, Y/N.” Aiden whispers out while walking away. You immediately stop laughing and glare at your oldest brother, only making him laugh even more.

Just then, the fire alarm starts going off. You share quick, worried looks with Ethan and Aiden before the three of you start running towards the nearest exit.

A few minutes later you meet up with Isaac, Scott, Lydia, and Stiles. “We didn’t find anything.” Aiden tells the group.

“Not even a scent.” Scott adds.

“It’s 3:00, so school’s over.” Stiles starts. “If there was a bomb, wouldn’t he have set it off by now?” Stiles asks the logical question.

“Does that mean everybody’s safe?” Ethan asks.

“I don’t know.” Lydia answers. “I just… I don’t know.” You all look at Lydia who looks defeated and confused.

After another minute or two, you all start splitting up and walking in different directions. Isaac catches your arm and stops you. “Can we talk?” He asks when you turn around to face him.

“Are you going to insult me again?” You ask him back as you cross your arms over your chest.

“I wasn’t trying to insult you earlier.” Isaac tells you.

“You said I wasn’t a very good alpha.” You remind Isaac.

“I…” Isaac starts, but he can’t think of what he wants to say. “Okay, I did sort of imply that, but… we were arguing.” Isaac uses as his defense. “I didn’t actually mean it.”

You slowly nod your head in understanding. “The problem is that I think you did… even if it was just a little.” You bite your bottom lip before you continue. “I know that you think I was wrong to let Ethan and Aiden into my pack… even though they’re the only family I have left.”

“They’re also killers.” Isaac argues.

You step closer to Isaac and lower your voice. You didn’t want anyone to overhear you say this. “I’ve killed too, Isaac.” You remind him.

“A long time ago, and you didn’t kill one of my best friends.” Isaac rationalizes.

You let out a frustrated sigh while shaking your head and running one of your hands through your hair. “This isn’t about them, Isaac” You exclaim, drawing a bit of attention from passing students. “This is about you and me, and we’ve had this fight before. The bottom line is this, Isaac: they’re my brothers, I love them, and they’re always going to be a big part of my life.” You look straight into Isaac’s blue eyes. “If our relationship is going to work, you have to find some way to accept that… and accept them, at least as part of my life and pack.”

“Y/N…” Isaac starts, but you shake your head at him to make him stop talking.

“Just think about what I said, okay. Decide if you can live with that or not.” You tell Isaac before standing on your tiptoes and kissing Isaac’s cheek. Then, you turn around slowly and walk away.


A few hours after your confrontation with Isaac, he shows up at Allison’s apartment. He’d been thinking about you and what you’d said all afternoon, and that wasn’t getting him anywhere. So, Isaac had figured that he’d come here and help Allison look through the bestiary. At least he’d feel useful then…

When Isaac enters Argent’s office, where Allison is on the computer, she briefly looks up at him. “What are you doing here?”

“I figured you could use an extra pair of eyes.” Isaac tells Allison while walking to stand behind her chair. Then, he just looks down at the computer screen in front of Allison.

“Can you read Latin?” Allison asks Isaac, knowing of course that he couldn’t.

“No. But, I can look at pictures.” Isaac tells her as the two share playful smiles with one another.

Allison nods her head slowly while glancing between the computer screen and Isaac. “What about Y/N?” She asks in a careful, steady voice.

“No.” Isaac shakes his head. “I don’t think she can read Latin either.” He answers seriously.

Allison lets out a little laugh. “No, that’s not what I meant.” She shakes her head. “I meant why aren’t you hanging out with her right now?” Allison asks more clearly.

“Oh, uh…” Isaac starts looking sort of uncomfortable. “She’s, uh… She’s sort of mad at me at the moment.” Isaac tells Allison, looking down at the computer desk briefly before looking back at the screen. He never once makes eye contact with her.

“Well, what did you do?” Allison sits back in her chair a little bit and faces Isaac.

Isaac lets out a deep breath before giving in and standing up straight before he turns to face Allison. “I said something dumb… which sort of snowballed into a real fight.”

“What’d you say?” Allison keeps questioning Isaac, thinking that getting information out of him was like pulling teeth.

Isaac shakes his head. “It doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.” Isaac pushes his sleeves up before turning to face the computer screen again, but Allison reaches out and stops him, making him look at her again.

“What does that mean?” Allison asks, feeling confused and sort of hurt.

“It’s just…” Isaac sighs. “This is my relationship. It’s personal is all.” Isaac tells Allison.

Allison shakes her head. “I’m your friend. You can talk to me, Isaac.” She looks up at Isaac and gives him a small smile. “Do you think you two are going to work it out?” Allison asks.

“Um…” Isaac takes a step back, leaning against the window. “I hope so, but I don’t know.” Isaac answers as honestly as he can.

Allison slowly nods her head. “How did you two leave things?” She nods her head once before locking eyes with Isaac.

Isaac thinks about his answer before saying anything. “It was sort of an ultimatum, I guess.” Isaac begins to answer. “She thinks I need to accept Ethan and Aiden as part of her life, or our relationship won’t last.” Isaac shrugs his shoulders while lifting his arms and crossing them across his torso.

Allison slowly nods her head again. “I mean…” Allison pauses while shrugging her shoulders. “She’s kind of right. It’d be like me dating a guy who wants to rip my dad’s throat out every time they were in the same room.” Allison takes a deep breath while keeping her eyes on Isaac. “So, what are you going to do?”

“It’s not like I can just move on and forgive them. They killed Boyd.” Isaac points out. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Isaac shakes his head while turning back to the computer screen.

Allison takes her bottom lip in between her teeth, biting back the very smallest of smiles. Then, she sits up and starts looking at the computer screen again, taking one quick second to glance back up at Isaac.

A couple hours later, Isaac and Allison are in her room, looking through some of the passages they’d printed out that might be useful regarding Barrow and the flies. “You find anything?” Isaac asks while walking in front of Allison’s bed, a stack of papers in his hands, and then he takes a seat beside Allison on her bed.

“There’s a reference about flies being able to carry messages to the dead.” Allison tells Scott while picking up the papers that had that passage of the bestiary on it. “What about you?” Allison asks while tucking her hand under her chin.

“Oh, just… Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.” Isaac leans forward and reaches around Allison to pick up the paper he needed to show her what a Beelzebub is. Isaac keeps looking at the paper in his hand while Allison, who notices exactly how close Isaac is to her, slowly starts turning her head to face Isaac. When she’s facing him, their faces are only mere inches apart.

When Allison slowly starts leaning in, Isaac is just frozen in place. He doesn’t know what to do or how to stop this. Before he even knows it though, Allison’s lips are on his. As soon as he remembers how to move, Isaac pulls away from Allison and stands up, feeling like he shouldn’t be sitting on Allison’s bed anymore, especially not with her. “What… What was that?” Isaac slowly asks Allison. He was so confused.

Allison immediately starts looking embarrassed. “I… um, I don’t know.” Allison mumbles out while sitting back, creating more space between her and Isaac.

Isaac turns around and paces a few steps before turning back to look at Allison. “I have a girlfriend, Allison.”

“I thought things were over between you two.” Allison looks up at Isaac as she lifts her right hand up to her mouth. It was a nervous habit of hers.

“What? No. When did I say that?” Isaac begins pacing Allison’s bedroom floor again, his left hand running through the back of his hair.

Allison shakes her head, starting to wonder if she imagined all the little moments between them the last few months. “Y/N’s ultimatum… You said you couldn’t just get over what Ethan and Aiden had done.” Allison runs her hands over her eyes.

“I said I wanted to work it out with her though!” Isaac exclaims, still feeling awful about what had just happened. He hadn’t wanted Allison to kiss him, and he damn sure didn’t ask her to, but he still sort of felt like he’d cheated on you.

“Allison.” Isaac and Allison turn to see her dad standing in her doorway. “Can I speak to you for a minute?” He asks.

Isaac just moves out of the way, letting Allison pass him by. He had no idea what Argent wanted to speak to Allison about, but he just hoped by the time she returned, he’d be gone. He had to go talk to you.

As Isaac is putting his shoes back on, the lights start flickering before they go out completely. He looks around the room, feeling a chill in the air. When nothing happens, like the lights flickering back on, Isaac just goes back to tying his shoes. When he gets down and stands back up, he’s suddenly surrounded by these dark, shadowy figures that seemed to have come out of the night.

Allison’s bedroom door slams shut as he begins trying to fight his way out, against the figures, but there’s too many of them. They’re too strong.

Isaac hears Allison and her father shouting and banging on her bedroom door as one of the figures gets it’s hands on Isaac and holds his head. Then, Isaac falls to the ground and everything goes black…

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I'm glad Sterek isn't canon tbh, on a show like teen wolf it would just get fucked up anyway bc of jeff's shitty writing.

That’s true. Jeff Davis would have fucked it up so horribly. Sterek is better in the hand of fans. Unlike him, we actually know what we’re doing. 

An Interview with Arden Cho

An Interview with Arden Cho

Photo Credit: MTV Although fans are barely halfway through Season 5 of Teen Wolf, the show’s production has actually been on hiatus for quite some time, and Arden Cho – who plays Kira Yukimura on the MTV show – has taken full advantage of her “down” time from being on set.  Cho has had a busy few months traveling across the globe, though not for what would certainly be a hard-earned vacation, but…

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Styd!a Fan: There was nothing wrong with that kiss. Kissing someone having a panic attack is perfectly fine and can help them.

Person Who Has Panic Attacks: No, actually if someone did that to me and many others like me it would make things worse for us. Lydia didn’t know what would happen if she did it to Stiles so she risked causing more damage. Teen Wolf shouldn’t promote that because people think it helps and they could potentionally hurt someone.

Styd!a Fan: … There was nothing wrong with that kiss. Kissing someone having a panic attack is perfectly fine and can help them.

Stydia fan: “The way Stiles looks at Lydia”

Me: “Is the way he should be looking at Malia…”

Stydia Fan: “Why?”

Me: “Cuz, he’s dating her, and she actually admitted to having feeling for him and so did he, and MALIA IS DESERVING FOR STILES BECAUSE LYDIA KNEW STILES LOVED HIM BUT NEVER GAVE HIM A CHANCE!”

Stydia Fan: *quiet*

Me: “I won!” *shoves breadsticks into bag and walks off*

Stalia tag

I finished re-watching a couple of episodes earlier and thought I would hang out in the Stalia tag for some relaxing, lighthearted ship fun. WTF…I left it and came back just to make sure that I was actually in the Stalia tag. Why is there so much “YAY Stydia”  and “YAY Maleo” stuff in here? I NEVER, EVER go into the Stydia/Maleo tags and post “YAY Stalia” I never even post in the Anti-Stydia/Maleo tags.

Can we please, for the love of all that is Teen Wolf Holy, stay in our happy places and stop posting our personal TW dogma in the other shipping threads?

It just boils down to a little thing I like to call- Common Courtesy. Also, could people stop coming back on posts like this with the same old “But I saw so and so do it in ours, so I’m gonna do it right back!” I don’t know how many of us fans are teenage kids or actual over the age 18 adults, but there are a few lessons that one learns as they grow up.

1. Two wrongs do not make a right!

2. Treat others as you would like to be treated!

3. Respect our differences!

Thank you and goodnight. I sound like my mother…I was wondering when that was going to kick in, LOL!

Peace and Love <3

anonymous asked:

i like the fact that stiles' problems are made prioritzed in the show than other characters' esp. scott

im a piece of shit stiles fan and i can completely 100 percent confirm that his dumbass problems are prioritized to the point that if a casual fan turned on the show they would think that scott is no longer the main character of teen wolf and this has been a consistent and genuine issue that’s been going on for i dont even know how long and the fact that its actually an issue in the first place should tell you something about the choices made in this show

and that’s a huge fucking problem honestly there is NO doubt that there is erasure of almost every single character so that stiles can be front and center for absolutely no reason  

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Schedule for August
  • Saturday 1st August – Stereo Kicks: Casey Centric - a fan makes fun of Casey’s lisp and then the boys are all really supportive of him when he gets upset
  • Wednesday 5th August – Janoskians: Luke Centric - Luke is being stalked and being watched 
  • Saturday 8th August – Teen Wolf: Liam Centric – something Liam Dunbar centric
  • Wednesday 12th August – 5sos: Mike Centric - where Mike (from green day) is actually the father of Michael from 5sos. And they both get kidnapped and tortured by a fan
  • Saturday 15th August – R5: Ross Centric - Ross gets stressed and worn out by his hectic schedule and have a lot of panic attacks
  • Wednesday 19th August – Emblem3: Keaton Centric – vampire!Keaton part 4
  • Saturday 22nd August – YouTubers: Joe Centric - Joe and Alfie have a big argument (Alfie’s really mean to Joe) and as a result Joe and Zoe fall out
  • Wednesday 26th August – Midnight Red: Anthony Centric - Something Anthony centric that’s super angst please
  • Saturday 29th August – The Wanted: Nathan Centric - the boys find out Nathan is short for Nathaniel and the boys start to call him that or by his full name(Nathaniel James Sykes) and Nath doesn’t like it cuz his mom used to call him Nathaniel when he was in big trouble
Teen Wolf fans...

I’m serious, if y’all have Netflix, you should go watch The 100. It’s an amazing show about these teens who are sent to Earth after it basically ended. (I suck at explaining things)

It’s so so so good, and I have a lot of The 100 friends who watched Teen Wolf first, and seem to like them both! There are a lot of similar characteristic qualities in many of the characters in both shows. But I love how The 100 actually plays things out.

Check it out! And how about this; if you watch the first episode then come and tell me what you think, I’ll give you a shoutout! (;

Bribery at its best, of course.

On Sterek

This is my last defense of the Sterek fandom on this blog because I will have said what I will say about it. I made this blog to support Tyler Posey and that’s what I want it to be about from here on out.

The biggest thing I have been called out on in my previous arguments was the “not every Sterek shipper” style argument. These are directed towards me from people comparing it to “not every man” and “not every white person” arguements. This would be accurate if I believed that majority of Sterek shippers were assholes and I was the exception. I don’t, I believe the assholes are the minority in the ship and every other ship, because hate is not a Sterek shipper exclusive.

I will continue my belief until I actually see evidence to the contrary, most Sterek shippers and teen wolf fans I interact with are very pleasant people.

I will support Teen Wolf into the ground, but I think the thing that really steams a lot of fans is that Jeff Davis and his fellow writers have done the unspeakable. They’ve crafted an interesting world with characters that we actually love and care about, and dare I say, fucking cherish. So to see them continuously abused or mishandled or poorly developed or just plain WRITTEN OUT is a god damn shame because we care too much about these fictional people to take them being mistreated lying down. I mean, if we didn’t love these characters, why the hell would any of us still be sticking around? It’s not for the plot holes, or the cripplingly bad product placement, or the hip electronica soundtrack. What fries a lot of fan’s beans is that we slog through each week PRAYING we will get a glimmer of that shine we remember from Seasons 1 and 2, where everyone was okay, and no one was dying every week and these were just some goofy but lovable teens trying to make it through High School. We all want that feeling back.

For me, it’s a love/love/hate thing.

Do I miss what Teen Wolf used to be? Hell Yeah.

Am I still gonna watch it until it ends? You Bet.

Season 4′s tag line summed it up best. Can’t Go Back.

uki-malkin asked:

Excuse me? Even if you were actually Ian's favorite fan it doesn't excuse the fact that you shouldn't be attacked by anyone! You're doing an amazing job providing us all these posts an photos about Ian. And if Ian himself acknowledges your work, you should be proud of you, don't spend your time on those anon, remember the people that love and appreciate your work! Love you with all of my heart!

Oh wow thank you for the message! Seeing this and others reassures me that I’m not boasting about what happened and you all enjoy my stories. All I’ve wanted to do is share anything Ian gets up to with the fans and continue show everyone what an amazing guy he is.

Hi Everyone!!

So,I doubt you guys could tell,but I’m a huge 5sos fan!

These four idiots are literally the center of my current world,and I didn’t have a blog for them,so I made one!

Are you 5sos fam?Go take a look!

It’s actually a side-blog to this one ,and you can find that right here.

(Here’s the link- )

So you guys should definitely check it out!

I wonder whether this “connection” between Theo and Malia Cody Christian was talking about has something to do with the fact that they both lost their sister/parts of their family at a young age and somehow feel/felt responsible for it? And Maybe Theo actually far more than Malia? Jeff Davis said something about Theo’s actions making it difficult to redeem him especially in relation to what happened to his sister….. who died due to exposure.