In which Allison enables Neil to embrace his true hotness™ through shopping

  • Allison and Neil becoming super close because she can’t stand his clothes and need to buy him new ones and drags him on endless shopping trips (which despite his protests Neil really likes because Allison is the big sister he never had and didn’t know he needed)
  • And Allison taking him shopping is a big part of Neil learning to accept his body and his scars because surprise of all surprises Neil “Sweatpants” Josten is actually capable of having good taste
  • But the things he wants to wear sometimes show his arms or even his stomach (I am entirely here for Neil in baggy muscle tees with huge arm holes or crop tops with long sleeves)
  • And Allison is like ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
  • “Neil, we’ve all seen your scars. Buy the top. Even if you only wear it to practice”
  • And Neil’s still on the fence just dithering about with a pile of clothes in his arms
  • “Andrew will love you in that.”
  • And Neil is at the checkout counter at a speed never before seen on the Exy court
  • (Meanwhile at the Foxhole Court Kevin Exy senses feel that Neil is expending energy on something that is not Exy)
  • And then Neil wears his new clothes to practice one day and he left early with Kevin (because Kevin is a slut for extra practice) so they’re already on the court and they’re not even in their gear because it’s cardio today (and because even Kevin can’t completely resist the sight of Neil’s abs in a crop top)
  • The upperclassmen arrive and Allison is the first out of the locker room because she wants to see everyone else’s reactions to Crop Top Neil™
  • Matt is stunned and happy because he’s always happy when he sees Neil do something that shows he trusts the Foxes and casually letting them see his scars this casually is definitely that
  • Dan wants to hug him but refrains from blocking the view of Neil’s Perfect Abs™
  • Renee doesn’t say anything but flashes that perfect sweetest smile at him and Neil actually blushes
  • Then Nicky appears and is just going about his life when he becomes aware of Neil in a crop top and he squeals so loud it’s almost a scream. He’s completely incapable of thinking about anything else at all for the next three days. (He may be in a committed, living relationship but that doesn’t mean he can’t look)
  • Aaron ignored the whole thing completely
  • Andrew, who had previously been smoking in the parking lot joins them and since his eyes always go to Neil before anyone or anything else he sees the crop to immediately and okay here we go
  • On the inside Andrew is like CODE RED CODE RED CODE FUCKING RED because no one warned him that Neil’s gorgeous stomach was going to be on display today. Usually he has plenty of time to prepare his calm face™ before he sees Neil’s abs in all their perfection.
  • On the outside though there’s nothing that the other Foxes can see but Neil knows. Neil can see it in the way Andrew looks at him and he likes it. (he fucking loves it)
  • “236%”
  • Neil just barely keeps his grin inside
  • Then Neil lifts the hem of his already cropped top to wipe sweat from his face towards the end of practice and Nicky trips over his feet as he runs by
  • Neil and Andrew skip the last ten minutes of practice to do some nonExy related exercise
  • Kevin is not happy
  • Allison is

jfc oAo

Oh. My. Good. Lord - I just noticed I hit another milestone which I really just can’t believe I actually did. A bit more then a year ago I had for 3 long years all together 186 followers. 

I used a different url back then as well - an url which I changed to start a new after I went through a heavy loss. Seeing how far I got is really inspirative and touching for me. I not sure I can use English well enough to really thank for this much support and encouragement. 

You can’t imagine how much this can push me forward when I fail and feel like not wanting to move forward and just give everything up, including art. But then I just see how many of you interested to see more update from me, and it can pull me back and make me still keep going. I can’t disappoint this many people to just let the bad days defeat me and just quit everything. For this I really thank for every one of you. 

This is a huge inspiration. I am incredibly touched and only can hope my future artwork will repay this to all who following me and won’t disappoint any of you ever. ;A;

We went to the car wash this afternoon and I thought I’d see what Logan’s reaction would be to the whole thing – I know some kids are pretty fond of that. Actually, one of my teammates used to take his daughter there when she couldn’t fall asleep. Worked each time. Anyway, we stayed inside the car and it wasn’t what I had expected at all. He was so scared, but instead of crying, he held onto me as hard as he could and literally went on a rant about it. Car wash? Never again. Even if it was somewhat adorable.

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Oh the hair thing you reblogged about E liking R's hair as much as he does and just like what if, because everyone always talks of R drawing E, what is E tries to draw his hair and it probably turns out looking not as fancy but still sweet and just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I don't know where I'm actually going this this, it just seemed cute so I had to let you know about it!!:D

He tries, he really does, but he’s no artist. His talents lie elsewhere than on a sheet of paper, and he’s well aware of it. So Enjolras never shows his doodles to anyone. They’re just scraps of paper here and there, with something akin to a broccoli on it.

Except one day, Grantaire is looking for Enjolras’ keys and roams a bit through his bag to get them. His fist closes on something and Grantaire panicks: he may just have ruffled the new and latest world changing concept Enjolras came up with!

But it isn’t. And though it’s badly done, R still recognises himself in the drawing. There are little arrows pointing at his hair and notes like “floofy” “memo : learn how to braid” “cotton candy”. Grantaire smiles and folds it carefully back in the bag

Later that night, Grantaire arms himself with a hundred of hairbands and sits next to Enjolras on the bed : “Soooo I thought we could to this cute braiding thing cute couples do. Because we’re a cute couple. No other reason” Enjolras sets his book aside and gently (though eagerly) gets to work

(Also, when Grantaire is working on a project, Enjolras plays with his hair, buries his hands in it, covers it with kisses…)

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I wonder who else besides u and fordida had a cameo in your video :o

The only other real cameo is this girl, who is my pal Cheezi.

I wasn’t going to do any cameos but I was getting a headache trying to think of townspeople to draw in the scene, and I was talking to the both of them at the time so I went “heck it all, I’ll just throw them in there”


“I want you to know that last time, I really was trying to remove the gum from you chair. it’s true ya know? I’ve never went to school before, things are different on earth than mewni. besides a pony head, I’ve never had any.. actual friends.”

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We're Okay

For  @heatherdanyel

The original prompt: I need someone to write a fic about Riarkle where they’re at school or something and they have severe weather (tornado maybe?) and no one knows where Riley is. She’s okay but Farkle freaks out until he actually physically sees her

(I actually had to do a little research on this, because where I’m from in NJ, we almost never get tornados. It’s mostly hurricanes for us!)

Everybody’s being crammed into the lower level bathrooms. The tornado is imminent, and every second counts. This isn’t normal for New York. It happens, but not nearly often enough for Farkle to feel even a little calm about it.

There are so many students sitting on the floor of the girls bathroom. Everyone in their group of friends is there except Riley. She had left art class a few minutes before the warning was announced. She mentioned something about going to her locker and something about her phone, but Farkle was distracted so he just nodded in response. He should have paid more attention.

He pulls his phone out of his jacket pocket and texts Riley. He just asks where she is and if she’s okay. But then five minutes goes by, then ten, then thirty. Maya notices him anxiously checking his phone and gives him a worried look, but she says in a hopeful tone, “I’m sure she’s fine. She’s probably just in one of the other bathrooms.”

He knows the tornado is not as severe as it could be, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking about what his final message to Riley would be.

By the way, I’ve been completely in love with you practically my entire life and I just want to hear your laugh one more time.

The thought overwhelms him, and his whole face falls.

They sit there for what seems like forever, but luckily the tornado was not too intense, and the school took minimal damage.

When the teachers say it’s okay for them to leave the bathroom, Farkle hastily rises from the floor and makes his way through the crowd of students. He pushes the bathroom door open harsher than he means to, and then he’s met with what seems like a maze of people in the hallway. A lot of them look shaken up. Some of them look relieved. His eyes are darting in every direction, but he doesn’t see her. He walks to the end of the main hallway, but he still doesn’t see her. Panic sets in. He knows tears are forming in his eyes and it feels like every breath he tries to take gets stuck in his chest.

But then he turns the corner, and there she is.

Riley’s sitting on the floor, leaning against her locker. She looks totally out of it. His attention is drawn to her eyes. They’re filled with new tears, and her cheeks are streaked with old ones. Something in Farkle snaps and he starts running in her direction. He practically throws himself onto the floor next to her and pulls her into a tight embrace. Riley, immediately recognizing who it is, turns and buries her face into his neck and cries.

Farkle gasps for breath as he says, “I couldn’t get to you. I couldn’t hear from you. I couldn’t be with you. ”

Riley pulls away from the hug so she can look at him. “I’m sorry. I told you guys my phone was dead before I left the classroom, but I guess you didn’t hear me. I was in the bathroom next to the gym. Farkle, I’m so sorry,” Riley says between sobs, and then she lets her head fall as she starts crying again.

“Hey, Riley. It’s okay. Look at me,” he says, grabbing her face with both of his hands.

Two more tears fall down her cheeks before she hiccups to a stop, and she looks straight at him.

“This is real. We’re okay. I’m sitting here, and I can see you. You’re right in front of me, so it’s okay.” It seems to comfort her, because she leans back into him for another hug.

She sighs and asks, “What would we do without each other?”

“I think today just gave us an idea of that, no?” Farkle confesses.

It’s one of the scariest thoughts he’s ever had, and he knows that he never wants to feel that way again. His confession from before comes to mind. On the tip of his tongue are the words by the way, but he doesn’t let them leave his lips. Instead, he jokes, “At least now is a good excuse for us to go eat a ton of ice cream.”

Riley laughs at this, and really, that’s all Farkle really needs to hear right now, anyway.

Thanks for reading! I will probably post this on my AO3 as well!

Platonic Love Stories

I know a guy who used to be a pretty bad alcoholic. Like, I had literally never seen him sober. He was always a really cool person, but the drug was clearly taking it’s toll on his health.This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon sight; but that doesn’t make it any less tragic to watch.
This story, however, isn’t tragic at all.

Adam, as we’ll call him here, had the single best, most supportive friend group I’ve ever seen. They never judged him for his problem, didn’t push him to change; just told him they knew he could do anything he really wanted to do, but they’d never force him down any path. The second he started talking about wanting to quit, they mobilized. They had online resources, clinic information to make sure he did it all safely.
When he actually took his last drink, they took shifts for the next month to ride out the withdrawal with him. When he couldn’t sleep, they stayed up all night and played cards with him. When his hands shook, they’d all do something that didn’t require hands. They drove him to clinic appointments to make sure he was still doing this safely. Between about 6 guys they organized in the blink of an eye to make sure he knew he wasn’t alone while he made this huge, scary life change.
As incentive to keep Adam motivated through all of it, the whole group promised that, after his first year of being sober, they’d all pitch in to take him skydiving… and take the literal leap with him. 

Not too long ago, Adam celebrated his first year completely sober. Every single one of his friends, some trembling and with tears of absolute terror brimming on the edge of their eyes (though they will deny it to the end) made good on their promise.
I was new to this group so I only watched all this play out from the sidelines. Still, I was impressed. I told one of the friends that I admired their bravery. He laughed and said he was only able to be brave because Adam had been. He said that however scared he was of jumping out of a plane, was nothing compared to how scared Adam had been to get sober, and he did it anyway.

To this day, for all the Nicholas Sparks movies I’ve been dragged to, for all the weddings I’ve cried at, for all the public proposals I’ve seen on youtube; I have never seen love demonstrated as powerfully as six adult men, inspired by each other, calling each other “faggot” through trembling voices, leaping into the void together.

sandstormsfireandgrace asked:

daisuga + 17 [shy kiss]

“Daichi, how come you never kiss me?” 

It was said in a teasing voice, and Suga had a slight grin on his face, but Daichi had the feeling that the sentiment behind it was genuine. 

Still, he said, “I kiss you all the time.”

“No, I kiss you,” Suga said, nudging Daichi in the warm. They were walking side-by-side on the way back to Daichi’s apartment, slowly because it was spring and the weather was actually nice for the first time in months. “You never kiss me first.” 

Daichi felt his cheeks go red. This definitely wasn’t teasing anymore. He’d hoped Suga wouldn’t notice. 

“Daichi?” Suga stopped, frowning. “Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

Daichi swallowed. He couldn’t quite put it into words. 

“Is it me?” Suga asked quietly. 

“No, not at all!” Daichi hated to think that this whole time Suga had been blaming himself, and it spurred him to try to find a way to describe how he felt. “It’s just that…I don’t know how this kind of thing works? I mean no one really teaches you, and, um, I kind of don’t know like, when you kiss someone. Not that I don’t want to kiss you. I feel like kissing you a lot, actually, but I don’t know if you’d like it or if it would be weird. I mean I wouldn’t do it in public or anything or in inappropriate situations with other people around but a lot of times I think I-” 

“Daichi!” Suga threw his arms around Daichi, pulling him close and burying his nose in Daichi’s hair.  “You should have just told me!” 

“I thought it was silly.” 

“It’s not silly.” Suga pulled away, just enough for Daichi to see the relief on his face. “And for the record, I want to be kissed by you. I’d like it. A lot.” 

“Okay.” Daichi leaned forward, just a bit, and pressed a light kiss to Suga’s lips. He felt Suga smile, and when he pulled away Suga’s face was bright with joy. 

“You can tell me anything,” Suga said. “Remember that, Daichi.” 

“I want to kiss you again,” Daichi said. 

“Then do it.” 

This time when Daichi pulled Suga close, he wasn’t shy or reserved. He kissed Suga deeply, passionately, and Suga practically melted into him. 

And for a few minutes they forgot that they weren’t meant to be kissing in the middle of a sidewalk.  

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Re: Will /trying everything at once/ Graham, I actually think that one of the reasons why Hannibal was so blind to Will's betrayal (aside from the major heart eyes) was because Will was so inconsistent and fluid with his intentions. If Will was just ~trying to be murder besties~ Hannibal may have been more suspicious. But, I definitely don't think Will had planned it that way, he was trying for the cold/suave/murderous mirror but his Decisions are Kneaded Feelings™ is what really lured Hannibal

This right here resembles something @confusedkayt and I have talked about a lot, actually! Which is the idea that Hannibal is just so endlessly bewitched by the way Will wavers. Comes up almost near enough to touch… and then falters back. Unpredictable, fascinating, never knows what Will is gonna emerge from the chrysalis, etc.

I do think (or maybe just hope) that if you got Hannibal to chill out and choose, he’d prefer a Will he can count on to be with him. But no one gets to have something good and steady unless Hannibal stops shifting the psychoscape at every opportunity, and, well. He sure keeps doing that.

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Prompt: Something about the actual Mizar during Chrys's time? I forget his name.

In which Amaretto is not a mobster, a mannequin, or a macchiato enthusiast.

The thing that confused him most about the English was their insistence on giving him coffee.

Never just a cup of the black either. They would haul out large machines with fancy dials attached to make sure the Italian had the quality of coffee he was accustomed to. It didn’t matter how sincerely he would thank them for a simple glass of water. It didn’t matter when he explained to them that fancy coffee was a vice of Northern Italy and he was from the South. A brilliant young intern would be instructed to make him something with a long name. Even when they worked for him they would take it upon themselves to try.

Amaretto could not fault a person for trying.

On the bright side if not for the large brass coffee machine Amaretto would have nothing to fight the horde of living mannequins now overrunning the studio. Hopefully they would be sensitive to burns. At least three of them, armed with scissors and hot glue guns, were reaching through his protective furniture wall.

So ungrateful. He’d gotten the nice mannequins too. With the ball joints for mobility. A mobility they were now using for a wee bit of a riot.

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I saw a post making the rounds recently, talking about how it’s frustrating that there aren’t really depictions of 20+ year old female characters in media who have no relationship experience.

If it’s a comfort to anyone, I’d like to state outright that not only is Maria canonically super asexual and on the grey-romantic spectrum, but prior to the events of the comic (most of which haven’t actually transpired yet, haha), she never even had so much as a passing crush on anyone in her entire life.

Maria is 24, has never been kissed, has never dated, has no desire to have sex, and has never even held hands non-platonically. She’s also completely fine with disclosing this to people she knows if they ask, because she’s not embarrassed about it and sees no reason to be. Her non-existent past-relationship history is not a surprising backstory element or a spoiler.

I didn’t want to just tack this onto the post I saw talking about it, because the OP also talked about wanting female characters with no relationship experience who feel anxiety, etc. about the idea of relationships, and while Maria doesn’t have that, she does get a little flustered sometimes in the process of fumblingly learning her way through things because romantic relationships are so weird and new to her.

I really, really needed a character like her to exist, especially while I was figuring myself out when I was 19 - 21 years old, so I’m glad I have her now and I hope she can make other people happy, too.

anonymous asked:

Hi there, I've always thought I am het, maybe bi; as well as you, and lately I've been thinking that I might be ace? How did you realize that you were actually ace? I don't know, I've had doubts about my sexuality for quite some time

Hello! For me, I never really understood crushes or why people were so obsessed with relationships. I distinctly remember making up crushes (I remember sitting and deciding who I would say that I had a crush on so that I would seem like everyone else). There were times when teachers said that I would go downhill academically when I got interested in boys (which now I’m like, why would that even happen and also why are you assuming I would be interested in boys?) and my mum replying that she doubted that would happen and that was before I had even come across the term! I started questioning my sexuality when I was about 15 I think and I started to realise that whatever I felt towards boys, I felt towards girls as well so that’s when I started thinking about bisexuality, but it wasn’t until I was 18 or 19 that I came across asexuality and started to identify with the term. I definitely found it helpful to talk to blogs like @theasexualityblog when I started questioning my sexuality and I definitely recommend checking them out if you’re interested. I came out to my family over a year ago and I do experience some acephobia but I’m so glad that I worked out what was for me. I know that since then I’ve become a stronger person; there was a time recently where someone was being homophobic and transphobic (I won’t dignify their comments by posting them) and I called them out on that crap straight away. It ended up causing a huge argument in a restaurant and culminated in me sitting by the road crying / having panic attacks, but I was so glad that I did that and even my friends told me that they were so proud of me standing up for myself and tbh I don’t know if I would have had the strength to do that before.

(Note: I’m not saying that everyone experiences asexuality in this way, just that this is my personal experience.)

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Omg I just realized that these two characters don't actually know what they look like, but imagine Winter and Jacin seeing their reflections for the first time! They might have mirrors on the Rampion, but like, we don't know. Plus Winter was never on the Rampion. Omg I just love those two cinnamon rolls!

You know, I always thought that no mirrors thing at Artemisia Palace was weird. Yes, Levana banned mirrors and they replaced all of the glass at the palace with non-reflective glass, but Jannali had a mirror so they did have access to them on Luna. 

And aren’t all the Lunar ships made of highly reflective metal? That’s how you can tell it’s Lunar made. I always imagined those as having a polished chrome look which is basically a mirror. And how do the guards stay all handsome and dressed perfectly if they don’t have mirrors? Their lunar gifts aren’t strong so they’d have to resort to actually making themselves look presentable. They also all have access to water and they’d be able to see their own reflections in that.

Besides, with Sybil Mira making trips to New Beijing Palace and Jacin being her personal guard and pilot, he must have encountered his reflection on many occasions and I can’t see Winter being impressed by seeing her own face. In fact, I kind of think it would be painful for her – not only seeing the scars that Levana inflicted on her, but seeing the features that her parents passed down to her as well.