There are so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to save the day, and because of their sacrifice the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everybody lives happily ever after.

But the hero never gets to see that ending. They’ll never know if their sacrifice actually made a difference. They’ll never know if the day was really saved. In the end, they just have to have faith.

Ain’t that a bitch?


Then I met someone i never EVER expected to meet. The lovable yet horrifying Funky Bodacious bod stealing (and heart stealing) Parasite Sanzy Fresh! He’s not that scary once you get past all that stuff. he is actually really nice and sweet and respectful! we shared jokes all night. He was really encouraging, said i should be a comedian, I’m sad when he had to sk8 on out of there but he promised we could still be friends, and I’m keeping him to it! ;) My sans however is still kinds nervous about my new pal though he he! @loverofpiggies

I also met yet ANOTHER Frisk! @thepacifrisk was really nice and cute and looked just dashing in their tux! they were really shy at first but warmed up quick and hung out with me and Fresh…or Fresh and I? I dunno! it was really fun though. i’m glad I met them

I will pick out more pictures soon. but oh man if someone made a picture of ME and one for THEM I might have a mini heart attack of happiness and have to reset!! man..if only…but i doubt it <: ) but that’s okay! I have memories of my own (seriously though if any of you I met drew me I would love you forever and probably scream behind the computer and freak out my parents…but its worth it!)

Guess what day it is? 13th of February, yes, but why is it significant?

It´s my Youtube channel´s 3 year anniversary!! :D

3 years. 46 videos. 100.000+ subscribers. 56 million+ views. 

And a MEGA amount of new, awesome, lovely, talented friends!! <3 

Like, I don’t really know how to thank everybody for everything! The wonderful comments, the constant support, the feedback and brainstorming, the everything!! I am so happy that I 3 years ago was brave enough to upload my very first video to YT and put myself out there with something I had never done before. I had no idea that I would actually find a new passion, considering that editing and digital compositing weren’t even on my list for things I would like to try within the movie production process. 

Thank you everybody once again!! I am so grateful! No one can say if I will be still be on YouTube in the next 3 years, but I know that as long as I am breathing I will be telling stories for everybody to enjoy. Hopefully you will see me on the big screens in the future! <3

PS: Yes, as I promised there will be a video of me watching my own videos, and it will be up this spring. It’s just so hard to film when I am running away from the camera all them time! XD

Do you ever accept a headcanon so fully that you eventually just forget it’s not actually canon?

Chibi Sans Seraphim

So I decided to post this. I had already submitted this to tratserenoyreve, but I hadn’t actually posted it to my blog (because apparently I’m more comfortable on Deviantart, but not here), so yeah. This is Tratserenoyreve’s Sans from their comic, The Thought. Go check it out, it’s interesting.

To be honest, I think this is the first time I’ve ever done anything fully skeleton-related. Much less in chibi form. Huh.

You know what? It’s actually been 3 years since I made this blog. February 2013, time sure flies… To celebrate this, I decided I’d redraw the first thing I posted on here (well part of it). I joined Tumblr right after I finished Virtue’s Last Reward, so it was kind of my first fandom on here.

I had to search a lot because I totally forgot, but this was part of Luna’s ending. That game though… I’ll never be over it.

adorably-nerdy asked:

It seems to be a common headcanon that Adrien and Chloe were childhood friends. I never heard this referenced in the show, so is there some other basis for this?

This is actually canon! It’s part of a legendary document released by the creators that had a lot of production info, as well as some character bios, which you can see here! In Chloe’s section, it mentions that she was his only friend before he started attending François Dupont (he was homeschooled before that). The official English website translated this for their own character bios, but obviously some of it was lost in translation.

tbh i’ve never actually had a valentine but i did get some fancy chocolate covered strawberries this year AND i have cute pets AND video games AND zero obligations the following week AND ppl like my positivity posts so who’s the real winner here


I’ve had this HGUC RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 1 awaiting a paint job for seven years, but I just never got around to it. I didn’t do anything special with this one, just utilize some decals I had lying around with some light weathering. It’s actually a pretty fun build. I’m hoping to do the 08th MS Team at some point. If only the upcoming Efreet kit wasn’t 1/100 scale…

So Samantha( @the-other-sam ) and I were talking earlier, and she was expressing a bit of frustration that Sebastian had the chopped off version of her poster - aka the one posted on IG that has the bottom and top missing — and it hit me. I went and looked again at my post on IG - the one that I did to get his attention, so he could see who the actual creator of the artwork is — and look! LOOK! That’s the whole poster!!! He went and found the entire poster somehow. He didn’t just screencap the one off IG and post it on weibo…oh, no. He flippin’ found Samantha’s complete poster. That man is fucking amazing. If possible, I think I love him even more. Bless you, Sebastian Stan!!! xoxoxo ~Ally

Happy Valentine’s Day, Derbyverse! <3

V-day is actually one of my favorite holidays. I spend it focusing on self-care, reminding my friends and family how important they are to me, and putting love into the world. Corny af I know but I’ve never had a bad Valentine’s day. Romantic love is not everything, it’s not even the most important kind of love. 

So try to do something nice for yourself and/or something nice for someone you love (like washing your pads!)

Art Credit: @ephilog (make sure to check her out!)

art by indiefoxtail

366 Days of Vocaloid: Day #44

So, since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I figured I should probably cover some kind of love song. Not only is ‘Ai Kotoba’ just that, but it’s also the song that got me into Vocaloid in the first place. Which would have been 5 years ago this year, I think?

To be honest I don’t even know why I like this song so much. It’s really not the kind of thing I’d normally listen to, but for some reason I just love it. I remember watching it over and over and thinking about how amazing Miku was.

I really wonder what I’d be like now if I never found this song. I’ve pretty much always been the same, but looking around my room it’s pretty clear Miku has had a pretty big impact on my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, back to the actual song; I think it’s the lyrics that make Ai Kotoba as good as it is. It’s rare for me to care about lyrics more than the way the song sounds, but the lyrics for this song are really something special. Don’t get me wrong; it still sounds good, but the same tune with bad lyrics just wouldn’t be a good song at all.

You probably already know if you like this song or not since it’s by Deco*27, but it’s one of those songs that will always be special to me.

Also, I’m going to add two videos: the live version (which is the one that got me into Vocaloid) and the googoo888 upload because it’s probably better to watch.

Jealous (TOP Reaction)

Requested by anonymous

I’ve never done one of these before, ever, so forgive me if it’s crappy haha. This does fall under the ‘reaction’ category, right? I have no idea hahaha.

  • What would make him jealous

Originally posted by soo-hyuks

Any guy who had the audacity to even think about looking at you for too long would get on his nerves. If anyone was actually stupid enough to go up to you and even go as far as flirt with you, he wouldn’t be able to help it when jealousy almost instantly started to grow. He’d always been quite protective and even a bit possessive over you at times. You were his, which he knew, and he was also well aware that you only had eyes for him. That didn’t mean that the way every guy in the room seemed to hold a little too much interest in you didn’t bother him. Didn’t they get that you were taken? And happily so

  • How would he act

Originally posted by tabi-dreamer

He would try to act cool about it, since there was no reason for him to cause a scene. With a determination to show the guy who’d gotten a little too friendly with you that you were his, he would approach the two of you and casually come to a halt next to you - his arm quickly snaking around your waist before he pulled you closer to him. He’d ignore the guy completely as he locked eyes with you, telling you that he’d been looking for you - a small smile on his face. Once he was sure that he had all of your attention, he’d glance at the guy as and almost mocking smirk grew on his lips - which clearly let the guy know that he had no chance. You were Seung Hyun’s and no one else’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Golden Opportunity!

“One… two… three. OK, you can open your eyes now.”

Richard lifted his hands from my eyes and I let them flutter open. He had led me into the living room. On the couch, there were all of the usual things you’d expect from your husband on Valentine’s Day. There was an oversized card, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a silly pair of boxers decorated with X’s and O’s. None of that surprised me. The surprise was the half-naked, drop-dead gorgeous man who was laying right in the middle of all of it.

“Richard!” I gasped, “You didn’t!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he kissed my hand, “Want me to help you put it on?”

I walked over to the sofa and marveled at the suit that Richard had laid out for me. I’d never actually seen one in person before. An empty one, that is. I’d seen other people wearing them before, of course, but I’d never seen one like this. It almost looked like it could blink its eyes, get up, and start walking around the room at any minute. But I knew it wouldn’t do any of that without someone climbing inside first.

“It’s amazing,” I said, and I meant it. This was the best Valentine’s Day gift Richard could have possibly gotten me. I had wanted one for so long. “But, Richard, we can’t afford this.”

“We can afford it,” he said, hoping we would just leave it at that. For the moment, we did. “So, do you want me to help you put it on?”

He began by gently flipping the suit over onto its back and unzipping it all the way down from the top of its neck to the curve of its lower back. It folded open, revealing its hollow inside. Richard looked at me and bit his lip.

“I can’t wait to see you inside of this,” he said. His eyes were sparkling with excitement. Mine were, too.

“Is it a Seamless?” I asked, and then felt stupid about it. I knew getting a Seamless suit, where the zipper became all but invisible while the suit was being worn, was an expensive upgrade. 

Richard just smiled. “Yes, it’s Seamless. Now get undressed and get in!”

He held the suit up for me so that I could step into it. 

“I’ve seen you naked before,” he teased, noticing that I wasn’t in any rush to get undressed in front of him. It’s just, we were usually only naked together in bed, in the dark, and not in the living room in the middle of the day like this. Somewhere during the course of our 12-year relationship, we’d gotten uncomfortable with showing our bodies to each other. Getting a suit would help out with that, I always thought. Well, here was the chance to find out.

I lifted my shirt over my head and let Richard see the little belly I had developed. My instinct was to try and cover it somehow, but there was no covering it here in the broad daylight. I took in a deep breath and then unbuttoned and slid my pants down my legs, which certainly didn’t have the same muscular tone that they’d had back when Richard met me, when I was fresh out of college. I knew underwear had to come next. I pulled at the elastic band and let them slide down my legs, too, then I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

“Well, here I am,” I said, ashamed. But he didn’t look at me any differently than he usually did. He was still smiling, still in love with me. 

“Get in,” he invited me, “Legs first.”

He opened the suit up a bit more so that I could step into it. “Easy as putting on a new pair of pants!” the advertisements always said. I realized there was remarkable truth in advertising as my legs slid right in, all the way down to the toes. I felt the suit gently contracting in around me as I put it on, though not uncomfortably. Richard held the arms out in front of me, and I reached my hands in like I was putting on a long pair of gloves. I gave my fingers a couple of experimental flexes and watched my hands respond in a perfectly realistic way. Richard proceeded to press the torso of the suit up against my chest. As he did, he ran his fingers across the hairy chest and down the chiseled abs of the suit. I could feel everything, just as if it was my own body. I could even feel my abs tightening at his touch. It’s a strange feeling at first to be controlling muscles that aren’t yours. You realize just how deeply the suit is connected to you.

“Ready for the face?” he asked. I nodded. “OK, deep breath.”

I inhaled and shut my eyes. I felt him fitting the suit around my neck and then carefully adjusting it over my face, softly pressing it around the corners of my nose, gently tugging at the ears as they slid into place. He took a step back as I opened my eyes.

“Wow,” he said.

“How do I look?” I said. The voice was deep and smooth.

I looked down at the suit, astonished that I was controlling it. 

“You look amazing,” Richard said.

I struck a few funny poses for him, though my new male model looks probably made them look less silly and more sexy. He applauded my efforts.

“You’re a natural!” he said. I could tell he was hiding a smile. 

“What is it?” I asked.

“I have another surprise for you.”

I raised an eyebrow (a talent I never possessed before, but one that I could pull off when I was wearing the suit). “Another surprise?”

“Uh huh,” he said with a kiss. My scruffy beard felt so soft against his smooth face. It was a new sensation, the first of many I’d experience while wearing the suit. “Wait here.”

He dashed off back into bedroom and I heard him rustling around with something. When he came back out, he had wrapped a bow around himself. And he was wearing a suit of his own.

“Well?” he said with an adorable smile.

“You got two suits?” I asked. I couldn’t believe it.

“One for you and one for me,” he said.

He let me look at him in the suit as he turned and posed. He looked so sexy. I wanted to fuck him right then and there.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said. He came up and gave me a hug and a kiss. It was intensely erotic feeling our two new bodies pressed up against each other. It would go on to be the best Valentine’s Day we had ever spent together.

I had never seen their Wendys cowboys Periscope before.. and as soon as they ask for dialogue to talk someone sends this message.. Rhett is like “nope, not gonna read that” and when Link reads it he open the cutest smile ever.. and Rhett actually say to Link he has beautiful eyes.. its so funny to see them avoiding certain messages.. specially funny to see Link trying to be in a character for this and because of his voice everything he says sounds like he is flirting to Rhett.. Rhett keeps talking about rubbing porcupines and it just sounds wrong lol… the end its just perfect because someone tells them to turn off the lights and stuff.. so amazingly awkward.. 


Hey! Listen!

Introducing my newly completed pet project: Legend of Zelda Playing Card Deck!

It’s a 54-card set of playing cards featuring four different games from Zelda acting as the Suits. All of the illustrations were done by me c:

I’m getting them printed through @jimiagency and hope to have the whole thing in my hands by end of March, ready for sale at Sakura-con this year! I’m debating opening pre-orders for this, but as I’ve never had to before, I’m actually a little lost on this - but I’ll update you guys when I figure it out, if anyone’s interested~

Thanks to all my friends and family who helped me along with this, and for the JiMi girls for all their help and advice!


Anon asked:  Valentine’s special 14 & 37 Derek x chubby!reader? All the love from me sweetie 💓

Warnings: None

A/N: I am not sorry for that gif. Not at all. 

Every year your friends threw a Valentine’s Day party. It always was full with young couples dancing and just being in love. And then there was you. You had never had a Valentine before. You’d never even had a successful relationship. You’d always been alone, and you had told yourself you were okay with that. 

Though, this year, things were different. You hadn’t expected Derek Hale to show up. You didn’t really take him as the partying type. Actually, you didn’t take him as the fun type period. But nevertheless, he was there in all his glory. 

You had a small crush on Derek, though you knew he would never go for someone like you. You weren’t his type. Tall, skinny, supermodel type. You were shorter, chubbier than most. In fact, you weren’t even sure he knew your name. 

But that thought changed when he approached you. You were freaking out on the inside, and he had a look in his eyes that said he knew it too, though that would have been absurd. 

“Hey! How are you?” He asked, moving so he was standing next to you, staring out at the dance floor. 

“Uh, good. Yeah, good.” You groaned internally at how stupid you sounded. 

“That’s good. Enjoying yourself?” 

“Yeah. This party is always a good one.” You perked up as you heard the music change. “I love this song.” You said. 

“I know.” Your head whipped around to Derek, confusion on your face. “I requested it. Can I have this dance?” You stared from his outstretched hand to his face a couple times before swallowing your nerves and taking his hand. 

His hand was warm, correction, his whole body was warm as he wrapped his arms around your waist your arms going around his neck. 

“I never took you for the dancing type.” You said. 

“I’m not. Not really, but you looked lonely. Everyone deserves a dance on Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why me though? I’m sure there’s other girls here that are more your type.” 

“My type?” He frowned. “What’s my type.” 

“Tall, skinny, supermodel type girls. Girls that aren’t me.” You mumbled the last part so he wouldn’t hear.

Derek stopped dancing, moving one of his hands so he was cupping your chin. “My type isn’t based on looks. Sure, I’ve made some questionable relationship choices, but I prefer strong, independent, smart, down-to-earth, kind, caring women. Women like you.” 

You opened your mouth to say something, but stopped at his last words. What did he mean ‘like you?’ 

“I’ve been pining over you for a while now, but I never had the confidence to talk to you. Well, until now.” 

“Wait, so…you like me?” 

“Yeah. I didn’t think you’d go for a guy like me.” 

“I’ve liked you for the longest time.” You said, staring up into his gorgeous green eyes.

It was silent between you two for a moment as you stared at each other, totally unaware of what was going on around you. It was silent until Derek finally broke it. 

“Can I kiss you?” 

@fancycoatpossum LAST TIME ON – Sam drags Yarrow to the doctor’s, gives him drugs, takes shameless advantage (by petting his hair). 

(Also the eyeball had to get thrown out; everybody is sad (but I am the saddest; this jar o’ eyes is going to happen so help me))


Sam pulls up short and looks around – that definitely sounded like Yarrow, although he doesn’t actually see Yarrow anywhere. 

“Yarrow?” he asks somewhat uncertainly, heading towards where he heard the yell. He… still doesn’t see Yarrow, but he does see a bunch of yelling people who are clearly watching a fight, and heads that way.

His hunch is right. Yarrow is on top of some guy Sam’s never met before, smacking him in the face repeatedly. 

“Hey, how’s it going?” Sam shouts past the pack of enthusiastic spectators.

anonymous asked:

France--I dare you to kiss all of the male nyos for valentine's day!

It’s going to be fun, non? Let’s see…who to kiss first….



No Hetero! Please!


What? No please!


What? France is a very pretty lady.




It was short and simple but a sweet gesture of her. 


*too flustered to actually say anything*


W-wow, thanks. I’ve never really been kissed before, not even on the cheek.


Probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. Perhaps I’ll have to do it again sometime soon. Please, petite Anon, I enjoy kissing handsome men. Send me a dare like this anytime~