The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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I know you're not taking soulmate prompts at the moment but ... the latest sakumo/orochimaru one made me think ... what if it was two ANBU who had been on the same team for ages and nearly lost each other so many times but never called each other by name only by animal designation until they finally retire and they reintroduce themselves to each other and realize just how many times they could have been alone or even better that they had known all along and tears. Happy or horrified. Uh. Sorry.

I was thinking about that while I was writing it, actually! Also about whether it would work if you only ever used last names - like, what if you and a friend only ever referred to each other by family names? You could feasibly go your entire life without ever realizing you were soulmates, which is kind of sad.

An Update in Words.

I have to admit I never thought I’d actually forget I had a blog, but lo and behold, I did.  I blame this on many reasons, really, the number one reason being my head is up in the clouds with three thousand and one other items. Items like my new job and relocating south of the border. 

I had heard it was hard to work in the U.S., but holey guacamole, I had no idea just how hard. I have got hit with visa issues, and although I was ready to move to Detroit early October, I am *STILL* waiting for my visa to go through, that is, if it even does.  

It’s been a super frustrating experience with omg-I’m-moving-in-five-days moments, to I’m-never-going-to-move. Without getting into the details of it all, there’s still hope, but also a strong chance I’ll have to wait a year (as it’s easier to move once you’ve been at a company a year).  

My fingers and toes are crossed the visa comes through for a plethora of reasons now, the main one being the job.  I’m working on two projects right now, and everyone I work with is either in Detroit or NYC, and it’s been challenging owning my role from Toronto. I want so badly to prove myself on these two projects, and although I think I’ve definitely hit the ground running, I could be even better if I was in Detroit. 

And then, of course, there are the obvious reason I want my visa to go through. I have mentally prepared myself for a change and different scenery and am just plain and simply ready. My apartment is packed up, I had a goodbye party (!!!), I have left Project Sunshine and handed the torch over… I am ready, and now living in limbo. 

If my visa doesn’t go through that will be okay too. I love my office and life and friends in Toronto. I’m close to my nieces and family and will get to stay in my apartment. So really, I type this because I just want to know. But it’s out of my hands now (it’s in the lawyer’s and U.S.A.’s immigration hands’) so I’ll wait and see and stay in limbo. 

On another note… summer ended, eh? 

I shouldn’t complain as what a fantastic summer it was. Plus, September and early October felt like summer too, so the colder air is almost welcomed. Cute scarfs and boots and jackets; yes please! I went shopping the other day and had a massive splurge… $336 later I bought a pair of Tory Burch flats. Insane, right? I know. But I had been eyeing those exact flats since I was staring at the exact fake ones in Thailand (5 years ago!) so I figured I’d… treat m'self.  BUT, they were SOOO uncomfortable and hard and I am going to return them. So yup, there’s a tangent of a story for you. 

Since we last chatted Shine On! happened.  My beloved charity committee threw a 300 person party and we raised funds for Project Sunshine Canada. $17,000 to be exact.  Not to get back to the visa thing, but to get back to the visa thing, I think Project Sunshine is why I am so frustrated with the limbo that is my life right now. I walked away from a charity committee I loved and I handed it off to two new Directors I chose, so i can’t go back on it now. The committee meant so much to me, and oh man, I just hope I gave it up for a good reason. 

Autumn is here and the beautiful leaves are in full colour. Sometimes I leave work just to go for a walk to admire them. The world is so pretty and I hope I will never stop pausing to look at it. 

As I noted above I had a going away party. Oh jeesh, did I feel loved, or did I feel LOVED?!  About thirty of my favourite people showed up and they got me cupcakes and balloons and my uber home from a friend’s house was at 9:38am the next morning to show you how my friends took me out with a bang! 

I never really blogged about it, but I had the worst of the worst of the worst 30th birthdays. Four people showed up when I had invited over forty. Think about that. For my thirtieth birthday. On the actual day of the party I got 26 texts cancelling. I ended the night in bed around 11 alone in my apartment.  That evening I promised myself I’d always go above and beyond for friends, I’d always get balloons and a cake and show up. I’d always make people feel special. I’d always support and love strongly. I’d always be there.  It’s been nearly two years later and many balloons and cards and party hats later, I like to think I’ve fulfilled that promise to myself. And I have to say that my going away party made me feel 22 again, and special, so so special. I am so thankful that people showed up. So thankful they showed up and planned and came out for me. [Show up for your friends. It’s important.]

Canadian Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, and Amazon Prime is the most magical thing in the world, because it let me order a second turkey outfit for my niece the night before Thanksgiving dinner. This is the third year in a row I’ve forced helped Lily dress up as a turkey, and my heart melted into 3,002 pieces when this year she ran around the backyard as a wild turkey. You can see a photo on my Instagram: LizClaire_. I am loving every second of this aunt role and certainly if this visa thing falls through, the silver lining will be more time with them.

I am single af. Still. But I’m in one of those whatever will be will be phases, and if I end up alone with seven cats (when I’m a dog person) so be it.  It sort of kills me though that if I ace my career and go on to be very successful people will always eye me sadly about the no-family thing. Part of me wonders if that’s God’s plan. I believe I’m still single for two reason; lol, no time to date and I’m moving. (Maybe. We’ll see.) So dating and men has been a second thought all summer long.  And… and because of my weight. My weight which has sort of been getting to me down lately (mentally, not physically. duh). Actually, I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I am eating whatever I want (oh hello wine and creamy soups and nacho chips) and not working out and feeling sort of blah in my own skin.  I probably weigh around one ninety.  I told myself when I move to Detroit I’d eat healthy and do CrossFit (I had even emailed the Royal Oak CrossFit about my impeding arrival!) so i’ve been in that “I’ll start soon…” phase for a while.  I know it’s stupid, but whatever, i work well with new starts and deadlines and, well, anywho, yup. I feel blah in my own skin so the thought of a date is LOL, no. Also, my office is ridiculous with snacks, so it’s a constant battle between me and the chocolate almonds. 

Oh wow. This is long. It’s 11pm and I should sleep, but I wanted to say hi, so hi! And I’m alive and well and in limbo. And because I love photos, I hope to do an “An update in photos post” soon.”  Night! xo

To you who has been asked ‘Aren’t you too young to decide that?’.
To you who has been told ‘but you’ve never even had sex’.
To you who has had someone try to give you excuses.
To you who has been made to believe you don’t exist.

We exist.

We are valid.

We are here.

Here we are.

thepromiseofanend  asked:

Question of the day: What's your all time favorite Mars lyric?

Oh damnit! Now you catched me with my pants down! There are sooooo many! I could never decide which one would be in such a favor that I would love to have that printed on my skin. But I really love:

It speaks to me because I think the only thing we know for sure is who we are, who we want to be and who we want to represent, so we should make sure to live our life according to that. Everything else is not really in our power and we can only hope that if we are we, everything will be okay.

Thank you so much for the question! I missed our little game and you just ask the best question! So tag-time: @thepromiseofanend, @avaj99, @sookieblack12, @boughtmyfate, @fortify-undeny, @clockgirl94, @mars-avenue, @prettymisc, @lg1130, @nothingbutsarcasm and just everyone else who want to jump in!

How Close?

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Dean x Friend!Reader, John x Reader
Word count: 653
Warnings: Couple swears
Request: @harlejokerx Soo, I saw that you needed ideas for John fics :3. I had a request for a long time :). What if you have know Dean for a long time but never have met John? Like, you and Dean would go hunting and out of nowhere John is there too. The two get closer and stuff? I don’t really know lol, maybe this helps. xD

Hunting wasn’t something that you’d been brought up in. It was something that you were brought into. Your boyfriend had been killed by a ghost, and you’d barely been saved. You were only 17 when it happened. It happened to be the Winchester boys that saved your ass. You’d heard that their father hunted, but had never actually met the man. It was hard to move about the hunting world and not hear his name.

Dean had met up with him a few times, usually when you were staying with Bobby healing. It didn’t really bother you that you had never met the eldest Winchester. Sure, you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t curious, but it had dulled over the years.

You were coming up on the 7th year of hunting with him when you’d come across a wendigo case. Pretty usual stuff at this point, but what surprised you is when Dean yelled ‘Dad’. Your back had been towards Dean, so you turned to see a man with dark hair walking towards the two of you.

“Well, I’ll be damned. I didn’t think she even existed.” He chuckled, smiling at you. “You must be Y/N.” John held out his hand.

Taking it, you smiled. “That would be me. You must be the famous John Winchester.” You chuckled.

He laughed. “Yeah, guess that’d be me. Here about the Wendigo?” The two of you nodded. “Alright, let’s group up. Safer, smarter, quicker.”

“Sure.” You shrugged, glancing to Dean, who nodded. “Alright, looks like we got a Wendigo to take out.”

“I think I’m gonna like you.” John chuckled as the three of you started walking together.

You were laying on the ground, breathing heavy, eyes closed. The Wendigo was dealt with, and you were tired, and sore. You jumped when water was splashed on you, “Shit!” You looked over.

“Wanted make sure you hadn’t fallen asleep on us, sweetheart.” John smirked.

“That was fucking cold! I was catching my breath, you ass.” You laughed, getting up.

Dean raised an eyebrow. “Oh, please don’t flirt with my dad…” He groaned.

You smirked. “Awe, what? You don’t want me as a step-mommy?” You cracked up when he paled. “Dude! I’m joking. You’re so easy.”

“Come on, lovebirds. Let’s get you two back to the motel.”

“Oh good God no!” You scrunched your nose. “Me and Dean? Like Hell.” Dean was closer to your brother than anything. The thought of being like that with him was just…no. “But, I do want to get back to the motel. I need a damn shower.”

You and John heard a knock at the door, so he put his cards down and went to answer it. “Hey, Dean.” He let him in and moved back to sit down.

“What the hell? I wake up and you’re gone.” He asked. “Ar-are you wearing my dad’s shirt?”

Glancing down, you shrugged. “I got hot sauce on mine, so it’s soaking in the sink.” You didn’t see the big deal. “What’s up?”

Dean put his hands on his hips. “I rarely hunted with my father in the 7 years that you’ve been hunting with me, and he’s been with us a damn month now.”

“Point?” You shrugged.

“You’re getting too close to my dad. It’s weird.” He made a face. “Come on, man. You’re like…old drinking buddies or something. I find you guys watching football while drinking beer. Or playing…is that poker? On a Saturday morning. I just don’t want to walk in one day and find…find you two…ya know.”

John shook his head. “You deal with him, sweetheart. I’m gonna go get us some coffee.”

You nodded. “And gummy bears! We’re running out of Skittles for bets. You said I could choose the next candy.”

He chuckled. “Sure thing. I’ll be back.” John said before walking out of the motel room.

“REALLY?!” Dean asked. “Just how close are you?”

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Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 3

So a long translator note is needed for this one because there’s some significant differences between the Japanese and English versions of the Accessory Store.

While the localization has only the Bath Towel as a body accessory, the original Japanese originally had quite a few swimsuits as well. There are no official names for them in English per say, but they are: Sexy Swimsuit, Tropical Swimsuit, Seashell Swimsuit, Dark Clothes, and Love Swimsuit. The last one is similar to the Love Bracelet, where it’s unlocked by gaining 3 big hearts with your spouse (Love Bracelet was 2). The amount of ore or food needed for a lot of the items are also different. Japan needs less, but they have more stuff so I guess it evens out. 

And as a side note, I never actually noticed it before, but do you remember the dancer ornament Laslow wears on his belt? It sometimes makes a bell-like jingling noise when he moves. I just thought that was a cool detail they added. 

Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE


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Hey guys. I just woke up and the pain stopped. Last night i just decided to lay down and wait. It still hurt but I managed to fall asleep. Now i woke up and the pain has stopped completely (thank god) because honestly ive never had anything like it before and I was actually getting scared. Im just glad its over and thanks to everyone who were concerned and worried.

i don’t except you to be with her. no i’m not going to let it happen. i know i screwed up, I know I did, but that doesn’t mean I want to give up. There was so much more to us than just a relationship. there was a friendship, trust, a life, happiness, sadness, pain heartbreak, but most of all, there was love. and I’m not willing to let go of everything we fought for for two years. Two years of our lives and we will never get back. Two years of ups and downs, people leaving people coming family leaving you and me, me leaving and not always coming back when i should have, you leaving and you coming back, and yet I still can’t forget every single talk we had. There is so much more to us than what actually met the eye. I can’t go on without my best friend knowing that he’s happy with somebody else. somebody who he can get what he wants from, somebody who’s always around, someone that might be prettier than me, smarter than me, more open than me, but one thing she’s not, is the person you spent so much time fighting for. And that person is me. i’m not like other girls, I take time and I sure as hell take a lot of effort, but I’m damn sure that you were not meant to leave me this quickly. all I’m asking is for one more chance to show you that I really do love you and that I should’ve gave you so much more. you deserve the world. I want to give that to you, I want to be yours.
Wrong Bed

Originally posted by boldlymckirking1701

Prompt: This was originally prompted by the line “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” I never actually used this, but you get the gist

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Warnings: nudity, a little bit of language?

Words: 886

A/N: Kirk gets drunk, reader gets flustered. This one’s my first Kirk writing, so let me know what you think!

After a long day down in engineering performing maintenance, you couldn’t wait to get back to your bunk and collapse for the night. Which is why you squeaked when you unlocked your door (hadn’t you left it unlocked when you went back an hour ago for a manual you had stored in here?) and turned the lights on, finding someone ass up on your bed, sheets tangled around their legs and nothing else on.

“C-Captain?” You stuttered, face heating up almost instantly. The figure on your bed emits a groan and turns over, sheets covering his hips down. He sits up and squints at you, the bright lights making him wrinkle his nose.

“Whozzat?” He slurs, and you take a few deep breaths.

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How did you first get into Mob Psycho 100? My heart squeezes painfully anytime I see something you post because I'm such a fan girl of the show and manga right now. Keep up the good work :'3

Ah anon!!! Aww thank you!! *clutches chest* that’s so nice…

I had been reading the Murata Redraw of One Punch Man before I got into Mob; well more like I didn’t realize who ONE even was! Like I heard he had did OPM originally and it was a webcomic, but I never actually looked into it further…

Until one day quite some time ago, like a year or two maybe?, I stumbled into a thread on some message board and people were posting the best/their favorite volume covers. I was scrolling through the thread, nothing really caught my attention until I saw this:

And I just fell in love right away, it was just… It just really caught my eye and I fell instantly in love. It was just so different and unique from everything I’d seen before, and I loved how that character (who I didn’t know was Mob at the time) was drawn.

I just HAD to know what this was about, and oh man, I’m so glad I did. Cause here I am now, and I actually like Mob more than OPM (though both are still great, Mob resonates with me more)

This volume cover really holds such a special place in my heart and it’ll always be my favorite since it’s what got me into the series in the first place. Honestly I’d love to get it as a poster one day.

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hey there, could you rec me some of your favorite jaytim fanfictions/oneshots?

yeeeeeeeeeees i can! so some of my favorite jaytims are

Hell Connection - this is my all time fav jaytim, it is unfinished but it is so so worth it. all of the characters are characterized really well, jason and tim in particular. i’m also just a slut in general for fics with supernatural elements to them and this fic literally had me googling occult terms i’d never heard of before

The Trouble with Ghosts - so uh speaking of fics with supernatural elements to them this fic definitely has some of that because it’s A GHOST AU (my favorite fanfic trope, even though jason and tim aren’t the ghosts here) this was actually the first jaytim fic i ever read and it’s still one of my favorites today. it’s by the same author as Hell Connection too 

The Untitled Jaytim Project - some really good hurt/comfort that explores jason and tim’s dynamic really well in my opinion. i loved the way this author wrote jason

The One With the Selfies - good nsfw jaytim oneshot with a great sense of humor carried throughout the piece. bonus points for A+ characterization of stephanie brown because i love to headcanon stephanie and tim as best friends where it’s stephanie’s mission to hook tim and jason up

Retrograde - another WIP but this one is updating regularly, the most recent chapter came out today actually. this fic was recommended to me by my friend kayla and it did not disappoint. be forewarned that there is a lot of angst though, i had to stop reading it at some points but it’s a really well written fic

there are also my ghost au jaytim here if you’re interested!

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Okay I saw an ask with mc and pixie haircuts reactions from RFA, but what about reactions from Saeran and Vanderwood about this adorable haircut? :)

I’m going to do this one because I played through Seven’s route so I know about Vanderwood’s personality! :3

~Admin MP


He never thought that he had cared about hairstyles before
But then MC came outta nowhere with this cute ass pixie cut
And he actually sort of felt his chest constrict??
At first he thought it was anxiety or perhaps a mild heart attack
MC came up to Saeran, their hands running through their now short hair
“Saeran, do you like it? Now we both have similar hairstyles!”
In order to show it off to the world, MC makes Saeran take selfies with him
Posts them online with the caption ‘hair twins <3′
The little heart makes his own heart palpitate again
he is most likely Dying
But then they’re like “Touch my hair it’s so soft!”
And put his hands on it
It was really soft like a baby bunny
Saeran just sort of massaged MC’s scalp and ran his hands through their hair till they fell asleep


Vanderwood literally didn’t care about looks
They had worked so much for their company that by this point
They were kind of immune to the looks of pretty people
But there was something about MC 
They were just…super…cute?
Vanderwood hadn’t talked to them often, but when they saw that MC had cut off their long hair in lieu of a pixie cut 
They actually sort of stammered
Vanderwood….who wasn’t afraid to shoot Saeyoung….was stuttering
And their face was a wee lil bit red??
Saeyoung’s face was a mixture of :o and >:3c
After that, MC asked Vanderwood on a date and surprisingly, Vanderwood said yes

Based upon Liam and Laura’s descriptions of the type of wine the twins grab in Scanlan’s cellar, I know exactly what type of coffee drinkers they are.

Vax is the one who gets big fucking cans of like, Yuban or Folgers. Usually from the Grocery Outlet, but if they’re feeling flush he’ll get it from the actual grocery store. And it’s a good thing it’s cheap and plentiful, because he consumes pots of it. Vex doesn’t understand how, but he’s not dead yet.

Vex is the one who buys a stovetop popcorn popper to use as a coffee roaster and green beans online so she can have the best quality coffee possible within their limited budget. She does pour-over, because it’s unfussy and easy to deal with in the morning, unlike a fucking French press.

trisscar368  asked:

Hmm happy stuff... does Lucifer count as happy? (wiiiiiingss) I've honestly been trying to remember/compare his wingspan to the other angels that we've gotten to see, because his wings looked huge. They're larger than I remember Cas' being. Or Gabe. And Gabe is the one that makes me the most curious, because I would have thought two archangels would be similar (if wings have anything to do with power, a la personal headcanon). And he had all his feathers, which makes me want to protect Cas more.

Talking about angel wings definitely makes me happy!

Lets take a look!

This is Lucifer’s wingspan from 12x02 (gif courtesy of @charlie-bradcherry‘s post here)

This is Gabriel’s wing span or at least all we have seen of it from this sad sad scene which I like to pretend never happened.

And these are our gorgeous Cas’ before they were burned :( (gifs courtesy of @abbxaeaa‘s post here)

And actually, looking at Gabriel’s wingspan in relation to his body and comparing that with Lucifer and Castiel, I’d say he was closer to Lucifer’s in size. Lucifer’s wings are curled forward before they stretch out to their full size, and interestingly his secondaries are much much shorter than his primaries which seem very long in comparison to both Gabriel and Cas, but then again Gabriel’s wings are still longer than Cas’.. 

So perhaps you are right that wingspan has something to do with the difference between Archangel and Seraphim? I think the majority of other angels whose wings have been shown have been similar in size to Castiels. (Other than Raphael who had wings of electricity! Though I think he was just showing off at the time). At least the show is making an effort of having all the wings look unique. Cas’ appear more even in feather length but not as long, Gabriel’s are long and his feathers gradually lengthen towards his primaries (like the classic angel wings I believe) whereas Lucifer’s go from very short to really really fucking long…

Also as I have been writing this I am suddenly aware of a certain subtext to this post and its making me feel kinda awkward and dirty. Lmao.

Wow. Okay. Let me start this off by saying that I never actually expected so many lovely people to follow me. Hell, when I first made this blog, all I wanted to do was spread my love for Classic Tomb Raider — that, and because writing has always been a passion of mine. Aside from that, well… I had just started studying to become a real life archaeologist, and thought writing Lara (outside of fanfictions) might help with the workload I was facing — which, funnily enough, it did. Which is just one of the things I have to thank you guys for, but… it’s a major point.

However… while I love and appreciate all of you the same, there are a few people in particular I would like to mention at this point:

@entirelyqualified​ / @voleurcoeur​ /…: ALEEEEX. Have I ever told you what an absolute gift you are? Not only do you put up with my paranoid tendencies & constant fangirling, you’re also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Talking to you always brightens my day, and your unconditional love for your character is absolutely remarkable.

@pcrtinax​ / @exsolutio​ : YOOOOO. lowkey falls to my knees before you? I mean daMN SON, your characterization, writing, everything is so gods-damned perfect, I’m surprised you don’t have a personal assistant to hold a halo over your head 24/7. Besides that, you’re? such a darling?? No matter what we talk about, you never fail to make laugh. And that means so much more to me than you can imagine.

@fallcnsoldier​ : ahhhh, 6 years and counting! I still remember our very first thread, back when we were still using 500px gifs and awkward, grey-ish themes. You are such an amazing friend, such a wonderful person & such a talented writer, and even though we don’t talk that much anymore, I still consider you one of my favorite people & best friends !

Now, onto the actual bias-list! The following people are all equally amazing and talented, and I recommend you go ahead and give them a follow! <3

@goldencoin​ / @oftarth​ / @aureafortunae​ / @scrgeant​ / @theordiinary​ / @lookuponyourwork​ / @vhenadhal​ / @kolhearted​ / @eggspionage​ / @toshootfirst​ / @eveofsin​ / @thedirectorofshield​ / @bountyfctt​ / @sanctiissima​ / @solemavium​ / @kaledvoul​ / @laceriis​ / @undyingwit​ / @darlingfalls​ / @ignte​ / @beaniesandmachetes​ / @naturetorn​ / @mistressmxleficent​ / @aegisframed​ / @regnuum​ / @welshbred​ / @codenamemockingbird​ / @theciaanalyst​ / @kryptonien​ / @royalsadist​ / @oxfordlace​ / @thiefsluck​ / @spunstories​ / @nathdar​ / @0000000000011​ / @theinfamouscaptain​ / @oiorpates​ / @spookykissed​ / @honorwinning​ / @ringwinning​ / @moraliterambigua​ / @positivelyamazonian​ / @hydraballista​ / @en-lumine​ / @castlekriegler​ / @finelendal​ / @weigella​ / @temperancebrcnnan​ / @seelcybooth​ / @immiineo​ / @pclehorse​ / @xaedificare​ / @ofbutterflies​ / @unbxrial​ / @osaelligr​ / @donapirata​ / @inxhuman​ / @bcdelia​ / @materxnatura​ / @scythiun​ / @weaponsdonotweep​ / @toxichourglass​ / @esotericsoldier​ 

Terrific Tuesday

Anonymous’s Submission:

ok so!! positive thingie!! recently i started to notice a lot of my symptoms were gettin better and at first i freaked bc oh-god-was-i-faking-it until i remembered i’d literally been doing karate for the past year to HELP with adhd so. clearly it’s not entirely better lmao but!! i guess what im saying is exercise actually helps!!! it just takes a lil while cx

veroni-pepperoni’s Submission:

I had a tiny spurt of impulse control and didn’t! eat all my ice cream!

witch-with-a-dick’s Submission:

I actually managed to clean half my room without nneeding help!

shachi-sama’s Submission:

this week, I was able to do almost all my homeworks (which is a thing I never did during all my high school) and give them back on time! Starting college was really tough especially since i had nothing to help me get throught it except my meds, but i’m slowly getting my life on the right track! ;v;

Anonymous’s Submission:

I finally got to see a psychologist about my depression, which was good. Also, I helped a dog get out of our backyard, which was the leading accomplishment of my life so far, because it was a good dog.

Anonymous’s Submission:

I woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave for work today instead of 2 minutes before! And I remembered 3 out of 5 of the things to do in that time!

Anonymous’s Submission:

I finally managed to get a job, and at my schools library!! While I’m not sure how well I’ll do, I’ve been trying to get a job since the semester started and now I have one that I know I’ll enjoy! (hopefully the fact that I know I’ll like it will allow me to hyperfocus and do well lol)

Anonymous’s Submission:

I figured out with my therapist that I have Impostor Syndrome, and am taking steps to internalize the knowledge that my successes are, in fact, successes, and not the result of luck or having it handed to me. I can recognize now that being smart and being hard working are not mutually exclusive, and working to the absolute best of my ability all the time is both exhausting and unnecessary. I know that’s not really a concrete action, but it’s something that I’m proud to have accomplished.

Anonymous’s Submission:

I paid my phone bill today! and only went to bed 1 hour late!

Anonymous’s Submission:

my brother, who has severe adhd, passed his science test with a B! We’re all really proud of him! his grade jumped up a lot because of the test, and now he has an overall grade of 90! Science was his worst subject before, but I’m sooo glad to see him do so well now with some guidance!

phanstuck’s Submission:

I cleaned my whole house and remembered my essay, so I turned it in early and scored a B :)

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, may you do a university au headcanons of the RFA+V? I just love your writing and responses!! Thank you and have a good day lovely^^

Thank you so much anon. I actually love doing the school/college AUs with the RFA. I’m basing this off of college where I go because it’s my only experience I can draw from. I had some pretty good ideas earlier actually at school, but it seemed to have slipped my mind after my nap :/


  • he’s just a natural college student
  • knows all the places to rent used textbooks
  • he’s very conservative with his money and only spends it if he has to
  • is actually really sociable in class?
  • NEVER has his phone out in class
    • because one time his professor caught him texting Zen and held it until the end of the day
  • takes some bullshit classes just for the experience
  • he doesn’t like to talk about Intro to Welding
  • goes to class early to study before the test
  • OVERSTUDIES and panics when he takes the test so he doesn’t do too hot
  • club whore
  • joins whatever club he thinks is cool
    • and whatever gives him free stuff
  • Jaehee invited him to the Honor’s Society but he never shows up
  • spends some of his off time volunteering at an animal shelter 
  • eats lunch in the cafeteria with Seven, Zen, and you
  • lugs around his Medical Terminology and Physiology textbooks 
  • has a ton of physio lab stories to tell
  • can be found taking naps or he’s playing on his DS in the library


  • one of the smartest and most dedicated students
  • her name is always on the dean’s list
  • is VP on the student senate 
  • balances her schedule out perfectly so she at least has time to sleep, practice, and study
  • can be found in the communications lab, on the quad or in the gym
  • asks Yoosung where to rent used textbooks
  • carries her judo gear with her almost everywhere she goes
  • also lugs a GALLON of water with her
  • runs the honor’s society club and is very particular with its members
  • minors in communication
  • is a boss at debate
  • tutors in different subjects and is more accessible than Jumin
  • always knows the answers in class
  • omg she has a cute pencil pouch filled with different pens, midliners, pencils, erasers, and adorable sticky notes. 
  • if you ask, she will let you borrow one of her spare pencils
    • looking at you V
  • sees all of the drama performances Zen is in with you
  • brings power bars or buys the food at the cafeteria
  • because she doesn’t have the time to prepare her own food


  • is THE drama dork
  • openly advertises the plays in season
  • he hangs with all the drama kids at the theater
  • if he’s not there, he’s in class or being tutored by MC and Jaehee
    • because he REFUSED to be tutored by Jumin
  • eats with Seven, Yoosung, and you but he mainly talks about himself or has them rehearse lines with them
  • most of the time he stays quiet during the lecture
  • but he starts to fall asleep or gets incredibly bored
  • so he will have his phone in class and be on snapchat
  • sends about thirty selfies to the group chat before class ends
  • if he thinks he’s going to get caught, he whips out his small mirror to look at himself oh god zen
  • that guy who rides his motorcycle to school >.>
  • waits once every few weeks for the guy who sells fish shaped bread on campus
  • he’s in an improv group that performs every Friday
  • doesn’t really buy textbooks since he knows he’s not going to use it
  • HATES online homework and quizzes
    • will not let him progress until he gets it right so he calls you to vent and ask for help


  • the business major guy
  • this donut buys all of his textbooks NEW from the bookstore
  • why??????
  • is the know-it-all some people hate
  • wears suits every day
  • he can’t count how many times he was mistaken for a professor
  • brings food from home that is calculated to give him the exact energy he needs
  • like Jaehee he’s also on the dean’s list and in the Honor’s Society
  • is the president of the student senate
    • poor Jaehee
  • he’s the best tutor but he’s very particular with who his pupils are
    • you were lucky enough to get a slot
    • Jaehee gets all the rejects ;-;
  • hangs out with V and Jaehee in the study lab, or stays in his chem lab
  • coordinates schedules with V so they have some of the same classes
  • calls home to check up on Elizabeth 3rd
  • she’s okay??? okay good


  • drives his sports car to school
  • mainly takes afternoon classes since waking up in the morning could be a bitch
  • always has food in class and munches on his chips as quietly as he can
  • that guy with the witty one-liners in class
  • occasionally falls asleep when the content gets pretty dry and not as engaging
  • textbooks??? PFFFTTT
  • he just downloads bootleg versions online
    • sends the files to whoever asks him for it 
  • mastered the pen spin
  • can be found in the computer lab, in the library with his laptop, or in his Computer Science class
  • hangs out with Yoosung, Zen, and you at the cafeteria
    • talks about the D&D session at his place on Saturday
    • they tease Zen’s lack of interest 
    • gets incredibly offended and considers joining out of spite
  • makes programming jokes only he knows
  • he’s in the Programming club and the Astronomy club
  • spends some late nights on campus doing some stargazing with some club members


  • where Zen is a drama dork, V is a total art nerd
  • he ALWAYS has his camera with him
  • of course, he’s majoring in photography
  • he can afford to buy the textbooks new, but he prefers to rent used books
    • likes the feeling that someone else used the book to study from
    • plus they sometimes leave important notes
  • isn’t on the dean’s list but is on the honor roll
  • writes in pen all the time and always has to ask for a pencil from someone if he needs one
  • asks the most profound questions in class
  • is filled with much sagely wisdom
  • takes classes that he’s interested in like Astronomy with Seven or Environmental Science with you
  • can be found all around campus taking photos to add to his portfolio
  • knows all the secret spots on campus
  • he occasionally hangs out in the garden for some needed alone time with nature