“the first time sherlock made john tea”

for this month’s @sherlockchallenge

1 more workout and the 4 week stint is done! It was hard but definitely worth it. I have biceps now (bingo wings went bye bye) and i’m starting to feel some genuine abs coming in (but you cant see those bc chubby tummy)
Best of all - i have my hips back!! I have a shape and it is no longer a circle. My confidence is up too - hence why i’m actually semi-comfortable posting a picture of my belly flab on the Internet.
Still have a lot of work to do though. Bring on that 6 week ‘Get Lean’ programme and a controlled diet.


I can’t wait for my goddam headband to arrive…And I need rinnegans…And ginger hair…And what if I tried without anything ? 😂