Some Luna headcanons bc I’m totally in love with her:

- The world’s biggest codependent, but she’s working on it

- Has met Aranea once very briefly

- She’s got a very big crush on her. She regularly asks Ravus how “Miss Highwind” is doing

- She was also really into Nyx

- It actually doesn’t take much to win Luna over. If you’re nice to her, her dogs, and her Noctis, then she’s probably going to fall in love

- Dangerously brave

- Like seriously Luna, what human being jumps from a car speeding down the road to save an injured dog? Just ask, they’ll pull over

- Wholesome

- Dirty jokes fly right over her head, as does most direct flirting

- She genuinely enjoys doing the dishes. She finds it soothing

- 99% of her time is spent daydreaming (so does Ravus). She’s lucky to have a serious looking face, because she doesn’t know what’s happening ever

- Cries when she’s yelled at