Reasons I am the Dermogorgen

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot

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- Viktor has personalized gold bladed skates so he thinks it’s a good idea to get Yuuri a matching pair for his birthday too. 

- I like to think that Viktor actually flew back to Russia after the Rostelecom Cup because he wanted to show Yuuri where he grew up in St. Petersburg (it’s only fair since Viktor knows Yuuri’s hometown so well.)

- When he arrives back in Moscow, the two take a flight to St. Petersburg. The first thing Viktor does is take Yuuri to meet him mother. Sadly, Viktor’s father passed away a few years ago. 

- Viktor looks just like his mother and she’s delighted to finally see the man who stole her son’s heart and welcomes Yuuri with open arms. Yuuri is beyond nervous because he fears Viktor’s mom won’t like him but he’s dead wrong. She only wishes her husband were alive to see the happy couple too. 

- The next day, Viktor secretly picks up the skates before taking Yuuri out. He takes Yuuri to a remote place surrounded by trees and right in the middle is a frozen pond. 

- The place is ethereal and with the light from the pale winter sun, it looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

- Viktor tells him he came here with his father during winter when he was 5 years old because his father loved hiking in such places. When little Viktor first stepped onto that frozen pond and glided across the ice, he knew he wanted to be a figure skater (even though he fell right after). 

- Viktor then has Yuuri close his eyes and sits him down carefully on a fallen tree trunk. He takes out the skates from his bag and puts them on Yuuri’s feet. 

- Yuuri is surprised and a bit worried since those skates look really expensive but Viktor hushes him with a kiss. When Yuuri looks closely at the skates though, there’s his name etched into the leather on the sides.

- Except, it’s not exactly his name. It reads Yuuri Nikiforov

- Viktor, still on his knees, pulls out a velvet box with a wedding ring inside. It’s actually his mother’s, who insisted Viktor have it when he told her his plan to propose to Yuuri.  

- Yuuri is a speechless and can’t stop the tears from escaping his eyes. Of course he says yes and tackles Viktor into a hug and both just lay in the soft snow. 

- They skate together on the pond to Serenade for Two well into the evening. 

I wanted to add the full version of Kii deeply thinking. For a parasite, he turned out super cute in this–

In Public

Hello! I’m Rose, or inisiblemalum, and I’m hopefully going to be a 5SOS writing blog. This is my first publication of my own work on here, and part of me knows I’m gonna look back and cringe because it’s a cheese-fest, but I figure everyone starts somewhere, right? Hopefully you enjoy this cheesy first fanfic; I’m open to requests as well :)

Summary: Calum misses you while you’re busy with class.

Words: 1k

“—and thus, the hydrogen peroxide mixed with the—”

You let out a sigh as your chemistry teacher droned on and on about balanced equations and solvents. Then, suddenly you heard your phone vibrate from the front of your school bag and you reached down in an attempt to find the device. Once your phone was in your hand, you glanced up at your teacher to make sure they weren’t looking before checking your notifications. You let out a breathy laugh to see that you had three texts illuminating the screen. 

From: Calum



From: Calum



From: Calum


Answer meee

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s antics before swiftly unlocking your phone and typing up a quick response.

To: Calum



Hitting the ‘send’ button and locking the screen, you placed your phone on your thigh and diverted your attention back to the teacher’s lecture. Not that you were paying much attention. Once again, you felt your phone buzz and noticed an annoyed look from the girl sitting next to you. You discreetly lifted a certain finger in her direction before reading the most recent text from Calum.

From: Calum


I miss u

You tried to contain your smile as you hastily responded.

To: Calum



You had barely even sent your reply before another text bubble appeared on the screen.

From: Calum


Come meet me by the bathrooms

From: Calum


Please?? It’s important

You rolled your eyes once more, sending your boyfriend one more reply before you raised your hand, asking your teacher if you could be excused.


You had barely turned the corner when you felt a hand grasp your wrist and the next thing you knew, you were pressed against the wall between the two bathrooms with a pair of familiar lips attached to your own. When Calum finally broke away, out of breath and grinning proudly, you managed to scowl at him and lightly punch his arm.

“Calum!” you scolded. “We’re in public!”

His cocky smirk only seemed to grow at your statement. “Public? Y/N, it’s school, during second period. People do way worse things around here than kissing.”

“Still,” you said. You noticed that you were still backed against the wall with mere inches between the two of you. You cleared your throat before speaking again. “What was so important that you needed me to miss part of class?”

Once again, Calum smiled knowingly and you inwardly groaned. “There wasn’t anything, was there?” In response, he leaned forward and pecked your lips. Then he did it again, and again, and yet again until you finally gave in, letting your fingers tangle in his dark hair and kissing him back. “I can’t believe—” you began when he pulled away for air before diving back in, “that you just—texted me like that—and—there wasn’t even—anything important,” you were breathlessly trying to scold him but he kept on interrupting by bombarding you with kisses, and you were gradually finding it harder and harder to focus.

“Please,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to your cheek, then your hairline. “Don’t act like you really care.”

You couldn’t help but smile at that, moving your hands from where they were initially resting and wrapping your arms around his torso, your head finding its place against his chest where you could feel his heart beating loud and fast. Calum enveloped you in his own arms, rocking back and forth on his feet and pressing his lips once more to the top of your head. “Also,” he mumbled into your hair, “I think seeing you is pretty important. And also kissing you. Can’t get enough.”

“Alright, you big cheese,” you chuckled before pulling away from him. “It’s been like five minutes already. I gotta get back.”

“I’m way more interesting than chem.”

“True,” you mused, “but not many things can top mixtures and solutions.”

“Mmm, sexy chemical reactions.”

“Shut up, dork. I’ll see you for lunch.”

You were about to walk away when Calum reached out and spun you back towards him once more, planting one last, sensual kiss on your lips before releasing your arm and grinning again. You playfully rolled your eyes and blew him an overly-exaggerated kiss, complete with batting your eyelashes, before finally turning and walking back toward your class.

You were oblivious to the radiant smile gracing your boyfriend’s features as he watched your retreating figure before he turned on his heel and headed in the direction of his own classroom.

Oh, It’s the mistletoe meme!

Since this was fun last year, so I made another one! Draw your oc doing their thing under the mistletoe >o<

Such a shy bean


Please tell me just one little theory.

This is my Jasico / PJO song I wrote for my demo album, it is also part of an upcoming full length album inspired by the fanfic Homebound by @leporidaes!

If you are able to, buy the album (you can set your own price, even free, though I’d appreciate it if you could spare a few dollars!)

This demo also includes songs about Haikyuu!!, Voltron, and The Raven Cycle. Each one is a ship! Check it out!

Event :

Byakuya pushed the door leading to the control room open and stopped for a second upon seeing that everyone was already gathered there.

*enters the room and close the door behind him* What is happening here?

What the hell, you don’t know either?


It seems like we were all called here for unknown reasons…

I don’t like this at all…!

If this is a joke, it’s not funny !


Wait? No one know why we are here? Seriously?

It looks like it’s the case. Makoto, do you know anything? *turns toward Makoto*

Upupupu. It looks like something despairingly interesting is happening here!

(M!A : Talent swap, Makoto becomes the SHSL Despair for the next 24h

Congratulations @foolbio, you’re the winner -and the only who guessed correctly haha- so you can now send me the name of who you want to see wake up next !

-mod lili)

commission for Meret! this is actually based on a sketch that she made, which in turn was inspired by one of my old drawings ~ this is also the third tattoo design I’ve made for her, which is just ridiculous and most of all super cool

i haven’t posted any art in quite a while, so here, have part of a wip commission


“The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace.”

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i just woke up & was, like, i wanna do things on the computer !!

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but i’m still on :P

i am also aware it’s like past midnight where most of you are –i apologise

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(Dis for my Madara scenario if it doesn't get chosen lmao) So like the night Madara leaves Konoha, how do you think he'll react to his s/o trying to stop him? Like catching him at the village gates kinda thing in part 1. What would he do?

Madara Uchiha

•Madara will likely brush them off in attempt to get them out of the way. Leaving the village was difficult enough, and his s/o trying to stop him would make it all the worse

•His s/o might have anticipated something like this happening, since he was undoubtedly paranoid and infuriated with the tension that was slowly building between him and Hashirama anyway. So I imagine his s/o would have to know Madara would blow up at some point. Assuming so, they probably spent a significant amount of time trying to reassure him even before he left the village, and they probably know that words will do little to persuade him 

•Madara will likely have to resort to scorning them in some way. His goal will probably be to piss them off enough to where they leave him alone. If he has to convince them to hate him then so be it. It’s just going to be easier, even if it hurts him so say such harsh things

•It could be something like “There is nothing in this village that is worth my time anymore. Not even you.” 

•He has no problem getting physical either. If they actually try to get in his way he’ll push and shove them aside, he doesn’t care

•As a last resort he also has no problem putting them under a genjutsu

•Really, his goal is to not be sentimental. The last thing he needs is something to shake his conviction to leave and keep him tied to Konoha. Though by this point, I don’t imagine that even his s/o would prove to be a big enough reason for him to stay in the village