I…. can’t believe this… I literally can’t believe this…..

We have  been planning the comic con visit for ages…. we have been planning our cosplays since last Halloween…. It is going to be jackassinacan ‘s first comic con ever…. we wanted to do this badly…

The call was Fitzsimmons, Clintasha and Levi/Erwin… we have been saying this for half a year…. and have been working on it…. it was and still is a pain… and then god blessed us and said:

“you know what… you have been working really hard on this… how about you will meet Elizabeth Henstridge?”

I literally started crying… I never thought that with being in Europe and all I would ever have the slightest chance to meet any of the AoS cast….. but then they said… yes you will…

Now they announced… Iain de Caestecker  too…. and I nearly had a heart attack…. Nora and me have been screaming at each other for the past 20 minutes via whatsapp… sending millions of smileys and just generally freaking out…

So thank you…. thank you so much to the people who organised this….

We are so happy…. So incredibly happy…. Okay… I need to stop now…. OMG

i’ve gotten so many new amazing mutuals recently thanks to all the follow trains going around PLUS i finally hit my goal of 3k a few days ago, so i decided to celebrate with a follow forever!! (it’s also my “official” 4 month anniversary of joining the 1d/larry fandom today so it’s even more fitting) 

i just wanted to thank everyone for being so welcoming and making me feel so at home in this fandom after such a short amount of time, y’all are stars and make this fandom fun even though one direction is the biggest clusterfuck to ever exist and we all know it lol 

p.s. if you’re not on here but i follow you i definitely still love you but this follow forever is specifically for 1d blogs and i also follow more people than i have in years so i couldn’t put everyone </3 

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Allison Ellie are watching a very sad movie. Allison is crying.

          ❝ Ellie          how are you not bawling your eyes
               out? This movie is s          so sad! Jack dies,
               Ellie! Jack dies. You are an in         inhumane, 
               soulless creature. You are heartless.

Tears are actually pouring down her face; 
she is so sappy when it comes to these
movies. She is a huntress, yes, a total
badass, yes, but she can’t help it.

anonymous asked:

r u dating ness bc omg ur interactions r the cutest n u look so cute together UR BOTH SO CUTE GUH


nah I’m sorry man but u have misinterpreted the brotp 

also thank u but I am not cute I am terrifying

Dear Cam,

First and foremost, I want to wish you a happy birthday. I love you so much, and I hope that today is wonderful for you. I know the circumstances of the day kind of sucks… a lot….considering it’s on a full moon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it while we can.  I’ve spent weeks trying to figure out a perfect gift for you. For some reason, nothing really felt…right. That’s why I really hope you enjoy what I did get you.

So yes, here’s a journal. Now open it. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is a plane ticket, but it’s not just any plane ticket. It’s an open-ended ticket, meaning that you pick the destination whenever you’re ready and you just go. I’ve been saving up some money, and I decided this is exactly what I wanted to spend it on. I’ve noticed that you’ve been having a hard time lately. I think it’ll be great for you to get away for a bit, just so you can take time for yourself away from everyone and everything. That includes me. You really deserve it, Cam. I just want you to be okay.

Okay, so back to the journal. Wherever you go (maybe you’ll backpack around Europe like you always talk about) I want you to write about it in as much detail as possible. I want to be able to place myself there with you.  I want to be able to imagine all of the great things you’re bound to experience. The journal’s sole purpose isn’t just for your trip. I know that sometimes there are things you’d prefer not to discuss, so you should write them down. Trust me, it’s a lot better than just keeping it all locked up.

So again, happy birthday, Cameron. You mean the entire world to me. I hope you really enjoy your gift. I love you.



my eternal creys

Happy Birthday m'dear! You’re one of our favourite blogs, so here’s a little gift from us to you <3 - Kits and Beckett

For once, to Rei, ‘beautiful’ didn’t seem like enough.

You were so many things, that just one word couldn’t possibly begin to describe you in full. One word couldn’t cover all the effects you had on him. One word couldn’t sum you up simply, because you weren’t simple. You were… You were…

You were breathtaking.

He first saw you in the library. He’d been taking advantage of one of the few quiet moments he had now that Nagisa was in his life to catch up on his studies. Now, after just an hour, the late autumn sun was beginning to set, casting the entire room in a warm orange glow.

It caught your hair.

You sat in a nearby corner, reading by the dim light of the sunset. An air of peace and solitude surrounded you, and Rei found himself captivated by the way the way the sunlight reflected off your eyes. The way your fingers turned each page carefully, muffling the sound of the paper into a hushed whisper. The way you held yourself over the book, completely immersed in the words as if they had danced right off the page.

He realised he was staring, and that wasn’t very socially acceptable.

You were elusive.

He always wondered how to approach you. He spent days planning, calculating, trying to decipher the best way to strike up a conversation. He thought he’d had it, and ended up making an awful fool of himself instead.

The closer it got to Christmas, the darker it was in the library, and he always noticed you frequented the more lowly-lit corners. After staring for the better part of an hour (what had ever happened to his studies?) he finally stood up and walked over to your table.

“Forgive me for intruding, but you’ll certainly damage your eyes if you read in such dark areas.” He smiled kindly, and then flicked on the table lamp to its highest setting.

He was incredibly taken aback when you flinched visibly, turning away from the sudden brightness with a small yelp. He immediately turned the light back off when you asked him to, apologising even though he wasn’t entirely sure what for.

He seemed nice, so you quietly forgave him, and though there was nothing Rei wanted to do more than run back to his table and hit himself with his textbook, he tried to swallow his fears. With red cheeks and a shaking voice, he asked you if he could sit with you while he studied, promising not to tamper with the lights again.

It wasn’t exactly how he’d wanted to initiate your interactions, but he’d take what he could get.

You were talented.

Christmas came and went, and he was happy to finally count you as a friend. He was apprehensive when he first introduced you to Nagisa, knowing the boy was pretty much a ball of loud vibrancy, but you both managed to reign the boy in with treats that you’d baked, and the encounter only seemed to strengthen your friendship with Rei.

Now you two sat in the music room, as you fiddled with your flute. He’d asked you to play for him after you had mentioned your interest, and though at first you’d shyly refused, you surprised him a few weeks later by offering to yourself.

He tried to find a balance between looking interested and not putting too much pressure on you by looking too interested, but it didn’t seem to work out as you asked him if he had smelled something bad. Rei tried to take Nagisa’s advice of not over-thinking things from that point.

But the moment you put that flute to your lips, he didn’t need to think. Maybe you weren’t on a world class level, but you were definitely no amateur, and to him you sounded… beautiful.

You were infuriating.

He tried everything to let you know how he felt subtly. He looked online, he read romance novels, anything to give him ideas on how to approach this.

Nagisa told him, once again, to stop over-thinking things, but he couldn’t. It was who he was, and if he wanted there to be any chance of you two having a relationship together he couldn’t start changing himself now, could he? What if you didn’t like the new him? Did you even like the old him? You two were closer now, and you even seemed to treat him with affection, but was that indicative of romantic feelings?

Rin punched his shoulder.

“Stop. Thinking.”

How could he? He was so hyper aware of everything when you were around, from the way your fingers moved by your sides when you walked to the tone of your voice whenever he asked you about your book. He butterflies in his stomach whenever you looked at him.

He loved butterflies.

You were everything.

Every moment he spent with you was one he promised himself he wouldn’t forget. Every word you spoke was engraved in his mind.

Every thing about you was beautiful, but beautiful wasn't enough.

Rei wasn’t making any progress on his own. The swim team decided to take things into their own hands.

It was mid July, and therefore there was no logical reason for Nagisa to have mistletoe hidden in odd corners around the pool area (but then again, when had Nagisa ever done anything logical in all of his time knowing him?). But Rei knew something was up when Gou invited you to watch their practise, and he figured it out when he was lightly shoved under the small plant with you.

He didn’t kiss you. He didn’t want to spring anything like that on you when he didn’t know how you felt. Not to mention that there was no need to adhere to the tradition seeing as it was nowhere near Christmas. But Rei knew that even with all of his planning, he was probably not going to get a better moment than this to tell you how he felt.

So he did.

You are breathtaking.

You are elusive.

You are talented.

And you are infuriating.

But to me you’re everything I could ever want. To me you're beautifulAnd so much more. I don’t know if I can ever find all the words to describe you, Demi-san, but I’d be so happy if you’d let me try.

Will you?