NCT Reacting To A Member Walking In On Them

bunnynamja requested: You do reactions too or just scenarios? If you do reactions can you do one for nct 127 (nine members) when they are having sex with you and other member enter in the room?Sorry my poor english…

Anon requested: Hi I love your blog btw! Do you do reactions? If you do, can I have a reaction on the boys walking in on you while you were doing the do with another member..if ya know what I mean ;;

Genre: Smut.. duh

Author: Karma & Yu

Word count: does it matter with these things???

A/n: (I did all the legal members instead of just 127 since we don’t sexualize minors (No Jungwoo or Lucas because we don’t have enough of them))  I am actually crying omg these are great!! Please send more! We don’t just do imagines. Scenarios, reactions, MTL, as long as there is smut we are here haha. But not only that tho, we also want to interact with our followers more so even if requests are closed; please do send us funny things or just interact with us!!!! (I need friends) - admin Karma 

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highlights of 4x09
  • raven “I’m awesome” reyes MY QUEEN 
  • marper is adorable tbh 
  • “You’re a hero, monty” FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT 
  • I love Clarke and Roan’s friendship tbh 
  • Ilian is so good and pure I love him 
  • Becca’s so hot 
  • “Who needs food when you have love” when did Murphy get so soft 
  • Where has Gaia been this whole show like she should be everywhere 
  • WELLS 
  •  Omg Monty stayed behind for Harper!!!!! This makes me so sad but oh my god they love each other 
  • Murphy finally apologizing to Raven!! 
  • That soft lighting and their theme song playing KILLS ME

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it just occurred to me that phil and his friend ian have been best friends since high school, phil went to the wedding, he me ians baby when it was just born, and him and dan see ian and his family all the time. i feel like phil is probably ians daughter's god father

i’m actually crying omg imagine him as a god father! holy fuck

ok explanation/storytime

as requested by @feysandsmut : we gave sjm tamlin fan art. TAMLIN FAN ART. Literally the worst possible thing to do. But basically she went to Singapore (where we live duh HAHA) for a book signing and it was the biggest deal to us (yk bc authors barely come to asia) so we decided to make fan art and we made this A3 sized fan art of ACOTAR, ACOMAF and TOG series book covers (she only released ACOMAF book cover and not actual ACOMAF which explain this grave mistake bc we were FEYLIN trash at this point) and also gave her 2 bookmarks which were FEYLIN themed like whyyYyYy but she was so nice tho i’m sure she was laughing like a plotting maniac on the inside

Sad Prompt #31

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31. “Say hello to the angels for me.” W happy for his wife and child (maybe that being one of the reasons he got so ruthless, bc he lost those he loved ???)

A/N: my heart 💔 there were a few times I actually started crying omg. mentions of death & injuries. Grab your tissues!

The sun was shining and Happy had a day off before we moved to Charming. A brand new start for our little family. Happy suggested we go to the park, y/s/n ran outside to meet his father in the car.
The park was awhile away but we didn’t mind a drive. The radio was playing a popular song and y/s/n was singing in the back seat. You turned around to smile at him before a huge boom happened.

Happy awoke to sounds of people yelling. “Sir, can you hear me?” A guy dressed as a paramedic question Happy tries to get up but is pushed back.
“Mister, you were in a bad accident. You need to lay back” the paramedic instructed, but Happy was fighting. He didn’t hear his wife or son.
“Where’s my son and wife” Happy yells before the pain in his chest intensifies. He looks around and sees his wife and son laying on the ground. Paramedics performing CPR. Tears poured out of his eyes as the paramedics tried to get Happy onto the stretcher. Happys eyes shifted to the paramedic on the side, his son laying on the road lifeless. “No no no” happy thought to himself before he passed out.
Happy awoke to sounds of beeping, a pure white room. There was a nurse and doctor next to him, checking his IV bag. The doctor noticed Happy waking up.
“Hi Mr Lowman, do you know where you are?” A doctor asked Happy, he shook his head no.
“Where’s y/s/n and y/n?” Happy raspy voice says, the doctor looked down. “Let’s focus on you right now, okay?” The doctor suggested. The response only made Happy mad.
“Mr. Lowman, you were in a serious accident-” the doctor started to say before Happy cut her off.
“Tell me where they are” happy says one last time. The doctor stood up.
“Y/n died on impact. And for your son, he’s in surgery. It’s unknown if it will work. I’m very sorry.” The doctor admits. Sadness floods Happy but no tears came.
“I want to see him.” Happy says coldly. The doctor shook her head and brought him to where y/s/n would come from after surgery.
The doctor left Happy alone and went off. Happy didn’t know how to feel. She can’t really be gone, she’s fine, Happy thought to himself. All of the sudden a ton of noises started coming from the operating room, a few nurses were running around quickly. Happy tried wheeling himself over to the window. Happy reached to an edge and forced himself to stand up.
Looking into the window, he saw his little boy all bloody, the heart machine flat lining. Happy started punching the glass. A nurse ran out to pull Happy away. A few moments later, the doctor came our with a disappointing look across her face.
“Mr Lowman…I’m so sorry” the doctor began to say before Happy cut her off. “Let me see him now” Happy responds, the nurse pushed him into the room where y/s/n laid, he took his hand into his.
“Oh buddy, this wasn’t suppose to happen.” Happy sobs out, kissing his boys cold hand. Happy started pulling the blanket across his torso. “You’ve always been such a handsome man y/s/n” happy says, trying rub some dirt off his face.
“Say hello to the angels for me y/s/n” happy chokes out. “Tell mommy I love her.” Happy sobs, resting his head next to his sons. Knowing nothing will ever be better. The old Happy died along with them.

aLittleShy: Hi! :> I just wanted to tell you that your story is amazing and so well written and just super fun to read! Seriously you are so talented!!

As a little thank you for the blessing that is Skyline I decided to draw you something! (It’s based on that one ask to which you replied that you also envisioned yourself as ~reader all the time) I hope you like it!!! >.<

oh. my. god. you think i’m talented???? LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST DREW!!!!! this is so amazing im actually gonna cry omg i sent this to all my friends like “GUYS!!!! LOOK!!!!!” i love you so much thank you <3

I’m still in shock. Chester Bennington was a massive part of my childhood. Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands growing up, and as an angsty teenager, Chester was the one who sang so openly about accepting your anger and letting it go. Every time I’m angry at the injustice of the world, I listen to Linkin Park. He was so influential, so inspiring, to so many kids around the world, including me and my friends. Linkin Park had all of Chester’s soul in it and I hope that he has found peace in the end. There are not enough tears to express the sadness I feel. He will be truly missed by millions.

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Heya! Do you ever plan on finishing the Everlasting Party fic? I remember reading it ages ago and some parts of it actually made me cry.

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OMG okay well you’re in for a treat then anon because I actually have chapters 33, 34, and 35 already written ^^;; I’ll probably post 33 tonight actually; the delay is mostly because my beta is busy :(

So um…. yes, yes I really really hope I finish it. And I’m so flattered that it made you cry! It’s one of my favourite pieces of writing, to be honest. You might have made my day ^^

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have you considered that ashe is likely there settings equivilent of an aasimar(or possibly whatever the neutral equivlent of htme would be as spirits seem to be closer to elementlas and such) its entirely possible ashe might unlease her domain and get her own version of markuses demon form

if ashe gets some kinda badass angelic/nature final form then i may actually cry omg….