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Yeah, why is everyone insulting Andi?? Think back (or now) to your Middle school tween self. I was such a little shit when I was Andi's age and so was everyone else. I like that this show is actually making her more normal and relatable. Idk how you were her age but this is pretty accurate tbh.

Oh I was a total spoiled little brat who wouldn’t take no for an answer and begged my family to buy me this and that and just took life for granted. I was a pretty terrible person and it didn’t help I had 2 older brothers who horribly influenced me. As I got older, I learned to be a better person… I’m still not perfect but I try to be less selfish and educate myself on important things. This is why character development means so much to me and why they end up being my fav characters bc it shows people can change and I see a lot of myself in them. Andi is honestly the most relatable character on this show and people are in denial if they think otherwise.


“I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!”

Dedicated to @kmuiyato​  ♡

Fake Winchester Brother Polaroids

I always wondered if Sam and Dean took photos of each other when they were younger…so I decided to make some fake polaroids! 

I know that the actual ages of Jensen and Jared may not correlate with the age they’re meant to be in the photo but I think they’re pretty accurate! 

Btw, I don’t care if the watermark is annoying. It took me forever to make these and I don’t want anyone taking credit for them! 

*Credits to whoever owns the original photo*

Monsta X reacting to their best friend (crush) asking to sleep in their bed with them

A/N: Guess who took ages to make this! Yes, me :(  Still, this is for a wonderful anon who made the request. I hope you like it and sorry for taking so long.


He would try to look super chill about it, and make some jokes as an ice breaker he would think it’s a good oportunity to have a late night conversation with you, but when you finally fall asleep he would be terrifyed to touch you because he wouldn’t want you to think he’s actually taking advantage of the situation.

Jooheon: be careful, Y/N, I move a lot in my sleep, you might end up on the floor.
You: can you just shut up and let me sleep, Jooheon? I’m tired…
*a couple of minutes later in the dark…*
Jooheon: Hey, Y/N are you still awak- *accidentally touches your boob*

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He would be super nervous and start making a million scenarios in his head, as he wouldn’t be sure if you just wanted to sleep in his bed, or sleep with him. So he would just pull the typical Wonho move, play it cool (and collapsing in an embarrassment breakdown 2 seconds later).

You: Wonho… Would it be awkward if we slept together?
Wonho: No at all… Pfff… Wait a second, though. Do you mean sleep, sleep, or sleep sleep, because if it’s the second one…
You: Wonho, for God sake… I’m literally just gonna close my eyes and pass out. Chill, boy. What did you have in mind?
Wonho: Me??? Nothing… Of couse I knew you meant that… *sweats*

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This little savage would try to act like it’s not big deal while he would actually be so happy inside because he’s gonna have the chance to have you sleeping in his own bed. He would still try to hide his true feelings for you.

You: Can I sleep in your bed tonight? I’m too lazy to go back home.
Hyungwon: Of course not. I’ll give you a blanket, you are sleeping on the floor. 
Hyungwon: Okay, okay… You can sleep here but you have to do it on your side because I’ll only give you 20cm of my bed, so good luck trying to fit in.
Hyungwon: OKAY THEN. God, why are you so greedy?

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(Just to make the feels rise a little more, Ik he would stay awake till you fell asleep so he could stare at you BYE)


Oh this boy is everything but shy. He’d be glad you asked and he’ll be lowkey (and by lowkey I mean HIGHKEY AF) trying to getas close as he can to you, just being his clingy self. He’d take it as an oportunity to have a taste of the kind of relationship he wants we you but he doesn’t have (yet).

You: So… I can stay the night here?
Minhyuk: Yeah, that’s my side right there, you can have the other one.
You: Okay… Now I have a side…
Minhyuk: Of course you do. That’s how it works…
Both: *get in bed*
You: Hummm… Minhyuk… can you please go to your side, you are technically over me…
(you are Jooheon)

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- Are you afraid, human?

It came to me that I’ve never let Tabris make her public appearance here on Tumblr, so - now that I’m more active around here, might as well introduce the lady properly. 


the boyz’s things  ot12 + how much they love each other

Is2g one of my favourite things of all time...

…in HQ is when a new “mysterious” character is actually revealed to be

a) a complete dork

b) a little shit, salty af


see what I mean?

no really SEE WHAT I MEAN??



SHIT MATERIAL THROUGH THE ROOOFFF!! (I love him already can you tell?)

there’s a reason (WHOLE FUCKING TEAMS OF THEMM ACTUALLY) why I love this manga so so much

and oh yeah


I stayed up until 2am last night watching Code Lyoko episodes and slept in until noon what am I doing

Take the best screenshot from my extravaganza out of context, and by that I mean the only screenshot I took because it was the only thing worth screenshotting.

I don’t know why this made me laugh so much.

How the actual hell did Ulrich jump off the second floor of the factory and land exactly like that during this scene. And just like, his freakin arms. It’s not like he was just doing that while he was jumping, he literally landed and kept his arms out like that. It’s perfect.



My BA project - 5 posters inspired by famous stage plays of William Shakespeare. I decided to mix traditional elements, such as dark background and portrait poses with a touch of contemporary aesthetic and my personal painting style. 

This project took me ages and it feels so weird to post 5 posters saying “yup, here goes last few months”, but that’s what happened. Creating a new aesthetic, learning to use it, basically taking my style to a new, more refined level - it all took time and work, more than it looks like. I feel that I learned a lot here, especially about actually finishing my paintings and more important - making them look like they are finished xD

It’s been also a big challenge for my perfectionism. I always feel that my art is unfinished. That I could do something more. That everything is a step or two or ten from being complete. Always. No matter how many hours I spend on one piece, there i always something to fix, to hone, to be done better. Especially when it’s some official project or a commission. 
During these months I realised that said perfectionism is something that holds me down a lot. If I had no time pressure, I’d still be working on the first one of these posters, changing the whole concept for the 100th time. I do it a lot. I draw something, I leave it unfinished, feeling that it’s not good enough, or finish it, but never post it, feeling that it doesn’t meet my own expectations or just make a sketch and leave it bee, not feeling good enough to even start more ambitious pieces. Even now I feel reluctant about posting my other drawings, because I feel that I just set some new standard with these posters, and that everything after them needs to either keep it, or be better, never even slightly worse -if it happens, I treat it like a personal (and even public, since it’s on the internet) failure. Every art account I create, no matter how casual it begins, inevitably turns into another portfolio. And it takes me months to create something “good enough” to post.
It’s something I’m working on, slowly getting more relaxed about my art. I know it’s just in my head - things can always be *better* and there always details to fix - but I can’t spend eternity on each drawing or painting, in hope of making it perfect. It’s much better to draw more, to make another. One bad drawing doesn’t make me a bad artist. The world won’t fall apart if I won’t make every piece I create as good as the best one I did so far. It’s hard to remember it sometimes, but I’m trying))

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dedicated to @miabicicletta & @nyah86. I admire you both so very much. This is my way of thanking you for the Sherlolly delights you always provide us with :D

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But back to the matter at hand.

I’m a wreck. TFP killed me with feels. I AM NOW DEADED.

The video is simplistic. This is THE SCENE (subtly shortened) and interspersed with significant moments to explain how it would always come to this. I am not very clear, am I? Ugh. This is why I edit. It’s easier than writing.

Basically, I tried to illustrate that, yes, obviously, Molly always has been the outrageously overlooked pressure point that would ultimately turn Sherlock into an agonising mess. I kind of knew there would be something of that nature coming our way but, DAMN. I didn’t think the writers would be so in sync with my thoughts on the matter. Why am I even surprised? They wrote the whole thing after all. Come on, Mathilde.

The sound is decent but I would advise headphones and HD to maximise the experience. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Took me ages to finish it, but actually didn’t take any time at all. I knew where I wanted to go but Premiere turned out to be EXTREMELY uncooperative. Every time I would add something on the timeline or make a change, it would take one or two minutes to load so I could have a look. ===> #nightmare. This is the last time I’m using 1080p files. Good quality, yes. But GOD at what cost. If anyone has any advice on the matter, please, feel free to get in touch. I’m presumably not doing it right :D


UPDATE: Thanks to @theleftpill, the problem is officially resolved. Thank you so very very much. You saved my sanity. 


Hurray for Craig Armstrong. One of my favourite film score composers. I’ve used two of his creations. One from Moulin Rouge! and the other from The Great Gatsby. Both beautiful. Moulin Rouge! is my favourite film, as a matter of fact. An actual slap in the face when I was twelve. And I cry at the end. Every time. Not kidding.


Death Scene - Moulin Rouge!
Gatsby’s Death and Portico - The Great Gatsby

Oh, dear. The music from the two death scenes of each movie. I am a cheerful person aren’t I?

Disclaimers: I don’t own the songs or the clips used in this video. This is purely a work of fiction, no profit gained.

Sleepxiety cuddles! This drawing took me ages. This is the longest that I have actually spent on a drawing (about 9 hours) because I usually get bored, but I was determined this time! It’s my first time properly drawing bodies, and of course I chose to draw them interacting and make it difficult on myself lol. I hope you guys like it!! I know there are some wonky bits, but I am still so proud of this! <3


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everyone knew jaemin was rich, but you were the only one to get close enough to smell the smoke and vodka staining his designer jacket

(as promised, the epilogue is here!!!!! sorry it took me an actual age to write this ya girl is stressed to the max n kinda on the verge of 50 breakdowns but we still here so that’s all that matters lol!!!! anyway,,, I just wanted a cute lil end to this au since you all were worried about ren :((( he’s ok n doing great!!!!! also,,,, a renjun au is in the making so watch out for that as well as some spooky halloween scenarios!!!! anyway, for the last time, like, reblog and send asks hehehe ilu all so much and thanks for the never ending support I receive from all of you!!! see you in the next au!!!!)

my mom and i were going through photos from a few years ago and i saw one of me that i’d never seen before so i was like “wtf is this one? i don’t remember this at all?? when was this???” and she was silent for a second before going “… this is not even you. this is your sister” and like… this has got to be the twinyards. like, i really need the foxes to make it a game to convince the twins that photos taken on their nights out are them when it’s actually the other twin. i need this to go on for ages until dan or matt shows a photo to andrew that’s him all cute and cuddly, thinking its a photo katelyn took of aaron, trying to get him to believe that it’s him, and andrew just stares them dead in the eye and says ‘i know what you’re trying to do but this is literally me. i never should have gotten josten that phone. i regret it every day’ before walking away


“It took a long time for the men to actually, you know, accept me, that I was one of them.” 
- champion race car driver Rosemary Smith (now age 79)

This profile of storied 79-year-old champion racecar driver Rosemary Smith may ultimately be an ad for Renault, but I’m glad the ad dollars went to make it.

Rebelcaptain AU : LA LA LAND

a rush
a glance
a touch
a dance
a look in somebody’s eyes
to light up the skies
to open the world and send it reeling
a voice that says, i’ll be here
and you’ll be alright

♥ Happy Valentine’s day ♥

This kind of routine makes the Commander smile, so yes, it’s actually to be done every day of the year and not only on this special day :3