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PSA about ADHD

✦ADHD is not a personality quirk

- some things that tag along with ADHD are:

        ~sensory processing disorder

        ~executive dysfunction

        ~poor fine motor skills

        ~sensory overloads (that lead to meltdowns)

        ~sensory seeking (self stimming)


        ~moderate to severe memory problems

        ~Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria- is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception that one is being rejected, teased, or criticized. The emotional response is complete with suicidal ideation and people suffering from RSD often get misdiagnosed with serious personality disorders. RSD is only seen in people with ADHD and the emotional sensitivity/reaction is much more severe than that of a neurotypical person.

✦Some other “fun” ADHD things! 

          ~inability to regulate emotions

          ~no concept of time

          ~noticeable public stimming (resulting in stares from neurotypicals) 

          ~no impulse control


          ~listen but cannot absorb what is being said 

          ~no volume control 

          ~increased inability to focus when emotional

          ~difficulty stopping a task and transitioning to the next 

          ~social anxiety

          ~higher levels on generalized anxiety

          ~extremely forgetful 

          ~”all or nothing” mentality  

@ neurotypicals- some things to be aware of: 

- you cannot hyperfixate. only people who are neurodivergent can hyperfixate. please don’t use that word when describing your latest obsession :-)

- please don’t stare at neurodivergent people who are stimming in public

- be respectful of those who actually need fidget toys so they can subtly stim in public 

- if we forget something you tell us it is not because we don’t care, we just have a million other thoughts racing through our mind and no way to filter through them. 

- please be gentle with us. no don’t tip toe around us and treat us like we aren’t human, but be aware that even offhand comments can trigger RSD. no we aren’t being too sensitive, our brains are wired differently than yours

Does anyone else with ADHD have to vocalize their thoughts in order to keep them from slipping out of your reach? I feel ridiculous for doing this but especially when I’m inspired or especially distracted speaking my train of thought out loud helps me stay on track and make sense of the swirling typhoon of ideas in my brain.


-Getting frustrated at not being able to do something you want in the way you want it

-feeling so so tired and drained all the time

-getting overstimulated and not knowing what to do with yourself

-having so much noise in your head that you cant turn down or force away

-people complaining how loud or soft you talk and you cant explain that you have a hard time controlling it

-having a really hard time making friends and keeping them

-you can never find something that interests you for more than a week

-executive dysfunction is something that almost never goes away

-having days so bad you cannot get anything done or done well

-feeling so angry for seemingly no reason

-you cant get to sleep easily and staying asleep is even harder

-being the last person to finish a project almost all the time

-when you do find a special interest, youre made fun of for it so you lose interest

-Always forgetting things and coming across and uncaring

-just…the way people see you in general

-you’re really smart! Too bad you cant find a good way to exhibit your talents in a way that actually makes sense to you

-you have to be doing something else to pay attention (ex: drawing, fidgeting, etc etc)

-when theres too many people talking its so overwhelming

Theres more but…. Feel free to add it yourself if you can think of more


in case you haven’t heard, lotor, they make a great team

also fuck his armor that is the toughest shit to deal with

Lovin them new eps 💕💕

Okay, but concept: shout out to the ADHD/ADD kids that don’t try harder than everyone else anymore.

Everybody always shouts out the kids trying harder than everyone else, but you deserve a cheering section too.

I don’t know who made you feel like your best wasn’t good enough, but they’re wrong.

That was my older brother. Everybody told him he was stupid despite his best efforts and then he just gave up and nearly flunked out of senior year. While I know one post isn’t gonna change that for somebody, I just want you all to know how valuable you are: That you’re smarter than your 6th grade math teacher said, and you’re working harder than your 10th grade history teacher could understand.

Keep trying your best. That’s all anybody can ask of you.

Get Stuff Done! ADHD Edition

You know all those post-it notes that populate your world? I figured out a great way to get all of those things DONE. - I know someone else may have thought of it already, but oh well :)

Step 1: Write all the things you need to do on your sticky note

Step 2: On the back, write a number (these are points)

Step 3: Every time you do a task, take down the note and collect your points

Step 4: Once you collect enough points (10, 20, 50) cash them in for a treat! Make it fun! ADHD brains love fun!

If I want my afternoon cappuccino, I must collect 15 points.

Remember, keep it simple. Don’t just write “clean the house”. Try smaller pieces like “empty the dishwasher” and “take out trash”.

**This can be for anyone, not just ADHD folks. That’s simply who I had in mind writing this post. Enjoy!

Tony: Your war buddy killed innocent people yesterday.


y’know I fucking love to get into arguments but my ADD makes it so damn hard.

Like, I love to argue and debate with people but the points I have in my head don’t get worded right and what makes sense in my head makes no sense when it leaves my mouth and the way I think is different from the ways other people think so when I make what I think is a good/smart point comes across as totally fucking dumb to other people and I’m just bad at explaining my point of view and things that I think are easy to understand aren’t easy for other people to understand and agghhhhh

like when dots connect in my head, they don’t connect in their head and when dots connect in their head, they don’t connect in my head and ADD sucks

a list of memories you never really asked for
  • Dirty Laundry memes everywhere (which was really confusing if you, like me, have never read the fic) 
  • “Lance is going to die and have his quintessence stored in Blue” theory
  • Every single Klance playlist featuring the song “Haven’t Had Enough” 
  • #RedrawLance
  • Shipping discourse that led to someone calling up their lawyer or something
  • Tumblr user sinningpaladin pretending to be an intern from Dreamworks 
  • Lactose intolerant keith 
  • who the fuck is kevin / kevin kogun 
  • Pidge but she sounds like gremlin pidge from 80s voltron 
  • Keith/Lance suggestion blogs 
    • also his dad, samuel “pea” holt 
  • Keith? cryptid hunter or cryptid himself? both??
  • Valentine’s poems but klance 
  • Spideypool klance 
  • Klance jokes based on the words “cradle” or “bond” bc the bonding moment was the only klance content we had back then 
  • Gifsets of Shrek/Lance + Barry the Bee/Keith + Shiro/Lightning Mcqueen (x)
  • Post-season-2 when someone made a post about how she!th has never been more alive which subsequently lead to the longest thread of people adding on the single quote “shiro you’re like a brother to me” 
  • Swiss roll shiro
  • Pining keith playlist 
  • KERMIT pining Keith / kermullet 
  • Thace is Keith’s dad 
  • “Voltron characters as ________” (it’s usually something weird like shoes or dogs) 
  • “shiro breasted boobily”
  • Paladins’ fashion discourse (objectively, they all suck) 
  • Keith eggcourse
  • Donkeith

Can we have an ADHD character with the ability to freeze time because that would be literally the funniest and most epic thing like can you imagine??

“Need more time to finish my assignment? Not to worry!”*time freeze*

“oh no! I can’t find my car keys and I have to be at work in 2 minutes!” *Time freeze*

I mean like they would be unstoppable like I’m sorry ADHD who’s that?

Okay I’m done now resume scrolling 😂