actually I experienced all of these

Note: This post can be taken as both a friendship and shipping post, so I’ll tag it accordingly. I say shipping in the sense that this material would be useful tools to incorporate into characterizations should anyone wish to write this pairing more in tandem to canon.

A trend I’ve noticed in the fandom is that many people are quick to dismiss the possibility of Japan and England sharing a good relationship. I suspect that the anime’s portrayal of them in WW2 has a lot to do with this conception. That said, what I seek to prove is that their relationship—more specifically friendship because that’s what it is—extends before WW2. The two are and were actually very close allies.

That said, I’ve organized their relationship into three main themes. All themes are linked to one another and contain substantive parallels between their characters.

Loss of a Brother Figure:

Both England and Japan experienced the pain of losing a brother figure. Japan lost China, who raised him, and England lost America, who he raised. While Japan’s historical isolation extends into the time where he and China were still personally involved with each other, there is nonetheless the unique parallel that both countries have experienced personal isolation.

Ex: China developed a grudge after Japan betrayed him in WW2. Please note that the grudge has since eroded away in the present.

Source: Hetarchive, The Story About the Early Days of China and Japan.

England and America both experienced a substantial loss and tear in their personal relationship following the Revolution. This has also since been rectified in the present.

Ex: America drank coffee in spite of his grudge over the Revolution.

Source: Hetarchive, Lithuania’s Out-sourcing Series pt. 1

Ex: England dreams about raising America, an echo of his latent and longing desire to live in the past again.

Source: Volume 3, England Dreaming of Long Days Passed.

Loneliness and Isolation:

Of course, the two didn’t just experience personal isolation. They’re both known for their political isolation.

Ex: England, being geographically isolated from continental Europe, became ostracized from other European nations.

Source: Volume 3, England Dreaming of Long Days Passed.

Ex: Japan grew accustomed to telepathically communicating with other beings. In fact, he grew so accustomed to it that when he first met Italy, he wasn’t in the habit of speaking verbally [x]. 

Obviously, this isn’t overlooking the Westernization he experienced during and after the Meiji era. The point is that his previous isolation impacted his communication patterns.

Ex: In fact, several strips in the series depicts Japan being overwhelmed upon opening his country.

Source: Volume 4, Netherlands and Isolationist Japan. 

The neat tie between the two characters is that Himaruya dedicates an entire strip to the two of them forming the Anglo-Japanese alliance. The title of said strip is pretty self-evident as to how their isolation impacted them:

“The Anglo-Japanese Alliance Between Two Lonely People.“

Lastly, there is also this comic gag that depicts their neko versions overcoming their isolation by sharing a kitty box [x]. 

Cultural Sharing:

A last theme coursing through their relationship is the open dialogue between their cultures. In other words, the two have a history of sharing their cultures.

Ex: England enlists Japan’s help in teaching him how to make better industrial design [x].

Ex: Japan adds his own spin to a traditional Christmas card and England reciprocates the favour [x]. 

Ex: England hosts Japan at his café and aims to give the latter an authentic English experience of the space [x]. 

Overall, England and Japan share a very gentle and generous relationship, overlooked as it may be in light of other relationships that tend to be underscored in fanon.

You know it’s funny how homophobia experienced at a young age hits you later on. I’m planning this art wall and at first I was purposefully (yet unconsciously) steering clear of pictures of men. Particuarly beautiful men. Particularly anything that highlighted the beauty of the male body. I justified it as “too tacky”. But that’s… not how I actually feel at all. I was out of the closet at the onset of puberty so I really got to know homophobia right as I was experiencing sex in general. I never put up posters of men I thought were hot as a kid like the straight kids did. I never got to express my love and discovery of how deeply I love men like other boys do women. While my father “accepted” me but I dreaded the look on his face and the visible reaction he would DEFINITELY have to me having that Taylor Lautner White t shirt poster (because that’s what we were doing then) in my room. So I avoided it. And I’ve never had art that’s glamourized the male body in my room. Even now. And I’m sitting here at 24 unconsciously still enforcing that policy out of some fear years down the line. It’s funny because a part of you thinks you’ve risen above those pieces of homophobia. But it comes back in these small and funny ways. Anyways. Brendon Urie is going on my wall. As are other to be determined pieces of art focusing on the male body lol.

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

like not to be dramatic

but When We Rise is lifechanging

people are talking about how it feels outdated, how it’s getting low ratings, etc

but like

these new tv shows that they’re comparing it to aren’t changing lives

I’m learning things about the history of the lgbtq+ community that I had no idea about

I don’t know that this can be judged by the regular metrics because I think that it’s more than just a show

It feels like a story being told to me about where we’ve come from, and I think it’s changing the way that I see the world that we live in now


The thing that kinda blows my mind all the time is like, sorta at conventions or even sometimes on the street I’ll run into people who actually have come back from war and have experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, they’ll come and say to me: “you know, it’s so interesting watching this because it really brings me back, or makes me feel better about some things, or it’s helped me dealt with certain things in my life”, so even though they’re comic book movies, there’s sort of this other layer to it that I think it’s full of other depth, so to speak.

“ok but what if aliens are baffled by [neurotypical able-bodied human thing]?!”

Fam you know autistic ppl exist and you seem completely fucking alien to us even though we live on the same planet right

I say that if we’re going to write this “humans are space orcs” shit we’re gonna do it while being inclusive as possible and say that neurodivergent/disabled humans are more easily understood by these aliens of yours. Because they, too, are baffled by all of these things I have legit seen people writing stories about aliens experiencing for the first time and going ?????? or !!!!?!?!??:

  • Sarcasm
  • Facial expressions
  • Quirks of speech
  • Verbal speech
  • Slang
  • Social norms
  • Various types of sensory input being insufficient, or actually physically painful
  • A seemingly endless reserve of energy and attention
  • Physical hardiness
  • Being able to eat just about anything
  • Bureaucracy
  • Extroversion
  • Introversion
  • Going against rules/structures
  • Deviating from a routine

And these aliens are like yes, finally, a human we relate to. A human we can communicate/coexist with comfortably. We like this human. 

I’m lacking in spoons to write about this in detail but feel free if you wanna

🌟 S T A R S E E D S 🌟

first of all, I want to say that the word starseed is a term created from our limited human consciousness. It’s simply a label used in the metaphysical/spiritual community to describe this unique experience.  take what resonates w/ you and leave what doesn’t! this is also just the intro to a whole ‘series’ of posts. this shit is just getting started!

💫 wtf is a starseed? 💫

a starseed is someone whose soul originates from another planet. this means that their first incarnation was not on earth but on another planet.

💫 is everyone a starseed? 💫

yes & no! most spiritualists (and some scientists) agree that humans have ET strands in our DNA. to me, it seems logical that the human race (or atleast parts of our DNA) is a hybrid or the result of an alien race. humans were not the first species on this planet and we certainly were not the first species in this universe! due to our ET DNA signatures, we all have the ability to activate our ‘cosmic consciousness’ and become aware of our link to the other star systems. these DNA signatures hold memories and knowledge that are then stored in our physical bodies. by activating our DNA, we will gain access to this ET info! I won’t get into all of that today though bc this post is already going to be long lmao. the difference between a ‘regular’ human and a starseed is that the starseed with have ET memories that originate, not only from DNA, but from their soul experience. their souls have actually experienced lifetimes and their memories are much more vivid (because their memories actually belong to them!)

💫 how tf do I know if I’m a starseed? 💫

  • you strongly feel as though you don’t belong on this planet. ofc practically everyone has this phase during adolescent years but, if this is a persistent and overwhelming feeling, then it could be a giveaway sign.
  • feeling isolated from society.
  • ppl probably tell you you’re fucking weird as hell haha. (but you’re okay with that)
  • you’ve always been drawn to futuristic and space based films, tv shows, and books!
  • you love stargazing, astrology, and astronomy.
  • you feel an overwhelming desire to fulfill your life purpose.
  • you’ve always known that you incarnated on earth for a reason.
  • it’s hard for you to make friends and connect with other people because it sometimes feels that you’re on a whole other level.
  • you feel disconnected from your family or you’re the ‘black sheep’ of your family.
  • as a child, you were hyper imaginative and had a hard time conforming to traditional schooling. possibly even diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability.
  • extremely intelligent but easily bored or unmotivated in traditional public schools.
  • hella emapthic, intuitive, and psychic.
  • behave more morally and intellectually advanced than others.
  • otherworldly physical appearance and unique biology. you might have incredibly blue eyes, striking beauty, upturned eyes, vitiligo, albinism, vv tall, vv short, naturally slender, have a low tolerance to the cold, interesting birthmarks, pointed feet, or any other unique and unusual body feature/function!
  • deeply spiritual but probably not religious.

💫 what are the types of starseeds? 💫

the starseed races i’m listing below are the ones that are known to humans and have shown themselves to us. ofc there could probably be a thousand other races but these are the main systems that our starseeds originate from! if you identify with one of these descriptions then, congratulations, you might have just discovered your planetary origin!

andromedans: andromedan starseeds crave freedom and travel, often refusing to settle down until very late in life. they’re rebellious towards ‘earth rules’, specifically the concept of money and time. they’re likely to overspend and disregard deadlines. vv good at spotting manipulative personalities.

acturian: drawn to sacred geometry and all things metaphysical. 100% the black sheep in their family! vv gifted musicians, mathematicians, and scientists. organization and planning come naturally to them. tend to have low blood pressure and low body temps. sensitive to sound, light, smells, and chemicals.

lyran: pursue their dreams fearlessly, like to push themselves to physical extremes (intense workouts, hardcore yoga addicts), they don’t stop until the job is done, intense intense intense, love paranormal shit. vv physically oriented. When in a relationship they probably enjoy the sex more than anything else lmao. independent and leader persona.

orion: analytical, strive for perfection, thirst for knowledge. they will NOT change their opinion unless they’re presented with solid proof to confirm an opposing belief. very introverted and respond to emotion in a logical manner.

pleiadian: the most popular out of all the starseeds! we earth ppl have lots of connections to the pleiadian system. highly sensitive, psychic, and empathic. natural healers with a desire to share love. vv emotional. beyond spiritual. creative and usually practice healing arts. don’t understand social hierarchy. involved in humanitarian efforts.

sirian: my origin planet & my ppl! growing up, they were probably absorbed in all things fantasy related. strong connection to nature. most likely to practice witchcraft and mystical arts. quiet & reserved bc they’re usually observing everyone in the room. feel as though they need to guard nature; usually vegan/vegetarian and environmentally focused. extremely creative w/ vivid imagination. have a hard time trusting people.


if you read through all of this, I LOVE YOU. my longest post yet and I still ain’t done! I’ll make more posts going in-depth about all of the starseed races and their mission on this planet. in the meantime, feel free to ask questions or reblog with your started origin! ✨✨

5 Things Spiritual People Practice
  1. Forgiveness. 

    “Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.” ~ Lama Surya Das

    Sanity is a basic principle of the spiritual path and forgiveness is an essential aspect of sanity. As Lama Surya Das points out, forgiveness is what allows us to accept the past. It is only by accepting the past that we can allow ourselves to be present. When we are hooked on the past in the form of resentment or fear or anguish, we are constantly reliving and experiencing from a place that doesn’t actually exist now. Thus we aren’t able to be fully ourselves here and now. On the most basic level, forgiveness is for your own sanity so that Life can be Life.

  2. Compassion.

    The party is always better when everyone is having a good time. That is the underlying recognition that gives form to compassion. We wish for others to be peaceful, happy, and free because this will make everything better for everyone, including ourselves. Compassion isn’t a talent, it’s a cultivated practice. It starts with intention and then manifests into activity. We work on compassion for ourselves, then compassion for our loved ones, then compassion for strangers, and finally compassion for enemies. Furthermore, compassion provides a way for us to touch the suffering of this world and offer relief. 

  3. Mindfulness.

    Within each of us is a fathomless eternity. It is an unborn placeless place that is not our personality, not our bodies, not our minds. It is what gives us the feeling that we exist. It is what gives all living things the feeling that they exist. It has nothing to do with the world or the events happening within it. Feel your Self more strongly than you feel the world. That is mindfulness practice. This can be done anywhere, anytime. By practicing daily meditation, you will learn how to deepen your mindfulness. 

  4. Reflection. 

    Noticing our patterns, challenging our assumptions, questioning our desires, examining our perspectives, these are all activities that paralyze the ego. The ego is made up of assertions. Therefore the ego is dismantled not via new or different assertions but by questioning. The power of an insightful question can be explosive to our sense of self. Learning to be less defensive and more willing to question ourselves without being insecure about it can lead to incredible growth. 

  5. Peace.

    There is no way to peace, peace itself is the practice. We cannot afford to wait until circumstances align perfectly before allowing ourselves to feel peace. Otherwise we will just be changing the world to try to make ourselves feel better. Instead, we discover peace within the depths of our being. Then we can work with the world as needed, not trying to comfort ourselves but trying to be of genuine help. And because we have found some peace within, we actually have something to contribute and share. We aren’t trying to get something all the time, we can be abundant and give

Whatever religions, paths, or practices an individual may engage, these qualities are markers of authentic spiritual practice. They are qualities that can benefit any life. Nothing is stopping you from adopting them and triumphing. 

Namaste :)

anonymous asked:

What do you think Noah/Peter’s kinks would be?

NSFW 18+
peter: clearly, he’s somewhat experienced, but seeing that he was with the same girl for quite some time, i doubt that he explored out of boundaries. he likes fucking you in his lacrosse jersey after a game; especially when you come to the game wearing it as a dress. he loves foreplay more than actual sex because he feels like you two can be more creative that way. not a fan of quickies, he likes to take his time. will bust a fat nut if you speak dirty to him while you two fuck. morning sex, especially after cuddling all night. he loves being told how good he’s doing. sometimes he’ll play some music like trey songz or chris brown to get into the mood.

noah: boy kinky as fuck. he likes the dom/sub nature, like being called something with authority like “daddy”, “sir”, or “mister”. not too into degrading, but likes it when you call yourself His slut. likes breath play, if he’s fucking you from behind, will use his belt to lightly choke you. something tells me he’s into threesomes. edging and orgasm control, will literally bring you to the brink of an orgasm and stop n keep going until he feels like. mostly because he wants to see if you can squirt for him. fairly easy to turn on cus he’s just a hormonal man, i’ll tell you that. before he shaves, he Has to give you head bc he’ll usually have an appetite.

I will never be able accept that Data didn’t feel some form of emotion. I think he experienced emotions in a very different and non-human way and he was unable to recognise them for what they were because they weren’t comparable to human experiences. Data’s clear cut idea of human emotion vs android logic doesn’t pan out when you look at his ability to develop a personality and friendships and to make personal choices and form opinions and experience curiosity and longing. All it does is raise the question of what emotion actually IS and whether it’s solely a chemical experience or if emotions are largely just trends of thoughts and behaviours based on a unique personal combination of knowledge and experience.

I talked about this with @aoimikans and on a discord channel Friday morning, but my thoughts were a bit everywhere and I was typing on my phone. So, I’m going to write it here now that I feel a bit more ordered. 

Izuku offering Mirio One for All was incredibly self-centered. 

***Before I go on, I will preface this by saying I know he’s a kid, he’s still learning, he still has room to grow, and I care very much about him as a character.*** 

EDIT: Izuku is also usually a selfless person. This does not change that but just shows he has some area of growth needed and needs counselling after a traumatic event.

Straight to the point. Izuku’s offer was selfish disguised as generous. 

At face value, Izuku offering OfA to Mirio who just lost his quirk could seem like a generous sacrifice - but with some uneasy undertones and the shock of Izuku offering to give it away. But it wasn’t generous. It wasn’t even kind.  

Izuku witnessed the death of Nighteye (a traumatic event, yes), and he felt guilty that 1) Mirio is quirkless now, 2) Nighteye’s wish for Mirio to be All Might’s successor was not fulfilled, and 3) he saw Eri’s accidental uncontrollable use of her quirk and Aizawa helping him as negatives. 

So instead of processing his guilt, his mourning, his trauma, he runs from it and takes the first out he sees: Offering to give Mirio his quirk. 

Now, he in no way meant to be hurtful, but that was a hurtful thing to do. On top of that, he did not give that an ounce of thought. 

We see him recall the moments when All Might told him he was quirkless too and believed Izuku could do something great with OfA and when he promised to twist fate. 

(Hell, Nighteye’s last words to him were to say he could change fate.)

Those were huge moments. Those were promises. Those were leaps and bounds of development! 

So what the hell happened? 

Izuku’s fatal flaw happened. This kid will move heaven and earth to help a friend. This kid genuinely wants to be a hero to help people and has the drive to do so. 

But as soon as he faces a setback that makes him doubt himself, doubt his “worthiness” of being All Might’s successor, he offers to give up. He has no strong confidence or faith in himself.   

We saw it after the Sports Festival before Toshinori told him he was quirkless too. We saw a bit of it before Toshinori told him he gave him the will to live again. (I fully expect a sit down conversation between them again in which they actually communicate because poor communication in stories to create unnecessary drama is such a pet peev of mine.) 

So what triggers these downward spirals? 

At the SF, it was losing to Todoroki despite helping him and freaking changing his life. Then it was the shock that there was a more experienced person being considered for One for All before him, and the doubt that followed him realizing All Might was keeping that information from him. 

This time?

He blames himself for Nighteye’s death. 

Let me pause here and clear something up. When I say self-centered and selfish, I mean it in two ways: 1) He is an immature kid still and in a way thinks the world revolves around himself in that the world is depending on him to save it. He is trying to take it all on his shoulders.* 2) He is incredibly analytical and this is the flaw of it. When he turns this critical eye inward, self-focusing, he only sees his flaws and perceived failures. That is an incredibly hard thing to deal with. (I know, I’m a perfectionist with severe anxiety, I know how harsh that inner eye is.) It can be paralyzing in the long run. 

With that in mind, let’s continue. 

Izuku feels guilt. Izuku is looking inward in this moment and only seeing his perceived failures, not his successes, not his growth. Izuku is too immature to properly deal with this sort of trauma without help. Izuku runs for an out by offering to give Mirio the quirk - to let the cup pass from him because he can’t deal in that moment. 

“Take this quirk because I am overwhelmed by my feelings of guilt. I want to throw this responsibility at someone apparently more worthy because they wouldn’t make the same mistakes as me, right? I want this grief, this guilt, this regret to go away and the first thing I can think of to get rid of it is to give away this quirk.”

Thank God Mirio is more mature and so incredibly kind.

He sees that Izuku hasn’t thought this through. He points out that Izuku would be suffering in his place in that case. He doesn’t feed Izuku’s developing martyr complex.** For that, he deserves all the awards. Despite losing the mentor that he had grown so close to, despite losing his quirk, he still looks out for Izuku in a way that is not self centered. That is one of the differences maturity and experience make. 

But, like I said. Izuku’s actions were hurtful. Izuku put Mirio in a situation where he was forced to comfort Izuku despite what he’s just suffered. Izuku didn’t see this because he was too wrapped up in his self deprecation he didn’t think about the outcome. Speaking of which…

Izuku didn’t think things through. 

  • If he gives up OfA now, he can’t become a hero.

I personally believe that Mirio could still be a hero. He’s had the opportunity to be trained and proved he can fight without his quirk. We’ve seen a number of non-combat based quirk heroes, and we’ve seen that heroes have some pretty amazing tech. 

Mirio could still manage it with the experience he has and some tech. 

Izuku can’t. 

He could probably fight a bit and outwit, but as he is now, he needs OfA to be a hero. And if he couldn’t be a hero? Then what? Then what? Hand in his provisional license? Drop out of school? Go back to before? Everything he’s worked for would be for nothing. If he took the time to slow down and actually think, he would see that. He’s a smart kid when he thinks before acting.  

  • What about All Might’s choice?

Yes, Nighteye just died. Yes, he wanted Mirio to inherit OfA. But that was never Nighteye’s decision to make. Not his quirk, not his decision. I’m honestly still salty about this. He raised Mirio to be All Might 2.0 - all the power and charisma of All Might with the added benefit of not being touched (read: stabbed through the gut). Mirio was raised to be All Might’s mirror. Looks a bit like him, similar mannerisms and charisma, his body was already trained, … and they both lost their quirk defending a girl in harms way. And they both lost their mentor. 

The world never needed another All Might, but Nighteye didn’t see that.  

Nighteye didn’t respect All Might’s decision to return to hero work, he didn’t respect All Might’s choice of successor. And in both cases he lashed out and said something incredibly hurtful. That All Might was fated to die. That Mirio should have inherited OfA. (I’m still salty as the Dead Sea. (ง'̀-‘́)ง I will fight someone.) 

Izuku - in his downward spiral - remembers his promise to All Might but offers the quirk anyway. He doesn’t believe in himself and by extension doesn’t believe in All Might’s choice to train him for 10 months and give him his quirk and his time and his devotion.*** 

Does… Does no one actually care what All Might thinks? (He has flaws and contributed to all this in a way but I’ll get to that in a second.) That his legacy is his to pass on? That he entrusted not only his own quirk but his predecessors’ quirk? That he’s a pretty damn good judge of character and to him Izuku has proved himself time and time and time again? Do his opinions, his thoughts mean nothing?

  • What about all the help and support he’s been given?

Izuku has made amazing friends and is an inspiration and driving force for his class. He saved Todoroki from his self-hatred, he saved Iida’s life, he inspires his class along with Bakugou, he is a driving force for Bakugou as well. He doesn’t hesitate to help others. But… 

But… He thinks poorly of himself when he needs help. He is overly critical of himself when he reaches his natural limit. He is overly critical when he is given help. He’s gone beyond humble and into self deprecation and blaming himself for things he cannot control. It’s part of his fatal flaw. Perhaps borne from Aizawa’s necessary scolding at the beginning and Recovery Girl’s decision to not help extreme, self inflicted injuries. He brought those on himself, and they were necessary lessons and reminders that he has limits. But he takes them to the n-th degree when he criticizes himself. 

The hypocrisy or paradox of this is he thinks no less of those he has helped, but does not apply that to himself. It is another kind of self-centered, critical thought that in his mind separates him from the others. It’s no good. 

If he were to give away OfA, he would be throwing away all the help and support he has been given. You don’t do that, kid… You just don’t. 

Izuku has a difficult fatal flaw, and if he isn’t careful he will end up like All Might.

All Might’s flaw that did him in was his drive for revenge against All for One for killing Nana. He caved to his flaw and was rewarded with the injury in his side and his forced, early retirement. The moment he stopped acting like a hero, he was punished by the narrative gods.

Izuku’s fatal flaw is his self doubt and lack of self confidence. He is overly critical of himself. He focuses on his perceived failures rather than his growth and successes. Despite this, he’s gotten off easy so far. He has been reassured by All Might twice. But had it been Aizawa listening in? What Izuku did there was so severe I believe Aizawa would have expelled him on the spot - or at least threatened to. Wishy-washy resolve doesn’t belong in a future hero. He urgently needs to address this. 

How to address this:

 I think we have another All Might and Izuku heart-to-heart serious talk coming. 

When I saw this image of Toshinori, I thought perhaps he felt frustrated or betrayed by what he heard. He just lost one of his oldest friends. He probably feels helpless since this was the first big raid that he couldn’t assist - and the raid and following police escort resulted in hero fatalities. And then he hears Izuku - the boy that gave him his will to live, the boy he believes in, the boy he has grown close to in a father-son way, the boy that promised to stand by him and help twist fate so he isn’t murdered - offer to give OfA away. He must feel like everything is slipping out of his control, everything he has lived is changing. He looks like he is in turmoil.  

@aoimikans​ had another take on the image. That All Might looked frustrated because he realizes he has neglected Izuku. Neglected to properly cultivate him and care for his mental well-being. And honestly, I am leaning toward this as well because he has shown that he is aware that the kids need to have their mental states cared for too (see: what he says to Aizawa after Izuku and Bakugou’s spat). 

I think this will lead to another good talk during which Toshinori will hopefully address and start to mend Izuku’s fatal flaw. To get him to realize how much he’s grown (like the before and after picture on the beach). To see his successes whether or not they are perfect successes. To get him to realize it is okay to need help (USJ, the summer camp, Kamino). To hug him and tell him that he is proud to have him as his successor.**** That Izuku needs to have more confidence and faith in himself. To help him healthily deal with loss and trauma (okay, maybe not Toshinori’s forte). To support him as he is. 

To take time to fix some of the flaws All Might contributed to: That Izuku doesn’t have to have the world on his shoulders from the get go. That he doesn’t have to take on responsibility for things out of his control. That he doesn’t need to be the next All Might, but needs to be himself - to do what he can as the hero Deku. To start chipping away at that martyr complex and self deprecating inward critical view of himself. So that the next time there is a setback, Izuku doesn’t go through the same damn motions and stunt his growth. 

My frustration

Honestly, the fact that Izuku keeps falling back into this same pattern without learning from it is really frustrating because dang it, he’s such a good kid and tries so hard. He just needs to have an ounce of faith in himself. Screw being “worthy” of One for All. Gran Torino was right, Izuku still sees it as more special than it is and that shackles him. He is a hero because of who he is and has grown into. One for All helped, but it is a tool, not anything sacred. 

tldr: *inhale* BOI

* A flaw in All Might’s teaching that by God needs to be addressed damn it. 

** All Might… talk to your son about this.

*** Mufasa voice:  “You have forgotten who you are, and so forgotten me.”

**** I need quality Dad Might moments like I need water.

When I started to hear about reputation being even better than Red (aka my first born child), not to mention all of her other albums (*cough Speak Now cough*), I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I know I will always love Taylor’s new music, but could something actually be better than all of these other amazing albums?????

The answer is simple. YES. You guys…. reputation is going to knock your socks off. Honestly, I don’t know why that’s the phrase I chose to use, but please bear with me. BECAUSE ITS TRUE.

The album is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. Every time Taylor pressed play on a new song, my heart was pounding out of my chest. During the songs I experienced so many different emotions and by the time the song was over, all I wanted to do was listen to it again. And again and again and again and again…. and again.

Taylor, you really have outdone yourself with this one. And thankfully each day that passes brings everyone closer to finally listening to this masterpiece!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!

The Moon’s Moon 🌕✨✨



The moon persona chart is not your whole self but it is apart of it, it is who you are emotionally and how you may perceive your mother. The moon sign of your moon persona chart is the deepest and the purest part of you actually are. It is your deep emotional complexes and your subconscious, what has emotionally wounded you and what will emotionally lift you. It is the ocean that exists within all of us.

MOON PERSONA ARIES MOON: Everything that is tangible and that is true in life must be experienced through your hands or through touch. It is how you have learned, through being able to become physically connected to the earth you have grown. However, expanding externally is not a substitute for internal expansion with time. You may have been an independent child, one that grew all on their own, but what part of you has really grown? Your body may be an adult or mature but your heart may still be a child, absolved from nurturing and the comforting reassurememt of a home. No matter how much you feel that you can make it alone, you need to learn to allow yourself to be taken care of in order for you to emotionally grow. You can outrun the external child on your own but you cannot outrun the internal child without help, rest for a while and allow others to be like your mother.

MOON PERSONA TAURUS MOON: You cannot fill the spaces that you lack with things that will roll off of your back. Money, collections, any and all objects, they cannot and will not ever be a suitable filler for emotional holes. You have to learn how to go. Of objects. Of grudges. Maybe of yourself if you have become toxic. Connect to yourself and your body, to yourself and your creativity, discover what you find beautiful and find it in yourself. Security is not being confident in other’s view of you it is being confident in your view of yourself. No matter how lavish and emotionally put together you seem on the outside, even if others envy you and your lifestyle, it will never make you happy. And I mean a soul deep, glowing, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life kind of happy, not just feeling validated by the compliments of others. Learn that you are more valuable than anything on this earth, more valuable than diamonds, gold, anything that is given a material worth. And treat yourself like it. Do not let the past cling to you and rid you of your luster. Distinguish between a friend and a weed. Learn how to make yourself glow. Absolve. Nourish. Grow.

MOON PERSONA GEMINI MOON: Your mind cannot comprehend the root of life itself. Your emotions, your tenderness, where you go when you’re hurt, no matter how hard you try to intelllectualize thoughts understanding them this way will slip through your hands like sand. To understand emotions you have to let them breathe on their own, you cannot pin down a feeling as soon as it has bloomed, trying to rationalize something raw and something foreign. I am not telling you to wallow in your emotions I am only telling you that you must accept them, sometimes you cannot explain the way that you feel and that’s ok. I understand why you switch from person to person from emotion to emotion from thought to thought. You make a home in things that you do not know. Because in your mind the more that you encounter things that are unknown the more that you grow, facts, books, words written by people from all around the world, it fills something inside you that cannot be explained by you, me, or anyone else. Maybe newness is all that you know. It is okay to take root in places that you already know, to allow yourself to grow with things that you find familiar and not things that are unknown.

MOON PERSONA CANCER MOON: Your home is your shell and your shell is your home. To make yourself comfortable you hold onto things that make you feel warm; faded childhood memories, objects that remind you of something or someone beautiful, things that only continue to persist in your heart. You are the protector of everything kind and everything true, there is and always will be something familiar about you. However, the past is only there to remind you, not to define you. You cannot let past experiences and emotions become you, you have to grow from and let go of things that only exist as memories. Above all you have to learn to make the present a home. You cannot exist in a time that is long gone forever, you must learn that the present can comfort and nurture you as much as the past can, you just have to be willing to cherish homes that exist right now. However, you also cannot let your home become you, the only place that you feel comfortable to be yourself and the place that you feel most secure. You can make a home out of you. If you carry security and self love within yourself the outside world won’t be as scary anymore because you have become your own “home”, your own source of comfort and affection. Remember home. Leave home. Become home. Don’t go back at all.

MOON PERSONA LEO MOON: What is the point in being validated by others? Is motivation that does not come from youreself really motivation? If they do not value you they will come to value you in time. Just make sure that the person that they value believes in them self and that they are kind. No matter how hard you try there will always be others that do not see your luster, your appeal, your shine. To exist without other’s praise may be a difficult reality to attain but I promise that you are already enough by yourself. Do not feel as if you have to eclipse your former selves in order to be noticed, that you have to grow and grow and grow to impress each new person that comes into your life. In the end you will gain nothing from the opinions of others. If the opinion of yourself isn’t kind others cannot change that, you must motivate and validate yourself from within. People are not always nice and opinions are not always just and truthful, so take time to evaluate where you are and how far you’ve come, everything that you have invested into yourself. Rest within yourself for a little while. Remind yourself that you cannot make a home out of the public. And that the public cannot make a home out of you. Above everything else you must remember that you are enough with just yourself.

MOON PERSONA VIRGO MOON: You are allowed to feel without justification and without rationalization. Routines and order will not save you from yourself. Emotions left to fester will not allow you to grow. Emotions that build up inside will reveal themselves at night, when you are alone with your mind and your heart and no one to confide in. Learn to take care of your emotions in your day to day life, you are allowed to express how you feel in broad daylight, you can be tender when the sun is still high in the sky. I urge you to let your emotions exist on your own, to let the feelings from your heart flow, to exist in sadness, in happiness, in love, for as long as you need and as long as your heart needs. Do not push how you feel away in favor of work, you deserve better than making yourself someone that is ignored by even yourself. I am not telling you to pity yourself I am telling you to cherish and love yourself as much as you cherish and love others, you are the most important part of your life, because without you where would those that rely on you go? Your mental health and your physical health go hand in hand, don’t forget to take time to relax and to take care of yourself, both outside and inside.

MOON PERSONA LIBRA MOON: Peace can be sought after but it can never be attained, the unpredictably that is earth as a whole cannot be tamed and it cannot be controlled. You are only made to exist, not to be perfect, and there is beauty in the way that some things as out of your control. There is beauty in the midst of adversity. Things are often birthed from chaos and ruin, it is the natural order of the world. And no one will ever be able to change that. Nature isn’t perfect. Humans are not perfect. This earth is not perfect. You are not perfect. And that’s fine! Nature is fine! Humans are fine! (Ok well maybe not all of us) Earth is fine! And you are fine too! Why? Because nothing in life requires for you to be perfect. You do not have to lose yourself in pleasing others and making balance out of confrontations and struggles, there is beauty in the way that things move without perfection. You do not have to prove your worth because you have always been enough, you do not have to please others because pleasing others was never your job, you do not have to perfect things because perfection isn’t something that can be attained, you and everything else cannot escape the unsteady foundations of time. If you want inner peace you must learn that peace is not something that is always balanced but it is something that always starts with loving yourself.

MOON PERSONA SCORPIO MOON: You do not have to constantly reinvent yourself to prevent others from knowing where your wounds are. You cannot always hide your heart and in time something will give and something will rise to the surface, you just have to be ready for it. I promise that there are people in this world that would never hurt you, people that would not take your emotions and use them for their own benefit. Emotions kept within will break down and decay, decay within you will create decay outside of you and the urge to reform will be present again. And the cycle continues. Self destruction and self transformation are not the same, from one you will never be able to rebuild from the ashes and the other you never burned who you were down in the first place. Rapid changes and dodging deep questions will not save you. Long kept secrets and words carried to the grave will not save you. Never trusting another and always being suspicious of those around you will not save you. Anything that involves isolating yourself has never truly saved you and never will. Do not draw power from secrets and being closed off in the eyes of others, draw power from knowing that you are safe in your own home and that it is okay to let your emotions flow on their own.

MOON PERSONA SAGITTARIUS MOON: Life is only proven to exist within this earth, expand too far and you will surely be burned by the sun. Run from others and they will run from you too. Leave and you will eventually leave yourself. Life is wonderful, unable to be defined by words, but there is always a point where life stops. There is point where everyone stops. And there is a point where you must stop too. Where are your roots? Is your home a place or have you made your home the entirety of the earth? I encourage freedom, expansion, growth, but sometimes you need to learn to have a place, a person, a thing, that you are able to claim as your home. Do not run from things that have hurt you. Do not run from homes that have abandoned you. Do not run from people that did not nurture you. Do not run from your emotions. Do not run from yourself. You can only outrun so many things in your life and sometimes situations are too fast to escape. It is ok to settle in one place, I promise that they will not hurt you, that the earth will never become stale on its own. There is something intricate and beautiful about everywhere on this earth, and it takes a lifetime to explore a place that you find ethereal. Take root. Take time. Above all, learn that everything will catch up with you in time.

MOON PERSONA CAPRICORN MOON: No matter how long and hard you search you will never find your purpose in the world. Your true purpose has always resided in yourself, and I know that it may seem frightening but only you have control of yourself. Listen to your heart. Your mind. Your soul. Anything within you that you can almost feel move. They are all telling you where you are and where you need to go, you just need to be quiet enough inside to hear what you have always had to say about yourself. And achieving something is not everything, failure is growth and growth is failure, you will remain stagnant if you do not fail while achieving your goals. And you do not need other’s validations, other’s opinions, praise for everything that you’ve done and are doing. You are your own validation, your own motivation, your own appreciation. You only have to learn to embrace this. Work is not everything and everything is not work, relaxation is key to a healthy mind and a healthy heart. Take time to take care of yourself, to rethink, reenergize, and recharge before you hit a wall. Reflect back on everything you’ve accomplished by yourself and learn to truly appreciate how far you’ve come on your own.

MOON PERSONA AQUARIUS MOON: Do not drown in emotions until you are consumed by numbness. Do not drown in numbness until you are consumed by the inability to process your emotions. Emotional balance is a key thing, overrationalize your emotions be they will spill over. Overreact to your emotions and they will spill over. Above all their is a strong need for unity between your heart and your mind, one cannot exist without the other so it is better to learn how to allow them to exist harmoniously together. If you do not know what your place in society is give it time and don’t ponder it for too long, if you feel like you know your place in society know that it is always possible to be wrong. There is a heart within that has been longing to break free. There is mind within you that has been longing to rest freely. Do not overthink things and do not isolate yourself from a part of yourself, who you are emotionally. In order to grow you must shine light on everything within, not just the parts of yourself that you would prefer to show to society and the world. Hold things in and you will surely explode, learn how to let your mind, your heart, and everything else flow all on their own.

MOON PERSONA PISCES MOON: Your emotions are of the ocean. Rising and lowering with the tides, becoming unhinged and reckless at night, and the only person that can drown you is you and no one else. However, your ocean is not just of your emotions it is of every emotion that has ever been felt on this earth, you are born knowing how it feels to go through any and everything that has occurred within the timespan of earth. It is why you are able to heal so tenderly, so purely, through the moon you have already existed as another and another and another and another. You already know someone else’s struggle. Others will confide in you because they will always see a part of you within themselves. But be careful to not get lost in others. If you find your mind wandering for far too long and escapism becoming your reality and who you are learn that it is time to stop. It is ok to take a break from other people’s emotions as long as you are able to take care of yourself and distinguish between emotions that you have picked up and emotions that are actually yours. You do not have to give yourself until there is nothing left, save enough of yourself for yourself and no one else.

Someone asked me what I thought about surreal memes and I really liked the question so I basically wrote a whole essay to answer that question. It seemed relevant to this blog so I thought I might share it here, too:

Once upon a time I went to see an art show by Jordan Wolfson. Besides some insanity dancing sculptures, there was a video. It consisted of scenes with a poorly cgi’d condom that was leaking hearts whilst dancing through some rando’s childhood home (or so I interpreted that house). Other scenes included the artist dressed as a punk walking around some 2017 metropole city, like a total anachronism. The whole ordeal was accompanied by Beyonce music and displayed in a room covered in fake fur (ceiling included).

It stuck with me because I interpreted it as a post-modern-post-internet kinda art piece, that just was full of the empty imagery that is encountered now everywhere all the time. Meme culture is just a part of that.

There’s so many images splashed over you that all of them have lost a certain core impact. Repeated exposure numbs. And it is so available over the internet. So many pictures of someones darling dearest baby. So much hardcore anal porn. So many photographs by talented photographers. So much joy and darkness and beauty so readily available.

And that video made me think about all of this. Because what did that outdated house mean to me? Or the condom dancing with hearts? I did not bother about someone else’s house or the anachronist punk. But I was aching because surely it must be meaningful to someone.

When I came home from the show I spoke to my mom. She had seen it too and it turned out that she was way more informed about it. She told me it was actually a piece about something with aids and some social motivation ladidadida. Totally not what I had experienced it to be.

And so my point is, I guess, that memes can do this too. They create their own world where they get used again and again and again and the repetition makes them something new, with no ties to original content and intent. Images that create their own worlds and meanings and repetitions. (in conceptual art these are called simulacra)

I didn’t know surreal memes by name until you asked me, so I googled them guess what. I love them. They are so very much meme to the core: just imagery with no origin, just a canvas for my interpretation.

I think for mental illness in particular, most good advice comes from a place of empathy. If you know the brainspace someone is in, you can recognize which things are going to be actively unhelpful and which might help. even if all you can do is say “yep, that thing! that thing sucks!” that’s often really valuable by itself.

And mental illness brainstates are weird, and complicated, and hard to understand if you’ve never experienced them. “I just don’t see any point in being alive” is very hard to make sense of if you haven’t been depressed. (Some people are unusually good at it, though I expect many of them have actually themselves experienced undiagnosed depression too.)

I think the thing people are trying to get at with the ‘neurotypical Karen’ complaint is advice that doesn’t seem to come from a place of empathy, advice generated by someone who fundamentally doesn’t get what is going on in your head and which is accordingly telling you to pull strings that aren’t even there or strings you’ve been pointlessly tugging on for years.

But of course, there aren’t just ‘healthy brains’ and ‘broken brains’, and different broken brains can have different strings. And so even when mentally ill people are talking to each other, they’re often going to be giving advice that lands flat because it’s referencing a different kind of problem. 

And - mentally ill people need to talk to each other. It’s where practically all the good advice is. The more there is out there, the better we can do. So we have to have a way of saying ‘that advice is for a different brain’ without saying ‘that advice is for a whole, healthy brain, which you must have’ or ‘it’s bad to try to come up with advice based on your own experiences’ or ‘if you are wrong about relating your experiences to someone’s, you did something bad’.

Obviously, don’t give specific strangers unsolicited mental health advice. But sharing your tactics, your ideas, the strings you’ve pulled successfully, the strings that you can’t figure out how to deal with? That’s important. We need it.

In middle school, when I first learned what an abortion was, I immediately took a pro-life stance and was prepared to fight for it. In my head, I pictured “evil” looking women (think Cruella DeVille), completely blase about terminating a pregnancy, maniacally laughing as their stomachs were suddenly flattened during whatever inaccurate idea I had of the procedure. As a 12 year old, I had not experienced the world enough to fully process what an abortion actually meant. I had no idea how a fetus developed. I had not known how to practice empathy for others. I had fallen prey to what my church was preaching- women are meant to remain pure and abstinent, lose virginity to their godly, church-going husband, and begin to produce children and create a home for him. I did not have the capacity to consider that not all beings on earth operated under the wealthy white man’s Southern California Christian church aesthetic. It should be said that during this time, I was also “against” gay marriage, for the same core reasons. Lack of empathy, information, and education. 

I don’t remember exactly when or what prompted an awakening into reality, although it was probably somewhere around the early high school years. I started meeting peers who did not solely come from wealthy white neighborhoods. For the first time, I had gay friends, POC friends, poor friends, rich friends, international friends, and more. As I began listening to their stories, a deepening sense and practice of empathy occured. Not everybody operates like I do. Not everybody thinks like I do.

 I started to realize that my older family members who continue to preach intolerance had never left the small midwestern towns they were born in. It all made sense to me. How can you preach against gay marriage when you have never met a(n) (openly) gay person? How can you preach against a woman’s right to abortion as a male? I get it. I have been on both sides, but luckily, I grew. I grew as a person, open to new people and their stories. 

I had an abortion when I was 22. Sometimes you can do everything “right,” and still find yourself pregnant. It was not a difficult decision. I did not and do not feel guilty. I felt sad, as I have always wanted kids, but it was not the right time. As a single college student living in a tiny apartment with two other roommates, it was not the time. I am lucky to live in a state where I have access to the care I needed.

Several friends and family members continuously post pro-life materials on social media. Not only are these posts horrifically inaccurate and devastating to look at, they are downright inappropriate and evil-hearted. I wish to start a dialogue with them to find out where their empathy lies. Contrary to their posts, abortions do not tear fully developed babies limb from limb, crushing their skulls or whatever the propaganda tells them. I find it disturbing that they wish to believe that as the truth solely to propel their argument. My fetus was 7 weeks old, smaller than a raisin. It had no discernable human qualities. It did not have limbs, a face, a heart, toenails, eyelashes, or anything. It was a glob of cells among uterine lining. 

I will never regret my decision, and I am ready to share my story. I wish for more people to just sit and listen. I wish people would do a quick Google search to educate themselves before sharing such evil propaganda. I wish people like my midwestern family members would just take a deep breath and listen to my story with an open heart.   

All kidding aside, Stranger Things season two is probably one of the better examples of the “separated lovers trying to find their way back to each other” trope. Yeah, talking about Mike and Jane here.

Both became their own person during their journeys, we actually experienced their journeys from beginning to end, and their reunion scene made the entire journey worth it. No bullshit obstacles and unnecessary rando love interests. All the obstacles made sense within the story. And, you genuinely want them to meet again.

Well done Duffer Brothers.

(Side note: See Agents of SHIELD, this is how you do a “reunited lovers” storyline. Sorry, I’m never gonna let y’all bury the Will Daniels storyline. Whenever I get the chance, I will put y’all on blast for it)

Watching Betty put the black hood on was so incredibly intense, but I think what was even more haunting was watching the total psychological breakdown she experienced throughout the entire episode. The way the Black Hood manipulated her, pushing her further and further into darkness, all culminating into her actually naming the next victim: it’s perverted and deranged and… absolutely brilliant television writing. We watch Betty start out resistant, pushing back at the Black Hood’s every command, finding ways around his rules and determined to defeat him. And then, bit by bit, she begins to give pieces of her life to this mysterious voice, all in the hopes that her small sacrifices will lead to a greater reward. But with every piece she gives, you can see her mind start to falter, watch her mental state begin to become corrupted. Slowly, Betty is starting to understand the Black Hood. She’s resisting, but the sins of the people around her are only becoming more and more evident, and the Black Hood’s influence is corroding her sense of justice versus punishment. You can see the mental wear all of this is taking, and the mere fact that she could even produce a name for the next victim (something she certainly never would have done at the start of the episode) is further proof that the Black Hood is totally and completely confusing Betty’s sense of right and wrong.

She may still be Betty Cooper, but she’s different now. She’s tired, afraid, and angry. And as much as she argued that they are nothing alike, she and the Black Hood have more in common than we’d all like to admit.