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I would really appreciate it if people would spread this around! What YouTube is doing to LGBT+ videos and content creators is affecting intersex people, and, between the lack of intersex voices on the internet as a whole and the lack of people talking about intersex issues at all, this has a huge impact on what little we’ve been able to put out there.

One of the reasons we’ve been unable to create as much as other LGBT+ groups on the internet is because the stigma against us and how strong it is. What YouTube is doing is revoking the visibility we are getting and reinforcing the stigma that keeps us hiding.

The solution here is not as simple as turning off restricted mode. This sends a message to people that who they are is unfit to be seen, especially when done by such a huge, popular company whose tagline used to be “Broadcast Yourself”. And this still affects kids whoee parents won’t let them turn off restricted mode.

Please don’t just let this get 10 notes and disappear, please reblog this and make people aware. And, if you can, I encourage you to support intersex content creators on YouTube, including Emily Quinn (Intersexperiences), Pidgeon Pagonis, and Jenn Levine. You can find plenty of other good videos if you search “intersex” on YouTube.


I don’t normally post tweet screencaps here, but now that I’ve got your attention: YouTube is fucking over LGBTQ content creators. Their “restricted mode” (basically their age restriction settings) BLOCKS half my videos. Videos blocked include “Signs You Might Be Asexual Spectrum”, “Dating Asexual People” and “The Person Who Sent You This is Asexual”. Basically ALL my most educational videos on asexuality are unavailable. I am by far not the only content creator effected. Whatever algorithm YouTube is using to decide what’s safe for kids and what isn’t is blatantly anti-LGBTQ. Age restrictions shouldn’t be use to block sex and relationship education.

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I remember you had a video of fan subs vs actual subs but I can’t find it now. May I get the link?

Here you go

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