actually you should thank aj for this

I look forward to the day when correcting someone on your name or pronouns is like correcting them on your occupation or hometown

Take the following examples of a conversation where person 1 is introducing person 2 to an “off screen” (no dialogue) person 3.

“This is my friend Yvonne, a chef”
“Actually, I’m a veterinarian”
“Oh right I forgot, my friend Yvonne, a veterinarian”

“Hey Abram, I can’t remember where you’re from. Cincinnati?”
“No, Mei, I’m from Chicago.”
“Oh yeah I remember now, cool. ”

Boom. If it was that chill every time someone mixed up my pronouns (which are they/theirs or he/his by the way) my life would be 1000% less stressful.

“AJ’s a pretty awesome girl you should get to know her”
“Thanks! I love hearing that I’m an awesome person, and you can call me ‘they’ actually.”
“Oh yeah. You’ll really get along with AJ. I’ve been friends with them for a couple years. ”
*shenanigans ensue*

Similarly with names. You ever have a friend get married and you keep using their maiden name accidentally?

“I’d like to introduce Joe Smith”
“Joe Bronner now actually”
“Oh right, I mean Joe Bronner. Hey how’s Steve anyway? ”

Easy as pie. Eating pie. Not making pie. I have no idea how to make pie. Except the kind you take out of the freezer maybe.

Having a new name or new pronouns doesn’t have to be super stressful. Just do your best to remember, ask if you forget, and correct yourself and move along if you get it mixed up. I promise I still love you regardless.