actually you can never hate him too much

Thoughts of a Hockey Player

  • ‘Win the faceoff, win the faceoff…’
  • 'Get the puck, get the puck.’
  • 'Don’t get hit, don’t get hit.’
  • 'Get the fuck out of the way ref, you two-legged useless zebra blob.’
  • 'I’m gonna get hit, shit, okay, here it comes.’
  • 'We should have JAWS music playing.’
  • 'I’m gonna hit you, better get ready.’
  • 'Why do we even play on ice? Who looked at ice cubes and was like let’s create a sport on a big ass ice cube. Dumb.’
  • 'I’m definitely too old for this shit.’
  • 'That wasn’t goaltender interference, I barely touched him!’
  • 'That isn’t a penalty, I fell and my stick hit him. His face got in the way.’
  • 'I hate this fucking penalty box. It’s like a child being placed in a play pen.’
  • 'Fuck I’ve got the puck, I can score, I’m gonna score.’
  • 'I scored! Wait… I actually scored? Fuck yes. I’m awesome.’
  • 'Is it time to change yet? Can I change after 15 seconds? Fuck it, I’m tired.’
  • 'I have never hated someone as much as I hate you ref.’
  • 'Media wants an interview… Can I just act like I can’t speak english?’
  • 'My jock is pinching my nuts. Can I adjust myself without being obvious? Fuck it, let everyone see.’
  • 'We lost, I for sure don’t want to talk to the media.’

CaptainAmerica!jungkook (m)

A/n: sorry…I….have no words for myself.

Warning: rough sex, cunnulingus, dirty talk(?), humiliation, cumplay, sin.

Written on my phone and tumblr is such a lil binch idk how it’s gonna look. Sorry again for the sin. ;)

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You groan as he pushes you against the wall and hikes your thigh immediately up over the curve of his hip, fingers digging into the flesh.

His shield clatters to the floor as he rips off his mask and presses desperate, hard kisses to your lips, sucking the breath out of you and swallowing your mewls.

“Fuck,” he mutters, “I need you.” He rips open your blouse and kisses down impatiently your revealed chest, not even bothering to undo your bra and instead just yanking it down so he can latch onto your swollen nipples.

You groan as he tongues messily at the flesh and continues to trail down towards where he yanks down your underwear and skirt at the same time and yanks your thighs apart, hiking one over his shoulders.

How scandalous would it be? The leader of the avengers, the representative of the country, and the face that graced all the informative physical education and detention videos in every single high school, was currently buried between your legs, tonguing at your soaking slit as if his life depended on it, sleeping with his secretary while he put on a fake smile for the world to see? The calm and assuring face of dedication, to his country and his people and especially the “love of his life” that he dedicated himself to that passed away decades ago, was currently groaning into your core.

“Ohhhhhh captain,” you whisper, keeping yourself standing and groaning at the sensation. “Please don’t stop.”

He moans into your vagina, the vibrations rumbling through your lower half as you tremble to stay up against the wall. You grip his hair, mussed from being pressed within his mask all day, holding the strands right between your fingers as you yank him closer to your core. As if it would do anything. You were currently standing above the strongest man in the world probably.

He deems you ready enough and stands, roughly pulling off his suit so he stands in front of you in a white shirt and boxers, too rushed to even pull them down past his hips as he slides into You in one fluid motion.

The both of you moan at the sensation, his throbbing cock pressed past the flesh that you could ever dream of reaching with your pathetic little fingers and your core clenching down on his dick like a thousand hot, wet fists. He buries his head into your neck as he hikes your legs around his hips and shoves You higher up the wall so he can get some leverage to move inside you.

Your hands scrabble in his neck, hair, and shoulders, desperately reaching for something to anchor yourself against as he begins his mission of practically carving his name into your pussy with the tip of his dick.

It’s messy and desperate and so dangerous. His reputation on the line and your security and job in danger if anyone knew of your escapades. But you realize, the thrill is the essence, the epitome of why you are always soaking wet for this gorgeous man who’s got you pinned to the wall of his expensive estate. The risk of getting caught and being aired out for the entire country to know what a slut you are for this mAn is one of the many reasons that you open your legs for Jungkook whenever he comes knocking, no barging, into your apartment at the late hours of the night.

“Ugh,” he grits, teeth clenched as he strains to keep himself from cumming too quickly. You drove him fucking crazy. “I fucking hate this, hate you, hate how you drive me fucking nuts.”

Maybe also, you enjoy the hatred behind the sex. Jungkook never forgets to remind you how much he hates it, hates the fact that you’re the only one who satisfies his actual human needs. He can smile and parade around all he wants, claiming to still be in love and dedicated to the one woman he always loved, but essentially behind the walls he was just a man.

A man helplessly addicted to you.

“Fuck,” you whine, your breath cutting off as he pounds into you harder at his words, his body mirroring the same hatred and anger as his low voice ground into your collarbones. “Please, sir.”

His fingers are practically embedded into the skin of your hips and waist, and your neck already throbs at the hickies he sucks into it. It’s funny, really. He’s the one person who hates and loves and fears the fact that he uses you as his own personal fuck buddy toy, but he is also the only one who’s had such a marking fixation than anyone you’d ever slept with before. Every time he leaves your apartment you take a day off to recover from the bruises and marks he leaves on your body.

You feel your orgasm approaching and you dig your fingernails into his skin as he lowers a hand and begins to run expertly at your clit, thumbing the bundle of nerves roughly and slightly to the side, because you’re too sensitive and it hurts when he does it directly on top.

He knows your body.

And you know his.

You clench around him, drawing out a deep groan around gritted teeth, and latch your lips on his ear, tonguing the skin behind it and whispering dirty encouragements into his ear. What he likes to hear.

“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck please don’t stop, please—I swear, god,” you ramble, helplessly sobbing into his shoulder as he draws you closer to the high.

The both of you cum within seconds of eachother, and you’re not sure who does first because Jungkook slants his mouth across yours and begins hungrily swallowing your moans and mewls with his tongue, hips not faltering as he finishes cleanly inside of you. Distracted, you can only cling onto him as he finishes and removes himself, catching your waist as you almost crumple, and cupping your heat.

He fingers at the wetness there and raises his eyebrow at your worn state. “Little slut,” he glares at you, “don’t let it leak.”

You clench your eyes, still shuddering from the orgasm and try not to squeeze your thighs together too hard around his large hand. The pressure of your clenching and his fingers that swipe against your entrance threaten to hurtle you over the edge again, the threat of overstimulation waiting at the edges of your sanity.

“Captain, I-I can’t, it’s t-too much,” and he cuts you off with a hard look.

So you only whimper back at him, trying not to cry too much, because he just towers over you with huge muscles and the hatred looming off of him in waves that are in sync to the aftermath of your powerful orgasm.

Cause you’re so in fucking love with this man, the man who was the leader in every aspect of his life. You let him ravage you day after day, grunting hurtful words of hatred into your ear as long as he’s touching you as if he’s in love with you, as long as he fucks you like you mean something to him. And then you return, to his office, to assist him in anything regarding the avengers and the ugly politics that follow. But you know you’re taking advantage of him, just like he’s taking advantage of you.

You don’t know what it is, but the captain refuses to have sex or intimacy with none other than yourself. He always comes back, and you know this deep down. And you know he is addicted, so helplessly tied to your cunt and your body that the words he rasps into your ear mean nothing. He threatens to never come back, that this is the last time, but they’re never true. He always comes back. Always.

Because he knows that whenever he pounds on your door at 2 am, and slams the door shut behind him as he kisses you senseless is that you’ll always be waiting, always be willing for him. And you never say the words back. No matter how much he drives you up the wall (figuratively and literally), with his harsh words and caustic tone, no matter how hard he fucks you and how many bruises he litters on your skin, and no matter how many times he makes you cry, you always hold him like you mean it, an embrace warmer than he can ever remember having before.

And he absolutely hates it. Seethes at the sight of you smiling and always so willing at his disposal, like a kicked puppy that keeps returning. He absolutely hates how he cannot cum unless he’s inside of you. He absolutely hates how whenever he and Stark get into an argument, his mind and body scream at him to just return to you and hold you and vent all his frustrations into the smooth and soft curves of your tiny body.

But he Tamps down his horrendous thoughts.

“This is the last fucking time.”

You nod. You’re crying again. He absolutely hates it when you fucking cry.

Jungkook rolls his eyes at your shaky legs and leans down to swoop you into his arms and carry you to your bedroom. he doesn’t miss the way your eyes widen. He’d never stayed the night before, always leaving you full of his load and shaking on the floor of your apartment.

Aftercare was definitely below his pay grade.

But He turns into the hallway and drops you into the bed, grabbing a towel from your restroom and gently wiping away the remains of his orgasm from between your thighs. You watch him warily, tear stained cheeks still glistening as you confusedly, scaredly watch him dress himself again, ditching the suit instead for a dress shirt and pants he keeps on your apartment. The shield, with a click, disappears into his pocket. He watches you from the foot of the bed as he fastens his cuffs, dark eyes glistening from behind his fringe.

You don’t say anything, afraid that if you mutter a word, everything will disappear and break And shatter. But he just continues his actions as if he hadn’t just given you a brain wrecking orgasm and driven you up your wall at 1:24am on a weekday.

You slowly kneel up, crawling to the edge of the bed where he stands, and stare up st him through your wet lashes, holding out your hand for him to place his wrist to.

“Let me,” you whisper.

You’re silent as he eyes you and narrows his eyes at your actions, but nonetheless places his thick wrist into your waiting hands. Your nimble fingers graze his skin lightly as you do the buttons one by one on both his hands and move to work on his dress shirt.

He can do it himself. But he watches you with narrowed eyes as you focus on buttoning his shirt slowly from bottom to top, ending up at the base of his neck, and your shaky fingers tie the silk tie expertly around his thick neck. Loop over loop, and threaded through the correct side.

You politely sit back down on your thighs when you’re finished, and he glares down at you as he stuffs his shirt in his pants and does his belt. You fold your hands in your lap and his dick twitches at the sight, the image of a perfect little naked sub kitten, waiting for his command.

But he can’t submit. This was the last fucking time. He wasn’t gonna fall for it again, wasn’t gonna let himself indulge in this addiction again.

His fingers linger around the neck of the tie as he brings it up closer, tighter to the base of his neck and hesitates for a second before deciding otherwise.

“Fuck it,” he mutters.

He crosses your room in two quick strides and presses your waiting figure into the sheets.

You yelp, caught off guard at the sudden movement, hands flying up to steady yourself Against the bedding at the onslaught of his body. But he’s too quick for you, as he kneels up between your legs and hastens to grip your wrists in his large hands and press them high up above your head. He whips off the tie around his neck in a quick motion, the snap of the silk against his neck startling You.

But the man is on a mission. He fixates on your wrists and begins expertly tying them to the bars of your small bed frame, looping the silk thin tie around your wrists and around the bars to securely fasten them away.

“Jungk—I mean, captain, what are you—?”

He cuts you off with a hard kiss to your mouth, using the opportunity of swallowing your words to shove his tongue in your mouth and dominate the kiss. You moan underneath him, soft and pliable as his hard chest comes down securely against your breasts and he kneels sovthat your body is trapped between his knees underneath him.

“You can call me Jungkook.”


He’d never allowed you to say his name under any circumstance. If you did, he’d punish you. And you’d never tried to venture that way.

“Only for tonight,” he says, as his long fingers swipe the belt from its loops with a smack. “It’s gonna be the last fucking time.” He says with a glare and a darkening of his eyes before he swoops down again and captures your lips in his.

But the both of you know it’s not true.

“So,” he smiled, “tell me yours.”

“My what?” She replied.

“You know, your love story, tell me about the guy who made you obsessed with the idea that you’re better off alone.”

She scoffed,
“It wasn’t a love story. Far from that. Barely a story actually. There was fighting, ignorance, stubbornness, cancellations, toxicity, emotional torture, and let’s not forget the constant competition of who cared less. We just didn’t work and I know that killed him just as much as it hurt me but lord knows he was a hell of a lot better at hiding that than I was. We were actually crazy about each other, I know, hard to believe right? I mean, there were times I hated his guts and I swore to myself I would never talk to him again and I meant it too, at the time.. But it never lasted long, eventually we made up, apologised, fucked, you know.. The usual “make up” stuff. But it wasn’t along until the next fight, and I think it just got exhausting, you know.. To keep going round in circles. The routine got boring and there’s only so much pain you can put yourself through before you say enough is enough. And one day, enough was enough and we accepted it, we wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe in another lifetime but certainly not this one.“

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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i don't hate zen but i love readin abt cheater zen, i think he's the most likely to accidentally do something to hurt mc. obv he would regret it but accidentally or not, cheating is cheating. i would like to request zen cheating on mc and mc not! being understanding for months. mc finds peace after months and they resolve things but mc moves on and possibly finds comfort in other rfa member or v? the main thing i would want is mc not being forgiving and instantly understanding. she got feels too

I don’t know if actual Zen would really do something to hurt her feelings. I mean, he kinda seems like the best bf material in the whole game, if you put aside the narcissism and the career issues. But, even then, he’s still lovable. I…I can never bring myself to hate him. orz Damn cheeky bastard.
Actually, I think the only two people who would accidentally hurt MC’s feelings would be our twin boys, but it wouldn’t be on purpose, they love her too much to do that.
Regardless I’ll still write this out (*・∀-)☆ I do want to make it clear that for these types of scenarios, the cheating ones moreso, I do think they’re extremely OOC, BUT we all have our own opinions!


It was obvious he shouldn’t have done it. After a few days of you gone, moved in with someone in the RFA (No one would tell him who), your absence hit him the most. A week after, and he couldn’t even focus at practice- Getting his lines mixed up with apologies he kept forming for you.

Thankfully, you didn’t try to make this ‘public’ for him. He didn’t know why, but it gave him a bit of hope. Maybe he could fix this? Maybe he could prove that you meant so much more to him than that coworker…

Buzzed with feelings of hope and his fourth can of beer, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts, finding your name and, after a deep breath, calling.

The first ring he started holding his breath. After the second ring, he knew that’s when your phone would start going off. What were you doing right now? Were you crying? Waiting for him to call you back? Wait-

You sent him to voicemail. He wanted to leave one, but apparently your inbox was full? 

How many people were calling you…Was it about this? Was from old boyfriends or guys who were wanting you now that you were single??

He set his can down, navigating through his phone menu to the old streams of text messages the two of you had shared. He almost went through them again, having his heart ache at how sweet things were before he fucked up, but his worries of you with another man fueled him to start working on a new message.

Starting it off with apologies, he skipped any awkward greetings, and as he was working on trying to type out his worries and love for you, he got a text from you.

Don’t call me again. Don’t force me to block your number, Zen, and just leave me alone.

Why would you want to block his number? Frowning, he hastily finished his text and sent it, hoping his apology would help-

Zen, I’m not even going to read that. Stop messaging me, or else I’ll get Seven to block this number, or any other numbers you try to contact me on.

His throat was dry instantly. Were you…Staying with Seven? Was it in a friendly way or was he taking this opening to…

He rubbed at his eyes a bit, trying to think of something to send.

“You won’t even consider my apology?”

Sending it without a second though, he started tapping his foot anxiously, waiting for your reply. If you were staying with Seven, he could block the number very quickly. That was probably childs play for him.

He watched the time on his phone seemingly refusing to move past onto the next minute. He felt his eyes start to ache, his lungs burn as he couldn’t breathe out.

No, I won’t. Zen, I didn’t ask anything from you. I let you follow your career, I let you flirt with your fans, I let you go out drinking- All because I trusted you. I thought I shouldn’t have to worry because you seemed so loyal, and I didn’t want to be overbearing. I didn’t want you thinking I was an uptight bitch or something. But, apparently, even that and everything else I did for you wasn’t enough. My love wasn’t enough for you, and I’m not falling for the same trap twice.

Now seriously, stop texting me. Don’t try to call, don’t even look at me the next time you see me. I’m only keeping your number in case of some RFA related emergency, and that’s it, but id I need to I will have it blocked.

You’re not worth my time anymore, Zen, and it’s time that I finally give it to a person who deserves it.


Seven watched you as your lips trembled, tears rolling down your cheeks as you shakily put down your phone, trying repeatedly to maintain some facade to show that this wasn’t affecting you as badly as it was.

Slowly, gingerly, he wrapped an arm around you, and you wasted no time burying yourself against him, letting out a pitiful sob.

“I can have it to where he stops texting you, I can, it’s very quick. You don’t need him trying to again and again.”

You shook your head against his chest, and he felt his heart break for you. You had done so much for all of them, so much more than anyone. You didn’t deserve your heart aching like this.

Oath (Werewolf!Jungkook)

Plot: A relationship between hunter!reader and werewolf!Jungkook

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Epilogue

Word Count: 1585

A/N: so here is part fifteen, we have about six more parts left !! I’m so so happy you guys are enjoying this series as much as I am bc honestly this has been one of my favorite things I’ve ever written and it’s so easy to be able to just write all I want with one plot and queue it all up so I don’t have to worry about it when I’m in school or have something important to do so I’m definitely gonna be doing another series but for now, the link for this is werewolf!Jungkook (here)

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

It was painfully quiet in the apartment, the lack of separate rooms making it even more obvious that Jungkook was ignoring you. You couldn’t even attempt to count the amount of the times you’d tried to apologize, to explain, only to be met with distant comments about how you were right to do it, how he didn’t judge you for it. He kept saying he wasn’t mad at you but a part of you wished he was because the only other reason he would act so coldly was because he was hurt. You wished it was something as simple as anger, anger fades, pain can scar.

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Hello! Can I request RFAS reactiion to a MC that tend to not shine through her negative feelings. Like of she feels anything positive, she will let it through. But if shes sad/angry or something else negative she will just bottle it up. (And sometimes the bottle can spill over).

This one took forever for me to write. I hope this is still okay. I’m gonna put this under the cut, so if it doesn’t work, use the link in my masterlist to read it.

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Love at First Video Part 19: Comfort

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You knew you shouldn’t let what those two girls say bother you. Understanding that was easy, but actually doing that, not so much. Their words dug deep, making all the good memories fall to the back of your mind as they rang over and over again.

You hadn’t even thought about the fans reactions to you being in his video. After all, the two of you hadn’t even really announced your relationship yet. But you hadn’t expected that sort of reaction, the utter disdain and rudeness that had leaked off of them as they glared your way. They hadn’t even been careful in their hatred of you, they had wanted you to see it.

Clutching your pillow tightly to your chest, you let the sobs tear out of you. It was hard, when someone was rude to you like that. You always tried to be a kind, and considerate, and other people’s words always hurt your more than they should.

You were so lost in your own pain, that you didn’t hear the gentle knock on the door, or even the creak when it opened. But you did feel the gentle hand, as Misha rested it on your shoulder. “Y/N, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

You felt the bed sag as he sat down next to you, and you rolled over, letting him pull you into his arms. You tucked your head into his chest, the sobs continuing as you had a hard time catching your breath. You felt Misha rubbing your back, soothing circles that helped calm you down. Minutes passed by, and slowly your crying slowed down, enough that you could breathe and relax a little.

Noticing you had calmed down, Misha tilted your face so he could see you. You wanted to duck back under, and press your face to his chest. You knew you must look a sight, with your red eyes, and mascara dripping down your face. But he kept a gentle pressure on your chin, his eyes full of worry and concern. “Care to tell me what that was about?”

“It’s stupid.” You muttered, wanting nothing more than to wallow in your own misery. You loved knowing that Misha cared about you enough to be concerned, but you didn’t want him to see you like that.

He let go of your chin then, and you sank back into the comfort of his chest, his arms once again wrapped around you, his chin resting on the top of your head. “It must be something if it got you this upset. I don’t care how stupid it is, maybe it will make you feel better to talk about it.” He prompted you.

Without his deep gaze on you, it was a little easier for the words to get out. “I just overheard a couple of girls talking today. I let it get to me a little more than I should have.” You said, trying to skirt around the issue, not wanting Misha to know the real reason.

“Come On Y/N, that’s not all of it.” He said, not giving in. “What did those girls say?”

You sighed. “They were fans of yours. And they recognized me from the video. I guess they don’t like me. They said I was just a fling, that you would never stay with a girl like me. And that I probably did some favors to get in your video.” You told him, the tears starting to well up again while you remembered those horrible girls. “And I know it’s stupid to get upset over words, but I couldn’t help it.”

You felt his arms tighten around you as you spoke, and you knew what those girls had said, upset him too. “That’s the worse thing about my job. I love it, and the fans so much. But they can be a little obsessive. But it’s not because they hate you. Hell, they don’t even know you yet. They are just jealous, and they should be. Because you have my heart, and they never will.” He told you, his words having the effect he wanted. They calmed you down, making you see that he was right.

“But they don’t actually know I’m with you. That we love each other.” You said.

“That’s right, you haven’t seen the video. Come on, wipe those tears, and let’s go watch it. I think that will answer a lot of your questions.” He said, pulling back from you, his callused finger surprisingly soft as he wiped away the last of your tears.

Taking a deep breath, you nodded, grabbing his hand as he pulled you up. He didn’t let go, holding onto it tight as he led you down the stairs and into his study. “Where are the kids?” You asked him, amazed at how quiet the house was.

“They’re over at the neighbors. I was so worried about you, I figured it was a good idea to get them out of the house for a little bit.” He said, squeezing your hand. He pulled out his desk chair, sitting down before pulling you down so you were sitting on his lap. His laptop was still open, and reaching around you, he had the video pulled up with a couple of clicks.

“Here, watch and see.” He said, turning the volume up. Your mood immediately brightened as you watched West attack his dad with the flour, watching as Misha turned on you. It showed all four of you covered in flour as West did most of the mixing and baking.

It wasn’t the baking that had you so enraptured with the video. It was the interaction between you and Misha that had you riveted to the screen. Little touches here and there, like Misha leaning over and tucking a stray hair behind your ear. Or a hand on your lower back. The glances between you and Misha were often, and either sweet, or steamy. It was easy to see from the video that you and Misha were more than friends, so easy that you were sure anyone who watched could figure that out.

“Wow.” You breathed, as Misha ran his hand up and down your arm, before pulling you back to lean against his chest.

“I didn’t realize we were sending googly eyes at each other until I started editing. But anyone who sees this should realize you are more than just a fling to me. That we both care deeply for each other.” He explained, and you nodded, agreeing with him.

“There will always be fans like that, won’t there?” You asked him, tilting your head back so it rested against his shoulder. The video had worked, had calmed you down, but your fears of being hated, and ridiculed were still there.

“I hate to say it, but probably. They are a passionate group, and I love them. But maybe, once they say how happy I truly am with you, they will be happy for the both of us, and welcome you into the family.” He told you.

“Are we going to do that by doing more videos?” You asked him, as he leaned down to kiss your cheek.

His mouth stayed next to your ear, nibbling on it, before he whispered into it. “No, I was thinking you should come to the convention with me, this weekend. Let them see you, and you can see them. Most of them are sweet, and smart. And they would love you.”

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@ Stan, what are your favorite things about Richie?

Seriously, as horrifically irritating as he is, there’s not much I don’t like about Richie. Here are a few of my favorite things, though:

- His hair is an utter, disgraceful mess, but sometimes I will wash it and brush it out for him, and it takes such a long time, but it’s oddly very therapeutic.
- I can insult him as much as I like, and he never actually gets upset; he always knows when I’m joking, whereas most people don’t.
- He’s so relaxed about everything, it’s quite difficult to feel stressed when you’re hanging out with Richie.
- He knows me better than anyone else, even Bill. And I would like to think that I know him just as well, too.
- He has the innate ability to make everything fun, as much as I hate to admit it.
- Richie is actually very aesthetically pleasing to look at; really, he’s beautiful, but he is incredibly modest about his appearance. I don’t think he realizes how good looking he is, and that’s very endearing.
- For all of his laziness, if you actually ask him to do something, he will definitely do it.
- He is impossibly caring and sweet. Everyone assumes he’s an asshole, and he is, to an extent, but he is also the most loving, selfless, and loyal person you could possibly meet.

- Stanley

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If you are up for it, smuggler!ben x dark!rey in modern au; first kiss

…I completely missed the “first kiss” part of this prompt but I only noticed after I wrote it so, um… I’m sorry? *sweats* Hopefully this is to your liking just the same; it does have kisses in it!

The old mechanic’s shop always smells the same: cold steel, washed concrete, and that sharp tang of gunmetal that seems to hover in the air, foreboding, warning.

It’s the type of thing you only have to smell once to have it imprinted on your memory.  

Ben grunts and hoists the heavy backpack over his shoulder as he steps into the shop, sighs at the empty space behind the counter. It’d taken him a solid week to finally track down Teedo and make the delivery, half-breaking the oily little man’s arm when he’d tried to weasel out of the agreed-upon price.

Maybe he’d been able to sweet-talk his way out of the slums of Jakku, that one, but Ben Solo always got paid.

“Plutt!” he yells, hoisting the bag up onto the counter and trying to peer into the back room. “Get your fat ass out here!”

“Just me today, Ben.”

Oh, that sweet voice in that crisp little accent. Ben’s lips twist in a slow grin as he turns and damn if she isn’t selling it today, the little viper: crop top flashing a tantalizing strip of belly, black shorts tight and high, all swaying hips and clicking heels and painted lips.

“Knew I was coming, I see,” Ben says as she lifts the countertop door and ducks under it, admiring her legs. “Rey.”

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Why do you hate Jack so much?? Like what has he ever done but make s13 interesting unlike the past couple season 😗☕️

Sigh… Do I really want to go into this… or do I just reply with “I don’t like Jack because I watched season 12 (and 4. and 5)” and give 0 fucks… Alright, I’m going to answer this as politely and constructively as I can and I’m only going to talk about this once, so read carefully. Some unpopular opinions under the cut, don’t go there if you don’t like rants or don’t want to get your Jack-loving feelings hurt.

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Ice Cream Cuddles

Parings: Yoon Sanha x Reader
Notes: “Can I request some tooth rotting-ly cute Sanha scenario with cuddles and ice cream 😭” @cookiecait
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1119

Originally posted by lunarjun

"No, no get that flavor!”

“Wait, can we get this one too?!”

“Y/n, look we have to get this one too!”

Despite how annoying this all sounded, it actually brought a huge smile to your face. Watching Sanha dance around the little convenience store in search of ice cream was such task, seeing as you’d have to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn’t go overboard, but it was fun. With the large grin adorning his lips, and the pastel colors he had chosen to wear all made you laugh. Sanha was just a cute person in general, so hearing his excited little squeals and seeing his happy expression made you smile in return.

“Remember Sanha,” You called out to him, placing another pint of Strawberry ice cream into the small cart. “We also have to get some for the guys, not just for us.” At the sound of this news Sanha skidded to a stop, turning to face you with his bottom lip jutted out in a pout. “Whyy?” He whined, slowly walking to your side and glancing down to the eight pints of ice cream solemnly.

You laughed at his childish antics, pressing against your toes a bit as you gave his baby blue hat covered head a small pat. “Don’t worry,” You held up a pint of Mint Chocolate before placing it into the cart as well. “There are two for you, and two for me.”

Sanhas face lit up at this news, and he bent down to place a sloppy kiss on to your cheek before he threw his hands into the air. “Okay, that’s good!” He then ran over to one self, grabbing a box of waffle cone and holding them up for inspection. “Cones, or no cones?” You shook your head in reply, walking over to the same self but instead of grabbing a sleeve of cones, you reached further back and grabbed a carton of sprinkles and other toppings.

“We’re eating our ice cream out of the can.” You told him, motioning to your cart that had been filled with different assortments of ice cream and toppings. Sanha nodded excitedly, placing the sleeve of cones back on to the shelf and once again coming to your side. “Okay then,” You clapped your hands, and with much difficulty turned the cart around. “let’s check out before we end up buying the entire ice cream section.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“A stomach ache.”


It took a while for the two of you to head to checkout, but once it was done and over with, the two of you hurriedly made your way home. You were both met with happy dances and excited faces as soon as you walked through the door. You tried your best to hand out the correct flavor to the right boy, but you almost handed one of Sanhas pints to JinJin, making him yell out in protest before yanking his pint close to his chest and practically throwing JinJin his own.

You scolded him for his actions, of course, and after you were done with that, the two of you made your way back to the guest room, where the TV was still playing a random show you had chosen to play. You placed your bag of ice cream on to a chair, setting your two pints next to Sanhas as he grabbed two spoons. “So which first, Moose Tracks or Neapolitan?”

“Neapolitan!” He exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement before reaching over you to grab his pint of ice cream. “Cause then we’ll get all three flavors at once!” You nodded in agreement, reaching for your own pint of ice cream and handing it to him before turning on a movie that the two of you had picked out. After the beginning credits began to roll, you jumped on to the bed next to Sanha and pulled the covers over you, leaning your head against his shoulder.

“I feel like I haven’t done anything like this in a while.” Sanha spoke, placing a spoonful of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla into his smiling mouth. “Thanks for doing this with me, y/n.” He turned his attention away from the movie and to you, his lips curling into another smile of gratitude. You titled your head a bit to return the smile, moving your body just a bit to press a chaste kiss against his cheek.

“It’s no problem,” You told him, setting your pint of ice cream on to the night stand and wrapping your arms around one of his arms. “but you should also be thanking Eunwoo. This was partially his idea. He thought that you were getting to stressed.”

“I was.”

“And he knew that.” You continued to speak, snuggling closer to Sanha as you lightly focused on the movie, but keeping most of your attention on the boy next to you. “So he, well both of us, decided that you needed some time to relax. Hence our little ice cream/cuddle session.”

Sanha placed a hand over his heart, pursing his lips together in a goofy smile as he hugged you close to him. “Aw, thank for you caring about me, y/n.” His voice cracked a bit as he spoke, a blush forming on his cheeks and neck as you laughed lightly. “Anyways, I’ll have to thank Eunwoo later. Cause right now we still have some ice cream to dig into!”

“Okay, but let’s cuddle for a bit first.” You stood up from the bed, grabbing both of the pints of ice cream and placed them next to your bag before jumping back on to the bed. Sanha immediately wrapped his long arms around your waist, and you snuggled deep into the covers as you wrapped him into a big hug. Sanha took his hat off, throwing it gently on to a near by chair before nuzzling his face into your hair and breathing in the comforting scent.

“Our ice cream better not melt.” He mumbled, moving his gaze to your face as he narrowed his eyes in a joking manner. “Otherwise I might get angry.” Sanha playfully dug his fingers into your sides, eliciting a series of laughter from you as you ran your fingers through his curly hair.

“Might?” You drew back from him a bit to give him a questioning gaze. The serious look on his face lasted for about two seconds, and he tried his hardest to keep it there longer, but he melted into a pile of giggles and smiles. “No, never mind. I can never be angry at you.”

“You can try though.”

“I’d rather not, actually. I like you too much to hate you.”

Laflams Pirate AU Teaser

“You’re late.”

“Did I ever commit to deliver you food at specific time slots?” Alex asked with one eyebrow cocked.

“You always come right after your crew’s breakfast. My stomach is nearly empty.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “You are the most spoiled prisoner in the world, you know that? I had some business to take care of. Don’t lose your mind, pretty boy. We’re not trying to starve you.” John hated it when he called him that. “Anyway, I’ve brought you a treat. Go on and eat it if you’re so starving.” He looked over at the plate and noticed a slice of some juicy, yellow fruit next to the usual bread and butter. “It’s a mango,” Alex supplied. “We acquired a large amount of them a while back and they’ll go bad soon if we don’t eat them. Had to be pretty quiet about bringing that down here. If the crew found out I was feeding our prisoner some of our only fresh fruit there’d be a mutiny.”

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I need more Jeller. Fic request: First married fight. OR first vacation together. OR whatever you feel like writing. I'll take it!

It wasn’t really planned that they go on vacation together, it just sort of happened. Because at the end of the day, neither Jane or Kurt were he kind to take any time off, let alone time off to just pack up and leave. They were both workaholics and stubborn about being workaholics. The only way they would actually take time off to relax and go on vacation was if they get conned into it. And who better at that than Rich Dotcom. And so with the help if the rest of the team - well mostly Patterson and Roman, with Tasha complaining and Reade avoiding the situation altogether.

It had been Patterson’s idea to begin with. She was good at picking up these things especially when she saw Jane pour ketchup into her coffee one morning and then try vehemently to deny that she’s overworked and exhausted, and then later that day, Weller referred to Reade as Felix, and then as Sawyer and then called Brianna Beyonce. Things were obviously not well with those two and someone had to step in with an intervention. Quickly.

She went to Tasha first, but the other agent wanted nothing to do with it. “The last time I tried to interfere in their lives I got an assignment helping the local Fire department clean out an abandoned building that had been used by homeless people for a week,” Tasha said. Then she went to Reade, who said that he was busy trying not to get fired, took a sip of his tea and walked away.

So Patterson did what she knew had to be done. She went to Rich. And the ex-conman turned consultant was, of course, more than willing to help. Roman’s involvement came because the man would do anything for his sister. And also because Patterson had lied to him and told him she needed his help on a case.

The con was all set up. Anonymously, Rich sent Kurt an email claiming to be a woman from Florida who had information on Ian and Alice Kruger, and also a connection between them and a certain Mrs. Weller who no one had heard from in years. The only problem, this mysterious woman was not able to travel and they had to come to her. Kurt and Jane grabbed their go bags almost immediately and boarded the FBI plane.

Half an hour into their flight, a voice came over the PA.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FBI Air, flight number 815 heading straight to Hawaii. Please stay seated with your seat belts fastened, and please don’t try to enter the cock pit or try anything to change the course of this flight,” Rich spoke from Patterson’s lab.

To say that Kurt was furious was an understatement - a huge understatement.

“What are you gonna do about it?” Jane suddenly said, surprisingly calm, “it’s not like you can fly that plane back to New York.”

Kurt looked at her, shocked that she was taking this a little too well.

“No,” he argued, “but you can.”

Jane looked up at him, not at all surprised that he would suggest that. “That’s right,” she said, “I can. But I won’t.”

“What? Why not?” Kurt was fuming.

“Because as wrong as what the team did, and as much as I hate that they practically kidnapped us,” Jane said gently, “I’m actually glad they did. I don’t know about you, Kurt, but I’m exhausted and I would have never admitted it to myself or even had the courage to take any time off. So as much as I hate that they lied to us and that there isn’t actually any lead, some good may come out of this.”

“I can’t believe-”

“Now if you don’t mind,” Jane interrupted him, resting her head on the back of her seat and closing her eyes, “there are ten more hours to go on this flight, and for the first time in my life, I think I am gonna get some actual rest.”

END OF PART 1 (someone had another prompt that works with this so that will be part 2)

 Anyways, “Still Star Crossed” turned out to have a very good first episode. They obviously changed some stuff from the book, which I guess I’ll have to wait and see if that makes it better or not. But in generall that episode was so atmospheric and intense. 

I loved that they actually showed us Romeo and Juliet and made us like them and care for them (which I never did before sorry not sorry). The funeral scene was so damn scary and horrible and “The curse on house Montague!” and then all the hell broke loose - amazing scene!

Lashana Lynch is a perfect Rosaline, she’s exactly how I imagined her while reading, so yeah good casting choice. Love my Rosaline. 

So far I’m a little bit dissapointed in Livia. I remember her being more “ride or die” for Rosaline in the book, then she was showed here, but I’ll give her time, because she was my fave in the book. 

Isabella can step on me and I’ll just smile and say thank you, because she’s a literall goodness.

Lady Capulet can choke. Hate her, hate her. hate her.

Escalus… Damn,  Escalus  is difficult. They actually made me feel sorry for him here, but then i remember that thing he did in the book and will probably do here too and I’m back to hating him very much. I don’t care his reasons, that was/will be a ultimate dick move. So I don’t know I never liked  Escalus, but at least this version of him didn’t make me want to stab myself everytime he has scenes. So there’s that.

I loved Wade Briggs as Benvolio too. Feel kind of sad that they didn’t include the scene, where he’s wondering Verona at night all alone and seeing the ghosts of his friends. I loved that scene so much, I wish we could have it here, to show viewers hor lonely and traumatized he is after losing both of his friends. 

Rosaline and Benvolio have the exactly type of chemistry i wanted them to have. All that UST guys, damn. Can’t wait for them to smash their pretty faces together. Also loved it that during Romeo and Juliet’s wedding scene all Rosaline and Benvolio did was rolling there eyes at each other, everytime the pair started to make out. Gold.

All in all, the episode was good, can’t wait for the next one. Juging from promo it’s gonna be Rosaline x Benvolio  heavy, which is yes. Good. This is exactly what I’m here for. 

If you love period drama, cool female characters, classic tropes (like arrange marriage, from enemies to friends to lovers) and crack Shakespeare fanfictions you should definitely check out “Still star crossed” - it’s awesome and deserve your attention.

- He looks like a total badass, so you always assumed he had a really high tolerance

 -he’s the biggest lightweight you’ve seen 

 - like he get’s drunk off of two shots of vodka. 

 -“fuck, what is that shit?”

 -“It’s whipped cream flavored vodka.“ 

 - "It tastes fucking good, give me another one.”

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For everyone who wants to save themselves for watching this CW disaster... Lames is confirmed and they kiss twittercom/lenaluhthorx/status/937829108863655937

Hmmmm… Yes, I hear our buddy Guardian came back to save her at one point too. So that’s yet another time James has saved Lena… Why does that “idea” ring a bell?

Ohhh yeah!!! I predicted it nearly 4 months ago! High five to the writers for giving us another aMazINg aNd ShoCkIng pLOt tWIsT!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏

BRAVO! SG Writers!

James has been little more than useless since the beginning of the season. He’s had barely any development since the beginning of S2. No longer CEO. Barely goes out as Guardian. 

SG Writers: What to do with James?? 🤔 GOT IT! Let’s have him magically fall for someone he has managed to hate despite never actually meeting her! Let’s pair him up with the show’s most popular character! That will get him some attention and make him relevant again! iT’S aNOtHer AMazInG RomAnCe!!!!

I’m sorry… that… also…. sounds…… familiar……

Of course. Called that bit too. 

….I’m tired. Can you tell? Sometimes being right isn’t fun. 

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i can't believe i'm seeing johnny depp on my dashboard how can you even support someone who is a proved abuser???? what he did is absolutely DISGUSTING, you reblogging him and supporting him is DISGUSTING, how you can stand with him and hate on amber who is the victim is DISGUSTING open your eyes and go kill yourself you'll be doing us all a favor people like you are exactly the reason why victims are afraid to seek help

Oh for fuck’s sake. first of all, to everyone reading this, please unfollow me if you support amber heard and/or hate johnny. I’m honestly so tired of choosing my words carefully. I have been on here for more than 5 years and I couldn’t care less. the negativity on this site grows each year and I’m the one who’s disgusted. some people on here are so obsessed with political correctness they don’t even realize how judgemental they’ve actually become, and can see things only from one perspective. preaching about acceptance and equality yet when someone has different views, you attack them and tell them it would be best if they killed themselves. now that’s disgusting. telling someone to kill themselves is fucking VILE. you’re telling me i’m a bad person for supporting johnny yet here you are telling me such horrible things without a second thought. i don’t know man, to me, that’s a bit hypocritical, but who am I to judge. also, this is the only hateful message I am going to answer, so don’t even bother. I have deleted many and I’m going to keep doing so, it’s just that this one went too far and I couldn’t ignore it.

Anyway, this goes to everyone - I’m tired of people criticizing me and sending hate daily because I support him and reblog photos of him every now and then. I shouldn’t be ashamed of loving a celebrity who was never found guilty. the claims were all bloody false, and the charges are dropped. please don’t be so ignorant and actually try to dig a bit deeper into the whole situation. collect as much information as you possibly can. believing everything the media has to say is just so wrong. attacking people for defending a falsely accused man is wrong. oh and try to get rid of the idea that women are always the victims, and are incapable of being manipulative, abusive and deceitful. it is much more common than you’d think, and than tumblr wants you to believe. I would also like to point out that the one with actual abuse history in this whole story is, in fact, miss amber heard. I’ll leave you with a few posts from people who recently went a bit more in depth and have stated the facts much better than I ever could. thank you very much.  
  xx, x 

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i love this blog! my question: who is better at comforting the other when they are emotionally hurt?

Jobro Random Headcanons #32 (SFW)

I love you anon, this was a fantastic question! Thank you for it, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed answering it!

Jonadio: Jonathan of course, Dio is hard to console though especially when a lot of how he’s feeling he keeps to himself and acts out outwardly. Jonathan is very tender and considerate and even when Dio lashes out of him he makes a constant effort to help him in any way he can. He’s very patient too, and will never hate Dio for taking his anger out on him.

Caejose: Joseph is actually really good at comforting Caesar who can be very hot-headed and impulsive. Caesar has a hard time understanding his emotions and dealing with them. Joseph is a little more level-headed especially when he gets older. This aspect of Joseph surprised Caesar but it’s one of the many things he loves about him.

Jotakak: Kakyoin is one of the only people who understands Jotaro and that includes dealing with him emotionally. Jotaro doesn’t project his emotions well, even though he thinks that what he is feeling is clear. Kakyoin doesn’t need to do much to help Jotaro other than to give him space and to assure him that he is always there. Honestly, having Kakyoin with him helps him when he’s feeling below the weather.

Josuyasu: Josuke is really good at helping Okuyasu. Okuyasu is a sensitive child and Josuke is too, but he has a better grasp on his emotions even in times of crisis. Josuke usually knows just what to say to Okuyasu especially the longer they know each other. One of the many benefits of being best friends as well as lovers.

Giomis: Giorno is better at helping Mista. Giorno has a very good head on his shoulders and is nearly always in control of his emotions. Mista isn’t especially emotional but he can get in a funk every once in a while and Giorno is the perfect person to vent to. He will just sit silently and listen to Mista.

silver-twilight replied to your post: There were feathers in the hallway. Tony blinked…

At first I thought it was Bruce, but CLINT. Yay. I’m guessing all of the Avengers, but Tony and Rhodey are monsters? What about Nick, Phil and Maria? Can we expect to see Vision? What about Scarlet Witch and Pietro? Though tbh I wouldn’t be too upset if those two never appear. I love this so much! Thanks for sharing.

I love that you think I’m planned out that far ahead lmaoooo

Honestly (and you’re gonna hate this answer) I have no idea yet!!! This particular snipped actually came about because I just wanted Tony crying and sobbing out ‘help, it’s hurting him!’ I hadn’t actually decided it was Clint until the end when I said ‘his name was Clint,’ because the circus thing really worked with the Death Chain.


(Although tbh I hadn’t planned on adding anyone except the original Avengers and Pepper. Pepper’s human, by the way, and all the monsters are terrified of her, but we all knew that was coming because my Pepper is always a fierce, stone-cold bitch who loves Tony dearly even if it’s not romantic.)

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Heey sugaya, Karasuma, Isogai and Karma kiss headcanons? if you dont mind darling

Sorry that it took so long, my motivation was gone!;; (also, I’m not sure but is that the dear belgian wafflelover on your profile pic? If not, ignore this comment)

Kissing headcanons feat. the SIKK boys

in coorperation with 20 different types of kisses and what they actually mean

Sugaya Sousuke

- in public he will just sneak up on his s/o to give them a lot cheek kisses here and then

- because it’s quite funny to watch their reaction whether or not they are giggly or embarressed

- also he would be embarressed when their kiss in public would last too long so he chooses the teasy but friendly way

- when they are alone he would gently kiss them on their eyelids like they are an angel because for him, they are an angel

Isogai Yuuma

- most of time they’re exchanging just simple but sweet eskimo kisses

- and it looks so cute and everyone can see how in love they are with each other

- when they actually kissing it’s a butterfly kiss almost every time

- Isogai just know how to charm his s/o while making sure that they feel warm and loved

Karma Akabane

- as we all know from Irina’s kissing chart he’s actually on place three and a hate-to-defeat-boy

- so his kisses might be a bit possessive from time to time

- but he’s not a fan of too much tongue using sorry fangirls no french kisses for y’all

- there will be one point in their relationship where Karma will actually try the Spiderman kiss

- but will he succeed? We will never know

Karasuma Tadaomi

- kisses in public arent a thing you can except from him

- and we know what a square he is so normally the only kiss his s/o will get from him is a quick “bye see you later”-kiss before he goes to work

- but we also know that he can flirt if he wants to

- so don’t be too much surprised when he pulls them into his arms from behind before gently kissing and nibbling their earlobes