actually you can never hate him too much

“So,” he smiled, “tell me yours.”

“My what?” She replied.

“You know, your love story, tell me about the guy who made you obsessed with the idea that you’re better off alone.”

She scoffed,
“It wasn’t a love story. Far from that. Barely a story actually. There was fighting, ignorance, stubbornness, cancellations, toxicity, emotional torture, and let’s not forget the constant competition of who cared less. We just didn’t work and I know that killed him just as much as it hurt me but lord knows he was a hell of a lot better at hiding that than I was. We were actually crazy about each other, I know, hard to believe right? I mean, there were times I hated his guts and I swore to myself I would never talk to him again and I meant it too, at the time.. But it never lasted long, eventually we made up, apologised, fucked, you know.. The usual “make up” stuff. But it wasn’t along until the next fight, and I think it just got exhausting, you know.. To keep going round in circles. The routine got boring and there’s only so much pain you can put yourself through before you say enough is enough. And one day, enough was enough and we accepted it, we wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe in another lifetime but certainly not this one.“

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

anonymous asked:

i don't hate zen but i love readin abt cheater zen, i think he's the most likely to accidentally do something to hurt mc. obv he would regret it but accidentally or not, cheating is cheating. i would like to request zen cheating on mc and mc not! being understanding for months. mc finds peace after months and they resolve things but mc moves on and possibly finds comfort in other rfa member or v? the main thing i would want is mc not being forgiving and instantly understanding. she got feels too

I don’t know if actual Zen would really do something to hurt her feelings. I mean, he kinda seems like the best bf material in the whole game, if you put aside the narcissism and the career issues. But, even then, he’s still lovable. I…I can never bring myself to hate him. orz Damn cheeky bastard.
Actually, I think the only two people who would accidentally hurt MC’s feelings would be our twin boys, but it wouldn’t be on purpose, they love her too much to do that.
Regardless I’ll still write this out (*・∀-)☆ I do want to make it clear that for these types of scenarios, the cheating ones moreso, I do think they’re extremely OOC, BUT we all have our own opinions!


It was obvious he shouldn’t have done it. After a few days of you gone, moved in with someone in the RFA (No one would tell him who), your absence hit him the most. A week after, and he couldn’t even focus at practice- Getting his lines mixed up with apologies he kept forming for you.

Thankfully, you didn’t try to make this ‘public’ for him. He didn’t know why, but it gave him a bit of hope. Maybe he could fix this? Maybe he could prove that you meant so much more to him than that coworker…

Buzzed with feelings of hope and his fourth can of beer, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts, finding your name and, after a deep breath, calling.

The first ring he started holding his breath. After the second ring, he knew that’s when your phone would start going off. What were you doing right now? Were you crying? Waiting for him to call you back? Wait-

You sent him to voicemail. He wanted to leave one, but apparently your inbox was full? 

How many people were calling you…Was it about this? Was from old boyfriends or guys who were wanting you now that you were single??

He set his can down, navigating through his phone menu to the old streams of text messages the two of you had shared. He almost went through them again, having his heart ache at how sweet things were before he fucked up, but his worries of you with another man fueled him to start working on a new message.

Starting it off with apologies, he skipped any awkward greetings, and as he was working on trying to type out his worries and love for you, he got a text from you.

Don’t call me again. Don’t force me to block your number, Zen, and just leave me alone.

Why would you want to block his number? Frowning, he hastily finished his text and sent it, hoping his apology would help-

Zen, I’m not even going to read that. Stop messaging me, or else I’ll get Seven to block this number, or any other numbers you try to contact me on.

His throat was dry instantly. Were you…Staying with Seven? Was it in a friendly way or was he taking this opening to…

He rubbed at his eyes a bit, trying to think of something to send.

“You won’t even consider my apology?”

Sending it without a second though, he started tapping his foot anxiously, waiting for your reply. If you were staying with Seven, he could block the number very quickly. That was probably childs play for him.

He watched the time on his phone seemingly refusing to move past onto the next minute. He felt his eyes start to ache, his lungs burn as he couldn’t breathe out.

No, I won’t. Zen, I didn’t ask anything from you. I let you follow your career, I let you flirt with your fans, I let you go out drinking- All because I trusted you. I thought I shouldn’t have to worry because you seemed so loyal, and I didn’t want to be overbearing. I didn’t want you thinking I was an uptight bitch or something. But, apparently, even that and everything else I did for you wasn’t enough. My love wasn’t enough for you, and I’m not falling for the same trap twice.

Now seriously, stop texting me. Don’t try to call, don’t even look at me the next time you see me. I’m only keeping your number in case of some RFA related emergency, and that’s it, but id I need to I will have it blocked.

You’re not worth my time anymore, Zen, and it’s time that I finally give it to a person who deserves it.


Seven watched you as your lips trembled, tears rolling down your cheeks as you shakily put down your phone, trying repeatedly to maintain some facade to show that this wasn’t affecting you as badly as it was.

Slowly, gingerly, he wrapped an arm around you, and you wasted no time burying yourself against him, letting out a pitiful sob.

“I can have it to where he stops texting you, I can, it’s very quick. You don’t need him trying to again and again.”

You shook your head against his chest, and he felt his heart break for you. You had done so much for all of them, so much more than anyone. You didn’t deserve your heart aching like this.

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Hello! Can I request RFAS reactiion to a MC that tend to not shine through her negative feelings. Like of she feels anything positive, she will let it through. But if shes sad/angry or something else negative she will just bottle it up. (And sometimes the bottle can spill over).

This one took forever for me to write. I hope this is still okay. I’m gonna put this under the cut, so if it doesn’t work, use the link in my masterlist to read it.

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Love at First Video Part 19: Comfort

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You knew you shouldn’t let what those two girls say bother you. Understanding that was easy, but actually doing that, not so much. Their words dug deep, making all the good memories fall to the back of your mind as they rang over and over again.

You hadn’t even thought about the fans reactions to you being in his video. After all, the two of you hadn’t even really announced your relationship yet. But you hadn’t expected that sort of reaction, the utter disdain and rudeness that had leaked off of them as they glared your way. They hadn’t even been careful in their hatred of you, they had wanted you to see it.

Clutching your pillow tightly to your chest, you let the sobs tear out of you. It was hard, when someone was rude to you like that. You always tried to be a kind, and considerate, and other people’s words always hurt your more than they should.

You were so lost in your own pain, that you didn’t hear the gentle knock on the door, or even the creak when it opened. But you did feel the gentle hand, as Misha rested it on your shoulder. “Y/N, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

You felt the bed sag as he sat down next to you, and you rolled over, letting him pull you into his arms. You tucked your head into his chest, the sobs continuing as you had a hard time catching your breath. You felt Misha rubbing your back, soothing circles that helped calm you down. Minutes passed by, and slowly your crying slowed down, enough that you could breathe and relax a little.

Noticing you had calmed down, Misha tilted your face so he could see you. You wanted to duck back under, and press your face to his chest. You knew you must look a sight, with your red eyes, and mascara dripping down your face. But he kept a gentle pressure on your chin, his eyes full of worry and concern. “Care to tell me what that was about?”

“It’s stupid.” You muttered, wanting nothing more than to wallow in your own misery. You loved knowing that Misha cared about you enough to be concerned, but you didn’t want him to see you like that.

He let go of your chin then, and you sank back into the comfort of his chest, his arms once again wrapped around you, his chin resting on the top of your head. “It must be something if it got you this upset. I don’t care how stupid it is, maybe it will make you feel better to talk about it.” He prompted you.

Without his deep gaze on you, it was a little easier for the words to get out. “I just overheard a couple of girls talking today. I let it get to me a little more than I should have.” You said, trying to skirt around the issue, not wanting Misha to know the real reason.

“Come On Y/N, that’s not all of it.” He said, not giving in. “What did those girls say?”

You sighed. “They were fans of yours. And they recognized me from the video. I guess they don’t like me. They said I was just a fling, that you would never stay with a girl like me. And that I probably did some favors to get in your video.” You told him, the tears starting to well up again while you remembered those horrible girls. “And I know it’s stupid to get upset over words, but I couldn’t help it.”

You felt his arms tighten around you as you spoke, and you knew what those girls had said, upset him too. “That’s the worse thing about my job. I love it, and the fans so much. But they can be a little obsessive. But it’s not because they hate you. Hell, they don’t even know you yet. They are just jealous, and they should be. Because you have my heart, and they never will.” He told you, his words having the effect he wanted. They calmed you down, making you see that he was right.

“But they don’t actually know I’m with you. That we love each other.” You said.

“That’s right, you haven’t seen the video. Come on, wipe those tears, and let’s go watch it. I think that will answer a lot of your questions.” He said, pulling back from you, his callused finger surprisingly soft as he wiped away the last of your tears.

Taking a deep breath, you nodded, grabbing his hand as he pulled you up. He didn’t let go, holding onto it tight as he led you down the stairs and into his study. “Where are the kids?” You asked him, amazed at how quiet the house was.

“They’re over at the neighbors. I was so worried about you, I figured it was a good idea to get them out of the house for a little bit.” He said, squeezing your hand. He pulled out his desk chair, sitting down before pulling you down so you were sitting on his lap. His laptop was still open, and reaching around you, he had the video pulled up with a couple of clicks.

“Here, watch and see.” He said, turning the volume up. Your mood immediately brightened as you watched West attack his dad with the flour, watching as Misha turned on you. It showed all four of you covered in flour as West did most of the mixing and baking.

It wasn’t the baking that had you so enraptured with the video. It was the interaction between you and Misha that had you riveted to the screen. Little touches here and there, like Misha leaning over and tucking a stray hair behind your ear. Or a hand on your lower back. The glances between you and Misha were often, and either sweet, or steamy. It was easy to see from the video that you and Misha were more than friends, so easy that you were sure anyone who watched could figure that out.

“Wow.” You breathed, as Misha ran his hand up and down your arm, before pulling you back to lean against his chest.

“I didn’t realize we were sending googly eyes at each other until I started editing. But anyone who sees this should realize you are more than just a fling to me. That we both care deeply for each other.” He explained, and you nodded, agreeing with him.

“There will always be fans like that, won’t there?” You asked him, tilting your head back so it rested against his shoulder. The video had worked, had calmed you down, but your fears of being hated, and ridiculed were still there.

“I hate to say it, but probably. They are a passionate group, and I love them. But maybe, once they say how happy I truly am with you, they will be happy for the both of us, and welcome you into the family.” He told you.

“Are we going to do that by doing more videos?” You asked him, as he leaned down to kiss your cheek.

His mouth stayed next to your ear, nibbling on it, before he whispered into it. “No, I was thinking you should come to the convention with me, this weekend. Let them see you, and you can see them. Most of them are sweet, and smart. And they would love you.”

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I need more Jeller. Fic request: First married fight. OR first vacation together. OR whatever you feel like writing. I'll take it!

It wasn’t really planned that they go on vacation together, it just sort of happened. Because at the end of the day, neither Jane or Kurt were he kind to take any time off, let alone time off to just pack up and leave. They were both workaholics and stubborn about being workaholics. The only way they would actually take time off to relax and go on vacation was if they get conned into it. And who better at that than Rich Dotcom. And so with the help if the rest of the team - well mostly Patterson and Roman, with Tasha complaining and Reade avoiding the situation altogether.

It had been Patterson’s idea to begin with. She was good at picking up these things especially when she saw Jane pour ketchup into her coffee one morning and then try vehemently to deny that she’s overworked and exhausted, and then later that day, Weller referred to Reade as Felix, and then as Sawyer and then called Brianna Beyonce. Things were obviously not well with those two and someone had to step in with an intervention. Quickly.

She went to Tasha first, but the other agent wanted nothing to do with it. “The last time I tried to interfere in their lives I got an assignment helping the local Fire department clean out an abandoned building that had been used by homeless people for a week,” Tasha said. Then she went to Reade, who said that he was busy trying not to get fired, took a sip of his tea and walked away.

So Patterson did what she knew had to be done. She went to Rich. And the ex-conman turned consultant was, of course, more than willing to help. Roman’s involvement came because the man would do anything for his sister. And also because Patterson had lied to him and told him she needed his help on a case.

The con was all set up. Anonymously, Rich sent Kurt an email claiming to be a woman from Florida who had information on Ian and Alice Kruger, and also a connection between them and a certain Mrs. Weller who no one had heard from in years. The only problem, this mysterious woman was not able to travel and they had to come to her. Kurt and Jane grabbed their go bags almost immediately and boarded the FBI plane.

Half an hour into their flight, a voice came over the PA.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FBI Air, flight number 815 heading straight to Hawaii. Please stay seated with your seat belts fastened, and please don’t try to enter the cock pit or try anything to change the course of this flight,” Rich spoke from Patterson’s lab.

To say that Kurt was furious was an understatement - a huge understatement.

“What are you gonna do about it?” Jane suddenly said, surprisingly calm, “it’s not like you can fly that plane back to New York.”

Kurt looked at her, shocked that she was taking this a little too well.

“No,” he argued, “but you can.”

Jane looked up at him, not at all surprised that he would suggest that. “That’s right,” she said, “I can. But I won’t.”

“What? Why not?” Kurt was fuming.

“Because as wrong as what the team did, and as much as I hate that they practically kidnapped us,” Jane said gently, “I’m actually glad they did. I don’t know about you, Kurt, but I’m exhausted and I would have never admitted it to myself or even had the courage to take any time off. So as much as I hate that they lied to us and that there isn’t actually any lead, some good may come out of this.”

“I can’t believe-”

“Now if you don’t mind,” Jane interrupted him, resting her head on the back of her seat and closing her eyes, “there are ten more hours to go on this flight, and for the first time in my life, I think I am gonna get some actual rest.”

END OF PART 1 (someone had another prompt that works with this so that will be part 2)

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Has anyone ever actually explained what they don't like about Jared Leto's version of the Joker? Because whenever I see someone complaining, it's pretty much always just them saying they hate him and he sucks, but they never actually seem to say why.

This is a really interesting question, something that I have wondered about too.

The conclusion I have found is that those who hate his portrayal are biased, with one or several of the following reasons:

1) He is not Heath Ledger. This “offense” alone is enough to make some people hate him from the get-go. Anyone taking up the role after Heath would have been through the same because no one could do Dark Knight Joker like him, obviously. Those fans are stuck with TDK Joker and can’t imagine a new version, a new take on the character. Which I personally find very annoying bc TDK Joker was far from the first version of the character, as we all know. Makes no sense to glorify his version as the one and only, no matter how good it was. Maybe it’s because TDK Joker is so wide-spread famous in mainstream media.

By comparing Jared’s Joker to TDK Joker, they find different reasons to why his portrayal can’t keep up. If you judge Jared according to TDK standards, of course he didn’t manage well. They can’t even begin to imagine the Joker in fancy clubs, dressed like a Mexican cartel lord, and caring about someone else than Batman. Even as a new fan I agree that this a very new take on it, but it still works excellently if you’re open-minded. But of course Heath’s Joker would never do that.

The key is realizing that Leto!Joker was not supposed to be an anarchistic, shabby, Batman-obsessed clown with war paint, at least not yet. (It would have been offensive trying to copy Heath’s performance in my opinion, and the SS haters seem to forget this. I’m sure the outcry would have been ten times louder if they actually had brought in someone trying to copy his version, but some people are never satisfied with anything. Just saying. )

2.) They’re biased because of Jared, they believed the fake rumors about him being a rapis/t etc. It’s human nature to instinctively decide to dislike anything that a “bad” person does on before-hand, without giving it a honest chance. I know several people who just couldn’t like SS because of their (falsely) biased dislike for Jared. Then it becomes cool to hate him, even if they don’t know why.

3). They were disappointed with something, mostly the relationship between Joker and Harley. I can sense the hypocrisy from a mile away and it stinks.
“He is so abusive -> I hate him”. “He is not as abusive as I had expected -> He is ooc according to my narrow-minded standards and thus I hate him.”

Honestly I have not seen any critique with substance regarding him, so far, and although I’ve only been in this fandom since the 4th of August 2016, I think I would notice. Jared deserved every bit of praise he got. I love the two last movie Jokers with all my heart and I think the different universes are a huge asset.

silver-twilight replied to your post: There were feathers in the hallway. Tony blinked…

At first I thought it was Bruce, but CLINT. Yay. I’m guessing all of the Avengers, but Tony and Rhodey are monsters? What about Nick, Phil and Maria? Can we expect to see Vision? What about Scarlet Witch and Pietro? Though tbh I wouldn’t be too upset if those two never appear. I love this so much! Thanks for sharing.

I love that you think I’m planned out that far ahead lmaoooo

Honestly (and you’re gonna hate this answer) I have no idea yet!!! This particular snipped actually came about because I just wanted Tony crying and sobbing out ‘help, it’s hurting him!’ I hadn’t actually decided it was Clint until the end when I said ‘his name was Clint,’ because the circus thing really worked with the Death Chain.


(Although tbh I hadn’t planned on adding anyone except the original Avengers and Pepper. Pepper’s human, by the way, and all the monsters are terrified of her, but we all knew that was coming because my Pepper is always a fierce, stone-cold bitch who loves Tony dearly even if it’s not romantic.)

- He looks like a total badass, so you always assumed he had a really high tolerance

 -he’s the biggest lightweight you’ve seen 

 - like he get’s drunk off of two shots of vodka. 

 -“fuck, what is that shit?”

 -“It’s whipped cream flavored vodka.“ 

 - "It tastes fucking good, give me another one.”

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Can you continue the ask with kisumi and his protective gf? A scenario where haru/sousuke(or both) go overboard with bullying kisumi and his gf snaps. She starts yelling and throwing things at them(funny things like a pillow or something. Lol) I'd like to see how haru/sousuke and kisumi would react. :) your writing is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you come with. Thank you in advance! ❤❤❤

Thanks! Here you go! :) 


They all never thought, not even Kisumi, that ____ actually has a scary side living deep within her. And it was unleashed when Haru and Sousuke had sassed out Kisumi too much. Kisumi didn’t mind them acting like that towards him, but his girlfriend, unfortunately, had had enough of them. 

“Stop treating Kisumi like that! Argh! I hate you guys! Go away from him or I’ll beat you two up!” She angrily said as she threw the huge bear that Kisumi brought to her as a gift that day. While Haru and Sousuke are busy blocking or evading her thrown objects, Kisumi was just sitting at the side, tearing up in laughter as he watched a bothered Haru and Sousuke. He never thought that he’d actually love this side of his girlfriend even more, and he thought that maybe he should ask those two to continue what they’re doing so he could see his girlfriend being like that very often. 

abstractnonsensekingdom  asked:

Well I'm big Iwaizumi & Yamaguchi fangirl! ^-^ It's not I can agree with you on any character you don't like. Maybe Suga but in manga he's better so not really. About Yamaguchi - I liked him from the first moment he appered and he said "What else do we need besides pride?!" - one of my most favorite lines from hq.(+I love his voice actor) So yeah, I love him! I don't hate anyone in hq, but I've never been much fan of Daichi and Narita.

Hm, actually in manga he kind of looks better too (i don’t like his look in anime either) though im binging from beginning so not too sure yet. tho i think a lot of them look better in manga :’D 

wow i needed to google narita D: how did you notice him enough to get annoyed lmaooo 

i actually like daichi but im not too fond of the situations or storyline he’s in/company he keeps or something, i guess? 

[FIC] Today and everyday

“I hate this. I hate him.” Keith spits through gritted teeth, his knuckles going purple with how hard he’s squeezing the little black box, and Shiro, - his supposed best friend, - actually snorts at his pain. Keith already regrets everything. This was a bad bad bad idea.

“Sorry.” He says, the traitor, and has the nerve to look not sorry at all. “But, you know, if you hate Lance so much, you can just not propose to him.”

It’s on AO3

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paynoisbatman  asked:

ziam 33

33 - celeb / fan AU

There have been exactly three customers all day, and that’s why Liam never sees it coming.  He’s slouched next to the cash register playing Scramble on his phone when the bell jingles, and he scrambles to slip it back into his pocket without being too obvious.  The guy walks up to the counter, taking off his sunglasses.

“Hi,” Liam says, putting on his best barista smile, “how can I –“ Then he meets the guy’s eyes and his heart nearly stops in his chest.  His stomach drops somewhere around his knees, and he clutches the counter embarrassingly.

It’s Zayn Malik.  Liam would know his face absolutely anywhere.  Former skateboarding legend, current hip-hop icon, occasional actor, and one of Liam’s personal heroes.  Shit.  Liam makes an effort to close his mouth and arrange his features into what he hopes is a normal, pleasant human expression.

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Marauders Modern AU + 5 Favourite Things


  • Little colourful cupcakes. He just loves them. He even learned how to Internet so he could post photographs of cupcakes on Instagram
  • Anything spicy. That boy eats chili peppers like one eats candy
  • Quidditch. Like I don’t even need to explain. He practises like every other day and the only reason why he doesn’t do it every day is ‘cause Sirius promised to cast a spell on his broom so it would shove its handle up James’ ass
  • Cat videos
  • Chocolate body wash. He takes to Hogwarts like 20 bottles of it every year and his trunk smells like a chocolate factory 


  • Converse. He has soooo many pairs of sneakers he can’t count them. Sometimes he takes the red shoe from one pair and the green one from the other, puts them on and goes about his day
  • Wristbands with something written on them. He wears them on both his hands and thank god he can’t stretch them to his elbows 
  • Sweaters. I mean he never admits that because he’s too punk rock for it, but sometimes you can see him chillin’ in one of Moony’s sweaters in the common room
  • Moony’s curls. When he’s stressed the only way for him to calm down is to run his hands through this majestic bush of hair
  • Dogs. This boy loves them so much he almost pissed himself when found out his animagi form was a dog 


  • Contrary to popular belief, he hates chocolate, but he is a sucker for banana chips. When he cannot sleep he munches those things all night long. Loudly.
  • Sloths. Actually, he told Sirius that he likes dogs, and he does, but sloths, man, sloths. He watches videos with them on youtube every weekend and his favourite one is that video with i believe i can fly playing in the background
  • Stroking Padfoot’s fur or Sirius’ hair. And these two actions are so different sometimes he wishes he could do both at the same time
  • Postcards. His parents sometimes send him a letter with Casa de Campo or El Oso y el Madroño on a postcard and he loves it. He has like 100 of them already and he forces his friends to bring him some when they go gome or abroad 
  • Scented candles. If he can’t afford one he would just go to the shop and sniff it till he is thrown out of the shop. It did happen. Sirius laughed so hard he was left with no shagging for a month. Also he once found a candle with ‘reindeer poop’ written on it and gave it to James for his birthday

anonymous asked:

Harry has a child from a previously marriage and the child doesn't like y/n and is being mean to her. In the end Harry notices and they all make up x


( btw I put more visuals this time because I kinda like them?? )

“Daddy!” Mason’s short, dark curls bounce up and down from where it peaks out from behind Harry’s legs. “I wanna go to the park!”

You smile softly as Harry laughs, one of his hands reaching down to ruffle his son’s hair and the other one around your waist. “But today is Y/N’s birthday, don’t you wanna go to a restaurant and celebrate?”

Mason frowns, turning to face Harry completely. “Daddy, but Mommy’s gonna be at the park today!” Harry tightens his grip around you as you wince. “I heard from Katie that she is!”

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dating nct dream; jaemin ver.


-okok a lil backstory on your character:

-youre not necessarily an outcast but youre just pretty quiet and dont get into drama (you’d rather observe and laugh tbh)

-you dont get bullied bc one time, someone called you like a bitch or something nd started shoving you around

-and yoURE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE HOW DARE THEY so you grabbed their arm and twisted it and pushed it behind her back

-and everybody’s too scared to even look at you funny

-after that, everybody labelled you as a ‘badass’ even tho youre scared of dark basements and clowns

-not a lot of people talk to you but when they do, they realize how sweet and adorable you are

-but yes, most people just stay away from you

-also js, jaemin’s one of those people that EVERYBODY wants to be with in this school

-everybody except you woAH

-which is what drew him to you~

-like, on valentine’s, everybody was crowding him with gifts when you guys were in class 

-but you were just sitting in your seat, earbuds in and your head buried in a book


-HOWEVERRRR you think he is, so you’d rather not get your heart broken and steer clear of him

-coughs cue jaemin walking over to you

-you notice his presence but youre just like “w/e dude idc” and keep reading your book which lowkey/highkey makes jaemin fall for you

-so everybody’s looking at you two in envy and jaemin’s grinning, trying to estimate how long it’ll take you to notice him

-but finally he crouches down so he’s peering up at your face and you FINALLY notice him properly 





-it makes you vvvv amused

-jaemin sees you grin and thinks “IM DOING IT GO ME GO”

-and jae doesnt know how the heck to do this so he does what everybody else does to him

-he blurts out “do you wanna go out with me” which makes everybody in the room gasp inwardly like omg!!! how dare he!!!!

-and you pretend to contemplate your choice before saying “no.” and then you start reading your book again

-jae got rejected but he’s still grinning and all he can do is stare at you and think about how perfect you are

-so from that day on, he always catches glances at you and waves at you when you pass him in the halls

-you never wave back

-the dream team laughs at him and keeps telling him to give up but he never does

-”dude, you have a choice of ANYBODY in this entire school yet you go for the one that doesnt even look at you??” -ren, probably

-”i dont want anyone else. i just want y/n.”

-he keeps pursuing you and every time you ALWAYS say no

-but after like, the 30th time, you ask him why he keeps doing this

-he approaches you at your locker all sly and stuff and before he can even say anything, youre like “NO OMG!!”

-he just grins and is about to sneak away again but you stop him and ask him “why dont you go out with someone else?”

-so he pauses and stuffs his hands in his jean pockets and looks you in the eye and simply says “theyre not you.” with that dumb grin still on his face

-and he starts to walk away again and youre just like “wtf omg” and you scream out “PICK ME UP HERE AFTER SCHOOL” bc youre like “w/e dude i’ll give him a chance”

-he doesnt look back (bc cool kidz dont look at explosions) but you know he’s smiling anyway

-so after school, as soon as the bell rings, he BOLTS over to your locker and by the time he gets there, he’s panting and tired as heck

-and you close your locker and see him beside you with a huge smile 

-you cant help but smile too bc he’s such a cutie have you seen his smile ;-;

-youre lowkey excited for this ‘date’ but you’d never admit it

-”let’s just get this over with” -you with a smol smol smile

-so jaemin drags you somewhere and you have no idea what’s going on but w/e amirite and you guys end up at a grocery store

-”what are we doing in a store????”

-”buying stuff for a picnic what else???”

-you two end up getting a shit ton of junk food and jaemin ends up cracking really bad jokes but you end up laughing anyway (theyre too cringy not to)

-so you guys end up at a park after that and youre sitting on one of the benches

-the entire date is just you two talking and having fun with each other and you realize jae’s not bad after all

-you notice how his smile is so precious and how sweet he is and youre falling so hard omg

-after the date, youre about to get up and leave but you cant find the words to say what you wanna say bUT you manage to say something along the lines of

-”youre not so bad after all”

-”does this mean you’ll go out with me..?” jae’s grinning again and you cant help but smile too

-”we’ll see tomorrow.”

-jae is so whipped for you oh my godddd

-so ofc, you guys started dating and you two tease each other soooooo much

-”it’s like dating a female haechan” -jaemin 2k16

-you love to mess up his hair and he loves to tug on your cheeks and poke at them

-jaemin’s the type to laugh at horror movies and let you use him as a shield during scary parts


-but how else can he express his love for you amirite

-”youre prettier than all the stars”

-”and youre uglier than that trash can over there smh” -you 24/7


-he loves you for that tho so he never minds

-it just makes him fall in love even more

-all your text messages are like

-”i love you” -jae

-”i dont lol” -u


-your name is ‘cutiepie’ with a bunch of hearts and the ring emoji hE HONESTLY THINKS YOURE THE ONE AND HE’S 10000000% RIGHT

-his name is ‘loser’ with a heart and the ring emoji too bc even tho you pretend to hate him, you love him so much deep down and he knows that

-even tho youre like this, you know what times you can joke around and what times you have to actually be serious

-jae probably likes sending you goodnight texts and you probably respond with something like “night nerd ♡” 


-the cute smile duo omg you two should NEVER smile at the same time or else you’d blind everyone

-when you guys laugh you turn to each other and then laugh, it’s a habit you two have, it’s so cute

-jae probably really likes back hugging you

-he likes holding your hand when you two are walking outside

-people still flirt with him but he only has his eyes on you so you arent worried

-if you ever are, jae would feel really bad and wouldnt know how to make it up to you but he’d try anyway

-jae has a thing for making eye contact when you two talk but it makes you blush really hard

-eye contact doesnt usually make you uncomfortable but the way he looks at you makes you melt ;-;

-the way he looks at you makes you feel so loved and warm inside and every time he makes eye contact with you, you just fall in love so much more

-the first time you said i love you back, jae was red the ENTIRE day

-”they said they loved me theY SAID THEY LOVED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

-you love to watch him practice bc he looks so determined and passionate and it makes you smile so hard 

-you guys probably share food and drinks a lot


-when he kisses your cheeks, he pecks them over and over again until your face is extremely red

-just seeing you could make his day 19832472938240 times better

-tl;dr you guys are the couple that tease each other endlessly but also the couple that loves each other more than you love food and if that isnt goals then what is


I don’t take too many pictures with Choromatsu, actually.. 

Hmm. He’s always sort of.. busy with stuff. I’d hate to bother him I guess? He doesn’t mind too much, but sometimes he can get annoyed if I throw off his concentration of something. :(

I should take more pictures with him in general, though.. You never know when the last time you’ll see someone is! 

Forbidden Love Ch.8

Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7

Summary: Your father is now married to a woman with 7 sons. Tension starts to build up as you move in with the 7 handsome boys.

Type your request here on what you want to happen next ;)

Warning: Swearing

(2142 words)

Reader’s Pov


After all of you woke, you squeezed out all the air from the air mattresses and fold them neatly. Jimin was still in the corner rubbing his head in pain, he already apologized to you for what happened this morning…more like his brothers forced him. The doorbell rung suddenly which made you look up. “I’ll get it.” You called and ran towards the big wooden door. When you looked who it is, your heart stopped beating

Y/E/N…your ex boyfriend from Jeju…is standing right in front of your door. “Y/N! I’ve been looking all over for you! Why didn’t you tell me that you were moving to Seoul?” He spoke in a Saatori dialect “I…” You were scared. “Y/N? Who is it?” You heard Jin calling and he came to the front door.

You saw that Y/E/N reached his hand out to him. “I’m Y/N’s boyfriend from Jeju.” Jin paused for a sec and slowly took his hand for a shake. “A-Ahh…Jin…Y/N’s eldest brother. Umm…come in.” Y/E/N gladly entered the house and walked pass you, giving you a glare. You didn’t want to tell your brothers about your relationship with. You didn’t want to cause trouble in this house.

Yoongi and Jungkook came in to the room with a look of curiosity. “Who’s this Hyung?” Jungkook asked. “This is…Y/N’s…boyfriend.” The two boys looked over at you with unreadable expression. You looked down…you didn’t even know why. “Well!” Y/E/N put an arm around your shoulder and pulled you closely. Your body felt tense and scared as you looked down. “I hope you don’t mind…me and my Jagi have some catching up to do.

Once the both of you were away from the boys, he looked at you with serious expression. “Bring us somewhere private.” You gulped in fear and you headed upstairs at the end of the hallway towards the old metal door that led to the world of stars you’ve seen with Jimin. Once you were outside, Y/E/N became a whole other person.

He pulled you away from him and made you stumble. “You told your friends that you’re moving but not me!?” He walked over to you with a death glare. “Why would I tell you? We’re not together anymore.” You shouted back in response. He grabbed your hair and pulled you close to his face. “Isn’t this enough to prove that I still love you? I came here all the way from Jeju. And yet you treat me like shit.” You were trembling in fear as tears were seen in your eyes. “And how many brothers do you have in this house?” You gulped. “S-Seven…” “Seven?!” With that a fist met with your cheek making you fall to the ground. It felt sore as you touched you cheek.

Once again, he grabbed your hair and made you look at him straight in the eyes. “These step brothers of yours are still boys raging with hormones. I’m the only one who could touch you. We’ve been together for so long yet we didn’t even kiss.” You pulled out the courage to look at him with a glare. “We’ve been together for only 1 month and yet you didn’t have the patience.” His eyes widened and he punched you on the other cheek.

“You’re gonna regret it.” He walked over to you, which made you look at him with fear. Suddenly he was shoved hard against the metal railing of the roof. He winced in pain and looked over who shove him. Turns out it was the youngest brother. Y/E/N got up and rushed over to him but Jungkook tackled his stomach and pushed him against the railing again. He grabbed his color and raised him in the air. You were surprised at how much strength this boy has. Jungkook looked at him with an expression you’ve never seen before. “You’ll regret stepping in this house.” With that, he punched him straight in the jaw, which send him flying to the ground.

“Jungkook.” Jungkook looked over to his shoulder to see Yoongi approaching him.

“Go to Y/N…I’ll take care of this.” Jungkook stepped away from Y/E/N and walked over to you and hugged you. “It’s okay…I’m here.” Tears streamed down and you hugged him back tight in comfort. Yoongi looked over to the beaten boy in front of him. He grabbed him by the color and raised him in the air once again with a glare on his face.

“Ya Inma! (Punk) No one touches Y/N. And I doubt you are her boyfriend when all you do is treat her like Shit.” Yoongi threw him to the ground and pinned him down. He threw multiple punches all over his face. Yoongi knew your history of abuses and it just pissed him off even more.

“Yoongi that’s enough!” Yoongi felt a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him away from Y/E/N. “It’s okay…you’ve done enough.” Yoongi turned around and gently grabbed her cheeks, making sure he doesn’t hurt her. He nodded in response and turned to face Y/E/N. Soon the rest of the boys came up to see what’s going on. “You come back here in this house, it will not only be me and Jungkook who will beat you up.”

Suga spat on him to end his conversation. Taehyung and Jimin went over to Y/E/N and grabbed him by the shirt. “We’ll gladly bring him to the front door.” Said Taehyung with a smirk.

You were now in your room with Yoongi and Jungkook applying medication on your cheeks. “You should’ve told us Y/N” Jungkook scolded. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to cause any trouble for the both of you…” “Why? We’re here for you Y/N.” Yoongi looked at your face. “But Jungkook…How did you know that I was at the roof.” You looked over the boy who was now looking at the ground. “When you went up…I was curious so I went up see what you guys were talking about. But I was too late to come and help you.” You shook your head. “No…I’m just glad that you both came.” “Of course.” Yoongi insisted. “We’re always here for you.” Jungkook said sweetly. You suddenly felt the two lean in and gave a peck on your cheek. Your cheeks immediately felt really warm. “Cause I Love you.” They both said at the same time.

A few hours later Yoongi recorded Jungkook’s voice for the song that Jungkook was trying to sing perfect it yesterday. When Yoongi was satisfied with the result he gave a nod to Jungkook at the other side of the glass wall. The door opened and Jungkook entered to see how the result is. “So how is it Hyung?” “Your voice is good as always.” Yoongi gave a smile to him. Before Jungkook could go out, he turned around and faced his brother. “Yoongi Hyung…what do you see in Y/N? Except her as a sister.”  Yoongi looked up at him with wide eyes. He looked down at his hands on his lap. “I don’t know…Y/N just makes me feel something. I don’t know if it’s because I’m her brother or that…” Yoongi trailed off. He’s not supposed to feel this way towards her. It’s just wrong. “That…” Jungkook looked at him, anticipating his answer. “That…I’m in love with her…” He looked up at Jungkook whose eyes were just as wide as his. Yoongi put his calm expression back. “I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has these feelings, I’m pretty sure you do too right? I see the way you look at her.” Jungkook looked down with a pained expression. “I do…but she only sees us as siblings…nothing more. It’s not like we have a chance or something.” Jungkook was right. You were clueless on how all the brothers feel. “Well…we can’t keep these feelings hidden forever…” Yoongi said as he turned back around to edit his music.


The next day Y/E/N didn’t come back which you were glad. To get the incident out of your head, Hoeseok offered you to teach some of his dance moves and you gladly accepted it. The dance moves he was teaching involved a lot of foot works but you soon got it by his amazing teaching skill. You told him that you were going to get water so you headed towards the kitchen.

As you were drinking from the glass you looked over to see Namjoon entering the kitchen. “Hi Namjoon.” He looked over at you and smiled. “Hi little sis. Where did you come from?” Namjoon asked as he looked at your current state. Beads of sweat trickled down your forehead. “Hoseok was teaching me some dance moves.” You smiled in excitement. Namjoon felt his heart skip a beat. The way she smiled was just too much for him. “Can I come?” He didn’t even know why he even asked. He knows that he is so bad at dancing that after one try he gave up. “Sure. You should change into something comfortable though.” Namjoon nodded and headed upstairs to change.

You entered the dance studio too see Hoseok reviewing some dance moves. “Hoseok! Namjoon is going to join us!” Hoseok looked at you with wide eyes. You cocked your head to the side. “Is something wrong?” “No…its just…Namjoon never dances with us. He actually hates it.” “So what if I hate? I just want to dance.” Namjoon barged into the room and stood in the middle. Hoseok looked at him like he was from another planet. “Pali!” Namjoon was starting to get impatient so Hoseok went over and turned on some music.

You reviewed the dance moves together and Namjoon seemed to get it just right. Namjoon was actually doing this because it’s unfair that Hoseok has her all to himself. He looked over to his left where you were dancing with a smile on your face. Her smile was somehow really addicting and it just lightens up his day.

He should have concentrated better because he tripped right on top of you, which caused the both of you to crash onto the wooden floor. You winced in pain at the weight of your older brother. “N-Namjoon.” You tapped on his shoulder, which made him look directly in your eyes, which is pretty close. “I’m sorry!” He quickly got off you to see if you’re okay. He reached a hand out to you and you gladly took it. But the weight on your right foot was too much pain to endure and it made you sat back down.

Hoseok quickly rushed over to you. “Did you hurt your foot?” You winced in pain. “Yeah…I think it is the right one…but I’ll be fine…let’s continue dancing.” You didn’t want to bother Hoseok, since he is the one who wanted to dance with you. “No way! I’m not letting you be in more pain!”

Hoseok reached under your legs and grabbed your shoulders to bring you into a bridal style position.

You grabbed his neck for support. Hoseok looked over at Namjoon. “Can you go find Jin? We’ll be in the living room.” With that, he rushed out of the room to find Jin. Hoseok looked directly in your eyes with a serious expression. “You okay?” You nodded in shyness. “I’m fine.” “I’m sorry about Namjoon.” You shook you head. “It was an accident. He didn’t do it on purpose.”  Hoseok just sighed and went out of the room towards the living room. He approached the sofa but he didn’t seem to be putting you down. You looked up to see was still looking at you.

Hoseok didn’t know what he was thinking; he couldn’t let go of you. He stared from your eyes, down to you lips. He shook his head to clear that image and placed you down.

You saw Jin coming down the stairs with the first aid kit…again. He came over to you and checked your right foot. He moved it in different direction and some you winced in pain. “At least nothing is broken. But the sprain is pretty bad. You should at least not put any pressure on it for a week or more. Namjoon approached you and grabbed your hands. “I’m really sorry Y/N. I knew I shouldn’t have joined you guys for dancing.” You placed a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it in comfort. “It was an accident Namjoon, there’s nothing to be sorry for.” You looked up at Hoseok with a sad expression. “I’m sorry I can’t join you to any more dances, I wish I could…” He just shook his head. “Your health is more important. I’ll make sure Namjoon learns his letter.” Hoseok smacked the back of Namjoon’s head. Namjoon rubbed it with a glare on his face towards Hoseok. You just smiled at your three brothers “I’m sure he’s learned it already.”

madd09  asked:

Any chance your gonna write any more hope Scott fic ???

Yes! Well, mostly Scott/Hope and I was planning in some family fluff with Cassie and Han :) ~ Now, I wanted to answer you since you left this here but I couldn’t come with something good to write. So I hope you like this little fic I ddid for you :3

Title: Don’t tell anyone
Paring: Scott Lang/Hope Van Dyne, mentions of Hank Pym/Janet Van dyne
Word count: 1365
Rating: G
Warnings: none
N/A: In which Hope is having none of Scott and Hank’s shit. As always. 

(on AO3)

Don’t tell anyone

Hope was looking at him with those firm eyes, no blinking, just staring like a mad cat and Scott was feeling odd again. They were alone, Hank was about to go to bed and was in the kitchen taking his hundreds of medicine while saying he hated it almost as much as he hated Stark back in the days. But this woman was looking at him like if she has lasers in her eyes and oh god, why? What has he done to her to be treated like this? Okay, sexist old widowed father who chose you to be the one, sure thing It can give you his daughter to be your number one nemesis, but this is ridiculous. They were supposed to have passed this already. She punched him! Multiple times! 

“Okay, what?” he finally said, she crossed her arms over her chest.

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I honestly don’t know how the hell people could believe that Bones actually hates Spock. A lot of relationships are like theirs. Fake hate, gentle teasing that never goes TOO far, and constant bickering. If you think Bones actually hates Spock or vice versa because of what one has said to the other then clearly you haven’t been paying attention. Because can you tell me for one second; Bones standing up in front of Jim, his best friend, looking him straight in the eye and practically saying “Spock isn’t in the wrong”, Practically saying “You are, Jim.”

You can’t tell me for a second that that doesn’t mean Bones loves Spock. More than just a friend. Another best friend. He obviously cares about him just as much as he does Jim and honestly if people can’t see that it’s a shame.

It’ll Always Be You {Liam Dunbar}

Request: One shot about reader and hayden being best friends and y/n has a crush on liam and hayden knows but starts dating liam anyways
A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one shot. I feel like the last one about Stiles was amazing and now I feel like everything else is just meh. Also I reached 810 followers! Thank you guys so much! xx
Pairing: Liam x Reader, Hayden x Reader (description only)
Word Count:

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