actually you can have a kiss for your commitment

hey fun fact, not only are you always allowed to say “no” to sex, you are absolutely allowed to say “I’m not ready for sex” even if you’ve already had sex with that person, even if you’re in a committed relationship that involves regular sex!

sometimes you know you’ll probably want it later, but right now…. Maybe you feel too distant or hurt and you need a little more time for reconciliation first. Maybe you just want to feel closer to someone before you’re ready for sex. Sometimes you might be busy or distracted or stressed.

Maybe you’re wrestling with some personal stuff about what sex (or this particular sex) means to you, or maybe there’s some trauma feelings or body issues cropping up that need to be dealt with before you’re in the right headspace for sex. Maybe you have a sunburn, or a stomachache, or, yes, a headache. Or maybe you just feel like things are moving faster than you’d like tonight and you’re not warmed up enough to really enjoy it.

Consent is always conditional - every “yes” is a “yes, if”. Yes, if I feel emotionally and physically ready. Yes, if we have privacy. Yes, if I feel safe and comfortable with you. Yes, if we use protection. Yes, if we’re in a committed relationship. Yes, if it’s this kind of sex and not another kind. Yes, if we can kiss for awhile longer first.

Other people can say no to your conditions (or to waiting until they’re met and then continuing), but you are allowed to say no to continuing without those conditions.

You’re allowed to say no if the conditions for your consent aren’t met, even if you’d otherwise say yes. Even if you’re aroused, even if part of you wants it, if your actual decision is to not have sex right now (or at all), people need to respect that decision.

Pressuring someone into sex is always wrong, even if they would have said yes anyway if circumstances had been different. 

“Coping Mechanisms” (Connor Murphy x Reader)

“Coping Mechanisms”

Connor Murphy x Reader

Request: i think 50 and 69 with Connor Murphy and a reader he has a crush on would be cute or soul crushing (how ever you see fit) thank you in advance if you decide to write this ♡

This request was sitting in my inbox for a while, so I took a break from ships to write it. I hope y’all enjoy! If anybody wants a full blown smut just… slide me a message with a prompt … I’ll hook y’all up. ;)

WARNINGS: Mentions of sexual content (nothing graphic), light swearing, sexual themes


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Dating Tim Drake Includes:

A/N: So consider this official proof I have no self-control what-so-ever. This is a bit bulky and long, but I have a lot of feelings about Red Robin and his luscious, luscious hair. Like….his hair is like the Nightwing Butt of hair; Top notch hair.

  • If the Batfamily is known for one thing, it’s their inability to express emotion enough to hold someone down. I mean, look at Babs and Dick skirting around the bush for years and don’t even get me started on the whole Dick-Kori-Jason thing. And oh god, Bruce and Selina?
  • But if one thing breaks that tradition, it’s Tim. Sure, between cases there may not be time to go on eharmony dates and look for the love of your life, but with Tim, once he’s yours, that’s it. No take-backs or returns. Tim is a robin that mates for life. Once he loves you, he’ll always love you.
  • Also, out of all the bat boys, he’s the one who seems most domestic. Everyone assumes it would be Dick, even Alfred, but seriously Dick runs about in Disco outfits. Domestic my ass.
  • With Tim, it’s all about late nights working, coffee in the morning, sleepy kisses and quiet talks.
  • He’s a workaholic. By nature, he is. When you living in the shadow of two of the best Boy Wonders, how could you not be? We all know he stays up all night, at his laptop, searching for that one little crack in the firewall to get the data or info he needs. It’s as if he has the willpower to work for three days straight, but not the damn sense to ask if he should.
  • That’s the deal with him, not only does he mate for life, but you will be 60% of his sense and impulse control. The other 40% is Alfred.
  • There will be many nights where you have to slide him out of his chair and get him to come to bed. He hates leaving his work unfinished, but he loves the feeling of your hands sliding around his neck, the feeling of being nuzzled into, and the soft sound of your voice saying ‘Tim, come to bed.’

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First Kiss: Jeno


We’re nearing the end of the series, holy shit jdnfsh8dtbdyhs7at okay I thnk you can tell that I was running out of ideas at this point lmao. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by 1aeyong

this^^ is adorable holy shit

  • Jeno is so attractive I’m literally dead Jesus Christ
  • Am I glad that SM are actually dressing the Dream members as their age lmao
  • Anyway!
  • You and Jeno wouldn’t have had your first kiss together until you had been dating for at least a month
  • Both of you were still very young and in no rush to heavily commit to a relationship nor did you want to mess one up and have the stress of getting over it
  • That’s why you both agreed to wait until you kiss one another yes I know it sounds like they’re making a big deal out of this but it’s thEIR FIRST KISS OKAY LET THEM BE CUTE AND FLUFFY
  • I think everyone can see that Jeno is a chill guy, he takes life very well and he’d have a comfortable and reassuring aura
  • You’d be similar in this way
  • And although you both were like this, your feelings for one another were the opposite - they were crazy and excitable and if you hadn’t had this much self control in you, your emotions would’ve taken over and probably screw things up in the process
  • Your first kiss with Jeno would be partly spontaneous and partly not - you were expecting it to happen soon but not like this
  • Jeno finally had a free day and had decided that he was going to bring you to the seaside for a date
  • Everything was meticulously thought out from him
  • He brought towels, water, sun cream, money for food when you were there and had literally googled which part of the beach would be ideal for your date
  • Your heart skipped a beat, when you met down there, watching at he clumsily carried multiple bags of goods across the sand
  • Surprisingly, it was very very quiet and the sun was beating down upon you
  • Honestly, you weren’t too fussed about going to the beach
  • Of course, it was nice and pretty, but you didn’t find it as fun as Jeno did
  • He was literally like a child as soon as he arrived
  • Throwing the bags down, he greeted you with a wide grin, sighing happily that he was in his favourite place with his favourite person
  • You giggled as Jeno ran out in front of you, stretching his arms out and turning his face towards the sin
  • He whirls around a couple times, spins in the soft sand, arms outstretched, until he keeps over and collapses
  • Grinning, he looks up at you: “I remember you telling me how you used to do this when you were younger! Try it, Y/N”
  • His voice was breathless but light and happy, pleased with himself and the fact he remembered such a small memory of yours 
  • You smiled fondly at him, impressed at how he could remember that and blushing as a result
  • He stands up again, grabbing your hand and pulling your forwards, making you drop your small bag onto the ground
  • Jeno laughs and isn’t shy to hurl himself round in circles until he staggers, screaming and crashes into the sand
  • Scanning the beach briefly for anyone who might be watching and judging you, you shrug and spread your arms
  • You turn slowly at first, then faster and faster, until it’s out of control
  • The world seems to spin away and your feet lose their hold on the earth and you squeal, stagger and stumble
  • The ground shifts and comes up to slap your back and head, leaving you to rest in the sand
  • You lie there as the world continues to spin round you, and you remember why you found this so find as a child
  • It made everything go away, until there’s just you, your head reeling and your heart thumping
  • Real life churns on, the earth tilts, the sky dips
  • You hear a loud thump on the ground next to you, the sound of Jeno falling and tripping over his own feet to the ground
  • You try to grab handfuls of sand to get a hold of yourself, but the grains run away from your fingers and you fall back again
  • A hand brushes your outstretched fingers, weaving between them, it’s Jeno 
  • Both of you lie still for a few minutes, fingertips touching, waiting for the world to stop
  • Then Jeno is struggling upright, dragging you with him
  • You stumble against him, laughing and then his hands cups your face
  • He’s so close to you that you can see the unevenness of his skin, the specks of green and light brown in his eyes, the light sun freckles dotted across his skin
  • Even after a month of dating, he made you feel so special and honoured, you could believe you were dating such an incredible and hard working human being
  • He looks at you for a long moment, searching your eyes desperately and momentarily glances down at your mouth too, and then he’s kissing you
  • It’s not like how you imagined, it’s better
  • His lips taste of salt and sand and just happiness, they’re soft and inviting and you feel safe with him
  • The kiss lasts a few seconds, and although neither of you try to deepen the kiss further, it’s enough that your heart starts to race and palms start to sweat
  • Coaxing you gently, he pulls you closer to his chest, arm circling your waist
  • You break apart and he can’t stop staring at you, a glint in his eyes and a smile playing on his lips
  • His eyes scan your face looking for some sign of discouragement or discomfort, but you show none
  • Softly, he brushes sand from your cheek and hair, tutting disapprovingly at you for letting you get yourself into such a messy situation 
  • Neither of you say anything and he brings you into a tight hug, holding your head gently and rocking side to side
  • To you, the world just seems to carry on spinning around, that’s the effect of Jeno on you
  • Yes I know this was utter crap and short af and the story line is hit but I’m running out of ideas so give me a break lmao

First Kiss series

Future Baby Mama (Chris Kreider)

Anonymous said:

Would you possible be able to write one for Chris kreider?? I love that man and I love your writing! Could it be about him having to babysit a teammate’s kids and needs helps so he calls the reader over and you guys just have a fun time and he starts talking about one day have kids with the reader.

Word count: 1649

Originally posted by thatwasvesey

“I am in way over my head.” You’re not quite sure what to think when the first words out of Chris’ mouth upon calling you are not the standard greeting.

“Hello to you too, Chris. Why are you in way over your head?” You ask.

“(Y/N), I’m serious. I’m literally at DEFCON 1 right now.”

“Why are you ready for nuclear war?” You deadpan.

“Marc and Lindsay are having a date night tonight and they asked me if I could watch the girls. I figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult; they’re three and one, what harm could they do? You wanna know the answer?”

“A lot of harm?”

“A lot of harm!” He says. “I caught Anna trying to give the cat a bath in the toilet and the baby is constantly crawling away from me!” You can’t help but to laugh at your poor boyfriend’s situation right now. “Can you please come over and help me?”

“I don’t know, I’m a little busy right now.” You tease, when in reality you’re just sitting on your bed and watching Riverdale.

“Please? The baby’s cute when she’s not trying to escape.” He barters. You’re already up and grabbing your keys before he uses the baby’s cuteness as a weapon.

“I’m on my way.”

“Oh thank God-Anna do not draw on the wall!” He yells as you laugh and hang up.

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anonymous asked:

The trio of underappreciated nuggets reacting to a small (and pretty weak) MC who gets aggressively defensive of the people she loves and screams "fight me" and picks fights she can't possibly win but has to pick because she's just so passionate about her love for them?


  • dating you has given V some killer arms, because he is always holding you back.
  • Seriously, he - he’s touched, but you really don’t need to go beat up everyone who makes a blind joke. That person who tripped him on the street? Yeah, he was a major douche, but holy hell that doesn’t give you an excuse to try punching people.
  • especially since you’re like five feet tall and really bad at aiming.
  • It’s gotten to the point where V can sense your aura, so he knows when to grab you even before you march off. Luckily, V is a lot taller and stronger than you, so he can physically prevent you from committing assault and battery. Which he does. Often.
  • He’ll calm you down by pressing little kisses to the top of your head while you just sulk and glower like an angry kitten. It’s honestly hilarious, and if V wasn’t so terrified you’d actually get hurt one day, he’d probably have to laugh.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • see, Saeran has absolutely no impulse control. like, zero. like, this man will punch a bear if he has, for some reason, gotten it in his head that this is a thing that will lead to a satisfactory outcome - and oh yeah, Saeran also has no common sense.
  • this is extremely bad considering that you will also pick a fight on a dime… and lmao is Saeran going to let you get into a bad situation alone? no-sir-ee.
  • Not only does Saeran not stop you from yelling at people, he actively abets your horrible decision making. And you do the same to him, since he is violently protective of you, so basically…
  • The two of you are a pair of hotheaded morons that will pick fights at every opportunity.
  • You’ve been outright banned from at least five bars in Seoul, and you’ve been kicked out of fifteen more. The both of you have ended up in a holding cell at least three times, and either Jaehee and/or Seven have had to swing by and pay your bail.
  • Your responses are always the same - the other person started it, but the RFA is kind of genuinely getting tired of saving your collective bacon, so…
  • you are both forced to attend anger-management classes.
  • I hope you, dear reader, understand what sort of hell that poor instructor’s life has become while dealing with the both of you. you’re surly. you both think you’re entirely in the right. when some other guy in the class calls Saeran a weirdo, you punch him in the eye. he’s got at least a good foot on you so when he slaps you it hurts like hell but OH FREAKIN’ BOY SAERAN COMES IN LIKE A BULLET TRAIN AND KICKS THIS GUY’S ASS.
  • you end up getting kicked out of anger management classes, and Jumin sends Jaehee to bail you out of jail again.


  • there is this… look vanderwood gets on their face whenever you puff yourself up and clench your fists. it is an expression that both prays for death and conveys a complete sense of being done with the situation, and when people see it, they know to back away from the both of you…
  • because it means that Vanderwood is about to take Measures.
  • These Measures include picking you up and throwing you over their shoulder, which you often protest with comical violence and thrashing as weak and harmless as a hamster.
  • “Let me at them! Let me at them! They think they can talk shit, huh? Well I’ll show them!” you wail, and Vanderwood just sighs as they carry you away.
  • “Yes dear. I’m sure you could.”
  • “How dare they say your jacket is tacky! I’ll turn them into a bruised potato!”
  • “Yes dear. I’m sure that would show them.”
  • “Aghhhh!! Put me down and let me tell them a thing or two!”
  • “Calm down dear, I don’t want to have to start buying you blood pressure medication so soon.”
  • If someone ever actually tried to hurt you though, they’d just step up, grab onto that person’s arm, and g l o w e r with their taser at the ready.
  • at some point, this probably gets the both of you arrested, and they just cross their arms and sigh as you yell at the guards from your holding cell.

What is long distance?

Long distance is feeling overwhelmed to the point of crying when you have poor Internet connection.

Long distance is missing out on oppurtunities because you need to save all your money to buy a plane ticket.

Long distance is taking pictures of everything you’re doing, instead of actually going out with your partner.

Long distance is time difference causing you to miss seeing each other all the time.

Long distance is that moment you jump into their arms and they kiss you at the airport.

Long distance is getting excited over every new thing you two can do together.

Long distance is a way to truely test how much you can commit to a person.

Long distance is the gift that little things like kissing and hugging will never seem like just little things.

Long distance is traveling to new places and constantly taking vacations together.

Long distance is getting fun presents in the mail and ordering a lot of pizza.

Long distance is countdowns and excitement to every trip you guys have.

Long distance has many negative things but also many good that you must never forget.

Long distance is worth it to be with your love.

This is How Our Love Began - Part 10

A/N: HiHihi So Sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday! Tell me if you want me to do part 11, or even an epilogue ^^

Short: After your mother Passed away, your father thought it would be a good Idea to move since your house was too big for the both of you. His best friend said you could live with them and their family. You had no idea that the playboy from school that keeps on teasing you, was their son

Genre: Fluffy fluffy fluff / Semi-Smut

Warnings: Pfft

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |

After a long night of you and Jimin having fun, it had to end at some point. So you and Jimin sat in his car for a while, just talking about life, school, anything really. But the topic that still plagued your mind was in the gym where Jimin said, “She’s Mine” What did he mean by that? Could he have possibly liked you back?
“Hey Jimin” You interrupted him mid-sentence, “What did you mean when you came up to me and Tae and said ‘she’s mine’?” He blushed hard at your words and tried to hide his face from you, “I-I don’t know.. It was just the first words that came out of my mouth”
“Did you… mean something by it?” You took his hand and he gazed into your eyes. He had no idea what to do. He knew he liked you, but was now really the best time to confess his feelings towards you? Did he want to risk a friendship? He didn’t even know if you liked him back. What if you didn’t feel the same way? Then how would life turn out? Would you still be under the same roof?
Jimin really wanted to confess to you, he’s been planning on it for a while now. But all of those questions took its place inside of his head, and he got worried about what you would say. Even some nights he would have dreams and thoughts about what it would be like for him to be your boyfriend. He didn’t deny the fact that he absolutely loved it. Kissing you, holding your hand, embracing you, and cuddling you. Plus the fact that you’ll always be together because you live together. But then that brings up the thought of what would happen if you broke up.
There were only a few downsides of dating you according to him, everything else was a plus. So yeah, this was the time. He’s going to do it
“I like you” he said bluntly. This took you aback, “W-What?”
he stared into your eyes and squeezed your hand tighter, “I like you. I know this isn’t like me to confess to you, being a playboy and all. But I’ll change my ways! If you’ll be my girlfriend that is… I’ll really commit to our relationship! I’ll make sure you’re always happy! I’ll kill any one that touches you.”
“I fell for you because I had no idea what your true side was. But after you opened up to me, I couldn’t help but totally fall for your personality. Which led me to crazy dreams and thoughts about dating you.” He rubbed his neck, “I loved it…”
“I know you probably don’t feel the same but, if you give me some time, I’ll get over my feelings-”
You interrupted him with a kiss and he smiled into it.
He looked at you with wide eyes, “Shut up” you laughed, “I get it! I like you too, okay? You don’t need to get over your feelings” There was a silence in the car for a while, “Then, what does that make us?” he asked
“Hmm, I don’t know”
“No no no! Don’t tell me I confessed all of those feelings towards you and you’re not even going to go out with me!”
You giggled as he looked around the car, flustered, “Then I guess I’m your girlfriend” you smile. He pauses and looks at you, “Really?”
“Yes of course! But I swear if you cheat on me with another girl, you’re really going to get it”
“No no! I won’t! I promise! I actually really want to commit to our relationship” His legs were bouncing up and down with anticipation, “I-I’m sorry, but can I kiss you again? I’ve been waiting too long to feel your mouth on mine. And now that I finally have, I don’t think I’ll be able to have enough of it”
You just smile before leaning in. The kiss was sweet and it melded together perfectly, like you found your other half.
“Let’s go home” he smiles, pulling away. You nod your head in agreement and intertwine his hand in yours as he drives off.

Tell Me If you want part 11! Or and Epilogue!
~Admin Luna

One Good Man.

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Summary: You meet Jensen when he acted in ‘A Few Good Men’ the play and you always say that his version will never compare to the movie with Tom Cruise. 

Titled: ‘One Good Man’

Warnings: None! 

A/N: This the lovely one and only @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Spn Movie Night Challenge!! I hope you like!! 

Tagging:  Tagging: @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall @mausoleumdean @winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines @winchester-writes @winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-clique @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @soaringeag1e @nichelle-my-belle @spnfeelstrain @msimpala67 @ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan @the-mrs-deanwinchester @waywardsons-imagines @one-shots-supernatural @mysupernaturalfics @castielohcastiel @supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56 @youwerelikeadream @mysteriouslyme81 @mizzezm @zombi3gyrl07 @beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08 @madelineannmolder @feelmyroarrrr @girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @my-amazing-nerdyness

There was no secret that you and Jensen would get asked how you met frequently. You and Jensen both certainly didn’t get tired of telling them same story over and over again because to the both of you that was the best day of your lives.

That also being said it showed how much you really and truly loved each other and you tried to show that love to each other everyday for the rest of your God given lives.

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Drabble-ish #3 of ...

Prompt Number Three by the wonderful @lesbiansofinterest​: We were talking about baking, because that’s something we do, and suddenly she went, “Bernie baking Serena a cake!” And this happened.

“Could someone please inform me as to why my house smells of fire?”

Serena asks as she closes the door behind her.

She raises an eyebrow at the silence that is everything but common, particularly when Jason and Bernie are having an afternoon in.

“You are aware that I know the two of you are inside, yes?”

Bernie shows up, casually leaning against the doorframe that leads to the living room. She’s wearing sweatpants, a white tank top and her feet are bare. Her clothes speak of a quiet afternoon, but her hair is in a state that Serena knows means she has been running her hands through it while trying to make sense of something.

“Bernie forgot to set the timer.” Jason says from inside the room Bernie had just come out of.

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[5sos hints at Don’t Stop]




Mom, Tree and boyfriend were right to

“So how’s Adam doing, honey? It’s been a while since I last saw him.” Andrea wondered, smiling at her daughter as they ate dinner. Taylor looked at her mom, a small smile on her face as she thought of her boyfriend.

“He’s great. He’s been really busy lately but he’s great.” Taylor replied, taking a bite of her food. Her mother nodded her head.

“That’s good, honey. You two doing okay? Living together and everything?” Andrea questioned and Taylor grinned at her mother nodding. Taylor had moved in with Calvin about two months ago, a decision that wasn’t very hard seeing as they had been basically living together already but hadn’t officially moved in with each other.

“Yeah. It’s been amazing. He’s amazing.” Taylor answered her mom.

“You’ve been different lately.” Her mother commented making her furrow her eyebrows, confused at what she meant.

“Different? In what way?” Taylor inquired. Had something been different in her lately?

“It’s nothing, it’s just my head messing with me.” Andrea laughed and Taylor nodded her head reluctantly.

“The show tonight is going to kill me, I’ve been so tired lately.” Taylor sighed, moving the conversation topic to another or so she thought.

“Oh I almost forgot, I made pie for dessert.” Andrea stood up from the table.

“Wait, mom! I kinda don’t want pie right now?” She cleared her throat and her mom looked at her curiously.

“Why? You love it, you never say no to this pie.” She sat back down on her chair, eyeing her daughter.

“Pies make me nauseous lately for some reason.” And it had, that and sushi. Every Time she saw pie or sushi, she would get really nauseous. Calvin had brought sushi with him from work for dinner but they ended up having McDonald’s because Taylor literally ran to the bathroom to throw up because it made her so nauseous.

“Taylor, are you pregnant?” Andrea straightforward asked and Taylor almost choked on the juice she was having.

“What?” She breathed out.

“What? You’re tired, pies make you nauseous when you love them and when I called you yesterday you said your back was killing you. Are you pregnant?” Taylor’s eyes widened. The thing was, the thought had crossed her mind because she missed her period but she was so busy and scared to even take a test she didn’t think about it for at least a week but now her mother had made her think about it again.

“I…I don’t know.” She stuttered.

“Have you thought about it? Because this isn’t very normal for you sweetie.”

Taylor shook her head before looking at her phone. “Oh crap! I have to go!” She stood up quickly. “We’ll talk later about this. I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant though, I mean hopefully.” She took a deep breath and hugged her mother before walking out of the house and into the car. Her driver was already there waiting so she walking into the car and her driver started the engine.

The thought had been running through her head all the time. Was she pregnant? She could be but she didn’t know if she wanted to be, at least not yet. She decided that if she missed her period next week then she would take the test because she suspected something was up when her mother brought it up. It wasn’t usual to throw up all the time although she could be sick. Mood swings weren’t normal as well and feeling tired all the time weren’t either. It was a distant thought that had crossed her mind which she brushed off.

She hadn’t even noticed the car had stopped, too lost in her thoughts so she walked out and made her way inside the arena, entering the chaos as everyone got everything ready for the show tonight. It was quite similar to the chaos inside her mind. She spotted Tree, her publicist, down the hall, a smile on her face as Taylor approached her.

“Hey, superstar.” Tree greeted, giving Taylor a hug. “You have soundcheck in fifteen minutes.”

“Okay, I’m just going to lay on the couch for a while, call me when it’s time.” Taylor told her.

“Are you feeling okay? Is there anything wrong with you, Tay?” Tree questioned worriedly and Taylor smiled softly at her.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired that’s all.” She responded before walking away to her dressing room. She sighed when she shut the door, the sounds outside almost disappearing as she was alone with her thoughts. She felt so tired she could probably just fall asleep on that couch she was laying and that was what happened when Tree came into the door.

“Taylor, wake up!” She shook Taylor’s arm and she opened her eyes. “Are you really that tired? What’s up? Did you get any sleep last night?” Tree wondered, moving to sit on the chair next to the table.

“I slept well last night. Don’t worry, Tree. It’s fine.” Taylor stood up and went to get a bottle of water before looking back at Tree who was eating sushi. “Oh god, is that sushi?” Taylor groaned. “That smells terrible.”

“No it doesn’t. It’s sushi. You like sushi. It also happens to be from your favorite sushi restaurant.” Tree furrowed her eyebrows as Taylor made a disgusted face.

“Oh no!” Taylor put her hand over her mouth before running to the bathroom And throwing up in the toilet, kneeling down. Tree stood up quickly and held Taylor’s hair back. “Ugh this is terrible.” She groaned leaning against the wall.

“Taylor, what’s up with you?” Tree rubbed her arm.

“I don’t know.” Taylor closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. “Sushi has been making me nauseous for a few months now and I’ve been tired most of time and I’ve been throwing up a lot.” She sighed.

“Tay, you’re not pregnant, are you?” Tree asked carefully and Taylor ran her hand through her hair.

“My mom asked me that too and I don’t know, Tree. It would make things so complicated.” She shook her head, tears forming in her eyes.

“You need to know for sure. But wait until after the show. Talk with Adam afterwards but let’s get you to soundcheck so we can get this ready.” She offered her hand to Taylor to help her stand up and Taylor took it.

“I’ll just brush my teeth. I’ll be out in five minutes.” Taylor smiled softly and Tree left the room. She took a deep breath and quickly brushed her teeth before going out the door into the hall. She was greeted by smiles from the crew as she walked towards the stage. Soundcheck went surprisingly fast and she was back in her dressing room soon to find her boyfriend sitting on the couch, a smile on his face as she stepped in the room. “Oh my gosh, baby! What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming!” She ran to his open arms and he held her close to him.

“It’s a surprise, love. I missed you.” He murmured against her neck. “And Tree called, saying you weren’t feeling okay and I was already on my way here.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” She pulled away to look at him and he raised his eyebrows making her roll her eyes. “I mean it. I’m fine. I’m just tired.”

“Taylor, you’ve been tired for a few weeks now and you’ve been throwing up a lot lately too, I’ve noticed, Tay. Even if you tried to hide it. I know and Tree told me you threw up earlier. Baby, what’s going on?” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m worried about you.” He kissed her forehead.

“I don’t know yet. My mom and Tree think I might be…” She paused, closing her eyes and he cut her off, voicing her thoughts.

“Pregnant?” He whispered against her forehead and she held her breath. “I think so too.”

“Why? I could just be sick.” Taylor shrugged although she was a nervous wreck inside.

“I know but you should consider all the possibilities, love. Taylor, there’s a big chance you are.” She nodded her head and rested it on his chest and he held her against him. “And it’s okay if you are, you hear me?”

“After the show, I’ll take a test, okay? But hopefully I’m not.”

“What do you mean hopefully you’re not? Do you not want kids?” He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes and she sighed.

“No, not right now!” She told him, running her hand through her hair. “Adam…” She groaned. “You know how complicated it would be to have kids right now! Things are crazy! We don’t have time for kids, we’re not even married yet.”

“I know, Taylor. I just thought you maybe wanted kids but I was wrong and it’s fine.” He moved away from her making her sigh again and grab his hand.

“I do want kids! But I don’t think now is the right time!” She spoke up and he looked back at her.

“And if you are pregnant? What then?” He stared at her and she didn’t speak for a few moments.

“Then I am. It’s not like I wouldn’t love it, it would just make things a whole lot complicated or am I the only one who sees it?” She questioned throwing her hands in the air in a desperate manner. “After the show, we’ll know for sure so let’s just stop right now. I don’t want to fight about this with you especially when it’s about something like this.” She placed her hand on his cheek, the other on his chest as she looked up at him. “If I’m pregnant, then we’re having a kid and if I’m not then we’ll wait until we want to and we actually plan for one. Baby, please don’t be mad at me because of this.”

“Tay, I understand. Don’t worry.” He kissed her cheek. “I just kind of want one right now but it fine.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She inquired, smiling softly.

“Because I was worried about your reaction. I don’t want to rush you or anything. A baby is a life commitment, I want us to be ready for it. I know I am but I didn’t know about you, now I do and now we might actually be having one.” He shook his head and she put her lips on his making him laugh slightly.

“Can you go buy me some tests?” She questioned against his lips and he looked at her weirdly.

“Didn’t you want to wait until after the show?”

“Not anymore. I don’t want to spend the concert wondering if I’m pregnant or not, I want to know now.” She pecked his lips and he nodded his head, smiling. “On a second thought, we should just send Tree to get some. Don’t want any headlines written about you buying pregnancy tests do we?”

“I’ll go tell her. You lay on the couch and sleep if you want, you seem to be tired.” He told her, kissing her forehead before going to find Tree who was in the hall talking to Andrea who had arrived while they were talking. “Hey, Andrea.” He leaned down to hug her.

“Hey, sweetie! I didn’t know you’d be here!” She grinned at him.

“Taylor wasn’t feeling well so here I am.” He smiled. “I actually need you to do something, Tree.” He turned to the red head. “I need you to go get pregnancy tests.”

“So Taylor talked to you about our suspicions?” Andrea perked up, a small grin on her face when Calvin nodded his head. “Just so you know, I wouldn’t mind being a grandma at all.” She patted his cheek and he laughed. “I’m going to find Scott and see if he has run out of guitar picks.” She said making everyone laugh.

“I’ll go get that for you. Go back to your girlfriend, knowing how she is, she’s probably stressing out right now.” Calvin nodded and made his way back to the dressing room. He stood on the doorway watching her for a while as she lay on the couch, his presence still unnoticed. She was on her phone, probably on tumblr. He walked to her, pulling her in his lap and hugging her tightly.

After about half an hour, a knock on the door interrupted the silence that had settled and Tree came in a bag in her hand. Taylor gulped standing up from Calvin’s lap.

“I’ll leave you two alone. Good luck.” Tree smiled and Taylor nodded taking the bag from her hand before looking at Calvin.

“Whatever happens, it’s fine.” She walked into the bathroom, shut the door and took the tests before putting all four of them on the counter and opening the door so Calvin could step in. “How long do we have to wait?”

“Like four minutes.” Taylor responded. “Oh god! There might be an actual baby inside me, how are you not freaking out?”

“Okay, you need to breathe, Taylor. It will be fine. It’s a potential baby, not a monster.” He laughed and she glared at him making him shut up. Four minutes seemed a lot longer than usual as they waited for possible life changing results. “Do you want me to look or are we just going to stand here?” He asked looking at her after the four minutes passed.

“Right! Yeah, you look, I can’t do it.” He eyed the tests and picked up the first one before reading all the other ones. “For fucks sake, Adam. Does it take you that long to read? What does it say?”

“That you can add mommy to your resumé and I can add daddy to mine.” He spoke, a smile on his face. “You’re pregnant. We’re having a baby.”

“Oh my god!” She breathed out. “A baby, for real. We’re going to be parents.” Tears rolled down her cheeks. “What are we going to do? Adam, this is going to be so hard.”

“And it will also be fun and amazing. We’re having a kid, baby. That’s kind of awesome!” He grinned at her making her giggle at his excitement. “For one second, please forget about everything else and just focus on the fact that a real baby is going to be ours, that it’s living inside you right now. Imagine a little someone running around calling you mommy. Isn’t it wonderful?” He rubbed her cheek and she smiled, allowing herself to forget everything, the reality they lived in.

“It is.” She nodded. “It’s not a bad situation. It’s actually a pretty good one.” She grinned and her hand flew to her stomach, placing it there and looking down. “It’s amazing.” She whispered as he placed his hand on hers.

Later that day, at the show, Taylor was ready to play her surprise song and the decision she had made when she stepped foot on the stage was the one thing going through her mind. She played never grow up. This time, with a different meaning as the father of her baby stood in the sound booth looking up at her as she played a song not to the thousands of fans in that arena but to a special little someone made out of love.

He left you 3 years ago and now you’ve finally moved on. You learned to find joy in being solitary. You realized that you have been neglecting your family when you were still together because you tend to skip some family events just to be with him. You realized that your friends have always been there for you, it’s just that you shut yourself out, built a wall to keep them away and immersed yourself in what you thought was a real forever. You deprived yourself of the pampering that you need because you tend to pamper him more. However, now that it’s all over, now that you’ve finally shoved in into a drawer labeled “past,” you realized that happiness doesn’t only come from a romantic relationship. Sure, it’s kind of nice to have someone kiss you and hug you and hold hands with, someone who can see all the nice things in you and won’t bother with all your other imperfections. No, it isn’t just nice. It’s great, actually. However, what you failed to realize back then is that all those things can be given to you by others too. Your family and your friends, for example. You can kiss them and hug them and hold hands with them and you can commit all the worst mistakes in the world yet they would still take you back. Life’s not all about romance. It’s a mixture of sorts. Friendship, filial love, stuff like that. You have learned all that by now. At the moment, you see being single as an opportunity to make up for the lost time between you and the people who have always been there for you, who have always cared about you, and who have always loved you. You see it as another leeway to improve, a season in your life which allows you to experience the things you want to experience, see places, meet new people, make new friends. You realize now that you should never be scared of it.
—  Being single doesn’t mean you are alone (m.b)

Okay, I get it. You don’t think people should be forced to pay for something they don’t agree with. So, you don’t pay for your employees’ contraceptives and I won’t pay taxes that fund wars/armed conflicts, churches, and various other things that I don’t want to fund.

I understand. You think it’s an individual issue that people should deal with themselves instead of relying on their health coverage, regardless of whether or not their use of contraception is medical or to avoid pregnancy. That’s fine, exorbitant prices that are largely unaffordable be damned. But by that logic, your viagra shouldn’t be covered either. So, all you old senators can kiss sex goodbye, too! And you guys actually orgasm from it.

You’re religious, of course. You disagree with premarital sex on the grounds that it’s a sacred act that should only occur between a man and woman who are legally committed to each other. But, I’m not religious. So, why shouldn’t I be able to have sex because of YOUR beliefs? What happened to doing things on an individual basis, choosing what is right for oneself? Going beyond that, I get severe and debilitating menstrual cramps that prevent me from going to school and work with frequency. So, if I can’t afford to pay for my contraceptives (to ease these pains in order to be allowed to work) on the meager salary you pay me, we’re both pretty much screwed, huh?

Abstinence is a choice, I am 100% with you on that. It’s a fully legitimate choice. But it isn’t the choice I have made or the choice I will make in the future. Just like abstaining from religion isn’t a choice you’ve made or will make in the future. Lots of people will choose to have sex, and you can’t stop them or change that. Lots of people will choose to be religious, and I can’t (nor do I wish to) stop them or change their beliefs. Doesn’t this go back to individual choices? Shouldn’t I be able to choose whether I abstain or not, as you choose whether to worship or not, based on what suits me? You wouldn’t want your place of work infringing on your religious lifestyle, and I don’t want my work getting muddied with my sexual lifestyle.

You don’t think young women have the capability to make the ‘right’ decisions about what to do with their bodies or their reproductive systems. You believe that people using birth control are largely using it for recreational purposes and are teenagers or women in their early to mid-twenties, living a lifestyle you don’t agree with. And sometimes that IS the case. But very often, it isn’t. A simple Google search could clear up the numbers for you. Try something unbiased, like 'abortion statistics’ or 'who uses birth control’ in order to get accurate information and results. We are people of multiple genders and age ranges who are, with licensed medical professionals and the advice of loved ones, when appropriate, making informed decisions about our bodies. And that’s just the thing; they’re OUR bodies.

But you really believe that your religion would bar you from providing birth control to employees. I totally see where you’re coming from. The fact of the matter is, though, that business is governed by the state, not the church (or any other religious entity) and therefore SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE MUST APPLY. So, I’m terribly sorry that you feel your religion is hurt, but as far as Christianity is concerned, Jesus preached love and acceptance- not infringing on others’ autonomy. It’s key that in a democratic nation we maintain separation of church and state in order to prevent further harm from coming to oppressed groups (examples being women and religious minorities).

So yes, your views are absolutely valid. You don’t have to use birth control, no one’s making you. But for fuck’s sake, you have no right to tell anyone else that they can’t use it because of YOUR beliefs. That’s straight-up bullshit.