actually you are all the special snowflakes

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outta curiousity how would u prefer r&r to have ended (obviously no malaria and no loss of alinas powers) but like would you still have mal be the third amplifier or just a dude who had too much free time on his hands and thats why he was such a good tracker would u let alina kill the darkling or pull an atla and have a nonviolent but still Dramatic ending ???

hell no let the malaria apologists have their special snowflake killed (for good) and get a taste of what being so disappointed and angry over smth feels like let alina rise as the dark queen she was born and meant to be alongside aleksander who’d have none of that messy ooc behavior like actually hurting his own ppl (not to mention his own mother bish why you always lyin’ he’d literally NEVER) and disfiguring nikolai out of sheer jealousy (we all know that’s mal’s specialty lmao idk why layout tried to convince us the original morozova would suddenly start behaving like his otkazatsya rip off relative) - speaking of nikolai, he wouldn’t be obligated to deal with the aftermath of a civil war and spend actual years trying to restore a broke(n) kingdom someone literally forced down his throat,, let him go back to sailing and doing what makes him happy and let alarkling come out as the legendary bi soulmates they are + zoya and genya are dating, david is canonically ace tamadia are acknowledged instead of brushed under the rug with like three pages worth of presence etc. etc. etc.

Where do people get the idea that Straight people, and by that I mean people with full access to straight privilege, would ever want to identify with a non-straight identity or be associated with the lgbt+ community in any way?

When has a heterosexual, heteroromantic, cisgender, perisex person ever thought to themselves: “Wow, I want a pride parade too! Time to make up a new identity that I can call myself, so I can be just like the gays!”

Instead of thinking: “wow, I want a pride parade too! Why isn’t there a straight pride march? Those fucking gays, oppressing us straight folks!”

Seriously. Straight people don’t want to change their label to be a part of the lgbt+ community. If they want to be associated with us at all, they’ll do it under the banner of an ally.

There is no epidemic of straight people wanting to be a part of the lgbt+ community. People who want to join the community have a reason to want that, and that reason is that they actually are part of an oppressed minority, even if you don’t understand their weird new labels.

If they didn’t need the community, they wouldn’t want to get in.

Air Signs and Anger

Air signs rationalize their anger away because they’ve had repeated/prolonged exposure to people who don’t control their emotions. They observe how such people thoughtlessly lash out. The air sign native might’ve been a target for some one else’s anger outbursts. Alternatively, they may have been the witness to a victim’s abuse at the hands of an enraged aggressor.

Air signs’ anger stems from a sense of injustice: why does an innocent person have to suffer of because someone else’s issues? How stupid do you have to be to take your anger out on others, without regard for the consequences? What does that accomplish?

Because in a lot of cases, anger is stupid. Air signs see it manifest in stupid (read: emotional) people. They see how it makes them even stupider. They see a child throwing a tantrum over something utterly trivial.

Anger (along with other irrational, unproductive emotions such as self-pity, despair, and jealousy) is disgusting to air signs, unless it’s for a damn good reason.

Anger that motivates people to change, defend the weak, and reshape the future is acceptable. Anger on behalf of someone who was wronged, anger that results in justice, anger that brings people together and strengthens the call for revolution, is the only type of anger air signs respect in others and allow themselves to experience.

Air signs experience anger as much as anyone else. If the anger is over something trivial (being cut off while driving, working with an incompetent person in a group project, that sort of thing) they rationalize it and (think they) let it go.

This is not easy. It doesn’t come naturally. But, it’s the smart thing to do. Conversely, fuming, yelling, and having a fit would be a stupid way to act.

Air signs take pride in their intellect. They want to be perceived as smart. They believe that they’re smart. So, every action is motivated by whether it’s the ‘smart’ thing to do.

If the anger is over something that actually matters, they calmly channel it into a productive action.

Unexpressed anger at the little things festers and becomes cynicism, a contempt for others, and turns into arrogance.

Air signs are arrogant. Geminis lie because they think others are too stupid to understand the truth. Libras take it upon themselves to maintain peace because they think others are too stupid to avoid awkwardness and meaningless fights. Aquarians are famous for their god complex and special snowflake syndrome.

We’re all human. We need to express our emotions. If you don’t express it one way, the emotion will find some other outlet. Air signs’ anger can be vastly productive and beneficial to the world at large. However, their unexpressed anger at trivial matters becomes arrogance.

Duality is inherent to air signs: Gemini, the twins/lovers, Libra, the scales. Aquarius is symbolized by a single waterbearer; however, waterbearers carry two gourds connected by a stick. Air sign anger also has a dual nature.

This anger is a double-edged sword: their righteous anger brings people together, but their arrogance creates distance from the rest of the world.

I respect the opinion of my elders, but just an open query about the charges brought against my generation:

For not working hard enough: where is the evidence. When we were younger you told us you started from a small job and climbed your way to the top. When we are flipping burgers it’s because we didn’t apply ourselves. When you did it, it was shouldering the future by suffering in the present. When we ask for the money to buy bread, it is shameful. When others went on strike in the name of labor conditions, it was heroic. When we ask for more, we never deserve it. So how did you get here? Did you never sit up and demand the world give you what was rightfully yours? How hard working is hard enough?

We are illerate, use slang instead of language, shun poetry: did I just imagine the “rad” bloom of the 70’s? Is it because you can’t catch our tongues in your hands? Is it because our poetry is now published beyond books, beyond the control of one voice, beyond you? That our language doesn’t need your approval to evolve? When you drew political pictures of us asking how to turn a book on, you laughed at our ignorance. When the tables turned, when we were shown to be the most literate and well-read generation on record, you scratched the mirror. You said it was our lazy nature. A body rotting. Because we read trash, or we read into things, or we write loudly and it bothers you. Why does it bother you?

School is too easy: What was it like going to school without being worried about a shooting? Did you ever cower like we have, like I did, like our friends, crying muffled in your hands because you love your parents and now have no time to tell them? What was it like, dear, in a world where my standardized testing scores would have broken your curve and I didn’t even get perfect. What part is the easy part. Is it the highest recorded level of anxiety? Is it the rising teenage suicide rates? Is it the eating disorders, body dismorphia, self harm, self destruction? Tell me, have you seen - there’s a show called “Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader.” It’s very funny. In it, bright young kids show adults that what we’re learning didn’t even exist in common knowledge while they were in school. Tell me. If you were up against our 5th grade curriculum, who would win? No, I’m sure you’re fine. You learned it all in high school.

We want too many free things: What was it like to want for nothing? What was it like to have a certainty that hard work leads to a bright future. What was it like imagining being rich instead of imagining just being rich enough to eat good food. What was it like, not being worried that a broken leg would cost you an entire apartment? Do you know they hate us so much they would rather see us die than bring down the price of an EpiPen. And since I know you love the idea of us abusing the system, tell me, where do I go to expose the lie about my life-threatening allergy? How do I fake it, because I’d like to opt out of it, and while I’m at it my mental illness, and while I’m at it can you take my chronic pain please. And since I know that the answer is to go to school and get a degree so I can be worthy of not dying, just another question: are you aware fifty thousand dollars a year is equivalent to a house. I could buy a house instead of going to college. Since you’re good at this, while we’re talking, I have two siblings. Which of the three of us gets the money? Go on. Look at us. Choose. Who goes hungry?

We’re entitled: yes, please, give me a deed, give me land, give me better than winning the lottery. What I’m entitled to is life, liberty and the pursuit of profit, am I not? So where are any of the above? Where did the jobs go? Why do you jail people for small crimes but free the criminals? And my life? This life? I end where my body begins, I am cut off from the nation’s decisions about what I can put in or take out of me. And me? I’m safe because I’m white-passing. Don’t the bodies pile up? Aren’t we entitled to justice? Aren’t we entitled to an answer? A response from the government? More than just speeches about how riots won’t solve things? Aren’t we entitled to a fair trial? To freedom of speech? Was it not our common fathers who fought for these things?

We’re lazy: Where? Who has the money? I’ve been working since I was 12, am I just an anomaly? Or do you just ignore those who don’t fit your story? All those student-run engineering projects that are changing history. All those protests. The art world, shifting. All these adults who demand more - do they count as lazy or as entitled? What were you doing at our age? Did it really look all that different?

We don’t listen to real music, don’t like real art, are loud, are too busy partying: We changed and you didn’t keep up. Is that’s what’s so startling?

We are sucked up into the Internet, wouldn’t drop the phone if the apocalypse was happening: my phone has my family on the other end of it. Do you not save pictures from a burning building? Do you really care so little for others you’d stick to the old ways entirely instead of texting? Oh sure, yes, a letter is pretty, I love them. But just asking for a friend: What do I do in an emergency with only a pencil. And I don’t mean to downsize the problem because I mean it’s not like you took Polaroids of your friends at sunset - right? - and it’s definitely wrong of us to want memories of a really nice night, but, just curious, did you post that opinion on the Internet? Was seeing others on the Web what made you upset? Maybe - this is just a crazy idea that popped up into my head - you should go take a walk, go outside, disconnect.

We do everything different: Yes. Because we were raised on the cusp of the next great Renaissance. We are in somewhere new, a galaxy of expansion that doesn’t rely on you. That knows more than you do. That doesn’t function the way you expect it to. How rose-colored is the past to you? The place where you erase AIDS and drug abuse in an effort to tell us we are a terrible youth. Where you don’t talk about the marches that happened around you. How painted do you picture it, simply because you had to physically look in a book to learn something new? How do you turn your eyes to a world where war sits on our necks, our earth melts, our populations swell, our people starve, and we are powerless in it all - and say, “It’s your fault.”

It’s our fault. The housing market, somehow related to our obsessive need for safe spaces, I’m sure, because our dreams no longer lie in yards but rather something big enough for at least a bed, and hopefully with tasteful curtains, and you have no idea what a safe space is. The certain failure of the two-party political system, maybe somehow due to our political correctness - we are, after all, rude enough to never open doors for old ladies or just let you be racist - how we controlled the media, how our desires drove this. Our request for trigger warnings and correct pronouns is a burden, and I see that now, because our special snowflake syndrome really does hurt you as a person; while your ongoing use of torture in corrective therapy is only a problem if you’re actually looking. You’re so right about so many things. When you beat us to correct us, it’s your child and it’s your right; when it’s our bodies we ask to have rights over - well, what did we expect? It’s our fault. The crushing debt, the companies that own our government, the privatization of prisons, the unrightful searches, the human trafficking and abuse of sex workers, the gun violence, the pharmaceutical industries which control our doctor’s choices, the climate change you only just started to admit is happening, the extinction of species worldwide - we are responsible for both pollution and poaching, the lead in our water, the death in our streets. So what do you get from it? From dismissing us? From quitting on us before the race begins? From forgetting who exactly raised us kids?

Now, I was told that the problem is that we too often point to bigotry. That we hide behind pointing out your sexist comments instead of realizing the truth your words wrought. I was told we are so focused on our victories, of a world that rallied for marriage equality, for gender expression, for the safety of survivors, for a healing nation - we call out instead of calling on. So I’m calling on you, Generation X kids. Here’s your free one. No bigotry spoken of. So speak. Explain what exactly you mean.

I get it. We asked for a country. The land is borrowed from your children, they tell me.

Now why are you so afraid when we show up and start collecting?

Oh joy..the “Discourse” (??) about Women in Magic is back...

First of all..this shouldn’t be discourse. It pisses me off.

Second of all, if you have something to say, things like “But everyone deals with the issues,” or “just get over it,” or “don’t be so special snowflake,” or “this isn’t even an issue,” or “feminism doesn’t belong in Magic,” or “but but, I’ve never seen a woman be disrespected!”or “women are actually the problem in Magic,” or “actually men face the same issues as women” or ANYTHING LIKE THAT

Just. Don’t. Freaking. Say. Anything. Keep your mouth shut. 

Seriously, I am not usually this blunt or mean,I try to be nice to everyone, polite and kind I hate being confrontational, but just keep your mouth shut, you’re making yourself look like an idiot and you are the problem

I. Am. Done. Dealing. With. It.

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oh god are you one of those people who reads romeo and juliet as a romance rather than a tragedy

I thought I was gonna go to bed early tonight but I guess not

hey friend you just unleashed my nerdy wrath buckle up

short answer: no, I know r&j is a tragedy and I read it as such. Shakespeare didn’t write “romances”, at least not in the sense you mean (some people call his later stuff that’s harder to put into a genre ‘romances’, such as the winter’s tale and the tempest)

so no I’m not a moron thanks

here’s the long answer:

I presume you’re “one of those people” who likes to count themselves as the Specialest Snowflake In All The Land because they don’t buy into the fake cheesy idea of //romance// that everyone else so blindly believes

maybe you like to talk about how romeo and juliet were “just horny teenagers”, how they knew each other for three days, how romeo so loved rosaline thirty seconds before spotting juliet, so clearly he’s fickle and silly. they weren’t actually in love, they were just teenage idiots.
because only stupid girls buy that stuff.
you’re more mature than that.
am I right?

well, here’s the thing, sunshine- you aren’t special. I hear this same damn argument right down to the last word every time I mention my love of this play and it ENRAGES me every time because 99% of the time this is coming from /other teenagers/. other young people talking about how this isn’t a story to be taken SERIOUSLY. it’s silly and frivolous and unrealistic. they don’t realize that this play is dedicated to them.

and it’s criticizing people just like you.

while I do believe that these two young people were soul mates (I’ll get to that later), I don’t really think this is a story about love. it’s a story about /passion/- how love and hate are only a hair’s breadth apart and their overwhelming capacity for healing or for destroying. the emotion that drives mercutio to defend romeo from tybalt. what drives mercutio to be killed at his hand. what pushes formerly docile, dreamy romeo to slay his cousin in law: it all begins to seem like the same continuous passion, enflaming the same group of people on the hottest day of the year.

as a result, love isn’t a pretty thing in this play. it’s linked inextricably to death, to murder, to chaos. love is presented as the most dangerous force in the universe. it leaves five bodies in its wake, and then at the end (people forget this) it’s what finally brings the ancient feud to an end.
it’s not silly. it’s not frivolous. o brawling love, o loving hate.

and who are the conductors of this unstoppable force? who sets verona burning and then rebuilds it better in under a week?


people with a shitty understanding of this play who love to dismiss it and downplay it like to call it a “cautionary tale”- why you shouldn’t think with your dick, why you should grow up and not be so rash, be sensible.

I agree with part of this. it is a cautionary tale. but it’s directed at YOU.

you, who devalue youth. you, who underestimate teenagers and what they’re capable of, who wave off their every thought or feeling with “just a kid”. who think that love is a pretty little silly thing and that no one under the age of 25 is capable of really experiencing it. that the kids don’t MATTER.

capulet thought it- he dismissed tybalt’s rage during the party as dumb kids throwing a hissy fit. he wrote juliet off as a child who should be seen and not heard, shuffled from her father to her husband, guided by the wisdom of those older and wiser than her.

in the world presented in the play, age has NOTHING to do with wisdom. the adults range from careless (montague) to helpless (lady capulet) to blithering (the nurse). the wisest character, the most eloquent and intelligent one with the most beautiful poetry, is fourteen year old juliet.
(go back and read it. whose speeches are the most beautiful, sophisticated, complex? Juliet’s.)

okay, fine, you say. but they didn’t love each other, they just saw each other and got hot and bothered and wanted to jump the other’s bones! anyway, what about rosaline?!

I’ll address rosaline first:

shakespeare likes making fun of the poets of old (take for instance his “my mistress’ eyes” sonnet, a deliberate parody of the Petrarchan model of frilly love poetry). heres another example in romeo. when we first meet romeo he’s mooning over a girl in the frilliest, stalest, most formulaic verse imaginable. we get the feeling he’s enjoying himself, basking in his misery.

notice, though, that we never see rosaline on stage. she represents romeo’s vague infatuation with the //idea// of love, the pretty image he made up in his head from reading old poems. this not only creates an incredible arc in his character, but makes his love for juliet obviously the real deal by comparison. he meets juliet and his world goes into free fall; he’s rash and violent and impulsive, and the verse that was so stale and ingenuine before shifts into some of the most famous passionate poetry in the english language.
in his first scene, he asks “is love a tender thing?” he falls in love with juliet- REAL love, not the kind in poems- and comes to answer his own question: no. no it fucking isn’t.

but, you say. but they CANT have loved each other! you don’t fall in love just by LOOKING at someone!

yeah, I know you don’t.

but here’s the thing. if you aren’t willing to suspend some modicum of disbelief, you won’t get anything from shakespeare. period.

we’re already assuming that these people just happen to walk around speaking in blank verse and rhyming couplet. the plot of hamlet relies on the existence of a ghost, a midsummer night’s dream on fairies, macbeth on witches, the tempest on magic, measure for measure on the friggin /bed trick/- is it SUCH A HORRIBLE STRETCH FOR YOUR CYNICAL POSTMODERN MIND TO MAKE that characters can identify their soulmates with a look? have we reached that level of lazy cynicism as a society that magical love flowers and vengeful ghosts are believable, where a woman can turn into a boy by shoving a hat over her hair and statues spring to life as deceased loved ones, but love at first sight (a very very common Elizabethan plot device; it’s /everywhere/ in shakespeare) is just too much of a stretch?

no one rolls their eyes at hamlet because “ghosts aren’t real. are you one of those people who believe in ghosts?” no- they take it for the plot device that it is in order to get to the message of the play as a whole, and the truths of the human conditions it reveals, with the help of some purely theatrical elements.

but kids in love. that’s far too silly.

it’s really fucking sad.

and questions like yours, anon? those make me really, really fucking sad.

Enneagram Asshole Archetypes

@humanarchetypehouse - I’m reposting them, because they’re hard to access.

5-1-2 Combos: The Insufferable Know-It-All. They think they know everything there is to know about everything, and they cannot contain their urges to share their knowledge with absolutely everyone. They correct people over the tiniest mistakes with no concern for any self-consciousness this may cause and then act disingenuously confused when others get upset.

5-1-3 Combos: The Neurotic Over-Achiever. These are the students who cry over getting a B+ or not being the best at their extracurricular activity of choice. They tend not to do very well outside of school unless they get to become doctors. Even then, they usually end up overly competitive and have hollow social and family lives.

5-1-4 Combos: The Ivory-Tower Prophet. Think they have a perfect vision of what’s best for the world based on nothing but untested theory and fantastical introspection. Needs to actually get out and talk to people in order to actually refine their ideals, but they are often unwilling to because that might involve admitting they are wrong or dealing with people they consider less than them.

5-8-2 Combos: The Armchair Shrink. Read a Psych 101 textbook once and now thinks they are qualified to give drive-by diagnoses and overly impersonal life advice. Tends to be very overbearing about it and generally refuses to listen to further information from their “patients”, particularly if it goes against their assumptions.

5-8-3 Combos: The Cult Leader. Has some bizarre philosophy that they propagate using hollow social influence and brutal aggression. Speaks in pyramid-scheme language and literally never shuts up until you are brow-beaten into submission because your own mind intimidated itself trying to figure out what the hell they were trying to say.

5-8-4 Combos: The Self-Important Jerk. Like the Cult Leader, but lazier and with fewer social skills. Turns their nose up at any preferences or modes of living other than their own and resents anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them 100%. They’re very bossy, but their instructions are often terse and unclear, and to make matters worse, they just get mad at you when you tell them to explain because they’re over-sensitive about being misunderstood.

5-9-2 Combos: The Unsolicited Mediator. They hate conflict, but they can’t stand to stay out of it, either. If you’re having a dispute with somebody, expect them to show up spouting inappropriate objectivity and some sterile, by-the-book advice about using I-statements and whatnot. This is actually pretty effective in resolving the disputes, but not in the way they want it to - instead of being mad at the person you were initially disputing with, now you are both mad at The Unsolicited Mediator and must unite against the common enemy.

5-9-3 Combos: The Amoral Monster. Not much seems to bother them, which is nice at first until you realize their “tolerance” stems from the fact that they have no sensibilities to offend. They lack conviction and will use flimsy, pulled-out-of-ass logic to dodge responsibilities and defend their selfish decisions.

5-9-4 Combos: The Pretentious Hippie. The most reclusive of all the archetypes. You aren’t good enough to be their friend, so don’t even try. You’re not on their level and you harsh their vibes, man. They tend to be very unhappy unless they’re living in a sustainable homestead in the middle of nowhere. Bitches about how the Internet is destroying our minds but spends most of their time online anyway.

6-1-2 Combos: The Sanctimonious Sap-Addict. They talk as if they live in a Hallmark card, chain e-mail, or cheesy coming-of-age film. They probably feel really guilty about dumb things, and then you start wondering if you should, too. They tend to be religious and intolerant of those who don’t share their views or ways of life. Thankfully the ways they tend to show this intolerance are pretty harmless - panicking and crying. Nobody can stand to listen to them because, despite the motivational tone of their messages, they make everyone around them feel awful for not being as wholesome as they are.

6-1-3 Combos: The Thought Police. Similar to The Cipher (6-9-3 Combos), but more prone to forcing their boringness on others. While the Cipher avoids personality clashes by either blending in with or withdrawing from those with different priorities, those of the Thought Police archetype wage a crusade against them by asserting the moral superiority of their way of life. They have convinced themselves they are perfect so to avoid the emotional pain of having to re-evaluate their lives, but in order to maintain this illusion, they must live in an echo chamber. Don’t put them in the same room as the 6-1-2, it’s not a pretty sight.

6-1-4 Combos: The Ball of Self Hatred. Nobody wants to listen to these people, no matter how good their ideas might be, because they can’t even listen to themselves - even when they want to. They certainly have minds of their own, unfortunately, they don’t tend to use them unless it’s convenient (Spoiler Alert: it rarely is.) They ruin their own lives by repressing positive emotions, ruminating on wrongdoings (both theirs and those of others), and being unable to trust or feel good about anything unless it is completely beyond criticism.

6-8-2 Combos: The Overbearing Meddler. Anything they wouldn’t do is a bad idea that you need to be scared and bullied out of. This also goes for many things they WOULD do, because they are hypocrites. They say it’s for your own good, but they wouldn’t know the first thing about that if it bit them on the nose because they live with their heads in their asses. They tend to have plenty of their own issues, which they chronically avoid by micromanaging others. More projection than a cinema multiplex.

6-8-3 Combos: The Overworked Grouch. These are people who cannot wind down for the life of them. This tendency would generally not affect anyone other than themselves, but it does because they get mad at other people for relaxing. They see others’ satisfaction with less as an affront because it means that maybe all their overwork was for nothing, but instead of giving relaxation a chance, they choose to act like arrogant dicks in hopes that others will change to suit them instead.

6-8-4 Combos: The Extremist. Fiercely and belligerently loyal to a set of beliefs that no one else shares. Believes their pet issue (frequently something that directly affects them) to be the center of the universe and ridicules opposing viewpoints. They might be nice to you if you agree with everything they say, but even then, they probably won’t - you come second to the crusade.

6-9-2 Combos: The Martyr. No will or interests of their own. Gives their entire life up for the sake of an individual or a group - and it’s usually a dysfunctional one. They don’t even complain if they aren’t appreciated or thanked (they don’t expect it), but Heaven forbid there comes a time when they are no longer needed. They will plunge into depression and impotent rage as they search desperately for another object of their overly-submissive affections.

6-9-3 Combos: The Cipher. Your next-door neighbor who thinks the street you live on is the center of the universe. It’s not completely certain that people of this archetype actually have personalities or if their attitudes and behavior are just absorbed from their surroundings and upbringing. They may be rigidly set in their ways or they may be a perpetually-shifting chameleon (depending on the order of the numbers) - there isn’t much in between, but either way, they’re unbelievably boring.

6-9-4 Combos: The Special Snowflake. They at least try to be interesting, if only on a superficial level, but can’t keep it up for very long. They might seem endearingly quirky until you meet the people they hang out with, who are all pretty much just like them. To their credit, they’re usually pleasant enough company in that they couldn’t be cruel if they tried (though they are plenty judgmental in their thinking), but their flakiness and squirrely behavior usually prove too annoying for anyone to really keep them around for long.

7-1-2 Combos: The Wack-tivist. Thinks they’re hot stuff because they’ve helped out in a bunch of Third World countries. That’s great, of course, but it would be a lot better if they could shut up about it for five minutes. Excessively smug about all the different charity groups they participate in through their church and/or university while you just wonder where the hell they find the time and what you’re doing wrong with your life.

7-1-3 Combos: The Tweaker. Okay, so they may or may not actually use speed, but one thing is for sure; this archetype never sleeps. Ever. They have a full time job and several different hobbies, clubs, and volunteer groups, and they feel the need to excel and gain recognition within all of them. They are always on the go, but unlike the Overworked Grouch (6-8-3 Combos), they’re eerily chipper about it. In fact, they’re very sad when there’s nothing to do, because then they are forced to think about their feelings, which they are notoriously bad at. And it should be obvious how they feel about being bad at anything (Hint: it isn’t positively).

7-1-4 Combos: The Fanatic. A obnoxious mass of scatterbrained and stubborn behavior. Has their own personal brand of ethics and spirituality, which tends to involve a lot of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. They at least practice what they preach, so that’s one good thing about them - unfortunately, they don’t ever really talk much about anything else. They just find a million different ways and contexts in which to talk about it.

7-8-2 Combos: The Bootstraps Idealist. Like the Overbearing Meddler (6-8-2 Combos), but with an extra dose of irresponsibility. They think the answer to all your problems is for you to do extremely difficult or extravagant things without considering whether or not you have the time or resources. Often refuses to acknowledge health issues (both mental and physical), as well. Any reason why you can’t do the things they are telling you to do is because of your lack of positive attitude instead of actual reality. Usually has more than a few terrible habits, but will try and fool you into thinking they have all their ducks in a row by giving faux motivational speeches.

7-8-3 Combos: The Inconsiderate Douche. It doesn’t really get any worse than this. Loud, obnoxious, and hopelessly shallow, a person of this archetype may seem very popular, but their circle of friends is a revolving door because they just won’t stop screwing people over for the sake of their ambitions or disregarding their feelings. Stay far, far away.

7-8-4 Combos: The Conspiracy Theorist. Being paranoid and accusing the government of hiding all kinds of scary, exciting things from us is fun for them. Imagining that there is at least one conspiracy that targets them personally is even more fun. What they don’t understand is that it isn’t as much fun for everyone around them. If you tell them you don’t believe them or even that you’re just sick of hearing about it, they flip their lid and go off about how you’re an idiot and just want to remain ignorant.

7-9-2 Combos: The Walking New-Age Store. This complete knob of an archetype has a saying or quote for everything, but never really seems to think critically about or have anything of their own to add to the words they are repeating. Hardly anyone has the heart to tell them how canned-corny and downright unhelpful they are, because they just seem so blissful and earnest. It would be like popping a hot air balloon, on every possible level.

7-9-3 Combos: The Goldfish. Completely without any self-awareness, this archetype flits perpetually from one superficial interest to the next. Unsurprisingly, they find very little satisfaction from anything, no matter how enthusiastically they may dive into it. The creepiest part about this is that they are so numb and hollow, they barely even notice how unsatisfied they are - they’ve fooled themselves into believing this is a happy existence.

7-9-4 Combos: The Entitled Vagabond. Goes on long road trips for no real reason, couch-surfing all the way. Quite possibly has no permanent address or bank account, and they are okay with this. Does a lot of odd jobs and possibly illegal things; has never had an actual job in their life, because it just isn’t their style, man. They’re actually not too insufferable as long as you don’t expect much from them and don’t mind their mooching. Unfortunately, whatever positivity they may bring to your life will be short-lived; as soon as they pick up and leave (which they will), they will all but forget you even exist.

People who say “I don’t believe you when you say that you’re mentally ill because you say that you have multiple mental illnesses” actually disqualify their opinion in that exact sentence.
Because it shows that they don’t even have a damn clue what they’re talking about.

Mental illnesses have this thing called “comorbidity”…
If a person has a mental illness, they also have a heightened chance to have/develop a second one or more as well.
Depending on the mental illness, the likelihood can differ greatly, however, it’s averagely around at least 30-40%.

For example, if a person has a personality disorder, the chance that they have another personality disorder is at around 70%.
So it’s actually less likely to only have a single personality disorder than to have two.

Additionally, people with personality disorders have a likelihood of 50-70% for any other type of mental illnesses out there. (source: Asendorpf, Psychologie der Persönlichkeit, 2004;)

So… please stop invalidating people with multiple mental conditions… Stop calling them special snowflakes, stop pretending that they’re just “doing it for attention”. Because they aren’t and you’re making it even harder for them to cope by telling them that their experiences aren’t real…

Just stop acting like people with multiple mental conditions are just pretending just because you can’t imagine that this is a possibility…

First of all because it makes you a dick (being mentally ill is difficult enough already) and secondly because it’s really embarrassing that people would actually pretend to know better when there is literally tons of empirical data showing how wrong they are.

  • Me: Yo check out this relatable meme
  • Everyone on tumblr: Yo fucking same that's me i relate
People Need To Realize...

Common names for members of LGBT:

-Attention seekers
-Mental Illnesses
-Special Snowflakes

From what I’ve seen, this mostly goes to people who are nonbinary, but it can also go to people who are gay and transgender. So I’m not leaving them out.

So, a majority of assholes like to call us these names because, well they’re assholes. These people are extremely negative toward us, either telling people to pick a gender, or get mental help, etc. They say, “Hey, stop being a special snowflake who seeks attention with your mental illness you retard.” After seeing hundreds of Whispers about that, here’s what I thought about: The people calling us this, isn’t us. It’s the assholes. I’ve never heard of a nonbinary, gay, or trans person every say, “I’m doing this for attention.” Never ever ever, unless they’re actually doing that because they see it as an actual “trend”.

People need to realize that we don’t actually want attention; we don’t expect to be treated differently. All we want to do, is live our lives the way we want to. Being a part of LGBT doesn’t make us any less human than a cisgender and/or heterosexual. The only people calling us that are the assholes. Until you’ve been in the body of every person gay or transgender or whatever, you can’t really say these things. Without proof, everything you’re calling a person of LGBT is a waste of time. So stop calling people names for who they feel they are. Learn to be accepting. Learn to spread more love than hate.

There’s…. so much hate in the mchanzo tag… like I get it mcgenji is cool and all but don’t put down mchanzo just because it’s more popular…..

Like don’t get me wrong, mcgenji is pretty cute. But man do they love to hate on mchanzo. Look, it’s not a “safe place without drama unlike mchanzo uwuu”. Just bc it’s less popular doesn’t mean it’s superior and welcoming than any other ship. Btw, mcgenji is not underrated or rare, it’s actually booming in the fandom rn.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t like it, but please, don’t feel all high and mighty to bash other’s preferences bc really, it makes you look like those special snowflakes who hate on popular things.

transphobic anon messages in my inbox in the order they were received:

You’re not trans if you don’t have Dysphoria. Just accept it and move on

You’re not trans. You’re a special snowflake who took a term off the internet and decided to use it. Completely ignoring REAL TRANS PEOPLE WITH REAL DYSPHORIA. Whiny bitch.

You’re probably too pussy to answer me too. Guess your fragile mental state can’t handle being called out.

ok hi, you’re really enjoying that anon button aren’t you? If we’re calling people cowards now why don’t you actually come off anon so everyone can see exactly what flavor of shit you are? or are you using anon because i’ve already blocked you and you’re just burning up inside with all the worthless crap you can’t send me.

1) i didn’t respond immediately because i was running an art livestream you pissy brat, chill.

2) yes my mental state is very fragile? this is not a secret. i have a host of disorders stemming from chronic abuse and i document my symptoms constantly. This isn’t an insult, it’s just a fact, and i’m not ashamed of it. try again.

3) i wouldn’t really call what you’re doing a ‘call out’… its more ‘transphobic anon harrassment’.

4) you don’t have to have dysphoria to be trans, it is established solidly among the community that trans means to identify as a gender other than the one you were assigned. So kindly fuck off with your gatekeeping bullshit and stop using other trans people as tokens for ur hate.

5) i don’t know where you’re getting this idea that i don’t experience dysphoria from because i blog about it frequently??? 


i take it you don’t actually go here lol.

anonymous asked:

His entire movement is just to piss snowflakes like you off. If you dont like him maybe you should go back to your safe space and cry about it there hun x he has been physically assaulted by blm and sjws because you all take what he says and you twist it, and because his actual logic defeats your make believe, you throw your toys out of your prams and encourage riots. I dont agree with everything he says, but taking the piss out of his name wont make your argument look any less shit than it is.

Buddy… I’m the special snowflake who needs safe spaces yet here you are crying simply because I labeled a Neo-Nazi what he is, which is a Neo-Nazi? Damn, you seem super triggered my guy, are there any other feelings you wanna share with me? Lmao

What I love is how alt-right neo-nazis has this idea that it’s the left who is obsessed with safe spaces when the y’all are the ones who hide in the shadowy corners of the internet so you can feel safe. I mean, look at this situation… you, the “brave” internet troll, is on anon and I, the delicate special snowflake, am right here claiming what the fuck I have to say - not hiding. The cognitive dissonance is amazinggggg

a time to remember || sterek || 2.7k

Loosely inspired by A Walk to Remember


Derek is in third period when he meets the new kid. The kid is tall–not enormously so, but he’s about an inch taller than Derek. Derek thinks the kid might be hot if he wore clothes that actually fit. His brown hair is hair is a little rumpled and his face a little pale and sleep worn, neither of which helps. 

Not that Derek cares, really. He feels on top of the world. He’d gotten to third base with Paige last night and she still kissed him goodnight afterward.

Derek doesn’t remember much about third period. Just the kid, mostly. His name was Krzesimir, seriously.

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I feel proud but sad. I've finally got myself to see how invalid most if not all of the aphobics arguments. But the sad part is because of really wtf arguments I've heard recently by multiple headstrong ones: Closeted folks do not face systematic oppression and are not LGBT. And I've seen: Trans people who say down with cis or hate on cis folks aren't actually trans and are faking to just be special snowflakes. I am pretty past their bull now, but wow some have done a turn.

You know, I think the most profound thing I’ve learned from watching the various intracommunity discourses over the last decadeish has been just how incredibly damaging a single piece of bad logic can be, and how many more terrible terrible beliefs can snowball out of a commitment to just one idea. That’s really, I think, where so much of this comes from and why people on the exclusionist side all tend to eventually adopt such a startlingly similar set of biases and hatreds, even if they didn’t start out that way. Just one bad belief will lead to another and another and another, as long as you’re holding true to the bad foundational logic that got you to the first one.

And that’s been an important learning experience for me personally, because I had the misfortune of coming up to some extent through radfem circles, because some of their beliefs spoke to the scared, hurt teenager I was at the time, and I spent a long while trying to convince myself that I could have some of their beliefs and ignore the ones I found distasteful.

But that’s not how it works, because every single one of those beliefs was ultimately based on the same Bad Logic, so even the ones that I agreed with on the surface were poisonous at the core, and ultimately unsustainable. It took me a long time to deprogram myself and start seeing the toxin that pervaded everything in that community.

And that’s the same toxin that’s now spreading through every single part of REG communities and leading them all to continue to adopt increasingly more hateful [and, let’s be real, TERFier] beliefs. The roots are poisoned, and that means every branch is going to be too. I don’t know how to convince people to open their eyes and start seeing that, but I do know that pretty much every person I’ve ever seen who switched sides after being an exclusionist went through a similar process of realisation.


anonymous asked:

He should spank your sexually repressed Indonesian head till it flies off then fuck your corpse infront of your mother to show her what a dumb whore you are :)


Originally posted by fuckyeahdragrace

Hello there, nasty salty anon hater. You have a nasty, nasty chronic case of pearl-clutching prudeness, don’t you?

 Symptoms included perennial verbal diarrhea, psychotic bouts everytime word ‘daddy’ is mentioned and a slut-shaming seizure. 

You also have a morbid fascination with guro, judging by the incredibly nasty way you wish upon me here, here and here!

Your nasty anon hate here has revealed so much more about you though:

1. You have not blocked me since last year. Awww, that’s on you.

2. You are actually in my inner circle, or friend of a mutual because I have never publicized my country. DUN, DUN, DUN - I WILL FIND YOU!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Or maybe not, meh, not worth the effort. I guess for every lovely soul in this fandom there would be a nasty can of worm like you.

3. You don’t even have to mention Kojuro and I KNOW you were referring to this post I just reblogged. You are Kojuro fan and you are triggered every time one of your Katakura sister wives (BECAUSE NEWS FLASH WE ARE ALL YOUR SISTERWIVES, YOU SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE, DEAL WITH IT!) expresses their fantasy with Kojuro. Tsk, tsk, tsk, this kind of jealousy is not cute, learn to share!

Also, What is “sexually repressed” and why do you insist I have that huh? You know what, I think you’re projecting, you poor thing!  Here’s something for you to take care of that.

Originally posted by nelsart

4. One does not spank another’s head. Daddy ( Lookie what you’ve done, you make me air my kinks, I only called him daddy in private before this you know)  knows where to spank for a maximum effect. Also he is the one into slapping, not me. 

5. Daddy is not into fucking corpse or necrophilia. I am sure if you dig the internet deep enough, you will find a fandom that caters to this predilection of yours.  

6. Leave my mother and my family and Bontenmaru (you kept bringing them into this hate campaign you sent me) out of this or I will go LIAM NEESON on you.

Originally posted by ramheaded-wicca

7. I am a slightly smarter-than-average dumb whore, duh! I have several degrees, damnit!

Originally posted by sstrangers

okay I’m just gonna say it,,,

I don’t care what anybody says, self diagnosis is wrong. And here’s why:

I will see blogs with ‘pro self dx’ and at first I was like, “okay I mean that’s whatever…” until I started reading **MULTIPLE** blogs’ apparent reasoning/how they have done it. Here is an exact response I have seen when others express respectfully on why they don’t agree with sdx:

“…I mean I self diagnosed because I really fit the criteria and I took a lot of these quizzes and—” here let me stop you right there.

I don’t care how much research you do, and how much time you think you have spent on studying whatever illness you have convinced yourself you have. GO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. Now I know money does not grow on trees, and I know that there are unsupportive families, but please hear me out. 

What on Earth is the point to self diagnose? Please, tell me. If your reason to self diagnose is lack of money, I understand, but really sit down and think about what I am saying. You have nothing but a label. You still cannot get the right medication, you still can’t go to therapy for it, because you said you don’t have the money right? And when you do finally walk into a mental health professional’s office, what are you gonna say? Let me show you what will go down. Here is an example:

Doctor: Do you have any history of mental illness?

You: Yes, I have _______

Doctor: Alright, when were you tested/treated for _____? 

You: Well I took a couple quizzes and they said—

I can guarantee you will get a puzzled look, or they will not take you seriously. Do you want to know why? Diagnosis can take up to a HUGE span of time. From a couple of weeks, months, even years. There is a reason doctors are not quick to put a label on you, IT IS INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS TO BE MISDIAGNOSED !!!! Especially if you are underage, because hormones REALLY do play a part in your thought/growth/developmental process. You cannot pinpoint a few characteristics or personality traits on a mental illness. I’m sorry you just can’t. 

For instance, I will often talk about my BPD with my best friend. She will tell me how much she relates to what I am saying and how she somewhat understands what I’m going through. Does she have Borderline Personality Disorder because she and I share a few unhealthy traits? NO. No she doesn’t. You can hate being around crowds, but not have social anxiety. You can get easily disappointed, without having depression. You can be moody, but not be bipolar. This generation has a sick fixation on being labelled and ‘different.’ If you want to be different, learn a new hobby, a new language, go out and do something different.

Self diagnosis does absolutely nothing for anyone but give you a label. Sure, you can look up ways to cope with “xyz” disorder, but let’s be real… are you REALLY going to listen? Are you really going to follow through with all of the so called self help you’re doing? Probably not, because if it is as effective as you claim it is, I don’t think you would still be on Tumblr or whatever social media outlet you use, still complaining about nothing has changed. I know therapy and medicine doesn’t magically wish away illness, trust me, I fucking know it doesn’t. But my GOD! I don’t see what the point is for sdx. You still aren’t getting access to therapy, medication, a REAL psychiatric evaluation… so why bother? I know sometimes having a label or term for something is comforting, but other than that I really do not see a point to this. I’m pretty much rambling now, because I am so frustrated at the fact that people are actually justifying this without a plausible reason.

(Yes, I do know that there are a small percentage of you all who do sdx, and find effective ways to cope and treat yourself knowing what you “have” This is not directed towards you, this is directed towards people who have no other reason to self diagnose other than to be trendy or a special snowflake.)

Sincerely, someone who was put into a group home, psychiatric institution, and temporarily kicked out of high school during freshman year. I am not a trend, I am not your pretty personality. I am borderline, I make having stable relationships nearly impossible. Please do not use me as your adjective, I am not just an adorable characteristic, I am a real illness, that ruins real lives. (I am not saying all borderlines have ruined lives, but as someone who is clinically diagnosed with bpd, I can confidently say, my actions fueled behind my irrational thought process aka my mental illness, has REALLY ruined mine.)

(via -Leioko’s Demise)

anonymous asked:

I want to go and see my therapist again, but I don't wanna be more of the 'special snowflake' than I already am and what if i don't actually have anything and I just have to get my shit together? There are so many people that have it worse than I do, so it seems, and.. argh...

Oh sweetie. That “special snowflake” thing about mental health? It’s wrong and it’s ableist and it’s violent. It dismisses our pain and it minimizes our needs; it makes us believe that we are “making it up” for “attention,” but first of all, it is okay to need and want attention, and second of all, you are real.

You are real, you are real, you are real. Diagnoses don’t help us become particularly pretty snowflakes (we already are ;) ) – really, they just help us gain access to medical assistance that we might need, and they help give us a vocabulary that can help us feel less isolated and understand ourselves better so that we can cope more effectively.

We are not competing with each other: it’s not about other people having it worse. Surely, we have to be in solidarity with each other, but someone else’s pain doesn’t make yours less real, I promise.

I’m so proud of you for wanting to see your therapist: you’re wonderful and brave for even wanting that.

You are worth it and you are real and I promise that you deserve all the support you might need. I’m sending you all my love, my dear <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

You've come so far and improved so much, even just since I started following you! I was wondering if you could mention anything that, in particular, helped you to improve, personally, obviously including drawing a lot? ^^ Thank you for your time either way, and I hope you have a good day!

Ahh, thank you! I still feel like I have a long way to go, but it’s important to remind myself that it’s a constant journey of growth, not a means to an end.

Here are some things that helped me improve from another ask I answered! I also have an art help tag in general!

I also think a few things that help me improve mentally

  • All those tutorials and guides and advice articles about art struggles DO actually apply to me- I am not a special snowflake whose situation is too unique to find help for, and I AM deserving of these resources- and I need to stop letting things glaze over my brain as if it doesn’t apply to me. It does. Take the advice to heart, don’t let it in one ear and out the other. It can help you if you let it help you. (This applies to mental health too)
  • You. Have. To. Do. The. Work. The work is hard, the work is long. But you have to do it. No tutorials will magically bestow you with the skills found in hard work and commitment.
  • Inspiration is fickle and a novelty at best; It’s nice when it happens, it’s a wonderful wind in our sails- but just like the wind, it can’t always be there, and you have to carry the weight when it’s not. An artist’s drive is 10% inspiration, 90% hard work. (Likewise, writing a story is also one skill. Finishing it is another skill entirely.)
  • DRAW IN PEN. I know I wrote this in the link but it’s helped me so much. Draw fast, draw loose, draw a lot. It’ll look ugly, that’s okay! KEEP DOING IT. You will notice a difference in your confidence over time… (Also use different colors ink because it’s fun!)
  • Mess up. A lot. Do it again. Conquer the fear of messing up in small ways every day, so one day? The large fears will not be able to stop you.

anonymous asked:

"And rule of thumb for every negative thing you say. Say two possitive." So we have to sugar coat everything for you guys now? Fic "writers" are such special little snowflakes, aren't you?

Actually, it’s the method one uses when you want to correct behavior, so if you were to use it you’d effectively be “correcting” our behavior to suit your standards. It’s a psychology technique. If you’d done any kind of two second research in your lifetime, you’d figure that out. Negativity doesn’t really work in “correcting bad behavior” as you see it. 

See Here

However, as with all methods, that doesn’t always work. If you’d like to be more transparent with your feedback, perhaps this will suit your needs. 

See here

The thing that 100% doesn’t work, is shit flinging like a caged animal. 

Also, am I a special little snowflake? Well, I am special enough to put my name behind things that I send people because I’m not cowardly. So I guess in that respect, yeah. I’m pretty special. 

I hope that whatever is bothering you so much and causing you to have so much hate in your heart is resolved for you quickly, anon, and that you stop lashing out at others. We’re not the ones causing you pain. Have a great day.