actually yeah it is

All this coming out hysteria

Reblog if you support Dan regardless of his sexual orientation, even if he’s straight. Reblog if you support him whether he chooses to ever make a definitive statement clarifying the issue or not. Reblog if you support Dan as a person.

Tbh I don’t understand how some people get so worked up over getting a zit. One zit.

Fucking one.

Yet somehow I have to live with having a face full of them.

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do you know the general age of your followers? you seemed really surprised when you saw me at katsucon lol

Uh, I tend to assume the majority of my followers are anywhere from age 12-60? If I looked surprised at seeing you at Katsu, it was most definitely because someone, anyone recognized me at all ^ ^;;;

I tend to think aw gee, I’ve been advertising that I’m going to Katsu for a while and I try to make it easy for people to find me but will people actually??? Like I know all of you are real, you interacting with me like this is proof, but I have a really hard time actually convincing myself that this many people want anything to do with me–so yeah, whenever someone actually recognizes me as YukiPri from Tumblr, SHOCK ∠(゚Д゚)/ 

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sometimes I have a hard time knowing that jalil out of all people was PHARAOH, they act nothing alike???

Yeah same actually, I mean… he didn’t turn into a more evil version of himself, he just straight-up turned into a historical figure, as in, an entirely separate actual person. (One who has already fought a Ladybug before. Like… that’s suspicious… Kubdels, what are you hiding…) Like he’s just a hyper scrwany history nerd and he turned into this evil stern buff dude that kidnapped Alya and tried to sacrifice her?? It’s probably one of the biggest differences in civilian and akuma selves in the show, tbh

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How much do you think Rittenhouse knows about the journal? Before the finale I was thinking next to nothing, but with the big reveals about Emma and Lucy's mom I'm not so sure. Remember, Lucy's mom gave Lucy the journal at the end of the very same episode where Emma had been asking Flynn about it. Coincidence or nefarious plot? Does Rittenhouse... want Lucy to write the journal?

Hey, yeah, there’s the thing. Rittenhouse may not actually know the journal exists. At all. Lucy’s known about it since the Pilot, but she wouldn’t tell anyone. Not until 1.06, when Flynn was a butt and blabbed the secret to Wyatt and Rufus. Rufus’s recording picked it up, but he later destroyed the device. Same in 1.10 when they talk about it. There’s no evidence to suggest they know it exists and that Flynn has it. And if they did know (no idea how they would), they’d have no clue to what’s inside. The contents have no way of being reported back to them. So when Cahill keeps urging Lucy to join Rittenhouse, he probably doesn’t know that her future involves her joining Flynn and trying to take them down.

I think they specifically staged the scene with Emma simply so we would later be glad Flynn didn’t explain the journal to her. (For the record, I called that one.) Which is just another reason to argue that Rittenhouse doesn’t know it exists. And even if Emma saw the initials on the cover and drew the conclusion to Lucy Preston, she has no way of knowing the journal is from the future or what’s in it. I think them zooming in on it in the beginning is so we know it’s the same one in the ending. That’s also why it’s in the same episode, just to make certain we remember.

But you pose a good question. Did Lucy’s mother give her the journal as another way for Rittenhouse to keep tabs on their trips? She has known (all along apparently) what Lucy was doing: traveling through time. And Rittenhouse, for whatever reason, is obsessed with knowing everything that went on but was kept out of the team’s debriefing afterward. As of 1.11, however, Rufus stopped reporting that information to them (after a long history of never doing it right anyway). So was the journal a genuine gift to help Lucy clear her head (a practice in their family), or was it a method of spying? …I have no idea.

I feel like if Rittenhouse knew everything about the journal though, they would actually want to stop Lucy from writing it. Since it’s Flynn’s guide in his war against them. 

Also, throwing it out there, thank goodness Flynn gave the journal to Lucy and he wasn’t arrested with it.


The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special

An almost 2-month late update to:

Parts 1-5 of this Young!Victor -> Yuuri <- older!Victor comic series.

Happy Birthday, (both!) Victors! <3 May your days be filled with lots of Yuuris <3