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Media outlets seem to have such a hard time calling actual Nazis, “Nazis” …      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


damn it looks so nice and refreshing

Perfect - Reggie X OC

[A/N: Despite what this title of this fic is called it is anything but perfect! So this was a first attempt at writing some fluffy Reggie fic, I also went for an OC rather than a reader because it’s kind of my preferred style. It isn’t fully inspired by Ed Sheeran’s - Perfect however I did listen to it a lot whilst writing this fic! Also guys its like 3:30 am, I need some sleep. Without further ado.]

Word Count: 1979

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No, no action at all (✿◡‿◡)

arguing headcanons...

Arguing with ACOTAR characters

Who wins: Tamlin
Why: he just doesn’t listen to your opinion

Who wins: Feyre
Why: She may seem nice and amazing but she’s actually sarcastic and witty as fuck so don’t argue with her

Who wins: You
Why: He’s very reasonable so he’ll listen to your opinion, and he’s only going to shout if you piss him off a lot

Who wins: You
Why: He’ll argue with all his might with you and realize halfway that he’s a dumbass and you were right all along

Who wins: Mor
Why: she will fight you physically and win

Who wins: Amren

*watching a kids movie nowadays*
  • Me: alrighty time for some easy entertainment
  • *puts in dvd*
  • *presses play*
  • Me: oh wow okay these characters are actually pretty cool
  • Me: and these jokes are actually really witty
  • Me: and the plot is so well thought out
  • Me: omg that character is so sweet I love them they're my fav forever
  • Me: oop ship them
  • Me: ship those two as well
  • Me: I should stop.
  • *intense moment happens 45 minutes into 70 minute movie*
  • Me: *screams*
  • Me: *bites nail*
  • Me: fuck fuck fuck fuck fUcK
  • *intense moment ends*
  • Me: oh thank god
  • *surprise sad twist*
  • Me: nooooooooooooooooooo
  • *plot comes to an end with a sad but sweet ending*
  • Me: weeps
  • Me: blows nose into 7382729283rd tissue
  • Me: dies

My twin noticed the play in the names for ‘Jack’ and 'Gabriel’ and he believes these two were perfectly made for each other cause of this.

My twin is a big Reaper76 fan.(; ゚゚)

Jaehyun Prince!AU Part 2

I finished it! I had fun writing this even though I’m not very satisfied with it. The last part was a little bit rushed, sorry. I just realized it’s way past my bedtime but I wanted to finish it, so here it is. Sorry if there’s a lot of grammar mistakes. Like I said, it’s way past my bed time. I’d read this and edit the grammatical error when I have the time! It took a long time to post this one, since my teachers decided to give me a pile of projects to finish before finals.

Currently have some requests in my inbox and I’ll do that when I finish my finals which is in a week. Feel free to leave in more request and also comments for my writing. Hope you enjoy!

The Royal Sweetheart (2767 words)
Genre: Angst, Fluff


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anon said : Hi, I don’t know if you know Vixx, but I would like to request their reaction to their girlfriend’s insecurities about having naturally wavy/curly hair (It’s okay if you don’t know them, you can switch it with BTS c:) Thank you in advance <3

I’ll write the Vixx version! 

N: He couldn’t understand why you would feel insecure about… hair. He’d ask you why you didn’t like it because he truly couldn’t understand. It was fun to play with, looked good when you did nothing with it, and it looked good on you. He made sure to tell you that because he wanted to see you confident and happy. 

“Well, I love your hair even when it’s pushed to one side when you wake up in the morning so…”

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Leo: When he saw you wearing a hat for the fifth day in a row, he couldn’t help but ask you why. Wasn’t it uncomfortable? Wasn’t it hot? When you told him it was because you didn’t like your hair, he simply nodded. He didn’t want to see you unhappy with any part of yourself, but he wasn’t sure what to do… In the end, he found a way to complement you on your hair every day. 

“Your curls look extra shiny today Y/N.”

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Ken: When you told him you didn’t like your hair because you couldn’t do anything with it and that you thought it didn’t look good, he made it his goal to convince you otherwise. He’d been dying to play with your hair anyway, so this was the perfect excuse. He gave you ridiculous hairstyles each day to show you that your hair could do things, but that you shouldn’t let him do those things…

“I call this one… the beehive.”

In return for messing up your hair, he’d let you do his…

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Ravi: He couldn’t understand why you didn’t like your hair even though you’d explained why you didn’t like it at least 50 times. He found everything about you perfect and he wouldn’t settle for you hating even one thing about yourself. He would actually keep his witty comments to himself and find ways to compliment your hair. He’d probably try to give you suggestions on what you should do with your hair, though those stopped quickly when you showed him what your hair looked like when it was brushed out…

“Okay, well… how about we try a hat for today. Sorry Y/N.”

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Hongbin: He would ask you why you didn’t like your hair and why you always straightened it. When you told him it was because you were insecure when it came to your hair, he would simply nod. He wouldn’t stop you from doing what made you feel good about yourself, but he’d be more conscience when he complimented you, making sure he complimented you on your hair when it was in its natural state as well as when it was straightened.

“Babe, your bed head is super cute.”

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Hyuk: He would do his best to understand why you were insecure about your hair, but he just… couldn’t. The curls were fun to play with and you didn’t even have to use heat to get them. He made sure to compliment you on your hair when he could see you were more unhappy with it than usual. 

“You look extra beautiful today Y/N.”

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