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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x01

Season 1, Episode 1 - “Aperitif”

Heeyy all my buddies!

So I thought it would be a swell idea to rewatch Hannibal, because what is emotional stability good for, really? Very little, I’d say.

In my ~dreams~ I imagined writing posts covering the first two seasons that people could read if they were watching Hannibal for the first time, and that would eventually join up with my season 3 recaps to make one continuous chain. But then I realized two things:

1) that maybe I could actually provide something kinda interesting and a little more rare in tv commentary, in that I could relook at a series as a whole, knowing what it is they built over time, and talk about how the boards were laid, as it were

2) that I have no control when it comes to foreshadowing or pain

This latter realization was mostly about myself, and although it wasn’t a surprise it was valuable.

These in turn mean two things for YOU:

1) as a whole these posts will contain spoilers through the Hannibal series finale (it’s over & it’s perfect shhhh wade into the stream). Sometimes the spoilers will be specific, other times it will be more general knowledge of circumstances, which I think counts as a spoiler for Hannibal because so much of the joy/horror of this show is in being very much with the characters in what you are (not) aware of at any given moment. And I don’t want to take that from newbies, so we’re keeping these things on Alert.

2) probably this whole adventure is going to be primarily screen shots followed by me being like

…which was a joke but also, I am beginning to suspect, oddly accurate? Like I just want to make sure everyone is yelling enough and for the right reasons. I am a mere humble thinker of feelings, at your service.

Take, for instance, this, which we see in the very first word-free minutes of the television series Hannibal:

Just the face of a man about to walk forward into the rest of his life. And do you know what he does first? He closes his eyes. Do you know what happens when you close your eyes? That’s when the monsters can move.


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possibly the start of a fic???

hi I wrote this thing very late at night (or very early morning???) It starts off shitty and dramatic but it actually has a plot. 

I only put a little but up for you to see so you can read the rest under the cut.


Keith has never been in love. 

He thought he was, at one point.  The head-over-heels kind, in fact. The first love kind. The reckless kind.

Love, he learned, was not where you give every part of your heart or soul to your loved one. It was not where you put everything on the line for the other person, uncaring about the repercussions. It wasn’t the warm, tingly feeling you get when you look at the person you gave your entire life for. That feeling of being on top of the world when you hold their hand or kiss their cheek in public.

It certainly wasn’t what they show in the movies.

And so, Keith, at the tender age of eighteen, got his heart broken so far into oblivion that he lost a part of himself in the process. 

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Rose Reviews… THE X-FILES - S1.E4: Conduit

<< 1.3 Squeeze  —————————————- 1.5 The Jersey Devil >>

In the dead times post Chicago high it’s been nice to wrap myself once again in the slippery arms of my beloved show. Conduit is one of those S1 episodes I always forget about… let’s see how it scores with, as always, a melange of gifs, cursewords and thoughts arranged into some semblance of a recap under the cut…

Where she leads… he will follow

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any good ereri fics you can recommend? I am seriously lost and I can't find good ones anymore ;-; they could be one-shots, finished fics or still on going, whichever you want, but please help me ç-ç

oh my anon, u r in for a ride~~ i forgot way many fics off of this list probably, but hopefully u will find something to read here!! when it comes to fics i only read complete fics w fairly happy endings, and also for some reason i seem to prefer one/twoshots ??? and like i dont give a flying cock abt who tops/bottoms, ngl i am a huge slut for bottom eren but like i dont differentiate w ereri/riren

u’ve probably had the same couple of fics recced at u thousand times so here are also some lesser known ones that are way fuckin great in my opinion and deserve more recognition~~ i tried to avoid featuring more than one fic from each author but pls check out their other work as well!!

classic ereris

words are trivial - the first ever ereri fic i read and i was instantly i n l o v e like gdi they are so ic in this one and its super realistic tbh p l s read this its great, exactly how i would imagine ereris happening in canon

five years time - m an y e e s s !!! continuing with the classic ereris bc im always a slut for touch-starved eren tbh. the only problem i have w this fic is that i need like 100000k more of it

the misanthrope - this fic srsly needs to be recced more!!!! i dont understand why this isnt on every person’s rec list bc this right here is the very definition of classic ereris. canonverse au, cutie eren meets grumpy scouting legion veteran levi.

playing favorites - this is literally so what i am about ,this is everything iwant in life pls i need more ereri fics like this i cant function srsly when i think abt this fico kok, levi spoils eren bc lbr that boy deserves all the nice things

morning breath - maaan this is just really nice and smooth and leisurely, def a classic piece of ereri

not to curry flavor - two of my favorite things, ereri and descriptions of food~~ levi worries for his lil cutie and cooks him a meal

the art of wooing - okokok i dont like reccing several fics from the same author but this is too cute!!!! titan eren woos levi w rocks!!! pls read!!!!

cool ass aus

pastel eren - yyyYYWEEEEAAA pastel eren!!! i love pastel eren in case u havent noticed

wisdom lost - yeEEE this was super great and hilarious, eren gets his wisdom teeth remove and is rly damn high and then they fuck~~ 

look at me (the way i look at you) - MY CHRISTMAS PRESETN!!!! its super fluffy and cute, and u can def read this even if its not christmas. eren gets sick and levi cares for him and pines hardcore

always - do u wanna cry~~ short as balls and sad but also fluffy

window washer au - a number of drabbles abt window washer eren and office worker levi whos smitten w him~~ 

gross kinks

what a catch - pwp daddy kink, i have no excuses tbh u can judge me all u want lol

blood sticks - and now for something completely different ahahahahahahahhhhhh. sorry i know i am a terrible person and ok the violent descriptions kinda make me cringe but ngl i love a masochistic eren

precious gift - ok o kok so before u unfollow me for reccing this, pls consider a moment. theres some srs noncon and other fucked up shit right here, but the author recognizes it and doesnt try to pass it off as a healthy relationship. the petplay here is written rly damn well like a+++

the greatest view - ahahaaa compared to the others this isnt actually gross at all, some great bondage and dirty talk and praise kink and bottom levi

forest boy - frickles in the woods~~ idk somehow this has a rly beautiful mood 

dragon’s blood - rly damn sensual pwp, like holy hell man and omg i jUST NOTICED RIGHT NOW THIS IS BY RARYU???? WTF I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS UR FIC OMG IM DUMB

coming clean - literally super filthy smut, oh my~~ 

didn’t find anything nice and now are forever disgusted by my tastes? here are some other peoples’ rec lists:

cat’s recs (both ongoing and finished and also pwps, quality person and an ereri connoisseur, we have remarkably similar tastes loool)

fuzzyporcupine’s recs (a fuckload of fics, rly damn well organized, most of them quality except for that one dentist au lol who even wrote that) (srsly this was the first ever rec page i ever found my stuff on and promptly shat a brick)

bfketh’s smut recs aaayy (so many dicks, also some erurirens so avert ur eyes if that isnt ur thing)

vaneh’s recs (rly damn aesthetic posts, will look way pretty on ur blog when u reblog them, well organized and described, the only downside is that a few of my fics r on here lol) (but tbh if ur following me then im p sure that u dont mind this type of content)

pom-pom-pomodoro’s fluffy recs (!!!!fluffy, u had me at fluffy)

kitty’s fic recs (rly damn quality person once again, a lot of well known fics but tbh u will probs find trashy porn as well bc she loves ass)

corporalmizuki’s recs (other ships than ereri also included)

and also the ereri fic rec tag, its p quiet there most of the time but ive found a couple of nice things there~~

12x06 - Episode Review and Analysis

I know I am late to the game here, I have no doubt a lot of the below has been covered but here are my thoughts on the episode anyway. Tried out a different structure this time because there was so much going on I didn’t wanna miss anything out. 

Anyway, review and meta under the cut. This got very long.

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Hey it's the ACOTAR anon again, my friend brought up a good point that Tamlin was horrible from the start i.e. Rhys TAUGHT Feyre to write, Tamlin wanted to write for her

omGGGGGG don’t even get me started

Like, I read this post on tumblr somewhere that really resonated with me about the mindfuck that is Tamlin/abuse etc. I can’t find the post right now, but basically it was about how the OP didn’t really care for Tamlin in book 1, and as he did shit/chose things, the OP even REMEMBERED THINKING: That’s not right, that’s unhealthy, that’s weird, that’s problematic.

But the end of the book came and Feyre seemed to get her Happy Ever After with him, so the OP shrugged it all off and said, “welp good for her I guess.”

Then the second book comes out. And no, you can pretty clearly see the abuse that Feyre suffers with Tamlin because of his control issues and his obsession with keeping her safe and accessible at all times. And the OP had this moment of, “Oh my God, I watched an abusive relationship happen and then I totally GLOSSED OVER IT and accepted it because Feyre got her happy ending.” And it hit me hard because I did the same thing! I did the same exact damn thing.

I didn’t LIKE Tamlin in the first book. I thought he was passive and too willing to sit in his tower and let shit happen around him. While there was clearly a logic to how tight of a leash he kept on her in that first book, it still bothered me because it’s GROSS to mess with someone’s sense of autonomy even if it’s a dangerous world and you’re worried about them.

But in the first book, he did it with a very light touch. VERY light. He didn’t say, “I forbid you from doing xyz” (for the most part), he couched it in words like “It’s too dangerous,” “you could get hurt,” etc. He basically used his Concern as a prison, and on the surface it looks kind of sweet (and if you recall, Feyre had a very tough life up until then, and I’m sure she was aching for someone to step in and “take care of her” a bit, because it would be such a new and wondrous feeling).

So the insidious thing happens where book 2 rolls about. The Big Bad Bitch is six feet under, and now Tamlin has nothing to fear from no one.

So what does he do?

He starts whipping out the control-words. He won’t LET her do this. He FORBIDS her from that. He’s no longer worried about losing her and condemning his life to Amarantha’s toy, and he’s determined to never lose that kind of control again. So what looked kind of sweet in book 1 now becomes a terrifying NIGHTMARE for Feyre, where she’s basically trapped on all ends: She can’t say “fuck this” and go HOME. She’s a Fae now. She’ll never be accepted there. Someone will probably try to kill her. She can’t cross Tamlin because he’s basically her king. He keeps her separated from her peers and her entire social circle is Ianthe and Lucien (two Tamlin-Approved Friends ™). He essentially shrinks her entire world down to a nice little controllable area with the intent of controlling her life.

This is abuse. It happens every day IRL. To see it explored in a fantasy novel is somewhat amazing, especially because you can tell that the author KNOWS it’s happening, has always known it was happening, and specifically built it in that way so that the insidious nature of Tamlin’s obsession comes out in bits and pieces – it was hinted at in the first book, and then it unravels in the second.

Worst of all, Lucien, who is supposed to be a real friend of Feyre’s, basically fucks her over just to keep the peace. He is the epitome of every person that turns a blind eye to abuse because they don’t want to make waves. If I was in Feyre’s position by the end of book 2, I’d be perfectly willing to end all possibility of friendship with him forever on the basis that he is a cowardly little asshole who would rather watch his “friend” shrivel up and DIE from the abuse she’s suffering (to the point that he’s willing to basically gaslight her about it to make her think she’s the one being unreasonable) than suffer any sort of interpersonal issues with Tamlin. That’s beyond fucked up. I’m not sure I’m willing to accept him as redeemable tbh, he really pissed me off in this book. He is the perfect example of when male passivity (he’s not willing to step in and tell Tamlin he’s being a fuck) is actually VIOLENT towards women. Being a bystander doesn’t excuse him from the emotional and psychological violence he is inflicting on Feyre.

Then you have Rhys.

I won’t lie; I thought Rhys was a fucking tool in book 1. I didn’t like Tamlin, but I preferred Tamlin to Rhys (and Lucien to them both, although obviously that changed). Rhys’ motivation was purposefully hidden to make him seem like your typical Dark Sexy Edgelord, and I honestly thought his inclusion was for the purpose of playing out the Isn’t Rape/NonCon Kinda Sexy? trope.

Then book 2 happens, and I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Fucker.

Rhys’ act is a terrible one, but the important thing is that he makes sure Feyre is aware of the act and why it exists. He does have some issues with sharing and communication (I understand why, but I also understand why it would piss Feyre off so badly, it would upset me too), but you see development as the book goes on where he tries to be more upfront. He is ACTIVELY trying to improve himself, while understanding that for SOME ungodly reason, his mate is in love with Sir Fuckbutt of the Spring Court. He’s not biding his time and waiting for her to come to her senses and CHOOSE him. He was going to let the wedding to Tamlin happen. He respects Feyre’s decisions, even when they’re not fully informed, and doesn’t try to even drop the Mate thing on her in order to convince her to choose him, instead.

He doesn’t try and lock Feyre up for her own safety. He is nervous when she’s in danger (obviously), but not once does he try and tell her that she can’t do something or that he won’t let her do something. He will offer advice or a warning that she’s stepping into a dangerous situation, but he leaves the choice to her.

And that’s really important. Autonomy is one of the most important things a person can have, and trying to take that away from a person is dehumanizing and also TERRIFYING. Rhys understands that and even when his instincts tell him to protect her at all costs, he is actively working against his own inner nature in order to not infringe upon her autonomy at all. That is the big lesson, here: Not that Rhys is just naturally a better person, because he has the same dumbass instincts Tamlin does. But Rhys RECOGNIZES them, sees himself clearly for the flawed individual he is, and makes the conscious decision not to fall prey to his own instincts. He chooses Feyre’s psychological health over the possibility of him feeling slight discomfort or uncertainty, and Tamlin DOESN’T.

That’s the big difference between them. Tamlin has decided that he would sacrifice anything in order to make himself happy, to build a safe place for himself. Rhys has decided (multiple times and at great personal cost throughout the last few centuries) that he’d rather sacrifice himself for others. He put himself through torture of the worst kind for FIFTY YEARS to keep a city of his people safe.

He’s fucking magical and if something happens in book 3 that undoes everything good he did in book 2, I will be fucking devastated. I love him. He’s the best.

And fuck Tamlin.

this got really long I’m sorry

littlestpersimmon  asked:

Kent Parson and Snowy hcs! How did they get together!!!!! Please you've dragged me deep into this hell......

aaaaaah yes!! i love them i could talk about them for ages

ok so.

  • after kent hangs out at that falcs optional skate w/ jack and asks snowy to get a drink with him they do & they go to this hole-in-the-wall garbage pub snowy hangs out at in providence and kent’s like “why do u come here” and snowy’s like “it matches my aesthetic” (kent: ur ridiculous and i cant believe u just said aesthetic out loud in a sentence) (also kent: me too tho)
  • they’re both hella busy so they dont see each other for a little while after the first date (kent: was it a date? i asked him out. kind of. was it casual? does snowy actually like me??? am i being a fool?????) but they text a lot and snowy makes kent laugh all the time- he’d never tell him that tho it’d boost his already huge ego- and he can’t remember the last time he laughed or smiled his much and his teammates start to notice too 
  • and i imagine he’s out to like two or three of them but not the whole team so someone makes a comment (kinda like tater to jack “your girl?”) about how he’s been texting someone a lot and grinning and he should just ask her out and he’s like “hahahahahhahhaha i am straight yes.” but then thinks about it and is like “ok i should tho. like we should be boyfriends that would be cool i would like a boyfriend”
  • so one time he and snowy are talking on the phone late at night and he’s sleepy and happy and is like “you should come to vegas. like to visit or whatever. that’d be nice” and he doesn’t really expect snowy to take him seriously but the next day snowy’s like “im buying my ticket is next weekend cool we have a few days off” and kent’s like “YEAH MAN THATS GREAT” //internally panicking bc snowy’s gonna Be Here and he’s gotta be Cool And Charming
  • but of course when snowy visits all of kent’s cool & chill exterior falls to pieces bc snowy just manages to do that to him, makes it so he’s completely himself and he doesn’t know how but it’s nice, he’s constantly changing himself and how he acts to accommodate people around him and how they want him to be but with snowy he’s just. himself.
  • kent’s trying to be sneaky and romantic so he says they should go out to eat one of the nights and takes snowy to this really nice restaurant and snowy’s a little shit so he’s just acting like “oh yeah, this place is nice, cool, w/e” as kent is Screaming bc he doesn’t know if snowy gets that it’s supposed to be romantic but of course snowy knows he’s not an idiot he just is an asshole and wants kent to actually say the words
  • so eventually kent does because he gets frustrated and is like “OH MY GOD THIS IS A DATE WE’RE ON A DATE I’M TRYING TO BE ROMANTIC DO U WANNA BE MY BOYFRIEND” and snowy’s like “lol yea” (kent: [SCREECHING IN SIMULTANEOUS ANGER AND HAPPINESS])
  • and they have a very happy and lovely weekend and christen every room in kent’s apartment and cuddle and watch reality tv and attempt to make cookies (kent: i dont think the batter’s supposed to be this thin snowy: nah its fine they’ll just be pancakes instead of cookies kent: >:c)
  • kent also tries to get kit used to snowy and he’s worried she’s gonna hate him bc she hates literally everyone he brings home but the opposite happens and she likes snowy more than kent and keeps sleeping on his tummy and purring; snowy thinks this is rly fucking funny and points it out all the time
    • snowy: i cant believe ur cat loves me more than u lol
    • kent: >:(
    • snowy: i should just take her back with me seeing as she hates u now
    • kent: >:((((((((((((((((
  • so they’re boyfriends and they do the thing where they bicker at each other all the time when they’re alone but in public & around friends they’re fucking obnoxious and gross and only have eyes for each other
  • they dont wait a super long time to come out bc snowy’s like “yo. if we came out together as bfs then neither one of us would be the first openly queer nhl player like it’d be both of us at the same time” kent: “ur a genius and i love u”
  • because they’re both assholes they come out by posting a picture of them kissing and flipping off the camera at the exact same time on both their twitters and the press goes wild and both jack and bad bob tell kent they’re proud of him and pr for the aces & the falcs are freaking out and meanwhile kent and snowy are enjoying a quiet night in with take out and call of duty
    • pr makes them do an official statement but of course they dont take it seriously at all
    • reporter: kent, when did you know you were gay? kent: im not reporter: i’m confused kent: thats cuz ur an idiot
    • reporter: why did you decide to both come out now? snowy: so i could go down in history for being the gayest and best goalie this sport has ever seen
    • reporter: are you worried about how this will affect your careers? kent: full offense the aces literally cant afford to lose me good luck winning another cup without me fellas lmao
  • snowy starts bringing kent to the bbqs the falcs vets hold sometimes and everyone Hates This because they’re really fucking annoying like snowy’s annoying by himself but kent and snowy’s combined asshole power is the most irritating thing in the world
    • also, bitty and jack go to these things so while jack and kent are friends again now, bitty is still Bitter and Petty and doesnt like having kent around that much bc he literally cant let go of shit even if it’s been years he still holds a grudge
    • bitty: hey snowy!! how’ve you been? i heard you’re up for the vezina, that’s amazing, congrats!!!! oh hello kent.
  • anyway snowy and kent are very happy together and they’re both busy but they make it work by texting and calling and skyping and snapchatting constantly and kent spends breaks and off seasons in providence and brings kit with him and the falcs get to know kent more as a person and snowy’s bf not just kent parson hockey star 
  • last thing but just imagine them going to providence pride every year after they come out and it’s even better when jack and bitty come out bc the falconers get a float and all the guys come and snowy and kent and jack and bitty are all wearing rainbow stuff and have their faces painted and are laughing and dancing and kent doesn’t think he’s ever felt so happy in his life

fandomareweird  asked:

Dandongs deleted because their art was reposted and they never wanted their art to be seen by dnp and had said multiple times they would probably delete if dnp found their art. I am very upset at this because someone actually reposted and also because on their other blog (I won't name it) they worked on a lot of more amazing things that they wanted dnp to see but neither of those things they did.

Jesus Christ that’s so awful

I loved their blog and they seemed like such a lovely person and they were always so respectful and shit they didn’t deserve that.

Like, I get wanting to get featured in D&P’s videos but, honestly, they must’ve known they would get a massive backlash for reposting a popular artists stuff. The person who reposted is probably getting bombarded with hate now and dandongs is probably feeling so awful because I know they always made such an effort to keep their art out of the tags and all.

I don’t think the person who reposted deserves hate because, knowing tumblr, it’ll be fucking viscous, but I automatically lose all respect for anyone willing to stoop that low and it’d be bad for them to get away with this with no consequences. Unfortunately I bet a bunch of the posts in the video were reposts (which might have been why D&P were avoiding showing the URL above a post with a watermark, just my theory there)

All around shitty situation and, yeah we got a funny bit in the video, but it’s all just so gross that I can’t enjoy it.

No idea if they’ll see this at all, but dandongs I send you my love and hope you’re doing okay <3

anonymous asked:

what else could it be? It has to be a proposal with that kiss!

I feel I should immediately duck and cover saying this, especially after the grossness regarding JMO’s stomach (seriously have people even seen a pregnant woman?), but my 2nd thought and one I’ve entertained for awhile now was: baby.


Let me preface this with: I abhor baby spec.
I hate TV babies. I feel like I’m constantly wondering who is taking care of the kid and being all judgey parent. I hate the checking to see if a character is pregnant or showing.

That being said I’m not going to ignore the possibility.

I am leaning more towards proposal meself or just confirmation they are moving in together, but it IS possible, and we have some foreshadowing and thematic elements to support it.

This is kinda long and I’m always on mobile so apologies.

The first thing is the nursery. They deliberately included this imagery for a reason and they also included a script direction (albeit a poorly actualized one) to have a character who is not Emma focus on said nursery. The rest of the characters ignored its presence and it’s yet to be brought up, and that direction was mentioned specifically for Hook.

We also have the emphasis on that mobile I can’t get over. Those two opposing unicorns bound together in the center.

The second kind of obvious thing is: Rumple and Hook parallel each other quite a bit. With Rumple potentially entering into fatherhood again it might make for some interesting parallels to have Killian and Emma doing the same.

We have Liam 2 just kind of out there somewhere and a B plot with Killian trying to reconcile with his brother to make up for the horrible thing he did, and while confronting feelings of inadequacy as a father figure would be amazing. Can you imagine him struggling with that while battling magical monsters and confronting his own father issues? Cause I can.

This show is also winding down, Season 6
and very optimistically 7 could be the last, and it moves at a glacial pace, so if they are planning on doing any kind of CS baby why not introduce it now? Emma could be pregnant for ten years and we’d make no progress on the show. Then people can have the nice parallel of Emma this time surrounded by family as she brings new life into the world.

We are focused on babies and pregnancy A LOT this arc. We have Belle, Pistachio, and Baby Neal all forming subplots underneath the Save Hook arc. There are an abnormal number of babies running around. Just like there was a lot of talk about darkness and Emma going dark in 4B.

This kiss is IMPORTANT and like I said in another post we already had our reunion hug, and our reunion back in Storybrooke hug, and this is several episodes after they are back from the Underworld.

There are only a few major couple events that would warrant such a grand gesture and a kiss of that magnitude: Agreeing to move in together, a proposal/acceptance of proposal, and a pregnancy announcement. If you can think of others lay ‘em on me because I can’t.

The moving in has already been addressed and handled imo. They’ve already talked about this and pretty much already agreed that’s the plan. We have a cute lighting the Promethean Flame kiss to seal that deal.

This is still a possibility though if they are really intent on dragging this shit out which, I’m going to be frank, would be annoying AF.

We also have this other conversation in front of Granny’s after the funeral to consider as well:

Emma kisses him (maybe) and says something to him that either leaves him stunned/confused/sad standing on the sidewalk. Colin jokingly fist pumped afterwards though which is a detail I keep focusing on.

It wasn’t a “breakup” obviously, so what could she have said that would trigger that response? Either she questioned moving in together and the excitement later is because she changed her mind (which would, again, kind of a bit annoying if I’m honest because moving in together after you went to Hell to get someone seems kind of redundant and lackluster), OR she alluded to the possibility of marriage/baby and he was dumbfounded, and this scene will be paralleled and completed with the scene we just saw.

The setup is the same for both scenes so I have to imagine the episode opens with one and is “resolved” with the other.

The time after the funeral obviously isn’t a good time to get into that discussion and then shit hits the fan as it always does, so this moment with the leg kick kiss just before they enter Granny’s is the first time they have a chance to really talk after whatever is said in front of Granny’s in the first scene.

We know he leans over to flirtily say something and she responds in the affirmative, he is overjoyed, kiss, leg kick, Steffie’s death.

This is just how I imagine it going down based on these two scenes and what I’ve wondered already. I’m not in the camp that thinks they haven’t had sex personally. I think that deal was sealed and with everything going on it might not be something Emma was paying attention to so I’m not going to dismiss it based on dates or logistics because they’ve been together long enough.


Please remember these are fictional characters in a magical world on a TV drama and literally anything is possible and I am real person who just has thoughts in her head and an overactive imagination.

But yeah. I think proposal or confirmation of moving in together mostly but this is still an overjoyed kiss with a leg kick possibility.

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I'm glad someone else thinks callout culture is too extreme and kind of awful. Anytime I've said that it's really toxic I get people saying things like oh so you don't want people to care about xyz and I'm like?? I never said that,, like yeah call people out for their shitty behavior but when someone makes one small mistake and they genuinely didn't realize it was wrong how about we don't crucify them. People like to point out others wrongdoing but never point out their own and it bothers me.

I’ve even paused my One Direction video to answer this, bc I want to give it my full attention and I cannot do that with Harry Styles in my peripheral vision. Also this is gonna be long. I didn’t pause the boys to half ass this answer.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily think callout culture in itself is a bad thing, i think it’s really important to identify things that are genuinely a problem and let people know why. That’s how we learn and grow as people. The problem with it, particularly on this website, is the extreme to which people take it. 

What callout culture should be is if Person A makes a comment that is kinda Yikes™, Person B steps up and says “sorry, but you said this thing, and i just wanted to let you know it’s kinda Yikes™ for these reasons.” For example, I made a post at like 4.30am about B/uckynat in the MCU and how i can’t see it bc like my blog title says, I am v much an advocate for Gay!Bucky in the MCU. Anyway, I tagged that post with “no offence but ur ship is non-existent in the MCU and Bucky likes dick” and then I went to bed and didn’t think anything else of it. Then when I woke up I had a message that was like “Sorry I just wanted to let you know that equating being gay to liking dick is kinda Yikes™ bc it ignores trans men” and I was like “Shit sorry, I tagged it at like 4.30am i didn’t even think, sorry, I’ll change it to Bucky likes men” and then that was that and we all moved on with our lives. 

However, more often, what we actually get is Person A makes a comment that is kinda Yikes™, Person B is like “Wow why would you say that it’s so Yikes™, what an asshole, consider yourself blocked” and then Person B makes a post like “Just to let you all know that Person A is Super Yikes™ and you should all block and unfollow them” and then Person C and Person D see and they’re like “wow that’s awful what a shitty person” - as if one single comment is enough to condemn a person. 

And that’s made worse when they’re talking about someone in the public eye. Celebrity A makes a comment without being aware of it being a problematic thing to do, and then they have hundreds of People B’s seeing it and making posts like “Celebrity A said this one thing 4 years ago, they’re an awful person, a shitty human being, they’re cancelled.” and then Person C steps in and says “But, Celebrity A has spent the last 4 years displaying behaviours that show they have educated themselves and done better and are trying to make a difference? Maybe we should forgive the poorly informed comment they made once and perhaps judge the strength of their character on the good things they’ve done since?” and then Person B shows up again like “Oh so you think its okay to say things that are so Yikes™, wow Celebrity A is an asshole and so are you Person C” 

And that is more of a problem than what they’re trying to callout. No one is going to learn or want to learn, if there are so many people that behave like it doesn’t matter what you do, a mistake you made years ago is what you will forever be judged by. Every single one of us says dumb shit. Every single one of us can do better. Because we are human beings, and we make mistakes and we fuck up and we falter. But our individual mistakes aren’t what show the people that we are, it’s how we better ourselves and how we improve.

And saying one or two things that are Yikes™ doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you are uneducated in that area and need to be taught a little more. Or it means you simply made a mistake and weren’t thinking properly and needed someone to point it out so you could fix it. Yes there are people that deserve to be called out as being continuously gross and not learning from the shit they do (I’m talking J/ennifer Lawrence, A/my Schumer, J/ohnny Depp etc) and that’s fair enough, bc they keep showing that they don’t care enough to do better, they show themselves time and time again to be of poor character. 

But like, I see it on my posts about Chris Evans all the time. He spends a lot of his time educating himself on social and political issues and trying to do better and make a difference with his privilege and people will bring up something he said in an interview like 7 years ago as a reason why he’s an asshole? Despite him showing time and time again that he’s a good dude trying to do good?

Would you want to be judged for who you were 7 years ago? Or would you like to think that you’d grown and developed and bettered yourself in the last 7 years and you were a different person now than you were then? The problem with this website is that a lot of the time they don’t think about that, it’s all just done in extremes and that’s the wrong way to go about doing anything honestly. 

  • A: ALSO OKAY WHY EXACTLY is writing out an accent phonetically problematic? People are doing it with Eggsy ALL THE TIME and it's a pain in the ass to read and I want them to STOP because we know how he talks we need to use the actual words he's saying, but I also don't really know like, WHY it's a shitty thing to do that.
  • Sam: TO ME it's like, it's othering them. People don't speak exactly how words are spelled phonetically even if they speak in the most ~~~~standard US or UK accent but we don't bother phoneticising their dialogue when their natural pronunciation is not the same as a word looks, so why do we do it when someone's accent differs from the ~~stated norm~~~? It immediately otherises and therefore sets apart their accent as being different which has, even if unintended, a slight judgement value on it.
  • Jay: ugh it's such a shitty thing sob. :/ It's a really horrible manifestation of classism whereby you're othering Eggsy by phonetically writing out his accent, even though of course Standard English spelling is in no way a phonetic representation of anyone's accent, because it implicitly suggests that Colin's English is 'better' or 'proper' English because it's Queen's English. It devalues the working class/the Irish/Jamaican immigrants etc etc whenever it's used, and I can't believe it's still so widespread. The whole thing just shows the continuing trend of classism in English and the idea of Prestige Language. I read a really good post on Tumblr once about AAVE that explained it well and in a way that would be perfectly applicable here, except replace 'african-american' with 'working class'. America is racist where Britain is classist etc etc even tho of course both are both.
  • Jay: OR WHAT SAM SAID much more concisely sob
  • A: and GOOD see I was getting the classist thing but I don't think it was hitting me just HOW shitty it is, because I see it in literature I read in school etc., but it is a REALLY shitty thing to do esp as, like you said, it assumes a correct pronunciation and that the correct pronunciation is queen's english etcetc
  • Jay: DO IT
  • Jay: and give as a comparative note for people to think about: modern copies of many old books about the Deep South removed the ~ol man ribber' dialect stuff because THAT SHIT IS RACIST