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Stages of Grief

Denial - marked by shock and an inability to face reality; helps the individual to survive the loss and keep from being overwhelmed with their life and obligations

Anger - frustration at the injustice of the situation; the individual may be prone to extreme overreactions and must work to avoid assigning unwarranted blame to keep from damaging other relationships 

Depression - distinct period of sadness and reflection which may feel never ending; an individual will often look back on the past and think of memories with the lost love one 


Note: Not all grievers go through all stages


“It’s really exciting to see all those people that exist in numbers online translate into tickets and then faces, handshakes, pictures, stories.”

Listen, female Carim knight Ashen One with the firekeeper as her lady. She would fuck up all of Lordran just bring her lady the Ashes of Lords. An Ashen One who would stop in the middle of combat just to pick flowers because “my lady might like this”. Of all the pretty gems, rings, and other baubles, she only gives the Firekeeper flowers(and maybe herbs) because she knows her lady can’t see.

Anyways, I want more gay DS3 art so I made some lol. I wish there were more interactions with the Firekeeper, I just love her so much. 
My fave gay trope is female knight and her lady. If any of you can recommend me stuff that has that I’d give you a dorito bag and my adoration for like 3 days.



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yellow t-shirt - peter parker

Yellow T-Shirt - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: (soulmate au in which people are colorblind, and the first color they see is the color of their soulmate’s shirt; but you don’t get to see all of the colors until you and your soulmate finally meet) While watching over the city as Spiderman, Peter notices a yellow t-shirt in the distance, letting him know that his soulmate is in the city, and Peter has to do everything in his power to get to her.

a/n: 400 follower special!! this one is kinda long and kinda cute, and i really enjoy it! sorry for the wait i’ll try and get back on my weekly imagines! thank all 400 of you babes for sticking with me! i love each and every one of you with all my heart!! (I’M AMERICAN I SPELL IT COLOR NOT COLOUR I’M SORRY OK)

word count: 1.9k

People had always tried their best to describe colors to Peter. Everyone always told him how bad they felt for him, how sorry they were that he couldn’t see in color. It wasn’t like Peter already knew, though. It wasn’t like Peter didn’t know how much it fucking sucked to be the only person he knew that couldn’t see colors.

The thing was, everyone had a different “thing” that would help them meet their soulmate. Some people had tattoos, others had timers, Peter felt like he got stuck with the worst one. Colorblindness. His first ever color would be the one of his soulmate’s shirt-or at least, that’s what he was told.

There was only a few other people Peter knew that had the same thing as him. They all described it the same, the first color you see is their shirt. After that, you still don’t see any color except for their shirt until you officially talk to and touch them. Once you did that, it all floods in. The love, the happiness, the colors.

Peter felt bad for the girl that was going to be stuck with him. She couldn’t see colors either, and her reward for seeing colors was a piece-of-shit trashcan of a guy. Who even knew if she was in the city, let alone the country. And even if she was in the same city, the girl would have to be dragged into Peter’s mess of a life. God, Peter wished that he could’ve gotten anything other than this stupid colorblindness.

(Y/N) had just moved to Queens, and to be honest, she hated it. She went to a school full of idiotic people that smoked weed in the bathrooms during school and drank their lives away every other weekend. The teachers couldn’t give a shit about what college the students went to or what careers they might end up with.

Not to mention, people constantly teased (Y/N) for her outfit choices. She didn’t know how to match colors or any of that, she was colorblind. It wasn’t a genetic thing or anything of that sort, it was a soulmate thing. To be honest, it sucked. Everyone at her high school had already found or had a good idea of who their soulmate was. It was easier for them, they all had timers and tattoos. It’s harder when all you have to go on is walking by someone and finally see their shirt color.

Surveying the city may have been boring, but it had become routine for Peter. It felt like a job to him, as a superhero he felt obligated. And though he wouldn’t admit it, there was another reason he did it. Underneath the “it’s my job to protect the city” bullshit, Peter did it so that he could try and find his soulmate. When he stood atop the buildings, he could see so many people come and go, and maybe he would finally see a colored shirt.

Putting his suit on, he stood on top of a building. Everything was in different shades of gray, black, and white. The sky was a light gray, it was actually “blue” he had been told. His suit was a dark gray with other areas of lighter gray. Tony had said it was vibrant shades of “red and blue”, and no matter how many times people tried to explain colors, it didn’t really help.

He was finally beginning to give up. Maybe he would never actually find his soulmate. She could be anywhere on the damn planet, and there was a possibility that the pair would never meet. Peter sat down with his knees bent and his elbows rested on them. He played with his web-shooters and sighed.

Just then, he saw something that wasn’t gray. Peter shot up, almost falling off of the building and scrambled to his feet. He took off his mask, not caring who saw him, just to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. Peter rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times, but it was still there.

It was a color. A fucking color. Peter was ecstatic. He couldn’t describe it and Peter felt like he might cry. The shirt was that new color he saw, and the girl wearing it was gorgeous. Even in black-and-white, she was pretty. He couldn’t see her that well from where he was, but her smile pulled on his heart and her eyes held a genuine happiness as she talked to the person.

In awe, Peter’s jaw dropped and after getting over the initial shock, he smiled. It was the kind of rare smile that you only saw planted on the face of love-sick people. The kind of goofy grin that you couldn’t stop even though your cheeks ached. It was the kind of smile that made the sun jealous of how brightly it shone.

Then, after a few seconds had passed, the girl disappeared. She had walked away and Peter didn’t see which way she had gone. “Fuck!” Peter cursed. He fumbled with his mask and put it on quickly. Peter swung from building to building and followed the girl. But after she walked into an apartment complex and the sun started to set, he realized what time it was and promptly made his way home.

Finally being on time for once, Peter’s aunt, May, ate dinner with him. “Any luck with the soulmate thing?” May casually asked, not wanting to pry but also wanting to know if he had found a girl yet.

“Actually, I think so. Yeah.” Peter said smiling, his cheeks turning a light pink.

May practically choked on her food and squealed congratulating Peter. The two continued to talk about random things; like their day, what was happening at school, and other things like that. Once the food was finished, Peter washed the dishes and went to bed. Tomorrow was a Saturday, meaning Peter could spend his whole day trying to find the girl.

(Y/N) woke up on the Saturday morning and left her apartment after saying a quick “I’ll be with some friends” and walking down the street. It was a cold morning and she wore a light-gray (”pink” was what her parents called it) sweatshirt over a gray (“yellow” as her friend said) t-shirt.

After walking inside the coffee shop, she ordered her drink and sat down after receiving it. She pulled out her laptop and worked on some schoolwork. After working for around two hours, (Y/N) pulled off her sweatshirt and exited the shop. Her backpack was slung over her right shoulder and (Y/N) walked down the sidewalk.

(Y/N) heard a loud crashing noise and everyone turned to look what had caused the commotion. That is, everyone except for (Y/N) after she heard someone yell “Spiderman!”. Unlike many other girls, she wasn’t obsessed with him and continued to walk without even glancing at the so-called “superhero”.

She didn’t want to go home that day. Home meant problems. Home meant that her parents would make her go to school on Monday. Home meant people asking if she had any friends or if she was “adjusting” to the move to Queens. God, (Y/N) hated it. She got that her family cared but it was annoying because she wasn’t “adjusting” to the move.

Turning into an alleyway with a backpack further down the alley, she slumped down against the wall. Her own backpack was nestled into her side and she let out a sigh. Sure, it was probably unsafe to sit in an alleyway by herself but, fuck it, what did it matter?

After messing around on her phone for a minute or fifteen, she heard someone grab the backpack further down the alley and do something with it. (Y/N) genuinely couldn’t care less what the noise was and as long as it didn’t affect her, she just let it be. It wasn’t until she heard someone yell “It’s you!” did she turn her head.

It was Spiderman, the actual Spiderman, in front of her. His outfit in color and all. Her jaw practically hit the floor as she studied the boy in front of her. Though she didn’t really care that he was Spiderman, a part of her was internally freaking out. It was like a fiction novel, her soulmate was a superhero.

Earlier that day, Peter tried to look for the girl but someone had decided to rob a bank the exact moment he donned the suit. He groaned and went to stop the person who was robbing the bank. The person wasn’t that hard to take down, though, they were just a petty thief that held a store at gunpoint with an empty gun.

After that had been taken care of, Peter realised it was probably best that he was Peter when he met the girl and not Spiderman. Walking back to the alley, he picked up his bag and was going to change when he saw the girl. The girl wore a different shirt of the same color as yesterday and he couldn’t help but yell out “It’s you!”

Now, Peter awkwardly stood as the girl, his soulmate, stared at him in disbelief. He reached up to take his mask off. After the mask was off, Peter ran a hand through his hair and smiled at the girl, who returned the smile with an equally bright one.

The girl stood up and opened her mouth, “Hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’m your soulmate.”

Peter let out a small laugh and said, “Hello, I’m Peter and I guess we’re soulmates.” (Y/N) smiled at him and stuck out a hand, which he happily shook.

Then all the colors came rushing in. Peter saw her hair and eye color, and (Y/N) finally saw Peter’s mess of hair and eyes in color as well. The city changed around them. Even the alleyway they were in was prettier than it was in black and white. (Y/N) and Peter looked around them as they finally saw the colors.

(Y/N) finally broke the silence, “I guess these are colors,” she said, a small smile placed on her face as she looked into his eyes.

“I guess so,” Peter replied in awe.

“Now about the…” (Y/N) said trailing off and gestured towards the suit Peter was still wearing. 

“I guess I have some explaining to do,” Peter said smiling, “Do you want to go grab a coffee or something?”

“I would be happy to, soulmate.”

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the ‘Blue Diamond Shattered Pink’ theory

I feel like a lot of people jumped to the quick conclusion that ‘Yellow Diamond shattered Pink!’ without really considering the fact that it would be (in my opinion) a pretty weak plot twist, at this point.

so I’m here to to offer my theory as to what actually happen. of course, we know the crewniverse likes pulling the rag from under our feet whenever we think we got things covered, so this is the best scenario I could think of as for the latest Wanted special.

So, by the end of The Trial, we’re all led to believe Pink’s shattering was an inside job, at least partly. i look at the plot from a storytelling stand point, therefore, it makes no sense to me that after everything Steven had to go through in the last season, since finding out about Rose’s dark secret, they would just… cancel it like that. it’s a cheap way out, and I don’t believe the crewniverse would do that, especially after the massive effect this twist had on Steven’s character arc.

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What I do believe ‘The Trial’ was trying to do is make us question HOW Rose shattered Pink diamond, because it’s clear that the official story sounds super sketchy. I believe she used the power of another Diamond and turned it against Pink, leading to her shattering. This story would be stronger because: a) it doesnt take away Rose’s responsibility and DECISION to preform the act, therefore, not cheapening Steven’s arc in season 4. b) It would make sense for the Diamonds to cover up the real story, because knowing they were manipulated (somehow) to destroy one of their own would make them look weak in front of their subjects. c) It leads to a lot of guilt on the diamonds’ part, which is an incredibly interesting emotion to have in villains (most villains are portrayed as remorseless). also, this mural

So who’s the guilty diamond? I know everyone is already screaming Yellow! and White! at the screen, but actually… i believe it’s Blue Diamond. and she doesn’t know that.

Why, you ask? because I believe it would make the strongest story. She’s the least suspected Diamond, so the surprise element is there. She’s not aware of the actual story, and it drives her insane, and makes her look for answers as to what really happened. Yellow, on the other hand, doesn’t want Blue to find out, because she knows realizing the truth would crush Blue. She’s already barely functioning, and she’s not even aware she had had direct involvement in the murder. So Yellow plays along with Blue’s investigation, and tries to finish it as quickly as possible so Blue could move on without finding out the truth.

idk, this seems like a stronger motivation to me than ‘Yellow decided to plot against Pink because Pink liked hoo-mans, and then decided to pretend like she feels grief to manipulate Blue’. Theories that blame Yellow for murdering Pink (whether directly or indirectly) forget that that’s also a bad story-telling decision, since ‘What’s the Use Of Feeling, Blue’ was entirely dedicated to explaining to us Yellow’s way of dealing with grief. Saying she’s acting that out would again, cheapen the character.

Back to Blue. So there are two ways she could’ve been involved without knowing about it in the present day:
1) She was indirectly used. She might’ve been the person who called Pink out of her palanquin which led to her shattering, or Rose was using her image to lead Pink somewhere (we know Pink and Blue were close, so if anyone wanted to shatter Pink, they would use that knowledge to their advantage.)
2) She was directly used- maybe she tried attacking Rose, and Rose used her shield to re-direct the attack at Pink- after all,

in that case, Blue didn’t have any intention to shatter Pink but she was fully aware of the consequences, leading to the Diamonds’ later altering her memories, for her own sake, rather than to cover up their scummy scheme.

To me, this is the strongest outcome we can get with the information we have so far. No character is doing something ‘for the sake of being evil’, it still acknowledges the Diamonds as actual characters with feelings and motivations and not just plot devices, it makes Rose take responsibility for her actions and the murder mystery is still interesting without cheapening prior plot elements.

I decided to write down my theory after reading this theory, that discusses the possibility of Blue’s memories being altered. so check that out too (if you havent already).