actually wearing no makeup

  • conservative: gender roles are natural and innate! female people have to wear dresses and makeup and be sensitive and nurturing! this is the personality all women should have!
  • liberal: actually, gender roles are real, but see if a male person likes to wear dress or makeup or has a nurturing and sensitive personality than he is actually a woman.
  • radical feminist: men can wear makeup and dresses and have sensitive nurturing personalities without being women. being a woman has to do with the lived experience of existing in a female body. butch women exist. gender non-conforming women exist.
  • conservative & liberal: HERETIC!!! BURN THE WITCH!!

I was sick yesterday and left work three hours early.

I’m making it up today by working 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Lots of over time is good.

It was 54° and super foggy this morning, and it is now 87°. With no A/C in my car, I went from feeling moderately glamorous this morning (actually wearing makeup and pumps) to feeling like a pile of frizzy sweatiness this afternoon. Easy come, easy go.

Also, Salvadoran tamal and curtido for lunch makes everything better.

anonymous asked:

I work at a shoe store and make minimum wage + commission. I've came to notice that when I actually wear makeup, I sell more than normal. Part of me feels like that's a bad thing, but since my hours have been cut tremendously, I've got to make money somehow.

I can talk to a lot of people about superficial things, but you’re the person I think of when I want to talk about something interesting or important to me.

And I think that says a lot about us.
And about how much I want you to be in my life.


—  Love advices and schtuff #6 // lily rose.

Hey! Does anyone else rub their eyes a lot as a stim? I do it a lot even when i’m not tired and it’s probably making my vision worse so i’m also wondering if anyone has any suggestions to replace this stim :0c

mama-smokey  asked:

Hi Mango! I just saw your first video on your new channel and absolutely loved it! I noticed on your comment here you said you were open to video suggestions, what do you think of an everyday get ready with me video? I've always wondered what you wear on a day-to-day basis (especially the lipsticks you use in your videos) and I'm sure there are others that feel the same way. Don't feel pressured to do it, I just wanted to throw that idea out there

Absolutely! I don’t actually wear makeup most days unless I’m streaming, and even then it’s just eye makeup and some lip gloss, not even foundation xD For filming I go a bit more extravagant because the video is higher-quality! But I could definitely see about doing a casual GRWM for my everyday makeup, yeah~!

It happened! The first words out of someone’s mouth toward me was “you look so tired” after I got 9 hours of sleep and felt just fine. I was like “thanks! Actually I just didn’t wear makeup today lmao”

But I also am always tired and I haven’t even been awake 2 hours so hey