actually wait i don't ship them


More fem!Yuugi being cute, co-starring everyone else. Including the obligatory Puzzleshipping bridal-carry. Because it’s obligatory. 


the last gif ,wait for it

  • I think this is what the show would look like if it was some kind of shoujo romance XD

(( actually I had a scene in my head but, just as always they are out of character. but I like making them out of character sometimes (most of the time) because i’m such a over-romantic person :P and I watched a LOT of romance anime’s lately….. ))

eren mmd model:

mikasa mmd model :

Armin mmd model: (pass: minmin)

  • I’m sorry, I already did something like this (I’m talkin about the armin scene) but when I had the Idea in my head I THOUGHT IT WAS BETTER THEN THE OTHER ONE so… i’m sorry .. again :P



“They are such good strong actors, both of them, that you really believe that they can clash and then sit down and have a beer together afterwards.” x