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More fem!Yuugi being cute, co-starring everyone else. Including the obligatory Puzzleshipping bridal-carry. Because it’s obligatory. 


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  • I think this is what the show would look like if it was some kind of shoujo romance XD

(( actually I had a scene in my head but, just as always they are out of character. but I like making them out of character sometimes (most of the time) because i’m such a over-romantic person :P and I watched a LOT of romance anime’s lately….. ))

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The problem with shipping on The 100: the story that is being told vs the story that you would *like* to see

So, I have something to say. I know that it will likely get me into a good deal of trouble, because shipping is such a big part of fandom on Tumblr, and this is inevitably going to be controversial. All the same, I feel that there is a serious issue here that needs to be addressed, so I’m going to bite the bullet and do it for this particular topic.

In essence, what I’m going to say can be boiled down (for those who might get angry and not bother to finish reading) to the fact that simply shipping a couple - established or not - has absolutely no bearing on what the writers plan to do with those characters in the story. Your desire to see a ship become canon has no relevance to whether or not it actually will. The only thing that determines the fate of your ship is the choices that the writers and creators make for the story, so all this talk of how a ship definitively is “meant to be” or will be “endgame” based purely on the desire for it to be so is not only wildly incorrect but, to be brutally honest, it is actually deluded. 

Why am I saying this? Well, it isn’t to antagonize anyone, because I’m a firm believer that people can ship whatever they want. I can’t police - and would never try to - what it is that people enjoy about the show, but at the same time, it irks me as a storyteller to see people misunderstanding and misinterpreting characters’ behaviour and feelings based solely on their own biases and then stating it as fact. That those misunderstandings are then used as the basis for arguments that a particular couple will be the “endgame” for the show, even when there is a significant amount of canon, maintext development to suggest otherwise, is highly irritating and should not be tolerated or indulged in any way. 

What I’m saying here, essentially, is that as a fan of something, you have every right to ship whatever you want and to enjoy “subtext” that you interpret for that ship. What you don’t have the right to do, however, is to shrug off a ship that is canon and say that your presently non-existent ship is going to override the one that is being given significant focus simply because you don’t want it to be given that screen time or because you feel that yours deserves to exist. That level of entitlement is unacceptable and needs to be shut down right now. I’m sorry. 

Let me say this and be perfectly clear: you are not entitled to anything as a fan, and especially not just because you think that your ship is “meant to be.” Something like that - what is “meant to be” - is entirely subjective, and at the end of the day, the only one who gets to make that call is the creative team. If you don’t agree with or accept their decisions, that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to hate them, the actors, or the other fans. They owe you literally nothing. The level of vitriol that I’ve seen people throwing around is just inexcusable, and I think that people really need to take a step back and reconsider their actions, here, before they ruin something amazing with their misguided anger. 

I am tired of the immature, entitled whining that I see everywhere, because frankly, that kind of behaviour is not only embarrassing (for those of us who are mature enough to realize that this is someone else’s story and creative vision), but it’s incredibly harmful for those who want to make legitimate arguments for better representation. If you are pushing so vehemently for a heterosexual ship when the show is currently supporting an LGBT one with its main characters, please stop to consider the greater implications of that. Stealing representation away from people who desperately need it over a fictional romance (that literally has NEVER been established as a romance in the show and has been clearly stated to be purely PLATONIC by everyone involved) is so petty, childish, and downright ignorant that I really don’t know what to say to you. 

Stories and shows aren’t always about what you personally want to see (and in a lot of ways, shouldn’t be about that). Every now and then, something groundbreaking comes along and dares to push for change in ways that most don’t ever have the courage to. The 100 is doing that now, by giving us a female bisexual lead and a (we assume) lesbian partner of equal importance in the story as her counterpart. This is huge on so many fronts, from having two women in not just positions of power but of incredible responsibility to shape the world they live in and the lives of all those around them, to the fact that these women have a complex, dynamic, layered, organic, healthy, and yes romantic relationship with each other. When has that ever happened before? When has that relationship ever been so wholly and fundamentally tied into the main narrative focus of a show, beyond the romantic/sexual aspect? 

Clexa is groundbreaking not because they are an f/f ship, but because they are about so much more than just romance. Here are characters who stand entirely independent of each other, fully-rounded, with realistic and compelling character traits and flaws, who have so much to do in the main narrative of the show. Consider who they are: the leader of the Sky People and the leader of the Grounders - at odds and yet also having to work together to come to a point of having a shared goal and vision for their people. This season is a lot about the importance of unity, and they are the embodiment of that - both in the context of their personal relationship and in their political relationship. The reason why having them be romantically involved is such a brilliant move is that it adds such incredible depth to an already rich relationship and allows that romance to be shown in great detail, without detracting from the focus of the overall storytelling. (I have seen the claim that Clexa scenes are just fanservice, and for a response to that I must simply give a hearty laugh. Nothing could be more ridiculous than that utterly baseless claim.)

I’m going to say it again - because, perhaps, those who are used to seeing themselves represented in this way probably just don’t understand the significance of this specific relationship in this specific show for us - but we have LITERALLY NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE. Certainly not in a mainstream, popular, young adult show. 

I’m truly sorry that Clexa “gets in the way” of what you want, but The 100 has never been and will never be about what people want. It is about the story that Jason and his incredibly intelligent, daring, and revolutionary team of storytellers are committed to telling. If you don’t like that, do yourself a huge favour and just stop watching the show. Or, at the very least, be considerate enough to stop spreading your unfounded hate and bombarding Jason with your entitlement. He doesn’t have to give the LGBT this amazing representation either, but still he chooses to, and it would crush me and a lot of people for whom this matters so much, if you lead him to giving up on breaking this ground for us. 

This is literally not about mere ships anymore, and I’m tired of fucking stupid ship wars. (And for the sake of clarity, I mean both sides who engage in it are behaving stupidly, not just the one fighting for a non-canon ship.) Get. Over. It. Move on. Find a better use for your time. Go read the books, where Bellamy and Clarke live happily ever after. Read that special short story that Kass Morgan wrote for you, and flail happily about that. Even Kass herself is fully behind the Clexa storyline on the show (and said that she could not write a short story for Clexa for this reason as well), because the show’s universe is entirely separate from the books. The one does not dictate the other and they do not intersect beyond the initial adaptation of the premise and the characters. Stop acting like they do. I have read the books, and they are virtually nothing alike. 

Everything within the show’s story points toward Clexa being the main, central romance of the show, and there’s no reason to think that they would throw that relationship out in favour of something literally none of the people involved in making the show have ever wanted. Sorry. You are allowed to be upset that it’s not going to happen, but don’t you dare sit there and belittle Clexa or their likelihood of lasting on the show because of something you want to see happen. The whole point, since the moment they first met, has been to set up this huge, well-developed arc of going from a place of misunderstanding to a place of finding love in spite of all the obstacles and allowing that love to give them strength, and if you don’t see that, I seriously wonder what show it is that you’re watching. Because it sure as hell isn’t The 100. 

Finally, with this whole issue over Bellamy’s character development, too, I have seriously begun to wonder if Bellamy’s fans even like him, or if they actually just like this fictitious version of his character that they have put up on a pedestal. There is nothing rushed or forced about Bellamy allowing himself, in a position of vulnerability, to be persuaded into doing something terrible. He has always done this, and the only times he didn’t were not due to some magical maturity or ~character growth on his part but due to the fact that his respect and PLATONIC love for Clarke led him to defer to her choices instead. He recognized that she was the one leading them and allowed her to dictate what was right to do. His heart is in the right place, but his head never is. Without Clarke there to call out his bullshit, while he is suffering, hurt, and feeling betrayed and lost, yes, he can go along with a massively stupid plan. That is not ruining him as a character; that is staying true to who he is and how he conducts himself without someone to keep his worse instincts in check. Go ahead and write that off as bad writing if you want to, but I’m here to say that it’s bad criticism on your part that you think so. You haven’t actually stopped to think about who Bellamy is; you’re making this claim based on who you think he is. This is a pattern I see all too often with this show, and I’m here to say… stop it. You’re not doing anyone any good with this, at all. 

Basically this is me whenever these issues come up: 

(gif credit to ccomanderlexa - I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t have time to make one myself.) 

Now, can we just all enjoy the show however we want and trust the writers to do what they think is good for The 100? Please? (For the sake of my sanity.)


“They are such good strong actors, both of them, that you really believe that they can clash and then sit down and have a beer together afterwards.” x