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[ 9th February 2017 ] Honestly really feeling this spread bcos of the colour. The sunsets have been AMAZING here and you’ll find me outside my house at 7:30pm just admiring it.
Happy February!! 💙

Proud Papa III and each and every one of his beloved Meliora Ghouls. <3

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damn okay not that anyone’s accused me but i am not making Rebel Ruby up she’s just kinda lowkey about it because she’s shy but look:

-she was supposed to have a hime cut like Dia’s to fit tradition, but during middle school (which i think is around the same time she got into idols, not a coincidence) she “willfully quit everything” and changed it to her current spunky sidetails.

-i’m not sure what degree of ‘quit everything’ the translation meant (at most she stopped taking the extra lessons Dia was taking, too) but it does mean that changing her hairstyle wasn’t as simple as going to the hairdresser one day and showing them a picture

-idk but the fact that she likes idols (and it sounds like she liked them before dia did) probably went against what was expected of her too. pre-anime Dia, the picture of traditional japanese elegance, didnt seem to want anything to do with them, and You says in ep 1 that dia is probably against idols because she comes from that type of upbringing

-honestly putting expectations on a kid that doesn’t have it in them to fulfill them seems to be a reliable way to have them go contrary to those same expectations, and we know Ruby doesnt think she can measure up to Dia, who does everything her family wants of her and more, so there are probably feelings of ‘if i cant be that then i’ll be something else instead’

-she, unlike anyone else in aqours, wants to be one of yohane’s little demons? yohane, who embodies not giving a shit what people think? you saw her making heart-eyes at Datenshi Yohane’s introduction she was probably thinking ‘wow she’s so cool i want to do whatever i want like that’

-i mean there aren’t a lot of individual instances, it’s a character trait and not a habit

-just let her dab oh my god

movie idea: modern adaption of the persephone myth, where hades is a top secret spy (with hades being his alias because they all based their aliases on greek myths, just go with it) and persephone is a rival spy he “captured” except she actually planned for that to happen so she could get into his secret command center and learn his secrets/weaknesses/shit but then it turns out the whole time hades was scheming against the real bad guy, codename zeus, so the two rivals have to grudgingly team up to defeat him, along with persephone’s retired ex-spy mother (codename demeter of course) who is especially pissed because zeus is of course her asshole little brother who has no fucking respect

How INTJ enters relationships

INTJ: Hmmm nope….idk
INTJ: Actually we are having a very stimulating discussion
INTJ: -refuses to acknowledge any feelings-
INTJ: -ignores other person-
INTP: J….you idiot

the shorter story (1/1)

Season 2 Canon-Divergence / Emma and Hook are not friends. He gets into trouble and she’s the sheriff. It’s just natural that they’re forced to spend time together.

Also on AO3 and FF.Net

She gets the call around midnight.

It’s a little frustrating, given that she was this close to being able to go home. She usually waits until midnight at the station, resolving that if no one calls by then she’s going home and just turning her phone on high volume in case anyone happens to need her. Still, Emma chose to take the night shift. It’s her fault. She could have let David take it again, could have gone home like he’d insisted, but she didn’t. That means she has to answer calls about drunks who need an escort home.

Go, her.

“Sheriff,” Kronk greets, looking up from the glasses in his hand when the bells attached the door chime to announce her arrival. It’s a little too much, she thinks, to attach loud, ringing objects to a door in a place full of drunks, but maybe that’s the point. Kronk is an eccentric guy, after all.

She isn’t going to think about how llama guy - or the guy that accidentally turned the other guy into the llama, if not the actual llama - is serving drinks at the Rabbit Hole to a bunch of fairytale characters. Of which she is technically one.

She is definitely, definitely not going to think about that.

“Yeah, you…pulled the lever, Kronk,” she attempts, the joke falling flat. Emma isn’t fond of herself for trying it in the first place, “now I’m here.”

Kronk grimaces. “Do you know how often I get told that joke by drunk patrons, here? It gets a little old.”

“Right,” Emma nods curtly. “Got it. Sorry. What was the problem?”

He gestures to where a man is slumped over at the corner of the bar, all black leather and dark hair. His face is barely visible, the way he’s slumped, but ringed fingers are clenched around a bottle of rum and there’s a glimmer of metal on the wood of the table.

Emma sighs. It was only a matter of time before Hook came out of hiding. “I’ll take care of it,” she assures Kronk.

Kronk frowns. “I mean, I feel bad for the guy…alone like that. Seemed sort of sad, if you ask me.”

Emma’s mouth downturns. “You do, huh?”

He lifts up his hands. “Just my two cents.”

Emma sighs. Then, she moves to sit in the chair beside the nearly slumbering pirate. He doesn’t acknowledge her.

She clears her throat. “I see your injuries healed.”

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lol I finally get to use this phrase

you know, just little wicdiv 11 things

So Laura is Persephone. Persephone is brought to the Underworld by Hades. Luci is the one who brings Laura in contact with the gods. hmmmm

Inanna is, not at ALL subtly, strapped to a cross before Baphomet kills him. Straight up Jesus imagery. hmmmmm

Both Inanna and Persephone have a Descent Into the Underworld myth. HMMMMMMM

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