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I drew a hap pup the other day

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Oikawa in 8?

this boy has SUCH A TERRIBLE PERSONALITY and yet

Hello! This is a reminder that getting involved in politics is very important and is indeed our future and the future of millions. x

contrary 2 popular beleaf  ,  victor  DOES NOT  and will most likely never consider the justice league to be his friends or his family.


Today’s desk doodle. Been playing with the idea (for a while now) that Prompto would get a tattoo over his heart for Noct during the WoR period. Still thinking about designs, which is why I haven’t written it in the storyline yet. Like this one best so far. Sun and Moon with the Regalia emblem as rays; date they left Insomnia* One hatch mark for every year spent waiting. A memory, a promise, a hidden sun.

EDIT: Variant with syllebossom on the moon and alternating chocobo tracks. might be too busy. :/ (Prompto, you better ask Gladio about this before you get it done.)

* (approximately May 15, 756, though could be as much as a couple of weeks earlier– May 10 would make it have both the V and X which would be nice).

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Where r u learning Japanese? Like if it's a site or app can you please share

Oh no, I’m not using any particular sites or anything, I’m basically teaching myself. I do things like listen to the news in Japanese, or try to translate text from my doujin and things. Learning a language is pattern recognition, basically, and the more you immerse yourself in it, the easier it is to memorize words and meanings and things like that. Listening to the language, too, helps with pronunciation–even if you don’t entirely understand, exposing yourself to the language and natural conversation between native speakers will definitely help.