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"If You Can't Sleep..."

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,300
Warning ~ This got surprisingly heated, but I wouldn’t count it as smut.
Note ~ I tried writing something from Shawn’s POV and it actually turned out alright.

The bed shifted again as Alex wiggled around to get comfortable, ending up with her head buried against my chest. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her waist, hoping she had finally found a position to fall asleep. But it wasn’t long until she was moving about again.

Cracking my eyes open, I watched as she sat up and kick the covers off her body. Faint moonlight leaked into the room, highlighting, well every good part about her; like the way her hair flowed down her back in messy waves, or the fact that the shirt -my shirt - she was wearing way too big for her and was practically falling off her.

Sitting up, I caught her hand before she had the chance to leave the bed, “Baby…”

Alex jumped at my voice, which made me chuckle. She was so adorable sometimes. Turning around to face me, her voice coming out weak, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s alright.” I pulled her into me, my heart doing a little jump when she pressed a small kiss against my shoulder before rested her head in the same spot. Her body instantly relaxed into mine, “Is something wrong?”

Shaking her head, moving to look up at me. Her bare leg brushed against mine, sending a wave of tingles straight to a place that I shouldn’t be thinking about at three in the morning, “I just can’t sleep.” The frustration was clear in her voice.

“Well, if you can’t sleep, we could always have sex? That should tire you out.” I half joked, my heart did the jumping thing again as she shoved me in the chest playfully, giggling quietly. But the other half of was so up for the idea because she was seriously getting me all riled up.

And Alex must have sensed this as her hand ‘accidentally’ brushed somewhere very inappropriate. She failed at holding back her laughter. But all I focused on was the way she bit down on her bottom lip and how she looked up at me with wide eyes, in a sort of innocent way which didn’t help the situation.

Before I had the chance to do or say anything she was climbing onto my lap. An involuntary groan jumped from the back of my throat as she situated herself, the cute little smirk on her face told me she knew exactly what she was doing. I wasn’t going to stop her anytime soon.

Leaving a trail of warm kisses along my jaw, her hot breath sent shivers running through me as she whispered in my ear, “Do you want some help with your little problem?”

My mind went blank as her hips came alive against mine. I brought our mouths together in a very sloppy kiss as I tried my best to hold back the string of curses forming in my mouth, knowing my parents and Aaliyah where asleep down the hall. But when I felt her tongue lightly run along my bottom lip, I fell apart. She was normally never this confident with this kind of thing, but I wasn’t complaining one bit.

The hottest thing happened as my hands found themselves crawling up her shirt until they rested on her bare hips, muscles tensing as my fingers gently starched at her soft little stomach, making her moan in my mouth. Her hips jerked against mine as my hands kept higher. I smiled when I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra.

With one hand shoved in my hair, Alex lifted her hips from mine. At first I whined from the loss of contact, but she made up for it by intensifying the kiss. Her free hand tugged at my gym shorts, pulling them down far enough so they were out the way.

Moving away from the kiss completely, she sat back, lifting her arms above her head in a silent command. I complied, slowly peeling off the shirt leaving only her pajama shorts and underwear. My eyes scanned her newly exposed chest and stomach, something I rarely got to see.

“You’re so beautiful.” I whispered, my finger followed one of the longer scares running across her stomach. Instead of pulling away like she normally would, she just smiled and brought me back in for another kiss. It was much slower this time but still filled with just as much passion.

She broke away too soon. Her lips lingered close to mine, teasing me. I went in for another kiss, but all she did was nip my bottom lip, giggling when I let out a loud frustrated moan.

“Shhhh, we don’t want to wake your family.” Her voice came out all sexy and breathless, “I want to try something.”

Confused, I was about to ask her what she meant, but my words got stuck as she started popping hot little kisses down the front of my throat, and all the way down my chest and stomach. Her eyes caught mine as she reached the waistband of my boxers, pulling them down just like the shorts.

Another loud moan escaped as a surge of pleasure ran through my body. One of my hands tangled in her hair, while the other tugged harshly through mine, attempting to relieve some of the tension building up inside of me. Then she did something very good with her hand and I had to squeeze my eyes shut and bite my tongue to stop myself from being too loud.

But when I opened my eyes again I was lying in bed alone. Beams of sunlight filtered through the curtains into the slightly less familiar room. The loud sounds of the busy city outside quickly brought me to the conclusion that I wasn’t at home, but in fact staying at some hotel.

Sitting up, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and was about to get up when the bathroom door opened. Steam poured out as Alex emerged, running a towel through her wet hair. Much to my disappointment she was already fully dressed in black jeans and a lose grey shirt.

“Good morning.” She smiled, her voice was way too cheerful. I will never understand how she can stay up till three in the morning editing videos and still wake up at six and not be grumpy.

Dropping the wet towel on the floor she sat on the bed next to me, but I wanted her closer. Grabbing her hips, she let out a small yelp as I dragged her onto my lap, bringing her in for a much-needed kiss.

Smirking knowingly, Alex pulled away and quickly slid off the bed, “You must have really enjoyed that dream.” I stared at her with wide eyes, “Shawn, you woke me up moaning, it wasn’t that hard to figure out.”

“Then why didn’t you help me.” I tried to sound cool, but the words came out more as a whine.

“Because you were sleeping and couldn’t consent to it.” She reasoned. Okay, fair point.

I went to grab her hand, but she just laughed and took another step back, “Baby, please.”

“Nope. Anyway, it’s your problem.”

“But you caused it.” I argued, but I already knew I wasn’t going to win this fight.

“Actually, your brain imagined it. I just so happened to be a part of it.” Alex shot back, “I’m going downstairs to grab breakfast with Andrew and Geoff. You have about half an hour to get off and get ready before you need to meet us. I’ll just tell them you slept in or something.”

Although I was tried to act mad, I could help but smile as she leaded in and gave me a surprisingly heated kiss before pulling back. Stunned, I sat and watched as she slipped on her shoes and shoved her phone into her bag before rushing out the door with nothing more than a quick 'I love you’.

As soon as the door slammed shut I slipped my hand under the covers and tried to recall the dream. 

hey man look maybe somewhere deep down you love me so much it burns high, burns bright. maybe it’s there but it’s too far and too hot and my hands are turning black at the touch. my head has been aching lately and all i can do is think that you don’t show it, you don’t want me to know. i’ve never been good at keeping secrets and this one is holding me hostage. and i would die to keep a smile on your face, baby. tell me if you’d want that. tell me what you’d like.

It was so cold, but for some time, they didn’t move from their spot on the edge of the pavement. James’s bare hands shook but felt strangely warm.

“Hey,” he said eventually. Lily looked inquisitively at him, and James raised an eyebrow. “Trust me?”

“Not remotely.”

“Well, all right.” With his free hand, he pushed back the hair falling around the side of her face closest to him and tucked it behind her ear. He leaned forward, hesitated, and for a moment, Lily thought – but then he kissed her cheek. She scarcely registered it and had only just begun to recognize the bite of the evening air when he moved away, and then he was getting up and helping her to her feet. “Come on, then.”

The Life and Times- Chapter 36


Isometric Room screenshots:

This is one of the beginning of my room for the creation. I had began the creation by just making the area of which my engine room will be set place along with a singular window.

I had then started adding in a singular generator and a table that i added which I had then decided to get rid of. 

This is when I had added another generator and I had then started adding in a form of computer which would then control the generators.

But I had then revamped the computers to then make them seem more realistic and believable that it is futuristic and not stupid looking.

I had also added a floor ornament towards it to act as some form of a hatch to then open up as a form of escape.

This is the final screenshot of my room to then show the final layout, although it is actually rather empty and just bland I thought that it did turn out alright but i could definitely add more to this.

So this semester I forced managed to convince my roommate to watch gravity falls with me, and since she was such a good sport about it I made her a sticker sheet as a reward for finishing. The main inspiration for this was actually the bear sticker, since that was her favorite part. 

This, uh, was not originally going to be a shitpost- 

  • Me: *draws thing* holy shit it actually turned out alright, I must share my success with my internet friends! *posts to tumblr*
  • Tumblr: ...
  • Me: No? No like, no reblog?
  • Tumblr: ....
  • Me: Seriously? I spend HOURS trying to draw this thing and nothing? You know what screw it I don't even care *cries internally*