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i would like to challenge all of you, right now, to look up your five favorite writers/page over to your five most recent fave fics and leave a comment. tell that writer what you like about them, or just that you enjoy the things they create. quote your favorite line, your favorite part of a fic, the thing you’ve reread over and over. thank them. throw in some emojis. you can do it anonymously if you want! or not! but comments are so important for writers and honestly, we could all use some positivity and kindness spread around right now.

some examples/suggestions:

  • “hello! i love your fic ____, especially the part where _____. Thanks for writing!”
  • “i enjoy the things you make, thanks for that”
  • “______ part of your fic made me laugh/cry/get a boner/have to lie down in a dark room for an hour.”
  • “NICE”
  • “I liked reading this more than frogs like damp mud.”
  • “ “______” from your fic ______ was so good, nice job!”
  • “this fic made my grandmother rise from the dead to wreak havoc on my terrible soul, it was sick, thank you”

Back to the animal sacrifice thing AGAIN? 

I wonder what all these vegan pagan folks think people in developing countries who populate the religions that they are quick to pick up as trendy actually eat every day? And how they get the food that they do eat?

Like, are you really gonna tell a priest that supports a compound of people that they shouldn’t sacrifice the bull that will feed the entire community for two days and might be the only meal that some of them get for the week? 

Maybe it’s because they have the wrong idea about what happens to the animals given to the spirits. Western culture is incredibly wasteful as a general rule, but cultures that rely on the food their religions provide are NOT. Every bit of that animal given to the spirits that can be eaten WILL be eaten. The spirits feed on the spiritual ‘flesh’ of the animal, and the community survives on the rest of it.

Get out with your moral, capitalist judgments. Too tired for that shit.

Plus Size Girls Can Be Trendy Witches Too.

Trendy Witch Aesthetic for Plus Size Ladies IS POSSIBLE Thanks to this New AMAZING store I found
Witch World Wide is my new obsession.  Ive seen so few (actually trendy) spooky stores like this that actually carry larger sizes so I’m gonna jump on this one.  Im already compiling a mess of things I “absolutely need”

if you’re going for the trendy goth girl, old fashion goth, witch coven, or just a casually witchy aesthetic Witch World Wide is an incredible place to start.  

here are a few things I am very into rn



Spy, despite all his insider knowledge, despite knowing his team mates better than they know themselves, is terrible at gift giving. He picks out strange and awkward gifts that nobody wants, worse than anything your grandma could send you. 

He buys Scout toys, but toys for young kids, like a six piece jigsaw puzzle. He’s so genuine about it though, at the time of purchase he truly thinks, “Scout is young, he will enjoy this.”

He’ll get Medic a juicer, even though he’s never seen Medic express an interest in diet fads or cooking. Soldier receives a potted plant, something that requires daily maintenance and tender care. It ends up a pile of dirt in the common room. He buys Heavy the oddest fashion, things that are ‘all the rage’ that are clearly not actually trendy but just ugly. 

There’s not even last minute gifts, they’re just bad. 


older hana doing college tours with her papi and taking artsy photos for her instagram cause she’s basic and gabo willingly does it because he, too, is basic

jack goes on these tours as well because these colleges must be worthy of his perfect daughter!! but he never takes pics because hana complains “DADDY WHY DO YOU ALWAYS USE FLASH” “daddy you take photos from the most unflattering angles” “daddy why is it so zoomed in this is your camera you should know how it works” (cmon we all know a dad that does this)

but gosh does jack try.

also @ their fashion sense, they’re actually very stylish and trendy but when they don’t have to they will BUM OUT in sweats(like this post) and uggs cause you don’t tell em how to live life (dw I have many ideas for the fashion in this au heahehah)

reffed this beautiful post


Black South African girls now have a doll as trendy as they are 

Black, Barbie-like dolls aren’t anything new. But in South Africa, most dolls are still white, and black dolls are usually dressed in traditional, ethnic prints. 26-year-old Maite Makgoba is hoping to change that. Her creation, Momppy Mpoppy is a black doll who actually dresses in trendy clothes — but Makgoba’s goal is about more than dolls.