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i would like to challenge all of you, right now, to look up your five favorite writers/page over to your five most recent fave fics and leave a comment. tell that writer what you like about them, or just that you enjoy the things they create. quote your favorite line, your favorite part of a fic, the thing you’ve reread over and over. thank them. throw in some emojis. you can do it anonymously if you want! or not! but comments are so important for writers and honestly, we could all use some positivity and kindness spread around right now.

some examples/suggestions:

  • “hello! i love your fic ____, especially the part where _____. Thanks for writing!”
  • “i enjoy the things you make, thanks for that”
  • “______ part of your fic made me laugh/cry/get a boner/have to lie down in a dark room for an hour.”
  • “NICE”
  • “I liked reading this more than frogs like damp mud.”
  • “ “______” from your fic ______ was so good, nice job!”
  • “this fic made my grandmother rise from the dead to wreak havoc on my terrible soul, it was sick, thank you”
Plus Size Girls Can Be Trendy Witches Too.

Trendy Witch Aesthetic for Plus Size Ladies IS POSSIBLE Thanks to this New AMAZING store I found
Witch World Wide is my new obsession.  Ive seen so few (actually trendy) spooky stores like this that actually carry larger sizes so I’m gonna jump on this one.  Im already compiling a mess of things I “absolutely need”

if you’re going for the trendy goth girl, old fashion goth, witch coven, or just a casually witchy aesthetic Witch World Wide is an incredible place to start.  

here are a few things I am very into rn



here’s my whole opinion on the jackson situation:

Do I think he’s wrong for wearing the dreads? No. I’m not mad at him personally but I am tired of idols thinking my culture is a fashion trend. When black people wear weave, get braids or dreads, people see us as ghetto. They think our cultural styles make us look uncivilized or dirty. We get bullied and made fun of. When we wear them it’s not a trend at all. Suddenly other races have adapted these same hairstyles like cornrows and dreads into their own little fashion world and suddenly it’s super cool and trendy?? That shit pisses us the fuck off. We have started so many fashion/beauty trends and lose credit to it because it took a white or non black person to make it actually trendy and cool. That’s where a lot of this anger from black fans are coming from and I can understand them. Don’t invalidate the feelings of black fans who respectfully have the rights to be angry !!! ESPECIALLY if you aren’t black !!

But for me, as long as the person wearing said style has respect for black culture and is educated on our culture I’m cool with them wearing our traditional hairstyles. Y'all are quick to jump on non Asians for wearing an Asian cultures clothing,etc, well this is the same situation. Kpop and khh takes so much from our culture. from the clothing to the style of music itself. But y'all ain’t know that because again, we don’t get credit for shit that we start. (And if you want examples of what kpop/khh takes from black culture ill be glad to whip out facts and receipts.)

I don’t see Jackson’s braids as cultural appropriation because he isn’t mocking my culture or being disrespectful. He’s not wearing my culture as some costume. But I am bothered by his response to angered fans. instead of trying to understand the anger he dismissed it as hate and that’s not okay. Black fans deserve a sincere apology.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Jackson could have rejected the styling. Most of the times they have to listen to the higher ups without refusal. So if you really wanna go yell and curse at somebody, do it to Pepsi and whoever decided to style Jackson. That’s just my opinion on this whole thing

*UPDATE: jackson said he CHOSE the hair style because he loves the culture… yet he’s still disregarding the feelings of black fans and calling it a misunderstanding. still no apology

why don’t all those white parents trying to be trendy just give their kids welsh names

enough Ys and counterintuitive pronunciations that your wee beastie will be totally ~unique~ at preschool (unless you live in wales) but nobody can get on your case for making shit up

fewer breiileiieis and more myfanwys 2k17

Back to the animal sacrifice thing AGAIN? 

I wonder what all these vegan pagan folks think people in developing countries who populate the religions that they are quick to pick up as trendy actually eat every day? And how they get the food that they do eat?

Like, are you really gonna tell a priest that supports a compound of people that they shouldn’t sacrifice the bull that will feed the entire community for two days and might be the only meal that some of them get for the week? 

Maybe it’s because they have the wrong idea about what happens to the animals given to the spirits. Western culture is incredibly wasteful as a general rule, but cultures that rely on the food their religions provide are NOT. Every bit of that animal given to the spirits that can be eaten WILL be eaten. The spirits feed on the spiritual ‘flesh’ of the animal, and the community survives on the rest of it.

Get out with your moral, capitalist judgments. Too tired for that shit.

When I was in high school, it was unheard of for a girl to stand up against sexist jokes or objectification for fear of being a “grumpy feminist”. Like girls in high school now, I too stayed silent and even played along with it when my peers were being disrespectful of women and girls. I pretended to like sexist and objectifying media so that guys would see me as one of the “cool girls”. For anyone to think of you as a feminist was basically the worst thing that could happen to you.

Fast forward just 7 years later. Feminism is actually trendy and it’s not quite as big of a deal to call yourself a feminist. There is a lot of conversation about women’s rights, reproductive justice, and gender equality. Yet one thing has remained the same: women and girls are still wary of speaking out against sexist media and socialization. Now, it’s not because they are worried of being called feminists, but it’s because the media/porn/advertisements/corporations have co-opted feminism to such a degree that they have repackaged patriarchal socialization as an “empowered choice” that women make, and they have demonized those who speak out against it by accusing them of “shaming other women”. Instead of “grumpy feminists” we now have SWERFS, whoreophobia, kink-shaming, slut-sharming etc.

All of this “change” and increased acceptance of feminism has not changed the fact that girls are still wary of standing up for their own humanity, and that’s just how many of these “feminist” publications want it.

i’m not against self-diagnosing by any means but tbh it’s definitely something that needs to be done responsibly.

like you have to acknowledge that there are a LOT of explanations for certain behaviors or experiences you have that aren’t a physical or mental illness - or the one you think it is - and if you can, you should still seek professional help (from multiple professionals, if you think just the one source is unreliable)

don’t assume that hitting a bunch of notes on a list means you have that thing. illnesses look alike a lot of the time and what might seem like the panic of PTSD could actually be general anxiety, or what might seem like the fatigue of depression could be a serious physical health issue.

it’s not a ‘this or that’ kinda issue where you either should or shouldn’t self-diagnose. you definitely shouldn’t believe that the medical industry is completely without bias, or that one doctor’s opinion is fact; i’ve been to three different doctors in three different counties and a radiologist about the same chronological stomach pains, and none of them have given me the same answer. it took me like 4 years of coming home sick from school because my cramps hurt so bad i vomited and lost feeling in my legs before i got diagnosed with ovarian cysts.

so yeah, sure, especially in cases where you’re too poor to see a doctor (or multiple doctors, if need be) about it, self diagnosing is useful stuff. i knew i had ovarian cysts well before anything got done about it, and treating myself as if i had them prevented a lot of throwing up and crying on the floor because i couldn’t walk.  if you wind up getting better in the end, a misdiagnoses isn’t the worst thing. doctors misdiagnose all the time, in my experience.

but on the other hand, diagnosing yourself with every possible illness you fit 2 symptoms of is irresponsible, and often a way people like to manipulate pity to get others to excuse their actions because “i might have x, y, and z!”. 

so yes self-diagnose if you have no other option, or you think it will help you recover, but educate yourself first. i’m talking full-blown research. Studies, personal accounts from people who have a professional diagnosis, the development of the diagnosis of the illness, the criteria for diagnosis as listed in professional tools like the DSM-V (for mental illnesses), when those materials were last updated and what the controversies are over their use - all the things a professional would be expected to know to make an informed decision, you should try to learn, too.

and if you find that you have a list of like 5-10 different self-diagnosed illnesses, consider if you actually think you have them, or if you want to have them.


“We can’t laugh"you laughed as you tried to make Stefan stop.

"But it’s hilarious"he choked on his drink, unintentionally spraying it all over your clothes. Making you laugh more.

"Listen we need to respect Damon, he’s trying his best to do good things. And he’s starting small"your lips trembled.

"Okay so he’s donating his clothes to charity which is a start, but why does he need to do a catwalk"Stefan howled with more laughter.

"He-he said the clothes need to be put to use one last time even if they don’t fit him"you stuttered, trying to catch your breath.

"I can’t promise that I’m not going to laugh"Stefan gasped for air.
Suddenly pop music started to play and blue and green lights started to flash.

"Oh no, he has music and flashy lights"you giggled.

Damon strutted down the stairs wearing an outfit from when he was younger. Hundreds of years before you were born. The buttons were hanging off and the shirt itself barely reached his belly button.

"No one is going to buy that it’s 2017!"you shrieked with laughter.
The puffy sleeves made you bellow more.

Luckily Damon couldn’t hear you over the loud music.
"Y/n, your forgetting I’m a vampire I can hear you"Damon shook his head.

"And for your information this is actually quite trendy"Damon shrugged.

"Was trendy brother, was trendy"Stefan sighed.

4am Overwatch WLW energy scaling

Tracer: Insurmountable. Aquired actual girllfriend. Trendy gay. Legend. 10/10

Emily: Powerful. Improper couch etiquette is an important power play. Average 10/10 but reaches peak power in the winter with 10/10

Sombra: Effortless. You’re already in love with her, the nose touch is just an accessory at this point. 10/10

Symmetra: Breathtaking. Silent and sublime slow build energy feeling. Worth working for. 10/10

Mei: Bright. Cold winter noontime. Encompassing. Brilliant. Bubbly and nice. 10/10

Pharah: Secure. Like a long hand shake. Carnival games and dinner conversations. Handshake is actually just holding hands now. 10/10

I. I started writing this post when I was dizzy and sick and I’m still dizzy and sick so can someone who’s less dizzy and skick take up the ma byntle thanks

Just thought, meh, just translate the whole thing then…

…I swear, my image of this stupid giraffe as a creepy tall pervert dork will always overshadow his handsome and cool side no matter how hard I tried…because of this…=_=“

Since it’s NSFW, am going to hide it under cut…Creepy giraffe warning too, naturally though…

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@irritablefacadebc tunglr deleted my reply to this story & i’m too heartbroken and petty to write 8 paragraphs all over again 

         More than one car nearly ended up through their front gate upon sighting Jane. A two-story drop awaits should she edge just a little further over the green cast-iron railing. When she slipped like a specter onto their wide balcony the sky was still pale. Now a starless petroleum blue has eaten it. She’s barefoot, still in the same damp clothes she came home in, and hunched over. Devil’s Peak dangles from her battered fingertips. She hasn’t spilt any from the bottle, though her lips and tongue have been playing with the rim. 

           The entire drive home was silent. She forgot to prepare dinner. Tandie lies on their bed, chewing a long lost and forgotten about shoe that Brian must have kicked under it. Molala trees dance on the breeze that Jane cannot truly feel. He’s shielded her in suburbia. Past the screen of lush plants, their neighbors in the cape to the left have two small children. On the right, their house is practically attached to another two-story home with cute, albeit neglected wrought-iron rails. Those neighbors despise her. 

           Her cheeks shiny and wet with black tears, Jane smears the liquid shadow away with the heel of her hand. Then she blindly reaches behind her to seize him by the tricep. 

          “I ruined our date,” she murmurs, stroking his tanned skin with an ashen thumb, “I’m sorry.” Jane twists to best hook his shadowed face into her periphery. She’s dead behind the eyes, yet they bleed black onto an equally empty catacomb of a face. “You know I love you, right?“


Spy, despite all his insider knowledge, despite knowing his team mates better than they know themselves, is terrible at gift giving. He picks out strange and awkward gifts that nobody wants, worse than anything your grandma could send you. 

He buys Scout toys, but toys for young kids, like a six piece jigsaw puzzle. He’s so genuine about it though, at the time of purchase he truly thinks, “Scout is young, he will enjoy this.”

He’ll get Medic a juicer, even though he’s never seen Medic express an interest in diet fads or cooking. Soldier receives a potted plant, something that requires daily maintenance and tender care. It ends up a pile of dirt in the common room. He buys Heavy the oddest fashion, things that are ‘all the rage’ that are clearly not actually trendy but just ugly. 

There’s not even last minute gifts, they’re just bad. 

Please don’t become vegan because is trendy, actually educate yourself because unlike any other diet and detox product your favorite instagramers might be promoting now veganism actually has a bigger ethical reason behind it, it’s not about having pretty skin or losing 10 more pounds until you found something more trendy. 


older hana doing college tours with her papi and taking artsy photos for her instagram cause she’s basic and gabo willingly does it because he, too, is basic

jack goes on these tours as well because these colleges must be worthy of his perfect daughter!! but he never takes pics because hana complains “DADDY WHY DO YOU ALWAYS USE FLASH” “daddy you take photos from the most unflattering angles” “daddy why is it so zoomed in this is your camera you should know how it works” (cmon we all know a dad that does this)

but gosh does jack try.

also @ their fashion sense, they’re actually very stylish and trendy but when they don’t have to they will BUM OUT in sweats(like this post) and uggs cause you don’t tell em how to live life (dw I have many ideas for the fashion in this au heahehah)

reffed this beautiful post

anonymous asked:

Do you think everyone can be a photographer? All of these north shore girls/boys just take photos of beach life, acai bowls, waves, sunsets guys with abbs and girls in bikinis. I mean yeah they are nice pictures... but.. idk.. thoughts.? Its like all you have to do is live in north shore and have some hot friends to be a photographer.

anyone can be a photographer if all it takes to be a photographer is to have a camera. thats like saying anyone can be a painter if you give them a paintbrush. which, technically, is true. anyone can do anything. give me a hammer, some wood and nails and i could build….something. it would probably be shitty, have no base and fall apart in an instant…or give me a pencil and i could probably sketch a decent face or flower or throw some paint on a canvas but it would lack definition, proper shading, technique etc. and I definitely wouldn’t feel confident in my work to call myself an artist. 

give a kid an iPhone, buy them a ticket around the world and they can take great photos (but you’d have to attribute that to their lifestyles/locations). take that away and put them in a hallway, field, harsh light, lowlight, and see what they can do with it. if it still makes you feel something, i’d be impressed. i’d respect it. but the reality is they probably wouldn’t care, because not many “iPhone photographers” are passionate about making imagery.  and thats fine with me. i really don’t care. people get really pissy about things like this, which i guess sort of makes sense, but in the end, i’d rather have the respect of my peers (other photographers and artists) rather than a million notes on a post. i feel the same when it comes to music. some people are really good at singing and making covers and you can gain a pretty massive following from it, but in the end, i’ve always been stoked on Lionel since we were kids and thats because he’s a damn good songwriter. We both don’t know the technicalities of our art, we never went to school for music or photography but we’re passionately self-taught. Lionel can write something in ten minutes that gets stuck in your head all day and lyrics that aren’t trendy but actually make you feel something. that impresses me and it always has. and he’s confident in his music. and I’m confident in his music. so there’s that.