actually took the time to make this screencaps


The Keiichiro screencap edit from Mew Mew Alliance days made me remember another pic from that time. Someone used this screencap of Deep Blue and used MS Paint to put in a hamburger. I forgot who did it (if you find me I’ll mention you X3) but it cracked me up. It was another pic that I, unfortunately, was unable to salvage when the forum went down.

Then I thought, how about I enhance it by making it look a little more authentic. So I took the screencap and a scene with his hand (it was actually Aoyama’s that I painted in Deep Blue’s skin tone) and took a burger from K-On. Then I thought “Why stop there?” and did one with cake.

I also want others to join in on the fun, so I left in a raw screencap of the scene along with a transparent screencap of his hand. If you guys want to give Deep Blue, our lord and master, samples of Earth’s finest delicacies, here’s your chance!!