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Gency Headcannon

Image by @hage2013 ~ I couldn’t resist using it because they look so cute here <3

Who hogs the duvet 

  • Mercy since she likes to be warm and cuddly. Genji is too nice to even have any resistance to it. Hell, he would even purposefully wrap it all around her like a blanket burrito just to see her all cute and happy.

Who texts/rings to check how the other’s day is going 

  • Genji because unfortunately, Mercy is a bit too busy to remember to call all the time. He’d try to keep track of her schedule/breaks though.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts 

  • Genji. He didn’t have that many girlfriends in the past without knowing all sorts of tricks and ways to win their hearts.

Who gets up first in the morning 

  • Being a doctor definitely, makes Mercy wake up earlier. As for Genji, well he might not need sleep but he probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed instead of cuddling his angel.

Who suggests new things in bed 

  • See “gifts.”

Who cries at movies 

  • Neither of them actually. I don’t think they’re the type to cry at movies. They’ve seen things.

Who gives unprompted massages 

  • Genji because Mercy would often work too hard and focus too much so she might get aches and back pain otherwise.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick 

  • Mercy because she’s worried about how a cyborg could get sick (plus then both her lover’s and doctor’s instinct both kick in). When she’s sick though, Genji ends up having to fuss over her in return because she thinks she’s fine since she’s a doctor.

Who gets jealous easiest

  • Probably Mercy though not too much. Genji was a playboy after all and is still quite attractive. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music 

  • Probably Mercy, whatever her tastes may be (perhaps native songs or relaxing classical music). It’s not the music itself but more that she hums or sings along to them at times without realizing it (though Genji loves it of course).
  • Well, Genji has his weeb music but he’s proud of it.

Who collects something unusual 

  • Genji. For a man who climbs up buildings and wanders all over the place (old habits die hard I guess), he’s bound to find something strange now and then.

Who takes the longest to get ready 

  • Mercy because she gotta make sure she looks good. Genji, well that t-shirt seems to fit him and not dirty so it seems fine. 

Who is the tidiest and most organized 

  • Mercy because she’s used to working in her lab (though her lab itself is sometimes a bit messy). 
  • Genji has his clean habits from back in Japan too, but not his top priority nor did he really have things that he absolutely had to keep track of. As long as he knew where his stuff was in the mess, it was fine.

Who gets most excited about the holidays 

  • Mercy because she wants to make good memories with Genji plus she’s always excited over decorations and festivities (especially when it involved others too).

Who is the big spoon/little spoon 

  • Genji likes to be the big spoon because then he can feel Mercy being all cute and nuzzly against his chest. Plus who would pass up the chance to give that adorable angel headpats?

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports 

  • Genji has his passion and pride in video gaming. He gives her some mercy at times but still tries to win since he didn’t want to seem like he was going easy on her.
  • On the other hand, Mercy is trying pretty hard too. Something tells me that she gets really competitive with tennis despite Genji having reflexes that make it unfairly hard to beat him.

Who starts the most arguments 

  • Neither of them really argue, Mercy is good at communication and keeping in control while Genji has learned a lot through his time with Zenyatta. If anything, Mercy might get stressed occasionally and snap at him, though she’d apologize soon after.

Who suggests that they buy a pet 

  • Genji wants a cat. And a sparrow. And maybe a bunny too. Plus he already has a pet dragon.

What couple traditions they have 

  • First one who wakes up has to wake up the other one with a kiss and breakfast (which encourages Genji to get up early sometimes [see getting up]).

What tv shows they watch together 

  • Grey’s Anatomy because Genji is amused by Mercy fussing over medical things and making commentary about things. Other times they watch Korean/Japanese dramas (especially romance ones).
  • Disney movies too, since Genji like to see Mercy get so involved when her eyes light up at certain scenes and especially when she sings along so adorably (thanks for the idea @cyborgninjacarrot).

What other couples they hang out with how they spend time together as a couple

  • Lucio and for fun! Ah, youth …
  • McCree and Hanzo to keep an eye on them and for more interesting life chats. That and to make sure they don’t kill anyone (including themselves) by drinking too much.

Who made the first move 

  • Genji because he sure knows how to ask a girl out. Mercy would probably feel too conflicted and shy about approaching him. That being said, it would be a while before Genji got his courage back and the confidence to do so.

Who brings flowers home 

  • Genji since he walks through town a lot and sees pretty flowers that might remind him of Mercy. That being said, she might buy them occasionally especially if she came home late or wanted a small gift to surprise him.

Who is the best cook 

  • Genji. See “gifts.” Plus with that skill with his sword, I’m sure he’d make a great sushi chef.

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@alxanderlightwood said: “here you are actively shipping incest so yes ur the nasties”

Jace and Alec aren’t brothers. They aren’t related and Jace wasn’t adopted by the Lightwoods. They met when they were 10+ years-old, which means they’re well-aware they aren’t related. Alec spent years being in love with Jace, which means he didn’t see him as a brother, and don’t give me that ‘he was confused’ excuse, because Alec has a brother-Max. Are you seriously trying to tell me Alec can’t tell the difference between what he feels for Jace and what he feels for Max? Yeah, right. They can be a family without seeing each other as brothers (see: Westallen)

But even if they’re brothers (they aren’t) how does me shipping them affect you or malec? It doesn’t. If you see Jace and Alec as brothers that’s fine with me, but it’s not up to you or anyone else to tell me what I can and can’t ship. All the mean names in the world won’t make me ‘see the light’ and start seeing Alec and Jace as brother and suddenly start shipping malec, because I just don’t.

Here’s the thing, shipping is a very subjective matter, so I don’t understand why so many of you have to turn it into some sjw battle over whose ship is 'right’ and 'wrong’. Not sure if you know this, but it’s all for fun. And it definitely doesn’t tell you what the person behind the screen is. Because let me tell you, in the Jalec fandom I’ve met some of the kindest, most considerate and creative people ever.

So what gives you or anyone else the right to go around calling us 'nasties’ or 'demons’ or whatever it is that you guys call us when you don’t even know us???

You know, I’ve seen many malec blogs, including the big ones speaking against the hate that the cast and their significant others get (I completely agree) but you all have been suspiciously silent whenever that happens to the Jalec fandom. Is it because we aren’t actually considered people here? Or does the fact that we ship two different /fictional/ ships justify the anon hate, the name calling, the messages accusing us of being homophobic and racist when in fact most of us are POC and/or LGBT? Tell me, does a fictional couple make it okay for you all to abuse real people on the internet?

You see, this is my whole issue with the SH fandom. Most of you preach about acceptance and equality or whatever and act like the shipping of two fictional characters makes you somehow better people than those who don’t. It’s funny, because those people who act like the moral police, like they can do no wrong, those are always the most hateful people you come across. And honestly the fact that these people act like being POC and/or LGBT allows them to do and say whatever they want is the reason the social justice movement is failing.

So, by all means, please come up with another 'brotherly’ name for Jace and Alec, just leave us Jalec fans alone, because we’re not going anywhere.

Metalwork - Part 2

A/N: Alright guys…here’s part 2. So much longer than I originally thought it would be. Fuck. Shoutout to @567random for being my sounding board and dealing with me blowing up her phone with scene after scene.

You’re awesome ^.^

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T - adult themes

Summary: Still recovering from a bad relationship, Lucy struggles with returning a white scaled scarf to its owner—the pink-haired man always running around her apartment complex. A man who seems like he might be just what she needs to heal. Modern AU. NaLu. TwoShot.

Part(s):  Part 1 | Part 2 | Omake | Omake #2 | Omake #3 | Omake #4


                                 1. To join two piece of metal by heating
                                      them and pressing them together.

                                       2. Cause to combine and form a
                                         harmonious or effective whole.

If someone had told him a few months ago, that running around his apartment complex would result in him meeting the enigma that was Lucy, he wouldn’t have believed them.

She was witty, and funny, and smart, and gorgeous. Everything Natsu never thought could exist all within a single person. Well…it could technically…but rarely ever was that person a nice person.

But Lucy…she was.

She sometimes pretended she wasn’t. She’d shut down on him or a few of them at the shop, sometimes ignoring them or other times making a snide remark or two. But Natsu knew it wasn’t because she was mean.

He noticed things about her.

How if Erza were to speak when she wasn’t expecting it, she would turn and smile, directing her focus to the conversation. But if it was Gray or Gajeel, or sometimes even him…she would flinch.

It was subtle. You’d have to look for it. But the slight jerking of the shoulders and flash of fear over her features was unmistakable. It was when that look was in her eyes—when someone would get in her personal space—that she would snap at one of them or make a remark. Again, it was so subtle nobody really noticed it.

But he did.

There was a crippling anxiety she had when it came to the unknown, whether it be a new person or a new situation. When he’d taken her out for dinner, her eyes had darted away from his to her lap more times than he could count, and her hood seemed to be permanently pulled down, hiding her forehead and casting her eyes in shadow.

Despite what he’d thought was a rocky first date, she’d swing by the shop a few times a week and they’d even gone out a few more times since. He did his best to respect her by keeping a safe distance and letting her come to him. Once in awhile her fingers would search for his, tugging lightly at the tips before she let her hand fall back to her side. Those few brief moments of contact, and the bright smile that would often follow the jokes he told her…

Natsu didn’t care if he never got the chance to hug her again as long as he could see that light in her eyes.

She’d never said anything, but he knew something had happened to her. Maybe at the hands of a family member, or maybe an ex boyfriend or sibling…he had no idea. But there was something that caused her to shy away.

He never blamed her for it. There was nothing to blame her for. It was her business.

So when she weaved her fingers through his one day on their way to a movie, Natsu was so surprised he nearly ripped his hand out of hers.

Lucy giggled at the action, covering her mouth as Natsu settled down, “Oh what? Did I electrocute you or something?”

The welder shook his head, “No. Just…wasn’t expectin’ that.”

The blonde cocked her head to one side, brow furrowed, “Why not?”

He shrugged, looking down at his feet as his heels scuffed the sidewalk. He was wearing through the soles of his sandals and would need to get new ones soon. Shuffling around was a lazy habit of his and was easier than walking properly, sure…but it was drilling a hole into his wallet.

“Cause we haven’t really touched at all in these past few months.”

Natsu heard and felt rather than saw Lucy stop. Confused as to why, he turned around, trying to meet her downcast gaze.

“I…I’m sorry, Natsu…I just—”


Lucy’s head snapped up.

“Don’t apologize, Lucy,” he said softly, a small smile crossing his face, “never apologize to me for something like this.”

“But…it’s my fault—”

He shook his head, silencing her again, “This isn’t your fault. Do you really think I only spend time with you ‘cause you’re beautiful?”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed, “You calling me ugly, Natsu? Better watch yourself.”

The pinket laughed, “Lucy Heartfilia, you are the exact opposite of ugly.”

She blushed.

“No,” he continued, “I’m saying I spend time with you ‘cause I like you. The fact you’re gorgeous is just a plus, and I want you to be comfortable with me above anything else. If that means keeping my distance until you are, then I’m okay with that.”

Big, beautiful brown eyes stared at him, unblinking for a few moments before her fingers tightened their hold on his hand.

“I have somewhere to go tomorrow. Will you come with me?”

It seemed like a random question under the circumstances, but with how firmly her jaw was set, Natsu knew this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing.

He squeezed her hand in response.

“Where am I going?”


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cover by rebecca

cover of 「名前のない怪物」(namae no nai kaibutsu) by me

this was by no means easy haha, but in honor of angel’s bday, 10.14, here it is! thank you once again to grey for transposing this wonderful piece for me! 

Okakuri Week Day 2- Time.

so, time huh? well personally, i think clocks,

Sans - Can't Help Falling in Love
Sans - Can't Help Falling in Love

Per Anon request:
“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley/Twenty One Pilots as Sans.  

I actually took longer than I expected, since for whatever reason, I started crying between takes lol. Songs just too pretty tbh.

Album Art by @askundertalesans
Can’t Help Falling in Love Instrumental by LuisVGuitar

[Download on SoundCloud!]

Although I cannot play this game, I do love the character design! (And I also like the characterisation I learned from tumblr, so not very reliable, but still). I had to draw me and my bros, patota style, as overwatch! Took me longer than expected to actually get to it, tbh!

(I’m currently colouring this)


I’m exactly two weeks overdue, and I know, and I’m sorry, but I had to make your boys look perfect, and that actually took way longer than I was expecting. 

You’re one of my best friends! If you crash landed on earth and froze for 100 million years, I’d probably take a look around for you. 

Fullscreen it! I worked hard!