actually took loads of effort into this

Soooooo I read @eggheademporium‘s story Suzy of the House Miller and I gotta tell ya, I loved it! If you haven’t read the story I highly recommend it; left a link above straight to all three parts. c:

I actually want to make a mini-storyboard of the first part, where Suzy actually meets Anubis, so I’m gonna start work on that soon (Already modeling Suzy’s room and doing the thumbs for the storyboard now)! In the meantime here’s my interpretations of the characters. I took some artistic liberty with them, especially Cuddles. He’s made of soul and bone alone since in the story that’s all Anubis could do, and I thought it’d be cute/cool if, in an effort to make Cuddles look more… well, welcoming, Anubis shaped its soul to take on a silhouette of a dog around its skeleton. :3

Somethin’ a little different but it was loads of fun to do!

I’m A Spider, So What? – 117

Dragon Slayer

“Experience requirements met. Zoa Ere, you have grown from level 15 to level 16. Every ability score has been increased. Acquired bonus skill proficiencies from leveling up: your skill, [3-D Maneuvering (LV 9)] has grown to level 10. Your [3-D Maneuvering] skill has reached its maximum level, and has evolved into a new skill, [Spatial Maneuvering]. You have gained additional skill points.”

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